Diablero (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

The Ahuizotl

1 No! Help me! WELCOME.
MINORS, WOMEN, AND DEMONS MAY NOT ENTER Death said yes Death said yes And she said no And she said no Life said no Life said no And I say yes And I say yes In the end, what does it matter If as a living dead I survived? It's but a matter of time This moment nothing but brief In which you are and I am And by tomorrow you'll be no more But before that, you told me The future is now Shouldn't it be on the other side? There's only one way to find out.
Going in.
What's that chicken for? It's a chronometer, Nancy.
We have to be very fast.
Understood? Time is different over there.
If we're in there for too long, our brains will become mush.
What time is it inside the washer? Time is different.
It's a lot slower.
Ten minutes here would feel like months over there.
But? What the hell? Ventura disappeared months ago, - it's been centuries for him! - Calm down, Nancy.
I'm sure that priest found some friends over there.
Besides, if he waited for us for that long, he can wait for us a couple more minutes, it's fine.
- Fuck it.
- No, Nancy! Damn it! That stupid girl, always in a hurry! We didn't even talk about getting out.
What? Why? Is it hard getting out? All of our dad's books mentioned how to get in, but not how to get out.
I was able to prepare some of this.
You can use it in limbo.
It's so you don't forget reality.
You think it'll work? I don't want to be in there and forget what I went there for.
Who knows? I've never been in limbo.
Try it.
I always hated this washer.
I'd rather wash by hand.
I predicted it.
Are you going in? Or do you want me to? Oh, fuck it! Make sure that thing doesn't close, okay? If we're not out in ten minutes, we're screwed.
I love you, sis.
Damn it! Nancy! Ventura! Ventura! THE ONE THAT LEF Ventura! Ventura? - Ventura? - Where's the rabbit? Ventura! I'll reincarnate into a mezcal worm.
- Ventura! - Listen to the music of your heart.
Has anyone seen a priest? The one that walks over water.
Ventura! Ventura, what the fuck? Ventura? Ventura! Ventura, dude! Ventura, it's me, Nancy! What do you need, sister? Ventura! I thought I'd never see you again.
- This is incredible! - Do we know each other? Of course! I'm Nancy.
Nancy Let's get out of here, come on.
Where to, sister? Out of here! Otherwise our brains will turn into mush! - No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, no.
- You called me.
- You called Elvis through some girl.
- Why would I do that? No.
We have something important to do.
I think.
Nancy! Hey! Help me! Ventura? Thank you, knowledgeable audience! Thank you! Come on, man, it's not so serious.
- Is everything okay? - Yes.
But I dropped the potion when I got here.
The potion! Is he your friend? The potion! The potion fell! Lick the floor so you don't forget.
Fuck! The wood absorbed all of the potion.
We need to get out of here.
As soon as possible.
Before we forget why we came.
It's impossible getting out of here, son.
It can't be done.
- Could you shut the hell up? - What's your name? Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.
Elvis Infante.
Professional diablero.
Oh, Sandunga Sandunga, mother, please The secret for a better gelatin is not to use too much gelatin.
I add some spicy powder and it comes out delicious.
You're getting better.
You're going to need a representative, bud.
Bud? Hey Did I have a sister? I barely remember her.
A sister? Here? On this raft? Raft? Hey.
Let's get out of here.
I tried, but I couldn't.
Did someone talk to the captain? I did.
Or not.
I don't know.
Hey! Captain! Hey, brother! Captain? Captain? Captain? Hurry up! Let me try.
Doesn't it need a battery? Well, here I go.
Elvis! Elvis! Who's that girl? Is that Keta? - Elvis? - Betta? Hey! It's me, Keta! - Rosetta? - Help me get in.
Elvis! Vendetta? Keta? Elvis.
Elvis! We're on the first level of Mictlán, I could start forgetting basic math soon.
We need to go back to the real world.
- The real world? - Yes! The real world.
Captain! Captain? Hi, sorry.
Some of us are still alive and we got here under our own volition.
We want to get out of the raft.
Then Look at the bottom of the channel.
That's it.
That's what awaits you if you leave the raft, Elvis Infante.
I have a deal for you, my friend.
But you won't like it.
I'm willing to do anything.
- That's so nice! - Sister, may God be with you May God with you, Sister.
This is Elvis, he's a professional singer and the official entertainer of the raft.
- He's wonderful.
- Sing! That's enough.
Get up.
We'll get off at the next station.
Elvis, again with that? This raft never stops.
This time it's different.
How long where we in there? Elvis How did you convince him to let us get off? I just asked for a favor.
You left the door open, right? What? The washer's door.
Did you leave it open? I don't know.
I don't remember! How the hell are we getting out? HUMANS ARE BEING CLONED - Fuck, dude! - Calm down! Bring a hammer! - Son of a bitch! - Shit! - I'm drowning! - You're an idiot! - You went too far this time.
- Come on! What's the big deal? It's just a toilet! And I got to deal with the worst part! You too, you almost ripped it off! I had to grab onto something, and it wasn't that small.
Ventura? Are you okay? Calm down, he's still in trance.
It's as if he was still in limbo.
No, dude, I know! He was alone for too long.
He needs a group hug.
Who are you? Don't be so rude.
Are you really asking us that? You really don't remember? We went to limbo for you, dude.
I'm starting to remember.
Hey, Nancy! Stop making out! There are kids present.
I mean, I can rent you guys a room.
I'll trade it for a couple of miracles.
- What do you think? - Stop! - Let's go.
- Let them enjoy.
- [Let them be.
- Enjoy what? You never let anyone enjoy.
You look good with all the hair.
You look like Jesus.
But I imagine you don't want to look the same, right? No, relax! I took a hairdressing course.
Online, but I learned.
We'll fix this.
Were you in limbo for so long that you forgot what your face looks like? It's as if I had been sleeping for ages.
It's yours.
Elvis saved it in case you returned.
Maybe it'll help you remember.
I was a priest? Really? Don't you miss your church? I don't know.
It's like when people want to start from zero.
This is my chance.
Dad? This was us in Halloween.
And this one is scary, right? Yes.
Uncle Elvis took us on a trip in this one.
We went to Teotihuacán.
In The Hound.
So you were in that raft all this time? Half asleep.
It was like a very long mass.
What about you, how's school? School is boring, but Aunt Nancy is helping me manage the demons.
I mean Mariana had a type seven inside, it almost destroyed the world.
She's tougher than all of us.
Right? Let's see.
Did you do your homework? - No.
- Why are you still talking then? Go.
Let your dad rest a bit.
He's still not his usual self after limbo.
Let's go.
Elvis, I know you did a great job getting the family back together.
But we didn't go into Mictlán for that.
He called us.
Help me, please.
Hold on, let me think.
We decided to start dating and see what happens.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
And You're not making sparks anymore? What happened? Did you lose your angel? Something happened to my angel.
So why did you call us? That girl, Rosita - Someone tried to devour her, Ventura.
- Yes.
They were attacked by a demon with yellow eyes.
- A type two demon? Three? - The type that's dangerous.
When you spoke to me through Rosita, you mentioned a door.
- What did you mean? - The door must be kept open.
Keep the door open, a mystical hunter.
- But what door are you talking about? - We need to save the world.
- The end of the world is over.
- No! We need to save Mayakén.
Mayakén? You spoke to Mayakén? You know where he is? - It's too much information, I - Leave him alone, look at him! What? You heard him! I have to ask him! - We have to save Mayakén! - Keta, stop! That's enough.
- What? - He spent three years in limbo.
- He's still out of himself.
- Look.
Someone gave me this down there.
What the hell is this? I think it's cool.
What does it have to do with Mayakén? Brother, are you sure limbo didn't mess with your brain? We need to wait for the phone.
Please, not with a phone cliché.
Hello? Okay.
I'm sorry.
We're on our way.
What? That was Lupe.
Rosita also disappeared.
This was in the courtyard where she disappeared.
It's all that's left from her.
This is evil shit, dude.
The priest here says he saw everything from Mictlán.
How so? Let's say he has a guardian angel that tells him things.
An angel? Angels don't exist anymore.
My team is cool like that.
What was the last place the girls were seen at? We don't know anything.
They went to sell drugs without my permission.
- So, is the dude coming? - No clue.
Did Rosita tell you anything before she disappeared? Nothing.
She was a mess because they took her friend.
We believe what took the girls was a demon.
A very powerful demon.
It wasn't their fault.
Guilt Guilt can make anyone crazy, right? Enriqueta Infante You have so much pain.
You lost your son and you've been searching for years.
Calm down.
Who told you you could get inside her mind? I'm going to need an advance.
There are lots of things to pay.
Bribes, travel expenses The Delegation always wants a cut.
We have to buy I'm sorry about before.
They used to sell on credit, but - Shh.
Don't say a word.
- That dude went to Korea.
Enriqueta, you're very special.
- But you don't know it yet.
- Also, parking.
They put a wheel clamp on our car the other day.
- Whose fault was that? - You, I told you to pay till two.
I could help you.
- Would you like me to? - Yes.
See? She agrees with me.
We need an advance.
No problem.
I need the phone for the girls.
I could probably find out their last location that way.
She's the one we were waiting for.
This is their last GPS location.
This is the last location according to Jimena's phone.
Is this place telling you something, Ramiro? I feel something, but it's not clear.
And you, Nancy? Do you feel or smell anything? No, I can only smell cat piss.
You need to step up, diablero.
Ventura and I aren't goiing to do all the work.
I stepped in shit.
it's not shit, dude.
It smells the same as the blanket from that poor girl.
I remember their faces.
- Their cries.
- Did you hear the cries of a baby? - It looked like a baby.
- Looked? It wasn't a baby? I don't know.
But I think I know where we are.
Hey! Follow me.
- Elvis! - Hurry! Let's go! Come on, Elvis! Fuck! Fuck this place, dude! This smell is never coming out of us.
I smell like Wait, dude! I smell like the subway during rush hour.
Shit! - Fuck.
- What's wrong, Elvis? - Nothing good, Ketamina.
- What's wrong? I know this place.
I know the demon we're trying to catch.
I think I know who it is.
What? Let's go.
- No way.
- Yes, let's get out, now.
Why did you do that? Sorry, Dad.
I shouldn't have done it.
I'm thirsty.
I want more.
When we were kids, El Indio and I found out where The Ahuizotl was hidden.
You know Isaac.
He knew we could make good money if we sold that demon.
He convinced me.
And I, stupidly, accepted.
I took Tepoz with me.
Who is that? That was Elvis's only apprentice.
Tell them the story, Elvicho.
We got to the place, we found the vessel, I grabbed it, and it fell and broke.
El Indio and I were able to protect ourselves, but Tepoz That dude was a newbie.
The demon got inside of him.
So powerful, you couldn't even imagine it, Nancy.
He could've killed us right there and then.
He could've ran out to the city and killed many others.
We threw all the mercury we had at him.
I killed my friend.
A diablero apprentice that put his life in my hands.
That's terrible.
Maybe it's not the same demon.
I'm starting to think it is, dude.
What are you waiting for, diableros? Let's kill it.
Right? I want money, I've said it before Still focused, looking for diamonds We put up with not being visible We're businessmen, we can adapt We have that gift We sell you quality We improve the industry With our versatility I get the utility, I use the market Me and my plan keep going up Positioned number one The name of my company Will soon be on your shirts Competition is boring The haters make me laugh I may sound conceited But hear it yourself Make your own conclusion Who dominates rhythm Here I come, so elegant My mind on diamonds In search of what I want I'll keep moving forward Here I come, so elegant My mind on diamonds In search of what I want I'll keep moving forward In search of what I want I'll keep moving forward Here I come, so elegant My mind on diamonds In search of what I want I'll keep moving forward For the people I love I'll fight with them.
And when this is all over, we'll be together.
Ready? I always wanted to visit a water park, but Dad never brought us.
- Can you believe it? - Maybe because you ate him, Nancy? Why did they close it? There was a fire here many years ago.
And people started saying this place was haunted.
Of course it was.
This was where The Ahuizotl got his victims.
Let's go, Ventura.
Come here, I don't want you going back to limbo again.
I already lost you once.
What's wrong, Elvis? Nothing.
Why are you wearing Benito's jacket then? My dad, it's my dad's jacket.
I miss my old man.
Besides, it looks better on me than on him.
You've been acting strange since we got back from Mictlán.
Come on.
All I did is become more philosophical.
One doesn't get to be reborn all the time.
It wasn't a life-altering experience to you? - Shut up! - Okay! I always knew it.
I'm the most sensitive of the two.
What? I have no idea where we're at.
I don't know where I found the demon.
Tepoz had the map.
I have a flashback pill.
You want it? No, Keta.
I stopped drinking because of it.
It gives you a hangover.
Come on, diablero.
Don't be a chicken.
- Chicken, me? - Yes.
Want to try it? Ventura Grab this.
We'll see.
- What's a flashback pill? - I was going to ask that.
Damn, Keta! You've lost your touch.
This shit isn't working Oh, shit, we should record this.
He'll rewind to the point in time he was here.
That's how it works.
Come on, dudes.
You're like small kids.
Stop, Isaac! Stop bothering him.
Or do you want me to call you El Indio? Hold on, then.
Tepoz, no one is calling you a coward.
This dude just likes bothering others because he's so short.
But I know you're a tough guy.
- It's crazy.
- Relax.
Come on, Isaac, I've been calling you El Indio my whole life.
I don't like you going out with her.
Don't talk about it.
- Who is he talking about? - Me, probably.
Acapulco? You want to take her there? This idiot wants to take my sister to Acapulco! - He never took me.
- Come on, dude.
Are you telling me my sister was the one that hit on you? Look at yourself! You're so ugly.
That's not true.
It's a lie.
Did you feel that? Let's see the map.
Are we close? Over there? Are you sure, dude? Keep your eyes open, okay? Ready, Isaac? Let's go.
I think we're close.
- Are you sure it's here? - He's going to hit himself.
It doesn't sound familiar.
Fuck! What's going on? Elvis! - What, dude? What happened? - I don't know.
Maybe you found the entrance.
Ventura, Nancy.
This fence wasn't here before.
My gun.
Hey, turn that shit off! Shit! This dude found some way to survive.
He probably found another host.
These bones are black.
Be very careful.
The Ahuizotl is a type three.
Very dangerous.
I don't want to lose anyone else to him.
Careful with his tail.
It has a claw.
A claw on his tail? It must make him very popular.
Rosita? Rosita! Calm down, don't make a sound.
Lupe sent me.
I'm Elvis Infante.
I'm a diablero.
Jimena Where's Jimena? That thing killed her.
Calm down.
We'll get you out of here, trust me.
Shh! This way.
Did you hear that? That bastard is still here.
Keta, the salt.
- Oh, shit.
- The salt, Keta.
Shoot him, Elvis! No, I know this dude.
That would make things worse.
- Get back! - Help her make a circle of salt.
- This circle won't hold.
- He can't hurt us in here.
When I tell you to, run.
One, two Where is it? Where is it? He crossed the salt, Keta.
- How? - I swear, that mix was good.
I thought one could only see demons through mirrors.
This one could be seen and in HD.
I should've told you.
That can happen with class one and two demons.
This one is a class three, and huge.
Take her.
Make sure she's safe.
How? Aren't we going to confront him? That's why we're here, Elvis! I already lost a friend to this asshole.
- I won't lose another one.
- Why didn't he hurt us? I don't know.
Something Or someone stopped him.
- Please, let's go.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Sister you'll protect me and I'll protect you.
Ready? This is like a goddamn maze.
I feel we already went through here.
What's wrong, Elvis? Nancy, where are you? Let's see.
Keep your eyes open, okay? That dude isn't around here.
I think he followed them.
He's here.
- Are you sure? - He's here.
He's here.
- I can smell him.
- She can smell him.
Don't do anything, please.
Stay where you are.
Nancy, take Rosita away from here.
- I'll distract him.
- Yes, I know.
Hey! The Ahuizotl! Ventura went to distract The Ahuizotl.
- You fucking monster - That idiot, Ventura! I told you not to move! That guy is crazy.
He'll eat him! I'm right here! Hey! Come here! Listen to me, please.
Don't do a thing.
Do you understand? He's a level three demon.
Don't move at all.
Nancy? What do you want? No! Ventura! Elvis! Help me!
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