Diablero (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Cuatro tumbas

[RECITING CONTINUES] Our ancestors made attempts.
But they never managed to complete the ritual.
But we will, my children.
We will.
[MUTTERING INCANTATIONS] It's time for him to arrive in this world.
- That tremor means that - What? What does it mean? That the first child has died.
And we're too late.
[KETA] The ritual has already started.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [THEME MUSIC PLAYS] Where are the children? - [WENCES] I don't - [ELVIS] Ventura - Where's my daughter!? - we asked him, - he doesn't know.
- I don't know where she is.
- Ventura, he doesn't know.
- You're lying! - No, I don't - Where? Answer me! - Look me in the eye! - Hey, dude! Back off, relax.
I don't know where they are.
I don't I don't He and I are still bound, Ventura.
If you don't believe him, believe me.
He has no fucking clue! Go cool off, man.
Relax, relax.
I'll go after Ventura.
- Ramiro! - I'm going to break these chains.
[RAMIRO] Did you find anything? They won't bother you again.
- Still, we must break our binding.
- But, how? Look, a demon appraiser gave me this shit.
He said we need to get stung if we want it to work.
If you're scared, I'll go first, deal? In any case, we're both going to feel it.
Here we go.
Your turn.
[GROANS] [NANCY] All better.
You're free, dude.
Go anywhere you like.
Free from what? I I have nowhere to go.
I never wanted to hurt any of those women.
I know.
So the Diablera escaped and took all four children.
Someone must've seen them, they can't be far.
- Let's split up and search for them.
- [ELVIS] Where? - It's almost dawn.
- [RAMIRO] She needs holy ground.
Let's search cemeteries, cathedrals, pre-Hispanic temples.
Let's search for them! [ELVIS] We might have a chance.
That's El Indio.
I'm sure he knows where the Diablera went.
- [KETA] Isaac? Isaac! - [ELVIS] Where's the Diablera, you prick? Isaac! - [DEEP VOICE] Who are you? - It's me, Keta.
What did that witch do to you? [CHILD'S VOICE] This party's awesome, Mom! [GIGGLING LIKE A CHILD] - [CHILD'S VOICE] The music's banging, Ma! - Enough! He's been bewitched, Elvis.
Don't worry.
He's dead anyway.
Him, you, me, all of us.
It's all fucking over.
I'll take him to his home and try and heal him.
- [CHILD'S VOICE] I don't wanna! - Get in the car already.
Careful, Isaac.
[EL INDIO] You hurt me.
If I heal him in time, we might get intel.
See you at home, okay? Before dawn, I promise.
- Come on, Mom! - Shut up, Isaac! You can kiss your boyfriend later! [ELVIS] This is where we part ways.
[CAR ENGINE REVVING] [ELVIS] Are you staying here, or what? - Do you want a ride? - You call that a last goodbye? Some Diablero you are.
Bunch of losers.
- Need a lift? - [RAMIRO] I'm staying here.
[ELVIS] Relax, Nancy.
I'll let you know if we find anything.
Nancy! Come on, Nancy.
I'll do anything you want.
Just help me find her.
Thanks, Your Eminence.
[ELVIS] Take care of her for me, priest! Was that your buddy, the cardinal? - No one else can help me.
- No one? - What about me? - There's nothing you can do.
I've nearly died a bunch of times looking for your daughter.
- But fuck me, right? - I never I didn't do all this because I had nothing better to do.
I did it because I saw pain rooting inside you.
But you know what? I'm glad the world is ending.
Good riddance, actually.
We deserve it.
We are shit.
I'm going to your church to get my stuff.
Happy Apocalypse, priest.
[HEAVY METAL MUSIC PLAYS] Careful, careful.
You, help me.
[EL INDIO IN CHILD'S VOICE] Where are we? I want to go home and sleep.
- [LOUD HEAVY METAL MUSIC PLAYS] - [WOMEN SINGING] Wow, an angel! - He even has a sword! I want a sword! - [YELLING] A pool table! I wanna play! - [THALIA] Don't touch it! - I want to play! - [THALIA] What's wrong with him? - Help me! No way! Toy cars! I want them! What did you do to him? Dad, what's wrong? [ROARS] - What did you do to him? - Nothing! Shut up, Thalia! She's clearly trying to help.
- I want to play! - What's the matter with him? - Isaac.
- [THALIA] Settle down! Dad - It's as if he were a little child.
- [EL INDIO BABBLING] [BABBLING] [PAULINE] That's not how a child would act.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Dad? - How did you know I was coming? - I'm your father, Heliodoro.
I sort of know you.
Offer me a drink, will you? [ELVIS] Huh! I found your old VHS tapes.
This has Cruz Azul's last victory.
I'm not here to talk soccer, son.
But I'm not hopeless enough to have missed the signs.
The end of the world is near.
Or the arrival of a new sun.
Maybe the god that's coming will restore the balance.
[BENITO] What's coming is no god.
Do you know why it needs four children? [MAMÁ CHABELA RECITING INCANTATION] - [CHILD GROANING] - [BENITO] What's coming is a demon so damn powerful that it won't fit in one vessel.
At the very least a Type-7.
[RUMBLING] [CAR ALARM BLARING IN THE DISTANCE] - That Diablera erased his memory.
- [EL INDIO COOING] Your dad had a great old spell they used against spies and busybodies.
- What sort of crap is that? - He must've seen or heard something.
What the spell does is erase everything.
[COOING] It rejuvenates the memory.
In less than an hour, he'll be a baby.
What!? - This is your fault! - [PAULINE] He's losing his memory? - Stop.
I said enough! - [EL INDIO CRIES LIKE A BABY] [THALIA] I can't believe this.
I need your help.
I need some garlic, onions, tannis root, and sage.
Now! - I said now! - All right, all right! I'm going.
- [CONTINUES CRYING] - There, there.
Your Eminence.
- Welcome.
- Ramiro.
No! No, no! No! Why are you taking him away? [CARDINAL MORELO] Relax, we're here now.
Don't worry about it.
Now, it's time for you to tell me everything you know.
Let's go.
Aren't you going to do anything? - What do you want me to do? - Stop the ritual! You are a Diablero! Look, son, I no longer have the strength.
But you can do it, Heliodoro! Look, I brought quicksilver.
I don't even know where to find them.
Besides, you were right.
I'm a poor excuse for Diablero.
- When did I say that? - [ELVIS] All my life! You said I wasn't worthy, that I wasn't up to snuff.
- That I needed more training.
- To motivate you! You're too sensitive, Heliodoro.
My name is Elvis, Dad.
Got it? Look this should be yours.
Or maybe not.
[SCOFFS] - Perhaps yes.
- Come on, old man.
Then you have to stop this fucking mess.
Save this sorry-ass world, Elvis.
So this is where she kept them all this time.
Where's Elvis? - And Enriqueta Infante? - [RAMIRO] They left.
- Where to? - [RAMIRO] I don't know.
And the girl with demons inside her? [RAMIRO] Why do you want her? [CARDINAL MORELO] We find her powers interesting, Ramiro.
Isaac, Isaac! What the fuck, dad? What have you done to him? You made it worse! Wake up.
He turned into a baby.
- Please stay with me.
- He's a dick, but I don't want him to die.
Stay with me! - Wake up, Dad! - Please, Isaac.
[RUMBLING] Your Eminence, where is my daughter? [EERIE VOICES] [CARDINAL ROMERO] Some things are much bigger than you or me, Ramiro.
We have to let God carry out his will.
You don't want to stop it? And you almost ruined it.
Luckily, it's too late to stop it.
- I shouldn't have called you.
- You did the right thing.
Without us, no one could control it.
What you need is rest, there's nothing you can do here, hmm? [TYPING ON KEYBOARD] Who are you people? [RATTLING] [THUD] You may leave in peace.
[CRICKETS CHIRPING] Only God knows what's buried under the city.
- Who are you? - I'm the cleaning lady.
The priest gave me permission to take some holy water.
[NANCY] I know you.
- No.
- I saw you before.
You're the Diablera, aren't you? - No.
- You're the chained guy's mom, the crazy woman who wants to bring a new sun! We know who you are, Diablera.
Where do you think you're going, fucking Diablera? [CELL PHONE CHIMES] Mexico City Ventura: The Diablera is at my church! [RATTLING] [NANCY GASPS] [THUD] [NANCY] Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one He keeps getting younger.
Is he going to die? - He's somewhere else.
- Where? If we want to bring him back, we must appeal to his heart.
But he has a heart of stone! You two don't know what he's really like.
Isaac is really sweet, and he loves you both with all his heart.
He'll only come back if we remind him of something precious.
Timbiriche The song [BOTH] What are you talking about? You're named after the vocalists! What's the song you sang as kids? - Wait, we're not singing that.
- No way.
Open your mouth.
- [ELVIS] Why are we here? - [RAMIRO] Shut up and follow me.
The stone that was found here looks just like the Diablera's.
- Are you sure? - Dead sure.
[GASPS] [RUMBLING] - That's four my daughter.
- Hey! Don't worry.
We don't know what's happening.
Don't worry, let's keep going.
Let's go.
[KETA] Ready? Three, four.
Daddy, I have something to say Time won't change a thing We'll always be Louder! Together all the time Daddy, I have something to say I love you more than anyone And when we are together I'm never afraid When you come home at night And I'm already asleep You sit there and watch me And it makes me so happy I'm gonna grow Is it the kids' blood? I don't think so.
Nancy? Nancy, what happened here!? [ELVIS] Come on, Nancy, get up.
Are you all right? - [RAMIRO] Are you all - [NANCY GROWLS] [ELVIS] Nancy! Who hurt you? Nancy.
Nancy! Listen to me.
Answer me, Nancy! What are you listening to? [DEMONIACAL VOICE] Los Tempestades.
Focus on the music, let Ventura go.
Nancy! Let go of Ventura! Let go of him, Nancy.
Get something to store the demon in.
Calm down, Nancy! Let's get that demon out.
Focus on the wound.
I'm sorry, but I'd like you to meet your new roomie.
[ELVIS RECITING INCANTATION] Close the lid! Close it! Close it! [BREATHING HEAVILY] There, there, Nancy.
Everything is fine.
Dog's paw.
- Hen's heart.
- And? Steak.
There you go.
- What happened? - I had to call a demon so I wouldn't bleed out like a pig.
Let me check.
The Diablera stabbed me, the bitch caught me off guard.
Quick thinking, Nancy.
Well done! - Let's go.
- Are you guys ready? Hey, are you all right? [NANCY] Yes.
[RAMIRO] The stone came from there.
Shall we? Let's do this.
[KETA, PAULINE AND THALIA VOCALIZING] [EL INDIO MOANS] What's wrong with you? I might as well get a kiss out of it.
- So hot.
- When did you recover? - Since that shitty song started.
- You love it.
- Hush.
- Admit it, Dad.
- Ouch! [GROANS] - [KETA] Isaac.
It's almost dawn.
Then let's go beat the shit out of that sneaky Diablera.
What do you say? Let's go! - One last kiss for the road.
- Come on.
We're coming too.
How about an encore? [NANCY] I can't believe all this is beneath your church.
Pretty cool.
[ELVIS] You've never been down here? No, never.
[ELVIS] If we make it out alive, you should sell tickets.
"Pre-Hispanic Labyrinth.
Proceed at your own risk.
" [RAMIRO] Look! A door.
It's rusted shut.
Can you see anything? No.
Looks like it's been centuries since it was last opened.
Elvis! [ELVIS] Point your flashlights down.
[CLANGING] [EERIE VOICES CALLING] [DOOR CREAKING] [MUTTERING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] [RAMIRO] What's that you have in there? I asked you what's that you have in there.
- Quicksilver, why? - You're not injecting Mariana.
What the fuck? - Are you a Diablero now? - You don't fool me, you don't care about Mariana, only about Mayaken.
- [LIGHT CRASHING] - You little shit.
- [RAMIRO] What? - Say his name again, and I fuck you up! You're not hurting my daughter! - What's so funny? - You're more of a sperm donor! - At least I don't fuck my sister! - You bastard! [BOTH YELLING] Hey, hey, you're bewitched! You're not yourselves.
- Go fuck yourself! - Motherfucker! - What do you want? - Listen, Elvis! It's a spell! Let me see.
Stay out of this! You burned my hand! - You're not yourself! - Back the fuck off.
Elvis! Listen to me! I'm going to beat the shit out of you! [ELVIS] Shut up and eat this! Eat it, you prick.
Listen to me.
That bitch is powerful.
It's a hard spell to pull off.
It brings out your resentments and makes you crazy.
- Why isn't Nancy affected? - I have no resentments.
This girl is pure goodness.
Like a cold beer on a hot day.
You're crazy, dude.
Guys, I see a light.
Elvis, I can smell demon.
It's overbearing.
[EERIE HISSING] It's our old friend, the Type-2.
[EVIL HISSING] [HISSING] The Diablera is here.
What the fuck ? [ELVIS] One, two, three four vases.
Four children.
We have to go, she's here.
I can feel her, I can smell her.
She's close.
[ELVIS] I'm sorry, man.
It's almost dawn.
We don't have much time, we have to do this, man.
- I can't harm her.
- Hey.
Dude, this girl is no longer your daughter.
She's not Mariana.
- She'll become something worse.
- No, I can't.
[ELVIS] The lives of so many people are in our hands.
- [RAMIRO] I can't, Elvis.
- You have to.
Elvis, the demon is here, now.
[ELVIS] We have no choice.
Move! Be careful! [RAMIRO] Elvis! - Elvis! - [ELVIS GROANS] Stay away, you demon! [ELVIS RECITING INCANTATION] HOLY BIBLE [ELVIS RECITING INCANTATION] [RAMIRO] Be careful, Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! [ELVIS GRUNTING] You colossal bitch! [RAMIRO] Let her go! I told you to let her go, demon! [ELVIS] Nancy! - [RAMIRO] No! - [NANCY GROANS] - [NANCY CHOKING] - You bastard! - [RAMIRO] Let her go! - [ELVIS] Let her go! [ELVIS AND RAMIRO GROAN] [RECITING INCANTATION IN UNISON] [ALL CHOKING] [CHILDREN GROWLING] [OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYS]