Diablero (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Cielo rojo

Shall we dance? - Have some enchiladas, guys.
- [NANCY.]
Yay! Yummy! - Did you cook? - Who else? [BABY CRYING.]
Who's crying? Mayaken.
- He must be up.
- Mayaken? - Where's Mariana? - [RAMIRO.]
Mariana was taken away years ago.
How long have we been here? This isn't real.
Look, Dad's clock.
It's not moving.
It's an old clock, Elvis.
We're here together, like a family.
Since when are you so flirty? Why are you two holding hands? What's wrong, brother? This is not real.
Are you okay? Look at you.
You're dressed like a pimp.
Did you take a shower? Mm-hmm.
- Don't you see this is a dream? - Pretty cool dream.
Eat something.
What does it taste like? Can you taste anything? [PAPER RUSTLING.]
Don't say it out loud.
- Read the first word.
- Seriously? Just read it.
Read the first word.
All right.
Say the word you read on three.
- One, two, three.
- Angel.
- Death.
- Chilaquiles.
See? None of this makes any sense.
We should have all read the exact same word.
This is a dream.
There's only one way to break free.
In order to wake up, you pinch yourself, right? Come on, Elvis.
That's more than a pinch, man.
- Are you delirious or something? - That's right.
We can't all be dreaming.
What about the baby? He's not real.
It's the children.
The children, damn it! Don't you remember? Back at the cave! They are controlling us.
We have to wake up.
This is the only way.
Nancy, buddy.
You've always trusted me.
I'd never lie to you, I won't let you down.
- Ventura, you have to trust me.
- No, no.
He's never failed me.
If he says we must do this, then we must.
- Ventura, be brave.
- It's all a dream, man.
Let's do this.
Ready? One.
Just breathe.
Some dizziness is normal.
How did you know it would work? Actually, I didn't.
You asshole! I could've killed myself because of you.
Where are the kids? Where are those fucking kids? Why didn't they eat us? I don't know, but I'm not staying here to find out.
They ate her up, Nancy.
- Nancy, let's go.
- Ventura? Ventura.
Hey, hey.
- Ventura.
- The moron didn't shoot! Hey.
- Ventura.
- Hey! We need to find those kids before it's too late.
I'm not leaving Ventura here! Ventura, don't do this.
FEBRUARY 2ND Where is that fucking Diablera? - [KETA.]
Elvis, what happened? - [ELVIS.]
Help me lay him down.
- Help me lay him down.
- [KETA.]
- Is he dead? - [ELVIS.]
Not yet.
He needs to wake up on his own.
He's bewitched.
- What about the Diablera? - She's dead.
The kids took her out.
She thought she could tame them, keep them as pets, her personal lapdogs, I don't know.
I couldn't question her about Mayaken.
But I'm sure she didn't know.
Where are the kids? Today's the day, Elvis.
We have to stop them.
- I have no idea where they are.
- Wait a minute.
I saw maps of ruins at the Diablera's house.
- Where, man? - [EL INDIO.]
They were Damn it, that bitch really fried my brain.
Try to remember.
For now, let's move him.
The ritual must not be complete yet.
Guys, are you really set on dying? I have a huge beach house.
We can hole up there and do some shrooms.
At night, you can hear the waves.
You used to love the sea.
I'm a dirty sewer kind of girl.
The sea doesn't do it for me.
The world is going to end, and it'll end for everyone.
Hiding won't do any good, so let's just go.
If we're going to die, let's die fighting, not hidden under the bed like delicate flowers.
That's my Keta! [LAUGHS.]
If we must die, we die.
Holy shit! What the hell, man? - You okay, bud? - What's up, priest? - Is this real? - Yup.
Where are the children? Where is Mariana? [NANCY.]
Is this the start of the Apocalypse? Did you expect something different? Maybe something a little more flashy.
Raining blood, stones.
I don't know, maybe frogs.
Where should we start searching? Perhaps that damn Song knows something.
#MEXICOCITYAPOCALYPSE Dude, give me the keys.
I'll drive.
- Nancy won.
The Hound is mine.
- Rock, paper, scissors? - All right, let's do it.
- Don't be absurd! Drive carefully, though.
You were always a shitty driver.
- [ELVIS.]
Cut it out, Isaac! - [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
This isn't your damn Hummer.
This car is delicate.
- Watch the speed bump.
Look out for that pothole.
Back in that dream, did you guys feel a presence? - Someone else was there.
- The only strange thing for me was when the bullet went through my head - [EL INDIO.]
Keta, Keta, Keta.
- What? It's just that the end of the world really suits you.
Hey, eyes on the road.
You're going to crash.
We're all a bit tense.
Let's put on some music.
That's better.
No one knows what's going on.
Most shops are closed.
- What's that? - People are afraid of the red sky.
The sky is so red.
Is the world ending, Dad? Maybe.
The sky is literally red.
My outfit should match.
Maybe you've seen the news, or gone outside.
- The sky is red, bro.
- Ridiculous.
No one understands what this is.
It doesn't matter if the world ends today or tomorrow.
We will all go through our own personal apocalypse as we look in our own hearts.
And we will all be judged.
You speak very beautifully.
Too bad you're a priest, man.
Our personal apocalypse has already happened.
Right? So? Did you fail? [LAUGHS.]
Song! Song, you bastard! Open up! [SONG HEE.]
We're closed for the day! Go away! Tell your gramps to open up.
Or he'll die sooner than all of us.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Jeez, what a temper.
Song! I'm not playing around! What's all this shouting? Are you crazy? What's with those bags? Are you fleeing? Damn right.
I'm no fool, Elvis.
The end is near.
The red sky earlier, birds flying away.
Clocks aren't working.
My tummy's upset.
It's pretty obvious.
- Where are you going? - [SON HEE.]
He says the Apocalypse won't reach his filthy village.
I'd rather go to hell.
You could stay and fight with us.
That way, we'll be together when the world ends.
I could puke now, but I'd make a mess.
Song, I need all your quicksilver.
Also, I have no money.
We got these from Korea.
They let you see those things.
You'll die anyway, but at least you'll see them coming.
You reek of death, Elvis Infante.
They're fake, by the way.
- Really? - Made in China.
Or Taiwan.
- Excuse me.
- Safe trip.
I don't know what those kids will become, but you and I both know it's going to get ugly.
Remember what Benito said.
The only thing that can defeat such a powerful demon Is an angel, Keta.
Forget about it, sis.
I already tried that.
Besides, we need a feather or something from him.
I don't think this will do the trick.
A god is on its way here, and they tend to be punctual.
Let's go.
Honestly, I'll miss the world.
It's kind of neat, isn't it? Especially food.
And music.
And eating while listening to music.
Come on, Isaac.
You don't remember where it was? Don't you recognize this song? It's the song from the dream, when we were all dancing.
- Really? - Yeah.
- It must mean something.
- That demons have good taste.
I know where they are.
- At the Three Cultures Square.
- In Tlatelolco? That makes sense.
Isn't that where they just dug up some kids' sacrificial remains? Yes, an offering.
They wanted to bring back the god of disease so he could wipe out their enemies.
Way to go, Isaac.
No wonder we were friends.
Let's go, start the engine.
Let's go, motherfuckers! So, what are your plans if we make it out alive? If the world doesn't end, I'm tracking down the Conclave.
I'm going to beat them until they tell me where Mayaken is.
- [NANCY.]
And you, Elvis? - First, I'll help Keta.
Then, I'm retiring.
Maybe to Yucatán.
A hammock, a few beers, some fine ladies.
Oh, please! Elvis, this city is in your blood.
Even more than Café Tacuba.
They're from Satellite City.
Same difference.
And you, old man? Whatever my babe says.
Stop calling me that.
I'd like to travel far away.
Maybe Europe.
I could open a tortilla shop over there.
Nancy, you were born to eat tortillas, not sell them.
A girl can dream.
Can I take a look? Sure.
- Do you really see me like that? - Like what? Pretty.
Well, yeah, you're pretty.
Even with demons inside you.
Don't you think it's getting hot in here? [GROANS.]
You can keep it if you want.
Cut it out.
Are we there yet? [HORNS HONKING.]
We're getting nowhere.
Let's walk.
- Walk? Wait - Yes! Get out, now! it's more than 15 blocks.
I'm not leaving my car.
- [KETA.]
I said now, Elvis! Out! - [EL INDIO.]
Let's go.
Fuck! REPORTING A red sky, steam.
It's more of a smoke and smells like sulfur.
Also, there are tremors all over the city.
Despite their fear, people are going outside to witness these strange events.
This hadn't happened since September 19, the last solar eclipse, or the Pope's visit.
Wait up.
Slow down.
Those damn maps were wrong.
That was more like 40 blocks.
This is going to be good.
Hey, it's been so long since we've been in a situation like this.
We're Diableros.
No time like this for a selfie.
Fuck off.
We have a rare chance to take a pic on the day we're going to die.
#SCREWTHEENDOFTHEWORLD Wait, don't! Let me talk to her.
Ventura! Your mom asked me to find you.
Ventura, you have no idea what you're doing! I'm not going to hurt you.
That's not your daughter.
She's not your daughter anymore! Elvis, they'll never let us get close to them! [KETA.]
I don't know what those kids will become.
The only thing that can defeat such a powerful demon Is an angel, Keta.
I might know how to stop them! You said only an angel can stop them.
- I saw an angel! - [EL INDIO.]
Yeah, right.
My grandma saw the Virgin on a plum tree! I swear it.
Back then, I thought it wasn't real, but that wasn't the only time.
He was right there with me all that time.
I'm sure he brought me to this moment.
I'm what you need to bring him back! I swear it, Elvis.
Guys! Elvis, listen to Ventura.
It won't work! We need something from the angel or something he touched.
Did you touch him? [RAMIRO.]
That angel saved my life.
He touched you! You can bring the angel back! You've been touched, Ventura! He's the feather we need.
Do you remember the spell? The actual words? Last time, you got pregnant! That's not a risk with Ventura.
Are you sure, Ramiro? I don't know what'll happen.
Do it! Otherwise, we're all dead.
I trust you.
You have to summon an angel! [KETA.]
If we don't stop them on time, they'll summon that demon! I know it's not the right time, and that you love Lucía, but I've been dying to do this.
Ventura, stay in the circle! [NANCY.]
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
You need to have faith.
Let's do it together.
Mariana! [ELVIS.]
We'll bring her back, Ventura! This isn't over yet! Dad! What are you doing here? Is that how you greet the cavalry? I saw your Instagram! Great hashtag! We wouldn't miss this.
- Not for the world.
- I love you, girls! [RECITING INCANTATION.]
Dad! Keep going! Dad! - Elvis! - Keta, no! [KETA.]
Ventura, the feather! - [DEVIL GROWLING.]
Mariana! Mariana! Mariana! Mariana.
Who are you? Are you God? No.
I'm your dad.
You have to get out of here.
- You have to go back.
- I can't.
- We all have to go.
- No.
No, you can't go.
I'll go in your place.
- My soul in exchange for yours.
- Are you really my dad? You have to get out of here.
Dad? Dad? Dad! Dad! - My son.
- [ELVIS.]
Did you see that? Now, that was a big fucker.
A type seven at the very least.
I saw it, Dad.
Time to get up, or should I carry you? I think I'm staying here.
- No, we're going to the hospital.
That's okay.
My time at this picnic has reached its end.
You're not giving up, Dad.
I'm not, not without first giving you this witness.
A demon's fang.
Once you're a worthy Diablero, it will be yours.
The children.
Take this, Diableros.
Elvis My girl [KETA.]
There's Mariana.
Ventura did it, Elvis.
- Elvis, my son.
- I love you, Dad.
Dad? Where's my dad? Your dad will be all right.
We'll find him, I promise.
Dad! Dad? Dad! Dad! [ELVIS SOBS.]
Where's Ventura? [EL INDIO.]
Elvis, we have to go before anyone else gets here.
The army has cordoned off the Three Cultures Square.
METEORITE SHAKES MEXICO CITY? Conflicting reports, as well as several rumors point to a possible meteorite as responsible for the red sky, tremors, and sulfur smell experienced all over the city.
Stay tuned for more.
I want everything you found from that fucking angel.
This is all we managed to salvage.
Gather every trace that this demon left behind.
Yes, sir.
The lab results tested positive for angelic materials.
There's no sign of Ramiro Ventura.
We're close to having enough material.
SIX MONTHS LATER I've eaten two more than you.
But I finished mine by myself.
Are we going to keep talking instead of eating more of this? - [KETA.]
Can you set the table? - Sure.
- You've eaten plenty.
- [NANCY.]
Shut up.
It's strange hearing a girl's voice here.
If the kid keeps eating like Nancy, we're going broke.
- How much can she eat? - Haven't you seen her? - Of course I have.
- She used to be a demon.
- Hello! - [KETA.]
What's up, family? - Happy birthday! - Thanks, I didn't know you were coming.
Happy birthday, Keta.
Don't worry about us.
We're on a diet.
We'll be fine with some snacks.
- Yeah, right.
- Good.
The birthday girl.
Don't get fresh.
Just a little grinding.
Anyone can have a little loving.
Did you know that castrated dogs live much longer? But that's no life.
Life is worthless without love.
That is long past for me.
That's why you look sad.
- What you need is - [ELVIS.]
Hey, hey! Back off from my sister.
Or what? You still owe me 12 demons.
- Nancy won, I owe you squat.
- Of course not.
Wait! Stop it, guys! You two are always at it.
Elvis, I'm your sister, not your car.
That's right.
Isaac, know this: We're never getting back together.
Don't even think about getting involved with her.
Get her to reconsider and I'll forget about your debt.
From my personal harvest.
Go ahead.
Let's have a toast.
To surviving the end of the world.
To Benito.
To your dad, Ramiro Ventura, wherever he may be.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
And to Keta, don't forget it's her birthday.
- Sorry, sis.
- No worries.
Cheers! Let all your dreams come true! [CHUCKLING.]
A quesadilla.
Mole? You want nothing.
Pass the salt.
Little by little, right? Shut up! Let me [THALIA.]
Again? Is it too much? Wait, wait.
This is a little too perfect.
On three, read this word.
One, two, three.
Moron! [KETA.]
Eat your food, Elvis.
Calm down, dude.
This is real.
Mom said I should brush for at least three minutes.
You found the sketchbook.
That's me.
This sketchbook belonged to your father.
You should have it.
- What was my dad like? - [NANCY.]
Well Ramiro was a good man.
He loved you very much.
Poor Ventura.
Thank you.
He found her only to lose her again.
Where could he be? I don't know.
I know he's close, Elvis.
I'm never going to stop looking for him.
That makes two of us, sis.
There's a 14-hour time difference.
- We're having breakfast.
- [ELVIS.]
Don't be like that, Martita.
- [ELVIS.]
We're celebrating.

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