Dexter: New Blood (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Smoke Signals

Ah, wilderness.
Well, maybe not so much privacy.
I've got a search party all over my property looking for someone who's literally under their feet.
All because I made one tiny mistake and killed someone.
Now I need to search for a way to get everyone off my land so I can be a proper dad for my son.
Let's go, buddy.
Five more minutes? This drone is so cool.
We're meeting with the school principal.
First day.
Don't want to be late.
- Thanks, Logan.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, hey! You want to wrestle? I'm the assistant coach of the high school team.
You should try out.
Y-Yeah, I'll-I'll think about it.
Jim, you okay with your son wrestling? Uh sure.
Sounds good.
Yeah, it's a great sport.
Teaches you personal growth, confidence, mental toughness.
Logan! We're going back to the station.
There's been a break in the case.
A break in the case? Perfect.
What happened? Talk later, Jim.
What do you think it is? You think they found the body? We'll find out soon enough.
Let's go.
By the way, Jim, my husband loves that fishing rod you talked him into.
He said you were right.
Having that fast action helps him put more pressure on the fish.
Glad it worked out.
Me, too.
So, I've been looking at Harrison's grades, and I have some concerns.
- Concerns? - In just one year, he went from a 3.
8 down to a 1.
2, then back to a 3.
Why is that? I'm not exactly sure.
Uh, my stepmom died.
Um I'm so sorry.
Is that why you moved from Argentina to Miami? Yep.
So, who did you move to Miami with? Uh, I was placed in the foster care system.
Foster care? And where were you? Yeah.
Why don't you tell them why you left your beloved son? Things were complicated, ma'am.
Um My stepmom and I had just moved.
And when she died, uh, Jim had no way of reaching me.
It's not his fault.
Hi, Jim.
Oh, hey, Tess.
You must be Harrison.
I'm Ms.
Silvera, the science teacher here.
I heard you speaking Spanish the other day.
Uh, ¿de dónde eres? Puerto Rico.
¿Dónde aprendiste español? I lived in Argentina for a few years.
Silvera will be administering Harrison's placement exam.
Then we'll know which grade level he's at.
And you'll know a little more about your son.
I'm not surprised the salon was shut down for health violations.
I mean, Sally has really been letting things slide ever since Edgar fell off the wagon and started Rose-Ellen, I will call you later.
Is Angela around? Conference room.
Apparently, Reservation Land Management has footage of Matt Caldwell shooting that deer.
- Footage? - Who knew there were cameras out there? I sure didn't.
What do they even need them for? I mean, we know how deer mate.
Jim, I need to talk to you.
I'm gonna be brought down by three small-town cops This is Sam, from Land and Wildlife Management.
and a zoologist.
We need you to clear something up for us.
Happy to.
Heat signatures? It's pretty cool, huh? Very.
Okay, pause it.
Does that look like the rifle you sold to Matt? Uh I'm guessing it's a Modern Outfitters MC6 with what looks like a very distinctive Leupold scope.
It's just like the one I sold Matt.
So you're saying that this is my son.
Well, this confirms that Matt shot the deer.
And gets us no closer to finding him.
Actually, we did find one more thing.
From the next quadrant over, about 20 seconds earlier.
He's heading for the same spot as the first guy.
There's someone else in the woods.
We need the angle that shows where they went.
- There's a blind spot.
- Blind spot? Why is there a fucking blind spot? This system is set up for animal tracking, not crime surveillance.
There's gonna be tons of blind spots.
Goddamn it.
Contact tribal police.
Call Albany and get CSI out here and, um, go secure the crime scene ASAP.
Yep, yep.
Oh, so now it's a crime scene? Yes.
You had no idea there were cameras all over your people's lands.
You've been treating this like it's some kind of goddamn missing persons case, and, the whole time, you had a suspect under your fucking nose? That's the way these things work, Kurt.
We find new evidence.
Things change.
Now it's a criminal investigation.
Look, if this guy did something to Matt, we'll find him.
You could check hunting licenses.
We sell 'em at the store.
I can make a list.
Which I won't be on.
Let's interview everyone who came in contact with Matt in the 48 hours before he disappeared.
On it.
Maybe he wasn't out there alone.
What's up, Zach? Yo.
Yo, they got you taking classes already, or what? Not yet.
I-I just took the placement test.
It was cake.
Check out the big brain on H.
Yo, man.
Look at this shit.
Who's Ethan? That ballsack over there.
Hey, you should see the shit he sends her.
Ooh-ooh, oh-oh.
Somebody's in love! That's fucked up.
Right? Hunting licenses all from this year.
Hopefully this'll help point you guys - in the right direction.
- Great.
Wildlife cameras.
Who knew? Not me.
Guys like Kurt have been doubting me ever since I joined the force.
Now I've given him all the ammunition he needs.
I was calling off the search after the first day because I found a glove.
What was I thinking? What I wanted you to think.
If I learned anything, it's that people don't just disappear.
There's always a reason.
Well, you're a good cop.
You'll find him.
Uh, that was fast.
Maybe we'll start getting some answers.
Damn it! You need another hand? Oh! Much obliged.
Are you the CSI from Albany? Well, originally I'm from St.
Louis, but You mind if I watch you work the scene? I'm a big fan of those CSI shows.
Hey, I'm coming, too.
It's my son they're looking for.
As long as you both stay outside the crime scene and don't disturb the corpus delicti.
Corpus de-what? It's Latin for "body of evidence.
" Damn it.
Not out of the woods yet.
What you doing, Mr.
Church? Some of the blood coagulated differently than the rest, so I'm testing it to see if it came from the deer or if it's human.
Exactly what I would've done.
Blood is the body's Truth.
It's human.
Someone may have mixed it in with the deer's blood so we'd overlook it.
This guy's good.
Kurt, we don't even know if that's Matt's blood.
And even if it is, he could've cut himself.
People cut themselves dressing animals all the time.
Or maybe it's from the other guy who was out here.
So, what, somebody attacked Matt because of that stupid deer and he fought him off? - Is that it? - It's possible.
Damien, what do you think happened? Come on, Damien, fail me now.
The victim came from over there.
The attacker from over there.
Judging by the pool of blood, they met up right around here, where the deer was shot.
There was some sort of altercation.
The attacker overpowered the victim.
Knocked him down.
The victim then fell backwards hitting his head right about Huh.
There was a rock here.
Must've been removed after the attack.
I suspect it caused a head injury.
Wait, so what exactly are you saying happened here? What I'm saying is somebody committed an attack, then tried to cover it up.
We're looking at foul play.
I've gotten rusty in my abstinence.
Well, what now? How do we find the son of a bitch that did this to my son? We still don't know whose blood this is.
We need to establish that first.
That's true.
Kurt, with your permission, I want Damian to do a familial DNA test.
We'd run a sample of your DNA against the human blood that we just found and if it's a match, it will confirm that it's Matt.
All right.
Whatever you need.
This is Jim.
Hello, Jim.
It's Principal Strode.
Yeah, I'm kind of in the middle of something right now.
It's about Harrison.
We need you to come down to the school.
Harrison scored higher than any student has ever scored on the school placement exam.
So you had me come all the way down here to tell me how great my kid is? Tess left the room for 15 minutes.
And when she came back, he was done.
- The test was easy.
- The test was easy.
Some of the questions on this test are for Advanced Placement students.
I believe while Tess was gone, Harrison used his cell phone to look up answers.
I did not.
Did you cheat? You accusing me of lying Jim? No.
I'm happy to proctor the exam again.
There you go.
You take it again, no phones.
I did not cheat.
Then you'll prove it.
Oh, thanks for having my back.
Like always.
Oh, that's perfect.
I'm about to head out.
Got to check on the results of the DNA test and confirm the search dog team.
Search dogs? - Yep.
Should be here tomorrow.
- Wow.
You're ramping things up.
At this point, I'm just hoping it's not too late.
It's not.
Search dogs? Jesus fuck, Dex.
- I know.
- You have to move Matt's body.
Those dogs are gonna walk a straight line from the crime - scene to your fucking firepit.
- I know.
It's not just about you anymore.
- I know! - Do you? It was a one-time slipup.
It doesn't change who I am.
Who is that, exactly? - Stop.
- Or what? You gonna kill me again? Or are other people gonna die? Because that's what always happens, right? - Right?! - Not this time.
What are you doing in there? All yours.
All yours.
Just so you know.
Retook the test.
Got a higher score than the first time.
That's great.
This is Kurt.
It's Chief Bishop.
Apologies for calling so late.
Good news or bad? I'm afraid it's a match.
The blood we found is almost certainly Matt's.
I'm sorry.
Well, you should be.
You made my son out to be some kind of criminal.
I wasn't wrong about that.
Excuse me? Matt shot a white buck on sovereign Seneca territory.
A crime that carries a sentence of at least several thousand dollars.
I don't give a shit about that! I only care what happened to my son.
My guess is that the other person out there in the woods saw Matt shoot the deer, and wasn't too happy about it.
Well, at least now you're starting to sound like a real cop.
With all due respect, I have been running this search with zero state funding.
At the crack of dawn, I'll have 60 volunteers as far out as Clarke Mountains.
The next day, we will cover the entire quarry.
The day after that, we will canvass the caves.
We will not stop until we find your son.
The caves? You think he's that far out? Matt's a smart guy.
Maybe he went looking for shelter.
What about the summer camp? I'm having a group splinter off.
We're searching there, too.
Listen, Kurt.
I know you're grieving.
- And I - Just call me when you have an actual lead.
Goddamn it.
Well, I stepped into An avalanche It covered up my soul When I am not this hunchback That you see I sleep beneath the golden hill You who wish to conquer pain You must learn, learn To serve me well He does not ask for your Company, not at the center The center of the world First the glove, now the scent.
One plus one equals Matt.
Wouldn't want to be prey around here.
Hunters get up way too early.
Looks like you had a long night.
Yeah, one of Mrs.
Gross' sheep was lambing.
She needed my help.
I'm sorry I wasn't here to make you breakfast.
Don't worry about it.
I've learned to take care of myself.
I got to get to school.
You gonna drive me, or should I walk? Why not? Not like it's been a long night or anything.
Morning, Jimbo! Got a sec? Sure.
So, uh, we got the results from the DNA test.
It's confirmed.
The blood was Matt's.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But not surprised.
Anyway, um Angela has tasked me to interview everyone who saw Matt in the days before he went missing, so I just need to ask you a few questions.
- It won't take long.
- I have to take Harrison to school, but, uh I could stop by the station during lunch? Cool.
Appreciate that.
Oh, and, uh, Harrison? Saw you signed up for wrestling.
Can't wait.
Real men are made on the mat.
All right, see you soon.
Police dogs.
I hope they have as much fun running around the woods as I did last night.
Thanks for making it out on short notice.
It's how it always is.
Nobody ever plans on going missing.
- Hey, little guy - Yo! Yo, yo, yo.
No touching.
They don't need no confusion - with your petting.
- This is Matt's.
Let's bring him home.
Here you go, boy.
All right, guys.
Find Matt! Let's go! Let's go.
Go, go! Police Chief Bishop, right? - Yes.
- Hi, you know, I heard what happened and I just had to come help.
Uh fresh eyes and legs - are always welcome.
- It's just so tragic, you know, hometown hunk, larger-than-life personality.
Are you a friend of Matt's? Nope.
Just a citizen activist.
Hey, is it cool if I tag along? Maybe search with you? Uh, you should check with Sergeant Logan.
He's handling the volunteer assignments.
Hot cop? He can totally get it.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Sergeant Logan! - Hi.
- Hi.
Have a good day.
No time for naps, bro.
Creating that false scent trail was smart, but it's not gonna throw them off forever.
Ideas? This town is small as fuck, but there's got to be someplace to hide a body.
What about your lake? Just like old times.
It's too shallow.
Some fisherman's liable to catch a piece of Matt.
Iron Lake Cemetery? The ground's too frozen this time of year.
Oh! I know! Little Fargo, don't you think? Who are you? Are you Dexter Morgan or are you fucking Goldilocks? None of these places are gonna work long-term.
What the shit do you mean "long-term"? Are you planning on fucking killing again? No.
I mean, over time, the body parts will be discovered.
All I want is everyone off my property, a good night's sleep, and a chance to make things right with Harrison.
It's one and done.
Then I'm just a dad.
- Angie.
- Miriam.
Haven't seen you in these parts for a while.
Yeah, I know.
- Sorry.
- So, what brings you here? I'm looking for Johnny Bullhorn.
He's on a list of some people I need to speak with.
It's related to Matt Caldwell.
You don't think Johnny had something to do with him disappearing, do you? No.
I just have to ask him some questions.
Well, you're wasting your time.
Johnny couldn't have hurt the Caldwell kid because he's been sick with the flu.
I've been taking care of him all week.
I still just have to talk to him.
- You don't believe me? - Miriam.
I'm running this investigation the same as I would if it were one of us.
Please don't make this about Iris.
When you girls were younger, Iris always thought the two of you would move to the city.
Start a band.
Creator knows what.
Well, maybe she's out there somewhere now.
Just singing her heart out.
Harrison! Hey.
Kaitlin's not real.
What? Your online girlfriend.
She's not real.
Zach's been catfishing you.
Who the fuck are you? Harrison.
Why are you telling me this? Because guys like Zach shouldn't always be top of the food chain.
About Matt.
Uh, how many interactions did you have with him in the week before he went missing? Uh, I'm thinking three.
Uh, once at Fred's and then At The Tavern and again at his party? You've done your homework.
It's my job.
Uh, any of the exchanges heated? Nah, they were pleasant enough.
A couple of folks have said that, um, they'd seen you hunting in the area he went missing, but you don't have a hunting license.
Well, I wasn't hunting.
I was hiking.
With a gun? For protection.
Uh, you identified the-the rifle Matt used.
Can you give me any help with this one? Uh looks like it's probably a Remington 700.
There's over a hundred of 'em in this town alone.
Uh, uh, were you hunting I'm sorry, hiking, in the woods the day Matt disappeared? - No.
- Where were you? - In my cabin.
- Alone? Well, as you know, until very recently, I lived alone.
And you were there all day? Until I went to work, yeah.
So the last time you saw Matt was at his party? Yeah, it's not really my kind of thing, but Fred wanted me to deliver the gun, so Hmm.
I really need to get to the store.
If that's okay.
We're good.
Painless, huh? Didn't feel a thing.
So, Matt, once again what to do with you.
The old iron mine.
It's remote, plenty big.
Filled with tunnels.
Goldilocks, I think it's just right.
Hey, is it all right if I go help with the search? I was about to suggest that myself.
Do it.
Oh, shit.
Ethan's got a new pic for his girl.
Ethan strikes back.
You gonna let him get away with that? Hey, you think you're fucking funny, you small-dick anime virgin?! Leave Ethan alone.
Or I do this to you every single fucking day.
What? Hey, guys.
What's going on? Just, just chillin'.
Need a ride? Oh, by the way.
Coach Logan said I made the wrestling team.
I'll see you guys on the mat.
So what the hell was that fight in the hallway? Ethan told me they've been torturing him since elementary school.
He's so scared he can barely talk to a real person.
They're jerks.
I get it.
But when you're from a small town, you're sort of stuck with the people you grew up with.
Stop staring I wouldn't know.
I moved around a lot.
That must suck.
Upside is I don't really give a shit about what people think about me.
Where'd you learn how to do that, anyway? Looked like some real UFC shit.
You pick up a few things in foster homes.
Zach will be fine.
Why, you freaked out? No.
Mom asked me to pick up some stuff for dinner from the butcher.
Cool by you? I got nowhere to be.
Hey, Gig.
Got any of your homemade Italian sausage? Extra spicy? Mom's cooking pasta salsiccia tonight.
How much you need? Mm.
Two pounds should do it.
Coming right up.
You're Jim Lindsay's kid? That's what they say.
Welcome to Iron Lake.
Sure will be glad when your mom gets that white buck out of my shop.
What? Yeah.
It's been in the cooler for almost a week.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Audrey, hold up.
They brought it from the crime scene.
Goddamn shame.
Fucking sucks.
What are you gonna do with it? Once Audrey's mom no longer needs it for evidence, I'll call Sanitation to dispose of the carcass.
I cannot believe they're gonna treat this amazing creature like roadkill.
We should do something before they do.
Nice, a three-mile hike up to the iron mine.
'Cause I just don't get out enough.
So what's the deal with you and your dad? Before you showed up here, he never mentioned you.
When I come again Mm.
It's not worth going into.
What's the deal with you and yours? Um he's dead.
I'm-I'm sorry.
It was a long time ago.
I barely remember him.
And my birth mom? Nothing.
Wait, Angela's not The woman who gave birth to me abandoned me right after I was born.
So Angela is my mom.
That your guitar in the back? It was my Dad's.
I love playing it knowing he held it in his hands.
Oh, and this fucking car was his, too.
- What's wrong? - Damn it.
Probably the damn radiator again.
Radiator hose split.
Got to replace it.
What, you know how to do this shit? My mom's paranoid about everything.
Made me learn how to change a tire as soon as I got my learner's permit.
No bars.
You mind going down that road and calling Jerry's Auto Shop? Yeah.
- The number's in my phone.
- Okay.
Tell him I need a three-inch wide, two-foot long radiator hose and two clamps.
- I got you.
- I'll pop this hose off so we can get out of here sooner.
All right.
All right.
Everything all right? Radiator.
I, um Do you need a ride someplace? My friend's just up that hill calling for help.
- Uh-huh.
- He should be back soon.
Well, do you want to wait in my car until he gets back? It's warm.
I know who you are, Mr.
I know the tonnage of CO2 your chemical plants release every year.
The millions you've spent fighting climate science.
Want to be helpful? Stop fucking up the planet.
Oh, my.
You know, I find it funny that you hate me so much, and here you are driving this old gas-guzzler.
Some might consider that hypocritical, but I don't.
People are complicated.
Life's complicated.
One day you'll understand how the world really works.
You have a good day, Audrey.
Stay safe.
Any luck? The minute I mentioned your mom's name, Jerry was halfway to his truck.
What was that about? Just Edward Olsen being a billionaire.
Mine's not the body I'm looking to hide.
This'll work.
I miss this.
The quiet.
Fuck! Fuck! Hey, you.
What's up? Just seeing if you want to come over for dinner tonight.
Tonight? Uh I'm not sure I'm up for it.
I'm kind of exhausted.
Rain check? I know.
I'm exhausted, too.
You think I feel like cooking for Audrey and Harrison? - Harrison? - Yeah.
Audrey invited him over.
If you don't want to come, it's okay.
No, I'd love to come.
I'll come.
Sup, Eeth? I wanted to thank you for today.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
I've always fantasized about hurting Zach like that, but you actually did.
Fuck those guys.
They just think they're hard 'cause they hunt and shit.
Uh, they don't know anything about real violence.
I got a bunch of drawings of those assholes.
You want to see? Thrill me.
What are you, like, The Punisher or something? They'd be fucking scared of me if I was, huh? Fucking petrified.
Bears, dogs.
I miss the days when the only animals I had to worry about were alligators.
And Rusty's dogs spent the day literally barking up the wrong tree.
They couldn't find shit out there.
I saw.
I mean, what do you think it means? I don't know, but I'm going to meet Rusty and his dogs at the crime scene tomorrow.
What do you mean, you saw? On the Merry Fucking Kill Instagram.
Can you believe Molly Park is in Iron Lake? Who's Molly Park? Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me.
Let me see that again? She was in the store today.
She was loading up on winter gear.
I guess she's sticking around for a while.
Wait, so so she's a podcaster? It's only, like, the most popular true crime podcast out there.
I mean, she has, like, a million followers on Instagram.
You're into true crime? It's murder, but it's funny.
I'll text you my top five.
So I got a call from Abraham Brown today.
He said you guys took a little drive out to the Reservation.
Did you think I wasn't gonna find out? I was trying to do the right thing.
By going behind my back? The way that deer's being treated is, like, totally fucked messed up.
Even though it's dead, it still deserves dignity.
I agree.
Then why didn't you do something? Um, I'm in the middle of a criminal investigation.
I've been a little busy.
Audz, next time, just come to me and we can find a solution together.
This isn't some parenting Jedi Mind Trick.
This is me on your side.
I spoke with Abraham.
We came up with a plan for the deer.
Just need you to release it.
Say we are done with it.
What's the plan? - Gonna do a bonfire - Who'd have thought I would find this.
A family in Iron Lake.
A family that I very nearly lost because of an impulsive kill.
I don't want to lose this.
Jim would drive his tractor All that's left is to find a spot to move the body.
What? Y-You could help us move the deer's body, right? Your-your truck bed's big enough? Yeah.
Should be.
Sounds like a plan.
'Cause I already told them we'd be doing it tonight.
Nya: weh sgëno'.
Nya: weh, Angela.
Thank you for agreeing to this.
Of course.
Humans have always dealt with death through rituals.
Guess mine are just a little unique.
Hey, we should go.
Look at them as close as people can be.
And here I stand, ten feet and 1,000 miles away from my own son.
I should've stood up for you at school yesterday.
I was wrong.
Yeah, you were.
Well, from now on, this is me on your side.
Thanks, Dad.
" Wow.
My new favorite word.
I only wish the rest of my problems would go up in smoke.
Wait a minute.
Rid of Matt's body for good.
And now back to abstaining.
But I don't know.
What if it's not the killing that got me in trouble? What if it's the not killing? That does not look like a grieving father.
What's wrong with this picture? What'd I do with the? There we go.
Hey, Kurt.
Oh, hey, man.
Did you hear my news? No.
What's the news? He's alive.
Matty's alive.
H-How do you know? Well, he-he called me.
And we had the best talk.
Really great talk.
Must've been amazing to hear his voice.
Oh, yeah, well, I did more than hear hear him.
W-We FaceTimed.
I actually saw the face of the son that I thought I had lost.
That's unbelievable.
I know, right? Hey, come on.
Why don't you let me - give you a ride home? - I'm just right here - I insist.
- Okay.
- You're such a good friend.
- Yeah.
- Geez.
- Matt's ashes.
I try.
I bet this is the closest Matt and Kurt have ever been.
Ah, you're good.
You're good and I am so lucky.
So lucky to be surrounded by such great people.
Especially you, Jimmy.
Hey, my Matty's alive! Can you believe it? Actually, no.
And why would he lie?
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