Di4ri (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

You know I write to let
My feelings flow like waves ♪
And I wanna feel the sun
And the breeze by the beachside ♪
I'll prove it to you, I'll confess all ♪
You're my diary, and your lock's open ♪
- Great rhythm!
- You sure you like it?
- Yeah!
- And the harmonies,
I thought that maybe you could sing 'em.
- Ah
- It could be something like this.
- Mm-hmm?
- Um
Write for me
Write for me, write for me ♪
A song as beautiful as the sun ♪
Um, wait a minute.
- Write for me, write for me ♪
- You're not convinced,
No, no, no, no. I am.
But I may have an idea.
Write for me
Write for me, write for me ♪
A song that goes straight to the heart ♪
- You're a genius.
- [laughs]
- How did you come up with that?
- Well, I don't know.
Maybe the beach. Who knows?
- Shall we sing it once more?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Let's do it.
You know I write to let
My feelings flow like waves ♪
And I wanna feel the sun
And the breeze by the beachside ♪
I'll prove it to you, I'll confess all ♪
You're my diary, and your lock's open ♪
Write for me
Write for me, write for me ♪
A song that goes straight to the heart ♪
- [laughing]
- Bravo!
[Mirko] Ah! You scared me to death.
Uh, and this song?
- I hadn't heard you sing it. Is it new?
- Yeah, we just put it together.
[suspenseful music playing]
I have to agree with Giulio,
she's the one.
[Bianca chuckles]
Maybe this will become
a never-ending friendship.
I wish time would freeze at this point.
[theme music playing]
Uh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
♪And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
[upbeat music playing]
- [Isabel] A duo, you and Mirko?
- Mm-hmm.
A great idea!
See? I'm super stoked.
I mean, I didn't expect it at all.
It's gonna be freakin' awesome.
[high-pitched ringing]
Yo, Isa!
He's calling me over.
Then move! Go!
- [Roby] Hey.
- [Isabel] Hi.
This is for you.
- [Isabel] Thank you.
- [Roby] Let me know.
- Bye.
- [Isabel] Bye.
[Bianca chuckles]
[whispers] What did he tell you?
He gave me a movie ticket for Thursday.
He said if I keep standing him up,
he's going to keep insisting.
Then he's both sure of himself
and romantic.
- Hi.
- [Bianca] Hi.
It's been weeks you keep saying no.
It's enough now.
Thursday we train together?
Thursday, she's already booked.
Because Roby asked her out.
Tell her she should go!
- Well, of course you should go.
- [chuckles]
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm!
I have to go review for class. Bye.
See ya.
He's acting strange, Pietro.
But why don't you practice together
It's just I'm
busy with something else.
With what?
If you liked a guy
but you knew it's impossible,
and you can't be together
'cause if it happened,
it would be chaos
And I guess this guy's
not Roby, am I right?
And then?
Well, sometimes you have
to swim against the current,
and sometimes you have to go with it.
Forget about impossible loves.
Stay with Roby, really.
I wish I was that convinced.
I believe that
love comes when you least expect it.
[Bianca chuckles]
[pensive music playing]
[Bianca] I really like it here.
Maybe it's the huge sea.
Just me on the island,
and everything else out there.
It's amazing how
I've already forgotten my old life.
[woman] So, there's a boat at 7:30, but
I'll buy
Oh. Look. I'll get tickets
at ten o'clock, okay?
[Emma] Mmm, I think
the one before is better.
I think you're totally right.
- I'm gonna change it.
- Hey!
- Come here, Bianca. How was school?
- [laughs]
It was all right. What
What boat were you two talking about?
- You wanna tell her?
- Can I?
- Of course.
- [both laugh]
- You made it!
- What?
I mean, where? I'm confused.
We're going to Milan.
You'll be the star of the musical.
You're Cinderella, my love!
Is this a joke?
- We have to leave this Friday.
- This Friday?
- Yes.
- That's pretty soon.
Yeah, we have to go
formalize the contract.
- And start rehearsing.
- Mm-hmm.
And after we come back,
we'll prepare the move.
Uh What are we doing with school?
Don't worry about a thing, my love.
You just have to focus
on your big passion.
Isn't this your dream, huh?
- [laughs awkwardly]
- Ah, listen, we forgot about the parking.
- We haven't even looked into that yet.
- [Emma] Mmm. That's right.
- I think we should buy a pass.
- [sighs]
[phone chimes twice]
[Bianca] A musical
at a huge theater in Milan.
I've worked so hard to get this.
Hundreds of girls would like
to be in my shoes.
It's a dream come true.
My dream.
Then why am I not happy at all?
- Hi, Dani.
- Hi.
[Bianca] I already miss them all.
Maybe it's just not meant for me
to have true friends.
It was dumb to have hoped for it.
[Giulio] Bianca!
- Uh
- You're amazing!
It's fantastic!
Don't forget about me
when you get famous, huh?
- What?
- My father told me.
- You made it into the musical.
- Ah
I was waiting for you
before announcing it to the class.
- Hey, guys!
- Oh
- No!
- For those who don't know, Bianca
Sh! Sh. Don't say anything.
- Uh No! Uh
- So?
[Giulio laughs nervously]
Uh, Bianca
Bianca what?
Uh it's just that Bianca
Bianca is my cousin.
- Ah!
- Come on, Giulio!
Thanks. We knew that already.
- [girl] Get out of here.
- But why?
Just superstition.
True. I won't say anything.
What are you talking about?
- [Giulio] Video games.
- Exactly.
- Mmm. Video games.
- [Giulio] Yeah.
I have in mind a new video game.
Bzz, my brain just Psssht!
So, I'm gonna write it.
- [Bianca] Go.
- Okay.
- [chuckles] Pssht!
- See ya.
[Giulio] Bye.
What a guy!
- He's always making new things up!
- [laughing]
I always make things up too. But why?
Why do I do that?
Why don't I tell the truth?
[both chuckle]
[gasps softly]
- You all right?
- [gasping]
Are you okay?
Let's go sit down.
- No, don't worry. I'll be right back.
- Okay.
[school bell rings]
[Mirko] Bianca! What's going on?
[racing heartbeat]
[Mirko] Bianca!
[Mirko] Are you okay?
Yes. Get off me!
- Should I call someone?
- [sobs]
No, wait. It'll pass.
Wait, wait. Come with me. Let's sit down.
[rapid heartbeat continues]
[Bianca gasping]
Look, breathe.
[heartbeat slows]
- [heartbeat slows further]
- Two.
[steady heartbeat]
- [slow heartbeat]
- [Bianca exhales]
Thank you.
You got me spooked there!
Why do I feel so bad?
What happened just now?
[school bell rings]
[Mirko] How are you feeling?
Better. I'm better.
Trying to convince me, or yourself?
I'll take you somewhere.
To a place.
But don't tell anyone about this.
It's a secret.
[Bianca] But
what are we doing here?
[Mirko yells]
[gentle piano music playing]
What was that?
I also used to suffer from panic attacks.
Coming here to scream
always made me feel better.
I don't suffer from panic attacks.
I'd better leave.
- Hey, but where are you going?
- Home.
[rhythmic ambient guitar music playing]
- [laughs]
- Shall we?
[Bianca] Yeah.
[both yell]
[both yell]
[Bianca laughs]
[both yell]
[both yell]
[both yell]
[Mirko] Louder!
[both yell]
[both laugh]
- Again?
- Yes.
You go first.
[Mirko joins in]
I don't wanna be in that musical!
- [panting]
- Wait a minute, what musical?
It's Cinderella.
They cast me as the lead.
It's a huge production.
But what's the problem?
It's pretty awesome, huh?
No, not at all.
Because I'll have to transfer to Milan,
but I really don't wanna move.
I wanna stay here with you guys.
It may sound crazy,
but I just can't sleep
at night, seriously.
I'm sick of this.
Changing places again and again,
having to make new friends?
Alone always.
Not having a place to call home.
so stupid.
A future star who renounces international
performances to sing with me?
No, it's not about you only.
I've just hated Cinderella
since I was little.
[both chuckle]
You're crazy.
Mirko, I
It's Milan. I gotta do it.
My moms have always supported me,
and believed in me so much. So
Yeah, but you shouldn't stress
about what you have to do.
- Hmm?
- But about what you want.
What do you think your moms want for you?
To have panic attacks? To feel bad?
- Hmm.
- Talk to them.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
- I'm sure they'll understand.
- Hmm.
It's easy for other people
to give me their advice.
[mellow hip-hip beat playing]
Be strong, Bianca.
And breathe.
One, two.
How you did with Mirko.
[upbeat music playing]
- Sweetie, don't you like it?
- Hmm?
You haven't eaten anything.
[Bianca] No, no, it's really good.
It's just
I wanted
- I think
- [phone vibrates]
What's that?
Nothing, a message from your aunt.
Ah just read it.
- Should I?
- [Bianca] Mm-hmm.
"Big, big hug for Bianca!"
They're all crazy for the musical.
"We can't wait to see
her sing at San Remo."
My phone is blowing up
with texts from family and friends.
Darling, you wanted to say something?
Oh, uh, no, no.
- Nothing important, really.
- Sure thing?
- Mm-hmm, all good.
- Okay.
Should I scream?
[school bell rings]
[mysterious music playing]
- [Mirko] Hey.
- Hey, there.
Um, you haven't replied
to my text from yesterday.
Ah, uh Sorry. I was dead beat.
- I'm sorry, I thought I had replied.
- It's all right, never mind.
What did your moms say?
Uh, you were right.
I was expecting a mega drama,
but it turns out I can stay.
- So our duo is safe!
- Yeah, it's safe.
I love it. [chuckles]
One more lie, but just a small one.
So? What's up?
[Bianca] Hi, Dani. Nothing really,
we were, uh, just chatting.
Is there a quiz today?
I didn't prepare at all!
I haven't even opened the book.
[suspenseful music playing]
[high-pitched ringing]
- What time are you picking me up?
- Uh, how about 7:00?
That's too late. Around 5:00?
Five? You bet.
- See you tomorrow.
- See ya. Bye.
[Giulio] Ooh-hoo-hoo!
- We hang out tomorrow.
- Great!
Well, yeah. I'm now
going with the current.
- Good. Well done.
- [Isabel chuckles]
Don't get your hopes up.
'Cause then you get hurt.
It has to be your choice.
Sure, but this is my choice.
Although Bianca helped me decide.
- Bianca's pretty wise.
- Yeah.
Well, with other people it's easy.
But if it's about me, it's worse.
[teacher] Good morning, guys.
- [class] Good morning.
- Good morning.
[teacher] All right, sit down, please.
Now let's check homework.
We'll start correcting
the exercises you did at home. Hmm?
Did you do the exercises?
- [Giulio] We did.
- [Daniele] Yes, ma'am.
Good. Then who Let me see
Can you tell me the answer
to exercise number three?
Uh, yes.
[clears throat]
[suspenseful music playing]
Uh, number three
Number three is x equals minus one.
Good. Perfect.
Thanks so much.
[teacher] Let's see
[upbeat music playing]
- Thanks again for your help.
- Don't mention it.
- [Pietro] Livia!
- That's what friends are for.
- Oh. What's he want?
- Livia!
[gentle piano music playing]
What's up?
Now you hang out with Katia and Sara,
you gave up school?
So what?
Do you wanna be my tutor?
Well, sure, whenever.
Yeah, that way they'll just fail me.
Okay, bye. See ya.
[both] Bye.
Livia, what's happening here?
I think you two should talk.
Tell each other how you feel,
Clear things up.
Same as Isabel and Roby. No?
It's not that easy.
I wish I were as sure as you.
I'm not sure about anything.
["Brava" by Fiamma playing]
[crickets chirping]
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
[in Italian] Voice ♪
What I hear here inside
Isn't my own voice ♪
I write down what I don't say
My pen moves quickly ♪
The skin on my cheeks
As red as flames ♪
Now, ah, I listen to you
In order to paint my story ♪
Sentences on the wall
That I'll end up erasing anyway ♪
I scream in the face of the future
I play the cards I was dealt ♪
Only to be told again and again ♪
Good girl, good girl, good girl
In people's eyes ♪
Even a nice smile
Lies sometimes ♪
Good girl, again with the good girl
I don't care ♪
The effect makes me fold
Like a hug ♪
My reality is distorted
Full of whys ♪
And I'm good at understanding
Everyone except myself ♪
[upbeat music playing]
- Reel it, and go!
- Oh, come on! You lost another bonus!
- What bonus? Shut up!
- You're losing! Give it.
- Come on!
- You're making me lose!
- Hey, guys!
- Are you kidding?
We going in?
They didn't even ring the bell yet.
Where you wanna go?
Don't we have a literature test
in first period?
Yeah, and I studied yesterday.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Sure, guys. You keep on studying.
- [bicycle bell rings]
- I better stick to my video games.
- Another one?
- Yep.
You won't believe what it's about.
- It's two cousins
- [bleeping]
- who are in a fishing contest.
- [chuckling]
Is Bianca happy to be the protagonist
of your video game?
Yeah, imagine.
[sighs] It's so sad
that she's moving to Milan.
- Huh?
- [descending bleeps]
No, no. I didn't say anything.
I promised I wouldn't tell,
so you know nothing.
What are you saying?
I'm sure she said she wouldn't move away.
Because her moms agreed, right?
Well this morning,
I was at her house for breakfast,
to say goodbye, so
- She must be leaving now.
- She can't leave.
Now she's part of 3D.
We made the Pact of the Bonfire.
The Pact of the Bonfire!
This is about her future.
Guys, I'll be back for second period.
[Daniele] What about the literature test?
- Where's he going?
- [Pietro] Oh! Hey!
- I didn't tell you nothin', huh?
- But
[school bell rings]
- Let's go.
- Come on.
[pensive music playing]
Tomorrow, you'll be visiting three houses.
They're all pretty central.
I emailed you
the real estate agent's number.
- You can talk directly, it's easier.
- Sorry!
Okay, very well.
We'll also check in with the school.
Bianca, come on!
- Hey, Bianca.
- [sighs]
Sweetie, what's wrong?
Want me to get you some water?
[high-pitched ringing]
- Hey, Bianca! What's going on?
- What's wrong?
Bianca, what's wrong?
I don't wanna go to Milan.
I wanna stay here.
I don't wanna do the musical.
- What are you saying?
- [sighs]
Just the truth. Finally, I am.
Don't worry, sweetie.
Let's talk about it. What's important
for us is that you're happy.
[gentle music playing]
[ship horn blares]
- [mom] Don't worry, okay?
- [Emma] Yes.
Don't worry.
If it weren't for you,
I'd be in Milan right now. Thank you.
Screaming at the sea was useful after all.
[Bianca laughs]
Is everything okay with your moms?
Mostly, sure. They were
pretty shocked in the beginning,
but they finally understood it perfectly.
- Great.
- I told them the truth, yeah!
That I really love music,
but at the moment, it's not my priority.
Maybe when I'm older,
I wanna be a professional,
but right now, I wanna stay here.
Then, what are your priorities?
You guys.
[gentle music playing]
Hey, look who's here!
[Mirko] It's Isa.
Some swim against the current,
and others just go with it.
[both chuckle]
[Mirko] Anyway, I think
you could get cast as Snow White.
- [Bianca] Snow White? You think so?
- [Mirko] Yeah.
[Bianca] I don't know. I hope so.
I mean, that would be great, hmm?
[in Italian] I'd like to tell you
This isn't the end ♪
But the start of a trip
And we'll never disembark ♪
Nothing stays the same
Except the best of folk ♪
It's an onboard diary of the heart ♪
In which we promise
To never separate in the dark ♪
Like drops in the ocean
We are the same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end
No, it's not ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end
No, it's not ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
This isn't, this isn't the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same ocean
The same ocean, us ♪
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