Diablero (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Tears of the Devil

1 [Elvis.]
I'm sorry.
We did all we could.
We're not going to give up.
We're going to get that son of a bitch.
Please, leave me alone.
Ladies, gentlemen.
Are we really evil for not wanting angels to come back to Earth? They abandoned us a long time ago.
- They left us on our own.
- [man.]
No! No! Don't take me again! No! No! No! No! We've had to control the demons ourselves.
They're somewhere they can't hurt as much.
The world should be thankful to us that they're not free.
[snarling gasp.]
MINORS, WOMEN, AND DEMONS MAY NOT ENTER [theme music playing.]
Death said yes [man.]
Death said yes [woman.]
And she said no [man.]
And she said no [woman.]
Life said no [man.]
Life said no [woman.]
And I say yes [man.]
And I say yes [both.]
In the end, what does it matter If as a living dead I survived? It's but a matter of time This moment nothing but brief In which you are and I am And by tomorrow you'll be no more But before that, you told me The future is now - [Elvis.]
Isaac! - [man.]
What the hell? Guys, please Pay attention to me for a second, please.
Come on, dudes! If you think you'll get these fat guys to do anything, you're nuts.
- Hey.
- [whistles.]
Hey! If you give us two minutes, we'll buy you the first round.
That's my Keta! National one, though.
- Aren't you guys the best? - [patrons murmuring.]
For sure! I need you to tell me if you know how to kill a demonic principality.
- Mercury, right? - No, that won't kill them.
- Death.
- [man.]
Ask your dad.
Benito is the only one that caught a demonic principality.
- Death.
- [Elvis.]
Look, my friend, my dad is already in diablero heaven.
- In hell.
- Too bad.
He was great.
- [chuckles.]
- He was a drunkard.
That's why he was so great.
- Death! - Shit, dude.
- This wasn't a good idea.
- I told you.
What did you say? Isitia.
It could work.
I'm so stupid, yes! [claps.]
- Let's make some isitia.
- Elvis, no.
- Not Isitia.
- Yes, Isitia.
What's Isitia? Shit, I hope you find the old man in a good mood.
We'll need one last favor.
No, Keta, I'm not in the business anymore.
- It's your problem, not mine.
- [Keta.]
But I don't even need you.
We're going to need Surileidi.
- What? No way, not Surileidi.
- Only she can analyze these bones.
I can do it too.
- You can't.
- Yes, I can.
It's just Christian remains, right? This is from one of The Ahuizotl's victims.
We need her.
Nancy, Ventura, don't leave this spot until he brings Surileidi.
Let's go, okay? I hate family reunions.
Not even a hug? - Good luck with Suri.
- Don't talk to me.
- Go on.
- See you later.
Hey! You're playing with fire.
The beings of light never left.
They never left.
They're where you least expect them to be.
Watch out.
Be careful.
[lively music playing.]
Hey, who's "foxy lady" or whatever? Surileidi.
Surileidi Cocotzoli.
Yes, her.
A medicine woman.
A great-great-aunt of mine.
Keta and her got along well, they'd call her whenever they needed her.
But this is the last time I do it.
Fucking Keta.
Close the door, monk.
[snaps fingers.]
[retching, snarling.]
No, Isaac.
Let me go! [whooshing.]
Welcome, guys! I'm so glad you're here! You're so pretty, you're like a teacup dog.
Let's see, what did you bring me? Hmm? Coal for being a bad girl? [giggles.]
- Sit down.
- Is that? - [sighs.]
Let's see, what's this? - Bones.
Bones? Hmm, tasty.
[clicks teeth.]
Mmm Poor thing! There are teeth marks everywhere.
What chewed it? A diabolic xoloescuintle? - Aren't you - Look, guys.
I'll stay here to check this stuff, and you can wait outside.
Go drink a beer, relax.
My treat.
But don't say anything to El Indio.
I mean, Isaac.
You know he's stingy My nephew.
[blows kiss.]
Go on! Take care of him.
Oh, my! [sighs.]
This is something else, but we'll check it later.
They left us to our own means.
And we were forced to control the demons ourselves.
- The world should thank us for - Are you practicing your speech, Morelo? Altamirano.
I wasn't expecting you.
If I knew you were coming, I would've No, Cardinal.
Don't worry.
- I'm sorry about your father.
- Don't, please don't be.
That old man is history.
He directed this place for far too long.
It's time for things to change.
- Is that why you're here? - Yes.
I came to supervise the experiments myself.
Everything is going according to plan.
The recipient can put up with it for 12 seconds.
- In another week, we'll probably be ready.
- No.
That's not soon enough.
We have to move forward sooner.
That's impossible.
The key isn't ready.
Twelve seconds, then? - Let's see how long you can take it.
- [grunting.]
[continues grunting.]
Hello? Yes, I'm already in the office.
No, ma'am, there's nothing to worry about.
- [lively music playing.]
- Here's a beer for you.
And a tea for you.
Did I get it right? What happened, Father? The afterlife was good to you.
Did you do weightlifting in limbo or what? You look tougher, stronger.
I'm coming, bitch! I was ogling at the priest, you sure know how to bother me! 3 Hmm.
What happened there? - Why did the monster not attack you? - [Nancy.]
I don't know.
I don't know.
It was weird, because I wasn't afraid at all.
It's as if I was looking inside myself, you know? You know, it's dark in there too.
Sometimes I feel like my bones are black too.
[clicks teeth.]
Come this way.
Surileidi has something to tell you.
Where did you get this from, my children? They're victims of The Ahuizotl.
Sweetie Does The Ahuizotl like cooking the bones in alcohol sauce? This person seems to have swallowed a whole stash of drugs.
It's LDD.
Tears of the Devil.
A type of drug, Aunt Suri.
You've been out for too long.
Your dad won't take me out at all, sweetie.
Were all the victims on it? Yes, all of them have bones like these.
Where can we find that drug? It's not easy, it's very exclusive.
I heard it's made by a diablera.
Let's go.
- We'll see you, foxy lady.
- It's Surileidi, my darling.
Send my regards to Enriqueta.
She never comes to visit me anymore.
She's abandoned me.
Couldn't you stay a little longer? You're so much nicer than the old man.
Yes, my dad's been an asshole lately.
You know I can't, my sweeties.
- Hey.
- Yes? Do you have some pulque for me? There it is.
Damn, boss.
You really went deep this time.
Let's do this before it gets here, okay? - Are you sure about this? - Do we have any other choice? If we confront that asshole now, he'll probably kill us.
You'd end up spending a lot of time with our old man.
Come on.
It won't look pretty.
Tell me something I don't know.
- Can we hurry? - [sighs.]
Ready? [Elvis chanting incantation.]
[continues chanting.]
[Keta chanting incantation.]
[corpse grunting.]
[continues grunting.]
- Get that shit off me! - Sorry, Dad.
You did isitia.
Just like I showed you.
Isitia of the body? Not spiritual? [groans.]
You didn't make an offer to Tlaltecuhtli? No, Dad, we didn't have time.
You never have time for your father! "Let's just bring back that drunk old man.
Who cares about his dignity?" Come on, Dad! Even in life, you didn't visit me.
Why are you wearing my jacket? Dad, you're not even around.
- Always stealing my things.
- Stop it, Dad! So you want to hunt a demonic principality? [laughs.]
- Yes.
- [father.]
How? You can't even do a simple spiritual resurrection.
How moody! To use your own power against a demonic principality won't be simple at all.
Focus your energies toward it.
Hands on Quetzal, Jaguar and Hummingbird, hmm? Is that a Hummingbird? It looks like a chicken! - Do you have it, Keta? - I think I do.
- I'll check and you tell me, okay? - Go.
Where's she going? Are you letting your sister do it? Look, Dad She's a woman! I don't let her do anything.
She's an adult.
Besides, she'll be a better diablera than me.
In my time, a brother's duty was to protect Stop it, Dad! [gasps.]
What did you do, Eliodoro? You're as dead as I am.
- Shut up, Dad! Don't let her hear you! - [Keta.]
Why did you shut him up? You know him.
He says women shouldn't be diableras.
Benito, you still haven't learned a thing.
Ah, I'm sorry.
I'm old.
I'm getting sleepy again.
Help your father.
We'll meet again one day.
But not in this world.
Goodbye, Dad.
That jacket does look better on you than on me.
- [gasps.]
- [Elvis chuckles.]
Isitia of the body.
When did your father die? A year, more or less.
But it was worth it.
[door opens.]
We have a spell for the bastard.
Very good, Elvis.
But now you can tell us why all the victims of The Ahuizotl are addicted to a fucking drug called LDD.
No, don't take me, please! - Stop it, no.
- Shh.
To be honest, all I see is fear.
By the way, the Cardinal won't be coming with us.
We'll continue testing without him.
Don't take me.
- [Altamirano.]
Put the angel inside of him.
- [buzzing, whooshing.]
[gasping, roaring.]
The vessel is working.
The angel is inside.
[mournful howling.]
Fucking Surileidi.
She always leaves me with the worst hangovers.
- Are you sure you didn't let her drink? - No, no, Dad.
You guys are grown-ups, you two figure it out.
So that drug really does this? Who'd want to drug themselves for this? A lot of people.
Each vial is worth 10,000 pesos.
- Ten thousand? - Mm-hmm.
How could I copy these Tears of the Devil to sell them myself? They say the formula is super-secret.
No one knows it.
Ah, but someone must know it.
Let's see.
Bring me some.
- No, not you.
- Why? Are you really give us money to go buy drugs? You really are sick in the head.
Please, you're no saints.
- I know you well.
- What? You both are potheads.
Come on, move it.
Hurry! - [scoffs.]
- Ay! [dings.]
Telésforo! Go with them! [Lupe.]
LDD, or Tears of the Devil, are made here.
We're the only ones that can synthesize it.
Our question is: why does that monster need it? What is it made of? You many do not believe it, Elvis.
But it's from tears of demons.
You distill dead bodies to make them possessed? - Or get people possessed and kill them? - No.
They're corpses.
People no one claimed.
- So you possess bodies.
- [Elvis.]
Come on, Keta.
Everyone knows demons like live prey.
Not dead.
But Keta is right.
Move over.
[air hissing.]
[chanting incantation.]
[continues chanting.]
It's impossible.
[continues chanting.]
[chains rattling.]
- [Lupe continues chanting.]
- [grunting.]
[chanting loudly.]
I don't feel good.
I'll wait outside.
I told you, Elvis.
Tears of the Devil [roars[ Are tears of demons.
Bring me the mercury.
[roaring slows.]
All the concentration of their pain in a single drop.
Ventura, what's wrong? You look paler than the night I met you.
Are you okay, dude? [gasps.]
[whispering in ancient language.]
He's my angel.
Fuck! [speaking ancient language.]
[continues speaking ancient language.]
Tell me where you are.
[speaking ancient language.]
[continues speaking ancient language.]
Get it out of him.
[speaking ancient language.]
Hey, dude! [Altamirano.]
Who were you talking with? Were you trying to tell someone? I saw him, he's trapped.
Did he say anything? We must protect the white key.
We can't allow the door to close, or we're doomed.
Let's go.
Calm down.
This Apocalypse is always following this dude.
If the door closes Angels will never be able to return to Earth.
Those goddamn angels and their goddamn riddles.
Let's see So if we do all this bullshit with the door does it mean angels will come back? I don't know.
Ventura, you're burning up.
We have to put him in ice, now.
My angel will die, Elvis.
We need to do something.
We will, dude.
But as sick as you are, you're no help.
You need to get better.
Hurry up, dude.
He's heavy! [Lupe.]
Say goodbye to your friends.
I need to talk to you.
- I'll see you guys at home.
- [Elvis.]
You're staying? - I'll explain later, Elvis.
- [Elvis.]
I'll take this dude, he's all beaten up.
I need you to look at something.
Your son, the one you're looking for.
Did he have this? [coughing.]
- What's with you? Are you smoking again? - [Elvis.]
No, dude.
I'm fine.
But I think I've got a bug or something.
[Elvis continues coughing.]
Are you really going to boil a demon? No, I'm going to evaporate water through a demon.
It's called Tears of the Devil, right? What do you propose? Why don't you just call Aunt Surileidi? She's the one that's good at science.
No way.
Besides, my business is drugs.
How do you think I started this business? At your age, I was in charge of preparing witch's ecstasy.
All alone.
[voice snarling.]
Did you hear that? We got it.
A little more And ready.
Pure gold.
- Thalia, do the honors.
- Me? And if that doesn't work, I can just die, right? Now I know who your favorite is.
Thanks, Dad.
That's not what I meant.
I'm the diablero here.
What if I'm possessed or something? Let one of your diableros try it.
They'll eat anything.
There's no way I'll try that shit.
You do it, then.
No thanks.
I'm gluten and lactose intolerant.
Fine, I'll do it.
Men always end up alone.
[grunts, clears throat.]
It's starting to hit me [all laughing.]
[fast chattering, grunting.]
[grunting continues.]
- [muttering.]
- [laughing.]
[women continue laughing.]
What the hell? [screams.]
What time does Mariana get out of school? - I don't want her to see me like this.
- Calm down.
It won't be for another two hours.
[doorbell buzzing.]
Are you expecting someone? Yes.
Yes, I ordered a water bottle.
Take care of the priest, I'll go.
Damn it, Elvis.
How long have you had that on your chest? Just for a day.
- Do you know what necrosis is? - Dead tissue? That's necrosis.
And it's expanding - That doesn't happen in a day.
- Doctor Could you not be so loud? - You can stop it, right? - I need to do some tests.
- I have to take you to the hospital.
- I hate hospitals.
Did you have an infection? I doubt it.
- Did you freeze? - It's been years since I've frozen.
Did you not wear a condom again? [whooshing.]
You gave your soul to Death.
Did you think you could avoid keeping your promise? It's your turn to pay dude.
That's why I brought you a gift.
It'll bring lots of fun to the both of us.
That's how much life you have left.
You smell like death Elvis Infante.
Everything okay, Elvis? It's like a demon hangover.
Angels are no better than demons.
There are no good spirits.
Same hangover, same medicine.
- I'll go get something that won't fail.
- Don't leave.
We're finally alone, let's make the most of it.
Let's make a toast to celebrate that the prophecy is true.
What are you talking about? Why do you have the same symbol as my son, and on the same spot? Come with me.
I have something to show you.
The legend says that one day, a being will be born, and it won't be from this world or the other.
A being of light.
A white key will open the doors so that angels can return to this world.
We must protect the white key.
We cannot allow the door to close.
The chosen one will make sure angels return.
And when they do, good will win over evil.
What does that have to do with Mayakén? Keta, you already know it.
Your son is the chosen one.
He will make angels return.
He is the white key.
I'm a monster.
Of course not.
Don't say that.
Who's the father? The one who fathered him is an angel.
Probably the same one that spoke with Ventura today.
The last angel on Earth.
Very good.
- [Mayakén.]
I want more.
- There's no more.
Hey, hey, hey! Mayakén! I won't let you die.
[machine beeping.]
There's a battle inside him.
Blood contaminated with LDD has accelerated the process.
He just needs a little more.
You have to get it.
What if I can't? You know what will happen.
If we stop now, Mayakén will die.
[electronic dance music playing.]
When I reveal my deepest thoughts Against all odds Against all odds Then I release eternal light Against all odds Against all odds When I reveal my deepest thoughts Against all odds Against all odds Then I release eternal light Against all odds Against all odds
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