Di4ri (2022) s02e11 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 11

[Bianca and Mirko, in Italian]
It is not, it is not the end ♪
No, it is not ♪
We are the same sea, the same sea ♪
It's not, it's not the end, no ♪
You know why? ♪
We are the same sea, the same sea ♪
- I think it sounds pretty good.
- I agree.
You're right that the lyrics are fine.
But I'm not sure
about the sound of the guitar.
Probably better if the two of us write
a backing track.
Or you could do it, I don't know.
- To me, you sound like a professional.
- [laughs] Come on.
Tell us, Bianca, how does it feel
to win this edition of the GRAMMYS?
When I wrote this song,
I didn't expect all this success.
But first off, I have to thank
my boyfriend Mirko,
because without him,
I wouldn't be here right now.
It's the other way around.
Mirko is really special.
We're happy as a couple.
[emotional music playing]
Although, if we're gonna be famous,
we have to do something very important.
Friday is my mom's birthday,
so I wanted to give her a surprise,
and sing her favorite song together.
Please say yes, please?
But I, you know
I freak out singing in public.
But this could be your opportunity
to conquer your fears.
Come on, do it for me?
- Yes. Okay, then.
- Are you for real?
- Sure.
- Thank you! [gasps]
Why do they all insist
that I have to sing?
I'm so frustrated I can't say no.
Trust me, we'll have so much fun.
Hey! The bell just rung.
You're late, you have to come now!
Really? I'd better run,
I can't get another tardy.
See you.
[upbeat music playing]
I can't help it.
I feel bad when I see them together.
[theme music playing]
Ooh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
[upbeat music playing]
At the Bonfire with Bianca?
You know her. She insisted.
But you're coming too.
Don't leave me alone!
Alone? You'll be with her.
But if you're there,
I'll feel less anxious.
I'm over being the third wheel.
Mirko, I'm sorry but I can't.
Friday, I made plans.
- Mm, can't you postpone that?
- No.
No, I'm sorry, uh, because it's a date.
Who with?
Well, it's a guy.
Someone I'm going out with.
You don't know him.
[pensive music playing]
What have I done? But why did I lie?
I believe I can have my own love life,
don't you?
Just, tell me who?
[chuckling] No. It's a secret.
Class time.
A boyfriend?
He says it like that?
And after that,
Germany attacked the Soviet Union.
[school bell rings]
So guys, for the next class,
you have to review the lesson
on World War II,
and also, start thinking about
your topic for the final paper.
Don't wait until the last minute.
I bet you've already chosen.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can you help me pick one?
[typing on phone]
[upbeat music playing]
Manuel or not Manuel,
that is the question.
- Pietro. Did you choose yet?
- Not really.
I have to finish my catch-up class.
Also, I have the finals of the tournament.
- Ah! By the way, are you coming?
- Of course, I'm totally in!
You're coming too, right?
Well, I'm going for a check-up
for my arm on Thursday.
Um I really hope that I can make it.
[Daniele] Now I'm gonna study like crazy
and focus only on the final paper.
Nothing can distract me.
Yeah, right.
I'm thinking of Mirko again.
Why do I care about Mirko?
He's always with Bianca!
I sent you the link to the song.
Have you seen it?
Which song?
Are you serious?
The one for the party for my mom.
Did you already change your mind, huh?
Tonight at home, I'll listen to it.
Ah, okay.
And what time are we meeting?
I'm sorry, for what?
Uh, really? "For what?"
To practice.
The sooner we start, the better.
What's happening to Mirko?
No, it's, uh
My mom asked for some help
because we have guests for dinner.
That lie was horrible, right?
All right, uh, then when?
Because it is important
that we rehearse a bit.
Tomorrow. I promise.
- You sure of that?
- Yeah.
I'm going.
[pop music playing]
[phone chimes]
The sky is so pretty right now ♪
- Yes.
- Let's go.
I wonder if your pretty eyes see it ♪
In a couple weeks I could drive away ♪
And you could find another victim ♪
It's not your fault I feel this way ♪
Senseless with no direction ♪
In a couple weeks I could drive away ♪
Senseless with no direction ♪
Here is the book.
Thanks for the help.
No worries.
- No, I really mean it.
- Of course!
Here come Cinderella's sisters, huh?
Were you referring to us?
What do you want?
We heard what you said. Did you miss us?
Yeah, absolutely.
[Katia] The suspension
may have made us nicer,
but I gotta say that Livia,
you've been a letdown.
I feel the same way.
- Well
- [Bianca] Listen, Katia.
Why don't you go to your friends?
Stop this. Okay?
Look at the guardian angels of 3D.
You're pathetic.
[Bianca] Oh!
- Are you okay?
- Of course.
It was clear they'd make a scene,
after what happened.
There was no need to defend me.
- But thanks.
- You're welcome.
In a couple weeks I could drive away ♪
- Senseless ♪
- Good morning.
I saw you posted a new video.
Yeah [chuckles]
- Do you like it?
- Yeah.
Is he your big secret?
Kevin gave me a surprise.
Eh remember him, right?
Again, lying to him.
I really don't know what I'm doing.
But why were you waiting to tell me?
I told you right away about me and Bianca.
Come on! I was just waiting to be sure.
But now I can tell you that
it's a beautiful story.
And we feel each other,
and he makes me feel unique.
Well, that's very cool.
I'm happy for you.
That's garbage!
No, I'm not happy for him.
[school bell rings]
Mirko, is everything okay?
I don't know.
By the way,
I won't be able to rehearse today.
How come?
- It was a promise.
- Yeah, I know
It's just that
I'm not having a good day.
- I'm sorry, but there's always
- I'm being serious, Bianca.
All right.
You're welcome.
- I'm going.
- Mm-hmm.
I know him.
There's something he's hiding.
Sound is a physical phenomenon
made by a body in oscillation.
- As in musical instruments, for example.
- Dani.
- [teacher] Air is set in motion by breath
- What?
- Um Friday, you're with Kevin?
- [teacher]the flute.
- Or deft plucking of strings of a guitar.
- Maybe you can come to the Bonfire.
[teacher] That mesmerizing sound
is produced by the vibration
- Now, what am I going to come up with?
- [teacher]resonating bodies.
- Those vibrations reach our ears
- Um, I don't know what Kevin's doing.
- [teacher]creating the music we enjoy.
- We'll see.
Are you guys having fun?
- [Daniele] I'm sorry, teach.
- [Mirko] Sorry.
[teacher] As I was saying.
We can represent them
through this graph, called a sinusoid
[school bell rings]
What's going on?
Um Mirko.
He's different all of a sudden.
I mean, he's kind of weird. He avoids me.
I don't know why.
I asked him to sing a song
together to surprise my mom.
- Mm-hmm?
- But he makes excuses not to practice.
He hates singing in public.
But I don't know if that's the reason,
to be honest.
Well, knowing him,
it shouldn't be an excuse.
- Mm.
- He's shy, you know that.
But I'm afraid that
something's not right.
Then you're not good anymore?
No, we're fine, just in our own way.
I mean, you know me.
- When I feel trapped, I suffocate.
- Mm-hmm.
But, yes. [chuckles]
And him? Have you talked about it?
It annoys me that he doesn't talk to me.
You know how guys are.
They always find ways
to avoid confrontation.
[scoffs] Well, that's true.
- I know.
- You're right.
What about you and Pietro?
You're good at making great excuses.
Are you sure that's the only reason
you're not coming to the game?
Wasn't this about you, huh?
Well, it was just a question. [laughs]
I'm thrilled for Pietro and Isabel.
But I still don't know
how I feel about him.
Mm. I understand.
But I don't know.
You should be there anyway, I think.
You know how much he cares.
Tell you what.
You talk to Mirko,
and I'll go to the game.
- Okay, I'm in.
- So am I.
[both giggle]
- Thank you.
- It's nothing.
[gulls calling]
[guitar playing]
[in Italian] They want
To write my life ♪
But I am fields of flowers ♪
Earth, sky and wheat ♪
They want clouds above my pillow ♪
- But I am the May sun ♪
- [phone chimes]
When outside the rain is pouring ♪
I hear the wind
That carries me far away ♪
I soar above my biplane ♪
But who knows where we'll end up? ♪
I want carte blanche on the life ♪
I want to plow through the streets
On my bicycle ♪
If this is what life is ♪
I want it to be imperfect ♪
And I want it blank ♪
Blank like paper ♪
They talk, they talk ♪
They know everything ♪
And then there's me
Who only knows my own name ♪
They vote, they insist
They pave the roads ♪
But I am a path
Of missteps and misguidance ♪
[Mirko] Ah!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Why are you here?
- The same as you.
- [sighs]
But today, it's not fixing anything.
- Can you tell me what's going on?
- I really don't know.
[Bianca] When we tried together,
we made it work.
What do you say? Together?
[gentle music playing]
[both yell]
- Ah!
- I like Daniele!
I said it.
Sorry, no I don't know
I'm so surprised I said that.
You said the truth.
Actually, yes.
He kissed me last year.
I told him we were better as friends.
And then you came along, Bianca.
- [sobs]
- But the thing is, I like you too.
And I don't want to choose
between you and Daniele.
I took an online test
to try to find out if I was gay.
I don't know, I'm confused.
Forget about online tests, okay?
You won't find any answers for this
on them.
[sighs] It's also possible
that you like both guys and girls.
you screamed out loud
who you prefer of us.
[sobs] And
let me tell you something.
Don't do to Daniele what you did to me.
Stop lying to him
and tell him how you feel, okay?
[emotional music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[Bianca] Let me see.
- [Michele] Cool, right?
- [Bianca] Very nice.
Let's hope he'll play.
- Come again?
- He's on the bench now.
- [Livia] Hi.
- Hi.
- It's starting.
- [Livia] Hi, guys.
So it wasn't an excuse?
You really did have to go to the doctor.
- Yeah, but I called to move it earlier.
- Nice move.
- [Livia] And you, how are you doing?
- I guess I'm fine.
It's hard that it's over now, but
I like my freedom, so it's not that bad.
- Right.
- [whistle blows]
[man] This is it,
this is the championship final!
Give a round of applause
to the two teams on the field,
Stella Marina and Galattica.
May the best team win!
[whistle blows]
[Emma] Go, go, go!
Go, Roby! Go, go!
- [man] Come on
- Let's go, guys, hard! Defense! Defense!
[Mirko] I have to find a way
to tell Daniele the truth.
- [Kevin] Hi, Dani!
- [Daniele] Hi! What
- [Kevin] Look who's here.
- [Daniele] Why are you with Kevin?
[Kevin] I told you there was a surprise.
[Daniele] I wasn't expecting this.
I heard you're great at hip-hop.
[Daniele] Thank you.
I mean, I like to dance.
Kevin and I started working
together after the battle.
He's basically the consultant
of my videos.
I didn't know that.
So you didn't know Kevin
was making videos with me?
This was part of the surprise.
Guys, that's so cool!
- Let's start, then.
- Let's go!
[Daniele] Yeah!
[rock music playing]
- [girl] Come on, come on!
- [boy] Go on!
[crowd cheering]
Come on, guys, come on!
[announcer] Galattica keep scoring.
They're killing it!
- [crowd groaning]
- [announcer] Oh!
Go on, Roby. Come on!
[announcer] And another three-pointer
for Galattica!
[Emma] Time out!
- [whistle blows]
- [woman] All right, guys
Guys, they're on fire.
We have to make some changes.
Roby, sit down.
But, coach
Pietro, you're in.
- Me?
- [Emma] Come on.
[hip-hop music playing]
- [applause, cheering]
- [boy] Go Pietro! Come on, Pietro!
Come on, let's go, Pietro!
Come on, you're doing a great job, man.
All right, let's defend in-zone,
and in offense,
let's get the ball to Pietro.
- Got it?
- [whistle blows]
Got me feelin' like ♪
- I'm in my element ♪
- Element, element ♪
- I'm in my element, ooh ♪
- Yeah ♪
I'm in my element, ooh ♪
Yo, the sweet zone ♪
Yeah, the sweet zone ♪
- Yeah, the sweet zone ♪
- I'm in my element ♪
Yeah, the sweet zone
Yeah, the sweet zone ♪
- Yeah, the ♪
- Element ♪
[Kevin] Bravo.
Great job, I really liked it.
[girl] Kevin!
Hey, Nina.
- What's up?
- [Kevin] Hi, honey.
[upbeat music playing]
Kevin is with Nina.
This whole time, he was lying.
But why?
[announcer] Stella Marina has found
a good game pace.
Now the home team is in the lead.
That was a crucial shot for the win.
Go, go, go, go, go, Pietro! Go!
Go for it, Pietro! Go for it, Pietro!
- [whistle blows]
- [announcer] Yo! And that's the last shot!
That's it. After a great comeback,
Stella Marina wins its first championship!
[Isabel] Yeah!
[Pietro] Thank you, guys!
Amazing, Pietro.
[romantic piano music playing]
Don't worry.
If you're too busy, we'll bounce.
An ice cream at the Bonfire?
- I love that idea.
- Let's go.
- Hi.
- Uh, hi.
How's it going?
About your mom's birthday, I could go.
No, I think that's a bad idea.
But you'll always be my friend.
[tender music playing]
Still this burning ♪
And my ever burn ♪
Ever love, with absolute ♪
- What's going on with Mirko and Bianca?
- Don't you know?
- Know what?
- They just split.
Just you and I ♪
I can see the stars ♪
For real?
- No, I didn't know about it.
- How did you not know?
I hope the wind won't rip this.
- Shall we put this one up too?
- Yes, let's put it up.
[in Italian] I think about
A minimal world
I know how to invent it ♪
Cut the tight ties, come on ♪
When friends are never there, no ♪
Then I make myself small
I climb onto a palm ♪
I laugh half-heartedly, you know
I sing through my tears ♪
I listen to the rain outside, tell me ♪
I fall from a lifeless skyscraper ♪
And we laugh together like children ♪
Another song comes on the radio ♪
I only do things to deceive myself
That my name sounds like an echo ♪
And we cry together like children ♪
I tell you what you've lost ♪
How come you told me you were with Kevin?
I saw him kissing Nina.
We always tell each other
nothing but the truth.
You want the truth?
I made that up
because I tried so
desperately to forget you.
But I can't do it, Mirko.
I'm sure I can't do it.
Okay? That's the truth.
I'm sorry, man.
I mean I'm sad that
you and Bianca broke up.
You know Bianca is the only one
who knows I'm into you?
- And we broke up because
- Wait, what did you just say?
I'm into you, Dani.
You know what?
What is it?
[Bianca, in Italian]
Then I make myself small ♪
Inside an enormous void ♪
Inside my chest, who knows? ♪
We leave footprints ♪
As I call out, I listen
Tell me ♪
You get off an elevator
That has no power ♪
And we play together like children ♪
Another song comes on the radio ♪
I only do things to deceive myself ♪
That your name sounds like an echo ♪
We die inside, like in the movies ♪
I say, "Hi," breathe, and try ♪
Only the thought that I write
Flies away ♪
I make crappy demands, I'm sorry ♪
We're in a huge mess ♪
Tell me what you lost after all ♪
I'm telling you that you've lost me ♪
["Una Canzone che Va Dritta al Cuore"
by Fiamma playing]
[in Italian] You know
I write to feel good inside ♪
All I want now
Is the warm sun and immense sea ♪
These are my feelings, outspoken ♪
You're my diary, and the lock is open ♪
Write me, write me, write me ♪
A song that goes straight to the heart ♪
Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me ♪
Without mincing your words too much ♪
We are the writing on two walls ♪
Blank pages looking for thoughts ♪
Give me a pen and a diary, then ♪
Write me, write me, write me ♪
A message
That goes straight to the heart ♪
Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me ♪
Without mincing your words too much ♪
We are the writing on two walls ♪
Blank pages looking for thoughts ♪
Give me a pen and a diary, then ♪
Read me what's inside
There's only us here ♪
[music fades]
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