Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

The National Stage

1 Diary, despite my Student Rep dreams being a thing of the past… Elenita, I'm sure Senator Morales hasn't written back because she's busy.
…seventh grade was making a comeback.
Bobby also seemed to be figuring stuff out.
Well, if you ever wanna talk some more, I'm here for you.
I know.
Plus, Sam was officially moved in, and he and Mami were stronger than ever.
Sam, we're a family.
Next up… Sasha Castillo.
…opening night of the middle school musical.
Is that a shirtless picture of Skyler Zaxton? Because you can't stop staring.
I'm torn on Skyler these days.
He used the wrong "your" on Instagram.
How hard is it to remember an apostrophe? I know.
I can't believe Tripp signed up for Student Rep.
If he's running, you totally can.
I'm not thinking about Student Rep anymore.
I'm in your brain.
You think about it constantly.
I don't know what my slogan would be.
You don't think you could come up with something better than "Tripp Swansby.
Why not?" It may not be Shakespeare, but all three of them know why they're running.
I don't.
Doing it just to do it doesn't feel right, so I'm not gonna do it.
End of story.
But little did Elena know, her story was just beginning.
This is my diary.
But little did I know, my story was just beginning.
I'm here for it ♪ Facing fears and chasing dreams ♪ Just winging it ♪ And I'm staying true to me ♪ Hello world I wonder who I'll be ♪ No matter what I do ♪ It's all about my journey ♪ Lo puedo lograr ♪ Well, there's the Manatee of the hour.
Are you Mr.
Manatee? Is he Mr.
Manatee? Wait.
Did everyone know except me? - What's Mr.
Manatee? - It's no big deal.
Are you kidding? This means that Bobby was chosen to be the face of the freshman class.
It's basically homecoming king, but for the winter formal.
And instead of a crown, you get a sea trident.
Plus, he gets to pick his very own Ms.
Manatee to accompany him to the dance.
A tradition since the days of Swansby.
Sounds like Swansby.
How could I forget Ms.
Manatee? Maybe because no one told me this information.
I told Sam yesterday when he picked me up.
Yesterday? Oh.
A whole 17 hours.
Well, you know what? I am happy that I know now.
What color tuxedo do you want? Manatee gray is traditional, but we could think outside the box.
Mami, you're gonna stress him out.
Since when does Bobby care about tuxedos? Fine.
Ooh, I almost forgot.
Elenita, something very special came for you today.
Mira qué fancy.
Oh, my goddess.
This is from Senator Morales.
From Tallahassee.
I thought she was too busy to write back.
Well, open it now.
That way we can all experience some good news in real time.
Sorry, can't be late for morning announcements.
- Who's driving? - I'll take you.
Let's boogie.
Let's not.
"…passionate, young leaders like you, Elena, who aren't afraid to step up.
You can and will truly make a difference.
" - This is terrible.
- Wow, what a nice letter.
This poor woman has no idea that I haven't accomplished any of the things I said I would.
I'm a fraud.
I need to return these kind, encouraging words to sender.
You mean to Senator.
Or you could go out there and make that letter true.
How am I supposed to do that? Well, your big musical's coming up, right? Glades of Glory? I'm a tree.
There's no such thing as a passionate tree who makes a difference.
The Giving Tree.
Grandmother Willow.
The tree in my old backyard under which I read The Alchemist in one sitting.
It's only 163 pages.
I'm just saying, you can still earn that senator's letter.
Just in a different way.
- Right? He's gonna freak out.
- I mean, it's pretty exciting.
- Hi, Bobby.
- Hey, Bobby.
So, how does it feel? How does what feel? Look around, dude.
You're Mr.
This school is your shallow, slow-moving river.
- That's where manatees reign.
- Come on.
You aren't buying into this too, are you? We nominated you.
Wh You did? Why would you do that? The whole school is talking about your epic history speech.
We figured we'd capitalize off the momentum.
And being friends with Mr.
Manatee will give us mad street cred.
Well, the point of my speech was labels like Mr.
Manatee are kinda stupid.
Hey, Bobby.
My friend was wondering when you're gonna pick your Ms.
It's me.
I'm the friend.
- Aw.
- Well, I I literally just found out.
And the dance is in, like, a month, so I know.
It's so soon.
Oh, uh, Bobby's actually had several interested parties.
He'll need some time to deliberate.
And to consult his entourage.
Sounds good.
It's starting already.
Hey, not to be a credit hog or anything, but nominating you for Mr.
Manatee was actually my idea.
I thought it'd be a great way for you to get over that crush.
Oh, that's chill.
Unless you're not ready to move on from her? No.
No, I'm ready.
It's Thanks, Danny.
It's the least I could do after you helped me out.
Quid pro quo, bro.
Quid bro quo.
- Right? With the bro in there? - That's Yeah.
Okay, Diary.
I could move on from the political world and throw myself into earning the senator's letter in other ways.
I am the sunshine state.
I am the fronds of a palm.
I am an orange grove after a summer rain.
And I am going to get through this heartbreak.
Because you can't spell Miami without "I am.
" That's my girlfriend.
We know.
Great job, Sasha.
Okay, let's do the whole monologue again from the top, except this time imagine you're saying it to someone you once loved but who stole all of your Visa gift cards.
We just stand here all day waiting to say, "Whoosh.
" I should've signed up for something with less waiting, like baseball.
Hey, I know our part seems small, but if there were no trees, there'd be no oranges.
There'd be no Florida.
There'd be no us.
Besides, if we didn't say "whoosh," then no one would know its time for "Snowbird's Lament (OLD PEOPLE, PLEASE GO BACK NORTH).
" And act 3 would fall apart.
I guess I never thought of it that way.
Thanks, Elena.
Diary, did you see that? I made a difference.
It's 4:30.
Time for dinner.
Maybe I could pour the passion Senator Morales was talking about into the theater.
"But Julia Tuttle, I love you.
" I love you too, but… - Line? - "This swamp isn't gonna fill in itself.
" Oh, right.
Thanks, Elena.
Whoosh! Thanks, Elena.
I almost died.
Cool it, Flip.
The sets are made of foam.
But thank you, Elena.
Sam, your advice totally worked.
I'm making a difference in the musical.
Thank you.
What happened with Elena? What advice did you give her? Oh, she was feeling down about that letter from the Senator.
And she shared her problems and intimate feelings with you? Yeah, on the way to school.
Gabi, what's wrong? What do you mean? Nothing's wrong.
Why would you say that? Your voice goes up when you're pretending to be okay with something you're not okay with.
I'm thrilled that you and Elena are bonding.
Why don't we go back to something more fun than talking about the kids, huh? Another home invasion.
I feel like I could bring back bonnets.
Sasha, don't look now, but Joey Feldstein is here, in the flesh.
He's so cultured.
How's my hair? How are my teeth? How are my oranges? Wait.
What are all these people doing here? Great news.
Today we have our first audience.
You mean, they're going to stay here and watch the entire show? Yes.
It's just the Four Square team, the Swansby Quads, and their four alternates.
They have semi-finals during our show.
I didn't want to rob them of my masterpiece.
Okay, let's run this like we have a packed house! Places, everyone.
Break a leg, Sasha.
I'm Julia Tuttle!" I'm so sorry! I can't do this! Wow, this is… What is this? It's all the girls who wanna be your Ms.
I spent all of French class doing it.
It was oui complicated.
We've narrowed it down to a select few and cross-referenced by extracurricular activities, then we multiplied by their cool quotient.
For example, we have Taylor, who throws the best kick-backs.
Yeah, or Mari.
All right, her dad owns a party bus and has season tickets to the Heat.
I mean… Oh, you could take Bella and break up her and Chase.
I mean, that's crazy, right? That's That's crazy? I thought we were gonna play TRITRON 2: Escape From TriTron Again.
Now, why would we play video games when we have real life to conquer? - Seriously.
- All right, come on.
- Because now we have Taylor… - I may have already told Mari you'd go… I'm so sorry, Ms.
Staring at the audience staring at me? I don't know what happened.
I do.
It's what we theater folk call stage fright.
Normal people call it that too.
Sasha, how do you feel now? You ready to get back up there and rehearse a musical whose pages are so damp with my own tears, even the scorching Florida sun couldn't dry them out? As much as it pains me to say it, I don't think I can do it.
- I can't play Julia Tuttle.
- Wait, what? You're aware that opening night is in two days, right? I never meant to disappoint you and the cast.
- You could never disappoint me.
- Speak for yourself, Claude.
I can't believe I'm going to say this… but the show cannot go on.
Take off your rehearsal hats.
If we don't have a lead, we don't have a play.
You can't cancel the play.
I was gonna use it to Parent Trap my moms.
I have to.
Unless someone here magically knows the role of Julia Tuttle front to back.
I'd cast myself, but I'm too close to the material.
Right? Elena can do it.
- What? Me? - Yes, a student is better.
Elena knows the part.
She's been helping me rehearse.
She's memorized all the lines and the blocking.
No, Sash, I couldn't.
Please, Elena.
Theater is now my primary outlet.
You're the only one who can do it.
Everyone was counting on me to make a difference.
Who was I to say no? I'll do it.
Oh, well, she's no me, but put your rehearsal hats on.
The musical is back on.
Thank you so much, Elena.
"Hurricane shutters can't stop this flood of tears!" What are you doing? Sasha got stage fright, so now I'm the lead in the musical.
Aren't you gonna get that? No, it's Ziggy.
He probably wants me to take Samantha C.
As my Mr.
Manatee date because her mom's a magician.
Hate this thing.
How could you not? I get it.
- You do? - Yeah.
The entire ritual is archaic, not to mention heteronormative.
Of course, it was founded by Swansby, the face of misogyny, whose legacy I'm trying to abolish, if my petition ever gets read by the school board.
I should start sending them strongly worded letters.
Seriously? You'd be surprised at the power of pen to paper.
Now is usually the time you call me an annoying know-it-all.
Yeah, you are… …just got a lot on my mind.
You okay, Bobby? Is there anything you want to talk about? I should take this.
They're never gonna stop.
Apparently, every freshman girl wants to be my date.
Hey, Danny.
A junior? So get out and do it ♪ There's nothing to it ♪ Welcome to Miami ♪ Okay, I'll spell it ♪ M-I-A-M-I! ♪ All right! That was great! That was amazing.
I mean, the lyrics are bulletproof, but you really sell it.
Okay, just have Sasha give you her costume and the show will go on! Elena, when you got caught in that 2:00 p.
rainstorm, I cried.
You're incredible, just like I knew you would be.
Thanks again.
I reserved two seats for my moms right next to each other.
Fingers crossed they remember that night on the cruise.
You really are saving the day.
Thanks again.
Of course.
I'm happy to step up.
Okay, let's run it again.
Pelicans, you were a little rusty.
I really need your gullets filled with vigor.
I'm Julia Tuttle.
Ever heard of Miami Glades? Bobby, hi.
- What are you doing here? - Lying low.
My friends are just really pressuring me with this Mr.
Manatee thing.
Yeah, your mom told me you were Citrus Glades High royalty.
How's that going? I'm the most popular freshman.
A lot of pressure is put on these teenage milestone things.
I've been there.
You have? Take a look at this.
Angelic, right? That was my quinceañera.
It was a giant spectacle: horse-drawn carriage, 14 compañeras, and I had a dress a shade of pink, so pink that it does not exist in nature.
- That does sound like a lot.
- I mean, you know I love the attention.
But I had to take Marco Levano as my date.
My parents wanted us to be together.
A boy? How'd you handle that? I managed.
I mean, it really wasn't about the boy.
I just felt really weighed down, and not just because my dress was 30 pounds of polyester.
But here was this night so filled with everyone's expectations about who I was or who I was supposed to be.
And I was hiding a big part of myself.
Must've been really hard.
Almost unbearable.
But it wasn't, thanks to Janeisi.
- Who's Janeisi? - My cousin.
Well, I mean she's more like a sister, even though she's always stealing my Instagram captions.
But I knew she'd always be there for me.
So, before the quince, I told her I had no interest in Marco.
I liked girls.
And that helped? Oh, for sure.
Having one person in my family know and love me no matter what, meant the world.
And I just felt lighter telling her.
Also because Janeisi took a Weedwacker to my dress and buzzed off half the tulle.
Hey, Bobby.
Your tux for Mr.
Manatee just came in.
Your mom is so excited.
Mi príncipe! Bobby, you look so handsome.
Manatee gray was the right call.
It's way too big.
Oh, that's an easy fix.
We'll take it to the tailor today.
Ma, why are you rushing so much? I just want to stay ahead of the curve and involved.
Ahead of the curve and involved.
Oh, hey, Elena.
Oh, got it.
Yeah, sounds good.
- What sounds good? What's going on? - Bobby actually has to go too.
Okay, enjoy rehearsal.
See ya soon.
What's going on with my child? Oh, don't worry.
Elena just needs to get her Julia Tuttle costume hemmed.
And she called you? Since I'm picking her up, she asked to make a stop at the tailor.
- I can take Bobby also - No, I'll do it.
Gabi, what's wrong? I just I'm not used to this.
I'm used to doing everything and knowing everything.
I don't like playing catch-up.
Well, I'm I'm just trying to be there for them.
And And for you.
I know.
And I hate myself for saying all of this.
I know you've been feeling on the outside, and I don't ever want you to feel that.
But I think I'm starting to understand that feeling.
I actually don't know what to do here.
Or to say.
You can take the kids to the tailor.
We'll figure it out, okay? Yeah.
Here's my script.
It has all of my lines highlighted.
Sasha, is everything all right? You sure you don't wanna play the role? You totally still can.
It is such a relief not having to do it.
You're a good friend, Elena.
You're saving the play.
Mami, have you ever had stage fright? I still get butterflies before a trial.
But once I accepted them as natural, I started to channel them into energy, not nerves.
It sort of reframes the butterflies.
Got it.
That makes sense.
Oh, I'm glad I could help.
I am always happy to help whenever you need.
Why are you being weird? I am not! I just You seem to be turning to Sam a lot lately.
Both of you, actually.
I think it's great.
Hasn't bothered me at all.
I just noticed it was happening.
I mean, yeah, he's around.
We don't have to annoy you for everything.
It's like when I used to have Dad proofread my essays.
Your dad did have strong feelings about apostrophes.
And if I tell one of you, the other hears it too.
You tell each other everything.
We're a team.
You really look like Mr.
You really look like the lead of a play.
Wait, why are you bummed? I thought you were saving the day.
So did I.
I think I'm doing the right thing by helping Sasha, but something just feels off.
I know the feeling.
On the outside, everything seems great, but deep down… You don't feel like yourself.
Bobby, is there something going on with you? I'm not gonna pressure you to speak.
I know you hate that.
I do.
I do hate that.
But if you ever wanna talk… I'll shut up now.
Unless you wanna talk? Shutting up, shutting up.
Here's the shoes you needed for Elena.
Well, I'll see you back home.
She actually doesn't need them.
I just wanted to talk to you.
I'm sorry, Sam.
It's just, with Elena sharing less and less, and Bobby's always kept to himself, and now they're both coming to you instead of me, it just made me feel like… - Second fiddle? - Worse.
The alternate they call when the second fiddle has carpal tunnel.
After Robert died, I guess I just got used to being the only one they came to for everything.
They're my pedacitos.
Little pieces of my heart.
I know this is all a huge change.
But I love the kids.
It's so exciting being an active participant in their lives.
I want you to have your own moments with them.
It means you're becoming a part of this family.
There's no place I'd rather be.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Guess I'll go change.
Uh… You were right.
There is something up with me.
There is? I hate this Mr.
Manatee thing.
I hate everything about it.
I figured.
The tux, being in the spotlight, it's all not you.
Yeah… but no one knows the biggest reason I don't like it.
I could take any freshman girl as my date, but I don't wanna take any of them.
I'd rather take a guy… because I'm gay.
And I don't I don't know if I'm ready to tell anyone yet.
Besides you.
I love you, Bobby.
I love you too.
Well, there's the bigger news.
You love me.
And I'm here for you.
I know.
That's why I told you.
Go change.
Well, since we have two cars, um, I can take Elena and you can take Bobby.
Really? Are you sure? Positive.
Elena, you forgot your script.
I know you usually go all out, but this is next level.
What do you mean? This thing is, like, covered in notes.
You're a psycho.
This isn't mine.
It's Sasha's.
Elena? Our call time isn't till this afternoon.
I know you don't like to be tardy, but this is excessive.
I came over to give you back your script.
Why? You're gonna need it.
The choreo in act 2 is no picnic.
It doesn't belong to me.
The script or the part.
You should be playing Julia Tuttle.
But I'm too scared.
I'm just gonna freeze up again.
I know for a fact that you won't.
Really? How can you be so sure? Because of you.
I read all your notes.
I saw how much you care.
You have so much passion, Sasha.
You light up that stage when you perform.
You're the star.
That's really nice, Elena, but we both know Miami's the real star.
Playing this role is what you were meant to do, and I'm gonna help you.
How am I ever gonna get over my stage fright by tonight? Even if you decide not to go on, no matter what, I'm here for you.
Uh… Hello.
I'm Julia Tuttle.
Ever heard of Miami Glades? Thought I was too scared ♪ Didn't think that I'd succeed ♪ Now I know why taking the lead role felt wrong.
It wasn't the best way to step up and make a difference.
But then I closed my eyes ♪ I know what Miami needs ♪ Being there for Sasha and helping her overcome her fears was what I was really meant to do.
Strip malls for you ♪ Strip malls for me ♪ Strip malls as far ♪ As we can see ♪ I'm ready! - Enjoy the show! - We're so excited for your line.
- Break a limb, Elena.
- Okay.
That's my moms! Guess we're sitting next to each other.
- I'll see if we can switch seats.
- Good idea.
Bummer, there's no more Mr.
Guess it's now just a regular dance.
So, I guess I should just go with my boyfriend.
What? There's no more Mr.
Manatee? Yeah, someone wrote an anonymous, strongly worded letter in the school paper.
Something about it being an archaic, heteronormative ritual.
Someone? Hey, you'd be surprised at the power of pen to paper.
Diary, I've never been prouder of Bobby.
I'll find a way to live ♪ I'll find a way to thrive ♪ Even though my love's a-drivin' ♪ Down I-95 ♪ And Sasha was doing such an incredible job.
And he's driving past Strip malls on the left ♪ Strip malls on the right ♪ I close my eyes and think of you ♪ When the lights go down at night ♪ And he's driving past ♪ This feeling I get watching her shine despite all obstacles… And he's driving away from me ♪ Being there for others and lifting them up, that's what I wanna do.
Whoosh! I have something for you.
Now they're your pedacitos too.
- Are you following any of this? - God, no.
Sunshine cures arthritis.
I came into this year wanting to be Student Rep for me.
But now I know that's not what it's about.
Cast party's that way.
You don't have ten minutes to longingly stare at the sign-up sheet again.
I'm not here to stare.
I'm here to sign up.
I know why I'm doing this.
"Elena Cañero-Reed.
" "Here for you.
" And so Elena's journey ended in the same place it began.
What? No! My journey's starting for real now.
I know, I know.
Just kidding.
Hey, Brad, I succeeded ♪ I wasn't defeated ♪ I founded Miami ♪ Just what Florida needed ♪ Brad, do you like my ♪ You know what? I put all that time and effort into you, and you're not all that great.
Those Visa gift cards expired anyway.
Brad, I'm moving on ♪
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