Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

United Nations

1 [ELENA.]
Diary, the truth was out there.
Mami knew I took my name off the Student Rep list.
You didn't keep this from Mami because you let her down.
You kept this from her because you let yourself down.
But she didn't disown me like I thought she would.
In fact, she was pretty cool about it.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Student Rep.
Being there for you is kind of my job.
I think Sam moving in was good for her.
For all of us.
I'm just still trying to figure out my place here.
As far as I'm concerned, we're family.
And despite some setbacks I joined because my girlfriend's in it.
Bobby was figuring things out too.
It was chill to, like, be honest about my feelings.
So, Diary, things finally seemed to be looking up.
It's a bummer you're not running for Student Rep.
Speech Master coulda taught you a thing or two.
Uh, Ms.
Russo, I think you handed me the wrong test.
Oh, nope.
That's yours.
Those South American capitals are quite the doozy.
Ay, Caracas! How could I have forgotten the capital of Venezuela? [ELENA.]
Diary, I've been so distracted these days, I lost track of the one thing I've always had under control: my grades! I'm here for it ♪ Facing fears and chasing dreams ♪ Just winging it ♪ And I'm staying true to me ♪ Hello world I wonder who I'll be ♪ No matter what I do ♪ It's all about my journey ♪ Lo puedo lograr ♪ - [LIAM.]
is better.
Come on now.
Okay, Bobby.
Settle a debate for us.
Cheesy crust or garlic crust? Um [STAMMERS.]
Sorry, uh, I can't talk.
My mom's paralegal is picking me up, and she's, uh, really in a rush, so [LAUGHS.]
Two students asked me where the bathroom was.
Ah, I still got it.
Or they could have just thought you were a teacher.
Don't crush my dreams.
So that was a stone-cold ducking of your friend over there.
What? No, I wasn't ducking him.
I just didn't wanna hang out with him.
Okay, whatever you say.
Look, it always sucks when your best friend starts dating someone.
Especially since you and Liam are, you know, so close.
Yeah, they're just so couple-y.
It's easier to avoid them.
He has space to be with Jada, and I have space for, like, my thoughts.
Or whatever.
- Hey, Gab.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you shower with your clothes on? Really, Sam, no one's going to barge in.
No, no, no.
I can't find my towel.
It keeps disappearing.
Have you seen it? Yeah, it's in the dryer.
I just did a load of towels.
But you washed mine yesterday.
I only used it once since then.
Yeah, you used it.
There's extra towels underneath the sink.
There's plenty.
Oh, great.
I'll just grab another towel.
That you'll wash again, immediately.
Now you're getting it.
Uh, never mind.
Love you.
- I love you too.
- Yeah.
Okay, Diary.
I just needed to get an A-plus on every other geography assignment and my average could be salvaged.
An extra credit point or two wouldn't be too bad either.
So, I have some great news.
It's my favorite time of year again.
The world thinks that Americans are self-centered, but we are going to prove them wrong by studying other cultures for a whole week.
And these country projects will count for 40% of your final grade.
Forty? Why not make it 60 or even 80? Let's live a little, Ms.
I will not, and the groups and countries are posted by the door.
Groups? This was not part of my A-plus plan.
Now, go take a look and do not ask me to change anything.
- So, I need to change my - Elena, what did I just say? Ms.
Russo! I need to get an A-plus on this project.
- Can I please just do it on my own? - No.
I'll do four times the work.
It'll be better if it's just me.
I promise.
And it'll be easier for you to grade because it'll be perfect.
Go bother your group, Elena.
Hey! You're in our group.
We got Canada.
This was my group.
Melissa, she's turned over a new leaf, and I guess she's nice now.
I'm so happy we're in a group together.
But we're not graded on niceness.
We're graded on Canada.
Tripp "Moneybags" Swansby, who's never worked a day in his life.
The Swansbys have a ski lodge in Whistler.
And Troll Girl.
Sorry, Clara.
Guess I have no choice but to work with this.
Hey, you're not sitting with Jada today? Nah, Danny said we needed to have an Emergency Boys' meeting? Meeting of the Emergency Boys begins now.
Are we married to that name? Fellas, I'm in love.
With cinema? Well, yes.
But also with a girl.
- Who is it? - Her name is Bella.
We both go to Film Club together and sh Oh, no.
Shut up.
Nobody breathe another word.
She's gonna walk right by us in three, two - Hi, Danny.
- Top of the morning to ya! Sorry.
I Howdy! [GROANS.]
I know.
I know I'm not an Irish cowboy, okay.
Hence the emergency.
I really like her.
We talk all the time in Film Club, and I just wanna know if she's into me.
What do I do? How do I do it? Did I seriously say, "Howdy"? Oh, no.
That's it.
I gotta move to a galaxy far, far away.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
All right? Bobby and I'll help.
I mean, we know a little bit about this stuff, right? [CHUCKLES.]
- We do? - We do.
Why do you think Ziggy's not an Emergency Boy? Again, not loving that name.
You two are both versed in matters of the heart.
- Liam, you and Jada are like goals.
- Hmm.
Bobby, you landed the lovely Monyca with a Y.
And you also had the elusive no-hard-feelings breakup.
Let's meet up tomorrow after school and strategize.
I mean, Bella, she's hosting Rom-Com Movie Night.
But I guess I'll just tell her that something popped up No! Do not bail on watching a romantic movie with the girl you like.
All right? Go to Rom-Com Night.
Bobby and I will start strategizing.
Over burger tots? Uh, the thing is, I don't know if I can.
Aw, come on, Bobby.
We haven't hung out in forever.
- It'll be like old times.
- Like old times.
Yeah, sure.
Let's do it.
Yes! Thank you so much.
Emergency Boys for life.
See you later, Danny.
I'm normal and nothing is wrong with me.
You see what I'm saying? - [LAUGHS.]
- Oh, my God.
Well, off to my nightmare.
Aw, come on.
It's just a group project.
Personally, I am learning so much about Turkey.
Did you know it's home to one of the world's oldest and biggest malls? That's cool.
I just really need an A-plus to save my average.
I got a C, Sasha.
A C.
Then lead your group to victory.
Like Gorgdolene III when she was cast out into the hinterlands but found a colony of dried-fruit farmers, and, against all odds, she led her ragtag army and defeated the Eggplant Emperor.
Did that happen in Turkey? Oh, no, no, no.
It's this new TV show called Gorgdolene, Unicorn Queen.
Sash, you have a point.
If anyone could lead my group to an A-plus, I guess it would be me.
It's not like any of the others are gonna do it.
Yeah, that's the spirit.
I'll inspire my ragtag group of dried-fruit farmers to an A-plus, just like the Unicorn Queen.
Please don't reference something you haven't watched.
Okay, huge setback, Team Canada.
My family does not own a ski lodge in Whistler.
We own many ski lodges in Europe.
So, I got nothing, except a huge economic advantage which will never go away.
I only know about Canadian lake monsters.
Sort of a poor man's troll.
We could talk about famous Canadians.
There's Drake, Ryan Gosling, James Gosling.
He's one of the forefathers of modern computer science.
He was, like, way ahead of his time [ELENA.]
Diary, I knew Melissa meant well, but this wasn't something I could leave up to chance.
Sasha was right.
I had to lead my group to victory, galloping forth like a true Unicorn Queen.
What if we divide the project into four parts? History, culture, art and food.
We can each research and write up a topic and then present our findings together in order to create a multi-faceted picture of our great neighbor to the north.
Sure, whatever floats your boat.
Or my boat.
I'm a boat guy.
That's Troll for sounds good.
You know, culture and art just feel a little similar.
- So, maybe instead we could - Great point.
I'll take both.
And then the arts are a reflection of history, so I can take that too.
And then for food let's get some maple doughnuts from Miami Glaze and talk about the syrupy deliciousness of their natural resource.
Thoughts? Great.
- Well, I really just - Just nod.
She basically signed up to do the whole thing for free.
Team Canada, we are so getting an A-plus.
Oh, my husband does that all the time.
And don't get me started on the face towels.
Wait, so this was after a shower? So you were clean? Yeah, to Gabi that means straight to the wash.
And then there's the peanut butter.
Well, what does she do with the peanut butter? Oh, I know this.
She puts it in the refrigerator.
Cold, hard peanut butter.
Which is Great if you like ripped bread.
Personally, I keep mine by the stove so it's extra runny.
And it doesn't stop with the peanut butter.
It's the ketchup, the bread, the bananas.
All in the fridge.
- [CRAIG.]
Okay, that's bananas.
Uh, puns are kinda my thing, Craig.
Personally, I think Danny should just go for it.
Go for it? He can barely talk to Bella.
He did yell at her that he was normal, and normal people don't do that.
Yeah, that was rough.
Okay, let's just focus on the positives.
Sense of humor.
Danny is definitely the funniest guy in the group.
Aside from me.
Oh, you think when we laugh at your jokes, it's for real.
Yeah, I do.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, there she is.
She made it.
Hey, Jada.
Yeah, I called in some reinforcements.
Okay, Bella from Film Club.
What do we know? What does she like? Uh, I think she likes films.
She just accepted my follow request.
So buckle in.
We're gonna help Danny by learning everything about her.
- Ooh, someone went to karate camp.
- Hmm.
Does anyone else feel bad Elena's doing everything by herself? I tried to tell her about Ogopogo, legendary Canadian lake monster, but she said she had it covered.
Not sure I see the problem.
This is generally how things go for me.
I'm gonna go see if she needs help.
Hey, how's it going? Nope, I'm on a roll.
Did someone say troll? Okay, because I did a deeper dive into famous Canadians, and James Gosling, aka Dr.
Java, is a computer scientist who actually You don't need to worry about the project, Melissa.
We're all getting an A-plus.
Do you want to share the document so we can see what you're doing? I will when it's ready.
I promise.
You don't need to stress.
I've got it under control.
Who keeps saying troll? [ELENA.]
Diary, Melissa was nice to wanna help, but I was carrying my group to sweet victory all on my own.
Hey look, Bella went to the light show at the planetarium.
Didn't Danny go to that too? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I remember 'cause we all refused to go with him.
- That is so cute.
Bella and Danny had their first date, and they didn't even know it.
They have a lot in common.
I wonder what their couple's song would be.
A couple's song? We don't have one of those.
Well, that's because one of us has amazing taste in music and the other one Okay, Sir Mix-a-Lot defined a generation.
Just ask my grandma.
But look, the next song we hear will be our couple's song.
Hey, maybe, uh, Danny can take Bella to the next light show at the planetarium? I mean [GROUP.]
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you ♪ [LAUGHS.]
Wait, is this our couple's song? No take backs.
Okay, fine.
Every time I hear "Happy Birthday," - I'll think about you.
- Same.
Come on.
Let's go.
That song is usually about other people, but okay.
There's this great documentary on sled dogs about to start.
It's called Sled Doc.
The title has me roped in.
Do sleds have ropes? Hey, where's the popcorn? In the freezer.
Popcorn is in the freezer.
I thought I'd give you something else to talk about tomorrow at work.
Oh, my goodness.
You heard that? I'm so sorry.
That was totally out of line.
I just I kinda disagree with you about some lifestyle things.
So you talked to Craig and Camila instead of me? Well, I didn't say anything to you because I'm the new guy.
This is your house.
I didn't wanna step on anyone's toes.
My house? This is our house.
All right, after ten books, three seasons of Degrassi Junior High, and one lengthy conversation with the Canadian Tourism Board, shout-out to Gail in Manitoba, the group project is, as they say in Canada, just aboot done.
Now, all we need to do is sell it to Ms.
Russo tomorrow.
Oh, you're doing great.
Oh, sorry.
Talking to myself.
I'm playing this really hard video game.
Now, let me just pull up my document.
That's weird.
Hold, please.
What's going on? Um I'm not sure.
I'm ready to be done.
Everything I worked on is gone.
What is this, Halifax circa 1917? [SCOFFS.]
In 1917, there was an explosion in Nova Scotia, and everything was destroyed.
I wrote all about it.
If you'd shared the document with us earlier, like I suggested, then we'd all have backups.
Seriously? After I've done all the work, now you're blaming me? [SCOFFS.]
I can't believe this.
I have the same pillow.
Dude, you and Bella are actually perfect for each other.
It's decided.
You're taking her to the planetarium on Saturday.
Yeah, which you both love, and we have three restaurant options all based on her highest Yelp reviews.
Good news, they're all one dollar sign.
Hey, man.
What's up? Thank you, Emergency Boys and Girl.
What's an Emergency Boy? It's over.
Bella has a boyfriend.
She brought him to Rom-Com Night.
I should have known a bright star like her would have already found her moon.
Bella would have loved that reference.
Poor Danny.
I would die if that happened to me.
Crushed by your first crush.
That's rough.
Mami, where are the Peppermint Patties? In the fridge, of course.
What's wrong? I did our entire project by myself.
I learned everything there is to know about Canada, which is not an easy task by the way.
Did you know there are two million lakes up there? Yeah.
It's a huge, wet country.
But now, all my work just disappeared, and I'm going to have to do everything I did in one week in one night Elenita, take a breath.
I feel you.
There is nothing worse than when a group expects you to do all the work.
It's frustrating to feel the weight of a project on your back and then have the team not even try to contribute.
Well, I actually took the liberty of doing most of the project.
It was the surest way we could all get an A-plus.
So you chose to do all the work, and then you lost everything? But [GROANS.]
I needed a good grade, and my ideas are the best.
How do you know that if you didn't listen to anyone's ideas? You know, sometimes your way isn't the only way.
Okay, Team Canada.
We have 12 hours to do an entire project, and we need all hands on deck.
You got it.
Just tell me what to do.
I'll get my au pair to do it.
Yeah, Elena.
Tell us what to do.
See, that's the thing.
It's not just up to me.
This project belongs to all of us, and I'm sorry that I assumed that me doing everything was the best for the project.
It clearly wasn't.
So, the floor is open.
Any ideas? Well, James Gosling is a Canadian computer scientist who invented the Java programming language.
That's huge.
Maybe we can report about different Canadian contributions to the world.
Speaking of contributions, trying to spot the legendary lake monster Ogopogo is a huge tourism draw.
Well, legend to some.
We all know he's real.
Canada has really strong environmental laws.
So my family tried to destroy a couple forests, and Canada gets all weird about it.
You ravage one ecosystem I can round it out with some history.
Did you know Canada that was invaded twice by Americans in 1775 and in 1812? So rude.
But no worries.
We're cool now.
Okay, team.
Strap in for an all-nighter.
I'll grab some markers and poster board to make a visual aid.
Or we could make a slideshow.
I straight up slay a PowerPoint presentation.
Love it.
Let's go with Melissa's idea.
- See this? - [MELISSA.]
That's so cool! Oh, wow! [WOMAN ON TV.]
For the dogs, conditions in the mountains were quite rough.
And after a deep freeze, the sled's ropes would crystallize I knew they had ropes.
Can we talk? Yeah.
I don't ever want you to feel like a guest in this house.
I appreciate that.
But it's not just on you.
I shouldn't have unloaded on Craig and Camila.
I should have told you how I was feeling.
Yeah, why didn't you? Well, I wasn't sure how'd you'd take it.
And I didn't want to get into it in front of the kids.
Get into what? Disagreeing? I guess.
Disagreeing is part of us learning to communicate.
And it would be good for the kids to see that.
Sam, we're a family.
And I'm not just saying that.
I mean it.
I know.
I promise I'll be better about telling you how I feel.
And I promise I'll be better at hearing it.
See? This is something the kids should've been here for.
- Hmm.
- We nailed it.
Well, why don't we call them in here, and I'll tell them how insane it is that you wash towels after every use? It touches your butt.
My clean butt.
It's right down there.
27 Dresses was right.
Love is a prison.
Man, I'm sorry, Danny.
It sucks that Bella has a boyfriend.
Yeah, I don't get it.
We have so much fun when we hang out.
So what? We're just supposed to be friends and that's it? I'm an idiot.
Hey, you're not an idiot.
I felt the exact same way about my first real crush.
But Monyca with a Y liked you back.
Wait, it wasn't Monyca? You had a crush and never said anything? Who is she? I It doesn't matter who.
But I know how much it hurts.
I had to watch them through the whole movie.
They were giggling and whispering, and at one point, she put her head on his shoulder.
It was murder on my neck.
Wait, why? They were sitting two rows behind me.
I don't think I can handle talking to Bella again.
Way too painful.
Not to mention the neck thing.
Yeah, I felt that way too.
What did you do? I mean, it's day by day, but I kind of recently realized I had two choices.
Flee Miami? Or join the priesthood.
My abuela would love that.
I could miss out on a friendship with someone I really like or I could own the fact that they're happy and move on, as hard as that may be.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
But what about my happiness? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, you're at day one, dude.
Will we ever love again? [SIGHS.]
We will.
We'll get there.
- Wow, this PowerPoint is amazing.
Is that a GIF of a moose? "That feeling when you're the largest member of the deer family.
Our project is next-level.
- Everyone did such a good job.
- Yeah.
And those lake monsters are gonna give Ms.
Russo nightmares for weeks.
Who knew Tripp cared so much about the environment - Right? - being destroyed? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
And you're, like, really good at computer stuff.
I went to coding camp this summer.
I wanna make the Internet that I wanna see.
Not one that's, like, blue and gray and made by boys.
I won the camp's Coder War.
It's like Color War, but indoors.
And you're sitting down the whole time.
And instead of cheering, we work in silence.
Okay, maybe it's nothing like Color War.
Wow, I bet you could bring back my original project if you wanted to.
Oh, I probably can, actually.
Yep, here it is.
Shoot, I should have thought of this earlier.
No, you shouldn't have.
Our new one is so much better 'cause it's ours.
To the wastebasket.
That's Canadian for trash.
You know you have to actually empty the trash, right? And actually, it'll sort of live forever in the cloud.
- It's symbolic.
Melissa, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you before.
I'm learning to be open to ideas other than my own.
It's okay.
In the past, I wasn't the nicest to you.
Hey, that was sixth grade.
Might as well be a billion years ago.
At coding camp, some nerds I mean, some people [CHUCKLES.]
they weren't the nicest to me.
So, I made a promise to be nice in seventh grade.
And I'm still learning stuff too.
Well, we make a pretty good team.
We do.
- No.
No, it always Hey, okay.
- Yeah, it's French toast.
Bobby, Bobby.
Settle something for us.
Waffles or French toast? Well, have you ever had a French tostada? It's French toast with Cuban bread.
Oh, yeah.
I had it that one time I came to your house.
Look, can I change my answer? Not until I can try some of this Cuban French toast.
Well, my mom makes them every Sunday.
You guys could, like come over, if you want.
- Yeah.
Sounds good.
- Yeah.
- This weekend? - Okay.
- You guys free? - I'm free.
Who's the lake monster everyone knows? ♪ Ogopogo ♪ Whose name is a palindrome That ends in O? ♪ Ogopogo ♪ - He's powerful, and he's strong ♪ - So strong! ♪ - A demon with a tail so long ♪ - It's long ♪ Spot him if you can But you better have a plan ♪ - When you're faced with ♪ - Ogopogo! ♪ [APPLAUSE.]
Who wants another maple doughnut? Canada is one country, sure.
But it's made up of ten provinces and three different territories.
Each one brings its own special something to the table.
That's one of the many things that make our great neighbor to the north so great.
Oh, God.
These country projects get me every year.
Well done, Team Canada.
Diary, maybe Canada and the US weren't the only ones capable of becoming new friends.
I thought being a leader meant doing everything myself.
But being a good leader isn't about the A-plus at the end of the road.
It's about amplifying everyone's voices along the way.
Oh, hey, Tripp.
Great job today.
Usually, I have other people do things for me, but it was kinda cool having me do things for me.
You've inspired me, Elena.
I have? That's cool.
You made me realize I have a voice.
So I'm gonna run for Student Rep.
You what? Is it true you're handing out free iPads? No, I'm not.
But you can have mine if you vote for me.
Uh, done.
Thanks, Tripp.
Good luck, Tripp.

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