DI Ray (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Part Three

It's how Anjuli was killed.
Someone's trying to scare me.
This guy is now our prime suspect.
Yes, it turns out Homicide
is quite stressful.
What d'you reckon, Rach,
should we make it official?
It's very possible Imran Aziz
had links to organised crime.
That they were using his business
to bring in illegal shipments.
We need to know where those
shipments are being handled.
ANPR has detected
Imran Aziz's vehicle on the M6,
about two miles from Brackstow,
three nights before
he was found dead.
There's a freight yard at Brackstow.
I thought it was drugs.
Ma'am, quick.
I'm gonna cry, my arse.
I'm gonna need you
to keep this on, matey.
SATs in the 70s.
Hopefully should come up
with the oxygen.
Where are you taking him?
We'll get him to resus at A&E City.
OK, thank you.
Forensics are here.
Let's clear a sterile path for them
then, please.
Ma'am. I wanna know
who drove this container in
and where it's come from.
We've only got the ID
numbers of the containers.
There's that many coming in and out.
But I need access
to all the CCTV you've got.
You OK?
Size of that hole. Can't have been
getting much air through there.
Sat on a wooden pallet
for God knows how many hours.
Just a kid.
You need to lead your team, Ray.
They need a proper briefing
back at the station.
I will, Ma'am,
but I'm going to the hospital first,
to make sure any disclosures made by
the young survivor are recorded.
One of your DCs can do that.
With all due respect, Ma'am, makes
more sense for me to go with him.
I was at the scene,
so forensically there's continuity
and PS Khatri can come with me.
And since you requested
he be part of my team,
I'd like to make use of his
interpersonal skills.
What about everyone else?
The rest of the team can get on
with tracing the driver
who transported 15 dead victims.
How's he doing?
I'm afraid we'll have to put him
in an induced coma.
It's to reduce swelling
on the brain.
Well, how long for?
Not sure just yet.
Any luck tracing a next of kin?
Er, no, not yet,
we're working on it.
Excuse me.
Can you get uniform down here?
We need to know
as soon as he's conscious.
They're not to leave here,
even for a second.
They can pee in a cup
if they have to.
Yeah, will do.
The initial observations by the
pathologist prior to the postmortem
is that the cause of death of all
15 adults looks to be suffocation.
This will still need to be
confirmed in the PM, though.
Several of them had small
amounts of cash in their pockets,
it's been identified as dong,
the currency in Vietnam.
So, they're Vietnamese?
It would suggest so,
but still needs to be confirmed.
The young male survivor
is in an induced coma.
It could be a couple of days
before we can interview him.
In the meantime, priority action
is to find out how Imran Aziz
was involved in the trafficking,
so we need to trace, arrest
and interview the truck driver.
I need an update on that, Liam.
CCTV has picked up a truck
entering the freight yard,
it then off-loads the container and
leaves the yard 30 minutes later.
We're running the licence
through ANPR now to track
where it was heading or came from.
What about the container itself?
It's hard to determine
who the registered owner is.
Well, contact the manufacturers
and make enquiries that way.
Traffickers are always
involved in other crimes.
The hauliers working with
the cash-and-carry business,
like Aziz is, is the perfect front
for people smuggling.
We need to see if we can find out
anything else about where people go
when they get here. It might
get us closer to finding out
who's bringing them in.
Ma'am, I'll put a call in
to the Modern Slavery Unit.
They'll be familiar with
the social media groups
advertising illegal crossings.
They call it
labour exchange programmes, I think.
OK, let's pose as someone
who's interested.
How soon can we get
a Vietnamese translator?
There you go.
No mobile phones
found on any of the victims.
Everyone has phones these days.
Unless they were taken off them
by whoever brought them over.
Any DNA matches on the system?
'Fraid not, Ma'am.
Ma'am, there were a few family
photos found on some of the victims,
but no other forms of ID.
Hello, DC Ray.
Erm, actually it's DI Ray.
Oh. I'm so sorry, DI Ray.
I've got a lady here for you.
You must be Min.
Pleased to meet you, and thank you
for coming in at such short notice.
No problem.
Would you like to take a seat?
DC Lake has found
a social media site.
We were wondering if you could
start up a chat in Vietnamese,
posing as someone who wants
to come over to the UK for work?
They have instant messenger,
I've set it all up for you.
What d'you want me to say exactly?
Erm, start with how you've seen an
advert and see if they can help you,
and then ask them
how soon they can get you to the UK.
Would you like a coffee?
No, thank you.
End of the month, they said.
Oh, wait. They can do sooner,
but it'll be more expensive.
How about work?
Can they get you a job?
"We have very good positions
as delivery drivers,
"work as many hours as you want,
no contract."
Tell them you're interested,
but you wanna know more
before you send them any money.
"We have businesses we work with,
proper ones. Nothing illegal."
Put, erm, "How do I know that?"
You don't think they've sussed,
do you?
What do they say?
"Dish2U - you can look them up,
"then let me know
as soon as possible.
"I only have
a few places available."
They've ended the chat.
I'm already on it.
ANPR picked up the truck.
You can see it here,
heading westbound on the A12.
Well, in that case,
my money's on Felixstowe.
Contact Felixstowe and tell Border
Control to check that number plate.
If it came through there,
I wanna know where it came from
and what documentation there is.
Actually, fuck it, go down there.
I want a priority action
to trace the driver,
and do intelligence checks.
On it, Ma'am.
Dish2U work all over the West
Midlands, but there appears to be
a central hub where a lot of the
fast-food takeouts work from, Ma'am.
You and me, Carly. You too, Min.
The boy in the container,
he kept repeating something,
it sounded like "Cha".
It means "dad".
I'm DI Ray. I was wondering
if I could have a chat with you.
Don't worry, no-one's in any
trouble, I just need your help.
No English.
He said, they can't talk to you.
D'you think she might be
worth a try?
Excuse my ignorance.
At least you're not assuming
everyone's Chinese.
People here won't talk
to the police. They're too scared.
We wanted to ask you
about the advertisements
for labour exchange programmes.
They named a company, Dish2U,
as a place you can get work.
They work together,
folk over there with folk over here.
Have you ever had any dealings
with the people
who arrange it on this end?
You must've heard people talking
about it. Maybe some of the drivers?
They come to an agency,
they pay them.
Most of them
don't have bank accounts,
and the agency keep their documents.
D'you know the name of the agency?
No, but they must be
making a lot of money.
The guys take home hardly anything,
most of them
live six of them in one room.
Or to share beds, like in shift.
Sorry, I have to get ready
for the lunchtime office rush.
Thank you.
Let's, er,
ask around the drivers again.
Maybe you could help, Min.
I know they're
unlikely to wanna say anything,
but anything
we can find out about the agency.
DI Ray.
Ma'am, I'm just
I'm heading back now.
Naturally, we take allegations
of this nature extremely seriously.
Especially in the current climate.
I don't understand. What exactly
am I supposed to have done?
There've been a couple of incidents
involving PC Knott.
I have one version of events,
I'd like yours.
PC Knott?
From reception.
She gave me the wrong lanyard
on the first day.
I was a little annoyed,
she apologised
and so did I, and that was that.
It was no big deal.
Earlier today, when she made
an error regarding your rank,
you corrected her.
Do you recall that?
She said she found it derogatory.
I'm sure you'll understand,
we need to look in
to this complaint.
It's too early to say
whether it will lead
to an internal investigation.
You are joking?
Can I get back to work?
There is one more thing.
There is no forensic evidence
of an intruder at your property.
I was attacked. Just like Anjuli.
DI Ray, I believe this investigation
may be affecting you
more than you realise.
In my opinion, you're displaying
clear signs of trauma.
'You have one new message.'
'Ma'am, it's Carly. We've had no
luck with the Dish2U drivers.
'We're still pushing to ID our
suspect from the CCTV who was seen
'getting in to Anjuli's car. We're
on our way back to the station now.'
I wanna try and find out
if there's anything linking
the people trafficking
to the Azizes' business.
Youse lot are a joke, man.
Mona, do you know anything
about the people
Imran was doing business with?
What people you on about?
Did he have any close relationships
with certain businesses?
Anywhere he was regularly
supplying products to,
perhaps on a more informal basis?
What's this about?
So, now you're trying to say
my brother was involved
in some dodgy shit?
Imran was shanked.
Because he's Muslim.
Suddenly he's the crim here.
Mona, please.
I understand this is
a sensitive family matter,
but we have information
on your family business
that we think affects
our investigation.
What is it?
When your father passed, he left
the business in a lot of debt.
We think Imran was doing favours
to earn extra cash
to try and save the family business.
No! You're wrong!
Why are you saying this?
You should be finding out who
killed him. This is all bullshit!
Your father was in trouble
when he died.
He never wanted to leave us this
way. Imran wanted to make it right,
but he didn't tell me
what he was doing. If he had
Anjuli said he wanted
to get out, but he was stuck.
Perhaps even being controlled by
the people that he was working with.
That may be the reason
they were both killed.
He had an argument one day.
With a man,
it was outside the house.
This man, d'you remember
what he looked like?
Yeah. Here.
We're gonna find the people
that did this. I promise.
So, Imran definitely knew our
suspect if he was here at the house.
Mona thought we assumed Imran
was a criminal cos he was Muslim.
Yeah, I know.
I'm clocking up
the allegations today.
PC has accused me of bullying.
What did you do?
She gave me the wrong lanyard.
I thought
I was just a bit pissed off,
but apparently I've bullied
and intimidated her.
And whose lanyard was it?
PC Anand.
You know, one time when I went
to collect Dylan from football,
they brought out
a different brown kid.
What did you do?
I took him home
and gave him his tea.
No. No, I did what we always do,
I apologised for their mistake.
Shit, isn't it, Sarge?
Yeah Ma'am.
Yeah, no, that's brilliant,
thank you so much. Cheers.
I've just had a call from a PC
in Northwick Constabulary.
He recognised the image
of our suspect
we circulated from the CCTV footage.
Six months ago, he was called
to a disturbance, domestic violence.
The guy was arrested
and put in custody overnight,
then the girlfriend wouldn't
cooperate, so he was released.
So, he's been in custody?
The crime file and the
custody record are both locked down.
I can't get access to him,
not even a name.
Well, that's unusual.
But you've got an address?
Yes, Ma'am. The PC had the full
particulars in his pocket book.
Well, everything apart from the
name, turned out to be an alias.
In that case, get me a warrant
on that address and backup.
Ma'am. Mrs Aziz confirmed
a sighting of our suspect as well.
Run it past the TFC
regarding firearm authority,
I want a level one rapid entry.
All clear, Ma'am.
Suspect not at the property.
One adult female, two minors.
How long were you seeing him?
I saw Marco
only for a couple of months.
And when was the last time
you saw him?
I dunno. Six months ago, maybe.
And you never knew him
as anything other than Marco?
How did you meet him?
Er, let's see what's on the telly,
yeah? Mm?
We got chatting in the pub.
It was just sex.
Didn't even stop over
most of the time.
Don't think he was a big fan
of chocolate cereal and apple juice.
But he got violent with you?
Er, like I said at the time, we
we'd both been drinking,
things got out of hand.
I didn't call the police.
It was my neighbour, Carol.
Her husband died
and she's got fuck all to do,
so she gets involved
in everyone else's business.
There isn't any more to it. After
that night, I never saw him again.
Did you ever go to his place?
Like I told you,
I don't know anything else about him
and I still don't.
After my shitty ex,
I wasn't about to start
Thank you for your time.
DI Ray.
Yes, I'm currently at that location.
I'm sorry, who is this?
Phone, Ma'am.
Thank you. Follow me.
DI Ray?
I'm Maureen Groves.
Thank you for agreeing to come in
to Intelligence so swiftly.
Please, take a seat.
You've just been
to the home of Laura Milne.
Yes, that's correct.
Unfortunately, you hit a flag.
Effectively setting off
an electronic trip wire.
The man you're pursuing
is related to
an ongoing operation
into organised crime.
One of the deceased in your case
was an active informant
in a covert operation
at the time of his death.
Do you mean Imran Aziz?
Who is his handler?
Oh, I'm afraid
I can't disclose that.
I can, however, tell you that
the man you are looking for
is Magnus Tranter.
I appreciate that.
My seniors have advised that you may
continue with your investigation.
Tranter is on our watch list,
and we need to keep it that way.
We can't afford for anything
to jeopardise our operation.
We have the potential to crack
a huge international
drug-smuggling operation.
What about the people
that were trafficked?
It's undoubtedly very serious,
and will need to be undertaken
in a separate investigation.
However, it is
not part of our operation.
I'll give you my contact number.
You will need to keep me informed
before you make any movements
regarding bringing Tranter in.
Oh, and, er,
naturally, you'll need to be
discreet as to how much intel
you disclose to your team.
Of course. Thank you.
Called in to see you.
But they said you
were in Warwickshire.
'Oh, great,
that'll set tongues wagging.'
Can't have Henderson finding out,
she already believes
I'm a token hire.
She'll have a bloody party
if she knows we're together.
Listen, I was wondering, erm,
let me have a word higher up for you
about this whole intruder situation.
Would that help?
No. Definitely not.
Look, I know
you're only trying to help,
but I really want us
to keep work separate.
I just got back to the office,
so I'll call you later, yeah?
OK. See you later.
Ma'am. Doing a background search
on Laura Milne.
Reckon it's worth finding out
Let's hold fire on that one
for the moment.
What? Why?
It's not a priority right now.
Is she a person of interest,
or isn't she?
Finding the driver is more
important at the moment. Ma'am.
It's Liam, he's at Border Control.
Border Control officials
have an image of the driver,
and all the drivers
are required to hand over paperwork,
which is scanned and kept on record,
including the driver's licence.
His name's Karl Shaw.
There was no issue with him
or his paperwork at Border Control.
I'm emailing you the address
on his licence.
Thanks, Liam.
Kwesi, run a check on a Karl Shaw,
I wanna know if he has a record,
and we need to get to this address,
On it.
Need a wingman, Ma'am?
Yeah, come on. Kwesi,
can you oversee things here, please?
Course, Ma'am.
When was the last time
you saw your son, Mrs Shaw?
I can't remember.
Like I keep telling you,
he doesn't live here any more.
We need to find him urgently.
Do you have a number for him?
He got cut off.
So, how d'you communicate with him?
Where's he going?
Is that your mobile, Mrs Shaw?
It's very easy for us
to trace calls these days.
Sometimes he calls me
from his girlfriend's phone.
I'm gonna need that number.
I dunno how they work anything out
from these things, do you?
Whose baby is this, Mrs Shaw?
It's my friend's.
Can you put it back, please?
Clive, can you have Carly run
Miss Louise Bennett
through the police database?
If she's ever reported a crime,
her mobile number
will have been recorded.
Mrs Shaw, if you fail to cooperate
with us right now,
you're going to make things
a million times worse for Karl.
And if we find out later that you
lied to us, you'll be up shit creek
for obstructing an investigation.
Told me not to talk to anyone.
When did he say that?
Late last night, he was in a state.
About what?
I don't know.
I think it was about the scan.
What scan?
Louise, his girlfriend's scan,
at 20 weeks.
Is that today?
We need the scan appointment
time of a Louise Bennett.
'Of course, Ma'am.'
Looks like the doting dad-to-be's
on time.
Yeah, fingers crossed.
There he is.
Karl Shaw?
Karl, it's OK, my name is DI
Rachita Ray, I'm a police officer.
I just wanna talk.
Are you going for a scan, mate?
We've found a container
we believe you drove into
a freight yard in Brackstow.
Oh, watch it Oh!
The more you run, the more trouble
you're getting yourself into, Karl.
We have evidence to prove
you drove the container in.
Did you know about
the people in the back?
Was it you who shut off the air?
They told me to.
Who did?
At Felixstowe. So Border Control
wouldn't get suspicious,
they've got these things that check
for people breathing and that.
I was meant to open it again
straight after.
But there was loads of traffic.
When I could finally stop
..it was too late.
Who were you driving for, Karl?
Who told you to shut off the air?
Control from Sierra Bravo 2-9.
Active message, over.
'Go ahead.'
Status RTC, black Mondeo.
Index - Whiskey, Uniform, 1, 1
Golf, Oscar, Hotel.
Karl, can you hear me? Karl.
Karl Shaw was pronounced dead
at the scene.
Hospital CCTV captured the car.
The driver looks very much like
our suspect, Marco.
Clive, where are we at with the ANPR
detection of the black Ford Mondeo
that murdered Karl Shaw?
Oh, not much luck in West Mids.
We lose it
30 minutes after the incident.
Check all neighbouring regions.
Kwesi, give him a hand.
He probably switched plates.
We'll cross that bridge.
I, er,
went back to Northwick Constabulary
and managed to get a name for Marco.
We believe him to be
a Magnus Tranter.
It's possible Magnus Tranter
was tracking our movements
to get to Karl Shaw before we could.
Carly, if you can make sure Karl's
girlfriend, Louise Bennett,
gets in to a refuge,
preferably outside of the Midlands.
I doubt these people
would think twice
about whacking a pregnant woman.
I could go speak to them.
No, it should be a female officer.
As days go,
that one was pretty shitty.
Yeah. It wasn't the best.
I'd better head, actually.
Good night, boss.
Don't suppose you fancy a drink?
Oh, sorry, mate. Cheers, fellas.
Cheers, son!
I didn't know this place existed.
Oh, it's great.
Me and Dylan have been watching
the footie here
since he was small enough
to be strapped in
one of those front
backpack thingies.
Try that now
and I'd break my bloody back.
How old is he?
He'll be eight in September, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Look.
Oh, he's cute.
He's a good kid.
Me and his mum
aren't together any more.
What happened?
Erm, Kirin got breast cancer.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry, Tony.
It's fine, it's fine. Er, the
chemo worked, she's in remission.
But, er, you know,
made us both kinda realise
life's short, you know.
You only get one shot.
Well, apart from you Hindus.
No, we were just, erm,
co-parenting, really.
There wasn't really, er, an "us",
you know? If there ever was.
It must be hard, though.
Oh, no, we make it work.
You know, she's a great mum.
We share him pretty much 60/40,
depending on my shift.
He's with my mum tonight, actually.
He's probably full of ice cream.
Watching Bake Off.
Listening to Lata Mangeshkar.
Who's that?
Nah, come on,
you must've heard her stuff?
She did all the songs for the
for the Bollywood films.
We didn't have much
Indian music growing up.
My mum mostly listened to
The Archers.
Hey, that sounds fun.
But there was this one bhangra
song my nani had on cassette.
She knew the family of the guy
who sings it, and, erm,
me and my little cousin, Nisha,
would get her to put it on
and play it for us.
So Soho Road?
"It was Soho Road." Yeah! Soho Road.
It's a banger! Actually, I've got it
on one of my playlists.
This one, yeah.
Oh, God, yeah. Oh, no!
I know you want to, fellas.
Come on, yeah, that's it.
Come, come, come.
MUSIC: 'Soho Road'
by XS Soundz Feat. Sardara Gill
Thanks, mate.
What reg we looking for?
It's not here yet. Ten minutes.
You ordered yours?
I might get the bus.
Oh, yeah.
Definitely too old for chasers.
Hey, you all right?
Yeah, I just feel a bit rough.
Yeah, shall I, erm,
shall I get some water?
Yeah, sure.
I should probably get in the shower.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure.
Oh, hey, er,
I was gonna make you a cuppa,
but your milk smells like
Dylan's footie socks.
It's OK, I'm running late anyway.
I've actually, erm, got
things I need to get on.
OK, erm, I
I will get out your hair, then.
Oh, well
D'you know where I left my, erm
It's by the front door.
I'll catch you later.
So, how was the drive?
Debo drove, actually.
Oh, he was asleep
most of the journey,
gave me a chance
to admire Birmingham.
It's become
so sophisticated these days.
We are so glad that you could come
because, erm
Well, we actually have some news,
don't we?
We got engaged.
Oh, beti.
Oh, thank goodness.
Excuse me, can I, erm,
have a Coke, please? Full fat.
Oh, yes, could we have
a bottle of Prosecco, please?
I thought you were in the car?
Oh, your dad can drive home.
A chap I know in the jewellery
quarter restored it for me.
Perfect for her.
Where are you gonna buy,
or will you move in to Martyn's?
Because yours is far too poky.
Well, actually,
a house has just come up
and I've enquired about a viewing.
It's on Farquhar Road.
Edgbaston? Mm.
So many of our visiting lecturers
from Birmingham University
live around there.
It is wonderful, so classy.
Right, well, do we
all know what we're having?
D'you know what?
Let's hold off on the Prosecco.
Would you please bring us
a bottle of champagne instead?
Martyn, that's so extravagant.
Come on,
gotta look after the in-laws.
Think your mum
was a bit pissed by the end.
I'm not surprised, she pretty much
drank the bottle to herself.
Apple tree.
I missed you last night.
I'm sorry, it was a long day.
I was working late, so I thought
it'd just be easier to stop at mine.
You really shouldn't be going back
there, Rach, it's not safe.
I worry about you being there alone.
You never said you were
looking at properties.
Er, yeah, I just thought we should
get the ball rolling, you know?
In fact, I might take a second
viewing of that house
on Farquhar Road, if you don't mind.
'Ma'am, the Vietnamese boy's
come round.'
I'm on my way.
What is it?
The boy's awake.
There's always somewhere else
you have to be, isn't there?
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming back, Min.
No problem, I was actually just
OK, let's go easy.
Relaxed, open, gentle body language,
I don't wanna scare him off.
Min, if you could start off
by explaining to him
that we just wanna speak to him,
that he's in absolutely no trouble.
We're here to help him.
Perhaps you can start off
by asking him what his name is
and then explain who we are.
Where is my father?
D'you speak English?
Yes. Learnt it at school.
My name is Rachita,
I'm a police officer.
What's your name?
My name is Thao.
Thao, listen, you're not in any
trouble, I'm just here to help you.
Want to ask you a few questions
about how you got here.
Is that OK?
My mother is sick, and we needed
money for her treatment.
My father talked to some men
who can arrange some visas
and work for a short time.
My father doesn't speak English,
so I said I should come with him.
How old are you, Thao?
And I looked - Birmingham is not
too far from Manchester United.
Is that your favourite team?
Do you know the people
your father spoke to?
He went on the phone and internet.
He told him it would be
four people with us,
that we will go through Doha
and then Hungary.
We have to wait one day in France,
but in just one week
we'd be in Birmingham.
But they said no trucks. They lied.
Later, after a few hours, they
they closed the lights.
Do you mean the air vents up top?
It was so hot, and the smell
It was so strong. Toilets and sweat,
we couldn't breathe.
There was no water left
and Lam and Ti,
they tried to break the ceiling
with some of the wood.
Ti was going crazy,
he hurt his hands hitting the walls.
My father, he
he found a small hole,
he told me to stay there,
don't move.
There is one lady
she told me
she was going to get married.
Did somebody open the container?
The driver opened it.
Then he closed it and drove.
Then another man opened.
He was angry.
He was shouting on his mobile phone.
I was scared.
I closed my eyes because I thought,
maybe if he thinks I'm dead,
he he won't hurt me.
It's OK, Thao. You're safe now.
This angry man, the one that was
shouting. Do you remember him?
He was big. Like a wrestler.
Could this be him?
Yeah. Yeah, it could be.
I closed my eyes most of the time.
So, where's my father?
Where's my father now?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Not stopping,
I'm just, erm, dropping.
Wanted to make sure you were OK.
It's, er, it's a veggie pattie
and and large chips.
Well, you don't eat fish, do you?
Yeah, well, erm,
it's from my mate Faz's chippy.
You know, the one
I was telling you about?
Honestly, it's the bollocks,
and, well,
I was picking some up for myself,
so I thought that you
I'm engaged.
And I'm your boss.
You look shattered.
Get some rest, yeah?
Er, whatever you do
..don't get stuck.
One shot.
Except I'm Hindu. Remember?
Don't buy into that one-life shit.
And I might come back as a sloth.
Seem pretty chilled.
It's either that or Beyonce.
'Are you still at work?'
Er, no, I'm at home, actually.
'Well, you know
you're not safe there.'
I know. I know.
'OK, so I'll see you at mine
in a bit.'
Erm, you know what, I think
I'm gonna stay at mine tonight.
'It's been a long day,
I'll be fine.'
OK. Yeah, whatever you want.
OK, you were right, you win.
Do it.
One shot.
One shot.
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