DI Ray (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Part One

Excuse us, love, where are the eggs?
I think they're
just at the end there. Ta.
Wish you lot wouldn't keep
moving the stuff around,
no good for my bloody memory.
I don't actually work here.
Stop! Police!
Stop! Police!
PC WELLINGTON: Put the knife down!
Put the knife down!
No, no, no, no.
PC Wellington.
Oh, man.
Hang in there,
I'm gonna get us some help.
Status zero, status zero,
this is DI Ray.
I need an ambulance and armed
response to Central Library.
We have an officer down,
urgent assistance required.
Our suspect
has a 12-inch kitchen knife.
Can you allocate this ready to me
from now please, central five-zero?
Rob? He's losing consciousness.
Just keep talking to him,
and keep pressure on the wound.
Central five-zero to control,
I'm gonna talk him down.
Oi, you!
We're handling this,
can you step back, please?
That isn't right.
Just, just stop, all right? Just,
just let me concentrate, please.
Stop talking to me.
No, no, no, just,
everyone, just, just be quiet!
I'm a police inspector,
my name is Rachita.
What's your name?
OK, Tariq, I'm here to help you.
I'm off duty, I've got no handcuffs,
no baton,
nothing can hurt you, OK?
Tariq, can you tell me
why you're holding a knife?
If I don't get it done,
they're gonna come for me,
they're gonna, they're gonna
No, no, put it away, put it away!
OK, everyone,
just step back, get back!
They're gonna see me! Put it away!
Tariq, look at me.
Look at me.
I can help you, I want to help you.
Tariq, I need you to put the knife
down, so I can keep you safe, OK?
They're coming, they're coming!
I'm just gonna talk on the radio
and tell them it's all OK
over here, OK?
That we're just talking.
Is that all right with you?
Armed police!
Central five-zero to control.
'Central five-zero, go ahead.'
Can you inform TFC the threat level
is reducing and the suspect is calm,
and can all units stand down
so we don't escalate it?
no-one is gonna get hurt,
as long as you put the knife down.
Nice and slowly.
Thank you, Tariq.
You've done really well.
Can you take
a few steps back for me?
We'll get you a towel
and a nice hot drink, yeah?
Walk away from the knife!
Nice and slow!
Slowly. Slowly.
You're under arrest.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention
when questioned
something which you later rely on
in court.
Ah, the woman of the hour.
Congratulations, DI Ray.
Thank you, Sir.
This is Superintendent Beardsmore.
Your ears must have been burning,
Tea, please.
I want to congratulate you
for the Centenary Square incident.
Thank you.
The report says your man was in his
second year at Eastside University
and suffering from psychosis,
but it could have been
an attempted terrorist attack.
You just never know
with these types.
You gained his trust,
connected with him, found his level.
You avoided loss of life.
Thank you, Sir.
It was touch and go,
but I'm pleased to tell you
that PC Wellington
is recovering from surgery.
That's good to know, Sir.
I notice you've applied for a move
over from Response
to Serious Crime on a number
of occasions over the years.
I have, Sir.
Oh. I'm sorry it appears
you have been overlooked thus far.
Moving forward, there's a
DI position come up in Homicide.
Be a damn sight more interesting
than Response, eh?
Where are you from, Ray?
Leicester, Sir.
And what's your heritage?
My family are from the Punjab.
Right. Whereabouts?
The middle, although my dad's side's
originally from Bengal I think.
Let me talk to the team,
see what we can do.
You're exactly what we need
right now.
Thank you, Sir.
Hi there. I'm DI Ray,
I've a meeting with
DCI Kerry Henderson.
Oh, yes, I'll just give her a bell.
Actually, while I'm waiting,
can I collect my new lanyard
for access to Homicide?
Of course, let me check.
Ma'am, I've got DI Ray here for you.
Thank you, Ma'am.
She won't be a minute.
Bear with me, I've only just
come back from holiday.
Oh, you look very brown.
Beautiful weather.
Although we overdid it a bit
on the calamari.
Back on lighter life this week.
Found them.
Thank you.
Oh, this is the wrong one.
Oh, no, remind me of your name
again, my love.
It's DI Rachita Ray,
not PC Bowja Alland.
I really am sorry
for the inconvenience, Ma'am.
I should've checked.
That's OK. If you could just
get me the correct lanyard, please.
Of course.
Thank you.
DI Ray? DCI Kerry Henderson.
This way.
This is DS Kwesi Edmund,
and DS Clive Bottomley.
Second breakfast, Clive, or third?
More like fourth, Ma'am.
Must be a record.
Nice feeling, Ma'am,
I'm on a health kick.
Oh, yeah?
This is DC Carly Lake
..and DC Liam Payne.
Morning, Ma'am.
This is DI Rachita Ray,
she'll be joining us.
Right, well,
we may as well crack on.
We can do coffees
and pleasantries later.
Your first investigation with us,
DI Ray,
the victim, Imran Aziz, was killed
by a knife wound to the chest,
penetrating the heart.
He was found in his car, which was
parked up on a deserted side street,
near an industrial estate in Aston.
There is no CCTV coverage
in that area,
no mobile phone was recovered,
and no fingerprints, apart from his.
Clearly been wiped clean.
DI Ray will be heading up
Imran Aziz's murder, as it's a CSH.
I'm sorry, Ma'am,
I'm not familiar with that term.
It's new, we are now referring
to these types of crimes
as culturally specific homicides.
They all know I've been brought in
to tick a box.
I didn't expect a
"Welcome to Homicide" banner,
but it's not exactly been
the warmest welcome.
Well, the fact is you're there now,
they're gonna have to work with you.
Just be the best dammed
homicide detective you can be
show them
that you deserve to be there.
You know, when I first started out
in Armed Robbery,
my DCI at the time, he gave me
a really solid piece of advice.
Accept nothing, believe nobody,
check everything.
You don't sound like
you're from round here.
You come over from the East Mids?
I'm from Leicester, but I've been
in Response in Birmingham for years.
Oh, I see.
What about Anjuli Kapoor,
Imran Aziz's girlfriend?
Has she been ruled out?
We've no reason to consider her
as a suspect, Ma'am.
She's a beautician
and was doing henna
for a wedding party
at the time of Imran's death.
We've been trying to get in touch
with her as a matter of priority,
being the person closest to him,
but she's been evading us so far.
No doubt it'll be the family
trying to silence her.
We need to get a statement from her.
Has she actually accused
her brothers?
Cos we can't immediately assume
it's a CSH.
Someone close to him knew his
movements on the night in question.
Evidence so far suggests
he doesn't have any known enemies,
which usually points towards
someone connected to the family.
This is an interview
conducted yesterday morning,
with the victim's younger sister,
Mona Aziz.
The other lady is her mother,
and appropriate adult, Salma Aziz.
As you'll see, she's very clear
on who killed her brother.
'They hated Imran cos we're Muslim.'
'When you say they?'
'The Kapoors, her brothers.
'You know, think they run the ends
with their executive car company.
'They're just shit limos
for people who wanna be extra.
'It's a joke, man.
Plus, everyone knows it's dodge.'
'In what way?'
'Stuff to do with the cars,
you know, insurance and that.
'They hated my brother cos he was
setting up his own car company.'
Business rival,
plus Hindu girl dating a Muslim guy.
Brothers disapprove,
guy ends up dead.
Sadly, pretty text book.
We need to move on this.
Now that DI Ray is up to speed,
we need to make arrests ASAP.
But if you're so sure it was them,
why have they not already
been arrested?
Let's just say the community
isn't exactly on side at the moment,
due to a few previous incidents.
Oh, why exactly is this
being looked at as a CSH?
It's my understanding
that so-called honour killings
are seen as frenzied attacks, so
this murder doesn't appear to have
all the characteristics of a CSH.
We have the Kapoor brothers' phones,
containing a series of threatening
texts and voice messages to Mr Aziz.
'What you doing, man?
'We told you, yeah, stay away from
our business and our family, yeah?
'Stick to your fucking cooking oil
and brasses and that.
'We know you've been creeping, you
know, trying to steal our business.
'You'd better watch yourself, man!
'You'd best not go anywhere
near Anji!
what I'm saying to you?'
Although cultural sensitivity
is key here,
we currently have
no other persons of interest,
and two potentially dangerous men
out in the community.
They could also be a potential
flight risk, so tick-tock.
Armed police! Armed police!
Put your hands in the air!
Do not move.
Suspect detained. All clear, Ma'am.
What you doing? Let me go!
Let me go, now!
What did she say?
Stop struggling.
Why are you holding me so tight,
why are you holding me so tight?
Stop fighting.
Get off me, man.
Kabir Kapoor, I'm arresting you on
suspicion of murder of Imran Aziz.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention
when questioned
something you later rely on
in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Navin Kapoor, I'm arresting
you on suspicion of the murder
of Imran Aziz. What the fuck, man?
This is bullshit!
You do not have to say anything,
Go arresting them Pakis,
their dirty work?
You do not have to say anything, but
it may harm your defence if you
'Where's my brother?'
'He's in another room.'
'What about Mum and Dad?
And Anjuli, is she here?'
We don't know
where your sister's staying.
She won't talk to us.
Why do you think that is, Kabir?
Her boyfriend just got shanked.
You didn't get on with Imran,
did you? It weren't me.
What did you do with the blade
after you plunged it
through Mr Aziz's chest?
No comment.
You're not denying you murdered him,
then? No comment.
We've got a series of texts
and voice messages from you
and your brother, threatening him.
'Are you covering up
for your brother?'
Is that why you're saying
no comment? No comment.
We've got a recording
of you threatening Imran
about your business rivalry and
his relationship with your sister.
Kapoor Cars
was your family business,
and I understand the importance
of respecting the family.
Your sister ignored
the need to your family.
She went against your wishes.
Is that how it felt? Mm?
Is that why you killed Imran?
'Most people, if they had
nothing to do with murder
'would answer all our questions.
They'd cooperate.'
With respect, officer, it is my
client's right to make no comment.
Right, I understand that,
but if he had nothing to do with it,
what's he trying to hide
by saying no comment?
Who are you trying to protect,
No comment.
You're saying no comment,
you're not saying you didn't do it.
An innocent man would say,
"It had nothing to do with me."
Wouldn't you think
an innocent man would say that?
Let's proceed
on the basis that you did do it,
cos you're not saying
you didn't do it.
Why did you do it?
No comment.
What did you do with the knife?
No comment.
Was it because of his relationship
with your sister,
or because he was setting up
a rival business, or both?
No comment.
My colleagues
are with your brother now,
and I understand
he's been more cooperative.
'You said you and your brother
dropped your mum
'at the temple on Harvison Road,
'then went to the Shell garage to
fill up, between 8.00 and 8.20pm.'
This is your opportunity
to give your version of events,
your side of the story.
This is the CCTV footage
from the Shell garage.
There's no sign of you
or your brother there at that time.
But we were there.
Why are you lying, Kabir?
We were there, man, we were there!
You weren't, though, were you?
You were with Imran Aziz.
One of you's going down for this.
Do you really want it to be you?
No. Fucking. Comment.
It's all very well us
focusing on the Kapoor brothers,
but we still don't have forensic
evidence linking them to the murder.
Anjuli's witness statement is key
here. We need her to talk to us.
Well, she's been avoiding us so far.
You think she's suddenly
gonna answer the phone to you
and have a chat?
Her brothers have been arrested,
which means she might be ready
to reach out.
ANJULI: 'Heya, it's Anjuli.
Leave me a message.'
Hello, Anjuli, my name is
Detective Inspector Rachita Ray,
from West Central Homicide.
I need to speak to you urgently
regarding your boyfriend Imran Aziz.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I know my team have made several
attempts to reach out to you.
I'm the investigating officer
on the team.
I know you're going through
a hard time,
but if you can please call me back
0121 4960131,
I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Keep trying.
DI Ray. PS Khatri.
I've been assigned to you,
to help you out
with family liaison.
Oh, right, hello.
Have you been briefed?
Yeah, yeah,
been informed of the situation
with both the Kapoor
and Aziz families.
We can't get hold of Anjuli Kapoor
at the minute,
but we'll keep trying to get her,
preferably alone.
Away from the family, makes sense.
Not all Asian women
are controlled by their families.
I never said they were.
What's your language, Sergeant?
Um, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.
Yourself, Ma'am?
I got a C in GCSE Spanish.
Shall we?
When can we go home?
I need to tidy up.
You know, they made a mess.
Our door's broken!
Couldn't you ring the doorbell?
Well, they have to be careful.
Don't know what the neighbours
must be thinking.
It's embarrassing
dealing with the police.
And people love to discuss
everyone else's business.
A young man has died,
a man we believe your daughter
Anjuli cared very deeply for.
So we really need
to talk to the both of you, huh?
And Anjuli. I'm so sorry
for their loss, to lose a child.
But, please, I want to go home now.
I'm sorry, Mrs Kapoor,
but you can't go back just yet.
Are there any relatives
that you could stay with?
We can stay with my sister.
Kabir claims he and Navin dropped
you at the temple for seven thirty.
Is that right?
Mm. I made rasmalai.
For Holi?
Holi's the end of winter.
Navin and Kabir claim they went to
the petrol station straight after,
but the problem is
we checked the camera at the time
and they weren't there.
Are you saying they're liars?
Well, no.
My boys are not liars.
Or killers.
Mrs Kapoor,
I need to find your daughter.
We've been trying
to get in contact with her,
but she doesn't seem
to want to talk to us.
Do you have any idea
where she might be?
Please, we're worried about her.
Yes, me, too.
If I knew where she was staying,
don't you think I'd tell you?
What the fuck?
This is DI Ray.
I have a suspect package
on my doorstep addressed to me.
I need a unit down here
to deal with
Ma'am, PS Khatri's here.
This burner phone was left in an
envelope on my doorstep last night.
It was addressed to me.
It was checked over by bomb squad,
and the phone inside
was tested for prints and DNA.
There's a partial fingerprint
matched to Imran Aziz,
suggesting it could be his phone.
There was a BMW
who left the scene in a hurry,
but I didn't manage
to get the plate.
Ma'am, Anjuli Kapoor drives a BMW.
Can you find out
what her registration is
and then run it through ANPR, Carly?
Liam, I want this phone decrypted
as soon as possible. On it.
There's a possibility this could
have belonged to Imran Aziz.
This could be Anjuli
reaching out to us.
PS Khatri,
I wanna go back to the Kapoor house
and do a blue search
of Anjuli's bedroom.
They look so in love.
We need to find her.
She's a mobile beautician,
must be where she trained.
Hi. DI Rachita Ray,
do you have a minute?
I wanted to ask you about
a past trainee, Anjuli Kapoor.
Is there anyone here
who knows her well?
Yeah, we both trained here
and got offered work,
but she wanted to do mobile beauty.
She don't like to follow rules,
so she's best off
working by herself, like.
Was she seeing Imran
when she trained here?
No. I was.
Were you and Anjuli friends?
Not any more.
You don't do that, you get me?
How long
were you and Imran together?
Few weeks.
Thought it was a good match,
but he weren't really that into it,
I could tell.
He was trying
to set this car company up,
and he was always too busy
to go out.
Then one day he came to the salon.
So they met here?
He was asking for trouble
with them lot.
You mean the Kapoors?
They'd do anything to protect
their stupid car company.
What do you mean?
Some guys my uncle's mate knows
from mosque
tried to set up
this executive car company.
It burnt down in the first week.
People said it was an insurance job,
but I don't know, man.
It had to be the Kapoors.
What's going on?
Why have you not referred
the matter over to the CPS yet?
Well, Ma'am, Tech are unlocking
a burner phone
I believe belonged to Imran Aziz.
It could lead us
to others he was involved with.
Until we have solid evidence
from the burner,
we need to move on what we've got.
The Kapoors keep a machete
in their office.
CCTV footage
doesn't corroborate their alibi,
and one of them is refusing to talk.
But, Ma'am, all evidence
so far is circumstantial.
We have enough grounds
for a murder charge.
There are rumblings
from the community
accusing us
of not prioritising this.
We need them to work with us.
The whole point is that you help us
with that, not hinder us.
Everyone wants this to be textbook,
but it's not.
Are you sure you're not pushing
your own agenda here, Ma'am?
There's not enough evidence
to suggest it's the brothers.
You heard Nadiya. She seemed
pretty convinced about them.
But she's also been burned by Imran.
Yeah, I know,
I'm just saying, you know,
sometimes we project our own stuff.
Not me, Sarge.
Let's approach the superintendent
to get another 12 hours.
They're entitled to a rest, we can't
question them right now anyway,
so we'll question them
again in the morning.
Are you sure about that?
Thank you, Carly.
Liam, I wanna see
what Tech come back with
regarding Imran Aziz's burner phone.
Chasing them, Ma'am.
And, er we should go back over
the Kapoor brothers' alibis.
Do you mind
helping me out with something?
Open it.
No, not that.
What do you reckon, Rach?
Shall we make it official?
It's a bit different
from the last time you asked me.
OK, yeah,
but I was well north of pissed then.
Holiday drinking's dangerous,
plus I didn't have a ring.
It's beautiful, it really is.
It's a bit mad though, cos I haven't
even met your parents yet.
Easily fixed.
Be nice.
Small do,
close family, a few friends,
some of the lads from work.
I find myself biting my tongue
every time they bring up
their other halves
and they're way more boring
and moany than you'll ever be.
Bit harsh.
Yeah, but true.
you know what you get
after a wedding, don't you?
A bad head.
I've always fancied
a trip to the Maldives.
QUIETLY: ABC, check.
MAN: 'Hello?'
Hi there,
my name is Detective Inspector Ray.
I have some CCTV footage
from your garage.
I was just wondering
if you could do something for me.
Could you check your CCTV?
What does the time say on the
camera clock right now? 'Hang on.'
Not late, are we, Ma'am?
'It's nine thirty-five.'
Thank you.
The machete found at Kapoor Cars
was clean.
Liam, did you check the clock
on the CCTV was set to GMT?
No, Ma'am.
Bloody hell, been here all night?
The clock was wrong.
What clock? The clock on the CCTV
at the petrol station.
It wasn't set back to GMT, it
was still on British summertime,
so it's an hour ahead, which
means it puts the Kapoor brothers
there between 20:00 and 20:20,
the time of Imran Aziz's murder.
They're telling the truth,
it wasn't them.
Liam, I want you to go down
to custody and tell them
both Kabir and Navin Kapoor's
alibis check out.
Get them released on bail,
while we undertake further inquiries
to either prove or disprove
their involvement.
You need to inform the boss
before you make that call.
You're gonna make her look
a right prick to the superintendent.
I'll notify those above me
as and when it's appropriate.
Carly, I want you to chase Tech,
tell them we need that
encrypted phone unlocked ASAP.
Imran wasn't killed because
of his relationship with Anjuli.
We should look at
his business dealings.
Let's go to the cash and carry.
Carly, meet us there.
Hi, it's Carly again. Can I get
an update on the phone, please?
DI Ray, a word.
Ma'am, we're just Now!
I'll catch you up.
You deliberately
went against instructions
by not charging the Kapoors.
Except it wasn't them, Ma'am.
The CCTV proves their alibi,
and forensics show the machete
wasn't the murder weapon.
From now on,
I want you reporting back to me
on every single update
on the investigation.
And I want PS Khatri on your team
for the duration.
We need
his linguistic and cultural skills.
You'll need to inform him
he'll be with us
full-time until this is over.
You'd better make sure
you find Imran Aziz's killer
I aim to, Ma'am.
But I wanna get it right.
I've looked through all the CCTV
from here and the surrounding area.
There's nothing out of
the ordinary there, Ma'am.
Mainly just Imran Aziz arriving
and leaving in his car.
There's nothing in the office phone
history and emails either.
This is pointless.
Hold on.
This doesn't make sense.
These are his container bookings.
In the three-month period
leading up to his death,
this is the number of containers
he booked.
Now, I compared it with the
same time last year, and look.
This is five times that number. I
thought the business was struggling.
Yeah. But what's even more strange
is the earnings are the same,
and there's been
no significant increase.
Actually looking at
his account payments now.
Most of the payments in
are pretty regular.
Probably what you'd expect
from a cash and carry.
What about the last three months?
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
Six payments here for three grand
each from a new account.
Whose? Seems to be some kind
of consultancy business.
It's a cash and carry in Handsworth.
Exactly, why would they be
involved with a consultancy?
Unless it's a front for something.
Anjuli was the closest person
to him,
she's gotta know more
about Imran's business.
I wanna know what she's so afraid
of talking to us about.
Ma'am, I've just had confirmation
that Anjuli Kapoor's vehicle
registration was picked up on ANPR
half a mile away from your address.
So it was her. She left the phone,
she was reaching out to us.
Where's the car now?
Unfortunately, the last
ANPR activation on this vehicle
was that night, 9th November
at 20:24 on Grovestone Road.
Keep looking.
Tony, we need to speak
to the Kapoors again.
I'll text you
Sumitra Kapoor's address.
It's Mr Kapoor's sister,
that's where they're staying.
Meet me there.
TONY: 'Ma'am.'
You must be hungry.
You want ketchup?
No, thank you.
I'll be in the kitchen
if you need something.
Too much grease.
But her house, her way.
You'll be home soon.
The boys won't eat anything.
I am so sorry
for what you've been through,
but we're just trying
to find some more information
to help with the investigation.
We really need
to find your daughter.
What are you doing here?
We need to speak to Anjuli.
If you treat her
how you treated us, can you blame
her for running from you?
Come on, bro.
Don't fucking call me that.
You're not my brother.
I know you and Kabir had nothing
to do with Imran's death,
that's why I didn't let it go.
But it means the killer
is still out there,
and I believe Anjuli
may be in danger. What?
I know your daughter
wants to reach out to us,
I believe it was her
who left me Imran's phone.
Please, Mrs Kapoor,
you need to help us.
Tell Anjuli to get in touch.
All we want is to keep her safe,
and I know you want that, too.
DI Ray, hello?
Mum left me a message.
But I don't wanna do, like,
an interview. Anjuli?
There's some stuff you need to know.
It wasn't just a tango and cash.
'You need to unlock the phone,
'but if they find out
I'm talking to you'
I have to go.
Meet me and I'll explain.
I'll text you where.
'But, please, just you and me,
Anjuli, are you OK?
Has someone threatened you?
Hey, Tony, I know it's late, but
they want you on the case full-time.
Anjuli Kapoor wants to talk.
I'm gonna forward you
the address now, so meet me there.
And call for backup, but tell them
not to move unless I say.
I don't wanna scare her off.
'On it, Ma'am.'
'Ma'am.' Tony, how long?
'About ten minutes, Ma'am.'
Sorry. I, er
couldn't find my car keys.
Think I just sat in some bird shit.
Thanks for meeting me.
They can't find out I'm here.
Imran was in trouble.
His dad left the business
in so much debt.
I tried telling my brothers
that he couldn't afford
to set up the car company.
These people offered him
a way out and he had no choice,
he had to take it.
Who are these people?
I can't give you names.
did you leave Imran's phone for me?
They said they were gonna
keep using his business,
but that's his family's business,
you know.
He was scared.
He told them he wanted to stop.
I wanted him to stop.
But they made him.
They said they'd come after
his mum and his sister.
And me.
Come talk to me at the station.
Go on the record, properly.
I can help you, protect you.
I'm on your side.
I know your brothers
had nothing to do with this.
Help us show everyone else.
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