Di4ri (2022) s02e12 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 12

[gentle music playing]
I like this yellow.
- It's mustard.
- [Isabel] How sweet, Daniele and Mirko.
Like me and Pietro.
Sure, we could've all been
so happy since last year,
and avoided a lot of suffering.
What matters is finding each other.
[Monica] Isa!
Good morning!
I can't wait for Manuel to arrive.
Let me tell you.
The first day, we'll tour the island.
After that, the second day,
we're gonna go bowling.
And the third day, we'll go dancing.
He said he'll teach me bachata.
- When is he going to meet us?
- Exactly.
Yeah, we can't wait to meet the guy.
Let me check the calendar.
We must have time Wednesday afternoon.
Don't tell me you have
the whole week planned.
Of course!
It's been so long since I've seen him.
Really, I'm psyched
to see Manuel in person.
We've always only spoken through a screen.
It's nerve-racking.
[theme music playing]
Ooh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
Guys, here comes the principal.
[principal] Good morning, all.
[class] Good morning.
I have to tell you something important.
I've been keeping an eye on you all year.
And it seems to me
and I emphasize "it seems"
that you've matured.
So me and the rest of the faculty
have made plans so the whole third year
will go together on a trip.
- [girl] That's so cool!
- [boy] Yeah!
[principal] Even you.
And the city that we've picked out
is Paris.
- Paris?
- [girl] What?
- What?
- Come on!
- No way!
- That's crazy!
Calm down, calm down.
Don't make me regret it, okay?
- All right?
- Great!
- Oh my gosh!
- It's gonna be amazing!
[school bell rings]
By the way, I asked the teacher.
She said the rooms
at the hotel are triples.
So I thought we'd ask
Livia to stay in our room.
I haven't thought much about that.
Shouldn't we speak first with Arianna?
Well, I'd prefer to be with Livia.
- So basically you've already decided.
- No, I haven't.
It's just been so long since
we've hung out with her, I thought
- [phone vibrating]
- All right.
Figure it out. I've got a lot on my plate.
[somber music playing]
Manuel! Hi!
[school bell rings]
[Isabel] Love.
Everyone keeps saying how awesome it is.
Butterflies in my stomach,
head in the clouds,
heartbeat racing
Why doesn't anyone mention
how messy it is?
For every happy couple, there's
always someone else who suffers.
- Hey, Liv.
- Hey.
Listen, I was thinking
you decide who you're
staying with in Paris yet?
Actually, not yet.
- Want to stay with me and Monica?
- That would be nice.
But the truth is,
I've already made plans with Bianca, so
Thank you anyway.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, everything all right?
But how much longer
is Livia going to avoid me?
- Yeah, yeah. Let's move?
- Yes, let's go.
I can't with this essay. I'm fried.
Well, this is nothing. Wait till
we're in the science high school.
Ugh. Don't make me think about it.
- Want some?
- No, thank you.
Hey are you worried about high school?
It's not that, no.
I'm concerned about Livia.
Okay, I guess I shouldn't have said that.
But love is being sincere
with each other, right?
What do you mean?
I asked her to stay with
me and Monica in Paris,
but she said no.
If it cheers you up,
no one wants to stay with me and Giulio.
They're afraid of me and my pranks.
Well, and rightly so.
Livia doesn't wanna be friends anymore.
[Pietro] Really?
Well, maybe it's just your own perception.
- Did she say anything?
- No. That's the problem here.
She keeps avoiding me, that's it.
I don't know what happens now.
Or even if she wants to be my friend.
Listen, I know Livia very well.
Just give her some time.
You think so?
[upbeat pop music playing]
Hey, Giulio.
I was thinking
that Manuel's never been
around the island,
and I could surprise him.
What are you saying?
Well, would you ask your uncle
if we could borrow his boat tomorrow?
Just for a ride, nothing complicated.
- No. The boat, no.
- But why not?
Well it's broken.
Yeah. It's broken.
It's broken?
Yeah, broken. It's not working.
It's the rudder.
Why? What happened?
An octopus. Giant. It got stuck inside.
[groans] It's not a pretty picture.
Just forget it.
A giant octopus got stuck in the rudder?
It's not that strange. It happens a lot.
[phone vibrates]
[Monica] Manuel!
- Monica!
- [Monica] Yes.
Look, I'm in the car with Mom.
She's taking me to the port. Mo-Mo
- [Monica] Manuel?
- [video stuttering] Monica
- Monica? Hello?
- I can't hear you. Manuel?
- Wait
- We're coming, all right?
See you in a couple of hours.
- Let me call you back
- [video stuttering]
[Monica sighs]
I was thinking of something
you could do with Manuel.
You could take him to get ice cream
at this shop with a crazy view of the sea.
- [Monica] Where is it?
- In Borgo Vecchio.
Down there? But that's a long trip.
But it's so romantic.
Sure, but Manuel's taking a taxi.
It'll cost a lot.
Yeah, but it's romantic.
It's isolated.
Nobody I know ever goes there.
- Well, but it's
- It's romantic. Okay, I get it, Giulio.
I can't tell if Giulio's
inventing all this or if he's for real.
But, sure, it's romantic.
Thanks, Giulio!
Thank you.
Will you pick me up
after my catch-up class?
Of course.
I can't stand seeing the principal
also in the afternoons.
They're almost over, at least. Hey!
- Oh, hey.
- [Isabel] Hi.
So, we're all going to Paris. It's fire!
You're right. We might even find out
that we get along with your class.
Yeah, that would be dope.
- Bye, guys.
- [both] Bye.
He's great, Roby. Such an amazing friend.
He never made me feel bad
because you and me are dating.
Not like Livia.
There aren't many like him.
[gentle music playing]
Are you jealous?
[school bell rings]
[Monica] I'm meeting Manuel
for the first time since summer.
What if he doesn't like
the dress I picked out?
What if our first kiss isn't as incredible
as I have imagined?
[sighs] Ugh, I'm so nervous.
I should call Isa.
But what's the point?
She's always busy with Pietro.
Calm down, Monica.
You don't need your best friend.
You can handle this yourself.
[Manuel] Monica!
Is it him? Or am I dreaming?
- Hi!
- Hi.
- [chuckles]
- [Monica] Wait
- You look great. Very pretty.
- Thank you.
I guess you look very pretty yourself.
- Thanks!
- [both chuckle]
- This place is amazing.
- Isn't it?
I don't usually come to
this side of the island, but
it's the ideal place for a date.
So? Where are we going?
I'm taking you somewhere special. Come.
[Manuel chuckles]
[upbeat pop music playing]
At times, Pietro and Livia
still look like a couple.
Really, Isabel? What am I thinking?
Okay. I'm gonna peace out,
and you two have a nice chat. Okay?
- And what should we chat about?
- [Isabel] Pietro!
Okay, he's gone crazy. [laughs]
[chuckles] I think so. I'm gonna go.
Actually, Livia
maybe we should talk about this.
Yeah, I know, I'm avoiding you.
I would like to tell you
everything's okay,
but, in fact, it's not.
the old me could pretend that all is fine.
But we're too close
and I can't lie to you.
You told me everything was fine.
At first, it was.
I think I was trying to convince myself.
But now
I don't think I can get used to the idea
that you're with him.
You're telling me that you still
Yes, I still like Pietro.
I knew something was wrong.
I'm sorry, Isa.
But it's my problem, not yours.
I'll try to forget and make my peace.
Uh I think it's still early,
but I'll manage.
Can I help in any way?
Not really.
Actually, there is something.
Please don't tell Pietro.
[emotional music playing]
I can't believe this. It's closed!
Giulio told me it was open now.
But it's been closed for renovations
who knows for how long now?
Well, no big deal.
Let's go somewhere else.
You don't get it.
I had everything planned.
First we would have come here,
then done a bunch of other things,
and instead, now it's all messed up!
And what's the problem?
The only thing that matters
is that you and I are together.
Look at this beautiful view!
That's true.
Help. What now?
[Monica] Did it really happen?
I can't believe it.
Okay, Monica, stay calm
and enjoy the moment.
Wait, has the sea
always been so beautiful,
and I've never noticed?
[Isabel] It would be nice if love
was as simple as a kiss.
But it's always a mess!
Livia still likes Pietro.
How can I pretend not to care?
[Pietro] Isa!
Did you speak to Livia?
Uh, yeah.
I'm afraid she has issues with her sister.
That's why she was weird.
But now everything is okay!
You see? It wasn't about you.
I lied to him, yeah.
But because I listened to Livia,
or because I don't want him
to know the truth?
How was the catch-up class?
Well a drag!
[upbeat pop music playing]
So, guys, this test
is multiple choice, okay?
Read it carefully.
Hey, Giulio.
Uh, thanks for your idea, it was awesome.
- I ended up watching the sunset with him.
- [crack]
[mysterious music playing]
Is everything all right?
Oh. Yeah. I'm just anxious about the exam.
So, you didn't study?
Who cares about studying? I had
the most beautiful afternoon of my life.
- Yes!
- Are you crazy?
This exam counts as most
of the final grade. Just this exam.
How come now you're worried for me?
My grades are totally awesome.
I'm so sure!
So today, we're just missing Ascanio?
- [students] Yes.
- [teacher] Okay.
[pensive music playing]
- What is it, Giulio?
- Excuse me, teach. Quick question.
Uh, is this a nine?
Uh, yes, I would say so.
Ah, it's just I don't want to mess it up.
Maybe you can check?
Well, Giulio this is clearly a nine.
- Okay, perfect. Thank you, teach.
- Mm. You're welcome.
[teacher] Come on, time's almost up.
Start turning them in.
[school bell rings]
Come on, come on. Finish up.
Last check, everyone!
Quick, now.
Enough, put your pencils down.
Let's go.
Come on.
[wind gusting]
- So, where are you from exactly?
- From Cape Verde.
Where's that?
They're islands off the coast of Senegal.
I speak Portuguese with Mom,
'cause she's from there,
but with my dad, I speak Italian.
- He's from Rome.
- Rome, for real? Monica didn't mention it.
You guys are lucky.
This island is amazing.
That's true.
- It almost beats Cape Verde.
- Seriously?
It's awesome, huh?
You just arrived, and there's a storm.
- [Isabel] Giulio!
- Stop.
- [Manuel] When I arrived, it was fine.
- It's true!
Monica never explained it properly.
- How did you two meet?
- It was love at first sight.
I was with friends
last summer on the island.
We wanted to have a limbo battle,
but we needed a judge that was impartial.
- Monica stepped up, and that was that.
- Aw!
Of course, he was amazing at limbo.
It's just limbo, what's the big deal?
Uh, he's just joking.
- Forgive him. He's just goofing around.
- And, what happened, you won?
- No. I lost.
- [all laugh]
- Well, but you met Monica.
- Exactly.
[Isabel] So romantic!
[Bianca] It's been so long
since I played that game, limbo!
- Game? Limbo is not a game. It's a dance.
- Yeah, it's a dance.
- Why don't you show me?
- Oh, yeah, Manuel will show you.
- You up for it?
- Come on.
- Show us!
- No, I didn't warm up.
Oh come on, please show us?
[sighing] All right.
[Isabel] Go, Manuel!
- [Bianca] Go, come on!
- [clapping]
- [group] Ooh
- [Bianca] Go!
[group] Oh yeah!
- [laughter]
- [Isabel] He's so good!
[Bianca] You were great, Manuel!
Who's next?
- Giulio, you try. You said it's easy.
- Oh, yeah! Pac will show us.
- Me?
- Go!
Me? No! Why? Isn't he the champion?
Okay. Giulio!
[all chanting] Giulio!
Giulio! Giulio! Giulio!
Giulio! Giulio!
Giulio! Giulio! Giulio!
[Isabel giggles]
- [Bianca] Come on!
- What's up?
- [coughing]
- [Bianca] Do it!
[Pietro] Well?
- Come on, man!
- [Bianca] Giulio!
- [Manuel] What's he doing?
- [Monica] Giulio?
- Pac?
- [Manuel] Giulio?
- [Giulio coughing]
- Giulio?
- Are you okay?
- [Isabel] What are you doing?
- [Monica] Giulio?
- [Manuel] Giulio!
- [coughing]
- Giulio!
[Manuel] Giulio! Giulio!
[Monica] Giulio!
- [Manuel] Giulio!
- [Isabel] Giulio!
- [Monica] Giulio?
- [Manuel] Giulio!
- You okay?
- You were great! You saved his life!
Come on, I wasn't dying.
I just choked on my popcorn.
He's brave, like a hero.
Okay, and poor Giulio too.
[somber music playing]
[sighs] It's best
if I take him home right now.
I really don't know what got into him.
- Ah, you say that
- Yeah!
[scoffs] That's impossible!
[chuckles] Yeah, it's actually impossible.
I'll split. I'm goin' home.
- Okay.
- Bye.
So? Shall we leave?
[upbeat pop music playing]
I thought he was kidding.
I don't know. I can't believe he did that.
Yo, guys, I got great news.
They asked the principal
about Fashion Day. He approved it.
[Isabel] Really?
What theme did they choose?
- It's a pajama party.
- [Isabel] Oh.
- When, though?
- It's tomorrow.
It's a gift for the end of class.
Just for those in the last year.
Why didn't I see anything online?
Well, because word of mouth
is better than the class chats.
What do you say?
Well yes. Thanks for telling us.
- We'll think about it.
- All right, bet.
What matters is
that we're all doing it. 3A, 3B, 3C.
Marina Piccola would be
the only ones not participating.
Anyways, I had to tell you. See you guys.
- [Pietro] Bye.
- See you.
Come on, that's a cool idea!
Pajamas at school?
Yeah, I'm sure it'll be really great.
We have to spread the word.
[school bell rings]
[teacher] Well done!
Well done, Livia and Pietro! Hmm?
Apparently, the catch-up classes
have been useful, hmm?
Well done.
- Eight out of ten.
- [Salvatore] Eight? Thank you!
Was that just a smile between two friends?
[teacher] Marco?
Hey, come on!
Why the long face?
You got eight out of ten.
That's amazing.
[teacher] Giulio!
- Well done. Seven out of ten.
- [chuckles]
Thank you, teach!
- [students] Great job, Giulio!
- [Daniele] You killed it, man.
Just a five.
- Just a five?
- What happened?
You haven't scored so low
on a test before.
How is this possible?
These answers are all wrong.
I swear I got them right, for sure!
Uh, but this test is yours.
Don't worry, it can happen
to the best students.
You've been a little
distracted lately, hmm?
You'll make up for it.
Let's move on. Silverio!
- [sighs]
- What happened to you?
- [teacher] You could have done better.
- I'm bummed.
[teacher] Arianna?
It seems like this Manuel
isn't very good for you.
What does Manuel have to do with this?
We're close to the finals.
- [teacher] Great job! Eight out of ten.
- They're in a month.
- [Arianna] Thank you!
- You don't care about your grade?
I would think about it.
It bothers me to admit so,
but Giulio is totally right.
[Giulio sighs]
[gentle music playing]
[Manuel] Hi, love.
What's up?
I wanted to surprise you,
but I assume I didn't.
No, it's just our teacher gave us back
our math exam, and my grade was horrible.
That's a bummer.
Maybe it's better if I go study.
I'll ask to retake it tomorrow.
So, we're not spending today together?
I'm leaving soon.
I know, but I have to go study.
Fine. I'll leave you to it.
Hey, I do ♪
Can't go nowhere
'Cause I'm stuck to you ♪
If I got paid
Every time we jumped ship ♪
I'd be filthy rich ♪
Spend it all on you ♪
2x minus 2, 3x plus 2.
How much is the result?
How could I get that grade on the test?
It's not possible!
I know, I'm really sorry.
But it's only been once, Monica.
- I won't be able to sleep tonight.
- Are you serious?
Also, I'm worried about Manuel.
He's not responding to my messages.
I'm sure he'll call back.
You simply told him
you can't hang out with him
because you had to study.
I could text him and apologize.
She has to stop this.
But how is it possible you're
always babbling about Manuel?
I needed your help, and you didn't notice.
- Why didn't you tell me about it?
- You didn't see, but I tried!
All the time with Manuel
If you're not together,
you're texting or calling him again.
Well, since you've been with Pietro,
it's like I'm not even here!
[sighs] Monica, I always put you first.
You know that.
You're the one who never has time for me.
And it's you who's changed
since you started dating.
No, you've changed since
you've been with Pietro!
You're leaving?
Just forget it.
[pensive music playing]
[Monica] What is wrong with me?
Now I'm starting fights
with my best friend?
Great job, Monica. Keep it up,
and you'll end up completely alone.
[phone chimes]
Well, I can see you.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I'll help you with your homework.
- Then, Sunday, I'll go back to Rome.
- I'll miss you a lot.
Manuel is really perfect
Maybe a little bit too perfect?
[upbeat pop music playing]
- [Daniele] It's not possible.
- [Livia] I'm in slippers!
- We should have guessed it.
- But why? They told us to dress like this!
- [Livia] I know. What can we do?
- This sucks! They told us to.
- [Bianca] I'm so upset.
- [Arianna] Me too.
[Monica] So embarrassing.
[Isabel] Oh no.
- [Giulio] How's Fashion Day going?
- [Daniele] How could they be so mean?
- [chuckles] This PJ is so cool, huh?
- [Livia sighs]
Check out Livia's!
100% cotton. Just like mine.
Let's take a picture!
- Giulio, no
- [Arianna] Giulio.
- Stop it!
- On the count of three, "Fashion Day".
- Ready? One
- Don't do that.
- Please stop!
- He won't.
- Two, three, Fashion Day!
- [Daniele] Fashion Day
[Giulio] Why the long faces?
Who's gonna tell him?
- Giulio, don't you see anything?
- [Giulio] What?
Don't you see that?
No one is in their pajamas.
It was all a joke.
Ah. Who did this?
Sure you can guess who.
Are you serious right now?
[Pietro] Let's go.
Everyone's looking at us,
- Nothing we can do.
- [Arianna] Come on.
[Monica] Isa
[upbeat music playing]
- I'm not great at saying sorry, you know?
- Me neither.
It's true, you always talk about Manuel.
But when I said you've changed,
I didn't mean that.
It's always been us.
But us being in love, hmm?
[bright music playing]
Guys, darn 3A.
We'll make them pay.
Let's look at the bright side.
I mean, we're in school,
but it looks like we're not.
- It might never happen again.
- [Pietro] No, guys, my bad.
I trusted Roby
'cause I thought he was a friend.
[school bell rings]
Pietro, this was my fault.
It was me who insisted.
[Livia] It's nobody's fault.
We just didn't check with
the guys in the other classes.
[principal] I knew it!
I was wrong to trust you!
Well and all this is clear proof of it!
A pajama party? Really?
We're not responsible.
The 3A pulled a prank on us.
Maggi, that's enough.
Stop all your stories,
always blaming someone else!
What were you thinking?
Thank goodness
the other classes didn't follow you!
If a different class had done this,
probably, I would have let it slide.
But not with you. I've had enough of you.
Today, you kissed
the journey to Paris goodbye.
- You mean, we won't go to Paris?
- Why?
- [principal] Enough!
- [Pietro] He can't do that.
- [principal] Silence!
- So upsetting.
You don't come to school in slippers!
- Good afternoon.
- [Monica] Good afternoon.
I was really stupid.
My sister warned me about this.
Never trust an ex.
[in Italian] Growing up's a challenge
Growing up's a bummer ♪
Everybody asking you
Something you don't know ♪
What'll you do when you grow up?
Work, kids, and wife ♪
But you don't even know
What classes you have today ♪
Life is a party
But then the fighting begins ♪
You fight, you hide
Or you say, "That's enough now" ♪
Some days are just no
Some days are I dunno ♪
But it's only when you're yourself
That you get to the top ♪
You are a lot more than the comments
That the haters leave you ♪
If they ghost you, my babe
Then it wasn't love ♪
Don't trust filters
On those "no filter" photos ♪
Stay true, my babe ♪
It's much better to "be real" ♪
And shout out to the sea
How good it makes you feel ♪
Drown your fears in the salt ♪
And make sure you only call "love"
The things that make you feel good ♪
It's so liberating ♪
[music fades]
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