Diablero (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Pata de perro, corazón de pollo

1 [NANCY] Holy Death, mighty and strong.
- Indispensable in times of danger.
- [BANG] - [MAN SHOUTING AND BANGING ON THE DOOR] - I name you my defender.
I invoke you, certain of your kindness and glory.
- [MAN] Nancy! - [BANGING ON THE DOOR] [SHOUTING] I don't like when you lock yourself in the room.
- [NANCY SNIFFLES] - [RATTLING DOOR HANDLE] [MAN SHOUTING] Open this door immediately! Holy Death, help me put my enemy to death.
- Death to my enemy.
- [MAN BANGING ON THE DOOR] [NANCY] Death to my enemy.
- [MAN] Open the door! - [NANCY WHEEZING] - I'm telling you to open this door! - [NANCY WHEEZING] - [MAN] Open up! Open the door now! - [BANGING ON THE DOOR] [GROWLING] - [NANCY ROARS] - [MAN SCREAMS] [WOMAN] I didn't know who to turn to.
The police.
They all refused to help me.
[DOOR CREAKING] [GROANING] [GROANING] Nancy, listen to me.
I know you're in there.
We're here to help.
You'll be okay.
[DISTORTED VOICE] Wanna bet, Diablero? [DOOR BANGS] [GROWLING] [SOFT TUNE PLAYING] Is that her? It's the first time I've seen her.
So why did you abandon her? I didn't know I had a daughter.
Who would do something like this? Look, whoever did this had no idea what was going on.
When demons get inside you, they really mess you up.
Human or demon, I am going to find her.
I won't abandon her.
What are we looking for? [ELVIS] Demon traces to find out who took your daughter.
This motherfucker even took the damn light.
Hey, hey.
Where to, Father? Careful not to put your hands where you shouldn't.
Same goes for you.
[ELVIS] Someone's grumpy.
Hey, can you feel anything, Nance? It reeks of demon in here.
[KETA] What do you think, brother? I know only one dude who can give us intel about Type 2 demons.
El Indio.
- Uh-huh.
- You have to go see him.
- Who's El Indio? - A guy you don't mess with.
What if he can find this demon? All right, first I want you to go to every morgue in town.
I need you to find Lucía's body.
I need to see it.
[KETA] You got it.
- [DEMON ROARS] - [GIRL SCREAMS] Did you hear that? [FAINT TUNE] What? I hear music.
[PHONE RINGING] Hello? Shit! Mariana called.
I'm sure she's still alive.
[MARIANA] Help me! [THEME SONG PLAYS] [ELVIS] Troublemaker, whoremonger, and a mean drunk.
A selfish opportunist.
Third-rate Diablero.
But he told good jokes and was my best friend long ago.
- So, what happened? - [NANCY] He's a piece of shit.
He was an asshole to Keta.
[RAMIRO] There's no other way to see this friend? [ELVIS] This is much better than taking the bus.
But we're moving slowly, and you said you drive.
I do drive.
This is temporary.
Get ready, guys.
This is our stop.
Ready to see El Indio? Thousand of abortions [DOOR OPEN] [WOMAN] What are you doing? We're swamped out there.
- Keta! - I can't today.
[WOMAN] What are you looking for? Hello? I'm looking for the body of a former patient.
Lucía Cruz.
That's impossible.
Her name is Lucía Cruz.
It has to be there.
She couldn't have just vanished.
What are these photos? What is this, Keta? - Give me that.
- Where are you going? - When will you be back? - I don't know.
[ELVIS] Be careful, guys.
This is the way to El Indio's den.
[MUFFLED MUSIC PLAYING] Can you take off that shit? - Seriously? - Yeah, they don't like priests.
And could you start praying? Things can get rough here.
Don't ever call him Indio.
It really pisses him off.
- What should we call him? - Isaac.
- Isaac.
- Isaac.
- [MUSIC PLAYING] - [CHATTER] What's up, fatso? Did you go on a diet? You're looking slimmer.
INDISTINCTLY] No matter what happens, keep your cool, got it? It seems you and the priest are still together, Uncle Elvis.
Father, I have sinned.
Wanna give me penance? [RAMIRO] Some souls are beyond saving, miss.
So, did you bring us another juicy Type 1 demon, Uncle? I have a business deal for your dad.
I need to see him.
Are you sure, Uncle? Relax, it's a juicy proposal.
Let him do it, he's old enough to decide.
It's a good deal.
- That's up to him.
Let's go.
- [BELL RINGS] - [MUSIC PLAYING] - [SHOUTING] - [GRUNTS] - [RAMIRO] What is all this? People are fucking sick.
They come here to get deviled-up and fight each other.
And make some extra cash.
[GROWLING] We didn't beat you up too badly, did we? You did it out of love, so no worries.
Maybe you got brain damage, you keep hanging out with priests.
[CROWD SHOUTING] One needs friends even in hell.
Here in Dad's hell, you have no friends.
So, careful what you bring.
Kill him! [ROARS] We have a body! We have a body! [WHISTLING IN THE CROWD] - [CROWD WHISTLING] - [MAN GROWLING] [RECITING INCANTATION] [ENDS INCANTATION] [CROWD APPLAUDING AND CHEERING] [MC] The fight is over! [CROWD CHEERING AND WHISTLING] [MC] Only the best ones make it! Elvis is looking for you.
I've grown tired of waiting for you.
Did you bring my demons? I have a business proposal.
I just need a favor.
You dare come here asking for favors - when you owe me 12 demons? - Twelve? - What the hell.
- I have an important fight.
This better be good.
Got it.
A real nasty demon killed the priest's woman and took his daughter.
[EL INDIO] His daughter? - Yes.
- Is that so? [EL INDIO LAUGHS] [SINGING] Forgive me, for I have sinned I broke the ninth commandment One more time - [EL INDIO LAUGHS] - So much talent.
- So? - I need to catch it and get the girl back.
Where's the business? I don't see it.
I catch the demon, you keep it.
It's a win-win situation.
- [EL INDIO CHUCKLES] - The demon came from here.
And in the meantime, you dare show up empty-handed? Where's the demon? - Easy, man.
- No, no.
It took my daughter, do you get that? Aww.
- Be quiet.
- [EL INDIO] Don't sweat it, man.
Maybe God can help him.
[EL INDIO LAUGHS] - Where is she? Where is my daughter? - Hey, hey, hey.
I'm fed up with both of you.
I think I'll paint the floor red.
- Who did you sell her to? - [ELVIS] Wait, Isaac.
Wait up, old man.
Who's she? I'll take on your best demon.
A fight.
You in? If I win, you tell us where the demon is.
Really, baby? What else? - Some ice cream, maybe? - Yes, please.
And for you to forget Elvis's debt.
Right on, dude.
Now, those are real stakes.
You'll make good money.
In fact, double or nothing.
Let's put The Hound on the line.
[EL INDIO LAUGHS] But if I win, you're not leaving this place.
You wanna fight? - You sure? - Yes.
You know what? This priest is biting more than he can chew.
Get him out of my sight.
Throw him out.
Cellar keeper, get the demons ready.
We're having a fight.
What did you tell the priest? The demon we're after came from this place.
- [RAMIRO] How dare you? - [LOUD MUSIC] I'll punch your teeth in! I'll punch your teeth in.
- [CHEERING] - [WHISTLING] [MC SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] [DEMONS SCREECHING IN CONTAINERS] For the brat a good strong one, see how she does.
And for our guy this one.
A tough motherfucker.
- He'll bite her head off.
- Good choice.
- All right, I'm on it.
- Go on.
Wait there.
- Breathe in.
I have my own demons.
Ten No, Mommy! No! Mommy! Nine [BREATHING HEAVILY] Eight Seven [BANGING ON THE DOOR] Six Five You once helped me quiet down the voices.
I need them to stop.
Four I have nowhere else to go.
[MUSIC IN THE HEADPHONES GETS LOUDER] [WHEEZES] [WHISTLING] [GROWLS] [ROARS] Why don't you sit over here and watch your girlfriend lose? [LAUGHTER] No, thanks, dude.
I can see your demon get trashed from here just fine.
[CROWD CHEERING AND WHISTLING] [NANCY ROARS] Fuck, yeah! Good job, Nance! How's that, Isaac? What do you say? How about a wager to make this interesting? [SNORING] [CROWD CHEERING] Come on, Nancy! Don't you dare, Isaac! You fucking cheat.
- [GROWLS] - Come on, you got this.
Come on.
[GIRL] Help! Mom, help me, please! [GATE SQUEAKS] [GIRL] Mom, help me, please! Mom, where are you? Please help me! Mom! Fuck you, Uncle! Go get him, shitheads.
Nancy, wake up.
Don't do this to me, wake up! Stop it right there.
Stay out of this.
Stay back, pricks.
Stay back.
Listen to it, Nance.
Listen to it.
Despite being so young, you did what no one else had.
You controlled those fucking demons! I didn't do shit.
It was you.
You saved yourself.
You and your music, Nancy.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [ELVIS] Focus, Nancy! - [NANCY GROWLING] - You can control the demons! You can do this, kid! Just you and your music.
Come on, Nancy! Come on! [MUSIC PLAYING QUIETLY IN THE HEADPHONES] Show these fuckers who's boss.
[GROWLING] [ELIS SHOUTING] [GROWLS SOFTLY] Fuck, yeah! That's my Nancy! - We got a body! - Goddammit.
[GROWLING] [GIRL SHOUTING] Help! Help me, please! Somebody help me! Help! Get me out of here, please! - Please help me.
- Hello? Help me, please.
I'm begging you.
[SOBS] - Mariana, is that you? - Yes, it's me.
- I'll get you out, don't worry.
- [GIRL] Get me out of here.
Please! I'll get you out.
All right, Isaac.
Nancy won.
My debt is forgotten.
But you have to tell me what you know about that demon.
Was it here? [GIRL CRYING] That brat fought using her own demon.
She refused the cellar keeper's, so it doesn't count.
You're backing out? [CHUCKLES] [RAMIRO] It's done.
- [GIRL CRYING] - Come with me.
Take my hand.
Come with me.
Everything will be okay.
Aren't you a man of your word, Indio? He did it again.
He never learns.
What did you just call me? [GIRL SPEAKING WITH DISTORTED VOICE] Hello there, priest.
[VOICE DISTORTS] You can come with me.
[IN DEMONIC VOICE] I'll show you the gates of hell.
[GROWLING] [DEMONIC LAUGHTER] I warned you before, asshole.
- What did you call me? - Wait, Isaac.
Calm down, all right? Let's all relax.
[GROWLING GETS LOUDER] [GROWLING] Sure, we can all relax, but I'm keeping her.
How's that? Don't you dare touch her Indio.
[RAMIRO SHOUTING] Help me! Elvis! Help me! Run! - [DEMONS GROWLING] - [CROWD SHOUTING] Elvis! [SCREAMING] Get The Hound, he'll take me.
- You sure? - Yes, yes! - Look after her.
- I will! [CAR KEYS PLAY SHORT TUNE] [BRAKES SCREECHING] Hurry, hurry! Hurry up, come on! [SCREAMING ON THE STREET] - Is this The Hound? - Hell, yes.
Isn't it cool? [NANCY] Hell, yeah, Elvis.
You got The Hound back.
- Faster, faster.
- It's all thanks to you.
In 2000, a strange event was captured on video in Mexico City.
A UFO, that is to say a ship with extraterrestrial features Hello.
I need to see the body of Lucía Cruz.
I was told it might be here.
Are you family? I can be whatever you want me to be.
Cousin, sister-in-law.
Your call.
That was a close one.
[ELVIS LAUGHS] It was worth it just to see Indio's face when you won, Nancy.
You did good, kiddo.
- What's wrong, Father? - Why are you laughing? [ELVIS] We're alive, isn't that enough? This is going to cost you more.
- Were you scared, priest? - We almost got killed for nothing.
It wasn't for nothing.
We learned where the demon came from, and that El Indio is gonna kill Elvis.
First, he has to find me.
[PHONE RINGING] What's up, Keta? Okay.
She found Lucía's body.
We'll have to stop by the morgue.
[RAMIRO] Where the hell is Mariana? [GIRL STRAINING] [PANTING] [OWL HOOTS] I'm sorry.
You don't have to look, Father.
No, it's fine.
Just give me a minute.
[ELVIS] It's Mayaken's mark.
- [KETA] What? - [ELVIS] What the hell, Keta? I knew you were lying to me.
If I told you, you'd back out, Elvis.
Don't you understand? It's the same mark, we can find Mayaken.
You owe me.
That really fucked us up, Ketamina.
It almost destroyed us.
[GROWLING] [ELVIS] We're doing okay now.
You think so? You can't back out now.
If I do, what's it to you? I don't know.
I guess I feel for the priest.
[ELVIS CHUCKLES] Listen to me, Elvis.
Ever since Mayaken disappeared, you and Keta lost yourselves.
You haven't been the same, neither has Keta.
You have to do this.
You know, some days I get fed up and feel like giving up.
But I'm still here.
Barely surviving, but I'm still here.
And it's all thanks to you, Elvis.
You forced me to live.
Yeah, to live a shitty life.
Who the hell cares? Your life is shitty too.
But it can be better.
If we find Mayaken and Mariana just think about it, everything could be better.
For you, Keta, and me.
Seriously, Elvis.
I mean it, it'll be worth it.
Come on, you prick.
Don't make me beg anymore.
Come on, dude.
[ELVIS] Goddamn, Nancy.
No wonder demons like you.
- I'm still hurt, idiot.
- Right.
[KETA] Get over here.
That's not Lucía.
Once they die, they're gone.
- No, this is not Lucía.
- [ELVIS] Come on, Father.
Perhaps you don't remember.
It was only one night.
[RAMIRO] It's not her.
[KETA] He's right.
This is not her.
[NANCY] Knowing she was the only woman you've been with, it took you a while to notice.
This is a sign, it can't be a coincidence.
[KETA] According to this, there are more bodies with the same mark.
We can find Mayaken.
We're close.
My dear sister, we can't go through this again.
We've finally moved on.
No, I'm dead, Elvis.
Dead since the day he was taken from us.
I haven't moved on, and I never will.
Who is this woman? This says her name is Ana Paula, she's 27 years old.
Single mother.
[CHILD WHIMPERING] [CHILD PANTING] [WOMAN] I see you, I'm coming down.
I'll come down, I'm right here.
Grab this, hold tight.
Hold tight.
I've got you, careful.
I've got you, don't worry.
My mommy.
Cry if you want to.
But now we have to hurry, before he comes back.