Dexter: New Blood (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Cold Snap

"Passenger" by Iggy Pop I am a passenger And I ride, and I ride I ride through the city's backsides I see the stars come out of the sky Yeah, they're bright in a hollow sky You know it looks so good tonight I am the passenger I look through my window so bright I see the stars come out tonight I see the bright and hollow sky Over the city's ripped-back sky And everything looks good tonight Singin' la-la, la-la, la-la-la-la, La-la, la-la, la-la-la-la La-la, la-la, la-la-la-la Oh, want to dance? Want to dance? It's on the floor.
Are you ready for tonight? Great.
If you say so.
It's real cold today.
You're the one that picked this place.
Home isn't my way Home I'll never be Burn out the day Burn out the night I can't see no reason I'm livin' for givin' the devil His due And I'm burnin', I'm burnin' I'm burnin' for you I'm burnin', I'm burnin', I'm burnin' License and registration, please.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
James Lindsay, huh? Jim.
Is there a problem, Officer? I'm gonna need you to step out of the vehicle, sir.
Turn around.
Hands on the truck.
You have the right to remain silent.
I can make noise if I want to though, right? Chief Bishop, Chief Bishop, come in.
Oh, what the fuck.
Keep going.
- Okay.
- Let them find someone else.
Chief Bishop? Angela.
Gross' sheep got loose on the Steiner property.
They're eating his winter plantings.
Oh, fuck.
I'm in the middle of something, uh can Logan take care of it? Logan's at the church.
The pecan pies were stolen from the potluck supper.
Obviously can't pull him off that.
Um, what about Teddy? It's week two, do you think he can handle a sheep crisis? Teddy's out of commission.
He just got his wisdom teeth pulled.
Should I let Mr.
Steiner know you're en route? Sure, Esther.
This is me en route.
It's okay.
You can pull me over again some other time.
I'm sorry.
You can swing by the station later.
Okay, sure thing.
"King of a One Horse Town" by Dan Auerbach Every day is just a little white lie Telling myself I'm gettin' by I just stay in this room and cry The snow, it covers up the ground And I can't hear a single sound I'd turn off the TV, go for a drive But I can't see there's any signs of life Except this Christmas tree with blinking lights Hey, Jimmy, morning.
You coming line dancing tonight? Yeah, I wouldn't miss it, Pastor Brian.
Hey, I'm sorry about those pies.
Now how could you possibly know about that already? Uh small town.
Thank the Good Lord.
Scared if I jump in the ocean I might drown - Morning, Zach.
- Morning, Mr.
- Becca.
- Hi, Mr.
- Hey, Mr.
- Hey, you coming to the match next week? I'm sure gonna try.
Go Hawks.
Sup, Jimbo? How are you and Angela doing? - Doing all right? - Yeah, as far as I know.
Why? What have you heard? Only good things, Jim.
Only good things.
Edward Olsen heading up to his chalet.
Rich asshole season begins now.
suspenseful music Hey, Gig.
You got my stuff.
There you go.
You're a lifesaver, Jimmy.
Please tell me you have a strawberry cream cheese sweet roll in there? The boss speaketh and so it shall be done eth.
I don't know what I would do without you, Jim.
- Well - Mmm! Oh, it's so good.
Just so you know, it's going to be a stress-y kind of week.
Brian and I are adopting.
It's so much pressure.
Yeah, I can only imagine.
Brian wants to call him Garfield.
I mean, who names a dog after a cat? Evidently Brian does.
I think this pup looks more like a Gromit, don't you? On this one, I think I'm basically Switzerland.
Smart man.
And here we go.
Just the guy I want to see.
- Jim.
- How can I help you? Oh, I just rolled into town with my posse.
Gonna do a little hunting.
Gonna need a new knife and a big-ass gun.
All right, you looking for a skinning knife, - or a - Oh, this one.
- This one's perfect.
- Okay.
Hey! Easy there! Is there a problem? I-I kind of have a thing about blood.
Ooh! Anyway, uh, how about that rifle? The Remington 783 will do the job.
It's got a good scope, solid construction.
You drop it a dozen times, it'll still shoot straight.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you, man.
Here's the thing.
Uh, my friend Bill over there? Yeah? He's already got that one, and I want a gun that's going to make his one look like a Super Soaker.
- Ah.
- So That one.
- I want that one.
- You sure? It's gonna set you back $9,000.
I got a nice Christmas bonus at Morgan Stanley.
O kay.
Ah You know, this is way more firepower than anything you need hunting around here.
Oh, yeah? What do you hunt? Me? I don't anymore.
I haven't killed any animals since I was a teenager.
Look at you, Saint uh, Jim.
Yeah, I'll take it.
Not a problem.
Just gonna need some ID for the federal background check.
Dude, really? How long you been working here? Mm, a couple years? That's me, up on the wall.
I was on Fred Senior's Little League team when I was six.
- Nice.
- Yo, Matt! - We need this stuff? - No, no, I got a ton of that in my dad's mud room.
Speaking of my dad, he bought me my first rifle in this very store when I was ten.
What the actual fuck, man? It happens sometimes.
It's just a 24-hour hold while the FBI checks on your record.
So same time tomorrow? Well, dude, just sell me the gun.
I got to follow procedure.
Neither of us want Fred to lose his business, right? Oh, yeah.
Oh, okay, Eagle Scout.
You know, you break a rule, sometimes you might even have a little fun.
Oh, fuck it, whatever.
Means I get to start drinking earlier.
Taking this though.
- Got to keep your guard up dude! - Whoa! Damn it, Matt, I almost shit myself.
So fucking Come on, let's get out of here.
Let's get our swerve on! First round's on you.
Thanks for shopping at Fred's Fish & Game.
low, somber music Jim, I heard a red flag came up on Matt Caldwell.
Seems like trouble follows Caldwell the Lesser wherever he goes.
There really are no secrets in this town.
Ange is in a meeting.
Hey, Teddy.
How you feeling? Been better.
Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, can you give me a hand with these? Evidence from the Congregational church theft.
Keeping Iron Lake safe one pie at a time.
You're welcome very much.
Logan, you've known Matt since forever.
What do you think he could have done to flag the FBI on a gun background check? He tried to buy a rifle at Fred's.
I'm sure it's just a formality.
These pies smell amazing.
Matt Caldwell's a good guy.
Kicking some major ass on Wall Street.
I mean, he likes to hang, drink, gamble.
Fight or two in high school.
But, no, yeah, he's a good guy.
I bet it was that boat crash out in Ohio.
No way.
Matt wasn't even driving.
- Five people died.
- Shit.
Matt was in the hospital for weeks.
Shattered femur, major surgery.
That whole thing was just a really tragic accident.
In fact, I bet his record is spotless.
Okay, maybe a few spots.
Is there any progress on putting up that stop sign over by Louis's Package Store? That's an accident waiting to happen.
That's all I'm saying.
Thanks for your time, Dennis.
I will let you know if anything else turns up.
Sure thing.
See ya, folks.
So, no good, huh? The same as always.
No body, no pattern, no case.
And no funding.
Until one of these women turns up dead.
Hey, my money's on you.
Line dancing tonight? What time? - Oh.
- Oh.
I thought it was more of a-a group thing.
My bad.
You two have fun.
See you tonight.
lighthearted music Sorry.
Mad dash.
Thought you'd appreciate seeing your girlfriend in something other than a state-issued uniform.
You look cute in that uniform.
That's why I like you, Jim Lindsay.
Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass - Seemed like the real thing -Aw, Esther.
She never misses a chance to break out that rhinestone skirt.
Mistrust, love's gone behind I'm gonna get you that drink.
Hola, Ramón.
¿Cómo están Lydia y los niños? Mi familia es genial.
Gracias a Dios.
- What's up, Jim? - Hey, Ramon.
You're working on a school night? School has finals all week.
Ergo, I don't have to grade anything.
So, picking up some extra shifts before the holidays.
Got it.
Chivas, rocks.
And a veggie nachos? Am I that predictable? Want to shake it up? - I got a pickleback special.
- No.
We're good.
Uh, just put it on my tab.
No need.
Matt Caldwell's buying everyone a round.
Yo! It's Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Put it on my tab anyway.
Chivas, rocks.
- Nachos.
- Yeah.
Give me the fucking bottle.
Last thing that guy needs is more liquor.
Or more firepower.
You know the messed-up part? FBI gets backed up and half the flags clear automatically.
People fall through the cracks all the time.
You're off the clock.
Let's not talk about work.
Let's dance.
Can't let Esther and Alan show us up.
Lost inside - Adorable illusion -Ooh.
- Yeah.
- And I cannot hide I'm the one you're using Yeah.
Cruising, yeah Iron Lake's about two miles that way, my man.
low, somber music In your mind A secret waits inside A place that you can't find Jim! Look at you, getting all extracurricular on a Tuesday night.
Now we're talkin'.
- Hey, Matt.
- I'm having a party tomorrow at my dad's place.
You should come.
I'll, uh see.
Hey, listen.
I was thinking.
Why don't we get out of here? You could open up your shop, give me that rifle.
My guys and I, we want to go hunting in the morning.
If your background check clears, you can come and pick it up at the store in the morning.
I'm sure your buds are gonna be really impressed with the size of your gun.
This Eagle Scout loves his rules! - Eh - You know what? Why don't you come to the party anyway? You never know.
Maybe you'll even enjoy yourself.
Find a way somehow Girlfriend's a cop, huh? Should probably come stag.
There's gonna be a lot of red flags there, if you know what I mean.
Release me to the night Oh, oh How much is a plain burger, without cheese or anything? $7.
What if I don't get fries? Doesn't come with fries, honey.
Hey, Tess.
Put it on my tab.
Fries, too.
Are you sure, ma'am? I'm extra sure if you don't call me "ma'am.
" You got it.
You're not from around here.
Taking the first bus out tomorrow.
Just got to make sure I got the fare.
Just take this.
Just in case.
And if you need a place to stay tonight, Desiree over there, she runs a shelter just down the road.
I'm good.
But wow.
Who was that? Lost kid.
My brand of community outreach.
Besides, who checks my petty cash vouchers? Mm, that'd be me.
That was kind of you.
Hey, you want to get out of here? You can pull me over by the old Solly farm.
Uh, it's my smart doorbell.
Audrey's got way too many kids over.
Oh, aren't you glad they didn't have these things when we were younger? You better believe it.
Time to be a mom.
- Okay.
- Even when you're off the clock, you're on the clock.
- No, seriously.
- Uh, wait, wait, wait.
Uh take that one! All right.
low, ominous music Beautiful.
low, ominous music I have the feeling I'm being watched.
And I have a feeling you're letting this Matt prick get to you, brother.
It's been almost ten years.
Stick to your routine.
You're right.
Routine, routine, routine.
"Haunted When the Minutes Drag" by Love and Rockets The word that would best describe this feeling Would be "haunted" I touch the clothes you left behind That still retain your shape and lines Still haunted I trace the outline of your eyes We're in the mirror hypnotized I'm haunted I find a solitary hair Gone and still I reminisce I'm haunted Haunted by your soul All right.
I got you a couple options.
What do you think? Orange.
The good stuff.
Hey, Jim, how much d Lunch.
Drilling is killing! Louder! Save the planet! Shame on you! Save the planet! Shame on you! Drilling is killing! Save the planet! Shame on you! Drilling is killing! Save the planet! Shame on you! Drilling is killing! - Save the planet! - Wait, what is all this? Everyone's favorite petro-billionaire decided to close down the Tavern for his annual board meeting.
My tuna sandwich is in there.
- Poor baby.
- Save the planet! - Audrey? - Shame on you! Excuse me.
Don't you have a test today? What good's math if people like Edward Olsen destroy the planet? Well, I know that someone isn't getting their tuna sandwich - anytime soon.
- Shame on you! Drilling is killing! - Shame on you! - Thank you, everyone, for waiting so patiently.
Sorry, my meeting ran long.
We brought you some, uh, cocoa to warm you up.
Please, enjoy.
It's encouraging to see young people with such gusto.
I mean that.
You keep fighting for what you believe in, guys.
That's what makes this country great, right? Save the planet! Shame on you! Drilling is killing! Save the planet! Shame on you! Drilling is killing! Save the planet! Shame on you! Hey, Jim! Matt Caldwell's been cleared.
He wants the gun dropped off at his dad's lodge.
Should we really sell him that gun? Nine grand? Uh, yeah.
It's called commerce.
I'm into it.
- Right.
- Plus, Matt's dad's been a real friend to us for years, so I'm not comfortable delivering the gun.
Can't you do it? Brian and I are picking up Garfield.
Yeah, I lost the name battle.
Happy husband, happy life.
Jimmy, I really need you to deliver this gun.
A big party.
- You know the drill - You know the drill - And I'm-a drip, I'm-a spit - You know the drill You know I got the toolie on a 100-can bouill-ion I don't even use the AC No way.
He really made you bring that thing here? Man, that guy always has to one-up me.
Text back, she all alone Bill.
Uh, I was with Matt at the store.
I just have some, uh, paperwork for him.
Come on.
Actually, I just need a signature.
Then I'm out of here.
I don't know why Matt throws these things.
He always ends up holed up in, uh, some bedroom anyways.
It's me.
My bad.
Uh, do you think maybe he could just pop out for a minute or Fuck this.
I need a straightener.
Come on, man.
Get in here.
Uh, no, I'm good, thanks.
I brought her here.
You know that? Of course she ends up with him.
It's always the fucking same.
You know what they call me? Bill? - Dickface.
- Oh.
- Because of the scar.
- Oh, yeah.
Looks like a dick.
You know who never gets laid? Dickface.
You gonna finish this or what? No, actually, I think I'm just gonna I never should've gotten on that fucking boat.
- You know the drill - You know the drill You know the drill low, ominous music You talking about that accident? I told Matt to stop.
What do you mean you told Matt? He wasn't driving.
That's right.
You know what? Fuck it and fuck him.
I-I covered for him, man.
I lied at my trial so so that he could go free and-and bang my girlfriends? I can't believe that I was That two grand a week and-and a goddamn Rolex was worth taking the fall.
And his fucking dad had to sell two fucking trucks to cover me and those cops out in Ohio.
Hope it was worth it! Well, if Matt was driving, why didn't he stop? Because he was playing chicken.
Except Matt was wasted.
He hated that guy.
Lost half a mil on some deal because of him.
You want to know the worst part? Uh Not really.
The other guy gave up.
Turned the boat away.
Totally yielded.
And Matt just drove right fucking into him anyway.
Uh this all stays between us, huh? See, I-I really need that two grand a week.
You're looking at the guy where secrets go to die.
What the fuck are you doing to me? I'm-a get it right now Oh, God.
Please don't tell my dad.
I won't, Becca.
If you leave right now.
My man Jim! You bring that gun? You want a hit? No, thanks.
Uh just need a signature.
Oh, come on.
Life is short, dude.
low, tense music Uh, cash or check? A check? What is this, 1985? Relax, I already Venmo'd Fred.
Uh "The owner is prohibited from operating the weapon - while intoxicated" - Little late for that.
Uh Mm.
Oh-ho! Oh, sweetheart.
At last you are mine.
Oh! low, sinister music You all right, Jim? Jim? Thanks for shopping at Fred's Fish & Game.
low, ominous music What the hell are you doing? A-Are you Dexter Morgan? It's me.
- Harrison? - You can't.
Everyone close to you dies.
That's why we're here.
I don't know who you're talking about.
W But but y-you look just like I remember.
Just have one of those faces, I guess.
If you don't want me, fucking say it.
low, tense music Me.
Sorry I'm not the guy you're looking for.
But if-if you want to maybe try the town shelter, it's right on Main Street.
I know the owner, Desiree.
Just tell her Jim Lindsay sent you and she'll take you in.
Whatever you decide, I'm not gonna report you or anything.
You seem like a good kid.
So Um The next bus out of town is, uh, tomorrow night.
It's 7:45.
I hope you find whoever you're looking for.
soft, gentle music You did the right thing.
He'll be safer with Hannah.
It's okay.
I'm glad I went first, Dexter.
I hate to see you like this.
If you had died first, I would have been lost in the world without you.
You're a changed man.
Almost ten years without a kill.
And I love you for it.
"All Right" by Sigur Rós I want him To know What I have done I want him Please, please, please, please, please.
It's bad I want him To know What I have Done I want him To know Right now Maybe It's time Tomorrow Or maybe Yes! Bagged me a white fucking buck! You see that, man?! Holy shit.
I almost tagged you, dude.
Check this out.
You see what I did there, uh, Jim? low, ominous music It's been a long time.
But if I'm gonna do this, I need to do it right.
First rule of the code don't get caught.
bright, energetic music Sorry about the mess.
I'm out of practice.
Uh Huh? What the fuck, dude? What Hey.
Don't bother struggling.
I'm no Eagle Scout, but I do know my knots.
What are you doing? Let's talk about what you did.
You mean the deer? He didn't do anything wrong.
He was perfect.
He didn't deserve that.
But as bad as that was, that's not the worst thing you've done.
You're fucking crazy, man.
Arguably, but not the point.
- Then what is? - Tell me what you did! Own it.
Or? - Or I'll fucking kill you.
- What, you're just gonna fucking execute me or some shit like that? - Wouldn't be the first time.
- You think you can get away with that? Again, not the first time.
Wait, you You're a serial killer? I was.
But, you know what, you're right.
Who are we fucking kidding? It's not so much that I was.
It's that I am.
Okay, ok-okay, okay.
Um This is about the boat, right? Hmm? Yeah, the part where you were driving.
The part where the other guy yielded.
The part where you rammed him anyway.
The part where five people died - because of you! - All right, all right! Huh.
I did everything you said on the boat, okay? It's true.
I admit it.
I was wrong.
I was wrong! Just please, - please - You shot my deer! And you almost killed me! I promise! I promise, I will never do anything like it again.
I-I-I swear to you.
I promised the same thing and look at me now.
Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! - You don't understand! - It's not my fault! It's not my fault! Okay? My mom died when I was eight! My dad, he was never around.
He was always working! I-I-I-I had I had a sh-shitty childhood, okay?! You're blaming this on bad parenting? It's true.
It's not my fault, okay? I didn't have anyone.
I had I had nothing.
- I had no compass.
- I-I was just You know, I lost both my parents when I was young, too.
I wouldn't have had any direction if it wasn't for Harry.
Who's Harry? He adopted me.
Th-Then you understand.
You get it.
So you're not gonna kill me! We're past the point of no return on that one.
You know what? Fuck you, man.
My dad he is gonna destroy you! He knows everybody in this town.
They love him.
They would do anything for him.
And when he finds out what you did to me, he is gonna find you and he is gonna rain down a world of pain on you, man! You have no idea what you're doing! Like you said life is short dude.
Tonight's the night.
pulsing, tense music Hello, Dexter Morgan.
- Hey, you.
- I thought you were coming to the Christmas Tree Festival.
Fox got in the henhouse.
It's kind of a mess here.
Well we'll miss you.
See you tomorrow? You bet.
Can't wait.
So no Jim.
I'm sorry.
I don't need trophies anymore.
I may be a monster, but I'm an evolving monster.
God rest ye merry gentlemen Let nothing you dismay Remember Christ What to do with you? Was born on Christmas Day To save us all Not exactly Miami Bay, but it does have a hole in it.
Gone astray, oh Tidings of comfort and joy Comfort and joy Oh, tidings Of comfort and joy What the fuck are you doing? Not listening to you.
All you within This place And with true love and brotherhood Each other now embrace This holy tide of Christmas Doth bring My life has always been truth-adjacent.
Of comfort and joy But, starting now, there will be one less lie.
Oh, tidings of comfort And joy That's nice.
- Got the tickets? - Here, - I got them.
- Yeah.
We make a stop in Albany, right? Uh, yeah, yeah.
- Go ahead.
- No, no.
gentle, somber music I thought you might need this.
You know, after Miami could never get used to this damn cold.
I thought you didn't know me.
You were right.
I'm Dexter Morgan.
Your father.
Come home.
My father protected me.
Taught me.
Kept me alive.
And that's exactly what I'm going to do for my son.

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