Di4ri (2022) s02e13 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 13

[upbeat pop music playing]
Great, Giulio.
You answered all the questions well.
- But you forgot one date.
- Which one?
- The beginning of the First World War.
- Right.
- Well, that's easy.
- Well? Come on!
- Don't! Are you trying to cheat!
- [laughs]
I'm not cheating!
What's that?
- Come on, Giulio!
- Giulio!
[Bianca laughs]
They won't let you peek on the exam.
- Right, but I know the answer.
- [Arianna] Go on.
First World War
The First World War began
on July 28, 1914.
- Eh! Bravo, Giulio.
- Bravo!
- [Daniele] Amazing.
- Amazing!
[woman] Good morning, guys.
Look what I have!
It came straight from Paris.
[Giulio] Thanks, Fabiana!
Who sent them?
The students from 3A.
How nice of them to think of you
on the school trip, huh?
- [Giulio] French mail's fast.
- [Daniele] Let me see.
- [Bianca] Incredible
- [Arianna] Wait.
- [Daniele] You're kidding.
- [Arianna] No.
[Giulio] "You're the only one missing."
Well, this is too much.
"Too bad we weren't here together."
Who do they think they are?
"Ari, we miss you very much."
- [Daniele] No way!
- They're the worst!
"We are right here, et vous?"
- [Monica] They're so nice.
- "Et vous"?
Sara also knows French, huh?
"Shopping on the Champs-Élysées
is priceless."
No way this is from 3A.
These are all signed
by Katia, Sara and Roby.
- [sighs] I can't believe it.
- [Pietro] Can't wait till they're back.
- [school bell rings]
- [Arianna] That's crazy, guys.
[Isabel] What a joke.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Of course I am.
They won't get away with this.
They'll pay for it.
[theme music playing]
Ooh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
They're gonna regret it!
I hate them!
Yeah, this postcard thing,
it's gone too far.
[scoffs] We need to settle the score.
Glue on their chairs?
Mm, no. Kinda too basic.
No, that's so cool. Make it go faster!
Be careful, brake.
- This thing is pretty fast!
- [Bianca] Totally!
- Grandpa's concoction!
- No.
We need something new.
Something that
[whispers] Hey, Giulio, Pietro, come here.
Something we're sure they'll never forget.
- [scooter whirring]
- [Bianca chuckles]
[Pietro] What's goin' on?
- Voilà!
- [Isabel] They just delivered them.
Yeah, apparently the school is
organizing safe driving courses,
but only for those who are 14.
- You have to try, they're super cool.
- Come on, guys!
- We'll get caught here.
- Driving courses?
With these we should do races.
Did you say races?
Yeah, why?
Pac is a genius!
- Brilliant.
- [pop music playing]
I have a plan, so listen up.
These scooters are the perfect bait
for people in 3A.
- Okay.
- Hi.
What do you want? Have you come
to thank us for the postcards?
- Did you read the news on the school web?
- What news?
- The safe driving courses.
- With electric scooters?
Whatever, it's child stuff. Only you guys
from Marina Piccola can't drive them.
Yes, in Marina Piccola,
you've never seen one.
Are you finished?
- We didn't come to argue.
- Why are you here, then?
- We want to propose a race.
- Here, at school.
Yeah, sure,
so the principal can fail us all?
No, he won't suspect anything.
Because we'll do it at night,
when no one's around.
Have you gone crazy?
How are we getting in?
So many questions. Whatever.
They're spooked, you were right.
Let's go.
No, wait a minute.
You just have to let us know when,
and we'll be there.
Second to last day of school.
- Thursday, 9:00 p.m.
- Okay.
I'm sure we're gonna have some fun.
[school bell rings]
[Giulio] Now we have to figure out
how to get into school.
You have to figure it out.
Wait, me?
[teacher] Modal verbs are used to express
the probability of an event occurring.
Like the probability
I'll fall asleep right now.
Why do we need to study verbs
if we're done with school?
- Well, before you fall asleep
- [teacher]language giving us the tools
I've been thinking about the math test
for a week.
[teacher]subtlety and precision.
And I've come to the conclusion
it's impossible I messed up so bad.
[teacher]an action occurs.
- Understanding how they are used
- But you saw it. It was your test.
That's exactly the point,
it wasn't mine.
Someone here must have switched it.
[teacher]may, might
This is getting bad.
- Actually, pretty bad.
- [teacher] And also must
- And I also think I know who did it.
- [teacher]ought to, shall and should.
- Look.
- [teacher] Pay particular attention
It's the ranking of the winners
of the scholarship to study abroad.
- [teacher]these words have an impact
- Look who's in the top three?
- [Giulio] Bianca.
- [teacher]how our communication lands.
[Monica] I'm sure it was her.
[teacher] I would like some of you
to give an example.
Who wants to?
Who wants to give an example?
Yes, Bianca.
Um, I will be on holiday
in London this summer.
Very good. You say so
because you're sure of this, right?
I know you won the scholarship.
Guys, let's congratulate our classmate
who got the scholarship.
Third place in the whole school.
A round of applause.
- [Daniele] Good job!
- [Pietro] Good job, Bianca!
- [teacher] So, then, to continue
- Coincidentally, my average dropped.
- [teacher] Will means willingness.
- She won the scholarship.
- [teacher] Not certainty.
- It was her.
Monica and Giulio,
if you don't keep quiet,
I will give you an F on the final exam.
This is not willingness, it is certainty.
[upbeat music playing]
[phone chimes]
We could glide with an umbrella
over the school's roof.
Or we could use
telekinesis to retrieve the keys.
What do you think?
- Sorry!
- Hey.
Sorry for the delay.
What, you apologize with a gift?
You're just five minutes late.
Actually, the present
is for another reason.
Guess what day it is today?
I don't know. What day is today?
It's Tuesday?
Okay, I'm gonna tell you.
It's four months
since we became a couple.
- It's already four months?
- Yes.
- [emotional music playing]
- [winces]
Really, I'm sorry, Isa, I forgot it.
With this whole challenge thing
with Roby, I forgot everything.
I'm so sorry.
If she's upset, she's right.
Go, open it!
I know we weren't yet a couple,
but for me, that day everything started.
[Pietro] It's beautiful, thank you.
"Thank you"? That's it?
[music swells]
[Pietro] I'm very comfortable with Isa.
She's much more than a crush.
But then why did she remember
our monthiversary and I did not?
Is it normal that I feel this anxiety
when everything seems perfect?
There's only one way to get into school.
The keys.
And the only person who has the keys
who is not the principal is Fabiana.
She opens the school in the morning.
Hey Pietro, are you there?
- Are you having second thoughts now?
- Are you joking?
Teaching a lesson
to the guys of Marina Grande
is the only thing I'm sure about now.
But anyway
What happened?
I forgot my four monthiversary
with Isabel.
How's it possible?
You know I'm not good at these things.
I mean, how's it possible to remember?
What is a monthiversary?
It's not like a birthday!
I remember when
it happened to me with Arianna.
She didn't talk to me for three days.
But Isa didn't even get upset.
[school bell rings]
See? You're lucky.
Pietro, wait, wait.
We have other things to figure out.
The keys.
We need to have an idea.
[Pietro] What is it?
It's clear you've never
done pranks on the phone.
With this app, you can make a call
with the voice of anyone you want.
Just record the principal's voice,
and make a strategic call to Fabiana.
[chuckles] You're totally crazy, man.
Or, I'm a genius. [chuckles]
[tender music playing]
[Monica] Hey.
Don't you usually talk to Manuel
right about now?
See? Even you know when he calls me.
Okay, but that's how
relationships work in the distance.
Yes, but It's not that.
What's wrong?
It's just that he's a bit
You know he always does the right thing.
I'm sad? He comforts me.
- I miss him? He sends flowers.
- The number?
- Or a message.
- Wait, what is it?
He always calls me exactly
at the same time, to not bother me.
He he's a bit too predictable.
He is a bit too perfect.
He's got straight A's in every class,
always does what's right.
He's got superpowers, this Manuel.
It's that sometimes I wish
- More chaos?
- Exactly!
It's normal to have doubts about a person.
The truth is that nobody's perfect.
- Except for Manuel.
- [phone vibrates]
- Unknown.
- [Isabel] Answer.
- Hello?
- Monica Piovani?
- Good morning, this is the principal.
- Mr. Principal?
Excuse me, why are you calling me?
[Giulio] Because you have the final exams.
Yes, I know about the final exams.
But why are you calling me, sorry?
- [whirring]
- Because it's not the principal.
No way! Is it you?
[both chuckling]
As usual, you don't have any limits!
Come on, it's just a joke!
[sighs] Listen, as far as I'm concerned,
you can find another desk mate, okay?
- Ooh
- What do you mean?
No, Mon! It was a joke!
- A joke
- What are you doing?
- [Monica] I'm moving your things.
- What are you doing?
I already knew it was never going to work.
And all this fuss just to
get the keys to the school.
[Giulio] Why not?
What if we grabbed them
from the desk of the custodian?
- [Giulio] I don't wanna move!
- Huh.
[school bell rings]
[rock music playing]
[Pietro] Oh!
- [girl 1] Um, sorry.
- [girl 2] There's a problem downstairs.
- What happened?
- [girl 1] The bathroom is broken.
[Giulio] Perfect timing!
- Let's check it out.
- [girl 2] Thanks.
- [Pietro] Now's our chance!
- Wait, Pietro.
- [Pietro] She didn't see us?
- [Giulio] No.
Let's go.
Okay, we take them and put them back.
- Got it?
- Come on, take 'em.
[exciting music playing]
[Giulio] All good.
[Giulio laughs]
- [Pietro] Go!
- [Pietro] We did it! We did it!
- [Giulio] Yeah, man!
[both laughing]
[Giulio sighs]
[keys jangling]
[both laughing]
[both sigh]
I can't believe it. We did it.
I'll miss all of this.
What am I gonna do without Pac?
Listen, why don't we make a deal?
Another one? Please!
Let's enjoy these last days,
without thinking about the end of school.
Most importantly, we enjoy tonight.
I'm dying to see the faces
of Roby and Katia.
[phone chimes]
Wait a second.
Hey, Giulio.
I was thinking you should talk to Bianca.
She'll never admit to me
she switched the exams.
But you're her cousin,
and maybe she'll tell you the truth.
What's going on with Monica?
- What?
- Yeah.
I don't understand why
she thinks one of us did it.
Well because she's right.
Have you gone mad?
[chuckles] I think so.
Now I get everything.
You're into Monica!
[romantic music playing]
Ah, Pietro
It's chaos.
What should I do?
You have to be straight with her.
Trust me.
- Or I'm sure it'll get worse.
- [scoffs]
- [chuckles]
- Okay?
[upbeat electronic music playing]
- [Pietro] Ah!
- [Giulio] Hey. Hey!
Stop it.
Hey, the principal's
never taken this long.
I just hope that the class
doesn't last more than expected.
It would be a bummer if it's too long.
Since it's the last one.
- [door opens]
- No, I think something happened.
Guys, I got a call from the principal.
He won't be here on time.
He said you have to do the exercises
on pages 125 and 126.
I'll come back in an hour.
- [door closes]
- What are you doing?
I have these. Let's use them!
- We have some time, huh?
- Use them where?
I don't know, we explore the school.
Let's go.
- No, put them away.
- But why?
I'll take you somewhere.
- Where are we going?
- Trust me. Let's go.
Come on!
[emotional music playing]
See? Even at Marina Grande,
there's some beauty.
[Pietro] Maybe all my doubts
about Isabel are because
What am I thinking?
Livia and I are just friends now.
I'm sorry.
This year has been a bit strange.
She's so pretty.
[upbeat guitar music playing]
Let's see how it flies.
I'm down.
[acoustic pop song in Italian]
[Livia] Look, look!
[Pietro] Oh!
- It got stuck!
- [both laughing]
Don't worry. That wasn't that bad.
- Let's blame whoever threw it.
- No, whoever made it.
[song fades]
Listen to me, Giulio.
I talked to Bianca
and she gave up the scholarship.
She'd rather spend the whole summer
on the island.
That means it wasn't her.
See, I told you.
Yes, but then that means that I messed up
and I didn't even realize.
If it happens in my final exam,
what do I do?
How is it possible you don't get it?
[emotional music playing]
What are you saying?
I know, I messed up. I'm sorry.
She'll hate me forever. I've earned it.
Was it you?
- But why did you do it?
- Well you and Manuel
I mean I didn't want you two to hang out.
I hate you.
[both chuckle]
[crickets chirping]
[owl hoots]
[tense music playing]
[scooter whirring]
Think about how cool
they'll feel for being late.
Here are the losers. Is it just you?
Too bad that your whole class
isn't here to see you lose.
So, what's the challenge?
Roby, we're not really here
to compete, buddy.
What's goin' on?
It's a trap?
[Isabel] Yes, it is.
[Roby] Hey, open up!
Open up!
I hope it's a joke.
[Pietro] It's the only exit
and it's blocked.
What is it you want?
- We just wanna give you a choice.
- What's that choice?
The choice to leave.
We just need formal apologies.
[scoffs] You're crazy.
- You'll apologize for everything.
- And we want it on video.
It's all written here.
Just read it
like you really mean it, okay?
Let me see it.
You are delusional if you think
we're gonna give in.
For us, it's actually fine.
We can stay here all night.
[Pietro] Oh, and I forgot.
If you don't agree to read it,
Giulio will call the principal
and tell him
there are intruders at school.
Wow, congrats on the plan.
That way, we'll all fail.
- [Giulio] How scary!
- [laughs]
Whatever, we already
missed the class trip, right?
Listen, we couldn't care less
if the principal catches us.
We just want what is right.
You're outta your mind.
And you guys are just kids.
Yeah, outta my mind.
Okay, then, call the principal.
[Roby] No, wait!
[Katia] Fine.
But it won't end like this.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [sighs]
We apologize for not
letting you into the party.
And sorry to Arianna if we made fun of you
and spread that stupid meme.
No one deserves what we did to you.
We're so sorry.
[scoffs] Makes me wanna puke.
No comments, thanks.
Keep going.
[clears throat]
Sorry, Livia, if we have
not been good friends.
And I hope you can forgive us.
We apologize for the Fashion Day prank.
It's our fault that you
didn't go on the trip.
No, not this!
Give it to me.
Marina Piccola is better
than Marina Grande. Happy now?
- [laughs]
- [Pietro] Did you add that?
[chuckles] It seemed
like a perfect ending.
And, just a small reminder
If you ever try to bother someone
from Marina Piccola in the future,
we will obviously post the video.
- [door opens]
- You got it?
[keys jangling]
Well, guys, we're done here.
[Isabel] Bye, guys!
Thank you!
Have a nice one, Roby!
Hey, guys, we really did it! Ah!
- [upbeat music playing]
- Whoo!
[Livia] Yes!
- [Isabel] Come here!
- [Pietro] Yeah!
- Well done, guys!
- [Bianca] Whoo!
- [Daniele] Way to go, guys!
- [Bianca] Ah!
- [Giulio] Yeah!
- [Bianca] Whoo!
- [Isabel] Yes!
- [Livia] They got what they deserve!
[Bianca] Totally!
[Daniele] No, not this.
- [Mirko] I like this one.
- [Giulio] You'll never learn foosball.
- Huh! Girls, for sure.
- [Isabel] Don't pull it.
- Yes! Goal!
- [Giulio] Come on! Darn.
- This one?
- [Livia] Let me see.
- [Daniele] It's horrible! Delete it.
- Well
- [Isabel] Aren't you scared?
- It could be better.
Let's take one as a nice memory
of the last day of school.
Yes. Maybe we'll include
the others this time, right? Come on.
- [Isabel] Come on, move up, let's do it.
- Show the foosball table.
- [Isabel] Twist it. Nice.
- [Arianna] Go, go, go!
- Let's see.
- [Livia] How is it?
- [Giulio] Watch out! Oh!
- [chuckles] Not bad
- Come on! Isa, it's yours, it's yours!
- [Giulio] Okay
- [Monica] Oh! Let's go! Come on.
- Oh!
- Pay attention. Grab it!
- It's mine! Great!
- No!
- [Isabel and Monica] Yes!
- Good job, Monica!
- Great! Yeah!
What were you saying? Who's winning?
[Monica] Yeah.
- [Livia] Doing great, girls!
- What have you done? Give me a break.
Yo! Come on.
I have an idea.
- Wait for me.
- What?
- Giulio, where are you going?
- [Isabel] Pac!
- Pac?
- Pac?
- [Livia] Where did he go?
- [Daniele] I don't know.
- What?
- [Bianca] What is that?
And what should we do with this?
What's that?
It's our trip.
I'm very confused here.
On Monday we have exams, it's impossible.
After what we did yesterday,
nothing is impossible.
I don't understand.
What do you wanna do?
We're gonna take back our trip,
and we're gonna do it
at Pantarosa.
- Come on!
- Have you lost it?
No, no, no. Impossible.
Isn't that the island where
your grandma has the house?
[Giulio] Yeah, an hour's ride
and we're there.
Actually, it'll take us almost an hour
and a half to get to grandmother's house.
- [Daniele] There's no way.
- But it would be the perfect trip for us.
- No.
- [Giulio] Just disappear for a few hours.
Then come back in the afternoon.
It's awesome, guys!
Guys, Monday, it's the finals.
And we need to study.
- [Arianna] Exactly.
- She's right.
- You remember that, right?
- [Arianna] Right.
Yeah, but it would make this year
- Okay, but we need an alibi.
- An alibi?
[Michele] You know what I mean.
An excuse for our parents.
For sure.
We can say that we need
to study at the library.
- At the library?
- Um
Eh My parents will never believe it.
Especially the whole day.
- [Giulio] You're right.
- [Isabel] Hmm
However, if we say that we're with Monica,
and that the idea was actually hers,
it's credible, right?
But how do we get there?
With your uncle's boat?
Well yeah.
No! We shouldn't have witnesses.
- Then I'll call a taxi boat.
- [Bianca] But let's not land at the port.
We'll land on the hidden beach, right?
[Mirko] That'll cost us a lot.
- [Daniele] Right.
- [Bianca] Actually, not that much.
If we all chip in, huh?
But this is too dangerous.
I don't know
- [Daniele] I'm not convinced.
- No, come on, guys.
- The idea's awesome!
- Yeah.
Are we going?
- Yes!
- Yeah.
- Come on!
- [Giulio] Sunday at the port, 8:00 a.m.
- [Daniele] It's a deal!
- Let's go! Guys, we'll have our own trip!
Who would have expected this from Livia?
She's so awesome.
- [laughter and cheering]
- Let's go!
[in Italian] You look at everyone
Then at me, and I tolerate you until ♪
I lose my patience and run away
I'm no longer with you ♪
You count from one to three
I drive aimlessly ♪
Now tell me
What's with this feeling of vertigo? ♪
For some unknown reason
You always say you're bored with me ♪
Tell me, what happened to us? ♪
You wanna play Mikado
You know it makes me nervous ♪
I calm down when LDA plays on Spotify ♪
I lost you in the crowd
in that corridor ♪
You can't just erase what's between us ♪
We'll always save each other
Like superheroes ♪
Don't make me run away
That's what you want ♪
I don't know what to say anymore ♪
Time always flies when I am happy ♪
I shouldn't get used
To letting you run away ♪
I shout out to tell you I miss you ♪
Even though you aren't listening ♪
I won't wait that long, you know ♪
No, I never give up ♪
It's just another day slipping away ♪
Though it's dredged up
The melancholy in me ♪
I won't wait that long, you know ♪
No, I never give up ♪
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