Di4ri (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

[in Italian] You know ♪
[both join in] That for you ♪
There's a space in my head ♪
Which takes over ♪
Every other thought I have ♪
Ooh ♪
[song continues in Italian]
[gentle piano music playing]
[Pietro] I had the perfect summer.
I spent it with the perfect girl.
And here they are. All my friends.
We fought side by side
and stayed in our old school.
Now everything's perfect!
[Giulio] Pietro. Pietro, wake up!
[record scratch]
[echoing] Let's go, Pietro.
We gotta leave.
We are super late.
Hurry up!
[Pietro] Everything's far from perfect.
I'm living my worst nightmare.
First day in Marina Grande.
I really wish it was the last one.
[theme music playing]
Uh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
♪And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
♪You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
- Hey, let's move. Come on.
- Yes, let's go.
[suspenseful music playing]
Great. Now we're lost.
It's over there! Run!
[principal] I'm happy to see you all
But but where are your manners?
You don't even knock?
Why are you late, boys?
If we had stayed in Marina Piccola,
we'd have been on time.
- Maggi!
- [Pietro] Yes, sir.
Paccagnini, why are you barefoot?
- [giggling]
- Shush, quiet.
It must've slipped off.
Put it back on right now.
Paccagnini, stop being foolish
and playing the clown.
You barely passed last year.
[Pietro] So in the end,
we're all in the same class.
A bit changed, more grown-up,
but it's still us.
And that girl with the blue hair?
Who is she?
[gentle piano music playing]
I missed her so much.
- [principal] We got off on the wrong foot.
- It's because of the shoe.
Go take a seat. Silence.
And put the shoe back on.
- Maggi?
- [record scratch]
Are you here?
- Yes.
- Where are you going? Where are you going?
You don't believe
you'll sit at the same desk?
No, no, no, no.
You'll sit in front with Isabel.
- Monica, please
- But, Principal
Monica, go sit with Paccagnini.
As you can see,
I've decided to put you in the same class,
even in this new school,
despite what you did last year.
What happened at Marina Piccola
was unacceptable.
Livia is so beautiful.
[gentle piano music playing]
I've never witnessed anything like
that during my career as a principal.
We ended up in the papers, huh?
- She won't talk to me. She's still upset.
- [principal] I'm watching you.
The first sign of trouble,
there will be consequences.
Am I clear, Maggi?
Yes. Yes.
[upbeat music playing]
[school bell rings]
How do you like the crowd
in Marina Grande?
I just see ugly faces.
But the only one I care about is Livia.
You never know how things will turn out.
Take Isabel and Michele.
They went out together,
but it didn't work out.
As for Giulio and Arianna,
a miracle happened.
They've been together
for three months now.
I bet she'll be the one to break the kiss.
Okay. I won't make any more bets.
This school sucks, doesn't it?
Like a horror film.
Hey. Dani, you never get tired of dancing?
- That's all you did on vacation.
- Why should I get tired?
- I found my talent, you know?
- [Isabel laughs]
You know who also moves great? Look.
The Xmob. A group from Marina Grande.
Hey, guys, in case you don't know her,
this is Bianca, my cousin.
- [Isabel] Hi.
- Do you see the resemblance?
- Right?
- [Bianca] Sure. You wish!
[Giulio] We're like twins!
Her mother is a coach, she's amazing.
She's at Stella Marina,
a really cool team.
Anyway, the thing is,
she moved here to spend time with me.
- Your dear little cousin.
- [laughs] Cut it out!
- [Isabel] Too far, man.
- Hey, Bianca.
I'm happy to see you.
We haven't seen each other since
- Well more like first grade.
- Mmm.
But you didn't look like this.
- You either.
- [Pietro] And?
How does being marooned on an island feel?
You miss the mainland?
This is awesome. I couldn't wait.
I hope I can live here
the rest of my life!
- Let's not go overboard
- I agree. You'll get tired of it.
- No, no. No!
- [Daniele] Yes. You will, though.
- [Bianca] I won't.
- [Isabel] Just wait.
- [Bianca] Not gonna happen!
- [Isabel] Trust me.
- [Daniele] You'll see!
- [Giulio] I don't think she will.
[Daniele] Yes, she will!
- I'm Mirko.
- Bianca.
- I'm Daniele.
- I'm Michele.
Hey, Livia.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're not gonna say hi
to the newbie, Bianca?
Why? I already met her.
She's my desk mate, Pietro.
Oh, right.
So, tell me, how was it in London?
Did you enjoy it?
Brilliant. I had a lot of fun.
And I, uh also really like your hair.
It suits you.
You're a different person.
Yeah, but I guess
you haven't changed a bit, am I right?
- Hiya, Liv.
- Hiya, girls.
What's this "hiya" thing?
That's how we say "hi" in London.
We all studied there this summer.
Anyway, this is Sara and Katia.
Oh. Sure. Nice meeting you. Pietro.
And, by the way, I know her.
Oh. For real?
Well, yeah. It's a long story.
Your hair looks great.
You finally changed it.
- Yes, I tried the color and I liked it.
- Mm-hmm?
So I decided to dye it.
Very original. I love it.
Unlike your friend over there,
who's certainly copied my style.
Or maybe you copied her.
Yeah, sure.
- Let's move. Coming?
- [Livia] Yes.
3A. She's absolutely unbearable.
Thanks! I love your hair.
- [Monica] Let's go to class.
- Yes, we're gonna be late.
She'll get over it.
Knowing her, I doubt it.
But no, I'm not quitting.
[school bell rings]
[Pietro] Come on, I'll give you a push.
- [Giulio] Okay, let's do it!
- Three, two, one! [grunts]
- [chuckles]
- Okay, let's go!
[Pietro] If this was the first day
of school, I can't wait for the rest!
I wish I had a motorcycle
to escape far away,
somewhere with no principal,
no Katia, or no parents.
Some place Livia wants to be with me.
I wish I could make things
go back to the way they were.
Like scoring a three-pointer at the last
minute that makes you win the game.
- I can't believe that's Power! Hey!
- [Pietro] Who?
He's an amazing gamer.
Come on, lock it. Hurry!
I didn't have time to reach him.
Sorry, buddy.
- Tell me I'm not dreaming, please.
- I don't think so, why?
Ah! No, I'm not dreaming.
Damn it, man. He's my hero.
There's so much I'd like to ask him.
Anyway, I think you're going
way too far with this gaming.
No way!
You spent the whole summer at it.
Look how pale you are.
You don't get it.
I found this programming software
that helps me write the games.
I'll show you later.
- Actually, we have other plans.
- Yeah, sure.
- But what?
- [chuckles]
["The Queen" by Jasmine J Walker playing]
The people really wanna know
Who I is and who I be ♪
They stop and stare when they see me
If I said it once no need to repeat ♪
I am the boss, I am the Don
I am the one they call lucky charm ♪
Got my own shit
I don't need your farm ♪
Life was so hard it made me weep ♪
Built to last, this girl ain't weak ♪
Sturdy and still when I plant my feet
Got it out the mud, now it's racks in ♪
[song ends]
It's so cool your mom
let you put up a hoop.
Yeah. Do you like it?
I'm sure she let me do it because
she felt bad for selling the old house.
[Giulio] That's a pity.
I loved that house.
Tell me about it.
- But there's the sea, man.
- What do you mean?
We're on an island.
The sea is everywhere.
As usual, they decided something
important without telling me anything.
They just wanna bribe me
with a nice house and a beautiful view.
But this time, that won't work.
Believe me, I'm gonna be outta here soon.
- Promise we won't be like them.
- No.
We'll never be like them.
[upbeat music playing]
[Giulio] Pass it.
Hey, that's enough already.
You have tryouts for the NBA, so relax.
[scoffs] You're so lame.
Stella Marina is a great team.
And, you know, I love basketball!
[phone chimes]
What is that?
Uh, it's a reminder that in one hour,
I have to be at Arianna's.
But why so in advance?
She lives around the corner.
Well, I have to prepare myself mentally.
It'll go off again soon.
Giulio, all good with Arianna?
I guess
Well, I'm not sure.
It's just, after the vacation,
she's felt a bit
You know, the new school,
the exams at the end of the year
She's anxious.
She has a point, don't you think?
Well, she counts on me.
But I'm not sure I like being a couple.
Wait, you must be kidding.
So you have gone through
all that mess to get her,
but you've had enough already?
- [laughs]
- Well, I mean, kinda.
[mellow electronic music playing]
[Mirko, in Italian] I look into
The mirror and get lost in the sea ♪
A tear falls but it cannot stop time ♪
I think back to how far
We've all come together ♪
With only the song of the sirens ♪
So, what?
I greet my classmates, my friends
The moments ♪
- Awesome beat.
- I agree, it's the bomb!
You think something's missing?
- Cut it out, Mirko. It's great!
- It's great.
Guys, can I get your attention?
- What about adding a second voice?
- It's something important.
[intriguing music playing]
[Katia] We know you didn't wanna be
transferred here.
And that probably, you don't even like us.
Right, Pietro?
- What's that about?
- [Katia] But you're here now.
So maybe we could try and be friends?
It's a tradition that 3A at Marina Grande
throws a kickoff party.
- It'll be in my yard.
- [girl] A party?
And that's why we ask for a small
contribution to participate. You in?
- Of course.
- How much would that be?
Contributions are open.
- [Isabel] The whole school?
- What to do?
- [Katia] Yeah!
- [girl] We'll have fun.
- [boy] At least we'll dance.
- [girl] Party of the year!
- Hmm, I'm in.
- [girl] Sounds fun.
- [Sara] Great.
- [boy] There'll be food?
- You coming?
- [Katia] Yes.
- Will there be music?
- Absolutely, yes.
We'll have a blast, you'll see.
- Here you go.
- What about you guys?
- [boy] Sounds like fun!
- [laughing]
[Katia] And you?
I wonder what Livia sees in her.
I'm completely lost.
[school bell rings]
[pensive music playing]
What's up?
Well, nothing. I'm just grabbing the bike,
so we can ride together.
[scoffs] You're dreaming.
I see that people in Marina Grande have
a soft spot for you.
To me, it's like
they invited everyone, right?
But there's something that feels off.
Same with you.
There's something that feels off.
[sighs] Wait a minute.
I know you're still mad at me.
And you're right.
I messed up with that bet.
But I was thinking that
speaking would be nice.
I doubt that'll be easy.
I know. Just gotta want it.
That's the point.
- [woman] Good morning, class.
- [class] Good morning.
You can call me Professor Abate.
I'm your literature, history
and geography teacher this year.
Let's start our program
discussing two literary movements
that developed between the late 1700s
and the early 1800s.
Enlightenment and romanticism.
Two very different
Give her time.
[Abate] We will now go over
their main characteristics
Do you think she just needs time?
I'm sure she misses you.
[Abate] Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is mostly based on reason,
and the exploration
- Got a long day today.
- of the scientific process
I have a tryout for
a big basketball team in the afternoon.
And I'm nervous.
- [Abate] Romanticism
- But Giulio said he'll come with me.
Yeah, yeah, today.
- on feelings
- Giulio! Not today, bro!
[Giulio] Why?
We scheduled a Caribbean dance class
for our monthiversary?
I found out I might be busy.
- You are. With me.
- [Abate] Romanticism highlights
deep emotions of human nature
- The exultation of the
- Pietro.
freedom of the artist.
What's going on with you?
Focus, please. Will you be quiet?
As we were saying.
- Romanticism exalts the nature of mankind.
- Pietro.
- His inner workings
- Pietro, don't worry. I'll handle this.
[Abate bangs table]
[school bell rings]
[upbeat music playing]
[woman] Good afternoon, guys.
We need new blood in our team.
Today's tryouts are your only shot
to join the Stella Marina.
- We're glad so many of you
- Just perfect.
There's another guy from Marina Grande.
We know you're all very proficient.
Otherwise, we wouldn't
have called you here.
Unfortunately, there's only
one spot left on our team.
So, we'll start with a one-on-one.
You must play fair and with a clear head.
[high-pitched ringing]
My name is Emma, and I'll be your coach.
[mouths] Come on, Pietro!
I'm happy she's cheering me on.
Let's move. Choose someone and pair up.
Boys, game on!
[whistle blares]
You and I?
[adventurous music playing]
[Emma] Come on, Pietro. Focus.
Again. Boost that energy! All in!
- [applause]
- Good.
[mysterious music playing]
Come on!
Do it again!
Go, Roby.
- [applause]
- Well done, Roby. Good one.
- [applause]
- [Roby] Good job.
[Emma] Come on, Roby.
[music ends]
[Roby] You're a strong player.
[Pietro] Huh?
You're good.
Thanks. And you're not bad either.
[chuckles] I'm serious.
You got me sweating, dude.
I'm Roby.
Your hand is quite sweaty, too.
Yeah, but you're the nervous one.
Your girlfriend's nervous too.
She really cares, right?
She's not my girl.
Happy to hear it.
I don't wanna fight over a girl
with someone on my team.
- You're very sure of yourself.
- Yeah, quite sure.
We're the best ones. How much
you wanna bet they'll get us both?
- She said they'll only pick one.
- We'll see.
And her?
She'll be cheering for us both.
But specially for me.
[Emma] Well done, guys. You did great.
But I've already made my choice.
Roby, you're in.
Good job, boys.
You played very well.
- Are you happy?
- Yeah.
But the reason I did so well was because
Pietro's a great sparring partner.
It'll be great if you brought him in.
Good team spirit. Bravo.
And, Pietro not bad either.
I buy it. I'm taking you on trial.
See you at practice.
[upbeat music playing]
Are you serious?
All thanks to someone from Marina Grande?
Be advised, it won't be easy.
Our team works very hard.
You have to earn your place in it.
Being good won't be enough.
I expect commitment and discipline.
- You got it?
- Yes.
[chuckles] Okay. Good job.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you so much.
[Roby chuckles]
- Well
- I'm so sorry.
- About what? I made it!
- You made it?
- [laughs]
- Oh, you're both in?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh my God, that's great, guys!
- I'm Roby, by the way.
- Isabel.
- See you around school?
- Sure thing.
- See you at practice?
- [Pietro] Yes.
Someone made an impression!
Well, you know.
- I'm not sure I do.
- Course you do!
- [Isabel] No, what are you saying?
- [Pietro] Come on
Hey, Pietro!
- Oh, hi.
- How are you?
I'm dope, thanks.
- You?
- Sure, I'm great.
You know, my mom has been talking
about you nonstop for the past two days,
and how she picked you for Stella Marina.
I'm hoping
she doesn't wanna kick me out already.
I swear she's more strict as a mother
than a basketball coach.
She seems tough. But I like her.
Well, we could always trade parents.
You say that because you don't know mine.
Trust me.
[school bell rings]
So, if, maybe, one of these days,
I don't know, you wanna escape
from your parents with me,
maybe just give me a call?
- You mean it?
- Yes.
[both chuckle]
- There.
- I decided. No more Arianna.
You're crazy.
She's gonna kill you.
- Oh-ho!
- [chuckles]
People change. Actually,
who in the world likes Caribbean dances?
I'm pretty sure
I'm gonna be better off single.
So, the other day, you were serious?
Well, if that's what you feel,
you should tell her.
But how? Thanks.
Arianna will listen to you.
She's better than Livia.
I'm sorry for the two of you.
- Don't be.
- Look. Maybe, at the party,
you guys could try and make peace.
You think so?
[Giulio] The party will be chill,
she'll be in a good mood.
All right.
Let's figure this out.
I'll speak to Livia
if you speak to Arianna.
We have a pact.
- It's set.
- Look here.
- Wow!
- Oh-ho-ho!
Right there! Between the eyes. Boom!
Another pact with Giulio.
Hope for the best.
How about I wear this
for the party tonight?
- Amazing. So pretty!
- You sure? Isn't it a bit too fancy?
- Nope, why?
- Wait a second. Isa!
Look. Do you think
this dress is okay for the party or
- Too much?
- No. That's fine.
- I think you'll be very pretty.
- Okay.
[phone chimes]
A text from Manuel.
For being just a summer crush,
this Manuel won't give up on you, huh?
He's amazing! Look.
- He's cute.
- Aren't you just buddies?
For now.
- Ah!
- [Arianna giggles]
Tonight, we're going to the party
together. You in?
Um, I actually told Katia
I'd help her with everything, so I can't.
- Forget about it, we'll see you there.
- Sure.
By the way, can't dyes
damage your hair badly?
It's fine by me, I'll take the risk.
I'm happy like this.
I mean, bro
- You look good.
- I get the point.
- You prefer it like before.
- No
- No, no, no. Absolutely not.
- [Monica] No, no.
- It's just weird seeing you in blue.
- A bit.
- I have to agree.
- [Isabel] Exactly.
I don't mind. Better get used to it,
because it'll be like this all year.
- [Monica] Oh.
- Hmm.
[Arianna] Uh, okay.
Miniskirt on, dip my body in glitter
Pat, pat ♪
Foreign sneakers
All the boys want a picture ♪
[pop music playing]
Can you guys hear the music? It's loud!
Oh, for sure, but if they keep it
that loud, they'll have complaints.
- I don't think so, it's still early.
- Where's Silverio?
- I like your shoes.
- [Michele] He always misses parties.
- [Bianca] Thanks. I'll fall!
- [Arianna] Look, decorations!
- [Monica] Worth it.
- Amped-up music.
- [Bianca] Absolutely!
- [Arianna] Hey, guys? What is that?
What's that sign?
[Giulio] "No entry
if you're from Marina Piccola"?
- This is definitely Katia.
- [Arianna] No way, seriously?
[Isabel] This is too much, even for her.
- [Arianna] How can you even think of that?
- [Isabel] Absurd!
Them blue bills in my wallet, yeah ♪
Okay, can't complain
Winning comes with pain ♪
I've been through it
They don't understand ♪
- For me to die is gain ♪
- Oh, it's the flock!
What's this all about?
- Can't you read?
- Who the heck do you think you are?
Why are you wearing that thing?
[tense beat playing]
- What's that? It's already Halloween?
- Are you for real?
- Katia, just stop. Mmm?
- How can you be so mean?
Anyway, we paid for this.
You have to let us in.
- He's right!
- [Monica] Exactly.
- [Pietro] The sign's a disgrace.
- [Giulio] Yeah.
- How could you?
- You'll regret this.
- Are you serious right now?
- [Pietro] You know what?
Actually, we prefer to leave.
Better than staying with people like you.
You're all so serious.
It's just a joke, guys.
It wasn't funny.
That way, you'll learn
what a real party is.
If we come in,
it'll be like this all night.
I don't wanna give them
that satisfaction. Honestly.
- Me neither.
- Neither do I.
- No.
- Thank you.
- Get me Livia.
- She'll help you? Are you sure?
So, get inside now, or get out.
I'm starting to get tired.
We're out.
- [Arianna] Yeah.
- It's your loss. But a gain for me.
[Pietro] Come on. We'll do something else.
If you wanna touch man
Please use caution ♪
Stop that ♪
[Isabel] Wow!
- [Pietro] Oh my God!
- [Monica] Seriously?
- [Arianna] Wow!
- Welcome to the Bonfire!
- Whoa, look at this!
- Whoo!
- Give it up for Bianca!
- Giulio, would you give me a hand?
[Giulio] Yes, coming
Guys, for the music,
there should be a speaker back there.
[jaunty music playing]
- Be careful. There should be more here.
- [Arianna] Of course.
- [Isabel] Sure we can have them?
- [Bianca] Sure!
- Auntie won't get mad?
- [Arianna] Isa!
- No, it's on the house!
- [Isabel] Coming!
Great, Auntie!
- Then pass me something to drink.
- [Bianca] Here.
- Great. Thanks.
- [Bianca] Hold on, I'll help.
- Sure. Take this.
- Thanks.
[Pietro] How about
we put the tables together?
- [Isabel] Yeah. Here you go.
- [Pietro] Okay.
- [Monica] Want help?
- [Pietro] Sure.
- [Mirko] Hey, we got the speaker.
- Amazing!
- Mirko, I want you pumped tonight.
- Bianca, where did you get these?
- Wanna use my playlist?
- Of course! It's the best one.
- Guys, what about the music?
- [Isabel] I don't want anything sad.
- Let's put on some hip-hop.
- Get some ice?
Well, if we're in the mood,
we could play guitar on the beach.
Oh, that's a great plan.
Now we eatin' steak
Remember sleepin' on the floor? ♪
Oh! All right, okay
- [Monica] Totally. Can you pour me some?
- Yeah.
- Hey, this place is rad.
- Well, it's not mine.
It belongs to my moms.
- The decoration is awesome.
- Yeah, it's nice.
And what about Livia?
- It's sent, but she hasn't read it yet.
- I have this playlist
- Giulio!
- 'Cause the good die young ♪
Yeah, the good die young
I don't wanna live ♪
You wanna go for a walk together?
- Die too young ♪
- [mouths]
Well, actually, we should talk.
- Okay. Go. Go!
Don't know what it is they see in me ♪
- Guys, shall we dance?
- [Isabel] Yeah!
- [Bianca] Yeah, sure! Come on!
- Tell me I should leave ♪
I see the bigger picture
And it's way bigger than me ♪
Can't be livin' like a king ♪
Do you remember
our first picnic on the beach?
Well how couldn't I remember?
Yeah. I'm always thinking about that day.
The day that I found a real friend.
For me, that's who you are.
And that's who you'll always be.
I'm confused.
I think you and me,
we're just not meant to be.
Yeah, we've tried, but
Look, Giulio.
We might be better as friends.
Well, but
Yes, I I know
this has to be disappointing.
And if you believe
I was out of your league
you may be right, but that's life.
I hope one day
you'll come to terms with it,
and maybe even forgive me.
Oh, what did you wanna tell me?
Oh. You know, I totally forgot.
Well, let's go back in
and check on the others.
Come on.
[Isabel] This is perfect.
[Pietro] So?
She called it quits.
We're idiots, how could
we forget the marshmallows?
Yeah, we really are.
- But how come?
- [mumbles]
- [Monica] An old classic. Something nice.
- Much better, no?
Well, I mean I'm kind of bummed out.
- Nah, come on! Stop it!
- Ah!
- Come on!
- Okay.
- Then, guys? What song did you choose?
- I think I've come up with an idea.
- Sing it.
- Fantastic.
[in Italian] If you saw me crying ♪
You'll know
It was just an optical illusion ♪
I was just wiping the seawater
Out of my eyes ♪
[all joining in] Because sometimes
To move on, you know ♪
To move on, you know ♪
You have to let go ♪
Of old memories ♪
You ask me how I'm doing
But I won't tell you ♪
The game we used to play
Was to never talk ♪
Like two serial killers ♪
Being interrogated by the FBI ♪
And who are you gonna tell ♪
- Hi.
- Hello.
All your secrets to? ♪
Your name is still my Wi-Fi password ♪
And who knows if you know ♪
Please don't cry ♪
And don't get too upset ♪
Because we've known each other well ♪
Since first grade ♪
And I'd write down all my secrets ♪
With a white crayon in my diary ♪
Hoping you would come
And color them in ♪
And I swear, I'm still waiting ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh ♪
- [Isabel] Whoo!
- Bravo!
[Monica] Yeah!
- Bravo!
- Great!
[Isabel] Bravo!
I feel so lucky to be in this class.
You're so amazing!
- You better say that louder.
- But what were you up to, Livia?
I was waiting for you at the party.
So, what happened to you?
Katia welcomed us with a sign on the door.
"No entry if you're from Marina Piccola."
At the door?
- Nah, that's not possible.
- Yeah, it is.
- Yeah, and everybody saw it.
- Yeah, but she said you didn't go inside.
What would you have done,
with that sign at the door?
Mmm probably, that was just a joke.
You could've ignored it.
I know Katia much better than you.
Believe me.
You've not spent
the whole summer with her like me.
All right, but why do we care about Katia?
Put us first.
This is our last year together.
We'll go to different schools.
- [Isabel] I can't think about it.
- Right.
- [Monica] Me either.
- I'm gonna miss my friends.
But why do we have to do things by force?
Even if we don't feel like it?
What about last year?
We never thought
we could still be all together.
What happened?
[Monica] Yes,
but this is a different situation.
[Giulio] Yeah, it is.
Yes, but we're the same people!
Yo. I have an idea.
- [Isabel] What?
- Let's hear it.
We should apply to the same high school.
- [Arianna] Right!
- Come again? [laughs]
Actually, all in the same class
of the same high school.
- [Michele] Come on!
- You serious?
- [Daniele] What?
- [Monica] This is crazy.
- [Arianna] I don't know about that.
- I'm not kidding. I'm serious!
How can you be serious
with something like that?
[Monica] This doesn't make sense.
If by any chance we did this,
for sure we'd do classical studies.
- I told you I'm doing that!
- I'm not sure.
Classical studies?
- But no one has done this before.
- [Michele] You're right, no one has.
Well, even better.
We'll be the first ones.
I can already tell you
that my father won't agree.
But yeah, it'd be super cool.
- Let's all study computer science!
- No way!
- [Monica] Computer science?
- Guys, this is foolish.
We're never gonna find
a school that suits all of us.
What about the science high school
in Marina Grande?
It's perfect.
Well, for me, at this point
- What's important is being together.
- Right. Sure!
We should give it a try, you know?
[Pietro] It's true.
- Our idea is madness.
- Oh, maybe!
- [laughter]
- Just a bit.
But try to think, just for a moment,
about how much we've learned
by spending so much time together.
Isn't that just as important as what we've
learned from our books and our teachers?
I believe it is.
I know, it's really crazy.
- Yeah.
- [Livia] Yes. Really.
And, probably,
nobody would give this a try.
But we're 3D.
[Giulio] In 3D we stay,
we're not going away!
[all] In 3D we stay, we're not going away!
In 3D we stay, we're not going away!
In 3D we stay, we're not going away!
- Man, our plan is amazing!
- [Monica] Come on, guys.
This is still foolish, remember? Right?
- Yes, it is.
- [Isabel] No, it is, but
Pietro was right about
occupying the school.
Maybe he's right about this.
I propose a pact.
We all go to the scientific high school.
That way, we stay together.
- [Isabel] A pact?
- Well, it's crazy but I'm in.
The Pact of the Bonfire!
[all] The Pact of the Bonfire!
- [laughter]
- I can't believe this.
By the way, I also did it for Silverio.
- Ah!
- Silverio!
[in Italian]
In my diary, I write about ♪
How I don't have the courage ♪
To tell you that I like you
I'd print it out for you ♪
I, I, I, I like you
I, I, I, I like you ♪
[song fades]
- [Isabel] Night!
- [Monica] Bye!
- [Pietro] Thank you!
- [Giulio] See you tomorrow!
- [Daniele] We're leaving too?
- [Livia] Let's go home. It's late. Bye!
- [Pietro] See ya!
- See you!
Where should I put these?
[Bianca] You can leave them there.
Pietro, you've been really nice.
- Sticking around to help me tidy up.
- No, no problem.
Maybe you could put a good word in for me
with your mother.
[chuckles] Yeah, sure. Count on it.
According to my mom, I'm a disaster.
She always complains.
But, listen. Remember my offer
of running away? It's still on the table.
I may be game for it.
What about this? At the back?
[tense music playing]
[Pietro] No! Livia!
What now?
[in Italian] I'd like to tell you
This isn't the end ♪
But the start of a trip
And we'll never disembark ♪
Nothing stays the same
Except the best of folk ♪
It's an onboard diary of the heart ♪
In which we promise
To never separate in the dark ♪
Like drops in the ocean
We are the same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end
No, it's not ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end
No, it's not ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
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