Dexter: New Blood (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Storm of Fuck

Previously on Dexter: New Blood Almost ten years without a kill.
James Lindsay, huh? Jim.
Girlfriend's a cop, huh? Edward Olsen heading up to his chalet.
Everyone's favorite petro-billionaire.
- Shame on you! - Thank you, everyone.
Gonna need a new knife and a big-ass gun.
All right.
No body, no pattern, no case.
You're not from around here.
Taking the first bus out tomorrow.
A-Are you Dexter Morgan? - Harrison.
- You can't.
Everyone close to you dies.
Bagged me a white fucking buck! Jim.
My dad, he is gonna rain down a world of pain on you, man! Life is short.
Tonight's the night.
I'm Dexter Morgan.
Come home.
My father protected me.
And that's exactly what I'm going to do for my son.
What do I say? What can I possibly say to the son I abandoned? You got big.
If you're cold, I can put some more wood on.
I'm fine.
You hungry? I could whip up some blueberry pancakes.
You used to love those.
Yeah, I'm not five anymore.
Maybe a sandwich.
One sandwich, coming right up.
Must've been a long trip.
Yeah, we got second place at the Harvest Fest Tournament last year.
So You're not dead.
He's owed an explanation.
But the only one is that his father is a monster.
I'm sure this is hard.
This? No.
Growing up without a dad, that was hard.
And opening up that letter, finding out you let me believe you were dead all those years that was brutal.
- Hannah showed you the letter? - No.
I found it when she died.
Hannah died? How? Cancer.
I didn't know.
When did she die? Three years ago.
What happened to you? Where have you been? A social worker put me on a plane from Buenos Aires to Miami.
I bounced around a bunch of shitty foster homes.
No one wants a teenager.
And finally I decided to find you.
The return address got me that town in Oregon.
And I found where you worked.
Also found that you'd left.
That's when it got a little harder to track down Jim Lindsay.
You know how many Jim Lindsays there are on the Internet? It's kind of the point.
Then I found a shot of you on Instagram.
Pictures don't lie.
Some Fred guy on some bowling team bragging on you bowling a 300.
Right here in Iron Lake.
So why all this Jim bullshit? What happened to Dexter Morgan? He killed dozens of people, got your mother and your aunt killed, too.
It's not who I am anymore.
Dexter had to die.
What are you talking about? It's a long story.
We should get some rest, and I'll tell you everything in the morning.
I promise.
Uh, you want my room? I can take the couch.
The couch is fine.
Well, if you need anything else Where's the bathroom? Stop.
You're not listening! I need him here.
It'll keep me from killing again.
You selfish psycho.
You emotionally handicapped, crazy fuck.
If by some goddamn miracle you don't end up killing him, you will sure as shit fuck him up.
I'm not gonna fuck him up.
Let's get back to the daily routine.
This is what happens when I give in to my dark passenger.
But I can fix this.
Teenagers sleep till noon, right? Well, this is one storm of fuck.
Matt Caldwell disappeared in the woods near here last night.
That's not good.
Your place is close to all the public hunting grounds, so I was hoping we could set up base camp for the search here.
Of course.
- Whatever you need.
- Don't worry, Jimmy.
Dude probably got wasted and skipped the hunt.
We'll get a call he's sleeping it off in some motel and be out of here by lunch.
Or he could be out there, freezing to death.
You can set up by the firepit.
The searchers can stay warm.
I'll get some coffee going and breakfast, too, if you want.
You're a godsend.
By the firepit, guys! Okay, guys! Let's unload the tables, set up the tents.
Let's move quickly! You mind if I use your kitchen table for a sec? Got to mark this up, and I'd love some Earl Grey.
Oh, wait.
What's going on? Jim? And this is? Harrison.
I'm Jim's son.
Son? Add that to the list of things I need to clean up.
Welcome to Iron Lake, Harrison.
I'm Angela.
It's really nice to meet you.
Yo, Jimbo! Wood's gonna rot if you don't cover it with a good tarp.
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Well, hell, Jim, you got 'em at your own store.
Just pick up a good canvas one.
As long as there's wax on it.
Or a polyurethane one, yeah? Thanks for the tip, Teddy.
So, you came here by yourself? It's no big deal.
Used to moving around a lot.
Your mother wasn't worried? What are you two talking about? Mom.
That she passed away.
Oh, I'm-I'm so sorry.
Um Then, of course, when that happened, I came up here to be with Jim.
So, you're here for good? - Well, you'll love Iron Lake.
- Actually, we haven't really talked about it yet, but You should meet my daughter Audrey.
She's about your age.
Thanks for covering for me.
Didn't do it for you.
Just didn't want a cop all up in my business.
Like father, like son.
You'll each be assigned into groups of four and given a grid.
Search for any sign of Matt.
We'll do two-hour shifts, then we'll return to base camp to warm up and pick a new grid.
- Oh, a-and stay hydrated.
- Okay.
Let's get a move on.
We'll keep the store closed today, Jim, but if anybody needs supplies, feel free to make a run.
- Sure thing.
- Teddy.
- Get the drone in the air.
- On it! A drone.
You didn't include any Seneca land in your search area.
I mean, the last thing we need is a bunch of townsfolk trampling reservation land.
I asked Abraham Brown to organize the search on their side.
They're already in the woods.
Copy that.
That deer was killed on Seneca land.
They're gonna find it soon.
If I missed a blood trail to my own cabin, - what else did I miss? - Hey.
I was thinking Harrison and I can take that area into the woods.
We got it covered, Jim.
No, we want to help.
The terrain gets rough.
My RTV will get through it faster.
You and your son can take it.
That thing police-grade? Of course.
Built-in mapping software? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, crap.
I might get away with this after all.
Sorry, boss! - What now? - Logan.
Get the search teams launched.
- Yes, boss.
- I'll be back.
Fucking champagne.
Do you have an appointment? You're-you're kind of swerving a lot.
I'm just avoiding rocks.
Usually blood sets my teeth on edge.
Now it's giving me whiplash.
So, uh you and the police chief, huh? I've only been in Iron Lake for a couple of years.
This whole Angela thing is recent.
So-so, why here? You do you, like, hate nice weather? No, it's quiet, peaceful.
No crime.
No temptations from the outside world.
No crime? What, y-you think this missing guy just, like, got lost out here? Probably.
People get lost in these woods all the time.
Wh-What is that? You know what, this could be a crime scene.
That deer was shot on Seneca land.
It's against the law to kill them.
We need to tell Angela.
My phone won't work out here.
- Can you drive the RTV? - Yeah, I should be fine.
All right, just follow the trail back, and get them here as fast as you can.
I'll make sure no one disturbs the scene.
Got to find the source of that blood trail.
Beautiful, isn't it? Gauguin's A Farm in Brittany.
Well, look at you.
Chief, if you're here to apologize about that little protest yesterday We've got a hunter who disappeared in the woods last night.
We're searching on foot, but we have over 100 square miles to cover.
You need my helicopter.
It would really help.
Then it's yours.
My pilot was an Army Ranger.
He-he knows the area.
I'll have him coordinate with your office.
Thank you.
I'll be going.
Oh, hold on.
That young woman yesterday, the one who was leading the protest, uh, she by any chance your daughter? Audrey.
Unfortunately, her generation sees the world only in binary terms.
Black and white, good and evil.
And that, uh climate change-denying oil baron persona that people are all too happy to pin on me, it ignores all of the good I do.
All of my charity work, including to the Seneca people.
The supplies I donate every year to keep that, uh, reservation medical clinic running, the food during the holidays.
It's very much appreciated.
We'll get that bird up in the air for you.
The mystery is, where did I screw up? They always say killers return to the scene of their crime, but this is fucking ridiculous.
It's not fucking funny! Mystery solved.
You think Windexing that rock is gonna solve your fucking problem? Yes.
Yes, I do.
He has your brain.
He's smart enough to know that people don't fake their fucking death if they have nothing to hide! Who the fuck do you think you're fooling?! I told you, the Matt thing was a one-time screwup.
What the actual fuck do you think you're doing? Harrison's been here one day, and you have him in the woods looking for a man you killed? He'd be so much better off without you.
He's my son.
I lost him once.
I won't lose him again.
Once again, I have to stay a step ahead of everyone.
With Matt's help, I can do that.
Thanks dude.
More people to mess up the crime scene.
Hey, Jim.
White buck.
Left here to rot.
Such a waste.
None of us would have done something like this.
You think maybe Matt Caldwell would? He was hunting out here.
It could explain why we can't find him.
We need to secure the perimeter.
You got it, boss.
This is bullshit, Angela.
I'm betting the Caldwell kid did this, then panicked and ran.
The highway is just a couple of klicks in that direction.
He could've hitched and ran out of town.
It's plausible.
But there's no evidence tying Matt to this deer.
So we'll process the scene, which you're all trampling right now, so please back up.
Why does my girlfriend have to be such a good cop? For now, the search for Matt goes on, including here on Seneca land.
Even after he did this? If he did this.
Pretty amazing how the entire town turns out for a Caldwell.
When one of our girls goes missing "Runaways always come back.
" After Iris, you of all people should know.
Things are different in Iron Lake now.
Sooner or later, you're gonna have to pick a side.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Harrison was great, by the way.
Good job.
It's no big deal.
Logan, let's get the processing kit.
Let's see what we can find.
Officer coming through! Looks like the slug's still in the carcass.
There's no exit wound.
I sold Matt a rifle and bullets a couple of days ago.
I could bring in some of the ammo, the same stuff, to the station, see if it's a match.
Oh, my God! I just found this about a mile down the trail, right before I got to the The highway.
Thank you, Fred Jr.
You magnificent outdoorsman.
Told you.
Chickenshit cut and ran.
How long you been a cop again? Two weeks and a half.
Look, this may not even be Matt's glove.
Someone could've dropped it a month ago.
Matt had gloves like that when he was in the store.
Indeed, he did.
I mean, there are smudges of blood on this.
Let's get this and the deer back to town.
We'll test the blood.
We'll see if it matches.
Well thanks to you, we got some real leads.
Not bad for your very first crime scene.
Just lucky we stumbled on it.
You can use my deer sled to get it back to town if you want.
If you don't stop being so helpful, Jim, I'm gonna have to deputize you.
Y-You guys bring this deer back to your place, and we'll take it from there.
Harrison, the high school just got out, so the students are joining the search.
Maybe you can meet some kids your own age.
That'd be great.
We'll see you back there.
Why aren't you a cop anymore? Technically, I wasn't actually a cop.
Well, Mom said you were a cop.
And you had to be better than these guys.
But being at those crime scenes day after day, it just got to be too much.
I'm happier now.
Selling night crawlers? Really? - Hey, here, take my hat.
- I'm good.
You doing okay with all this? It's fine.
Kind of cool, actually.
Yo, Coach! Okay, everyone.
Do exactly what the officers tell you.
Yo, Zach.
What's up? Vete.
Y ten cuidado.
Hey, you want to help me with the goats? Uh, yeah, sure.
You're good with animals.
We had a goat back in Argentina.
Sheep and chickens, too.
I miss 'em.
You okay? What's the black one's name? Uh I've just been calling him Goat.
Haven't gotten around to properly naming him, I guess.
What was your goat's name? Vincent.
Vincent van Goat.
Well, Harrison, meet Vincent van Goat II.
I got to head to the shop and check on those bullets I sold Matt.
If you want, you can just hang inside the cabin until I get back.
I know how awkward it can be, meeting new people.
It was hard for me in high school, too.
Yeah, I survived the last ten years without you, Jim.
I think I can go two more hours.
Well, he's not an awkward-as-fuck budding serial killer like you were.
Does that mean you're gonna start laughing at me again? I don't know, you tell me.
I know he shouldn't be around you.
Around this version of me.
Jim Lindsay, he's safe.
You're starting to sound an awful lot - like the old Dexter to me.
- I'm not.
You are.
You fucking love that you're getting away with murder.
You can't wait to kill again.
You are a fucking serial killer! You are gonna fail this boy a thousand different ways because of it! Stop! Peace.
I wish.
I guess you met my mom.
The cop.
Chief of police.
The one dating your dad.
That part I figured out, which-which makes this not awkward at all.
Don't worry.
Knowing my mom, it won't last long.
She's pretty much married to her job.
You want to come on the search with us? Sure.
Hey, guys.
Zach and Scott.
They're smarter than they look.
Well, Zach is.
Me Scott.
Appreciate this, Gig.
Glad to help.
It's not a big deal.
A lot of folks get queasy at the sight of blood.
- Yeah, it gets to me every time.
- Yeah.
Looks like the shooter didn't know what he was doing or was a piss-poor shot.
Deer's got a shattered shoulder, uh, bone splinter everywhere.
You feel the slug? Yep.
What do you think? Looks like a hollow-point seven Mag to me.
The bullets I sold Matt were 160-grain hollow-point seven-millimeter Remington Magnums.
The plot thins.
Looks like there's some striation on the base.
We might be able to match it to Matt's gun when we find it.
Thanks, Gig.
Looks like my work's done here.
I better get back to Harrison.
Harrison's with Audrey on the search.
They're fine.
You and I, on the other hand, need to talk.
"We need to talk.
" Words you never want to hear from your doctor or your girlfriend.
Cool shirt.
You mean her "myew" shirt? Wh-What does it even mean? Married monsters in Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.
Hey, yo.
It's just up here.
Where? Sorry you ended up in Iron Lake.
Sucks here.
I think I'm just passing through, actually.
Yeah? Well, lucky you.
- So, where? - So, what is it? You go.
Uh, I was gonna ask, what's it like being the police chief's daughter? So much fun.
She never checks up on me.
Never assumes I've been murdered when she hasn't heard from me for, like, ten minutes.
It's great.
That kind of reminds me of my stepmom.
My dad, not so much.
Oh, and you live with your stepmom? Yo, this is it! Shit, hide! That had to be Olsen.
Who's that? Petrochemical billionaire asshole.
Aren't we supposed to be looking for this Matt guy? The whole town and the reservation are searching.
They even got a helicopter.
They don't need us.
And Matt Caldwell's an entitled prick, so fuck him.
We're gonna party.
Hold up.
They put new locks on the cabin doors.
Leave it to me.
Son of a I got it.
Give me a sec.
Mom is really not gonna like you.
Here it comes.
The moment the girlfriend tells me I'm too closed-off, that it's not gonna work out.
I'm thrilled Harrison is here.
Then again You are? Yeah.
I know you've been private about your past.
It's okay.
Everyone has secrets.
Ange, I never meant for it to be a secret.
It's fine.
We all have things we keep from each other, right? For instance I'm not Audrey's birth mother.
You adopted her? Yeah.
Did you ever look for the birth mom? I've spent pretty much my entire adult life looking for missing women.
But one who abandons her own baby? Fuck her.
You could have shared your Harrison situation with me.
This whole time, I've been struggling with Audrey, thinking I couldn't share that part of my life with you.
But now Harrison's here, and maybe that's an opportunity for us, too.
We can talk parenting the pressures, the worry, the guilt.
So that's me, sharing, giving you an opening to share back.
- Right.
- 'Cause that's that's how it works.
I don't know that I can always be the father Harrison needs me to be.
I feel that way about being a mom every day.
- You do? - Yeah.
But it doesn't matter because Audrey needs me.
Just like Harrison needs you.
So the good news is, all you really have to do is just show up.
Show up? You make it sound so easy.
Also gonna have to enroll him in school.
And get him some real winter clothes.
And he's probably gonna need a car.
College apps are coming up, so add tutors and exam prep.
Harrison's been here less than a day, and now I'm talking about college prep.
Just wait till he starts dating.
Maybe just start with a cot or something.
A cot.
I can do that.
Don't worry.
Harrison's gonna love it here.
In fact, I bet Audrey and her friends are taking great care of him right now.
No, I'm good.
Scott? So, what are you, like, straight edge or something, man? Don't think that's a thing anymore.
Are you a Mormon? I kind of have a history with drugs.
I got clean a couple years ago, though.
Anyone want a kick-ass Roaring Forks beach towel? No.
So, where are you headed after this? Uh, I-I just got up here from Florida.
- Is that where your mom lives? - Stepmom.
Um, actually, my mom died when I was really young, and my stepmom died of cancer a couple years ago.
I'm so sorry.
- Was your mom sick? - What? You said your stepmom died of cancer, so how'd your real mom die? You know what? I shouldn't have asked.
It's none of our business.
No, it's fine.
I'm freezing.
I'm gonna go get some wood for the fire.
Well, that's on you.
- You made that worse.
- Either way, dude's weird.
And we're trapped in an abandoned cabin in the woods with him.
Stop watching slasher films.
Just saying we know nothing about him.
But we can.
That's fucked-up.
Just making sure he doesn't have a fucking manifesto in here - or some shit.
- Okay, no manifesto, so stop.
We got an artist here.
So he's actually good at something, - unlike the two of you.
- We're good at stuff.
Pinning half-naked guys to mats.
Wrestling is an Olympic sport, Audrey.
So is Ping-Pong.
What the fuck are you guys doing? Stop.
Put that away.
Got the wood.
Where the fuck is my phone? Hello? Hello?! Is anyone there? Hey! Let me the fuck out! What the fuck is?! Oh.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- I hide the blood.
I plant a glove.
I match the bullet in the deer to Matt's gun.
All to get the good people of Iron Lake off my land.
And yet here I am, feeding them hamburgers.
If I prayed, I'd pray for this to be over.
Everyone! We do not think Matt Caldwell is in these woods, so we are shutting down the search! Wow, prayer answered.
- So the glove was a match? - Matt's friend confirmed it was his.
And the smudges on it were deer blood.
So he did shoot that deer.
And then probably fled to avoid prosecution.
I'm guessing he's halfway to New York by now.
Great job cracking the case.
And completely buying into my narrative.
It's not closed yet.
We're still trying to get in touch with his dad.
Take the compliment.
Thank you.
And I'm glad the idiot's all right.
I mean, last thing this town needed was finding a body in the woods.
So, we'll be out of your hair soon.
And when Harrison is settled, you should bring him over for dinner.
I'll make my grandmother's hulled corn soup.
I'm sure he'd love that.
But it'll have to be after Audrey's done being grounded.
What? Are you kidding me? So you didn't just spend the entire afternoon hanging out at the Roaring Forks Summer Camp? What? No way.
That's-that's crazy.
Scott, you're literally wearing a Roaring Forks T-shirt that's two sizes too small right now.
Who cares? Matt Caldwell's an asshole.
Audrey! And since everyone's packing up, I'm guessing you found him and he's fine? Not the point.
I didn't know where you were.
It's dangerous out there.
- You have no idea.
- Nó'yëh, stop.
I've heard it all before.
How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not Iris.
Get in the SUV.
We're going home.
- Let's go, Zach.
- Well I kind of don't want to get arrested, so She's not gonna arrest you.
She only acts like a crazed, overbearing dictator with me.
Come on, Zach.
Sorry you and Harrison had to see that.
Parenting's just learning as you go, right? It'll be okay.
It's just a few things, in case you decide you want to stay.
I'm not sure.
I-I didn't come here for all this.
I came here for answers.
Ask me whatever you want.
Why did you leave us? Was it because of what you wrote in the letter? What I wrote? "Reach out to me if Harrison shows any dark tendencies.
" Dark tendencies? What does that mean? What was so wrong with me that-that you not only left but faked your own death to hide from me? - It wasn't you.
- But "Dark tendencies"? Wh-What did you see in me? Nothing bad.
You were perfect.
You were this sweet, smart, trusting little boy with a huge heart.
It wasn't you I was scared of.
It was me.
I've always had my demons.
And I was scared that I'd mess you up, that I'd pass that on.
And so I went away.
Because of what I am, not because of who you are.
I-I-I don't understand.
I was in a dark place after I lost your mom.
And then Aunt Deb, and all that death.
I got lost.
And I thought you would thrive in Argentina with Hannah.
She was always so good with you.
Walking away from you is the hardest thing I've ever done.
And I regret it so much now, because I never imagined you'd be left alone.
After Hannah told me you were dead, I-I kept a photo of you by my bed.
I would look at it every night.
And for a long time, I cried myself to sleep.
And then I found that letter.
I I was so angry.
Of course you were.
But maybe I can be there for you now.
Do-do you really mean that? If you're willing to risk the chance that I'll screw you up.
Stop acting like you're such an evil person.
I-I don't remember a lot, but all of my memories of you are good.
The the worst thing you ever did was Uh-oh.
leave me.
So, yeah, I'll stay.
For a while.
In the morning, we can talk about getting you set up at school.
But not over blueberry pancakes.
I mean, regular pancakes wouldn't be completely out of the question.
Regular pancakes sound good.
How did you know this is exactly what I need? Lucky guess.
You don't have to enjoy the win so much.
You smug fuck.
I came as soon as I as I could.
What's going on? Did you find him? Tell me he's okay.
Kurt, we've been trying to contact you for hours.
We found evidence that Matt may have committed a crime.
What? What what crime? Killing an animal on reservation land.
Evidence points to him fleeing the area.
- What are you talking about? - My son and I found a dead white deer, Mr.
Matt killed it, realized he screwed up and left town.
No, no, no, no, no.
He would've called me if he was in trouble.
He always does.
And a poaching fine isn't gonna scare him.
It's not just poaching, Kurt.
Matt killed a white buck on reservation land.
And I'm telling you that he would've called me.
He's out there.
Look, I know Matt's not perfect and he's made mistakes in life, but he doesn't deserve to freeze to death in the woods tonight, 'cause that's what's gonna happen if you call the search off.
Kurt, can we talk about this inside? No, goddamn it! My son has disappeared, and we need to find him now.
Everybody! Hey.
I need I need you to stand up for me, for my family.
Same way we've stood up for you.
I mean, we-we've donated the trucks to the volunteer fire department.
Uh, we sponsor the Harvest Fest every year.
I mean, Fred, when-when your dad's store's roof fell in, who fronted him for the repairs, huh? Right.
I mean, come on.
Half your kids grew up working at my truck stop.
This is Iron Lake.
We look out for each other.
So, please, I'm begging you.
Do not give up on my son now.
Now, when he needs us the most.
We'll keep going through the night.
Thank you, Angela.
Thank you so much.
Whatever resources you need, anything at all.
Means the world to me.
We're going back in.
Stay in your groups and bundle up.
It's gonna be a long, cold night.
So I guess we'll be here a little bit longer.
That's not a problem.
This your boy, Jim? Yes.
Harrison, this is, uh, Kurt Caldwell.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
Matt's out there.
I know it.
I'm gonna find him, if it's the last thing I do.
No stone will go unturned.
Well, maybe some stones will go unturned.

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