Di4ri (2022) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Where's the Benjis? ♪
Just gimme a bag
I'll make you a milli ♪
I promise I'll do it myself ♪
I'm setting the bar so high
You can even tell yourself ♪
You don't know what I dealt with ♪
I was prayin' that I wouldn't fail ♪
You don't know what I dealt with ♪
I was prayin' that I would prevail ♪
I was tellin' them toolies ♪
I was ridin' with my foolies, yeah ♪
I was makin' a movie ♪
Realised the traffic was moving, yeah ♪
I came up on the South side ♪
Can you turn that music off?
I came up with the same guys
You know it's ♪
[Damiano sighs]
It's awesome sharing a room
with your bully older brother, huh?
[Damiano yawns]
I have something to ask.
- The answer's no.
- But I didn't ask yet.
I can read the future.
It's about the show with Tancredi.
Look, dude, can you stop being a pain?
If you're cool, then I might get you in.
Oh. Cool.
- But I need an extra pass.
- [laughs] For who?
Your imaginary friend?
No. [chuckles]
It's my real friend. Daniele.
So, will you, uh, talk to Matteo?
- You're the best brother in the world!
- No, my man.
Because this is gonna cost ya.
[suspenseful music playing]
You'll do the chores Mom and Dad gave me
for two weeks.
Take it or leave it.
So yeah, pretty much, you get it.
I'm basically a slave to my brother.
Think about the concert.
Think about the concert, Mirko!
["Isole" by Tancredi playing]
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
[gulls calling]
- ["Isole" playing through headphones]
- [chuckles]
- Io sempre in ritardo tu invece ♪
- You know what music is for me?
- Sotto un temporale ♪
- My sanctuary.
- Sopra un regionale ♪
- The place where no one can bother me.
So che mi starai vicino quando
Avremo tutti contro ♪
Che non mi crederai
Se ti dirò che è tutto a posto ♪
[Mirko] It's the high volume,
and the rhythm deep inside.
It's the place where I can feel free.
Free not to be the brother
who gets blackmailed,
or the shy guy
who struggles to make friends.
It's where the impossible
becomes possible.
- So, the two of us
- Just wait.
- I need to tell you something.
- What is it?
I know I didn't respond to your texts.
- But
- Whatever, you know
have you told anyone what happened?
- No, I would never
- Okay, wait, let me finish.
[Arianna] I'm really confused.
- And I need some time to think.
- [Giulio] Oh.
For now, I want us to behave
like we always have.
But I'll
I'll give it some thought.
Okay. You mean,
you'll think about us going out?
Uh, yeah.
That's perfect!
Uh, well, anyway
I haven't told anyone yet
about what happened.
[chuckles] Thanks for that.
Oh, one second.
I have something for you.
- Here.
- Thanks! [chuckles]
[Arianna] It's a phone case.
- Yeah, it's perfect.
- [laughs]
That way, you can replace
that thing that covers your phone.
Oh, well yeah, sure. Mine stinks!
- Later!
- Later!
Yo! What happened?
Arianna's crazy about me!
I can't believe it.
Yeah, well,
she couldn't resist your charm forever.
Let's go, come on.
- Look how cool!
- [school bell rings]
[upbeat music playing]
Can you believe it? Such a gorgeous day
and so much homework.
- I don't wanna study.
- Me neither.
Well, then, there's only one solution.
We study together? My place?
- I don't think so.
- [record scratch]
Excuse me, why not?
Didn't he tell you? You didn't, did you?
To get the passes for Tancredi,
he has to do my chores for two weeks.
Maybe another day.
[industrial music playing]
I hate him when he's like that.
He just wants to embarrass me
in front of Daniele.
Mirko, I don't like it
when he treats you like that.
And just for my pass.
Hey, but it's worth it!
[sighs] Come on.
[driving music playing]
How many passes are there?
How should I know?
What if he doesn't give us any?
Of course he will. Don't worry, Mirko.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
What's this?
I think it's a gift from Matteo.
What're you gonna do?
Well. I'd love to go,
but, um,
he might think I wanna get back together.
So, it's really over this time?
Yes, I think so.
I had all the time in the world ♪
- [school bell rings]
- Time is moving forward ♪
Minutes are riches I've clocked
When I'm comin' up ♪
Profit is labor unpaid ♪
Feelin' infinite, a minute ♪
Aren't you done yet?
You know Mom doesn't like
seeing all those leaves around.
You know the worst part
about being the younger brother?
That it'll stay like that forever.
Good brother, sweep on.
Get it off of my mind ♪
Get it off and I'm ballin' ♪
So fake, focus in mind ♪
And now ♪
Hurry up, please. This room is a mess.
- [chuckles]
- Slipping out of these shoes ♪
Old man, grown man
And I'm gettin' bigger ♪
Explain what you were gonna do
with this toast.
If I wake up at night hungry and I don't
wanna go to the kitchen, it's there.
- [laughs]
- Reasonable.
- ♪breaks, I wanna take flight ♪
- You want those passes?
- [phone alert]
- Yes, of course.
Gonna make money, I'm gonna be me ♪
It's Dad.
He says they're short on staff,
and they'll get home late again.
- [phone chimes]
- Yo, Grimo.
Tell this to Dennis too.
Whole house to myself. You can come, okay?
- Did you really just invite those guys?
- Of course I invited those guys.
Why? That bother you?
[Mirko sighs]
[rock music playing]
- War!
- War!
I'm not a joyride ♪
A hit and run ♪
I thought I love you
And you thought I was fun ♪
I'm movin' on down, down the road ♪
- Watch me as I go ♪
- [Damiano] I got you!
- Ceasefire! Ceasefire! Come on!
- All right, all right.
[all laughing]
- Well, aren't you guys hungry?
- [sighs] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hmm?
- I'll handle it.
- [Matteo] Let's go.
When I ask you to do something,
you do it, period.
You should be at my disposal at all times.
- Listen
- What are we eating?
Right now? It's a bit early, right?
Yeah, so? I'm hungry now.
- What are you making?
- Pasta with tuna?
You can have that.
It's all I can cook.
Aren't you from Rome?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Then I want Roman-style saltimbocca.
- Yeah.
- But I don't know how to make that, man!
Yes, of course you do, Mirko.
Yeah, he's fine.
[industrial music playing]
Think about the concert,
think about the concert,
think about the concert.
- [all laughing]
- Oh! Uh
Ah! It's about time!
- Is it any good?
- [shatters]
- [Matteo laughs]
- Oh!
It's just a vase, dude.
- It's not, it's important!
- Just a vase
Is there a problem?
No, there's no problem.
[phone alert]
I think it's time to go,
my parents will be back soon.
Yeah, we better.
That doesn't look like saltimbocca.
Let's go get a pizza. Come on, dude.
Bye, guys.
See ya.
- All right, pizza time!
- [Dennis] Yeah!
How am I gonna clean all this up
before they get back?
Look, dude.
They're not coming back yet. I was lying.
I had enough of those guys.
I'm going to our room.
[Mirko] I really didn't expect this.
Why can't I do that kind of thing?
If there's something I really can't stand,
it's that I never speak up.
Hey, are we chillin' today?
- Let's go to the beach.
- Cool, I'll text the guys.
Oh, right. Do we have a test tomorrow?
Oh, then we'll have to go home!
- [Matteo] Yeah!
- [laughs]
Matteo! Matteo.
- What?
- Hey. So, listen.
Could I get those two passes? So we don't
have to go to the concert together.
I don't have any more.
- So, where are we meeting?
- Wait, what, dude?
Matteo, those passes. You promised.
I ran out of passes.
Yeah? Why?
Because I gave them away.
I got them, and I can do
whatever I want with them.
If you want, I can give away yours too.
Just let it go.
What a great friend Matteo is.
Does friendship really exist?
Or are Damiano and I all alone?
[Damiano] They only had these.
So, do you forgive me?
Now I do.
[both laugh]
Anyway, it's not on you.
- Matteo's a jerk.
- Yeah.
How come you hang out with those guys
if you don't like 'em?
Because the only other option
was being alone.
Well, I guess, um,
I met them, so I thought I would go along.
I wasn't as lucky as you were
with your class.
- You think?
- Yeah. You know why?
Because they're losers
- That's not true!
- But they're really nice losers, ya know?
Yeah, it's true! [laughs]
A bit like you.
[both laughing]
- You know what?
- Mm?
We're going to that concert.
Tell all your friends too.
What's he up to?
[Tancredi] La, la, la, la, la ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
- [girl] It's Tancredi!
- [Mirko] Excuse me.
- I know. Sorry.
- [Damiano] Excuse us.
- No way, I can't believe this.
- Gotta get to the front!
Excuse me. Sorry.
- Oh gosh!
- Excuse me
I can't believe we're here.
[Mirko] Come on, guys!
Nei più loschi bar ♪
- Ma eravamo chic come due clochard ♪
- Move. Get out of the way.
Ti ho preso dei fiori morti come sempre
E lo so bene che ti piacciono ♪
[Arianna] Oh, hi, Mirko!
What's up?
How did you guys get in?
He's gonna work here a few days
for no pay, so
- Man, it's all worth it.
- Seriously? That's amazing!
- Yeah, I know!
- [laughs]
Ti prego
Scendi che ho due biglietti in mano ♪
Vieni, andiamo a la, la, la, la, la ♪
Andiamo a Las Vegas ♪
Negli hotel a cinque star ♪
Senza money ma
Magari beviamo un po ♪
E ci sposiamo anche per sbaglio ♪
Chissà se a Las Vegas ♪
Poi ci prendono per due star ♪
Senza money ma
Magari li facciamo là ♪
E ci compriamo un Caravaggio ♪
Io sono ancora quello
Che fuma in un pub ♪
Tu sei rimasta un'altra volta
Fuori casa ♪
E ti ho raccolto dalla strada ♪
[Mirko] Sometimes,
it doesn't take much to be happy.
Just music,
a pain-in-the ass brother who loves you,
and some true friends to share it with.
Vieni con me una di queste sere ♪
Oh, you know that I really love you ♪
I'm down here ♪
Don't do this, please ♪
Come down, I have two tickets in hand ♪
Come on, let's go, la, la, la, la, la ♪
Let's go to Las Vegas ♪
To the five-star hotels ♪
Without any money
But maybe we'll drink a bit ♪
And accidentally get married ♪
Who knows if in Las Vegas
They'll think we're two stars? ♪
Without any money
But maybe we can make some there ♪
And buy ourselves a Caravaggio ♪
Take the chips
Go all in ♪
Come on, marry me, la, la, la, la, la ♪
Take the chips
Go all in ♪
Come on, marry me, la, la, la, la, la ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
[audience clapping in time]
[applauding, cheering]
["Isole" starts playing]
When you run quickly ♪
Remember not to forget me ♪
That we lost our voices ♪
Divided an emotion in two ♪
When there was no one ♪
We would breathe the future in ♪
And do you remember that flood ♪
That turned off our dreams
And the smoke signals ♪
Ahi, ahi, ahi
I only just realized that ♪
I ask how you are
What you're doing, where you're going ♪
Mon, he was looking at you.
- Huh?
- That guy was looking at you.
To trust you ♪
To dream of living, living ♪
We're like two islands, islands ♪
But I talk to you about me
And I trust you ♪
Hey, you made an impression!
We are only islands, islands ♪
We are only islands, islands ♪
[chanting] Tancredi! Tancredi!
Tancredi! Tancredi! Tancredii!
[cheering continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
[anxious music playing]
Hey, Dani! What are you doing?
Nothing, why?
- You gotta see the principal?
- Oh, no.
Pietro, after the event,
I spoke to Tancredi.
No, you didn't! What'd you say, dude?
Not much, just, "You should come
talk about your music at our school."
- [laughs]
- He said yes.
But I need the okay from the principal.
Hey, man, that's so lit! [laughs]
- Awesome! What are you waiting for, then?
- I don't know what to tell him.
If he says no, I'm gonna look
like an idiot in front of Tancredi.
Are you kidding, dude?
Why would he say no?
It's a good opportunity!
- Well, if that's the issue, I'll ask him.
- No, what? Pietro
- He owes me one after that suspension.
- No, come on, Pietro
- No, I don't want
- [principal] Come in.
[sighs] Dude. Pietro, no
Go in.
- Sir, good morning!
- [Daniele] Good morning.
"Baroque" is the term used
by art historians
to refer to the artistic
and architectural style
- that was predominant in the 17th century.
- [knocking]
[door opens]
- Good morning.
- [teacher and class] Yes, good morning.
May I? You can sit down. Sit.
I have an announcement.
This morning, I was asked to invite
a singer to school,
tomorrow, for a very special lecture.
Never heard of Tancredi,
but then I listened to his songs,
and I must say that they talk about
some issues that are very important,
such as family, the fear of growing up,
or not being accepted
by your classmates, by your friends
And he deals with those topics in a
much less boring way than I would do it.
So, thanks to Daniele
as well as Pietro
- [laughter]
- let's say I was convinced.
Consider it a gift to you
before you have to leave this school.
- [all] Thank you.
- Good.
- [girl] Oh my God! Awesome.
- [principal] Thank you.
- Enjoy the rest of your lesson.
- Goodbye, sir. Thank you very much.
All right. Let's continue.
So, the term "Baroque"
comes from the Portuguese "barroco,"
or from the Spanish "barrueco."
- [chuckles]
- It describes an uneven pearl.
Initially, it was brought about
as a movement
Can you believe that?
Who could sleep tonight?
[pop plays through headphones]
[Mirko] Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
What am I doing?
I'm smiling,
because I don't miss Rome anymore.
And the impossible became possible.
When they split up the class,
I just hope this doesn't end.
Yeah, so, usually, uh,
during the day, I'm very relaxed.
I don't feel much pressure.
And then, one minute before the concert,
I get panicky and anxious, uh
but then, once I get back on stage,
all the adrenaline kicks in
and I feel great.
Very relaxed.
- Uh, Miss?
- Yes, Giulio?
When you were our age,
did you already know
how talented you were, or not?
No. In middle school,
I wasn't even a good student,
Barely got by. I really just liked soccer,
and it took a while
to find my passion for music.
[Mirko] Amazing!
This is almost better than the concert.
At what age did you write your first song?
Actually, I wrote it when I was just 14.
I was in my bedroom,
I was using my phone's notes app,
and started writing my first song there.
Uh, it was a rap,
and I did it just for fun.
Did your friends ever listen to it?
Or did you keep it a secret?
I played it for my friends,
and they all thought it was pretty cool.
From then on,
I kept practicing and writing songs,
until I got to a point where I said,
"Okay, I wanna do this with my life."
Maybe I'll write a song too,
and let everyone listen.
Please do not.
To be honest, my early songs
were not that great, either.
And well, when you do something new,
it won't be perfect right away.
You know, you gotta experiment a lot,
and explore,
and you have to make mistakes.
And then you get better.
Oh, by the way, the other day,
I listened to a song
by one of your classmates
I think he's very talented,
but a little shy.
- Really? Who is it?
- [girl] Yeah, come on, tell us.
Uh, he might wanna tell you guys.
- [Giulio] Just tell us!
- Come on!
- Tell us who!
- [boy] Come on!
[Tancredi] Guys,
he's gotta tell you himself.
Am I who he's talking about?
[Michele] All right.
Can we all take a photo?
- Sure, let's do it.
- [Michele] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Please.
- Want me to take it?
- [Michele] Yes.
[Arianna] Yes, come on, guys.
Gather round.
- [Giulio] Squeeze in, everybody!
- Get close, everybody!
[all talking]
[girl] Tancredi! Thank you so much!
- [applause]
- [Tancredi] Thanks, you guys.
Can I get your autograph?
Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
- What's your name?
- Arianna.
- Arianna
- I'm a big fan.
- [chuckles]
- [laughs]
- Thanks, Arianna.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Hey, Mirko. How's it goin'?
- You good?
- You know my name?
Yeah, we met in Rome.
- And you were at the concert, right?
- Yes.
Anyway, I was talking about you before.
Me, really?
Yeah, uh, your friend Daniele
sent me your songs. I like them.
You're already really good at writing.
And your friends support you.
That's very important,
so do your best to hang on to that.
And try to just believe in yourself more,
because you've got something.
All right.
I want to be like you, you know?
Music is everything. It's my outlet.
Wow. [laughs]
Well good luck with everything.
And when you have new songs,
send them to me.
- I'm happy to listen to them.
- Okay.
- See ya, Mirko.
- Thanks a lot.
Can you believe that?
Did that just happen?
[school bell rings]
You meddle more than Isabel, you know?
If you're upset, I feel you.
No, I was kidding.
- So you're not angry?
- What are you saying?
Just why'd you do it?
What do you mean, Mirko? You deserve it.
And this way,
you'll believe in yourself more.
That's not so easy.
I know.
But I do know
that you're my best friend.
Well, I'm off.
I've never been so happy.
All my friends love me,
I love this island.
And now I want to write a new song.
[all laughing] Oh!
[Mirko] Does Damiano really prefer hanging
with those morons over just being alone?
[Matteo] It's not true what they say,
that Livia left me.
- I broke up with her.
- [laughs] Right!
Seriously, stop laughing.
- You know, I heard something else.
- Well, you heard wrong.
- Oh yeah!
- All wrong.
- Man, you still hung up her? Get over it.
- No way, I don't care about her at all.
- Okay.
- It's just Pietro.
That loser needs to pay for what he did.
- I have a nice prank in mind for him.
- [laughter]
- Ooh, sounds good!
- Yeah, we're in!
- Let's do it!
- [Matteo] He deserves it, right?
["Isole" playing]
Ti conosco da una vita
Dalla terza elementare ♪
Io sempre in ritardo
Tu invece sempre puntuale ♪
Sotto un temporale
Sopra un regionale ♪
Pensare che andrò all'estero
Ammetto che mi fa male ♪
So che mi starai vicino
Quando avremo tutti contro ♪
Che non mi crederai se ti dirò
Che è tutto a posto ♪
C'è un patto di sangue
Non è scritto con l'inchiostro, aah ♪
Ti voglio bene ♪
Ahi-ah-ahi ♪
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Isole ♪
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