DI Ray (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Part Two

I'm a police inspector.
My name is Rachita.
There's a DI position
come up in homicide.
You're exactly what
we need right now.
DI Ray will be heading up
Imran Aziz's murder, as it's a CSH.
We are now referring
to these types of crimes
as culturally specific homicides.
Imran Aziz's girlfriend,
has she been ruled out?
We've no reason
to consider her as a suspect.
We've been trying to get in touch,
but she's been evading us.
I wanna know what she's so afraid
of talking to us about.
Armed police! Armed police!
Get off me, man!
You're not denying you murdered him?
No comment.
Why are you lying, Kabir?
It weren't me!
The clock was wrong.
They're telling the truth.
It wasn't them.
It means the killer's out there,
I believe Anjuli may be in danger.
There's some stuff you need to know.
Imran was in trouble. He was scared.
We can help you, protect you.
Ma'am! Ma'am!
What happened?
Anjuli, she ran off.
She was scared.
Who's she with? Where did she go?
Oh, my head.
Control from Romeo-Oscar-six-seven,
active message. Over.
OVER RADIO: 'Yes, six-seven,
receiving. Go ahead.'
Officer injured. Request ambulance
to Holyhead Road Park Playground.
Stand by for further update. Over.
Back! Easy, easy, easy.
They need to swab me.
You need to get Forensics
down here urgently.
'Six-seven, can you give sitrep
on officer's condition?'
Control from six-seven,
casualty is DI Rachita Ray.
She's conscious, head injury,
I request Forensics.
'Received. Over.'
Suspect has made off.
Can you get additional patrols
down here
to locate the offender
and manage the scene, please?
Ambulance ETA, ten minutes.'
Can you go and check
the area over there?
Whoever it was,
they came from there.
Put a call out
to locate her vehicle.
She was trying to tell me something.
We need to find her.
Ma'am. Ma'am!
How you doing?
There's no CCTV
covering the playground,
so we'll have to do a door knock.
Yeah, we can get a team on it.
Somebody must've seen something.
What's the ETA of the extra unit?
Er, ten minutes.
Let's go.
We can get a few houses done
before they get here.
I really don't think
you should be going anywhere.
I'm fine.
You were knocked unconscious.
Well, I'm awake now.
Let's split up and we can
double the amount of houses.
No! We stay together.
Just in case Ma'am.
Fine. Come on, Sarge.
I'm DI Ray.
I've come to enquire
about an assault
that happened over in the playground
within the last hour.
Did you see or hear anything?
Well, if you do recall anything,
here's the number to call.
I did see some girl
near the playground.
Can you describe her?
She had your sort of colouring.
Can you, erm?
Did you notice anyone else
hanging around nearby at all?
I don't think so.
What the hell are you doing?
It's fine, Ma'am,
it's just a knock to the head.
I need to just get a full statement
from that lady.
What's your immediate recollection?
I remember talking to Anjuli Kapoor.
She was trying to tell me something
about the people
Imran was working with.
She confirmed it was his phone
that she posted through my door.
And then she ran off
and I felt a pain
to the back of my head,
and just went all black after that.
Any sign of a weapon?
Forensics are doing
a fingertip search now, Ma'am.
Ma'am, Anjuli was
terrified for her life.
It must be why she's been in hiding.
Whoever attacked me must've
followed me here to get to her.
We need to continue
with the door knock.
It's inappropriate for you to
be leading, you're the key witness.
please take a statement from DI Ray.
I can write my own, Ma'am.
Yeah, looks like it.
I want you to go
and get checked at City, now.
Carly, please go
to the ambulance with DI Ray. Ma'am.
Forensics will need your clothes.
At least you've
managed to preserve them.
That's one less potential fuck-up
to deal with.
Liam, with me.
What about the search for Anjuli?
Where is she?
Here. Chita?
How did you know I was here?
An officer called the house phone,
erm, Khatri?
Said it was a head injury.
What happened, sweetie?
I'm fine. It was just a tumble.
I have to get back to work.
I have to find this girl.
Just take your time.
Er, how is she?
I'm fine.
You really didn't need to come.
None of you.
I'm about to be discharged.
What happened?
Can you tell them to stop worrying?
I just need to get back to work.
Well, what do the doctors say?
It's just a minor concussion.
I'm fine.
It might be wise to rest up a bit
before you steam back in, though.
Come stay at mine,
I can keep an eye on you.
Yes, or come stay with us a while.
Can you check
to see where the nurse is?
Er, yeah, sure.
Anyone fancy a coffee?
No, ta.
I'd love a cup of tea.
I'll come with you, Martin.
I think there's a cafe
near the entrance.
Come on.
I've made Tech aware that unlocking
Imran's phone is a priority action.
There's currently no sign
of a weapon.
Forensics have collected fibres
from the bench,
DI Ray's clothing,
and the entire surrounding area.
DI Ray. We weren't expecting you
back so soon.
Shouldn't you be resting?
I have the all clear, Ma'am.
OK, well, take it slow, yeah?
Kwesi, Clive,
I want you on the vehicle searches
and the door knocks.
Carly, Liam, how are you getting on
with the CCTV coverage
in the immediate area? We're waiting
on a couple of sources.
OK, push on with that, please.
Will do, Ma'am.
This is an assault
on one of our own.
We need to send out
a serious message
to anyone who thinks it's OK
to harm one of our officers.
The superintendent is willing
to allocate more resources
to the manhunt if necessary.
OK, on you go. Thanks, everyone.
I really think
you should go home, Ray.
The team can handle this
without you.
Bye, Ma'am.
Hey. How you doing?
Why did you call my parents
about the hospital?
Well, if it were my folks,
they'd wanna know I was hurt.
Although mine would definitely have
half of West Brom
in the A&E bringing food.
I'm a grown woman.
That was my decision to make.
Well, I'm a dad. I can't help it.
DI Ray.
I'm on my way.
What is it?
Anjuli Kapoor's vehicle's
been located.
In here, Ma'am.
And there's nothing else here?
No overnight bag?
No, Ma'am.
Down here!
Ma'am, it's her.
There appear to be no bruises,
lacerations or broken bones.
I've taken fingernail scrapings
and swabs from the body
for any signs of foreign DNA.
Can you see that?
There are no visible marks
on the wrist or the legs
to suggest they had been bound.
What about toxicology?
The bloods and urine show the
presence of sedatives and alcohol.
However, water found
in the lung cavities
indicates the cause of death
is drowning.
But if there are no signs
of a struggle,
or of having been restrained
What with the sedatives and the JD,
maybe she just became overwhelmed
by it all.
You mean
DI Ray.
The superintendent
would like a word.
Thank you.
I'm sorry you've been a victim
of an attack, Ray.
How are you feeling?
I'm fine, Sir. Thank you.
How are you getting on
with the investigation?
I believe Imran Aziz and
Anjuli Kapoor's deaths are linked.
There's been talk of suicide,
but I don't believe Anjuli Kapoor
would've ended her own life.
Why would she kill herself
if she wanted to talk to me?
If she's scared of
It's only natural
you feel responsible
for what happened to Anjuli.
Yes, Sir,
I believe my attacker is key here.
Well, it could be the brothers.
They didn't kill Imran Aziz,
and I don't believe
they would've hurt their sister.
And you really can't remember
anything else about the attack?
I'm afraid not, Ma'am.
It all happened so quickly.
Apologies, Sir.
DI Ray and I should've discussed
this prior to meeting with you.
The fact is,
after suffering a nasty head injury,
we can't underestimate the effect
it may have had.
As her DCI, I am concerned.
It's standard procedure for her
to be seen for post-trauma therapy.
Yes, agreed. Put in a request
to prioritise you for counselling.
I don't think I need
The mental wellbeing of our officers
is crucial,
especially those individuals
leading others.
If you'll excuse me,
I need to get back to my team.
Of course.
Have they assigned you to me
I'd like to say
they think of such things, but, no,
this appears to be a happy accident.
I've never done this before.
Why don't we start
with the assault in the playground?
How are you feeling about it?
I was worried about losing sight
of a vulnerable witness,
so I made a call.
But you were willing
to put yourself in danger?
I shouldn't have gone alone.
I just lost control
of the situation and
Happens to people all the time.
Only with me, it seems
In what way?
The looks, the judgement,
the throwaway comments.
They don't rate me, none of them do.
I'm constantly working
to prove I deserve to be there.
You say people at work
don't respect you,
is there anyone there you feel does?
Perhaps someone you can talk to
about things?
My partner, I guess.
He's actually my fiance,
we just got engaged.
Oh, congratulations.
I haven't shared the news
with my parents yet.
Do you think
they'll be disappointed?
Oh no, they'll be ecstatic.
They've only met him a few times,
but they think he's great.
He's white.
I mean, they're not Indian-Indian.
My mum has been here
since she was six
and my dad came when he was 15.
So, not wanting to be open
about your relationship
is perhaps more about you
than your parents?
No-one at work knows about us.
Although perhaps it would help
if they did.
Do you think they'd accept you more
knowing your partner is white?
Probably not.
I've spent my whole life
trying to fit in.
It's never worked.
I'm not Indian enough
for the Indians,
and I'm not white either.
D'you know, when I was a kid
we drove to see some relatives
in London,
and my dad got into the back
of the car with his slippers
and forgot to pack his shoes.
So we stopped on the Holloway Road
and went to this market
so he could pick up
a cheap pair of shoes.
And I remember this, er, guy
..shouting at him
and calling him a
..a Paki.
How did that make you feel?
I was mad.
I was mad at my dad
for standing in the market
and attracting attention,
looking like some
And then I was mad at the guy.
Mostly, I was mad
..cos my dad didn't say anything.
He fucking said nothing.
I never wanted anyone
to call me that.
And have they?
Not to my face, they haven't.
But then when people say it
to your face
..at least you can prove it.
You didn't say anything
about the attack in the playground,
did you?
No, no, of course not.
No, I didn't wanna worry her.
You know how she is. Good.
Cos I really don't want a fuss.
Feel like this little one's head's
banging my bladder.
Mum's convinced it's a girl
because of the heartburn,
but I've never really believed
all that bollocks.
Me neither.
Now she's freaking out
about me having a home birth.
I really shouldn't have told her.
Oh, my God!
Is that Nana Jean's?
I had it restored.
Are you OK?
Yes, sorry! Just hormones.
Do Mum and Dad know?
Not yet. I think they should
meet her first, don't you?
They're gonna love you.
Did you find them OK, madam?
Oh, yes. Thank you.
I should've said,
there's actually a disabled toilet
round the side of the bar.
It's a little easier to get to.
Oh, that's so thoughtful.
Feels like I go every five minutes.
Oh, I was like that with my son.
Is it your first?
Oh, erm
No, I'm just uncle-to-be.
Well, I hope
you're up for baby-sitting.
I'll, erm, just grab your starters
if you're ready.
Er, yes, thank you.
This is just the best news.
OK, what's going on, Rach?
It's not the waitress, is it?
Cos, you know,
there was nothing in that.
No, it's not that.
I'm sorry.
There's just so much change
right now,
I'm trying to get my head around it.
And all that baby talk.
I'm happy for her, I really am,
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's OK.
I'm still with you on that front.
We can be fun auntie and uncle,
no need for all that chaos.
Not at our age.
Well, that's a relief.
How about we go home
and not make a baby?
Sounds perfect.
Thank you so much for coming in.
No problem. I'm a bit over Zoom.
OK, so there was a significant
amount of water in the lungs.
So she definitely drowned, then?
Thing is, I sent the water samples
off to be analysed
and they've come back showing
no presence of algae whatsoever.
This is not canal water.
In fact, it's clearly not water
found in any pond, lake, or river.
She didn't die in the canal,
her body's been moved.
So the water in her lungs
My guess is tap, or
So she could've been drowned
in a bath,
and then moved
to make it appear like suicide?
Surely there would be marks on her,
like some sign of struggle.
Not necessarily.
Towels tend to cover
signs of physical force.
Imran and Anjuli knew something
that got them both killed.
Ma'am, Naveen Kapoor's
been arrested again.
They're bringing him in now.
Thank you.
Where the fuck is he?
All right, pipe down, Mr Kapoor.
Oi, don't fucking touch me, man!
Where's my solicitor?!
On his way.
You serious?
You're doing this again?
What's this about?
We've arrested him
on suspicion
of abduction and murder.
I didn't do anything!
A relative's come forward claiming
Anjuli Kapoor had stayed with her.
She reports that two hours
before the meeting with yourself
in the playground, she witnessed
Anjuli arguing with Naveen.
Naveen said he hadn't seen
his sister since Imran's death,
so either our witness is lying,
or he is.
'Our witness claims that Anjuli
was staying at her house.
'She came forward to speak to us
'when she heard about
your sister's death.
'She said you were at the house,
arguing with your sister Anjuli,
'then you left together.'
'My sister is dead.'
'DI Ray's been assaulted.
Was that you, too?'
'No. I should be with my family,
not dealing with this bullshit!'
Why did you lie to us
about seeing her?
This ain't right.
Answer the question.
Why do you think?
They couldn't get me for Imran,
now it's something else.
It's victimisation.
You see all that police brutality?
'It's not just in the US.
'My family is in pieces right now.
'My mum is a mess.'
They're trying to break us.
They think that we won't fight back,
but we fucking will!
Did you kill your sister, Naveen?
She brought a lot of grief to you,
didn't she, Naveen?
Being arrested,
people talking about you,
your family, your reputation,
your business.
That all means a lot to you,
doesn't it, Naveen?
It must make you angry.
Did it make you angry?
Is that why you murdered
your sister, Naveen?
SOLICITOR: 'Can we have one question
at a time, please, detectives?'
'Sit down, please, Mr Kapoor.'
Anju called me.
She wanted to talk,
so I went round to see her.
She said she wanted to speak
to that police lady about Imran.
'And now she's dead.'
She was really scared.
What was the argument about?
I told her that she shouldn't
speak to the police.
Because youse lot
don't care about the truth.
I said you'd do the same to her
like as you've done to us
..that Mum and Dad
can't take any more.
I just wanted her to come home.
Stop making things worse, man.
Your attempts to dissuade her
weren't working then, Naveen.
She wasn't listening,
like she hadn't listened before
when you warned her off
seeing Imran.
You couldn't get her
to do what you wanted, could you?
So, I ask you, Naveen,
what lengths would you go to
to protect your family's honour?
Oh, for fuck's sake!
'It weren't me, yeah?
Do you get that?!'
It wasn't me!
They confessed yet?
Ma'am, the lab analysis
on Imran Aziz's phone's back.
These are all the messages
from the past three months.
There's no correspondence
prior to that.
It's all between Imran Aziz
and one number.
"7 x T and C Friday,
5 x T and C Monday.
"Need to discuss assets."
Anjuli said
about the cash and carry,
she said it wasn't
"just tango and cash".
That must be the T and C,
it's gotta be.
Tango and cash.
Did you look into that
after I gave you my statement?
No, Ma'am, I'm sorry.
"Tango and cash" is one
of the street names for fentanyl.
Me and Kwes had a case a while back.
Some fucker mixed too much
with cocaine,
got one of his kids selling it
on an estate.
Turned out lethal.
What, you think Imran Aziz
was importing it?
Possibly. He was having
financial difficulties.
But what's this talk about assets?
We need to apply for
a production order from the bank.
Clive, can you get onto that,
And as soon as the judge
grants the order,
we need a financial investigator
to go to the bank
and search all of Imran's
business accounts.
We need to build up a picture
of where money
is coming in and out of.
There's a third party involved here.
And we need to trace that number.
We need to find out exactly
who Imran was dealing with
that could've got both him
and Anjuli killed.
What the hell's going on?
The door
OK, there's no sign of anyone.
Must've legged it pretty quick
when they saw me.
There's no sign of forced entry.
We should check the building CCTV
and the street CCTV
..and any ANPR cameras nearby.
We should preserve the scene
for prints and DNA.
It's how Anjuli was killed.
Someone's trying to scare me.
Probably the same person
who attacked Anjuli.
We should call Forensics.
I'll get them to send a team.
They've already sent me to therapy.
They're gonna think I'm paranoid.
What if they take me off the case?
Rach, this is serious.
They could've killed you!
You have to report this.
And you definitely can't stay here.
Come on, we'll pack a bag.
You're coming to mine.
No case is worth
jeopardising your safety.
Sure you don't want anything else?
First the playground, now this.
You know,
when we're living in the same house,
it'll be a damn sight better
for my nerves, I'm telling you.
You worry me, Ray.
I didn't actually tell you
about the therapy, did I?
No. How was it?
It was actually all right.
I realised there's stuff
that I never talk about.
..you know you can tell me anything,
I'm gonna tell Mum and Dad
about the engagement.
..wasn't the right time
at the hospital.
I'm sorry if I made things awkward.
No, you do what you need to do
in your own time.
They're your folks. I know
how important they are to you.
And so are you.
I'm waiting for Forensics
to get back to me,
but it's got to be linked
to the investigation.
It's too similar to Anjuli Kapoor's
cause of death to be unrelated.
Someone's trying to intimidate me.
But you didn't get eyes on him?
And you didn't hear him come in?
Unfortunately not.
Ma'am, I think we've got something.
This is CCTV
from a restaurant car park
approximately one hour after
the attack on yourself
in the playground.
Wait, is that?
Yes, Ma'am. Anjuli Kapoor's vehicle.
The vehicle appears empty, Ma'am,
but it's impossible to detect
if there's anyone else inside.
She could be in the boot.
Can you go back
and zoom in on the face?
Let's get this image
circulated round
and included in daily briefings,
here and in every neighbouring
If any officer's had
any dealings with him,
they may be able to do
a Mark 1 Eyeball.
This guy is now our prime suspect.
What did Tech say about the numbers?
Disconnected, Ma'am.
We know Imran Aziz was communicating
with people via a burner phone.
It's very possible he had links
to organised crime.
The last thing Anjuli Kapoor
said to me was
that it wasn't just
tango and cash, the fentanyl -
that they were using his business
and he was scared.
We need to ID this guy, fast.
Let me pour some wine.
Terry, make sure you give one
to Rachita.
Am I saying that right?
Perfectly, but, please,
call me Rach, Mrs Hunter.
Oh, Susan, please.
Huge congratulations to you both.
Would you?
No, Dad.
I'm so sorry.
She only drinks red.
There's a Malbec open.
Actually, I'm OK right now,
I'm just gonna grab
a fizzy water for now.
Heard from your sister?
Er, yeah, she said she's gonna
try and pop by later.
Oh, I hope she gets a lift.
Your mum thinks she shouldn't
be driving in her condition.
Well, maybe I've got too much time
on my hands. I worry.
Are your parents retired, too,
Er, no.
Actually, my dad works for the NHS,
and my mum is a lecturer
in particle physics.
Oh! How did they meet?
When they were students
at Birmingham Uni.
And then they moved to Leicester
after they graduated.
Actually, they just celebrated
their 40th wedding anniversary.
Oh, how lovely!
Susan and I went
to an Indian wedding once.
Fella I used to work with,
his daughter.
The food was out of this world.
Although a little bit too spicy
for me, I'm afraid.
Everyone, sit.
Oh, Rach, could you grab the salad?
There you go. It's all veggie.
Rach doesn't eat meat.
Not gonna lie, though.
Tofu is great, but nothing fixes
a hangover like a bacon bap.
Just a little for me, please.
There you go.
Thank you.
You wouldn't have any painkillers,
would you, love?
Er, yeah, yeah, somewhere.
What, migraine, is it?
I keep telling her
to go to the doctor.
It's pointless, Terry.
You can't even get an appointment
these days.
We're just not a priority.
Tuck in.
Sorry. I'm just gonna grab that.
Carly? Everything all right?
Sorry to bother you, Ma'am,
but we heard over the radio,
'a call was made
by the landlord of Ghara,
'a working men's club in Lozells,
regarding Kabir Kapoor.
'He's demanding to speak to you.'
Where is he now?
'Sobering up in the back
of a police van, Ma'am.'
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
I am so sorry, but
What is it?
Kabir Kapoor's being held at a pub,
and, apparently, he's drunk
and he wants to talk,
so I just need to get down there.
I'm so sorry.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Why are you getting involved?
This is what your DSs
and DCs are for.
I have managed a team before.
Come on, Rach.
This isn't worth
ruining the night over.
My folks have been waiting for ages
to meet you.
I wanna be there.
The last thing we need
is him in custody again,
and this is an opportunity for me
to get more out of him.
Not when he's pissed up.
Well, that's my call to make.
Don't argue on our account.
We'll be seeing a lot more of you
from now on, love.
Welcome to the family, my love.
What happened?
He was very drunk,
they refused to serve him any more,
so he chucked a pint glass
and it smashed a window.
He's known to the landlord.
He knows what the family
are going through
and doesn't wanna press charges.
But Kabir kept saying
he wanted to speak to you.
Thanks, guys,
you did the right thing.
I had to get away.
It was just
It was too much at home.
Fuck, man!
He He told me.
He told me not to say anything
about him seeing Anji.
He said youse lot
would screw us again.
It weren't my brother who did this,
and he would never
..never have hurt Anji.
She's our chichi baba.
Kabir, what was it
you wanted to talk to me about?
Anji was
strong, you get me?
She didn't ever want to be involved
in anything that wasn't legit.
She was always giving shit to me
and Naveed about smoking weed.
Nav said not to say too much.
He reckons you guys will
turn everything back round on us.
Make it look like we was involved.
A few days before he died,
they were fighting,
Anji and Imran.
It was, like, 3am.
I could hear her on the phone.
I thought she was giving him shit,
thinking he was cheating.
But she told me it weren't that.
Just some guy
Imran was doing some business with.
What kind of business?
He said he'd stopped
working with him, but
she found out
he was gonna meet him that night.
I need you track down
Imran Aziz's vehicle
three days before his murder,
specifically around 3am.
Whoever he was meeting may have been
the last person to see him alive.
I know, bud, but I'll be there
when you wake up, OK?
Yes, I promise.
All right,
can I speak to Dadi now, please?
OK, love you.
Ha-jay nahin khaanda?
Still? Fishfingers vini?
All right, well, yeah,
I'll speak to him tomorrow.
Thanks, Mum.
Thanks for coming in,
I know it's late.
I just wanted the whole team
on the case.
No problem.
Would you like coffee?
Yeah, yeah, cheers.
Your hair's normally up, right?
I was meeting Martyn's parents.
Your man?
Never met them before.
Oh, so you're actually getting to do
things at your own pace, then?
What do you mean?
Relationships are hard enough,
when everyone's
all up in your business?
You know what our lot are like.
Not really.
I've never actually
dated an Asian guy.
What? It doesn't mean anything.
Yeah (!) At school,
all the Asian kids stuck together,
and my best mates
were Claire and Meghan.
I hung out with Meghan's brothers
and their friends.
You know how it is.
At school.
I've just never met anyone
that I've connected with
..in that way.
Anjuli said Imran wanted to stop
whatever he was involved with.
Kabir Kapoor is pretty sure
it was drugs.
That's a lot of extra containers
for a bit of fentanyl.
So, what are you thinking?
Possibly large amounts
of cocaine or heroin.
According to the phone company,
the number Imran Aziz
was in text communication with
is a SIM-only number.
So probably paid for with cash.
You'd think, except I checked,
and it was actually paid for
via a business account.
I contacted the bank
to verify the details,
and they match the account
that recently made payments
into Imran Aziz's cash and carry.
Clive's on the phone
to the financial investigator now.
OK, great, thanks.
OK, so, the name
of the business account
is NQD Logistics.
It's registered
as a consultancy business
run by a Nick Davies.
Now, the only address
they could find for NQD Logistics
is their accountant in Spain,
but they've run checks
with the Inland Revenue,
and the same business account
previously linked to a hauliers'.
So this consultancy could just
be a link in the chain,
moving money around
to distract from what
Imran was being paid to do.
We need to track down
this Nick Davies.
He could be the man that Anjuli
and Imran were arguing over.
She disapproved of Imran
doing business with him.
If he was using Aziz's
to bring in illegal shipments,
we need to know where
those shipments are being handled.
It'll be containers, lorry parks,
that type of place.
To be fair, there's not that many.
Ma'am, ANPR has detected
Imran Aziz's vehicle on the M6
about two miles from Brackstowe
at 4am
three nights before
he was found dead.
There's a freight yard
at Brackstowe.
OK, Clive, run checks on it.
Carly, Liam and Kwesi,
check to see if there's any CCTV
in the surrounding roads.
Shall I?
You're with me, Sergeant.
So, it turns out Homicide
is quite stressful, actually.
DI Ray.
DCI HENDERSON: 'What the hell
are you playing at, Ray?'
Ma'am, we've identified
a freight yard
where we believe organised crime
may have been importing
large quantities of fentanyl
and possibly other drugs
through Aziz's cash and carry.
We're en route.
'Why is this the first
I'm hearing of this?'
I'm sorry, Ma'am,
I didn't wanna waste any time.
Shit, there's the exit.
'Get back here now, Ray. We'
Is that a good idea?
Signal went.
I've got a container number here
for Aziz's.
Looks like it's still
not been shifted.
It'll be one of those down there.
So we're in the right place, then.
Now we've just gotta find it.
Over here.
Can you get me inside there?
No, I don't have access
to any of 'em.
Clive, can you get on to the on-call
Magistrates' Court clerk?
I'm after a warrant for a container.
Tell them we have confirmed intel
from a reliable source
that suggests there's a large
quantity of illegal goods inside.
We're gonna need a method of entry
team down here as well.
How's the Magistrates'?
Signed it off straight away
so he could get back
to his dinner party.
Thanks so much, Clive.
Over here.
Forget to invite someone, Ma'am?
We're in, Ma'am.
Can you get some ambulances
down here, please?
I thought it was drugs.
Ma'am, quick!
Get an ETA on those ambulances.
You're all right, OK?
Just breathe, really slowly.
We're here to help you.
Honour crime, my arse.
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