Diablero (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

You Don't Choose Your Family

1 [thunder rumbling.]
We can't kill him.
Why not? - Because he's your apprentice? - [man.]
Because we're diableros, - not murderers.
- I don't give a damn.
That bastard has to pay with blood for what he did.
[woman 2.]
And he will.
As soon as we find out if all those deaths are related to Mayakén.
Enter his mind as soon as he wakes up.
Try to see if you can find my son.
You can do whatever you want to him afterwards.
They say that music can calm beasts.
You're not a beast, you idiot.
You're a killer.
Humans are killers, Nancy.
We're hunters.
I learned how to control my demons.
I'm not like you.
You're normal? You want to play house? You want to have a husband? Children? [thunder rumbling.]
No one will ever accept you as you are, Nancy.
You know that.
[thunder continues.]
Let's see what this asshole knows.
Your bullshit won't work with me.
It's my turn.
You have two options, you bastard.
Either you talk Or I'll go in myself.
You have no power against me, Ketamina.
I'm La Coatlicue, you idiot.
Why do you keep rubbing it? He was born with that mark, Elvis.
[baby cooing.]
The doctor said he'd never seen a mark like that one.
It's just another mark.
Like my grandfather's mark on his butt.
- It's not the same.
- [baby chattering.]
- And it's not like in others, Elvis.
- [Elvis coos.]
His birth.
The mark.
Mayakén is special.
Honey, what's that? [man.]
Make up a story.
Tell him his dad went to the U.
Tell him he's in jail.
They'll believe that for sure.
You'll scare off the bad guys that way.
Let it be.
Hand me a towel.
What happened? [thunder rumbling.]
No! No, no.
Hey Elvis, check the fuse, maybe they're blown.
I don't think it's that.
The blackout is throughout the whole neighborhood.
I'm coming.
Elvis? - [snarling.]
- Elvis, the towel! - [Elvis.]
What? I can't hear you! Coming! - [woman.]
It's fine.
[baby giggles.]
Mayakén? Elvis! Elvis, did you take Mayakén? - Mayakén isn't here, did you take him? - How could he not be there? - Elvis, stop playing with me! - Don't be stupid.
Come on, where's Mayakén? Mayakén! [snarling.]
[baby crying.]
[phone ringing.]
[baby crying.]
[phone continues ringing.]
Hello? Yes.
What? I already did what was asked of me.
Why can't you take care of it? You promised Yes.
[baby chattering.]
I'll take care of it.
- That's fine.
- [baby continues crying.]
Don't worry.
I'll call this number if anything happens.
What are we going to do, you and I? [grunting, groaning.]
Your fucking apprentice was the one who stole Mayakén, Elvis! It was him! - [Elvis.]
Keta! - Where is he, you asshole? Where's Mayakén? Tell me, you bastard! [theme music playing.]
Death said yes [man.]
Death said yes [woman.]
And she said no [man.]
And she said no [woman.]
Life said no [man.]
Life said no [woman.]
And I say yes [man.]
And I say yes [both.]
In the end, what does it matter If as a living dead I survived? It's but a matter of time This moment nothing but brief In which you are and I am And by tomorrow you'll be no more But before that, you told me The future is now [thunder rumbling.]
Where is he? [Elvis.]
You're not a killer.
And he's the only one that knows where he is.
Lower your weapon.
You're no killer, Keta.
If you kill Tepoz, all our leads are gone.
Give me the weapon, Keta.
[Keta sobbing.]
Calm down.
Tell me where he is, please.
Mayakén stopped being yours a long time ago, Keta.
He's part of something much bigger.
I fed him.
I took care of him.
I did everything according to the plan they had for him.
Mayakén, you need to eat, please.
[baby chattering.]
He was never a normal child.
Soon enough, he had a great power.
A little bit, please.
Please, Mayakén, eat.
[baby crying.]
Hey! No, no.
No, Mayakén.
They forced me to be a father for a son I didn't ask for.
What are you looking at? [woman.]
Consider the baby's sleeping patterns.
Let me tell you one thing.
Don't get desperate if he won't sleep right away.
Remember, the baby is still getting used to his new home.
Don't make that into a cause for conflict.
Don't despair.
Sometimes, even a wet diaper can be a reason to stay awake.
And since we're talking about that, be careful with sudden squirting.
As you know, a baby's nails are very thin, very sharp, and they grow fast.
And regarding feeding Don't forget that in the first few months your baby needs to consume all the necessary proteins.
They made me the monster I am now.
To find the special nutrition That Mayakén needed.
Mayakén, come, let's eat.
- [bird squawks.]
- [clears throat.]
Pass me the salt.
[bird squawking.]
I knew this would happen.
- They started it.
- I don't care.
Do you think this is normal? What are the parents going to do when they find out? They wouldn't pass me the ball.
You're not like the other kids, you're different.
I'm taking you out of school.
From now on, you're forbidden to leave this house.
- But Dad - I'm not your dad.
[bird squawking.]
I just hope you keep your promise.
I'll take care of it, but you also need to do your part.
Tezcatlipoca Rojo, better known as? - Xipe Tótec.
- Very good.
- What does it mean? - Our Lord, the skinless one.
You still think he's just a boy.
Let's move on to the next chapter.
But I made him into something you'll never be able to handle.
Chapter eight.
But you said today we'd talk about Pazuzu.
Tepoz, listen to me.
You used to be a good guy.
If there's any good left in you, tell me where Mayakén is.
Dad, I'm here.
[voice echoes.]
That won't be necessary, Elvis.
[thunder rumbling.]
Mayakén! [grunts.]
Who was that woman? You know who I'm talking about.
Is she my mother? - I'm your only family, Mayakén.
- Answer me! Sorry.
[whirring, zapping.]
Mayakén! [thuds.]
It's all over, Alejandro.
- Remove The Ahuizotl.
- [roars.]
It's time to keep our end of the bargain.
- [snarling.]
- [gas hissing.]
[gasping, retching.]
I'm sorry, Dad.
[moan echoes.]
Without your demon, you'll only live a couple of hours.
If you're in a hurry, there are some knives in the kitchen.
[grunting, straining.]
[door rattling.]
[door clicks open.]
- [door slams.]
- [music echoing from headphones.]
[exhaling deeply.]
[voices echoing.]
[voices echoing.]
Dad? [breathing loudly.]
I want to be like you, Dad.
[sewing maching clacking.]
It fits better, right? [woman 1.]
Follow me.
Come on, let's go! Check that room, you check that one.
[woman 2.]
There's no one here.
- [woman 1.]
Check that other one.
- [woman 2.]
This one's empty.
[woman 1.]
This way, hurry.
- He's not here.
- [woman 2.]
Follow me.
[woman 1.]
Where's the child? - [woman 2.]
Search the other room.
- [woman 1.]
This way.
- [woman 2.]
I said search the other one! - [woman 1.]
It's this one.
[woman 2.]
Go to the one there [voices murmuring.]
[approaching voices.]
- [woman 1.]
Hand me the weapon.
- [woman 2.]
[woman 1.]
[woman 2.]
It has to be clean, only one hit.
[indistinct murmuring.]
[screeching, roaring.]
- [screaming.]
- [shattering.]
- Shoot! Shoot! - [roaring.]
- [gunshot.]
- [creature howls.]
Your demon GPS seems to be working.
This time you followed me.
You look like shit, dude.
That's because I'm not myself anymore.
I'm not Alejandro anymore.
I lost my charm.
I lost everything.
How? You lost The Ahuizotl? If Elvis and Keta want to kill me, they better hurry.
But before, you need to help me with something.
Nancy where the hell are you, Nancy? Are you kidding? We've been looking for you for an hour! - I thought something happened to you.
- Calm down! I'm fine.
I followed him.
I know where he lives.
He's been living here with Mayakén for a very long time.
Yes, Nancy! Fuck, yes! Where is that son of a bitch? Nancy? Nancy? Can you hear me? - Nancy, you're getting cut off.
- Wait, Elvis.
I'll get Mayakén back.
- What? - Elvis, trust me.
- Let me do this alone.
- Nancy Do whatever you want, but don't fuck with me when it comes to this.
Not at the expense of Mayakén.
Where the hell are you, Nancy? Nancy, please! Nancy What the hell are you doing? Elvis and Keta are coming to kill Alejandro.
And why should you care about that beast? I'm a beast too.
Nancy, you're not a beast.
You're different.
- Don't you get it? You're special.
- [phone beeps.]
- Damn it! - Call again, dude.
Fuck! She turned off the fucking cellphone! Fucking Nancy! Shit! [rock music playing.]
[strikes match.]
What the hell are you doing? Tell me where Mayakén is! I want to spend my last moments being happy.
I promised myself I'd celebrate once they removed The Ahuizotl from me.
That's why I saved this bottle.
[clears throat.]
I don't want to drink now.
Me neither.
But let's pretend.
Let's pretend it's a date.
It's been years since I've been on one.
I'd end up eating them.
I know what you mean.
Nancy, it's true.
I took Mayakén.
And my job was to take care of him during all these years.
But that's over.
I saw you saving his life.
You protected him.
You love Mayakén? Right? Are you really going to leave him with them? They promised to care for him.
- Like they took care of you? - I'm disposable.
Mayakén is too valuable to them.
I drank the wine, happy? Now tell me, where the hell did they take the boy? [coughing.]
And you guys still think he's a boy.
Nancy, if you and I are beasts, Mayakén is like an atomic bomb.
That'll be our problem, right? All I have is a phone number.
We're wasting time, Alejandro.
What's going on? Come on Keep it together, just a little longer.
It's normal.
It always happens to me when I swallow a fat demon.
- It's normal to feel this way.
- All I wanted was a cure.
But now I realize I needed the company.
Hold on.
Wait a little longer.
This will help you.
Hold on.
Ten Nine Eight Seven Six [air hisses.]
[deep voice.]
Five Four [snarling.]
[rock music playing softly.]
Is Nancy's cellphone still off? Yes.
That monster was my friend.
And now it seems he's become Nancy's friend.
- Do you think they? - Look.
I love them a lot, but right now I couldn't care less about them and their little love story.
All I want is to find Mayakén.
And to help my sister.
Are you okay? Not knowing is giving me indigestion.
A life for a life, my friend.
I had to make a deal to get us out of there.
Don't look at me like that.
It's not your problem.
It's not your problem.
I was the idiot that didn't read the fine print.
If I had read it maybe we wouldn't have even rescued you.
And you'd stay there, on an eternal trip.
All that was my fault.
The world doesn't revolve around a priest with a pretty face.
I'm sure there's something we can do.
We can always fix things, right? No, dude.
Not this time.
There's nothing we can do.
- Ramiro - Calm down.
This is just between us.
[phone beeping.]
[taps leg.]
What? Goddamn Nancy.
I knew she wouldn't let us down.
She just sent her location.
Let's go tell Keta.
Where's Mayakén? Wait, he's not here.
- Step aside, please, I'll find out.
- Keta, please, wait a minute! Don't protect him! [snarling.]
- [Nancy.]
Elvis! - [grunts.]
Elvis, no! - [Elvis.]
Get up, dude! - [Nancy.]
No, man, wait! Get up, asshole! [snarls.]
Get up.
You and I are going to fight to the death.
No, Elvis.
No, dude! - [Nancy.]
He's possessed, dude.
- [Elvis.]
Even better! We'll fight to the death! - [snarling.]
- [grunting.]
I'm already dead.
You killed me.
Elvis! Elvis.
Come on, get up, get up.
Get up.
- [Elvis grunting.]
- [Ramiro.]
Get up.
Alejandro Alejandro, wait.
- [chanting incantation.]
- [groaning.]
[chanting continues.]
No, Elvis! [Elvis panting.]
Move it, Nancy! [Nancy.]
Elvis! - [blow lands.]
- [men grunt.]
Stop it, Elvis! Can't you see? He wants you to kill him! - Then I'll grant his wish.
- Wait, Elvis.
I still remember his face as a baby.
And Keta's screams.
You're too late.
He was just a kid.
Did you want revenge? Why not get it against me? You should've fought me instead! [Nancy.]
Elvis, he's dying! That demon was the only thing keeping him alive.
He doesn't have The Ahuizotl? The Conclave took it.
Elvis, listen to me, please.
Elvis, hold on.
[gun clicking.]
Finish me off, dude.
The first time you killed me was easy for you, right? This is your chance to do it up-front, and not behind my back.
Elvis, listen to me, please.
Please, just listen.
Not right now, please.
Do what's right for once in your fucking life, Tepoz.
Tell me where Mayakén is.
Mayakén isn't yours anymore.
He never was.
And I [groans.]
lost him a long time ago.
[man 1.]
Is he drinking blood? [man 2.]
[man 2.]
Telekinesis, accelerated growth - Dad! - [man 2.]
voracious appetite.
Everything seems in order.
We found a valid recipient to introduce the angel.
But you need to hurry with the key.
I don't know how much I could accelerate the process, sir.
Mayakén is complicated in that aspect.
The key, Alejandro.
The key.
He's having an internal struggle.
Names are important, Alejandro.
You shouldn't familiarize yourself with him.
You shouldn't get too attached to the key.
Don't forget it, he's only an instrument.
Dad What did he call you? Dad! Dad! - What are they going to do to him? - That's your problem, Alejandro you believe Mayakén is just a child.
He'll never call you "dad" again.
They may have removed your tongue, Mayakén.
That doesn't mean you won't be able to talk again.
[pounding on door.]
[door rattling.]
If you want to get out, you need to ask me.
[Mayakén grunts imploringly.]
You're going to hurt yourself.
Ask me, you know how.
Get me out! What did you say? [Mayakén.]
Get me out of here, you goddamn demon! - [gasps.]
- [gun clicks.]
[Nancy crying.]
You hurt my father.
You'll die for that.
After all the evil we fed you? You're still fighting? Angels.
You'll never be fully dark.
Don't look at me like that.
I promise, everything will be over soon.
Dad [grunting.]
Son [Mayakén.]
Dad, can you hear me? Mayakén is talking to him, can't you feel it? [Mayakén.]
I'm sorry, Dad.
Mayakén! [Mayakén.]
They're going to kill me.
Son! - They'll kill me once they finish.
- No! I just wanted to say goodbye.
They'll kill him.
What? They'll kill him.
They said they'd take care of him all of this time.
Are you saying The Conclave betrayed you? You need to save him.
Nancy, you need to save him.
Tepoz, please! Tepoz, tell me where Mayakén is! You need to save him.
- [Alejandro.]
Nancy - [Nancy.]
Yes? You need to save him.
I'm not your dad.
Forgive me.
Damn it, no! Hold on! Seven letters, group of individuals or people that share the same blood.
Goodbye, son.
Is this real? Did he just die? [Keta.]
No more mourning.
We need to find a clue in this house to help us find Mayakén.

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