Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Brain Trust

1 Well, Diary, I did it.
I found my way back into the race for Student Rep.
Things were going well at school, and as usual, Mami and I were two peas in a pod.
I'm always calling you my mini-me.
Plus, Bobby had just been so open with me.
- Wait, so we don't have tennis? - Hey, she made it.
But at school - Cool, cool.
- he was still finding his place.
Should any of these have my face on them? Show, don't tell? Let's do that for the next batch of posters.
Take a photo before your first speech, looking very presidential.
Oh, let's practice.
Oh, that's good.
Candidate and campaign manager hard at work.
The posters look great.
You win.
Election over.
- Sam, please.
- Hmm? This week alone is the Meet the Candidates assembly, followed by the pearl of the season The Winterfest Carnival.
where Best Middle School Booth gets the front page in the paper.
- The Orange Bay Bugle.
- Can't beat that kind of publicity.
- Students vote for their favorite booths.
- A true litmus test on public opinion.
The first hurdle is the Meet the Candidates.
I need to start with a bang.
And end with a slogan.
Twenty-five seconds in between.
You need index cards.
Five-by-eights? - You don't wanna squint.
- I don't wanna squint.
You guys gonna break into song? The real question is what should I wear? This is the first time the student body's gonna see me as a candidate, and I need my outfit to say, "Orange Bay, this is who I am.
" I know where a young professional can get the perfect look.
- Lavender Orchard? - Mm-hmm.
The clothing store that balances on the edge between feminine and feminist? It's where I used to go shopping as a young lawyer.
My eyes were as wide as my shoulder pads.
I was ready to take on the world.
Just like you.
Do they have men's? I was thinking for your Winterfest booth, we can make our famous galleticas.
Yes, I love our holiday cookie tradition.
Oh, remember that Noche Buena when we mixed up the sugar and the salt? You're still trying to pin that on us? I couldn't read yet.
Well, I was thinking that we could put ten cookies or so in a bag, hand them out to the students and then place your slogan on a tag.
Make it a baker's dozen.
Sounds like a plan.
This works, right? Oh.
Muy presidencial.
Accessories is what's going to make this outfit.
String of pearls.
White stockings.
Hair in a classy bun.
Oh, perfection.
We look unstoppable.
Oh, score.
They have floral brooches.
Orange Bay, this is who I am.
A hummingbird! So I finally figured out how to destroy the Squid Queen in level 15 of TriTron.
Want to come over after school and I'll show you? It's so obvious once you know.
Man, I would, but Harold and Maude won't let me.
It's a movie that we're watching in Film Club.
Um, so hey, where's, uh where's Ziggy? Marching band went to nationals, so he's gonna be MIA for the rest of the year.
That's not what he said.
He said, "I'll be seeing you bassoon.
" Yeah, and it's it's Jada's birthday, right? I saw her locker all decorated.
Yeah, we're going to Le Chien Quotidien.
It's this French place.
Or, as she calls it, bistro.
Wow, you guys all have a lot going on.
I skipped a few Film Club meetings to help with Mr.
But now that that's canceled, it's back to regularly scheduled programming.
Wanna watch Harold and Maude? I wish I could watch it again for the first time, since the second watch reveals that it's very problematic.
I'm I'm good.
Yeah, I definitely have a lot of other stuff to do.
Well, I'll see you.
See you.
I liked this outfit before the accessories.
Now these panty hose have been cutting off my circulation for 45 minutes.
I just don't feel like myself.
You only feel that way because you look nothing like yourself.
Elena, did you text me? I got your text.
"Code Tahitian Sunset"? What does that mean? Oh, yeah.
Um, it means Code Red.
The Meet the Candidates assembly is in ten minutes.
This is it.
This is how I go down.
The Elena ship is hitting the iceberg.
No! We're your lifeboats.
We can fix this.
We can.
But we have to act fast.
Jessica, handle the hair.
It's gorgeous.
Orange Bay, this is who I am.
I have to say we look pretty good.
We kind of look like a squad.
A campaign squad! This is just like that moment in Henry V.
Have you read it? Is she going to The St.
Crispin's Day speech.
"We few, we happy few, we band of sisters, for whoever holds my hand today " That's beautiful, Elena, but you have your own speech to give.
I'm ready.
What's the score? Leave me alone, Davis.
Oh, just like your friends? What do you want? Thinking about how messed up it is that they didn't let freshmen on the tennis team.
- It's not how it should work.
- It's pretty dumb.
They didn't even see us try out.
So, I came up with TurboTennis, an intramural freshman tennis team.
You want to help me start it? I don't know.
I kind of got my own stuff going on.
Playing tennis alone against a wall? Fair point.
It would be nice to play tennis again.
Why not? I'm in.
We could set up a booth at Winterfest.
I'll I'll make the flyers.
Hello, Orange Bay Middle.
It is an honor to stand before you today.
And as the only mathlete running for office, you can count on me to manage the budget.
And I may be the new kid, but that just means my perspective's fresher Boats.
You vote for me, and I can guarantee you I'll ask my dad if you can go for a ride in his boat.
Because making my mark means lifting you all up.
I am Elena Cañero-Reed, and I'm here for you.
Oh, my goddess.
Your speech was amazing.
Elena, well done.
You too.
I'm glad we didn't use the same Eleanor Roosevelt quote.
Good thing she had so much to say.
You're just playing for second.
I have Best Booth in the bag.
Tripp's doing that thing where you can get your face on a latte.
God, that's so trendy and hip.
Elena, what are you thinking? Galleticas.
Those little cookies that you bake with your mom.
Yum? Well, you gotta admit it's better than Tripp's booth.
You drink a latte and it's gone forever.
Oh, my God.
Just like my faceless cookies.
What's something that lasts forever, that stays with people? Friendship bracelets.
- Elena, that's brilliant.
- I love it.
Yeah? It's good, right? It's the perfect messaging.
The ties that bind.
And it builds right off the platform.
Friends are the people who are Here for you.
Diary, now I was doubting that cookies were the best booth idea.
No way Mami could be wrong twice.
Could she? Hey, Bobby.
Now that we're share buddies, we tell each other important things about our lives.
Oh, God, what have I done? Can I talk to you about something? All right.
Make it quick.
I'm hard at work.
Ah, the old tell, don't show.
Bobby, have you ever had the thought that maybe Mami doesn't always know exactly what's best in a given situation? - You mean she's not cool? - Well, I didn't say that.
Aw, you're finally realizing Ma isn't the authority on everything.
- She's never steered me wrong before.
- Oh, yeah? Then why aren't you wearing that Palm Beach grandma outfit she got you? Well, we had decided to do galleticas for Winterfest, but now I'm thinking about friendship bracelets instead.
So you have two bad ideas.
Friendship bracelets are a great idea.
Think about it.
They last forever, they're personal Okay, then do that.
I feel like I should ask Mami what she thinks.
When you're old and 40, are you gonna run to Ma for advice on, like, what denture cream to buy? Well, she's already given me that advice.
Go with generic.
It's cheaper and it works just as well.
Do you think Mami will be fine with my new booth idea? Look, if you're excited about it, she will be too.
It's true.
She is cool like that.
- You know, we're pretty lucky to have her.
- Oh, my God.
I know.
I know.
I hear myself.
So no cookies then? Yeah.
My friends and I were talking about Winterfest, and the idea of friendship bracelets just came to me.
I'm excited about it.
So I think that's what I'm gonna do.
- That's great.
- It is? Of course.
Sign me up for a bracelet.
Put me down for an anklet.
My first customers.
I should tell the girls about this.
Do you think I can do a four-way call? Wow, that was really big of you.
Well, my daughter's excited.
So I am too.
Really? You just had this sign lying around? We'll take some cookies to the office.
Craig's on a cleanse.
It'll kill him.
They're delicious.
Hey, there are parent booths too.
We could do the gallacticas together.
- Galleticas.
- I know you like correcting me.
That's why I said it wrong.
You're right.
Let's do the booth.
Yeah? Totally.
We'll have so much fun.
And should the kids need us, we'll be right there.
Not that they would.
They're independent.
Do you just wanna do the galleticas so you can be there to save the day if Elena needs you? You said it right this time.
I said a lot of things right.
Let's bake the cookies, Sam.
Diary, every winter in the high school parking lot, fake snow glistens, palm trees twinkle with festive lights, people dust off their fuzzy boots to wear with jean shorts.
This is the Miami Glades Winterfest Carnival.
Tripp's latte booth seems to be doing pretty well, but let's see the others.
Well played, Rashmi.
Lotta middle schoolers have younger siblings, and kids love ball pits.
Emilio's the new kid.
So he's not, you know, plugged-in to the zeitgeist.
Puppies! Curses, Emilio.
Everybody loves puppies.
I had to admit the other candidates' booth ideas were pretty good.
But I didn't need to be worried.
Right, Diary? Just passed out a ton of fliers.
A bunch of freshmen from Eagle Trace are so pumped.
Those kids are losers.
They're all part of the Dollar Shave Club.
What? So, who cares? I talked to six of them.
That's almost a whole team.
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
This is a highly selective freshman reject team.
We don't just let anyone in.
Um I thought that was the whole point of a freshman reject team.
We gotta at least have tryouts.
Exclusivity is key.
I I guess.
No problem.
Clara just dictated her entire bracelet to me in Troll.
It's so long, it's basically a belt.
I'm working on eight for all of the Swansby Quads.
I spelled Sierra like the Mist and not the singer and had to start over.
Elena, look.
I ordered two bracelets for my moms, like, 45 minutes ago.
We're working on it.
Well, could you hurry up? When I came up with this idea, I underestimated how long each bracelet would take.
Should I have just stuck with Mami's cookies? Oh! Hi, Ms.
Hey, Elena's mom.
This used to be a snow cone.
Um, have you seen I just wanna say hi, you know, casually.
I'm her mom.
Have you seen Elena's booth? Yeah.
Right around the corner.
You can't miss it.
It's the one with the big photo of her from the Meet the Candidates assembly.
- Uh, she looked great, by the way.
- She did, didn't she? Lavender chic.
What's this club? It's, uh TurboTennis.
You ever heard of it? Is it accountants who play tennis? It's a highly selective squad of tennis players that neither varsity nor JV could handle.
So, you didn't make the tennis team? Well, yeah, I mean, 'cause we're 'cause we're freshman.
So we wanted to, you know, start something for people who love the game and miss playing.
That's what I wanted to do.
This isn't a Rah-Rah Sisterhood of the Traveling Tennis Racket situation.
Davis, isn't the whole point of this team to give everyone a chance? The point is to prove we're not losers by rejecting losers.
That doesn't make any sense.
Don't you wanna play tennis? The only reason I came to you was because you had serious heat coming off Mr.
What was I thinking doing this with you? You're the worst.
I'm out.
Had a bit of a hot streak while you were gone.
Gave six bags away to the Mime Club in exchange for this balloon.
Elena did not wear her Lavender Orchard suit we bought together.
- I thought she liked it.
- That doesn't mean anything.
It's not just the suit, Sam.
She didn't wanna do our booth.
She and her new campaign squad seem to have everything figured out.
Bit by bit, she's pushing me away.
You know what that means.
It means your daughter's a teenager.
It means the honeymoon's over.
And, honestly, I didn't even realize this was the honeymoon.
I mean, with Bobby it was clear, it was obvious.
As soon as he could spell "cool," I was out.
Ah, but with Elena, we've always been two peas in a pod.
And I guess, I guess I didn't think that would end.
Gab, the honeymoon ending is not a bad thing.
When the honeymoon ends, the relationship begins.
And you're not growing apart.
She's just growing up.
And your relationship will grow up with her.
She's learning how to follow her gut.
And you raised her to be strong and independent just like you.
I did too good of a job.
You did the best job.
You just can't hold her hand forever.
Take my balloon.
Aw, thank you, Sam.
It's beautiful.
It's over here.
Here you go.
Vote for Elena.
About time.
It's been an hour.
I got through an entire episode of Trolling Around.
An hour? Not worth it.
I wanna pet a puppy.
There's, like, a million booths here.
These are taking way too long.
We're losing people.
I get it.
Why wait an hour for a bracelet when you can have tiny puppy kisses in five minutes? Elena, what should we do? I'm already at top bead speed here.
I'll be right back.
I have an idea.
I had no idea.
But luckily, I had my mom.
Mami, I never should have made this decision on my own.
I'm second-guessing everything.
And the booth is failing, and I'm failing.
And I just need you now and forever to tell me what denture cream to buy, and what house to live in and what coffin to be buried in.
Or should I be cremated? I don't know.
Come on, Elenita.
You don't have to help me with the other stuff, but can you please help me save my booth? I can't help you.
Thank yo Wait, what? You got this, mi amor.
You just have to trust your gut.
You're strong and independent.
And not to mention, your new Meet the Candidates outfit was on point.
Oh, no.
You saw I changed my look? I know we got matching suits.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
You looked fantastic.
I did look kinda good.
See? You don't need me.
You have the tools to do this on your own.
So, that's it? That's it.
But you always You should head back, Elena.
Elenita, wait.
Yes, Mami? Stay hydrated.
You too.
You did the right thing.
I know.
That was so hard.
I know.
Do you want to pet a puppy? Yes.
Your friend kinda sucks.
He's more like my nemesis.
Your nemesis kinda sucks.
He's always sucked.
I don't know why I agreed to start a team with him.
You wanted to play tennis.
I guess I also just missed I don't know, being a part of something.
Or whatever.
Well, a few of us get together at the faculty parking lot and play pick-up games.
Tennis, kickball, whatever we're feeling.
That sounds awesome.
We all just hang out, no pressure.
And we don't have to think about coaches or college or any other pointless social stuff.
It's easy.
So, like, recess? Kinda.
But at night.
You should stop by later.
Really? Yeah.
We call it Night League.
Kind of a dumb name.
But at least it's better than TurboTennis.
Hey, that was not my idea, okay? I'm CJ, by the way.
You here by yourself? No, my mom is outside.
Little advice.
Never leave her side.
Because the second you do, she'll kick you to the curb.
Why are you in here? You're old.
I am.
Mommy? I found a pacifier! Ew.
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Gonna forfeit Best Booth 'cause you're mopin' in a ball pit.
What am I supposed to do? I don't know how to fix my booth, and my mom just quit her mom job.
So you're hiding in here because you got what you wanted.
- Well, that's not - Huh? I didn't want this, exactly.
I just thought I could - Why do you want to win Best Booth? - So I can win Student Rep.
If you win, you're gonna have to make decisions.
You gonna run to Mami every time you don't know what to do? So, that's it? I'm done with Mami forever? Of course not.
There are gonna be times where you should listen to her and others.
But then there are gonna be times where you have to listen to yourself.
But what if I'm wrong? But what if you're right? Then I guess it would feel pretty awesome, 'cause no one held my hand, and I did something myself.
Wait, that's it.
There she is! That was the woman that was being weird.
Okay, sweetie.
She called me a woman.
- But we should get out of here.
- Mm-hmm.
This bracelet is everything.
Am I, like, a jewelry designer now? Absolutely.
Oh, vote for Elena! DIY was such a great idea.
Why didn't we think of letting everyone do it themselves from the beginning? Took me a minute.
People are loving it.
I think we can really win Best Booth.
And I'm getting great face time in.
Oh, let's add "soda in the water fountains" to our students' concerns list.
¡Mami! I didn't think you'd come.
Well, everyone is talking about how amazing the friendship bracelet booth is.
Really? Everyone? Mm-hmm.
Thanks for the advice.
No, don't thank me.
You did this.
So, I would like to make an Elena campaign bracelet, please.
Now, if Sam asks for an anklet, just tell him you ran out of beads.
He has enough of them already.
What about this one? - This is cute.
- I like that.
What are we playing tonight? Kickball? New kid brought a tennis racket.
- Oh, we don't have to - Cool, I'll grab my racket from my car.
Um, so, where do we play? You gotta wait for it.
Wait for what? Three, two Whoa.
Welcome to Night League.
Diary, the biggest thing I learned from Winterfest was everyone really does love puppies.
Emilio won Best Booth and the coveted front page, but it wasn't a total loss.
Because everyone holding the paper was sporting their very own friendship bracelet.
My mom's always been there for me.
And I'm so grateful for that.
But the real lesson she taught me is that I have the tools to do things on my own.
And to trust myself.
And as my campaign really kicks off, that feels pretty awesome.
Let's do this.

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