Di4ri (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

[gentle piano music playing]
[Isabel] Those two.
Do they really love each other?
I've never fallen in love.
I wonder how it feels.
- Hey, Isa!
- Ah! It's you.
- Am I so ugly I scared you?
- Yeah, I'm scared.
- [chuckles]
- I'm kidding. Just lost in my thoughts.
What were you thinking?
Sorry if I'm being nosy.
Yeah, you are.
Same as everyone else from Marina Grande.
Pretentious and arrogant.
- But there are exceptions.
- Do you mean you?
[both giggle]
A new place is opening on Friday.
You wanna go with me?
[pensive music playing]
It's my first real date, huh?
[theme music playing]
Uh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
♪And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
♪You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
[school bell rings]
[energetic music playing]
Are you ready? I've got some big news.
Me too, I've got some big news.
Let me go first.
Manuel, he asked to go out with me.
So I told him yes!
- Oh.
- So, aren't you excited?
Of course I'm excited!
- It's just, you live very far away.
- [phone bleeping]
- Good morning, Giulio.
- Hey.
- [bleeping continues]
- Hah.
[both chuckle]
Sure it'll be enough,
messaging and calling?
I'm sure.
It doesn't matter if there's distance.
- Being in love should be enough, right?
- Well, sure.
Being in love should be enough.
Monica speaks like a book.
But is any of it true?
And? What did you wanna say?
Huh? Roby. We are together.
No, really? Dope!
Now we just gotta match up someone
[whispers] Pietro and Livia?
[gentle piano music playing]
- Then we can all go out as couples.
- [both giggle]
Yes! [laughs]
- Look! Look.
- [bleeping and music playing]
My first video game!
Monica! Now I'm a father.
- Now he's a father, right?
- He's crazy!
They don't understand you.
But your father does.
Don't worry. Aw! [chuckles]
[school bell rings]
- [Livia] Bye, guys.
- [Isabel] Bye, Livia.
Oh, I got it!
What about sending her a letter?
Well, maybe that's too old-fashioned.
A video!
- What are you talking about?
- Livia.
Pietro, stop being so proud, come on!
Tell her how you really feel.
But I've already tried.
All right, okay,
I haven't tried for real, for real.
But it would be just useless.
In love and friendship, truth comes first.
- And who told you that? Roby?
- Stop it.
Come on, he asked for my advice.
- He wants to impress you.
- And what did you say?
I told him you are someone who's
very intelligent, loyal,
very assertive and cute too.
Taking you somewhere new
would be a good move.
Am I really like that?
Huh. You know me, I see.
He's cute all right.
But I'm not sure I really like him.
- [sighs] Isabel, you'll never change.
- [chuckles]
I have to go now, but come later
to practice. Just come say hi.
Huh. Maybe I will.
Gives me an excuse to study Roby.
[both laugh]
["The Queen" by Jasmine J Walker plays]
The people really wanna know
Who I is and who I be ♪
They stop and stare when they see me
If I said it once no need to repeat ♪
Run up on me
Watch ya fall to ya knees ♪
Tip my hat when it's time for the kill
Ain't no beefs when you're really real ♪
But what happened to Pietro?
I am the one they call lucky charm
Got my own ♪
Is what brought me
Next level prosperity ♪
Silent power moves is what I'm giving ♪
They love to hate a world
They can't live in
Always present for the high roads
Ghost when we're in the deep lows, low ♪
- Lows ♪
- Low ♪
What tells the future?
Who knows? I don't do it for the likes
I do it for the love ♪
Do it for the ones
Who really need a hug ♪
‘Cause they had it tough
Never had enough ♪
- [Emma] Stop!
- [blows whistle]
Pietro, don't take off your tracksuit.
Come on, coach.
My mother had me clean up
my whole room, so I had to
Enough, Pietro, it's always something.
You know the rules, right?
You come late,
you don't get to train with the team.
Start with push-ups. Three sets, ten each.
Come on, get started.
[blows whistle]
I already know that face.
Pietro thinks she's being unjust.
[whistle blows]
[Emma] Well done, guys. Practice is over.
The truth is, Pietro,
you're not up to the team.
Instead of arriving punctually,
doing your best during practice,
you're lazy, unfocused, and slow.
Yeah, well, this is unjust.
I decide what's just.
I'm sorry.
But I don't believe
I really deserved that punishment.
Pietro, no, it's not a punishment.
I'm just pushing you to do your best.
This will take your heart,
your arms and your brain.
And you're out of shape.
Is this a rough period?
Well, I mean since my parents split,
they've lost their minds.
And I also can be a mess, sure, but
[sighs] This is up to you.
Train harder.
That's the only way you'll make the team.
All right?
You heard that?
- You didn't make the team.
- 'Cause she hates me.
It's not like that.
She just wants you to be your best.
[sighs] Don't come at me too.
I thought you were on my side.
I am, of course!
That's why I tell it like it is.
I'll help you.
Come again?
You'll make the team if you train with me.
[scoffs] Yeah, right.
Hey, just forget it.
You focus on Roby.
[gentle music playing]
You know I'm not quitting.
Hey, I'm serious!
[Pietro] Me too! I don't need any help!
So, an equation where ax squared
plus bx plus c equals zero,
where a differs from zero,
is a quadratic equation.
A, b, and c are real or complex numbers,
and they are called coefficients, okay?
Now, go to page 186.
- [phone chimes]
- Do the first exercise.
Miss, excuse me.
- May I go to the bathroom?
- Sure.
All right, let's continue. Our first step
is applying the cancellation law.
So, if ax squared plus bx equals zero,
we can simplify that to x, open brackets,
ax plus b, close brackets, equals zero.
Then, if we divide zero by x,
we are left with the following equation.
ax plus b equals zero.
We now have two possible solutions.
X equals negative b over a,
or ax equals negative b.
[ominous music playing]
[school bell rings]
[girl] Ciao!
So, you're going out with Roby?
Where will you go?
A new place. He says they just opened it.
And, are you excited?
Sort of. Should I be?
No, look, girls.
Please check this out.
Let me see.
Who is this girl?
Must have ended up
in the picture by chance.
Uh sure thing. You don't have to worry.
- My opinion, you should be very worried.
- You think?
- You're fine.
- Well, actually maybe not.
I could use some advice right now.
Remember how last year, we asked advice
about our relationships from Livia?
But she's behaving so strangely.
Yeah, it's just a phase. It'll pass.
It won't pass. I'm sure.
[Katia] I can't believe she didn't
do anything about it. She's a coward.
[Arianna] And she has cooler friends now.
Speak of the devil
[suspenseful music playing]
Excuse me. I need to call my mom.
By the way, Arianna's been acting
even weirder lately, no?
[laughs] Yeah, absolutely.
Hey, Katia!
- Did you write that thing in the bathroom?
- Wrote what?
What thing?
I know you're faking, I'm sure.
Maybe you're faking.
What do you think she wrote? Tell me.
Have you lost your voice?
And your memory?
So you don't recall what it said.
Or, maybe you don't wanna say it
because you know that's the truth.
What? Are you ashamed?
[Katia] You should think twice
before falsely accusing someone.
It's pretty uncool.
[music fades]
No response?
[upbeat music playing]
I keep missing today.
No man, that's not it.
Tell me the truth.
- I'm confused. What?
- What would you like to tell Livia?
You'll never score
if your head's not clear.
So, now pretend she's just here.
Speak your mind to her.
So, you want me to address you.
- Speaking to you as her?
- Uh-huh. Speak to me!
[clears throat]
Well, then
I really messed up bad.
I made you suffer.
I've lost one of the best things
that's ever happened to me.
Having you with me.
But if it is at all possible,
I'll prove to you I've changed.
You are really pure beauty.
The sweetest,
most special girl I've ever met.
How can Livia not appreciate
his sensitivity?
Let's stop now. That's enough.
I don't know the reason,
but I could never say this to her face.
I never had the courage and I never will.
Let's play ball.
You think I'll make the team?
Sure, if I train you.
- To be clear. I can be a real tough coach.
- [laughs]
- I'm scared now!
- [laughs]
[upbeat music playing]
[school bell rings]
I studied history,
and then I went to the park.
[boy] The Crew is complete.
Are you sure you don't need
someone else in your crew?
[boy] We're not interested. We don't
want people from Marina Piccola.
- [Daniele] Why not?
- [boy] We can't waste time with you.
We've a battle to prepare for now.
[upbeat music playing]
[Isabel] Hey.
- All good?
- Actually, all bad.
But I don't care. It's their loss.
I was thinking, instead,
what if I formed my own crew?
That's cool!
It is. If they don't want me,
I can actually dance alone.
- Dani, that is brilliant.
- Maybe you wanna dance with me as well?
Yeah, Mirko has offered to join.
Right? You dance almost as well as me.
- I've never danced hip-hop.
- Also, Dani, I never offered to join!
Come on guys, I beg you!
Isa, are you sure?
Do it for me? I beg you?
Come on, tomorrow at the Bonfire.
Mmm bring as many people as possible.
Well, all right, then.
I'm gonna do it for you.
[Isabel] Twenty-eight, twenty-nine.
You're almost there
- And 30.
- [grunts]
Maybe we can possibly use the ball now?
No. We'll finish with the ball.
[both chuckle]
You have another bike.
[chuckles] Not really.
- It's a tandem.
- That's very cool.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
It's in pretty bad shape.
It belonged to my parents.
You know, it's an old wedding gift.
[sighs] Basically, it just sits there.
No one has ever repaired it.
Seems it was a sign.
Well you fix it then.
- Can you feel it? ♪
- [school bell rings]
Can you feel the love? ♪
- Hey.
- It's comin' through the walls ♪
You're reviewing during recess?
Yes, I'm really behind.
Any other problems?
Is this an interrogation?
I'm worried about you, Livia.
So when you became coach for Pietro,
you also became my therapist?
If you put it like that.
Sorry, I'm a bit nervous.
You feel bad about Pietro.
You really can't forgive him for that bet?
He's just not someone I can trust.
And every time he's proven
to disappoint me once again.
- Like when he kissed Bianca.
- You know it was Bianca who kissed him.
Well, he let her kiss him. It's equal.
Besides, how could I give him
a second chance?
When it first came out, it was never
I'm gonna move on.
I can't believe Livia and I
see Pietro so differently.
Which is the real one?
[gentle piano music playing]
Why does it feel like everyone knows
what to do with their life except me?
Maybe I'm the eternal best friend,
someone who helps others.
And with Roby? What should I do?
[phone chimes]
All right, kick. Foot down.
Then, three and four
- Now put your foot down, Isabel.
- Oh, okay!
Like this. Three and four
Pull up, stomp, put it down,
stomp, put down
Put down slide
- And back to the front.
- Okay.
You got it?
- [Isabel] Yes.
- More or less.
- Now to music?
- [Bianca] Let's go.
- Yes, but slowly.
- Okay.
Anyway I feel it. It's cool
dancing with your friends, right?
- Very.
- [Daniele] Okay.
- [hip-hop playing]
- Get ready! Listen to the music.
And, six, tap, tap.
A one, two, three, and four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Isa, why don't you
follow me on the finale?
- I'm trying.
- Come on. Energy and grit.
- [Bianca] Come on.
- Hip, step, step, hop.
Mmm. One, two, three, and four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Very good, Monica. Very good.
- Nice!
- Thank you,
But I have to go and get to studying.
We have the exams.
Dani, I have to go too, because my moms
want me to concentrate on singing.
I'm so sorry.
But tomorrow we can film us.
It could be fun. To keep it as a memory.
Ah, great idea. That way, in a few years,
we can laugh at how bad we were.
- Okay.
- We definitely don't dance perfectly.
- No. [laughs]
- But at least it's us.
- Exactly.
- Actually, I prefer dancing with friends.
[all laughing]
Guys, you're freaking awesome.
For the first time ever,
I feel like I'm at home.
- Should we film that video now?
- Yeah.
- Here.
- [Daniele] Let's do it.
Are you ready?
- [Isabel] Yeah.
- [Bianca] Go.
- [music playing]
- [Daniele] Okay.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, and four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
[music continues]
[Daniele] Nervous, huh?
[Isabel] Why?
[both laugh]
Uh, no, just a little bit anxious
about my date with Roby tomorrow.
Isa, it's normal to be excited.
I feel like I'm not ready.
- But no one ever is.
- Was it the same with Nico?
Sure, yeah.
How did you know
you were in love with him?
It was just the best.
Uh, my heart was pounding like crazy
every time I came close to him.
I couldn't feel my legs.
Couldn't breathe at all!
Like when you play basketball?
- Yeah, something like that!
- [laughs]
But, no, really,
I couldn't stop looking at him.
- Every time he texted me
- [phone chimes]
- I got a smile.
- [both chuckle]
Like yours now.
What'd he write? Roby?
Oh, no. Not Roby. It's from Pietro.
When you get a friend's text
and you get excited, that's normal!
Fresh orange juice for you.
- [Isabel] Thanks.
- [Daniele] Thank you.
- Ah!
- I tried putting in some turmeric.
It tastes amazing.
The flavors are completely different, but
They taste great all the same!
I just thought of something.
[ominous music playing]
[Isabel] Just like turmeric
and orange juice.
Livia and Pietro are different,
but together they're perfect.
- We intervene, or they'll never speak.
- Exactly.
That sucks. How can we?
[Isabel] I have a plan.
You tell Livia to go to the Bonfire,
to speak about a project
that our teacher gave you
What project?
Duh, Giulio, just pay attention.
She's making it up!
Oh, okay.
Don't you have a date
with Roby this evening?
- Don't you have to prepare?
- Yes, yes, but this is important.
So, you two take care of Livia.
In the meantime, I'll pick up Pietro,
take him to the Bonfire.
We disappear and leave them solo.
They will be forced to talk.
- Is that clear?
- I get it. Totally.
- Except one thing.
- [both] What?
What's this got to do
with orange and turmeric?
[both laugh]
- Oh, Giulio, you're such a clown.
- [laughs awkwardly]
How are you doing, guys?
Isa, do you have a second?
- Hey.
- Hi.
So, I'll pick you up at your house?
Can we meet there instead? I
I forgot, I have something to do.
Oh. That's fine.
- See you there.
- Later.
See ya. See you, guys.
[bright music playing]
[Katia] Hiya!
- Hiya, girls! [chuckles]
- Where are you off to?
I'm going to meet my classmates.
[Katia] That's too bad.
- [Livia] Why?
- I'll show you, look.
- My father just renovated it.
- [Sara] It has an amazing view of the sea.
And, most importantly,
a bar and indoor pool.
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
I got an extra free pass.
Do you wanna join?
I'd love to,
but my friends are waiting for me.
You're always in class with them.
Aren't you tired of those losers?
There'll be a lot of cool people.
Live a little, come on!
- Maybe.
- Yay!
[all giggling]
- [Katia] All right.
- Let's go!
Isa! Hi,
Pietro, hi!
Listen, I'll meet you at the Bonfire.
I'll make a call
and I'll join you there. We'll go train.
- No, I'm not training today.
- But, why?
Don't worry. Trust me.
I have a surprise for you.
- Okay.
- Come on.
[gentle piano music playing]
ISA? ISA????!
- You give me a hand?
- What is that?
I can't believe it!
Was this you?
Well, what do you think?
Not perfect, but
it's the first time I fixed a bike.
Can you ride on it?
Possibly. Shall we try?
- Are you serious?
- I'm not kidding.
- Now?
- Sure.
- Okay!
- Let's go.
[Isabel chuckles]
- Make a pose.
- Stop it. Let's take a selfie. Come on.
Okay, then. But you take it.
Come way closer.
[camera clicks]
- Come on.
- [Isabel] Go slow.
- Ready?
- I'm not sure.
[ "New Years Eve"
by HIGHTS & Johnny Chay]
Standing there, we were talking close ♪
- Started on the fourth of July ♪
- Watch out!
- We had all the fire, but oh ♪
- Okay.
We had no money, and oh
It was a glorious time ♪
We were free ♪
With the feelings ♪
- [Isabel] Hey, be careful!
- [Pietro] It's all right, trust me!
- [Isabel] Slow down! Careful!
- Time seemed never-ending ♪
- Come on, slow down!
- As I was reaching you ♪
- Oh!
- [Isabel] Watch out!
- Lookin' up to heaven ♪
- [Isabel] Whoa!
- [laughing]
- Lyin' by your side ♪
- [Pietro] It's all right.
- Slow down! Ease off!
[Isabel] No Oh!
- Lookin' up to heaven ♪
- [laughing]
Lyin' by your side ♪
Apart from the parking improvisation
that wasn't so bad, no?
We should do this more often.
Sure. You help me?
[high-pitched ringing]
Um, maybe you wanna grab a drink?
Sure, why not?
- Here.
- Thanks.
I'm gonna take you home after this.
For your night out with Roby.
I'm actually okay.
Roby had a problem.
We postponed, you know?
I'm sorry.
Actually, I'm not.
I'm having fun spending time with you.
What's happening here?
Is my crush Pietro?
[in Italian] I'd like to tell you
This isn't the end ♪
But the start of a trip
And we'll never disembark ♪
Nothing stays the same
Except the best of folk ♪
It's an onboard diary of the heart ♪
In which we promise
To never separate in the dark ♪
Like drops in the ocean
We are the same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end
No, it's not ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end
No, it's not ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
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