Di4ri (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Look which road I have to take
to avoid bumping into Pietro.
I still can't believe he kissed Bianca.
Right when I was thinking
about talking to him again.
How stupid of me.
That's enough.
I won't let anyone fool me again.
Not even Katia and Sara.
Why did you put up that sign at the party?
Did your friends tell you that?
- Yes.
- And you believe them?
Yes, they're my friends.
That sign was really offensive.
And pretty stupid.
I don't appreciate this.
Same with me.
In fact, I'm really mad
at the guys who wrote it.
Oh. Is that true?
But why don't you believe us?
Why are your friends so eager
to bad-mouth us?
Starting with Pietro.
Has Pietro said anything about me?
Things don't need to be said
I heard how he treated you the other day
in the hallway. Not great, huh?
But Pietro and I are over.
We won't let the guys push us around.
All right. Katia, come on.
School is that way, girls.
We thought that today is too beautiful
to be stuck in school.
What are you doing?
Are they going to skip school?
- Pass me the brush?
- Sure.
Do we have to do it right here,
where everyone can see us?
Uh, isn't that the point?
And your mom, what's she gonna think?
That a hairdresser came to school?
She believes everything you tell her.
She always gets home so late.
I'll come up with something.
To her, I'm invisible.
Same with my mother. I'm transparent.
- She only cares for my sister.
- At least you have a sister.
- Liv! Isn't that your dad?
- Where?
You're idiots. You almost killed me.
Let me not to the marriage
of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
- That looks on tempests
- Isa.
- and is never shaken
- Where's Livia?
- It is the star to wandering
- Not sure.
- She told me to say she's sick.
- Whose worth's unknown,
- although his height be taken.
- Oh.
- Love's not Time's fool
- I hope to clear the air after that kiss.
though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come
- Love alters not
- Maybe she skipped class to avoid me?
- Maybe. You'll have to speak eventually.
- But bears it out
- even to the edge of doom.
- Easy for you to say.
No, it's not.
- I'm sure when you talk, it'll work out.
- If this be error
I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd.
I never believed it'd be easier
to make the basketball team
- than speak to Livia.
- Sonnet 116.
- By William Shakespeare.
- Try not to mess that up too.
- For next class, explore themes
- Yeah, I'll try. Listen.
Have you seen Katia today around school?
- Once again, Sonnet 116
- No, why?
- Never mind.
- by William Shakespeare.
Next class, guys, I want you to explore
the themes of this, uh, sonnet.
It talks about time, and love.
Katia's a real genius.
She knows how to enjoy life.
Was that the bell?
I think so.
Who is it?
I don't know. Livia, can you go?
Maybe it's my neighbor. I don't want
to talk to him, I don't like him.
Please, tell him you're my cousin.
That way he'll leave.
Your cousin? You bet.
Pietro? What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Why didn't you come to school today?
Not your business.
Katia convinced you to skip school, right?
Oh, please cut it out. What's this about?
I'm here for my father.
This is his new girlfriend's house.
They leave tomorrow.
And he forgot this.
Wait, the mother of Katia
I'm pretty lucky, huh?
Could you give it to your friend?
So, your future sister, huh?
Ha, ha! Very, very funny!
- You're gonna make me pay, right?
- Pay for what?
You know what.
But it was Bianca who kissed me.
I'm not interested.
Always the same excuses.
Aren't you ashamed?
Ashamed of what? The truth?
Look, I'm interested in you.
Pietro, we're not a couple anymore.
So you can kiss whoever you want.
Me too, for that matter.
Um, is there someone else?
You'll need credentials
to justify your absence.
I know.
I hadn't thought about that.
But I don't need help from him, anyway.
- Paola Nassi?
- Present.
Salvatore Bonanno?
- Present.
- Do you need the notes from yesterday?
Ludovica Cardarelli?
- No. I'll get them from Isa.
- Present.
- Isabel Diop?
- It's okay. Last year, I had an absence.
- Marco Ferrucci.
- I can help.
- I don't need your help.
- Present.
Bianca Laremi?
Pietro Maggi?
- Livia Mancini?
- Present.
Livia, I see you didn't justify
your absence yesterday.
Wait, let me double-check.
Uh, no.
You have to ask your mom to write a note
justifying it. By tomorrow, okay?
- And Mirko Valenti.
- I'm safe.
- Present.
- At least for now.
Well, let's pick up our history lesson
Pietro's an idiot,
but he'd never tell on me.
- We're going to ancient Greece.
- If he tells Giulio, he won't shut up.
- To the time of big philosophers.
- If I get caught, it'll be a mess.
Which means we're going
to turn back the clock a little.
Livia, wait!
Listen, I'm What do we do?
Don't worry, I can handle this myself.
But you're mad about Pietro, right?
Why does everybody talk about him?
I didn't know you were together,
or I wouldn't have kissed him.
And that stupid Giulio,
he could've told me.
You know my funny cousin.
But seriously, I'd hate it
if this became a problem between us.
There's no problem.
Pietro and I split up.
He can do whatever he wants.
Hey, but it meant nothing at all.
I swear to you.
What do you mean?
Um, it was the moment.
An impulse, see?
So I'm not searching for a boyfriend.
I'm not interested.
But let's talk about something serious.
You know how to justify an absence
- No.
- Hmm.
Do you have
the credentials for access?
I'll come over tonight
and we'll solve it together. Okay?
I know that probably, for you, it's hard
to believe me, but for real, trust me.
I don't know who to trust anymore.
Bianca says the kiss meant nothing.
Pietro says she kissed him.
And if that wasn't enough,
Pietro says Katia put up
that stupid sign at the party.
And Katia says she didn't do it,
Who's telling the truth? I hate this!
So, our parents don't remember
the credentials.
They're too busy for that.
I figure! My mother can't
even remember my date of birth.
That's perfect. So, either she printed out
the email from the secretary,
or she's written it down somewhere.
- What if she has it on her phone?
- Then you're busted.
I don't wanna think about that.
- I've found it!
- Let's try it.
- Try this!
- Wait.
Read it.
Uh, 24, 31, zero, one, zero.
- We made it through!
- It worked?
- Yeah! Excused, girl!
- For real?
- I swear!
- Yes!
Good job!
- Gimme five!
- Yes! Yes!
- Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- It's nothing.
- So my absence is excused?
- Yes, finally!
We've gotta celebrate!
Come here, come here.
- Let's dance, come on!
- Whoo!
- You saved me, Bianca!
- Whoo!
Let's do it like this!
Come on! Jump!
Fifteen. Sixteen.
Sorry, coach.
- So glad you're here.
- Twenty-one
- Our practice is more fun with you.
- Twenty-two.
- Twenty-three.
- I'll help you get with my friend.
- I don't need your compliments.
- Twenty-four.
- But I warn you.
- And twenty-five.
In love, I usually screw up.
Pietro, why were you so late?
No, this isn't funny.
You said you'd be committed.
From now on, I'll be on time.
I'm counting on it.
Thanks for your help.
I'd be in so much trouble without you.
I just did my duty for my desk mate.
And my friend?
And my friend.
You don't know how nervous I got
because you saw us kissing, me and Pietro.
What does she mean?
But wasn't she the one to do it?
- The way you looked at me was
- What, you mean
Um, I looked at you
and it felt like you wanted to slap me.
Hey, I feel like I could still do it!
But are you into someone else?
Oh, now you're so close to me?
So tell me You really kissed Pietro?
He's usually the one
to make the first move.
And he even makes bets about it.
Pietro is a prick, right?
Pietro who?
I don't know any Pietro.
That's the spirit.
You're telling me Isa made you
win the basketball games last year?
She's the best by far.
- Maybe we should play together one day.
- Well, I can beat you with my eyes closed.
I doubt it.
- Anyways, my family's waiting for me.
- Yeah, me too.
- See you.
- Bye.
He's crazy about you.
He's cute.
You like him?
He's fine. Persistent, but not too much.
- We could go out!
- That's great.
He'd be my first boyfriend.
And I I'm ready for love.
Sure, but then you'll break up,
wish you didn't see him anymore,
but you'll see him every day at school.
Look, Livia,
we're gonna go to the Bonfire on Friday.
The whole group, have some fun. You in?
Sure, I'm in. We'll have fun.
Can we talk for a second?
I must've made a mistake
justifying the absence, so he found out.
Be right back.
What does he want?
How have you been?
- Good morning.
- How are you?
- I'm okay.
- Hmm.
I couldn't help notice the color
you put in your hair, it's fancy.
It grabs a lot of attention.
- Is it against the rules?
- No, no, no, no, no, no, it's, uh
Um, uh You've always been
a really good girl, you know?
Don't follow the wrong crowd, Livia.
- Please
- Meaning who?
Well, I mean bad influences
Maggi, for example.
But, to be honest,
Maggi has nothing to do
- Well, I've gotta go.
- Okay.
Be a good girl.
- All right, bye.
- Goodbye.
Again with the story
of the good girl.
It's not enough to dye my hair blue
or skip school?
Maybe, to make everyone
understand that I've changed,
I should run away.
Leave everything behind.
What did he say?
Uh, nothing.
- Hiya, girls.
- A welcome gift from the SuperGirls.
Ah, thanks! But why?
I'm grateful you colored my hair.
But it sucks the color's already faded.
- We'll do it again soon.
- Sure!
Maybe red or violet. Who knows?
Unwrap it.
No! How beautiful. You didn't have to.
Thank you!
Thanks! You must have paid a fortune.
No, don't worry. We haven't paid for it.
Come on, try it.
No, I know it. It's a great scent.
Are you going in? The bell already rang.
If you're in such a hurry, go!
Livia's with us.
Hey, I'm not sure why
you're only hanging out with them lately.
Maybe she doesn't wanna hang out with you.
Come on, quit it.
I mean, we were talking,
then she tells you to go to class?
Jealous and pushy.
- Arianna can be like that, but she's okay.
- Then it's a good thing you met us.
The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1861
caused seven Southern states to secede
and form
the Confederate States of America.
Four more states soon joined them.
Now, the war between the states
Hang on! So, for next time, read page 46.
Analysis and comprehension
of the text about Abraham Lincoln
and the American Civil War.
- Thank you.
- We can do it, prof!
Paccagnini, remember,
the final exam is this year.
What exam?
What the heck? This year?
I'm screwed.
Stop messing around.
See you, teach. Bye!
- Bye!
- See you later!
- So you know, I'm totally cool.
- Forgot to take notes.
- Because I know I'm gonna fail.
- What are you saying?
The Pact of the Bonfire.
That's sacred, huh?
Yeah, you're right.
Sure. We'll be all in the same class
and forever friends!
Raised on the frontier,
primarily in Indiana,
he was self-educated and became a lawyer.
Excuse me?
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
You're welcome. Here you go.
Are you good, Isa? How's it going?
You like the new school?
We kind of preferred our old school
much better.
But, come on, this one is better than
the one in Marina Piccola.
You're gonna love it.
Just give it some time, girls.
All right. I really gotta get going.
- Mmm? I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye.
All right. He was self-educated
and became a lawyer.
A good father, leader
Oh my God this Abraham Lincoln
makes very little sense.
- Maybe I should just skip school.
- Are you kidding?
Making fake excuse notes is
more stressful.
- I did not expect that from you.
- Me neither. But it was entertaining.
I don't know what's so entertaining
about Katia and Sara.
Yeah, you don't appreciate them,
but they're so energetic and fun.
- They're free.
- And we aren't?
We're always doing
the same things, you know?
- We've known each other too long.
- Isn't that the best part?
Why are you so confident
without exploring other options?
For example, take high school.
It could be an occasion
to meet new people, break barriers.
And the Pact of the Bonfire?
You ever dream of transforming
into a new Isa?
Well, yes.
And no, I think I can do it
while keeping all my friends.
I don't know. Maybe we're different.
Cool, okay. All this weird talk
isn't about you moving past Pietro?
Can we move on, please?
Let's continue with Lincoln.
No, I'm being real.
Pietro's still in love with you.
I wish someone were that crazy about me.
And Roby?
Sure, Roby, sure
But Pietro, he's more handsome.
- He's smart, much more fun
- Ah, yes, I get it.
- Look, I'll gladly give him to you.
- That's madness.
Well, maybe just a bit
So, his Gettysburg Address came to be seen
as one of the greatest
and most influential statements
Do you like this?
- This one's gorgeous.
- Why don't you try it on?
- What are you saying?
- We're here anyway!
- Yeah, come on!
- No, my God, it's yours.
Come on! Try it. Go for it.
- Let's go!
- Livia, go and try it on!
- Yeah, it's cute!
- No.
Come on.
You really have a lot of clothes, Katia.
- You like them?
- Yeah!
You got them in London?
- No, they're from the island.
- In a store downtown.
- You've never been there?
- Mm-mmm.
That place is fabulous.
- All right, we're going shopping.
- You mean it?
Yes! I need to buy a new top!
With my friends, this wouldn't happen.
I'm coming, but I must finish before 5:00,
because I really have to see the others.
Who are the others?
My other friends in class.
How boring, right?
Maybe a bit.
Come on, let's go!
There's so many cute things in here.
I'm gonna see what I can find.
Do you like these?
They're not really my style.
This one?
That's cool.
It matches your earrings. Grab it!
But it's too expensive.
Pocket it anyway.
May I help you?
No, thanks.
Um I was looking for
an idea for a gift.
My heart's pounding.
- Sorry.
- Sorry!
Come on, show us!
Not my style,
but I just found a gift for my mom.
I'll wear this on Saturday.
I'm gonna be so pretty.
Girls, what if she spotted us?
She might even call the police.
We got away, no? It's all free.
Yeah, sure.
Show us what you grabbed, Liv?
I got this.
Nice job, Livia!
Pretty, right?
You're one of us now.
Livia SuperGirl.
I got it!
Here, here. Right. Ready?
Oh, look, bang on. There it is.
- See?
- Oh! I got it. Yeah!
I think I got it.
Yeah, I got it!
- Aw!
- It's okay!
Maybe to make a change,
you don't have to go anywhere.
Maybe you just have to want it.
And just do it.
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