Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Qui Pro Quo

1 With the help of my amazing team We kind of look like a squad.
Diary, my campaign was in full swing.
Here for you.
And Bobby was on a journey of his own.
He even opened up to me.
A few of us get together at the faculty parking lot and play pick-up games.
We call it Night League.
While Bobby was experiencing new things, my mom and Sam were settling in to the familiar.
Sam, we're a family.
So, with all this smooth sailing, what could possibly go wrong? - I'm gonna miss you all so much.
- Yes.
And, to set you up for success Nothing crazy, just a few emergency numbers and reminders and hospitals cross-referenced with symptoms and scenarios.
Biscayne General Hospital has the best orthopedist in the state.
But, if the situation calls for emotional trauma, Glades North is better.
Hey, hey.
There is no reason for a category five spiral.
- Definitely category three.
- More of a category three.
Jinx! Listen, if it makes you feel better, I'm more than happy to cancel my poker game Saturday night.
No, go.
Yeah, my girlfriend plans on taking all your money.
We need a new panini press.
They hired a new nurse at Biscayne General.
These should replace pages 23 through 24.
- Have fun, Mami.
- Oh.
Thank you, Elenita.
Okay, Gabi.
Let's go to Key Largo! Bon car-yage! Do you want them to never come back? - Are you okay? - Yeah.
I love you so much.
Wash your hands, brush your teeth - Okay.
- call me if any How are the polling numbers? The friendship bracelets are still going strong.
Especially with the sixth graders.
You're their top choice.
Swing dancing club is on the fence.
Fencing team could be a swing vote, and there's no drama with the drama club.
They're voting for you.
Doing the musical is like going to war.
Once you've been in the trenches of hell week, you've earned their loyalty.
But you're not all in the clear.
Rashmi's got the mathletes.
Emilio's got the athletes.
What about Tripp? That ship has sailed.
His family bought him a boat, so he's been pretty focused on that.
Here's what I'm thinking.
Pancake breakfast, a lip gloss exchange, spicy mocha blend whip fireside chat.
Though, we're still waiting to locate a fireplace.
Stupid Florida.
Elena, are you even listening? Melvin, are you okay? It's no use.
Just please unhook me.
Hey, why are the sixth graders carrying around all their books? It's not all the sixth graders.
It's the ones who have lockers in Hallway B.
What's happening in Hallway B? You don't want to know.
Oh! That's where we're getting the new vending machines.
Cooper's been on a real health kick ever since they said that pizza doesn't count as a tomato.
The school can't just take your lockers away.
They already did so they could clear the area.
And come spring break next week, our lockers will be gone for the rest of the year.
Clear my schedule.
My new priority is saving the sixth-grade lockers.
Why focus on the lockers when you have the sixth-grade vote on lock? We need to focus on the votes that you don't have.
"Here for you.
" Right? That's meaningless unless I put it to action.
This will show everyone what a great Student Rep I'd be.
But if you don't have the votes, then you won't get to be Student Rep.
Bobby, how's jousting club? I told you there's no "K" in "Night League.
" Come on.
It's your turn.
- You're the current Burp Sauce champ.
- All right.
Uh You know what? I'm good on Burp Sauce.
You guys play.
But we gotta dethrone you.
It's not as fun if I can't earn it.
All right.
Well, are you guys around this weekend? Jada's going with her fam to the Keys, so I'm a free man.
Oh, that's funny.
My mom's in the Keys this weekend too.
- I mean, it's not "ha ha" funny.
I just - No, no.
My cousin Tina plays poker with Sam on Saturday nights.
She's two games away from winning a panini press.
This is your chance to throw an epic party.
Exactly! I can bring my guitar.
Nothing wins over a girl like an unsolicited serenade at a social gathering.
Guys, my mom would kill me.
Come on.
You're only young once.
YOYO, man.
I wasn't finished.
Then ground me for the rest of my life.
Then kill me again.
So, to be clear is that a maybe? Sorry, guys.
It's all right.
We get it.
What a waste of a good burp.
Right on schedule.
Well, your bladder's pretty consistent.
I already told you your mascot petition is being reviewed by the school board.
I know.
I periodically send them passionate emails, but this is about Well, whatever it is, can we circle back? Speaking of backs, did you know that the sixth graders of Hallway B have to carry their entire lockers on their backs? Elena, we need healthy snacks.
And there's no other place to put the vending machines.
So is that your official position? Snacks over backs? We tried to do this before, and we would have succeeded if it wasn't for Stefanie McKenzie.
Stefanie McKenzie? Former Student Rep and current freshman class president? What did she do? Who am I kidding, what didn't she do? I mean, her term was the most productive in Orange Bay herstory.
But how did she stop you? I've already said too much.
We're demolishing the lockers on Monday morning.
You can't please everyone, Elena.
Maybe the sixth graders could use rolling backpacks.
How dare you? Gotcha! Come on, come on.
Get down.
I'm surprised I found you so quick.
Since you're so quiet and all.
I'm not that quiet.
Hey, so Shay's throwing a party on Saturday.
You around? Yeah.
I could be around.
What? I couldn't hear you.
Busted! Hiding behind a car? Rookie move.
I just invited Bobby to your party.
Sounds chill.
I was just gonna tell you.
The party's off.
What? My mom decided to redecorate again.
Sorry, friends.
Actually, uh My mom's out of town this weekend, so maybe I could have the party.
Hey, way to go! Really? That would be great.
Bobby with the save.
I'm impressed.
Well, yeah, I mean YOYO, right? "You're Only Young Once"? I like that.
Pressure's on, freshman.
- Yeah.
- That's quite tough.
I was doing all the research I could to save the sixth graders, but I was coming up blank.
My only hope was Stefanie McKenzie, who wasn't answering any of my texts, calls, emails or DMs.
Did you know that adolescent spine trauma can follow you well into your twilight years? I already told you.
I don't care.
Here's a milkshake.
A double fudge Oreo blast.
Before breakfast.
What do you want? Well, I was thinking, you know, since we'll be alone tonight, it'd be cool if, you know, maybe we could invite some friends over to hang out and dance or whatever.
You mean an unsupervised party? If you have to label it, sure.
I want no part of this deceit.
Come on, Elena.
I already invited people.
I can't back out now.
I promise we'll keep it low-key.
I am appalled that you would not only break the rules but worse, break Mami's trust.
Guess the party's off then.
Everyone will be so disappointed.
Especially Stefanie McKenzie.
Do you think she would come? I didn't know you two ran in the same circles.
Who, Stef and I? Yeah, we go way back.
Just say the word and she'll be here.
Even though breaking the rules goes against everything I stand for,e this could be my only chance to talk to Stefanie McKenzie.
If I don't stand up for the sixth graders, who will? Not them.
They're weighed down.
By the backpacks of society.
So, is that a yes? I'm in.
How's the trip? The hotel, the piña coladas? Good, good and overpriced.
How are you? And the kids, are they okay? Any visits to Dr.
Gomez? Everybody is happy and alive and yet to have orthopedic surgery.
Gab, seriously.
What did you think was gonna happen? Ooh.
Never ask my mom that question.
There could be a gas leak while you're sleeping.
A kidnapper on the loose.
The kids could have too much sugar.
I don't think those are equivalent.
That's what the government wants you to believe, but the long-term effects of sugar can be catastrophic.
Tell your mom everything's okay.
¡Hola, mijita! Come on! So, what are your plans for today? Just homework.
And, you know, being a model citizen.
A typical Saturday.
Gab, you work so hard.
You deserve a break.
So, go enjoy a massage, drink an overpriced piña colada and relax.
You're right.
Thank you for taking care of everything.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Love you.
- Bye, Mami.
So, Sam and the kids are doing well? I know it's taken me a little, but, you know, I finally feel like Sam Great, because I have some news.
I have decided to make an honest woman out of Danielle.
I'm gonna propose! Oh, I am so excited for you! And I want you standing by my side.
Gabriela Sandra Cañero-Reed.
Will you hold my dress while I pee? I would be honored to be your maid of honor! Let's just hope that Dani says yes.
What do you mean? Well, you usually propose to the bride before the bridal party.
She's gonna say yes.
Oh, no.
Of course.
I was just joking.
I mean, there's no way she would say no, right? No.
Don't even answer that, because she's obviously gonna say yes while sobbing uncontrollably.
And it's going to be great.
I left money on the table for takeout.
And remember, I'm only 15 minutes away, so I can run by if you need anything.
We'll be fine.
Love you guys.
You sure you're cool with this? Happy to cancel my game.
We've stayed home alone before.
Don't sweat it.
I'll see you later.
I should check the oven, just in case there's a gas leak.
And while I'm over here, I'll check the sugar content in our soda.
It is the silent killer.
He needs to go.
Wait, Sam.
Would you feel better if we called to check in every hour? That's a great idea.
Every 30 minutes? Just to be safe.
Will do.
I'll see ya.
- You ready for this? - So ready.
Bowls? Are you trying to kill me? I'm a freshman throwing a high school party.
The pressure's on.
I've never seen you care so much about not caring.
Is there someone specific you're trying to impress? A crush, perhaps? No, I just invited some new friends I've been hanging out with.
Friends or friends? Friends.
I'll stop bothering you.
Do you think Stefanie's more of a Cool Ranch or Spicy Nacho gal? Guess we'll find out if she comes.
Wait, "if"? Well, I mean, I invited her, but her mom's super strict about, like, parental supervision.
God, that's a good mom.
You are so into moms.
Party lights.
Next, the playlist.
"Arlene McKenzie, 42, podiatrist.
" What are you doing? I'm gonna call Stefanie's mom as Mami and tell her that I'm home and totally cool with the party.
Breaking Mom's rules and impersonating her? I'm impressed.
I need to do whatever it takes to get Stefanie's help.
Hello? Mrs.
McKenzie? This is fellow mom, Gabi Cañero-Reed.
I hope I'm not catching you while you're doing your taxes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I am digging this playlist.
Did you make it? Yeah.
Something I just threw together.
- Hey.
- Heyo.
- Let's get it cracking.
- Hey.
- We're here.
- What's going on? - Bobby! - All right.
Sorry, be right back.
- How y'all doing? - Hey, you made it.
Yeah, GQ says to be fashionably late.
Am I right, party people? Danny that is not a guitar.
Very observant.
I thought a guitar was too basic, so I said, "Go big or go home.
" Oh, there's a sea of upperclassmen here.
Are they all your friends from Bedtime Sports? It's Night League! Sorry.
Yes, these are my new friends, okay? So let's just You know, let's just be chill.
Obviously, we're gonna be chill.
But hey, where can I plug my phone in? I made a party playlist.
Our reservation is in 30 minutes, but if we go down there now, there is a margarita with my name on it.
What if Dani says yes and then realizes that she doesn't love me and then leaves me at the altar? I refuse to die an old maid.
- You're not ready - Or what if she says yes, and then we get a divorce in 50 years and I'm not even in my prime - Now you're being silly.
- You're right.
I'll never age out of my prime.
It's these Latina genes.
- But what if - ¡Ya, deja la locura! Oh, you and Dani are ready for this.
You're working yourself up for no reason.
You're right.
I'm done spiraling.
I'm gonna go finish the masterpiece that is me.
- And we're off.
- Yes.
To a night of margs, apps and chisme.
That's my girl.
Oh, my God.
What if she says no and then it goes viral? I just have to hear her voice so I know that she still loves me.
She's not picking up.
Hey, Sam.
You know the rules.
No phones.
Yeah, you're worse than my teenager.
It's your turn, buddy.
I got a panini press on the line.
Yeah, you gonna fold or call? Call, exactly.
Why haven't they called? It's been 32 minutes.
Oh, man.
A lot can happen in 32 minutes.
Yeah, just ask my bald poodle.
Everything's fine.
You're just being an overprotective dad.
I mean, stepdad.
I mean, mom's boyfriend? What do they call you? Well, I guess I'll ask if we ever speak again.
Oh, my God.
Hey, how's it going? - Hi, Sam.
- They call me Sam.
We bought pizza.
Not a lie.
What a coincidence.
We ordered pizza.
What was that? Uh, nothing.
Just a textbook fell.
I'm doing my homework.
Gotta go.
Code Baby Blue.
We have eyes on Northern Mockingbird What's going on? Stefanie McKenzie is in the building.
Engage mission.
Sasha, it's time to fly.
- Are you waiting - The bathroom line is always so long.
I know.
It's so annoying.
But hey, you didn't hear this from me, but I know for a fact that there are a couple bathrooms down the hall.
- Oh, thank you.
- Uh-huh.
Northern Mockingbird is flocking.
- Hey, Stef.
- Code Turquoise, on your left.
- Stef, over here - The neighbors called the cops.
- Quick, hide! - Oh! Crisis averted.
Is anyone in the bathroom? Yeah.
Becky and Trey have been in there all night.
They're fighting.
- Mmm.
- You can use Bobby and Elena's.
And, girl to girl, your lip gloss is smudged.
Might wanna retouch.
- Thank you for that.
- Yeah.
No problem.
The Northern Mockingbird has landed.
Stefanie McKenzie.
It's an honor.
How come there are no bowls for these chips? Great party, Bobby.
Did you know we practically had to beg him to throw it? Really? He was so quick to step up when Shay's house fell through.
Yeah, well - Saved the day.
YOYO, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I guess you're only young once, huh, Bobby? Huh? Oh! Uh Yeah, uh, the thing is - I You know, well - Oh, yeah.
I I mean Well, essentially Who's up for a jam sesh? You're the person who's been flooding my DMs.
Did you call my mom? Yes.
My name is Elena Cañero-Reed, and I'm running for Orange Bay Student Rep.
A political sister in arms.
- Did you get the prime poster spots - Above the water fountains? Oh, yeah.
I had to wake up at 5:30 a.
, but it was worth it.
Okay, so you're the real deal.
Thank you.
I'm such a fan of you and all the good you did during your term.
And I just had one question.
What do you need? How did you save the lockers from the vending machines in Hallway B? Oh, I I have an in at the vending machine company.
I can have my uncle make a call if you want.
That would be amazing.
Yeah, happy to do it.
If you can get your brother to go on a date with me.
Wait, what? Well, I'm sure you've figured out by now that politics is a two-way street.
I'm not just gonna make a call if I don't get anything in return.
That would be a one-way street, and, um, you get how streets work, right? Totally, get how streets work.
And politics.
Does it have to be Bobby though? Have you met his friend Danny? He brought a piano.
Or there are some Cool Ranch chips out there with your name on 'em You'll figure it out.
You're the real deal, aren't you? Yeah.
Okay, you can go.
I have to go to the bathroom, so.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
- Nice to meet you.
It's okay.
- That's so weird.
Yeah, you too.
Nice meeting you.
And now, Stefanie thinks I'm the real deal.
Why are you saying a great thing like it's a bad thing? Yeah.
It's only one date.
If Bobby doesn't like her, he can dump her.
Well I just Doesn't this feel icky? I mean, that's nothing compared to what you've done already.
What do you mean? You said you spent ten minutes talking to Ms.
McKenzie about Jodi Picoult's novels.
As your mom.
Not to mention the high school party you're currently throwing.
Whatever it takes, right? Was this what it meant to be a politician? Breaking rules? Lying? Corruption? Maybe politics was a two-way street, but was it a street I wanted to ride my bike down? What's wrong with you? Is this about your friend? Yes.
I don't know.
He's hard to read.
I don't wanna talk about it.
You ready to call Sam and tell him we're watching TV? Bring on the lies.
Guess I'm already as corrupt as they come.
What are you talking about? Apparently, the only reason anyone does any good is so that they can get something out of it for themselves.
That's not true.
You email the school board weekly about changing the mascot, - and you won't get anything out of that.
- Yes, I will.
The satisfaction of changing something for the better.
Of doing what's right.
It's why I wanna help the sixth graders.
Well, that's enough then, right? Yeah.
It's more than enough.
I didn't get into this to be dragged into dirty politics.
Sure, Stefanie did good during her term, but at what cost? If anyone should be sacrificing something, it should be me, not my brother.
- What? - Wait, that's it.
I need to sacrifice myself.
No, the part about your brother Stefanie wanted to go on a date with you, but don't worry.
I have a plan to save the sixth graders.
I don't understand anything that's happening right now Shh.
Hi, Sam.
Okay, so the kids aren't murdered.
Can we please play? Well, that was three seconds ago.
Who knows what could be going on now? Seriously, Sam, what is the worst that could happen? I love this game.
There could be a fire, - a robbery - Right.
My cousin told me about this girl who lives in Hialeah.
A refrigerator fell on top of her.
No, that can't be right.
No, no, no, no.
Yeah, yeah, I heard that.
Or a kidnapping.
What if their captors are forcing them to say they're fine? - Oh, my God.
- We should've FaceTimed.
Or come up with a secret code.
This is the perfect combination because Yeah.
that one and Really? You're playing Burp Sauce right now? - No, we're playing Extreme Burp Sauce.
- Yeah.
Wait, dude, no! Not the hot sauce! We were gonna go for the fire burp challenge.
Guys, I thought we agreed to be chill.
Not gross.
Since when do you think Burp Sauce is gross? Since he started caring more about his Night League friends than us.
Liam, it's not like that, okay? It's You guys don't get it.
No, I think it is like that.
Because when we wanted to throw a party, you shot the idea down.
When your new friends wanted to, you jumped at the chance.
Well, maybe that's because my new friends don't embarrass me.
- Wow.
- And we, pray tell, do? What? See, that's what I mean.
You brought a keyboard to a party.
You're pounding condiments.
So we were supposed to ignore the expired sriracha mayo in the back of your fridge? Yes.
I You know what? It's my fault.
I should've never invited you.
Really? Wow.
Okay, come Danny, come on.
Let's go before we embarrass him any more.
Hey, freshman.
I'm glad you threw this party.
It did not disappoint.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, chill.
Oh, thank you for being so understanding.
I never cancel a reservation last minute.
No response to my last 20 texts! Oh! My relationship is over.
Bueno, at least you had a good run.
- Unless - Oh, no.
What if something terrible happened to her? Like a flat tire.
Or the fridge fell on top of her.
That only happens in cartoons.
That's not true.
My tía knew this girl who dated this guy whose ex lives in Hialeah.
And the refrigerator fell right on top of her.
Like, splat! I never thought about a fridge.
Well, what about a washer? And dryer? And Elena's bookshelf? She has so many books.
It's like a ticking time bomb Oh, no! I didn't even think about bombs! What are we doing here? We should go home! - I'll get the bags! - Yeah.
Thank you.
I needed that.
What is wrong with me? Ay, Cami, there's nothing wrong with you.
What you're feeling is amor.
Fierce love.
That's beautiful.
But it can also be scary with some sleepless nights because all you wanna do is protect the ones you love with everything you've got.
I love Dani so much.
And if anything ever happened to us or to her I finally understand all the binders.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
To fierce love.
Amor intenso.
Stefanie McKenzie.
Ah, there's my little protégé.
So, where am I meeting Bobby? How about over her dead body? That's right.
I can save the sixth graders without you.
How? Is your uncle the head filler at Northwest Miami Vending? I'm gonna share my locker with Melvin Flumming.
And we're gonna share ours too.
What about the rest of the hallway? You think other people will be willing to share their lockers with some loser sixth graders? Yes, because I have to believe that there are more of me than there are of you.
And if I win Student Rep, I'll lead the right way.
And if I lose, at least I'll know that I didn't compromise my morals to get there.
Plus, we already asked the drama club and the yeses are pouring in.
There's nothing like the loyalty of a group of people who've done one play together.
Sometimes people just want to help.
And so maybe politics doesn't have to be a two-way street.
It can be more of a cul-de-sac.
Well, a cul-de-sac is also a dead-end.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, have fun putting your tampons next to Marvin's egg salad.
His name is Melvin.
The difference? Okay, for the proposal.
Girl, I'm thinking flash mob.
Help me pick out a song that's, like, ironic and sweet and romantic but, like, not too mushy.
- Hello? - Gabi, I have so much respect for you.
I was only gone for a few hours, and I just kept playing out possible scenarios of all the things that could go wrong and I love your kids so much and I get it now.
The worrying, the binders.
This is a big night for my binders.
But I wouldn't wanna worry about anyone else.
Amor intenso.
Now, let's be clear.
It'll be more of a Mariah situation.
Meaning, I'll stand and look amazing while everyone else dances around me.
I'll send you a picture of the kids safe and sound.
Okay, thank you.
I love you.
I love you too.
Wow, that's a lot.
Oh, yeah.
Did you run home? No.
I just got so worried.
I'm glad to see you two.
Sam, we're teenagers, not toddlers.
What did you think was gonna happen? Yeah.
Never ask me that question.
I'm gonna throw my poker shirt in the wash.
Really hope these sweat stains aren't permanent.
Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you're a cop.
- Karaoke was my idea - What did you do? - but I really can't go to jail.
- Don't know.
I've got a huge math exam on Monday and it's worth 50% of my grade.
Officer, I am so sorry.
I will never go to another party as long as I live.
What party? Uh
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