Diablero (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Searching for Ventura

1 [Nancy.]
Give me a break, Elvis.
What's with the shabby suit? [Elvis.]
What, dude? My suit's not shabby.
Our business needs more professionalism.
Grandma Eustolia used to say, "First impressions last forever.
" She also said not to be a pompous dick, Elvis.
8 I can't follow all of her advice.
Besides, she was pretty senile.
So, back to business.
It's a type-two demon, dangerous, so get ready.
Elvis, explain the types to me, I never understood them.
Are two type-one demons equal to one type-two? Look, Nance, this is an art, not a science.
You had them inside you, you know more than me.
It's like asking if I'd rather get run over by a truck or a bus.
So? - It's the same thing - Shut up already.
Can you try to look serious? [loud slam.]
[masked man.]
Who let you in? Are you the diableros? Elvis Infante.
Chief Diablero, and this is my crew.
[masked man.]
Come in, this way.
No fucking way! That's Tinieblas, guys! How do I look? Like a washed-up soccer star.
[masked man.]
It's Aluxe, it's like he's a different person.
He's like a wild beast, I don't know what to do.
No! Don't say that.
Not Aluxe, please.
I watched all his movies when I was a kid.
I loved how he flailed his little arms! [grunts softly.]
Guys, this is personal.
I mean, it's Aluxe! You should sit back, have a drink, relax.
- Enjoy the show.
- [masked man.]
Quick, please.
- I'll handle this myself.
- Okay then.
Well, good luck.
Brother, I'm Elvis Infante, you might remember me.
I wrote you a ton of letters when I was a kid.
[snarling continues.]
[loud slam, clattering.]
I always included a cool drawing or two.
[snorting, chittering.]
Fuck! [roaring.]
- [loud slam.]
- [Elvis screaming.]
He'll handle it, right? No! [masked man.]
Aren't you going to help him? - [Elvis shouting.]
- [chittering.]
- [loud slam.]
- So, is there a Mrs.
Tinieblas? [masked man.]
We have a fight in an hour, please! [Elvis continues shouting, screaming.]
What do you say? [Elvis.]
Hands off! A small bottle, fit for Aluxe.
[masked man.]
What are you going to do with that? - [crunch.]
- [Elvis.]
Keep your hands off my pants! [loud slam.]
- Yes.
- [Elvis.]
Aluxe! [masked man.]
Please, don't bruise him up too much.
No fucking way! [masked man.]
Hang in there, Aluxe! [Elvis.]
Okay I have good news and bad.
The bad news is Tinieblas didn't pay our full fee.
He said we roughed up Aluxe.
He won't be able to fight for two weeks.
Now, the good news.
I have Lucha libre tickets for next Sunday! Plus, look.
They threw in an Aluxe doll.
It's so cool.
Will you tell him, Keta? Or should I? What's up? - We quit.
- We quit.
What? No way! This is our first job in weeks.
Precisely, dude.
I want a regular job with a steady paycheck, just like everyone else.
You don't want a normal job, Nancy! Is this about the money? Look, you can keep the money when we sell the demon.
You don't want to be normal.
Tell her she doesn't, Keta.
I was saving these for a special occasion, but this also feels right.
What do you think? Look, "Diableros," plural.
"Nancy Gama, the demons go inside her, not you.
" - [Nancy scoffs.]
- "Keta Infante, put the demons in our hands.
" Boom! - Isn't it a killer slogan? - Elvis, come on! We've been together our whole lives.
Sorry, Elvis, me too.
- You can't look after me forever.
- No one's looking after you, girl.
We look after each other, we're family! No.
I love you, Diablero.
Come here.
Keta! We'll still see each other, Elvicho, get over it.
Don't you even want a ride home? What if the world needs us? [distant crowd cheering.]
- [thuds.]
- [screams.]
- You moron! - Relax, everything's fine, dude.
So, is the guy here already? Beats me.
Do you have any reception? No.
Maybe we should leave.
Lupe will fucking fire us if she finds out.
Hey, no one will miss a couple of vials.
We're talking about 20 grand here.
How much did you take, you junkie? Show me your tongue.
I did take some, but it's cool, the buyer won't even notice.
If he ever shows up.
Okay, why don't you take a few drops? [distant voice chortling.]
Did you hear that? It's a cat.
No, it's a baby.
[distant chortling continues.]
Fuck, Rosa.
[chortling grows louder.]
[chortling grows louder.]
- What? - Dude, come on, this isn't our problem.
It's not like it's your baby.
[distant voice warbling.]
Little one? Where are you? Screw it, I'm calling the cops.
- Jimena! - Really? - [Jimena.]
Baby? - This isn't funny.
- [Jmena.]
Where's the cute baby? - Jimena? Jimena? - [loud slam.]
- There's nothing here! [laughs.]
- You jerk.
- Nothing, there's no fucking baby - [baby crying.]
- [roaring.]
Jimena! Jime? [roars.]
[theme music playing.]
Death said yes [man.]
Death said yes [woman.]
And she said no [man.]
And she said no [woman.]
Life said no [man.]
Life said no [woman.]
And I say yes [man.]
And I say yes [both.]
In the end, what does it matter If as a living dead I survived? It's but a matter of time This moment nothing but brief In which you are and I am And by tomorrow you'll be no more But before that, you told me The future is now [car alarm chirps.]
[speaking ancient language.]
Seven rattlesnakes, two sandals, one pool, and a raccoon.
[mechanical clacking.]
Seven rattlesnakes, two sandals, one pool, and a raccoon.
What the hell? For fuck's sake! [door slides open.]
Thank you! [knocks.]
[man singing mournful song.]
What's up? Hang on a sec.
Lazy broad! Where are the beers for table four? - Is she lazying about? - Always, you know.
What can I get you? Beer? Mezcal? What's up, Uncle Elvis? - You sneaky brat.
- What? Hey, girls.
Are you ever planning on fixing the busted-up old hag upstairs? - She sounds like shit.
- Mrs.
Procopia? That's strange, the hag just got oiled up.
- Move it! Get table five their moonshine.
- I'll give you a shine! Add it to my tab.
[man continues singing.]
I [men muttering aggressively.]
Seriously, Isaac? For real? Demonic arm-wrestling? You're better than that, man.
I have no choice.
Business is slow.
No one cares about demon fights since they got leaked online.
#LoveMyJob Times are changing, Elvis.
- Diableros like us belong to the past.
- Don't say that, man.
We still help a ton of people, tons.
People don't want our help.
They're happy with their demons.
- Just accept it, man.
- [man screams.]
Why don't we partner up again? We had so much fun hunting demons.
You must be fucking lonely if you want us to partner up again.
The streets aren't my thing, man.
I put all my money in this joint.
It's all I have left.
I'm fine here.
You should get yourself a girlfriend, Elvis.
How's Keta, by the way? She's not returning my calls.
Mine either, the bitch.
- Watch your mouth! - [Elvis.]
She's my sister.
- We're looking for a diablero.
- [guitar string snaps.]
[music stops.]
[glass shatters.]
A diablero? Telésforo, customers! Telésforo hauls crates at the market.
He's our best guy.
[crowd laughing.]
I'm a diablera too.
I'll stick a demon up your ass.
Female diableras, just what I needed.
I'm looking for Elvis Infante.
That would be me.
Easy, guys, it's fine.
[music resumes playing.]
Elvis Infante.
They're new, fresh off the press.
The satin finish is lovely, right? I mean, not as much as you guys.
I had to change the number, someone named Carmen kept answering.
Come with us.
My boss wants to see you.
We'll talk business some other time.
There you go, drooling after the Spice Girls.
You know what it's like.
Okay, moron.
- [pop music playing.]
- [Elvis.]
Hey, can I look now? - I don't want to trip over something.
- Just a bit longer.
I didn't catch your boss's name.
Lupe Reina.
So, why does she want to see me? She'll tell you herself.
[pop music continues playing.]
Wait here.
Will this take much longer? I'm in a bit of a hurry.
- [loud click.]
- [music winds down to a stop.]
Welcome to my home, where everything is possible.
Come closer.
Make yourself at home and don't be afraid.
Tonight, one of you will atone for your sins.
Has anyone in this room sinned recently? Someone broke the most important rule in this place.
It's time to face the consequences.
The culprit is among us.
He'll soon be exposed to all of you.
Is that Lupe Reina? [woman.]
We'll get rid of the trash and go on with our party.
[distant bell chimes.]
This man likes to play dirty without asking for permission.
This asshole, this filthy insect, sweaty and repugnant when he thought no one was looking, he cornered one of my girls and tried to force himself on her.
[man gasping.]
Lupe, I swear I meant no harm.
How did it make you feel? Strong? Powerful? Did you feel like a big man while you groped her? [grunting.]
How about now? No.
- How do you feel? - Let go of me.
This is your punishment.
You'll feel the pain of all the women you've hurt and humiliated in your life.
Was it worth it? - [man in crowd.]
Blood! - Or do you regret it? You sick bastard! [screams.]
[man shrieks.]
- No! - [Lupe laughing.]
[Lupe continues laughing.]
[crowd murmuring.]
I told you, anything can happen here.
- [man 1.]
- [man 2.]
What? [man 3.]
He's unharmed? - [man 1.]
What? - [man 2.]
You saw it too.
- [man 3.]
Did you see what I saw? - [man 4.]
He was bleeding.
Welcome to my home, where you shouldn't believe everything you see.
- [crowd applauding.]
- [pop music playing.]
Follow me.
Hey, this thing with the knives, did she hypnotize us? It was only an illusion spell.
An illusion? Better than 3-D glasses.
Stay close to me.
It could get dangerous.
[voices moaning.]
[pop music continues playing.]
What's behind the doors? Clients who pay good money to experience thrills, as well as privacy.
[music continues faintly in distance.]
Lupe will see you now.
Elvis Infante.
The famous Diablero.
The one and only Chief Diablero.
Would you like a card? [Lupe.]
Come closer.
I thought you'd be taller.
Height is measured from the head to the sky, not from the head to the ground.
I thought you'd be older.
Older? Age is in one's soul.
I'm older than you could possibly imagine.
Have a seat.
I'd rather not.
I'm in a hurry, you know? - Lots of work to do.
- I don't enjoy being lied to, Elvis.
I know for a fact you have nothing better to do.
Where's the rest of your team the other Infante and the Diablera? My crew? I guess you could say it's a bit scattered.
What do you know? I know you didn't stop the Apocalypse all on your own.
You had help from your sister, the priest, and that crazy girl that absorbs demons.
That's fine, though everybody knows that.
I know you wake up in the middle of the night missing your dad.
Hey Are you a shrink or something? Why do you poke inside my head? Are you going to tell me what the job is or not? Sit.
One of my girls was attacked last night.
Her eye was plucked out.
I can't let anyone harm us.
Why should I care? [woman.]
She's been like this since she got back.
- She keeps repeating the same thing.
- Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Do you know where she was when this happened? No.
- [Rosa.]
Help me, Elvis Infante.
- She came back on her own? [woman.]
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
[deep voice.]
Listen to me, Elvis.
I need your help.
- Something terrible is about to happen.
- Ventura? Is that you? There's no time! They want to close the door forever.
Get Nancy and Keta.
You must prevent it.
All right.
But what is this door we're talking about? [whooshing.]
[regular voice.]
Help me, Elvis Infante.
- Ramiro? - Help me, Elvis Infante.
- Help me, Elvis Infante.
- God damn it.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
The dude doesn't have great reception.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
Help me, Elvis Infante.
So, tell me do you always appear out of thin air? Help me find that son of a bitch and I'll give you whatever you want.
So, what do I want? Success.
Not to be alone anymore.
And for everything to go back to how it used to be.
[call ringing.]
Come on, Nancy! Pick up the phone, girl.
Shit, please pick up.
[phone ringing.]
For fuck's sake! - What do you want, Elvis? - [Elvis.]
Dude! I've called you a million times, and you just don't pick up.
Now now.
I'm busy.
Please listen to me, Nancy, it's important.
You'll never believe this.
- Ventura called.
- What? Yeah! He sent me a sign, he needs our help.
Right, man.
Like that poster you saw about finding your next venture.
No, Nancy, that time was a mistake.
This is real, I swear.
Look, something attacked a couple of girls.
One of them lost an eye, - the other one's missing.
- Fuck, Elvis.
This is the worst trick you've pulled to make me come back.
Nancy, please.
If Ventura was here, if the priest asked you to, you'd help me, wouldn't you? Oh, stop it.
Don't even go there.
Please understand, I want to be normal.
Give me a break, Nancy! You're not normal.
You don't want to be.
In fact, no one is.
Look, Nancy the world needs you.
I need you, Ventura needs you.
Besides, there's something about a door that can't be closed.
- If it does, the world will - [phone beeps.]
Hello? Nancy? Fuck! [jazz piano playing.]
What the hell? Let me give you a hand.
All right, go like this.
Now smile.
- Tenoch? - Nancy? Yes.
Sorry I'm late.
I was in the lady's bathroom and Don't worry, it's fine.
It was worth the wait.
You look even prettier than your picture.
- So, what's up? - [Tenoch.]
Want to grab a bite? Are you hungry? Maybe not? I'm always hungry.
Okay then let's order.
[buzzing, ringtone playing.]
[gas hissing.]
[ghostly voices hissing.]
[speaking ancient language.]
There is only the road to Mictlán.
The place of rest, the place of the fleshless.
I give you this offering so you'll tell me where to find Mayakén.
[man's voice.]
Keta! Ventura? What are you doing in my oven? - [Ramiro.]
You must help me.
- We looked for you everywhere.
Nancy almost lost her mind.
- Where are you? - [Ramiro.]
You must do something.
You must prevent the door from closing.
What door? The oven door? [Ramiro.]
There's no time! You must find the key.
What key? What the fuck are you talking about? [Ramiro.]
The white key.
Or no one will be saved.
Have you heard from Mayakén? Ventura! Damn it, Ventura! People bring me computers and I install antivirus, apps.
- It's boring, right? - No.
No, it's great.
I actually like it a lot.
It's very normal.
- Wine? Maybe not with ice cream.
- Okay.
Anyway Tell me about yourself.
What do you do? I'm between jobs, but I had a business partner.
We helped people with their problems.
You're a social worker? Eh - Yeah, something like that.
- Mmm.
- Want some? It's delicious.
- No, thanks, I'm good.
Hey, come here.
Can I have one of those? - Do you like flowers? - No.
It's for you.
- For me? - Yeah.
- Seriously? - Yeah, why? Just like in the movies, right? No one has ever given me a rose before.
Can I get you anything else? - Are you all right? - Yeah.
Nancy, I need your help.
The door is about to close.
Are you okay? - [Nancy.]
- Are you sure you're okay? - Sure? - Yes, I'm good.
So, you didn't finish telling me about yourself.
Do you have a boyfriend? You don't? - [moans softly.]
- [Tenoch.]
No? Is that a no? Well, I was in a serious relationship.
It ended on Christmas, very messy.
We still share the dog.
The poor thing is fat.
I should learn to take care of him.
[snarling, wheezing.]
That's very cute.
[voices shouting.]
- [roaring.]
- [patrons screaming.]
([Tenoch screaming) - 2[screaming.]
- [snarling.]
[jazz piano continues playing.]
Will you call me or what? [door closes.]
Ketamina? Mariana, I'm home.
[door creaks.]
What's up, Ketamina? Why are you drinking alone in the dark, dude? I've been calling you all day, you never picked up.
You'll never guess what happened to me today.
And you don't want to know what happened to me.
[doorbell buzzing.]
[pop music playing faintly.]
What happened to you? Are you okay? - I'm not even sure.
- What happened, Nancy? 5 Guess who paid me a visit.
[Keta and Elvis.]
Ventura? Fuck, you're joking, Elvis.
See, guys? Even the priest wants us to be together.
Oh, Elvis.
What does Ventura have to do with Lupe's girls? That's what we're going to find out.
We don't even know where he fucking is.
We've tried every invocation and nothing's worked.
He must be somewhere if he contacted us.
Did he tell you about some door too? Yeah, but at the juiciest part of the story he lost reception.
What? I'm such an idiot! We've been looking for Ventura in the wrong place.
We looked for him in the underworld, right? Well even a rookie diablero knows it takes four years to get there.
- Four years.
- [Nancy.]
Sure, dude.
- Who doesn't know that? - Hey, listen.
There are nine levels to reach Mictlán.
And with each level, the connection gets weaker.
Like on a plane or in a subway tunnel! Ventura had to find other ways to communicate with us.
The oven, the waiter, Rosita.
Then he's alive? We'll he's neither dead or alive.
I mean, he's neither here nor there.
How can we get him back? Well, he can't do it alone, so We'll have to go get him.
Look, it's like this water.
It's here, but it doesn't know it's here, like black holes.
- You've seen the videos.
- I'm not into that shit, Elvis.
You mean the first level to Mictlán.
Elvis, you know everyone who's ever tried to get in are toast, they're dead.
Precisely, Ketamina.
We'll be the first.
Cheers! [Elvis.]
Okay, here's the deal.
We'll open a portal between the world of the living and the dead with this book.
Dude, we'll see stuff.
Like a Day of the Dead except just for us.
No, except they'll be able to see us.
How much? As long as we're in the circle, we'll be safe, right? Come on, Diableros.
Let's find Ventura.
[speaking ancient language.]
Take me on your back, shadow friend, to the Apanohuaia pathway.
Take me on your back, shadow friend, to the Apanohuaia pathway [electricity sparking, wind rushing.]
- [glass shatters.]
- [liquid bubbling.]
Neither white, nor black.
Only yourself.
[wind stops.]
God damn it.
Don't look.
[chanting incantation.]
- [boy.]
Hello? - [woman.]
Where do they come from? Don't look at them, they feed on our fear.
[Elvis continues chanting.]
What's your name? [man.]
What are you doing in my house, man? [Elvis continues chanting.]
Who are you? [Elvis continues chanting.]
Who are you all? Keta, what if he's suffering? We're seeing the past, Nancy.
This is all in the past, got it? [boy.]
Don't leave me.
- [man.]
Please, shut up! - [boy.]
It's cold.
Please! - [Keta.]
Stop! - Nancy, don't! - [voices stops.]
- [man begins shouting in distance.]
What happened? [Elvis.]
Where's all the blood? Shouldn't a door open on the other side? What the hell? Did you miss a line? Did you take too long? Okay, fuck! - So now it's my fault? - [pounding overhead.]
What is that? [pounding continues.]
You hear it too, don't you? [washing machine chugging.]
Now that's what I call a decent spin cycle.
Fuck, man! It worked! [distorted voices moaning.]
[distorted moaning continues.]
[distorted moaning grows louder.]
[distorted moaning continues.]
[moaning, snarling.]
[foosteps pounding.]
[acoustic guitar playing.]
[man singing upbeat acoustic song.]

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