DI Ray (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Part Four

Imran Aziz wasn't killed because
of his relationship with Anjuli.
We should look at his business
dealings. Ma'am, it's her.
I believe Imran Aziz and
Anjuli Kapoor's deaths are linked.
The man you are looking for
is Magnus Tranter.
How did you meet him?
We got chatting in the pub.
It was just sex. After that night,
I never saw him again.
ABC. Accept nothing. Believe nobody.
Check everything.
I was working late, so I thought
it'd just be easier to stop at mine.
You shouldn't be going back there,
Rach, it's not safe.
I worry about you being there alone.
Me and his mum aren't together.
She's a good kid. Life's short,
you know, you only get one shot.
OK, you were right, do it.
Ma'am, can you hear me? It's Carly.
They're moving PS Khatri's body now,
I'm really sorry, ma'am, I need
to get your clothes for forensics.
Hello, Rachita.
For the purposes of the tape,
this is Superintendent Beardsmore
interviewing DI Rachita Ray,
on Monday 22nd November.
Also present is DS Lewis Kay.
Thank you for taking the time
to speak to us, DI Ray.
I'd like to begin by going through
some of the basic details
leading up to the incident.
It was 20:30, I was about to have
an early night, been a long day.
Ah, in what way?
We'd witnessed the hit-and-run
of a significant witness,
and I'd interviewed a trafficked
teenager who had come out of a coma
after just having lost his father.
Why did PS Khatri come over?
He brought food fish and chips.
Actually, it was veggie patty
and chips.
He knew I hadn't eaten all day.
How long did he stay?
We had a short conversation at the
door, and then he came in briefly.
In that time, I had put
the food down and took a phone call.
From who?
DCI Hunter.
You and he are engaged, I believe.
Yeah, we are.
Did you inform DCI Hunter
that DS Khatri was at your house?
No. He wasn't stopping.
When PS Khatri left your house,
can you tell me what you saw?
He was, erm, saying goodbye.
And after he was shot
and fell on me
..I saw two men passing by
on a motorbike.
One of the
The passenger
was holding a firearm,
it just all happened so quick.
I believe one of the men
was Tranter, it must've been.
Would it be fair to say that
Tranter was more likely
to come to your house in search
of yourself and not PS Khatri?
Yeah, I think so.
Officers are speaking
to your neighbours
and sourcing any CCTV they may have
in addition to the street CCTV.
They, of course, have the footage
from your doorbell camera.
Right, OK,
interview terminated 10:05am.
What concerns me, DI Ray,
is that you seem totally oblivious
to the fact that you were being
watched, and as a result,
we've lost an officer.
You know, I would've sat in.
Oh, it's OK.
What did he say, moving forward?
They're putting me in a hotel.
I'm supposed to keep a low profile.
And I'm to use this from now on.
Do you want me
to come to the hotel with you?
I'm not supposed to tell people
where it is.
Don't be daft, it's me.
I thought we were supposed to keep
things on the quiet at work?
What were you doing back there,
I said you could stay at mine
I just wanted to be in my own bed
for a couple of nights,
you know, in my own space with my
own stuff, check on my tomato plant.
It's a bit late, though.
Looked pretty knackered.
How did he know you'd be there?
No, PS Khatri.
He, erm, asked me if I wanted to go
to his mate's chippy,
and I told him I needed to go
back home and pack more stuff.
It's a bit weird, though, isn't it?
Guy you hardly know
suddenly turns up, unannounced,
at the house you're not even
supposed to be staying at.
He was being kind.
You know how hard
this investigation's been.
I've gotta get back.
Be careful, Rach. Drive safe, yeah?
I'll call you later.
This is DI Ray.
I need to come in, it's urgent.
I watched my colleague die,
on my doorstep.
I know, I heard. I'm very sorry.
I don't wanna compromise
your investigation,
but I believe the man responsible
is Magnus Tranter.
In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.
DI Ray, I understand Tranter
is your main focus.
Unfortunately, for us, he's just
a mere foot soldier, one of many.
We're trying to crack
one of the largest
smuggling networks in the UK.
We have the opportunity here
to cut the supply of drugs
to the Midlands by 50%. OK.
But surely, if we obtain
intelligence that affects your case,
we can work together
to bring him in.
This man murdered a police officer.
I want a meeting with the controller
of Imran Aziz's handler.
I believe they can help me
without your investigation
being jeopardised.
OK. I'll speak to those higher up.
Thank you.
West Central Police were called
to an address in Birmingham.
That is where we found PS Khatri.
Serious Crime have commenced
a further investigation.
We do not, at this stage, understand
the motive for this attack.
CONTINUES ON TV: 'I can assure you,
'whoever is responsible
will be brought to justice,
'for the family of PS Khatri
as well as his fellow officers.'
I hope Major Crime
through everything at it.
How're you getting on?
Ma'am, been doing background checks
on Laura Milne
and her link to Tranter.
Right, and?
Managed to get hold
of the kids' birth certificates.
They've got different dads.
One is a Neil Grant,
and the other
Magnus Tranter.
So he wasn't just a fuck buddy.
I wanna know why she lied to us.
Me too, ma'am.
Hello? Laura?
Up here, ma'am!
Looks like she left here in a hurry.
Hold on.
Get down to Greystone Junior School,
the address is on some letters
on the fridge.
I wanna know if they have
any other addresses on record
for where Laura
and the kids might be.
I want a section nine.
Cover all bases.
What's happening?
Head teacher reported
they stayed at this address
for a few weeks a while back.
It was only temporary,
but he saw a man matching Tranter's
description at school pick-up.
Armed police! There!
There's nobody here, ma'am.
There's no-one here, ma'am.
Control, entry gained.
No persons found.
Armed officers
Nothing yet, boss.
Could you see how Liam's doing
tracking Laura Milne's phone
and card?
Will do.
In the meantime, if we keep looking.
No sign of kids being here.
No clothes, toys, kids' snacks.
There's no sign of any personal
items. What does he do here?
Hm, that's not the comfiest.
No, doesn't look it.
Help me tip this over.
Proper treasure chest.
Sri Lanka?
Well, that's definitely not him.
Sumaira Kumara.
What's he got this for?
Let's get a search team in
to itemise all the evidence.
Ma'am, a mate of mine
works at Elton Road Station.
He's one of the DSs
on the investigation
into PS Khatri's murder.
The ballistics report came back.
They don't match
any registered weapon.
Thought you should know, ma'am.
Thank you.
Oh, oh, what about you?
I have another two in the kitchen.
'Laura Milne's card was used
to withdraw £200 from a cashpoint
'at Grand Central Station
15 minutes ago.'
I'm on my way.
Police! Open the gate!
'Doors closing.'
TANNOY: 'The 15:35 Cross Country
service to Edinburgh
'will depart
from platform number seven.'
Can you get them to hold the train
on platform seven?
Laura Milne, I'm arresting you on
suspicion of assisting an offender.
Where are my kids?
They're fine.
My colleague is with them
while we wait for social services.
Why did you lie to us about your
involvement with Magnus Tranter?
I don't wanna get involved
with any of his business.
I got pregnant by accident.
I didn't think he'd want
anything to do with Milo.
I don't ask him for anything,
he just drops cash round sometimes,
or stuff.
That's it.
Where were you headed?
My mum's in Edinburgh,
I needed a break.
Kids were riled up after you lot
come round.
Why the hurry?
I got stressed.
I don't wanna be dragged
into anything.
Laura, do you have a current
phone number for Magnus?
He only ever calls on withheld.
Or doesn't call and just shows up.
He's always got a different phone.
That's just the way it is.
Your mummy won't be long.
Don't you wanna answer it?
Who's calling you, Milo?
Why don't you wanna answer?
All right, Milo,
you're not in trouble,
but I'm gonna have to
take that from you, OK?
Just pass it here. It's OK.
Milo receives
a lot of calls for a nine-year-old.
That's only for games,
nobody knows the number.
Except his dad.
We need to get this phone number
traced asap. Boss.
How're we getting on
with tracking Tranter's phone?
Liam's working on it, ma'am.
OK, great. I wanna check the tape
that we found with the passport
at Tranter's address.
Forensics checked it
for fingerprints and DNA,
they got nothing, ma'am.
Tech has just got us a working copy
of the original, it's in evidence.
Has anyone watched it? Awaiting
clearance from yourself, ma'am.
Great. What's the date on it?
March 2007, time 23:05. Ma'am.
Thanks, Carly.
D'you know what?
PC Knott has got some
evidence files for me
that I completely forgot to pick up.
You couldn't go and grab them
for me, could you?
Of course, ma'am.
Thanks, Carly.
Yeah, hello,
this is DI Ray from Homicide.
Could I speak to someone from Vice
regarding some
historic investigations I'm doing?
Yeah, great, thanks.
I'm interested in cases from 2007
related to sex workers.
I heard about Tranter's phone
being IDed. Good work.
Whatever you're doing,
it can wait until tomorrow.
Go home and get some rest.
We're getting closer
to bringing him in, ma'am.
You should be
working with your team.
I'm going to insist,
as Superintendent,
you take some time off.
Intelligence have passed information
to me directly.
It is vital to our case, ma'am.
I need to hear it.
But you can brief the whole team
in the morning.
Glass of wine?
No, ta.
Looks like you need it.
I'm sorry I didn't pick up before.
I needed some time.
I think everything just hit me.
It's OK.
Sure you don't want a drink?
Can I, er
talk to you off the record?
Of course.
OK. So, I've hit a flag
pursuing Tranter.
What kind of flag?
have him under surveillance.
Imran Aziz was informing.
I believe
that's what got him killed.
I asked for a meeting
with the controller,
but it's a longstanding operation.
So, it sounds like
you should stay out of it, Rach.
Yeah, but I don't want to.
Well, no, of course you don't.
But if there is a major intelligence
operation going on here,
then the last thing that you want
is to screw it up.
Then the shit'll really hit the fan.
For you, I mean.
I'm sorry, I know it's
it's not what you wanna hear.
But I'm just trying
to help you out here.
I know. Er, you're right.
Thank you.
'Thank you, all, for coming in.'
I have important information
to share with you all.
I've been in contact
with Intelligence.
They've been watching our suspect,
Magnus Tranter.
They're actually the ones who
positively identified him for me.
I'm sorry I didn't brief you all
properly before,
but I've been avoiding
a blue-on-blue incident.
I'm sure you understand.
What's Tranter's deal, then?
He's the subject
of an ongoing covert operation
into a huge drug-smuggling outfit.
More than just the fentanyl
they were importing through
Imran Aziz's cash-and-carry.
Also, the largest quantities
of cocaine and heroin
they've seen in years.
Their investigation
is focused on drugs.
I'm more concerned about
the murders of PS Tony Khatri,
Imran Aziz, Anjuli Kapoor
and Karl Shaw,
as well as
the people-smuggling outfit.
It's likely this group have been
involved in this activity
for a number of years,
reaching beyond Vietnam
into bordering countries.
I've given DI Ray my backing
to continue with relevant searches,
including any premises relating
to Tranter and any associates,
so you can bring them in.
But we need to ensure
we don't end up
trampling on
the ongoing covert investigation.
I've assured Intelligence
that won't happen.
And we're to report
any significant findings to them.
DI Ray's right.
Everyone's looking for
the same group of people here.
Why haven't we managed
to track down Tranter's phone yet?
Ma'am, Tranter's phone's
gone offline.
We're analysing call data
to see if we can track his location
through his associates instead.
Thank you. Please keep me informed,
Liam. Ma'am.
What about
this Sri Lankan girl's passport
and the tape that was found?
It seems she may have been
another trafficked worker.
I've asked Carly to ID her.
What I need from you now
is to step up tracking down Tranter
and bringing him in.
Can you widen
the distribution of CCTV images
to include more constabularies,
please, Clive? Ma'am.
Sumaira Kumara is registered
as paying council tax.
She also has a full,
clean driver's licence
and is co-owner
of a fully registered business.
She and her husband run a mobile
cleaning company called Clean Scour.
So she didn't change her name, then?
No, ma'am.
Er, yes, black, please, ma'am.
Why would she, I suppose?
She doesn't have a criminal record.
I need to tell you why I kept
the contents of the tape from you.
You didn't say anything
to the others, did you?
No, ma'am.
Good, cos I need your discretion,
There's got to be a reason
why her passport is with that tape.
I believe
there's a strong possibility
that she is the woman in that
I checked with Vice.
A week before
the date on the recording,
there was an attempted armed robbery
in a brothel in Digbeth.
The police intercepted it.
I believe the man in the footage
is one of the investigating
police officers,
and that he may have links
to Tranter's organised crime group.
I haven't put the copy Tech got us
into evidence yet,
but, um
I think I may need
to escalate it further up.
But can I ask you
to trust me with this,
and not share anything
with the others just yet?
Sumaira was 15 at the time.
It's the police.
Can you open the door, please?
Hi, there. My name is
Detective Inspector Rachita Ray.
This is my colleague,
Detective Constable Carly Lake.
What's this about, please?
We're looking for a Sumaira Kumara.
That's you, I believe.
Is it OK if we come inside, Sumaira?
Thank you.
Sumaira, I was wondering
if there was something
you could help us with.
I believe you worked in a brothel
in Digbeth?
That was a LONG time ago.
I understand.
But I'm sure you can remember
the armed robbery
that took place there.
Must've been frightening.
I have to get to work.
I know you were trafficked.
I want to make sure
this stops happening to others.
The police intercepted the robbery,
didn't they?
Can you remember anything about
the police officers who helped you?
DC Lake, the photos, please.
That's you, isn't it, Sumaira?
Did you have sex with one of
the police officers who helped you?
We know you were underage.
Did he force himself on you?
It's a criminal offence
to have sex with a minor,
and we can deal with it.
It doesn't matter
that he's a policeman.
It wasn't like that.
Then can you please
tell me what happened?
My bosses saw that he liked me.
They told me if I had sex with him,
I didn't have to work there again,
and they would give me money
and return my passport to me.
I didn't want to be a prisoner
any more.
Do you recognise this man?
Sumaira, please
help us.
He was one of my bosses.
Clive, it's Rachita.
I need you to do something for me.
Put out a call for any patrols
in the Harborne area.
I need them to swing past
an address, but
make it look like an average patrol,
no fuss, no getting out of the car.
I'll text you the address
and the postcode now.
Cheers, Clive.
Er Sorry, Carly.
Let's take her to the station
while we arrange for a safe house.
I have to head to a meeting.
Well this is romantic.
The fuck are you doing here, Martyn?
Where's the controller?
Where's the copy of the tape, Ray?
What tape?
I know you've seen it.
It went into evidence. It did.
So my copy isn't gonna
stop it blowing your cover.
You think I'm the only copper
they've got in their pocket?
They've already
mopped up the original.
They wanna protect their asset.
It's their leverage over me.
Yours is the only copy left.
Now give it to me.
Did you tell Tranter
that Imran was informing
about the drugs
and people-smuggling?
I'll ask again.
Where is the copy of the tape?
How did you know I'd be here?
To be honest,
it was easy to lure you here.
You told me how desperate you were
to look into a meeting
with the controller
as soon as you could.
So, who's been watching me?
You or Tranter?
He reported everything back to me.
Didn't think Tony was your type.
You took advantage
of a young, vulnerable woman.
A child.
They set me up.
They told me she was 19.
Then they showed me her passport.
And they made it very clear
that I had to make the investigation
into the raid go away,
or they would release that tape
to my superiors.
I didn't have a choice.
I-I had to keep working with them.
So you got Imran killed?
Why Anjuli?
You know those bullets
were meant for me and not Tony.
I warned them
Imran was informing against them
so that they could scare him off,
not kill him.
Or her.
And then, after that
..it got complicated.
Now I'm gonna need that tape.
I suppose it was the easiest thing
to do, though, right?
People already have
preconceived ideas and stereotypes
about Asian crime, so it just
I never banked on
you becoming DI on the case.
That fucked everything.
I had no choice. I had to
try to steer the investigation.
You've known everything
the whole time!
They've been a step ahead
because of you.
You were prepared to let two
innocent lads go down for murder.
You can't prove any of this.
Give me the tape.
The quicker you hand over the tape,
the quicker we'll get this
over with.
Martyn, please
You don't have to do this. Please.
Come on.
She's all yours.
Hello, Rach.
You can have the tape.
I won't say anything.
I don't believe you.
You're too straight for that.
Martyn, please!
I'm sorry, Rach, but I know you.
Get in the car.
Armed police!
Armed police, show me your hands!
Step away from the vehicle.
On the ground, now!
Hands above your head!
All clear? Clear!
Magnus Tranter.
I am arresting you for the murders
of PS Tony Khatri, Imran Aziz,
Anjuli Kapoor and Karl Shaw.
DCI Hunter.
I'm arresting you for suspicion
of perverting the course of justice,
malfeasance in a public office,
conspiracy to cause GBH
Let's go!
Get off.
..conspiracy to attempt murder
and sexual activity with a minor.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention,
when questioned,
something you later rely on
in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Accept nothing, believe nobody
..check everything.
Are you willing to provide us
with the names of the group
you were working with?
Those in possession of the footage?
Is this the phone you've been using
to communicate with Magnus Tranter?
Is it also the phone
you used to inform Magnus Tranter
that DI Ray
would be at the hotel with you?
Your fiancee, DI Ray.
She discovered your links
to Magnus Tranter, didn't she?
So, off the record,
she expressed her frustration
that Intelligence
were refusing a meeting
with the controller
of Imran Aziz's handler.
She had reason to believe
that you would intercept her
and find out what exactly she knew
about Tranter, his associates,
and their link to Imran Aziz.
You've been obstructing
our investigation at every stage,
passing on information
to organised crime.
Am I right, DCI Hunter?
I want protection.
The backup team followed
you and Tranter to the hotel,
where you lured your fiancee.
DI Ray set a trap.
And you fell for it.
Hello, Mrs Kapoor.
I'm not here to ask any questions.
I just wanted to pay my respects.
And to apologise.
For everything.
The way you and your family
were treated.
And I'm
I'm so sorry about Anjuli.
This shouldn't happen.
A gift, for your family.
The washing machine spin cycle
was so loud you couldn't hear it!
What are you doing that for?!
You got the last one.
I'll buy. You take the tray.
You must be feeling relieved.
You still going in
to see Beardsmore tomorrow?
Cos when he makes you DCI
I can have your job.
Keep dreaming, mate!
Hey, loving this boozer, boss.
A friend of mine
introduced me to it.
Ah, to Tony.
To PS Tony Khatri.
We've arrested a major player
and uncovered a corrupt officer,
thanks to your efforts.
However, you've been
having a relationship
with an officer who we now know
to be deeply corrupt.
On those grounds alone,
you will need to be investigated.
I fully understand, sir.
I feel confident you'll find
no wrongdoing on my part.
My only regret is that
I didn't immediately report the tape
to Anti-corruption.
However, in my defence,
I needed to use it as bait
to capture both DCI Hunter
and Magnus Tranter.
Once I had knowledge of
DCI Hunter's corrupt connections,
I wasn't sure
who I should share it with.
We haven't yet addressed
your interpersonal issues
with management, as well as
the allegation of bullying.
I admit at times
I may have acted in haste,
but it was always out of the need
to ensure public safety, sir.
As for the allegation, I'm sorry if
PC Knott thought I was bullying her.
That was absolutely
not my intention.
My concern now is that
the big players are still out there.
We appreciate that is a concern.
We'll have a new team on it.
But this is my investigation, sir.
You tasked me to solve a murder.
I did that.
I found Imran and Anjuli's killer,
I uncovered a corrupt officer,
and in the process,
my team have made a start
in unravelling a modern slavery ring
operating here.
I have more than proven myself,
and I still have work to do.
Part of this is on us.
I'm afraid we failed you, Ray.
I was under pressure
to appoint you,
due to the ethnic needs of the case,
but as a result,
we put you in a position
where you were out of your depth.
You simply weren't ready.
I know
and you know
what this is really about.
I'm awaiting the authority
of the ACC
to suspend you,
pending further investigation.
I have to be at a meeting.
DCI Henderson will brief you
on the protocol
leading up to your investigation.
He never wanted me
in the first place, did he?
And neither did you.
I disagree with him, though.
You were ready.
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