Di4ri (2022) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

[ship horn blares]
[Pietro] And here I am.
Enjoying my island, the wind on my face,
and the smell of freedom all around me.
I'm just gonna trust, right
What you're sayin' ♪
That's what I used to think,
every morning on my way to school.
- Came through the valley ♪
- But now, all I can think about is Livia.
[laughing] Stop it!
At first, I thought it was just a bet.
But instead, she became my first crush.
Move up, yeah ♪
The first girl I ever tried to get.
You fill my cup, yeah
No reason to strive ♪
Who made me feel like I wasn't alone.
Unfortunately, she put me
in the friend zone.
Livia, I really like you.
- Yeah, but we're friends, Pietro.
- And now she only wants me as a friend.
I'm just gonna trust, right
What you're sayin' ♪
Came through the valley
We walked through the fire ♪
Your grace is amazing ♪
But I'm no quitter, you know that.
Now, it's not about the bet.
["Isole" by Tancredi playing]
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
[gulls calling]
[synth pop playing]
[rings doorbell]
Why am I so nervous?
He's my dad, I've known him all my life.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, there.
- Uh, I was passing by and I thought
- Oh, please, yeah, come in.
Glad you came over.
Figured I'd drop by,
see how you're settled in.
Well here it is.
So, how was the first week of being
on a break?
Little weird, you know? [chuckles]
Sure, I don't have the space I had before,
obviously, though it's still nice.
How's it been at home, just you and Mom?
Uh, well, we did all right.
I don't really like this house, you know?
[chuckles] Yeah, me neither.
I've been thinking
of looking for a new place.
I saw one in Marina Grande.
It's not so bad that you're moving
to the new school,
'cause I'd be living there.
You, in Marina Grande? Next year?
You both said not to worry,
that this was temporary.
[tense music playing]
So it's just over?
- I'm sorry.
- You're so full of it.
Pietro, where are you going? Wait.
Pietro, come on! Let's talk about it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Pietro] My parents are separating.
It's official.
I wanted to scream and break stuff.
But what for?
Everything around me is already broken
or crumbling into pieces.
My family, my class, my school.
And there's nothing I can do.
I've had enough. I won't take any more.
Time to take control again.
[Mirko] Mirko ♪
Uh ♪
- Hi!
- Hey.
Don't leave the game, join us
You can dream ♪
We are the wave, you know
You can dream ♪
Like a video game, we're online
You can dream ♪
We're the best and with us
You can dream ♪
Listen to me ♪
And if you tell me I'm no ♪
Oh, hey. [chuckles]
I was just listening to your song.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah, it's bomb.
And it might help us if you
Never mind, just forget it.
- Now who's hiding things?
- [Livia] Hi.
Hi, Livia. Pietro's here, come on.
It's actually his idea, so Pietro
- What's up?
- Tell him.
Tell him what?
- What do you mean, what? The song.
- No. You do it.
- [laughs]
- Spit it out!
We were thinking you could write something
for the last game against 3D.
To get the team in the zone.
- Definitely. The team would love it.
- You think?
Yes. And plus,
I'll be cheering for you at the game.
- Well, finally!
- [chuckles]
Okay, then we'll win for sure.
Okay, guys, I'm in.
- I'm gonna write the team a new anthem.
- [all laughing]
[Professor Caselli] So
Let's quiz someone.
[adventurous music playing]
Let's see
Who should I choose?
- Uh, Miss?
- Yes?
Uh, would it be all right if I went next?
- Uh, I've already quizzed you.
- I know, I just wanted to raise my grade.
Miss, you can't flip her wings.
- [Caselli] All right, then. Come here.
- Thanks, Miss.
[sighs] That's our Monica. A team player.
[Caselli] But I'd also like to call
No. Really?
Yeah. I can't flip your wings, can I?
- Paccagnini, it's "clip."
- [laughter]
Come on. Let's fly.
All right, all right.
- To clip.
- To clip.
- [muffled laughter]
- Come on.
[Pietro] I'm trying but it's hard
not to think about my parents.
[school bell rings]
Being 13 sucks.
At school, they treat us as boxes, moved
from Marina Grande to Marina Piccola.
And now, I'm moving between
my parents as well.
I'll stay two days with one,
and then two days with the other.
I'll pretend everything's okay.
I don't want to talk about it.
Nobody gets me, anyway.
Well maybe someone does?
- [knocking]
- [door opens]
Pietro, hey. Is somethin' wrong?
No, I
My father,
he moved out a little while ago.
And, um, today I went over there to visit.
But we had a fight.
- What happened?
- [sniffles]
He made me realize that him and my mom
aren't getting back together.
I know this must be very difficult, but
Well, I think he's trying
to be honest with you.
You see, your father told you the truth
because he wanted
to treat you like an adult.
He didn't wanna baby you, and say
everything'll be okay, when it won't.
[sniffles] Was, uh was that
what you did with your son?
- To be honest, I had no idea what to do.
- [sighs]
I stopped seeing my son overnight.
Your father was lucky, you know.
I would rather have seen my son
leave angry, like you did.
Um, have you tried to call?
- No, no, I I told you I don't
- Call him!
I don't want him to see how I'm living.
I'm sure he wouldn't even care.
How come?
'Cause you are his father. You're family.
What if we fight
like you and your father did?
Then it'll be for treating him
as an adult.
[sighs] All right.
I'll give it a shot.
Just because you asked.
It's gonna be all right.
Gotta aim for the top ♪
[thunder rumbling]
I can never doubt myself
I know better ♪
All you critics be actin'
Like you know better ♪
Blowin' the smoke
But I know when the dust settles ♪
- I'm in the zone ♪
- I'm Pietro, the one everybody counts on.
The one who never asks for help.
I don't wanna think about anything else.
Score! 2D has to kill it
in the final game and end it as winners.
Even though I'm really hurting inside.
[Matteo] One on one?
[Pietro] What do you want?
Man, I just figured I'd come practice
with you, since you're alone
Or are you scared?
- Okay.
- Put your hands in the air ♪
- This is not a warning ♪
- Not a warning ♪
You think that I'm running in place ♪
Y'all really testing my patience ♪
- Test ♪
- Right before I blow up the spot ♪
- ♪Blow ♪
- I had to get back to the basics ♪
Why are you still testing my patience? ♪
Tryna turn me into somethin'
I ain't tryna be? ♪
All the haters in heavy rotation ♪
You gon' lose yourself
Quit testin' me ♪
Oh, don't make me lose my mind ♪
Don't make me lose my mind ♪
Don't make me lose my mind
'Cause I'm lookin' like Wesley ♪
- Test me ♪
- Oh ♪
Don't make me lose my mind
Don't make me lose my mind ♪
Don't make me lose my mind
'Cause I'm lookin' like Wesley ♪
Test me ♪
'Cause I'm lookin' like Wesley
Test me ♪
- Oh ♪
- Don't make me lose my mind ♪
Don't make me lose my mind
Don't make me lose my mind ♪
'Cause I'm lookin' like Wesley
Test me ♪
Don't make me lose my mind
'Cause I'm lookin' like Wesley ♪
[cries out]
- Are you even trying?
- [groans]
You should give up.
Get some rest, so I can beat you
on the court on Friday too.
He did it on purpose.
That bastard.
[winces] I should have expected
his dirty tricks.
I'm such an idiot.
[Michele] For this final game,
let's go with the triangle offense.
Let me remind you
that the team that used it
won the championship three years straight.
- Whoa.
- [kids murmuring]
- Oh.
- Pietro, what
- What happened?
- What happened to your leg?
- What did you do?
- [Giulio] Are you okay?
I'm fine. It's cool.
I got hit playing one-on-one with Matteo.
- What?
- I'll be okay, guys. I mean, it'll heal.
- I just have to take it easy.
- But can you recover by Friday?
I doubt it.
What? We have to play, we can't just quit.
Of course we're still playing.
We're not letting them win like this.
So? Shall we let Silverio play?
- [Isabel] No.
- No way.
Well, guys, I mean,
we're not just gonna quit like that.
Either we let Silverio play,
or we play with four.
But Isa's like two players.
So we're doing it.
All right. Cool.
A real team never gives up.
Okay, we'll keep on practicing
even harder.
But we can also get revenge on Matteo?
- Please!
- [Daniele scoffs]
- [Michele] Come on!
- No, Giulio.
No worries. bro. We'll beat 'em Friday.
Maybe a couple of dozen worms
in his backpack?
- [Pietro] No!
- No.
Superglue on his desk?
- Man, no.
- [Giulio] Why not?
Not even some toothpaste in his shoes?
A toy snake in his locker?
- [all laughing]
- Man!
[school bell rings]
If your mom can't come to get you,
I can try calling my uncle.
Maybe he can give you a ride.
Oh, no big deal. She's just late.
Hnm. Sure is some bad luck.
Two days before the game,
and during practice, too.
Yeah. Lucky me!
I'll let her believe that.
Livia still can't see the real Matteo.
It's not bad. Accidents happen.
If you're there to cheer for us,
we're already winners.
Or I could play the game in your place.
Of course, how about
you ride your bike,
and after you get to half-court,
- then swim among our opponents
- [laughs]
And you run to the basket, and score.
Or maybe, um
we could ask Daniele to call someone,
like a famous basketball player.
Like he did with Tancredi.
- Yeah, sure, let's call one.
- [chuckles]
That's brilliant. Someone famous for us.
- Of course.
- Hmm? Wait, what?
Brilliant idea! You're a genius.
[Livia laughs]
Super genius.
[chuckling] What did I do?
I'll explain later.
[upbeat music playing]
Hey, why so depressed?
What kind of team is this?
And, Giulio, what's with your face?
[sighs] It's my face today.
Come on. Let's play two-on-two.
- [Daniele] Let's do it.
- [Michele] Hang on.
Guys, here's my replacement.
I thought you weren't
playing against your brother?
- But now it's fine if you help us?
- Totally, bro.
I'm done with those guys.
That's great news.
Now we can really beat Matteo and 3D.
Then let's practice. I mean, you.
Um, of course. I can't do it.
[Giulio] Yes, coach!
Mirko, go for it.
[Arianna] "My favorite moment
from 7th grade."
"My favorite moment was when I realized
I had amazing classmates."
"I thought I knew everything
about friendship,
but lately I discovered
that I barely knew about it."
"I thought being friends meant having
the same taste and interests,
and I thought I knew everything
about my classmates,
because we were together both
in kindergarten and elementary school."
"That's all I thought I needed
to know about them."
"I always thought that
Giulio was just an annoying clown"
"Livia, a boring girl."
"Isabel and Monica, both unlikable."
"Pietro, well" [laughs]
"the coolest guy in class."
"And Mirko and Daniele,
I didn't even know they existed."
"In conclusion, I thought I knew them,
and they were very different from me."
"But I have learned that true friendship
can also exist
between people
who are very different from each other."
"A real friend is someone you can trust,
somebody who's there for you,
even in the most difficult times."
"Lately, I found out in my class,
I actually have many true friends."
"Now we share a bond that is way stronger
than just being similar to each other."
"And even though our class
is splitting up,
I'm sure that we'll be friends forever."
Hey, did you hear her?
Yes, I did. Isn't she just great?
[Mrs. Ferrucci] A beautiful essay.
That was amazing!
Yeah, Arianna!
[class cheering]
[Pietro] Arianna is right.
The bond I have with my friends
is stronger than anything else.
It's the one thing in my life
that didn't break into pieces.
And if I need to vent about my parents,
Livia, the principal, or other drama,
they'll always be there for me,
like I'll always be there for them.
Why is no one saying anything?
Are you that worried about playing 3D?
It's not only about winning.
It's also about the reason to win.
Yeah, I really wanna beat them.
And you've got me,
the most outstanding in class.
Out standing in the hall, you mean?
[Michele] And besides, guys,
it's okay to lose too.
Because, remember, as the great
Michael Jordan once said,
"I have failed many times in this life,
but I always won in the end."
Michele's right. We can do this.
Yeah. We can beat them!
Well done, Michele. Great quote.
[Pietro] See? That's what friends are for.
[Pietro] In a way, each on our own,
we were all a bit broken.
Giulio, Daniele, Isabel, Monica, Mirko,
and Livia and I as well.
But look at us. Now, we're one.
Do the guys from 3D
really think they can beat us?
No way.
And even though I'm not playing,
I'll be the loudest of all from the bench.
Go, guys! Whoo!
- Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
- [Pietro] Well
- Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
- after Silverio.
[all chanting] Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
Let's go, 2D!
Let's go, 2D!
[Pietro] It's the final.
It's time to really show who we are.
We're class 2D.
And always will be.
- [cheering]
- Okay, guys. Are you ready?
Let's get it started.
- Let's go, guys!
- Yeah, come on!
- Yes!
- Yeah!
- Come on!
- Let's go!
- Oh, yeah!
- Good shot!
[Silverio] 2D!
- [Giulio] No, no, no, no, no!
- [cheering]
Go on, line up on the floor, guys! Yeah!
- Aw, come on.
- Come on.
- Come on! Pass, pass!
- Let's go!
- [Monica] Come on!
- [Livia] Yes!
Tip the ball!
- Yes!
- [cheering]!
That's my girl! Go, Isa!
At our first game,
I thought she'd never be cheering for us.
[Pietro] The guys from 3D
are fighting back hard, for sure.
It's too close to call it.
We score one, and they score the next.
That's right! Pick him out!
Pick him out, Giulio!
[Silverio] Come on, come on!
Yeah, what?
- [crowd cheering]
- [Isabel] Yes!
Mark Matteo!
Oh, come on!
[crowd cheering]
[horn sounds]
Let's take a timeout.
This is our game, and it's time to win it.
As a team, come on.
[Pietro and Giulio] One, two, three
[team] Hey, 2D, go win!
[blows whistle]
[coach] Let's get back at it!
2D VS 3D
Okay. Second half starts now.
[Giulio] Go, Isa!
2D VS 3D
21- 31
[Pietro] Dang it!
We got distracted for a second
and they immediately scored a few points.
If 3D keeps going like this,
we'll never catch up.
[upbeat music playing]
Hey, guys, here's somethin' for you!
- Yes!
- With me in the zone ♪
[Pietro] Nice assist, Silverio.
That's Mirko's song!
Original champions, yip yip ♪
Friends ♪
When I'm alone, I start dreaming ♪
Now I got music all around me
Surrounding ♪
I'm fine on the island
I already feel great here ♪
It's so exciting, I do some slam dunks
We're gonna win the trophy ♪
Yeah, if I wanna see it again
Put on the replay ♪
I'm the only one who wants
To listen to rap ♪
- You got it!
- Go!
- And we'll win the world championship ♪
- Friends ♪
- We have a special relationship ♪
- Friends ♪
[cheering] Yes!
Friends ♪
- And we'll win the world championship ♪
- Friends ♪
All right! Yeah, Giulio, you got this!
- No one can match us, don't flip ♪
- Friends ♪
Go, Isa!
- We have a special relationship ♪
- Friends ♪
- No one can match us, don't trip ♪
- Friends ♪
- Original champions, yip, yip ♪
- Friends ♪
[Pietro] Yes!
[Pietro] The game is tied!
[Michele] Giulio!
- [grunting]
- Sh.
- [groans]
- You better be cool. That was your fault.
- Now he took out Michele?
- [whistle blows]
[coach] Guys, hold on.
- Hold on.
- Mm?
He just can never play fair.
He should be ashamed of himself.
What happened, Michele?
- What happened?
- A foul?
I I tripped and hurt myself.
Wait, ref!
- What's happening?
- Whoa!
What's he doing?
[groans] I'm done for sure!
Okay, then, let's get him off the court.
Careful, though.
If he's coming out, then I'm going in.
- What, for real?
- [Daniele] Are you sure you can play?
Let's see. I have to try.
- [coach] All right.
- Okay! [chuckles]
[coach] Come on, let's continue, guys.
[Michele gasping]
Will we win?
I have no idea.
But, you know
what matters is giving it my all.
Go, Pietro!
[Livia clapping]
[Pietro] There's a few seconds left
in the game.
Enough for one last shot.
Just one.
Either we win, or we'll be remembered
as the biggest losers on the island.
Please! Oh, please!
[victorious music playing]
[all chanting] Let's go, 2D!
Let's go, 2D!!
Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
Let's go, 2D! Let's go, 2D!
[2D cheering and chanting]
[Pietro sighs] Wait.
Is your mom coming to get you?
No, I never called.
But I can make it home.
Or I'll go to Pac's house.
Maybe if he wasn't still celebrating
with the rest of 2D.
- Well, he does deserve it.
- [chuckles]
I'm not that far from home.
And yeah. I should give you space.
Because for you, I'm just a friend.
But for me, it's not like that.
Oh, well. I'll get over it.
Come on, let's go.
[tender music playing]
- That''s not what friends should do.
- I know, but
How about that?
Life keeps getting better!
Now, together, we have to save our school.
["Isole" playing]
Ti conosco da una vita
Dalla terza elementare ♪
Io sempre in ritardo
Tu invece sempre puntuale ♪
Sotto un temporale
Sopra un regionale ♪
Pensare che andrò all'estero
Ammetto che mi fa male ♪
So che mi starai vicino
Quando avremo tutti contro ♪
Che non mi crederai se ti dirò
Che è tutto a posto ♪
C'è un patto di sangue
Non è scritto con l'inchiostro, aah ♪
Ti voglio bene ♪
Ahi-ah-ahi ♪
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Isole ♪
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