Diablero (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


1 The fear I have of kissing you When I'm with you The lights that mark my destiny Turn on And I must confess That when you kiss me I feel butterflies Circling around my head The fear I must confess That I'm in love Of your green eyes That look like a salad I had one too many drinks I'm dancing desperately Tonight is my night I'm coming for a hangover I want What's going on? Hey, Nancy! What do you want? Look at this, two pounds of pork loin, very tasty.
I'll give it to you half-off.
Give me two pounds of chorizo and some pork rind.
No hair, please.
Ooh, this neighborhood's scariest boy is here.
What are you looking at? Excuse me.
I didn't mean to offend.
Oh, I know! Did you see me on one of those dating apps? On your phone? A dating app, dude? What's your name? No.
And yours? WELCOME.
MINORS, WOMEN, AND DEMONS MAY NOT ENTER Death said yes Death said yes And she said no And she said no Life said no Life said no And I say yes And I say yes In the end, what does it matter If as a living dead I survived? It's but a matter of time This moment nothing but brief In which you are and I am And by tomorrow you'll be no more But before that, you told me The future is now This is the last demon tear I have.
But it's enough for the trap.
I already gave the order not to sell it anymore.
I want to kill that son of a bitch.
We have to use an LDD junkie.
This will be the trap.
How many people use that thing? The Ahuizotl could try to get anyone that's using it.
LDD is short-acting.
It only lasts 24 hours.
If The Ahuizotl wants blood with LDD, he'll have to come here for our bait.
Well, I hope your trap works.
It'll be as if there was no food left in the world and someone took you to the Tlalocan paradise.
With all those fruit trees Corn, chia seeds.
- Beans, drinks - For this trap, we're going to need Blood.
Lots of blood.
Or what, diablero? Are you afraid of needles? Fuck.
Wait! Here.
Don't cry.
"Yes, let's bleed out the Infante siblings, they can take it, no problem.
" Do we really have to fill up this huge bottle? Couldn't it have been a little bag? They're so greedy! How badly do you want to catch The Ahuizotl? Your angel is a bastard, isn't he? He left you a mess.
More fried crap? Don't you have any fruit? Fruit? Come on, Ventura.
After a possession, you always need to eat a lot, especially greasy food.
What are you looking at? You.
Is it true what Elvis said? That you've only had sex with Lucia? - Is she the only one you've had sex with? - Fucking Elvis! Did he really tell you that? Is it true? Does it matter? We'll see if it does or not.
Nancy? Nancy? Nancy! Nancy? Want some? Ten, nine, eight seven, six, five, four Dude, I'm so hungry.
If The Ahuizotl gets here now, I'll rip out his insides and eat him.
All because of a little stick? I don't like needles.
You're not afraid of anything.
This time I'm afraid.
I've been looking for Mayakén for so long I don't know what I'll do once I find him.
What? You know what you'll do.
You'll grab him, you'll hug him, and you'll pamper him.
What if he doesn't love me? What if he hates me for abandoning him? Not even considering he's a white angel and he'll open the magical door - to all the other angels.
- Look First of all, you didn't abandon him.
Second, listen to yourself.
He's an angel and an Infante! He's going to be amazing! What if I don't know how to be a good mother? Come on.
Listen to me, Enriqueta Infante.
You Will be the best mother in this world.
You're the kindest person I know.
Besides, we practiced a little with Mariana.
We did great.
That girl loves you, a lot.
You're good for her.
You taught her how to brush her teeth, do her homework, be responsible.
And you're also cool and share good memes sometimes.
I'll need you by my side, Elvis.
Oh, shit.
Didn't you tell me not so long ago? "I don't need you.
I want to be independent.
" Come on, Elvis! We all need someone.
And I need you.
Promise me you'll stay close.
Promise me.
I promise.
Okay? Do you have more pork rinds? No, but I have a lollipop.
To be honest, I could care less about the world right now.
Those are the endorphins talking.
You'll get over it.
I'm not getting over it.
You seem upbeat.
When we find my angel and save the world again, we could get married.
And you'd officiate the wedding yourself? You don't want to? Well I'm not the marrying type.
I don't see myself dressed in white, promising love for eternity.
Don't you want a family? I mean, yes.
But I don't know.
It sounded weird.
You could be a mother for Mariana.
Have you seen how she looks at you? She loves you.
Come on, Ventura.
What do you want, to be with me? Or a nanny? We just got you out of limbo, dude.
- Take care of your own daughter.
- That's not it! Maybe Elvis is right.
I can't have a normal life.
Of course you can.
You could cure yourself.
We could be together.
Cure me? We should cure you from your stupidity.
Isn't that what you wanted? Ventura, I'm a beast.
Hmm? If you like me, you like me with my demons too.
We're a team.
Nancy! Me and my demons will go elsewhere! My balloon! Mom, tell her! Bitch! That's my beer! Fuck you! For the trap to work, we need to draw these on the doors to show The Ahuizotl which doors not to use.
We have to guide him directly towards the trap.
Are they Diableras? Yes.
We all are.
Keta, this is our time.
Women are stronger now, more powerful.
And male Diableros are old and useless.
Like your dad.
He couldn't teach you a thing once you were better than him at everything.
The symbols are ready.
Take the girls.
To a safe space.
How do you do it? Do you want to learn? Want me to teach you? I hope this blood is enough for the trap to work.
We're almost ready.
We'll fuck up that asshole.
We just have to wait till nightfall.
Everything okay, Father? - Do you still have the angel's hangover? - No.
Have you seen Nancy? Did leave you already? Damn! Good things don't last long, right? This is the last LDD vial.
It better work.
Your food is ready, bastard.
Come for it.
You need to touch the other person to be able to get inside them.
Close your eyes.
What was that about? Was that necessary? No.
I felt like it.
Trust me.
Concentrate on my voice.
Keta Infante You're not a sister anymore Or a mother.
Or a wife.
I want you to be free.
Enter my mind.
You made it.
You're inside my mind.
This is your mind? Yes.
What did you expect? A dark room? Bathtubs? Candles? Black water? Blood? I don't know.
2 I imagined a pool - Some type of paradise.
- No.
I don't have expensive dreams.
What are we doing here? In here, you can do whatever you want.
What do you want? Cheers! Keta, this is only an entrance hall.
The real training is about to start.
Don't hate me.
What happened? If you find it, you'll be able to do anything.
Vanquish the demon, find your son, anything you desire.
Find what? You must defeat me, Keta.
You have to break my barriers.
- Find what I don't want you to find.
- Where are you? This is my mind.
I'm everywhere.
What? What do I do? To find your son, to find out who you really are, my advice is for you to take the path you fear the most.
You bit me! - This is real! - I warned, you, Keta.
I think we should stop all this.
Let's continue.
Guide me to Mayakén.
You look pale, dude.
What do you want? Two tequilas.
One for the fear, one for the pleasure.
Do you have something to eat? Beef stew? Shrimp soup? You smiled.
I have crackers.
Whatever will get me tipsy for a bit.
We should make a toast for Tepoz.
We'll catch the demon that fucked you up very soon.
You're such a good liar.
You're the one that killed your friend Tepoz.
Seriously? Don't you have anything better to do? Yes.
It hurts more when I'm nearby.
You like playing, don't you? There has to be a way to free her.
Do you still have the watch I gave you? Give it to someone else.
They'll take your place.
That's how you can free her.
That simple? No.
It has to be to someone you love.
Someone that matters to you.
I'd never do that.
But it would be a win-win! Grandma, my coffee! I win my soul back.
And you get to stay here.
Taking care of Nancy, Keta, your niece.
Isn't that what you want? To be needed? - There has to be another way.
- Do you want them or not? Cheers.
You touched your cuts again! What did I tell you? They'll never heal that way! You dirty girl! Say goodbye to your braids! What are you looking at, bitch? Was that crazy woman your mother? No.
My stepmother.
My real parents were poorer than rats.
They sold me as a baby to some diableros much worse than themselves.
Those bastards did this to me.
They were obsessed with the white key prophecy.
They tattooed my neck, and they They marked my back with a knife.
To make it seem as if I had wings growing out of me.
I'm nothing but a fake.
Your son is the real one.
We must continue.
We did what we could, sister.
No, Mayakén isn't dead.
This isn't real.
This can't be real.
So, then? Is this another one of your traps? Is your mother in there? Is she going to jump at my neck? No, Keta.
There are no more traps.
Is this your secret? It's yours.
What are you talking about? The white key was born from the feather of a mythological creature.
Huitzilopochtli can only be born from Coatlicue.
I've been waiting for you for years.
But it was something you had to discover on your own.
You're the reincarnation of a goddess, Keta.
You can go inside anyone's mind.
You can find out their deepest secrets.
And other gifts that you'll find out, little by little.
What about this feeling? Will I still have it once we leave your mind? Who told you we're still dreaming? We're going to save my son.
Elvis! The Ahuizotl is here.
I can feel him.
You had time to go to a beauty parlor? I'll explain later.
Nancy - Are you sure? - Yes.
So? What the hell are you waiting for? I don't know.
Maybe he likes it more as a salsa over chilaquiles, or with a beer.
I have no idea.
Elvis, that bastard cheated us at the park.
- The victims that drank LDD were - Alive.
Elvis, it needs life.
We gave it a gallon of life.
Our blood.
Were we supposed to put our brains, skin, or lips in there too? You don't seriously think We need live bait.
Wait, Ketamina! If you drink this crap, that bastard will only want you, don't you get it? Keta.
Keta! I don't know if I'll be able to protect you against him.
Keta! Fuck! If we separate, we'll have more chances of catching him, Elvis.
That bastard will run over here.
What the hell were you thinking, Ketamina? You don't get to tell me what to do, you bastard! Is this the LDD? Of course, my beautiful creation.
Wow! This is amazing! You need to try it! I feel like I want to eat the whole world! The demons went quiet.
Look, Keta You stay here while I finish the circle.
The rest of us, let's continue our plan to bring him here.
Everyone to channel three.
Hey, Keta! Keta, he's coming for you! Don't give my sister any more of that drug! Nancy, follow Keta.
That bastard will follow her.
He's here.
Remember, you need to make him come to the circle.
We'll trap him here.
The marks on the doors will scare him.
He won't be able to pass through there.
How's it going, Elvis? - The circle is almost ready.
- Here's what you were looking for.
The crying stopped.
- Fuck, that's not a good sign.
- Get out of there! Ketamina! He's probably in there.
Be very careful.
Show your face, idiot! It's me.
He's close.
I can feel him.
There's nothing in this hall.
He's a huge monster.
He can't hide forever.
If someone sees him, let me know right away.
It's clear here too.
Ketamina? I need you here, Ketamina.
He's very close.
Please, come already.
Where's Keta? That bastard ripped Malena's heart out.
Ketamina Where are you? Bring him over here.
The trap is ready.
All we need is to close the circle.
Bring him over here, now! Okay, you bastard.
You have an open path.
Come and get me! Come on, dude! I'll put a bell on you.
Keta! Ketamina! Run like hell! Run, Keta! Now! Close the circle! He's trapped! Now! Do it! This can't be.
Tepoz? Tepoz is dead, Elvis.
You killed him.
Remember all the needles you stuck me with, dude? We did everything we could to take it out, buddy.
It was too late, dude! The demon was inside you.
- We had no choice - But to abandon me? That hurt me more than the mercury.
My friend - You were already dead.
- I wish I had been dead.
The demon was still alive.
Inside of me.
It fed me, it made my heart keep beating.
It turned me into this.
I had no choice but to fuse with it.
And now we are one.
You're nothing but a damn coward.
You must die for what you did to my girls.
No! Death and deliciousness for humanity Life is dark, that's the truth Death and deliciousness for humanity Life is dark, that's the truth
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