Diablero (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Una mujer diablera

1 Isabel.
It's a boy, I just found out.
He will need to be clothed and fed.
I can't do it alone, Father.
And I can't stay in the convent in my current condition.
I never agreed to bring this child into the world.
Leave this place, Isabel.
Leave and never come back.
How convenient.
How many more like me are out there? Used and tossed aside by a man of God.
Did you know that we keep quiet because we feel guilty? Well, not me.
Everyone is going to know who the father of this boy is.
Let us out! - I'm not a bad person, Wences.
- Please, let us out! - Help us, Wences! - No, Mom.
- You're the best.
- Please! Help us, Wences! I wish we could heal the tree without cutting its roots.
But it's rotten to the core.
I promise not to run away.
When those who preach goodness become vermin, a fresh start is required.
- Tomorrow? - Please, Mamá Chabela.
- Let us out! - Yes.
- And we'll always remember them.
- We're hungry! - Always.
- Please let us out! I promise not to run away.
- Always.
- Mamá Chabela, help us! Let us out! Get us out of here! We're thirsty! We're hungry! Let us out! Where is my mom? I want to see my mom! Wences, let us out! Help us! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Lucía? This is impossible.
I'm doing what you asked, I'm looking for Mariana.
I'm looking for her and I'm going to find her.
I promise you that I'll find her.
What's wrong, my love? What's the matter? My daughter.
What is it, my love? - Do something, please! - Calm down, don't worry.
- She's going to be fine.
- Do something, please.
She's okay.
There's so much you don't know, Ramiro.
I swear it was here, Elvis.
I'm not crazy.
No one is saying you're crazy, I believe you.
He knew about Mayaken and I've never felt him so close before, Elvis.
What did you say their name was? The Conclave.
Give us some privacy, please.
Listen to me.
What was that? That's impossible.
I watched her die! We went to the hospital after you came to see me.
She had just enough life left, we kept her alive for you.
What do you mean "we"? Who are you people? It doesn't matter.
What matters is we can help you, we can cheat death, Ramiro.
Ramiro, sit down.
Listen to me.
The most brilliant minds don't go to MIT or Oxford.
They join us.
For centuries, we've been spread all over the world.
You can be a part of this.
You can have a second chance with Lucía.
In exchange for what? Do you think I came into your life just by chance? We helped you find your way, we protected you.
We gave you a home, a parish.
- Why are you telling me this? - Because we found you.
We chose you.
And now you must repay us.
And your daughter she's the key to everything.
Stop that right now! - We need to go! - No! It's all your fault! If you hadn't run away, we wouldn't be locked in here.
That woman is a witch and she's going to hurt us! Mamá Chabela is good.
Don't worry.
My mom is going to save us.
I don't think so.
When the monster came for us, some people rescued us.
What were they like? There was a priest who was looking for a girl.
A priest? What did he look like? I don't remember.
Things will happen, and you can help us.
- What's going to happen? - The arrival of powerful beings.
You can tell us what you know about those Diableros.
They can't help Mariana, they're in way over their heads.
It's the start of a new era.
Elvis They must be very powerful if they made all this disappear.
Go home, all right? You and Nancy wait, find Ventura, and I'll pick you up later.
- Where are you going? - To run errands.
What errands? I'm going to see the Diableras Dad told me about.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, I'm going alone.
Nancy said she saw a Diablera, what if she has the children? - What if she took Mayaken? - Keta! It's going to be very dangerous and I'm not putting you at risk.
- And Benito said not to bring you.
- Oh, please! So what? Now you are obeying our drunk father? Damn it, Keta.
Just grab the quicksilver that I keep in the trunk.
Give me the keys.
Elvis! Elvis! Elvis, you asshole.
All this time, you've known about the demons.
- I always tried to protect you.
- Protect me? You hid Lucía's pregnancy from me, you hid the fact I had a daughter.
You drove her away and never told me.
- The Diableros haven't lied to me.
- They won't help you either.
- Where is my daughter? - I don't know where she is.
- You will lead us to her.
- This is too much.
- I can't do this.
- It's okay.
Just breathe, calm down.
Calm down.
Think about everything you've seen so far, and I'll see you soon.
You'll come back to us, I'm sure of that.
Things will happen and you must decide which side you're on.
Give it to me.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have taken it.
Your name is Wences, right? - My name is Mariana.
- I knew that.
Do you know what's going to happen to us? Mamá Chabela told you.
You're going to help bring back goodness.
She's going to hurt us, isn't she? Please help us.
Open the door, let us out.
I can't.
Here, you can play with this.
No it was you.
- You killed my mom! It was you! - No! - It was you! - No! No, no! You killed her! You're a monster! "We are the witches they couldn't burn.
" Ridiculous.
I'm looking for your dad.
You should know better than us, he's looking for your type-2 demon.
Don't play coy.
It's your fault we're cleaning up demon poop and blood.
Give it a rest, Thalia! It could've been worse.
We were better without you.
Things were quiet, until you went and told our dad that someone had stolen a demon.
- It was you.
- You know Dad.
He's controlling and cheap.
If we want a nest egg, we have to get gigs elsewhere.
- That's none of her business! - Maybe it is.
It is my business.
Who did you sell it to? We told Dad everything.
It was some lady.
A Diablera.
- What's her name? - It's not like we send invoices.
- We met her at Sonora Market.
- Please.
- I need to know more.
- Relax.
Dad is on it, since he's crazy in love with you.
- Shut up! - You shut up! Do you know anything about the Xanates? They're extremely dangerous female Diableras.
Elvis went after them and I need to know where he is.
We always find him through his cell phone signal.
Wanna see how? - I have the worst sister.
- Shut up.
- Keep cleaning.
- Not until you come back.
Nancy, what are you doing here? I didn't want to be alone.
Can I hang out here today? - Where are the others? - Elvis and Keta are following a lead.
And I have an uninvited guest inside me.
What do you mean? A guest? Is it a demon? No, it's like it's me, but it's not just me.
I taste flavors in my mouth without having eaten.
I bleed without having hurt myself.
I cry without being sad.
I'm not in my own world, do you know what I mean? Men never understand.
This is different.
It's as if a door has been left open inside of me.
A door towards something, someone else.
- Who? - I don't know.
But I need to close it because it's hard enough dealing with myself.
Why don't we try to get help while we wait for Elvis? Let's try the satanic bazaar he showed me once.
Let's do it.
Good stuff.
Where the hell are you, goddamn witches? Fine, fine.
This welcome you've put on is very Halloween-like.
- Pretty ballsy.
- Elvis.
So, you know my name, that's cool.
Point for the witches.
Why don't you tell me where the kids are? THERE ARE NO CHILDREN HERE Okay.
I admit, your special effects are kinda cool.
Good day, ma'am, are your daughters home? Fuck.
There are no traces of demons inside of you.
Elvis did a good job.
So, am I going crazy? The last demon who possessed you, was he a powerful one? Yes.
Was he in another vessel shortly before? - Yes.
- It's a binding.
The two vessels are connected.
They experience the same and, in fact, they could see through each other's eyes.
It's not very common.
I have a remedy to sever the connection.
Don't do it, not yet.
We're looking for that person, we need your connection to them.
If you remain connected, we have a fighting chance.
Can I make the connection stronger so that I can learn more about them? It is possible for you and him to meld together, but - But? - You won't like it.
Hello? Is anyone here? Hello? Hello? Who the hell are you? Some tea? Where is my brother? Your brother? You came to see me alone.
You're not my ex's mom, are you? She was into this kind of stuff.
Then why is his cell phone here? We'll go and find him later.
Our tea is getting cold.
Listen, lady.
Before you have your way with me, why don't we talk? Tell me who is the Diablera who uses demons to kidnap kids.
I'm looking for A woman who subdues demons.
I know.
You were right, Enriqueta.
Thalia and Pauline sold the type-2 behind my back.
The balls on those brats.
They sold it to a woman in a cantina outside of town.
The brats don't know her name, but I swear I'll find out.
At least I have an address.
I'll send you my location.
I don't know if your phone is off or if it's out of battery, but as soon as I know more, I'll love you I mean I'll call you.
But the one you're looking for steals children.
How do you know? You came here because I know more than you, right? How many children? Four.
And they were all born on the same day.
She's doing it! She's doing it.
Doing what? One of the Master Rituals.
Hardly anyone has the courage to perform it.
- Who is she? - We rescued her.
We saved her life.
We trained her in the arts of the Diableras.
We gave her a name.
- Mamá Chabela.
- Mamá Chabela? Where can I find her? She left a long time ago.
You'll never find her.
She wants to bring about a new dawn.
What's "a new dawn"? In order to vanquish evil, now and forever, she will unleash a god upon the world.
You have nothing to fear.
The just will rejoice.
While the impure will die.
Blood will soak the earth.
And when the sun rises, everything will come to an end, or rather, it will begin anew.
That kind of sounds like the end of the world.
- Is there another way, Song? - No.
Pain is like a beacon for the person who's bound.
As long as pain lasts, the connection is clear.
- Do you see anything? - Hush.
He's scared.
- He knows there's no time.
- He's playing you.
He's blameless in all this.
- He wants something.
- What? Did you see where he is? I lost him.
- He wants to help the children.
- They're alive.
- Are they okay? - Yes.
Help them.
Yes, help them.
Help them.
What are you doing? Listen, Mom, I think that if they are suffering, this is not right.
- What's wrong with you, Wences? - I have to help them.
Give me that.
But What's this? Did you do this on purpose? All right.
Come on, we need to buy the things for the ritual.
He can't help them.
Then, we must.
You said she could see through his eyes.
There's no stronger connection, it's almost like losing oneself.
But that would require a great deal of pain, and I don't have any torture instruments.
Not right now.
- What is she going to do - to those four children? When the sun rises and bathes them in light, they will be transformed forever.
They will be known as our saviors, once she brings back the Lord of Air and Land.
Will they die? They will remain alive.
I already saw this film and it sucks.
Ignorant men.
Join us.
I wanted to ask you who killed my mother.
But I think I've already figured it out.
Your mother was glad to give herself up.
She is a part of us.
No one trained you, right? They kept that knowledge from you and made you fear power.
What a waste of strength.
I like her much more than you.
Men fear us, because they know how powerful we are.
- You don't look like siblings.
- Keta is here? Your father fed you, sure.
But he never had a kind word for you.
Don't lay a finger on her! Keta! Ket You led her to us, fresh blood.
He used you, like the man you loved with all your heart.
But none worse than your brother.
She's under my control now.
As you soon will too.
He'll never set you free, you'll never forgive his betrayal.
He didn't know.
You're nothing to them.
I will never leave you.
Never? Never.
Join us.
All you need to do is ask.
Ask me to embrace you.
Ventura, touch me.
- What? - And don't let go.
It was rough last time, we might die.
I've had demons inside me and I'm still here.
You're all show-offs.
Touch me.
Two more, please.
Let's go, son.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Son! What's wrong, Wences? Son! Son! There, it's fine.
Wh What happened? Am I being punished for what we're doing? Relax, and stop focusing on your guilt.
Just relax.
I'm sorry.
Look at this.
The mess you made.
What are you saying? Just a little trick that my dad showed me.
- What are you saying? - Now you are my voice.
Your tongue is mine, bitch! Keta! Ketamina, are you there? Keta! Ketamina, are you there? - Elvis? - Listen, I don't have long.
Help me.
- Oh, now you need my help.
- Keta! This bitch tied me up.
She'll kill me and then you.
I'm sorry, Keta.
I screwed up.
I fucked up about El Indio, Mayaken, everything.
I'm so sorry, sis.
You have to get us out of here.
The whole fucking world needs you.
I love you, sis.
Your brother has no respect for boundaries! Ask me to embrace you! Join us! This is a big mistake.
- Let go of him, demon spawn! - You don't get it.
He wants to hurt us.
- Get out of my head, bitch.
- Keta, Keta, Keta! Come on, let's go.
Let's go, hurry.
That was awesome! What a sucker punch! I taught you that, didn't I? That's for ditching me earlier.
That was unnecessary.
How did you find me? You arrogant Diablero! How about an apology? - I'm sorry.
- You can't lie to me.
Ever again.
If it weren't for this, I'd still be mad.
Look, Keta, we can talk about this later.
We'll hash it out over beers, but listen.
Dad was right, that bitch killed our mom.
I know.
And? Are we going to let her live? No.
We'll avenge Mom, but we don't have time.
It's only a few hours until dawn.
When the sun rises, the world will end.
That Diablera was right.
The end is nigh.
Ventura, where are you? Wait for me at Song's.
I'll pick you up.
Nancy saw the demon, but they don't know where he is.
Tell me, dear listener.
Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? By someone you love? What happened when this person, this colleague from work, a traveling companion, decided to betray you? Ugh, leave me alone.
I saw this.
CHURCH Bastard.
He was probably just passing through.
No, he's close.
You're worth a hundred Diableros put together.
What is she up to? She said it's a sort of ritual to cleanse the world.
There will be a new sun and the kids will become a god.
- A sacrifice? - The return of Tezcatlipoca.
And that dude will not come in peace.
You know we don't have any other choice, right? People have always called forces they don't understand "gods.
" The point is, that crazy bitch is bringing something huge.
And she needs those four children to purge all evil.
My religion calls them "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
" Elvis, Elvis! He's here! Are you sure? Elvis, El Indio's truck is parked outside.
That way.
I knew that bastard had sold the demon to them.
Where's Mariana? Today is the 2nd.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday to all four of you.
Everything will be okay, my children.
I promise.