Diablero (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Los hijos ocultos

1 [KETA] Stop trying to rub it off.
That's a birthmark, Elvicho.
- You'll give him a rash.
- Look at that.
The doctor never saw anything like it.
[ELVIS] It's just a birthmark.
Like the one Grandpa had on his butt.
No, it's not the same.
And he's not like anyone else, Elvis.
His birth.
The mark.
You feel it too.
- Mayaken is special.
- [THUNDER RUMBLING] [KETA] What's that? [KETA AND ELVIS SINGING IN SPANISH] I'll tell him the truth when he grows up, not like all those other moms who tell lies about the father.
If El Indio won't recognize him as his son, it's his loss.
You'll always have your uncle.
Why don't you just come up with a story? Tell him his dad went to the U.
Or better yet, tell him he's in jail.
That they will believe.
Plus, it'll scare off the bullies.
Let's drop it for now, hand me a towel.
- What is it? What is it? - [THUNDERBOLT] No, no, no! Elvis, check the fuse box.
Maybe they blew out.
I don't think that's it.
This seems neighborhood-wide.
[WINDOW CREAKS] I'll be right back.
- Elvis, the towel! - [ELVIS] What? The towel! [ELVIS] I can't hear you! I'll be right there.
Elvis! Elvis, did you take Mayaken? - Mayaken is gone, did you take him? - What do you mean "gone"? - Elvis, stop playing games.
- Where is he? Mayaken! Mayaken! [THEME SONG PLAYS] [RAMIRO] Thanks.
We can't find Lucía's body.
It's not in any morgue, it vanished.
It's as if it never left the hospital, it doesn't make any sense.
- [NANCY SNICKERS] - Did I say something funny? Nothing ever makes sense.
Better get used to it, because things will only get freakier.
I've kept track of everything, missing children, kidnappings.
This is our first clue in eight years, Elvis! What? No comment? Two women with the same mark, a little girl who's missing I swear we're getting close.
I feel very strongly about this.
Don't you? Ketamina it's been eight years.
Eight years.
This has nothing to do with Mayaken.
Who is Mayaken? It means "wolf" in Nahuatl, priest.
[KETA] Well, I know he is alive.
Don't ask me how, I just know.
I can feel it.
But that's something you'll never understand.
Keta Mayaken is dead.
For as long as you live, don't fucking say that again.
- Keta, wait.
- What? - Calm down.
- What is it? It's a little too quiet, don't you think? Step back, get ready.
Hello, Uncle Elvis.
Run! [GUNSHOTS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] What the fuck is going on? It seems that El Indio wasn't too pleased with our visit.
That dude is batshit crazy.
- What did you do, Elvis? - Nothing, you know what he's like.
Aside from a couple of screws, he's missing a sense of humor.
Well, we can't go back home, his goons will be waiting for us.
We need a place to regroup.
- We could go to my church.
- No way we're going to church! Move it, asshole! [LUCÍA] Go to bed, sweetie.
There's nothing wrong.
You'll feel much better tomorrow.
Remember monsters aren't real.
Get some rest.
I love you.
Don't worry, it's all over now.
Where am I? My name is Mamá Chabela, and this is my house.
- And you are ? - Mariana Cruz.
Do you remember what happened to you? That's all right.
Take your time.
This little glutton is Lorenzo.
And this one here is my darling Sebas.
- They lost their moms, like you.
- I didn't lose anyone.
A monster attacked my mom.
You don't believe me? More than you know.
Except they're not monsters, they're demons.
But as long as you're here, they won't be able to hurt you.
Lorenzo and Sebas went through the same thing as you.
Their mothers were taken, but I stopped the demon before he took them, too.
Just like I did with you.
I'm going to protect you.
- How? - After breakfast, we'll call whoever you want to let them know you're okay.
- Any suggestions? - No.
Just my mom.
[DOOR OPENS] This is Wences.
He helps me around the house.
We'll be in the kitchen.
[RAMIRO] Can you stop playing dumb and tell me who Mayaken is? He was my son.
- "Was"? - He disappeared eight years ago.
Someone took him.
I'm really sorry, I am.
But what does that have to do with Mariana? [ELVIS] Mayaken had a birthmark.
We had only seen it on him until until Keta found it on Lucía's body.
And it's the same mark we saw on that body at the morgue.
We don't know what it means, we don't know anything.
[RAMIRO] What are you doing? - I'm freshening up.
- You can't do that.
Sure I can, watch me.
- That's holy water.
- I'm always around demons.
If it were properly blessed, I would've burned already.
Like in the movies.
Or maybe God is no longer on your side.
Listen, Mayaken disappeared eight years ago.
Mariana, three days ago.
Isn't it easier to find her? Nah, she was taken by a Type-2 demon.
Sometimes I get the feeling you don't know what you're doing.
- [ELVIS SCOFFS] - Why don't we act like regular cops? Let's talk to the victims' families.
I mean, he's right.
Good thinking, priest.
Find out everything you can about the woman in the morgue.
Just us? What are you doing in the meantime? I need to fix things with El Indio.
You're running away, Elvis.
No, I'm not.
They were waiting for us at home, it's dangerous to be around me.
Why don't I speak to Isaac? I'm sure he'll talk to me.
Right, except he's angrier at you than he is at me, sis.
Find out what you can.
As for you, priest try not to get anyone pregnant while I'm gone.
I'll call you if anything comes up.
I have a new proposal for that bastard Indio.
According to this, Ana Paula, the woman in the morgue, she also had a child who went missing.
Let me take a look.
You're healing up nicely.
Soon, you'll be right as rain.
The social workers said you can stay here with me if you want to, until they find you a home.
I'll never see my mom again, will I? Not in this world, I don't think.
How about when I'm dead? Wherever she may be, she'd want you to be safe.
Don't think about that for now.
My mom protected me.
That thing was after me.
I'm scared he'll come back.
I swear that while I'm here, nothing will harm you, neither men nor demons.
Got it? Let's dry your feet, otherwise you'll end up like my sister Juana.
So much fungus grew on her feet that you could cook with it.
Gross, right? [CHUCKLES] Turn around.
I'm going to braid your hair.
- Hello? - I got your message, what's up? I can't hear you.
Come on, Isaac! Where's your sense of humor? If this is about The Hound, we'll talk, but putting a hit on me is a bit much.
Hello? Can you hear me, Indio? - Sorry, Isaac.
- The reason I can't hear you is because dead men don't talk, asshole.
All this stress will give you cancer.
Relax a little.
But seriously, we should meet.
We have to talk, it's about Mayaken.
See you later, alligator.
Hopefully, at your wake.
Enough, shithead.
Hi! Do you know where Ana Paula lives? Hello? [WOMAN] full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God [RAMIRO] Good afternoon.
Excuse me, are you Ana Paula's mother? Yes.
You have news about my grandson? Are you friends of my daughter? - Well, actually, we are - In that case, leave us alone.
We've had enough.
My son and your grandson used to play together sometimes.
We want to know if you have heard anything from him.
- We heard he disappeared.
- We just want to talk.
- Fucking priest, get out.
Goddammit! - Calm down.
- Let go of me! - That's enough.
Let go of my son! Let's all calm down, all right? - Fine.
- [BOTH PANTING] Now, let's talk.
It was a cassock-wearing bastard who got her pregnant.
She trusted him, and the son of a bitch turned his back on her! - [RAMIRO] It wasn't me.
- Enough, enough.
We're leaving.
Come on, Father.
Seems you're not welcome here.
[GOTHIC ROCK PLAYING] What do you want, you filthy animal? - Good to see you too, kiddo.
- My uncle isn't here.
I need a favor.
- Hey, have you been working out? - Leave! I don't have time for you.
I need to borrow a demon.
I don't care if it's a shitty one.
You must be crazy, my uncle would kill me! Please, kiddo! I need it to fuck with El Indio.
Your uncle doesn't have to know.
[SPANISH RAP PLAYS] [METAL CLANGING] We have to find Uncle Elvis.
None of you better rat us out to Dad, you hear? I don't think killing him is the best idea.
Plus, he's one of the best Diableros around.
And when Dad's anger subsides, he'll feel the same as me.
But if I don't bring Elvis to him, it's my ass on the line.
[PAULINE] Daddy's girl always trying to score points.
[THALIA] Don't be a sore loser.
That's the way it is, sis.
Broccoli, go see who that is.
Hurry the fuck up! It's a demon! Close your legs, you idiot! [WHISTLING] [DEMON ROARING] [ELECTRICAL BUZZING] Can I have your attention? - What do you want, you piece of shit? - Hey! I'm your uncle! Keep an eye on him.
I'm telling Dad now.
Watch out, girls! [PAULINE GRUNTS] Hey, easy there.
- Shoot him, moron.
- I need to talk to your dad.
Afterwards, I'll take the demon out of Popochas and we're good.
And if you need a bottle stopper, will you use your tiny dick? - I'm going to fuck you up.
- You let loose a demon on us! Who took you to the movies when you were little? Who covered for you when your dad blew his lid? Shoot him! You massive asshole! [KETA] You need to control your temper.
You nearly broke his arm.
I tried talking but he attacked me.
What else could I do? That's easy, Father, turn the other cheek.
These are good, but they need some heat.
[NANCY BURPS] So where did you learn how to crack skulls? Same place you learned how to get laid using God's word.
I wasn't born a priest, I had a life before.
Oh, stop explaining.
We'll fall for you, you'll dump us, so let's not bother.
What matters is we know someone is killing women who fuck priests.
And stealing their children.
Do you know anything about that, Father? Come to think of it, Morelo is the only one who might.
He knows everything that goes on in the church.
So are we going to ring his bell and ask him nicely? [RAMIRO] Excuse me, sir.
Ramiro, come on in.
- Thanks.
- What's that you brought? Tequila, and a need to talk.
[CARDINAL MORELO] Bring two shot glasses.
We're friends, or at least I thought so.
- Some friends you have.
- I have to ask him, but I don't think he'll tell me.
- Didn't you quit drinking? - [RAMIRO] I did.
I haven't had a drop in years, but I need a drink now.
I can't stop thinking about Lucía.
[KETA] Maybe I can help, Father.
I'm a Santera, and I know how to make anyone talk.
Tomás, I'm going to need some ingredients.
- Cheers.
- Bottoms up.
- [CARDINAL MORELO] It's good.
- One more.
- More? - One more.
It's your call.
What is she doing? I don't know, but I love watching her work.
Here's the Xolo drool, Keta.
Hand me that black one, yes.
Thank you.
[CARDINAL MORELO] If you were still with her, where would you be? Smoking pot all day and stealing car parts? You're not responsible for what happened to her.
[RAMIRO] This won't hurt him, will it? [CARDINAL MORELO] You should be grateful that she left you.
Gah! That one burned.
[KETA] This will make him tell you anything you want, like a little boy.
Something is I feel warm.
I don't feel well, Ramiro.
Did you know that Lucía was pregnant? This is a strange feeling.
Did you know the girl was my daughter? I couldn't let you stray! - You piece of shit! - Open a window, please.
Lucía didn't leave me, you drove her away.
- She would've ruined your life.
- You've been doing this for years! Are there any other women who got pregnant by priests? Yes, there are.
So many women.
There's a list naming each and every one of them.
- What did you slip me, prick? - What's the password? I'm not telling you.
The password, asshole.
SpongeBob SquarePants.
[ELVIS] Don't look so glum, kiddo.
Do you really think I could ever hurt you? [COUGHS] You came to my house with automatic rifles and sprayed me with bullets, but I guess that's fine.
I always knew they wouldn't hit you.
- If they did? Were they rubber bullets? - Maybe.
So you can go to my house and raise hell while I'm trying to help a godly man and can't get a break from your dad.
So, it was for that godly hunk that you let loose a demon on us? A shitty demon.
Your dad could exorcise Popochas in two seconds and be done with it.
- Why are you bent on helping him? - He looks like he's loaded.
- Could be a good business.
- Right.
But honestly, it's for Keta.
She thinks all this is somehow related to Mayaken.
That's why I need to talk to your dad.
I have a question for him, it's very important.
I need your help, kiddo.
I won't let any harm come to you.
Afterwards, we can talk about the two demons you owe me.
- Give it a rest, man! - You stole the cup the priest gave me.
- It was solid gold! Come on! - [PAULINE] We didn't get much for it.
- [ELVIS] Still, more money than I have.
- [PAULINE] Oh, for sure.
Don't you think this is a mistake? No, his grudge isn't with me, it's with Elvis.
- So, what are we looking for? - An old case file.
I remember it had an ancient invocation involving children.
[RETCHING] [PHONE BEEPS] - Hello? - [RAMIRO] He spilled the beans.
- [KETA] Really? - It's SpongeBob SquarePants.
His password is SpongeBob SquarePants.
- SpongeBob SquarePants.
- [KETA] Ventura, are you drunk? [VOICE BREAKING] Can you believe it? He's an idiot.
- He's a moron.
- All right, Ventura but what did he say? You should've seen his face when I asked him for the password.
Ramiro, get a hold of yourself.
What exactly did you find out? Many women, it's a It's a long list, many dates.
[SIGHS] All those poor women Keta - What? - [RAMIRO] I'm going to be sick.
[PHONE BEEPS] Son of a fucking bitch.
[VOICE ON RADIO] What should we do, boss? He's got a fucking demon.
Let him through.
Goddammit, Ventura, that's fucking gross! Clean yourself up.
Take this, the list is inside.
[NANCY] Argh! I hate doing this, brother, but I needed to speak with you no matter what.
- You know you're a dead man, right? - Sure, sure, a dead man.
For fuck's sake, Isaac.
You sound like a broken record.
Put that down or Pauline eats the fucking demon.
What makes you think I care about my daughter? Can't you be like a normal family and love each other a little? - Want some? - You're done! All right, prick, do it already.
I have a confession.
It's about Mayaken.
You remember him, right? How could you believe Keta had cheated on you? Keta never cheated, Isaac.
She truly loved you.
Remember the spell? The one from the Black Book I wanted to cast? Well, I did it.
[ELVIS RECITING INCANTATION] [ELVIS] I thought it didn't work.
I never told anyone but it's time to tell the truth, right, Isaac? I never told you the truth, and you left Keta for no reason.
That's the truth, Isaac.
Now you know.
Two weeks after I cast the spell, Keta told me she was pregnant.
- I'll shoot you like a dog.
- Do it, motherfucker! [PAULINE] Dad, no! But before you do, tell me the truth.
It's your turn, Isaac.
Did you ever see the dead body of my nephew? Eh? Did you actually see Mayaken's body, Isaac? No, I didn't.
I lied, but I did you a favor.
You would've gone crazy looking for him.
You made us believe he was dead, you bastard.
Keta will never forgive you.
Go fuck yourself.
Get the fuck out of here! You won't find that kid in a week, or a year.
You're only hurting Keta.
- He can't be found! - I will find him.
I swear it on my father.
[SPANISH SOFT MUSIC PLAYS] They got them pregnant and bought their silence.
Very saintly of them.
It's a long list.
Names, dates More than 200 women.
And they all had children by priests? Those priests waste no time.
So, if the demon is stealing those women's children Yes.
We could find the others and track down the demon.
[KETA] All of them? - All 200 of them? - [NANCY SCOFFS] February 2nd.
So, what? Looks like it was her birthday.
What's the date next to Lucía's name? February 2nd, 2008.
What about the woman from the morgue, Ana Paula? February 2nd, 2008.
That's the date those women gave birth to their children.
[KETA] There are others with that date.
They and their kids are in danger.
[NANCY] If we make it there in time, and find the demon, we could find Mariana.
[KETA] Thanks, good night.
She died three weeks ago.
Fuck me, I guess we were late.
- Who is the other woman? - Margarita Ramírez.
We should hurry, I hope we make it in time.
- [KETA] Let's go.
- [RAMIRO] Let's go.
What do we do if we run into the demon? [NANCY] I'll get my own demon and fuck him up.
Quetzalcoatl, in the shape of an ant.
took a corn kernel in his mouth, and walked towards men.
And from that moment on, men had food.
[SOFT GROWLING] [LOUD GROWLING] What was that, Mamá Chabela? Maybe it's a jaguar.
No, I don't think so.
[BANGING] I just want to take a look.
These aren't the children you seek.
[BANGING] These aren't the children you seek.
Go back.
Elvis, we found a way to catch the demon.
Drop everything and come here.
I sent you our location, call me.
[PHONE BEEPS] Father, I think you should take off your collar.
I'm a priest.
Stop asking me to do that.
- So, what should we say? - The truth.
That a Type 2 demon is coming after her son.
- Yes? - [KETA] Margarita? - That's me.
- Hello.
Margarita, a Type 2 demon is coming after your son.
- What? - Don't listen to her.
Margarita, please! [MARGARITA] Leave or I'll call the cops.
Three children have gone missing, Margarita.
All three were born on February 2nd, and their fathers were priests.
Please, Margarita.
You're the only one left.
All I need is five minutes.
We've been doing some digging, their birthday matches your son's.
We're not bad people, we don't want to hurt you.
- How do you know all that? - Give me a chance to explain.
All right, but the priest stays outside.
[KETA] Thank you.
[EVIL HISSING] You can stay at my place.
You're not safe here.
Lucas needs to go to school, and I have work tomorrow.
[SOFT GROWLING] [NANCY] That fucker is here.
- [ZAPPING] - [MARGARITA SCREAMS] [RAMIRO] Are you sure that's going to work? My blood attracts them, it never fails.
It might take a while, so step back.
[LOUD SCREAM] - [LUCAS] Mom! - [MARGARITA] Lucas! Mom, there's someone in the house! - [MARGARITA] Where are you, Lucas? - [SOFT GROWLING] [RAMIRO] We have to help them! [MUFFLED SCREAMING] - [RAMIRO] Open the door! - There's someone in the house.
- [KETA] Let's go! - [RAMIRO, BANGING ON DOOR] Open the door! [SCREAMING, GROWLING] [RAMIRO] What's going on in there, Keta? Don't you dare, you bastard! You're not taking him.
[RAMIRO] Leave them alone! - Don't you dare touch them! - [BANGING ON DOOR] You hear me? Don't you dare! It was you, motherfucker! You stole Mayaken from me! Where are you, fucking demons? In the name of God and all his saints, let go of that woman! Step back! - [KETA] Get away from me! - Lucas! - [MARGARITA SCREAMS] - Let me go! Now you're fucked, you bastard! [ELVIS] Keta, get down! [YELLING INDISTINCTLY] Elvis! [ELVIS VOICE] I'm Elvis Infante.
If you are human and you need my help, leave me a message.
If you are a demon, get off my case! [RAMIRO] How are you doing? I'm all right.
You should help her instead.
- Are you okay? - What was that? "That" took my brother.
I'm sure he's all right.
Your brother is hard to kill.
- [ELVIS] Hey, what's up? [KETA] Are you okay?! I'd like to order a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni.
- Elvis, are you all right? - Well, I'm not far.
Keta, please hurry up.
My shoulder is killing me.
[GROANING] [KETA] Where are you? Send me your location.
Location? Give me a break, Keta! I'm on top of a fucking tree, right in front of the building.
I can see The Hound from here.
- [KETA] Elvis? - [ELVIS] Ouch! - [ELVIS MOANING] - [NANCY SNICKERS] - Fucking priceless! - [ELVIS] Respect your elders, brat.
Think this is funny? Stop laughing and call an ambulance.
Are you going to help me or not? - Wait, wait.
- What? - What? It's going to hurt.
- Such a crybaby.
- One, two three! - Just do it.
[GROANS] Motherfucker! Slowly, slowly, there you go.
- Now what? - [ELVIS GROANS] [KETA] What's that? His claw.
Don't you see? We can summon him with this.
We're taking him down, Keta.