Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Supreme Court Injustice

1 [ELENA.]
Where do I even begin, Diary? Muy presidencial.
The Student Rep race was gonna be tight, even with my campaign squad behind me.
But you're not all in the clear.
Rashmi's got the mathletes.
Emilio's got the athletes.
And then, my mom went out of town.
It's gonna be fine, Ma.
Except it wasn't fine.
Because we threw an unsupervised party for Bobby and his new friends.
Yeah, well.
Maybe that's because my new friends don't embarrass me.
Which didn't turn out exactly as he planned.
And we thought we got away with the party until What party? My stomach hurts, and my hands are cold.
Can you check my pulse to make sure I'm still alive? Elena, can you chill? I cannot "chill.
" I'm a first-time offender.
I don't know how any of this works.
Why won't Mami just tell us our punishment already? She'll probably make us sweat it out for a while.
What? [SIGHS.]
I can't believe they threw a party.
Elena doesn't break the rules.
She didn't even have a lemonade stand because she couldn't obtain a vendor's permit.
Gab, I'm so sorry.
I checked in with them every 30 minutes.
I shoulda just skipped poker.
Hey, this is not on you.
They took advantage of both of us.
They were supposed to be watching The Great British Baking Show.
We have to do something.
Right? Yeah.
We have to lay down the law.
You and me, a united front.
Just like Marguerite and those candied cherries.
God, their lies were so specific.
Are we gonna go? They can't get away with this.
Not yet.
We're gonna make them sweat it out for a while.
They're gonna charge you for that robe.
What? [GASPS.]
Oh, God.
I'm here for it ♪ Facing fears and chasing dreams ♪ Just winging it ♪ And I'm staying true to me ♪ Hello world I wonder who I'll be ♪ No matter what I do ♪ It's all about my journey ♪ Lo puedo lograr ♪ [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Melissa! What's up? We've been driving to my grandpa's for six hours and are somehow still in Florida.
Honey, your turn.
- Again, Mom, I don't wanna play "I Spy.
" I'm busy running a campaign.
Rashmi dropped out.
Of school? Of society? Oh, the race.
I'm a mess.
Wait, Rashmi dropped out of the race? There you go.
Mathletes made Nationals, so now she's gotta focus on prep.
It's a real boys club, so we appreciate the work she's doing.
- Thank you, Rashmi.
- Thank you, Rashmi.
Now, her votes are up for grabs.
Spring break is usually a dead week, which is why I agreed to be trapped in a car with my family for like half of my life [SIGHS.]
but now it'll just be a scramble between you and Emilio.
You need to put in a lot of face time to secure Rashmi's votes.
No problem.
Melissa, I think we can win this thing.
- You're both grounded for two weeks.
What? Wait, what? That's not fair.
I'm on spring break.
Bobby at least gets to go to school.
I only get to go to school? Are you kidding me? I know I'm hilarious, but for once this is no joke.
So I'll go to campaign events and nothing else.
What? You can't go to campaign events.
Grounded means grounded.
But, Mami, Rashmi dropped out of the race.
Campaigning right now is crucial.
You'll campaign in two weeks.
- Are you kidding me? - Okay, what about Night League? Again, grounded means grounded.
Come on, Ma! I mean, you were young.
Aren't we allowed to make mistakes? Mami, this is my future we're talking about.
Do you even want me to win Student Rep? Hey, it's not just your mom.
Oh, come on.
Mom, two weeks is like ten years in high school.
- Can't you let me off with a warning? - [BOBBY.]
You can't do this, okay? - [ELENA.]
Please? - [BOBBY.]
Please? [MELISSA.]
You can still do the campaign events, right? Not for two weeks.
This is a nightmare.
Did you tell your mom we're in the final stretch? That we only have a month left? You The vote to Malala's that one Sasha, you keep breaking up.
It's 'cause she's a free woman, cruising the open ocean, away from Wi-Fi signals and crushing prison sentences.
I'm so jealous.
I'm stuck on this dumb mountain, and they won't allow kids in the hot tub.
I'm so sor Wi-Fi Engine room.
I think what Sasha's trying to say is that Emilio's already getting his face out there.
He was a guest judge for the Rubik's Cubers, and he helped out the air guitar band with their car wash.
I heard Poetry Club is doing a slam tomorrow night, and they wanted a Student Rep candidate to emcee.
He'll probably do that too.
Let me do it.
I have to do it.
How? You're a prisoner.
We can figure something out.
Right, Melissa? I can just video in.
I guess that could work.
We'll say it's a part of your pro-technology platform.
"Elena is the future.
Oh, I like that.
I'll text them now.
Great! Gotta run.
We just got to the Pensacola dinosaurs, and my mom's really into perspective photography.
You're missing it, honey! - [SIGHS.]
I'm literally coming.
I tried talking to my cruise friends Which means that wh [SIGHS.]
Just keep telling yourself that, Elen Robertico, what part of "no Night League" don't you understand? It is school and home.
That's it.
Trouble in paradise? Remember at poker when you said I had nothing to worry about? Kids lied and threw a party.
Ah, just as you feared.
They took advantage of the sub.
Wait, I'm not the sub.
I'm a vice principal.
Or the cool teacher that enriches their lives and sits backwards in his chair.
That's probably why they threw the party.
You shouldn't be part of the school system at all.
You should just be a parent.
Hey, we both laid down the law.
I even said, "Grounded means grounded.
" Gabi and I are a team.
I don't care that you don't love me.
I love you.
and that's final.
All right.
Bye, Mom.
Can I sit with you? Oh, hey, uh Is this about the party? I, um I wanted to tell you I'm sorry.
That wasn't cool of me.
It's not about the party.
Jada dumped me.
Whoa, I'm I'm sorry, dude.
What happened? Something about how she hasn't been single in high school and needs to find her identity without me.
That's rough.
I mean, she might be right.
I joined a whole club for her.
But I have a composting garden now.
And my grandma loves that thing.
How am I gonna break it to her? Hey.
You can still compost.
I guess we did get wrapped up in each other a bit there, huh? - Yeah, a little bit.
I mean You really liked each other, so I got it.
You gonna be okay though? Yeah, I'm okay.
And my gran and I are making eucalyptus candles from the garden, so that should help.
Wait, why aren't you talking to Danny and Ziggy about this? I don't know, man.
They just don't get me like you do.
Well, I'm here if you want to talk.
And I really am sorry about the party.
I got so caught up in impressing Uh, my new friends, and, um I was out of line.
It's okay.
We're all good.
And for the record, I begged Danny not to bring that keytar.
Elenita, dinner! I'm going to eat some dinner.
My mom thinks I'm a sinner.
But Ashley's haiku was a winner.
Elenita, put the phone away.
Next up, we have Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Just kidding.
It's Albert Friedman with a sonnet about his dad.
It's time to eat.
No phones at the table.
That doesn't rhyme.
You too, Bobby.
Elena has her phone out.
What part of "no phones at the table" don't you understand? Mami, this is a live feed, and you're killing the vibe.
and those are all the ways I love my dad.
Wow! Let's hear it for the son of the year, Albert Friedman.
- Great use of iambic pentameter.
Bobby, Elena.
Phones, now.
Right? - You heard your mom.
- [GIRL.]
Since I'm a prisoner, this is the only way I can emcee the poetry slam.
If you really think about it, you brought my phone to the table.
Ooh, hey, that's good.
Yeah, mine too.
Okay, that's it.
Hey! This is my property.
How can you do this to me? You can call them after.
It won't be going on after.
And now, an epic in 12 parts.
Sounds like it will.
Are you forgetting that you are grounded, young lady? You're ruining my life.
That's it.
Two more weeks.
- [BOTH.]
What? - What? - That's not fair.
- You too, buddy.
Can you do that? [HUFFS.]
Can he do that? [SAM.]
Yes, he can.
I don't like the way you two have been ganging up on your mom.
Two more weeks.
The law has been laid.
End of discussion.
They need to learn they can't take advantage of us.
Yes, but we have to show them a united front.
That's what I was doing.
I don't think it is, Sam.
So when I sit backwards in my chair, they walk all over me, and when I hand out detentions, I get suspended? That doesn't make sense.
Neither does this.
- Hey! Bobby.
- Hey.
- Great party.
It was fun hanging out with you.
And, you know, everyone.
So, see you at Night League tonight? [SIGHS.]
I wish.
I can't come tonight.
Or for the next month.
Oh, man.
You got busted? Yeah, and I know we were supposed to be doubles partners tonight.
Think you can manage without me? It'll be tough.
Oh, hey, Bobby.
CJ, right? Yeah.
Oh, hey, Bobby just bailed on me as a doubles partner.
Any chance you play tennis? Yeah.
Yeah, I used to be Bobby's partner.
If you're not busy, you want to stop by Night League? Bobby, you can give him the rundown? Uh, yeah, sure.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Hey, you really threw an awesome party.
Yeah, um [CHUCKLES.]
you don't have to go to Night League.
It's, uh, it's kind of late.
It's a whole crew.
I just I don't know if it's really your thing.
But it sounds fun.
And I'm totally free since Jada and I are finding our own identities, so Yeah.
Thanks, bud.
- Of course.
I'm sorry.
I let you all down.
Who's gonna vote for the candidate whose mom embarrassed her on a live feed? Emilio would be a good Student Rep, I guess.
Wait, where's Sasha? Apparently, there's like no service in the middle of the ocean.
But, Elena Have you seen the poetry slam video? What about it? The comments, the views, the likes.
What are you talking about? It was so humiliating.
By "humiliating," do you mean "relatable"? Go look.
Mom, can you turn the child lock off? I'm old enough to control my own window.
"Elena's mom destroying her freedom is all of us.
" "My parents are ruining my life too.
They won't let me wear a crop top.
" Unfair punishments? The parental bickering? [CHUCKLES.]
People ate it up.
" It's trending in the Orange Bay network.
And "#EmiliolsCoolio" is declining.
MiniGolfJason says, "My mom once grounded me too, and I was like, 'I didn't ask to be born.
'" That's such a good point.
This might be the best thing for your campaign.
If your popularity keeps going up, you have a real shot at getting Rashmi's votes.
How do I keep my popularity up? They want videos.
You give them videos.
But don't hold back, okay? This is a clickbait audience, and they have short attention spans.
Got it.
Wait, what do you mean? You gotta keep feeding them.
Keep feeding them.
Oh, my God.
People are making out in the hot tub.
Wait, are those my parents? [GASPS.]
I gotta go barf.
So, if the client pleads guilty Thursday, we have a shot at a shorter sentence.
Sound good? Yes.
I think it's best.
Unless, the judge offers a sentence and a second judge overrules and extends that sentence without conferring with the first judge? But what if the second judge was trying to be a united front with the first judge, who was getting totally ragged on by the defendants? The first judge is used to being ragged on by the defendants and had it covered.
I was just doing what we agreed on.
I'm sorry for trying to help you out.
We're set for Thursday.
Keep feeding them.
Keep feeding them.
Hello, Orange Bay Middle.
Thank you for your sweet words about what happened during slam.
As you know, I am grounded, and my sentence just got upped to a month.
Good one, rAiNbOwLuVr4.
That's not a sentence.
That is a paragraph.
My mom is being so unfair, as you saw.
You want more mom stories? Okay.
Oh, this morning she got all mad at me for not putting my dish in the sink.
I still had like five Floatie-O's left.
I didn't know there was a time limit on breakfast when I'm on house arrest, you know? [COMPUTER DINGS.]
I couldn't have said it better myself, MermaidBianca.
- I am a prisoner in my own home - [COMPUTER DINGS.]
and my mother is the warden.
Yes, of course I have more stories.
Wait till you hear what she said when I asked if I could shave above the knee.
Spoiler alert! It wasn't yes.
There so many likes and comments.
Clearly my experiences mean something to the student body.
I'll get to all of you, I promise.
Remember, vote for Elena.
Will you take it? [WOMAN ON TV.]
I'll take it.
Don't put those phones so close to your face.
You're gonna go blind.
These are our eyes, and we're fine.
Sandra Bullockness monster.
I wanna tell her she can't talk to her mom that way, but I figure I should check in with you first.
I got it under control.
It's okay, Sam.
What the hell? Who is that? Robertico.
It's not even a swear.
Yeah, it's in the Bible.
Mami, you're out of control.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm gonna get more popcorn.
Hey, how was Night League? Oh, yeah.
It was great.
I didn't think about Jada at all.
When they turn the headlights on though, that's a real moment, huh? It is.
So, uh did you and CJ win, or Oh, no.
I didn't play with CJ.
Shay and I went against him and some other guy.
But we won best out of three.
- Ah, yeah, I think, um - [CHUCKLES.]
I think CJ posted a picture with him actually.
It said, uh, "reunited" [CHUCKLES.]
I think.
Was it was it like his older brother visiting from college or something? Well, I think they were friends? But he said he'd be coming back tonight for a bit, so I can ask for you, if that No.
I No.
I mean [CHUCKLES.]
don't do that.
It's Are you good, Bobby? Ah, yeah.
Just going a little stir-crazy from being stuck at home.
Happy you had fun.
Yeah, it was a good time.
But hey, you'll be back before you know it.
And the only makeup my mom lets me wear is Vaseline.
That's right, UnicornQueen305.
My lips are not a baby's butt.
When your mom wants you to dress like her, but you're not feeling the look? [COMPUTER DINGS.]
Oh, you want some examples? [COMPUTER DINGING.]
Wow, okay.
Well, I have a picture.
Wait, I have something even better.
- Can you believe this suit? - [COMPUTER DINGING.]
My mom was so into it.
She cried when I got my Lavender Orchard VIP card.
It was So weird.
Oh! Hi, JoeyFeldstein5.
I agree.
This outfit is so insane, lol.
But don't worry.
I'll pick my own clothes for your bar mitzvah.
One time, my mom tried to read my diary.
I know! Invasion of privacy much? Next time pick up the new Jodi Picoult novel instead of my private thoughts.
Seriously, my mom has like one friend.
And she has to pay her.
Lot of likes for that one.
Gotta keep feeding them.
My mom always says we're like two peas in a pod.
More like one pea in one pod and a second pea that rolled away from the first pea and started its own pea plant.
Who knows what I'm talking about? [COMPUTER DINGING.]
Wow, there so many comments.
"I need my independence.
I'm 13.
I hear that.
"Ever since I snuck out to a Skyler Zaxton concert, my dad's been on me.
" Hmm.
"My moms are back together, and they're making my life hell.
" Sorry to hear that, Flip.
I get you.
All of you.
It is really such a privilege to connect with the student body.
- Okay.
That's it for today.
Thank you for all the love.
Keep liking and sharing, and remember, vote for the Student Rep candidate who gets you.
- See you next time.
Who're you talking to? Oh.
A little thing called the public.
I thought being grounded would be the worst thing in the world, but I've actually never been more relatable.
My poll numbers are through the roof, and I've barely left this room.
Oh, by the way, do you have any horror stories about Mami? Uh She always leaves lipstick on my face when she kisses me.
That is so hypocritical.
She can wear lipstick and I can't.
I'm gonna talk about that in my next video.
What're you doing? I kinda wanna go to Night League.
I hate missing it, especially because I have this, uh Friend? Yeah.
I don't know.
It seems like he's forgetting about me.
Or moving on.
Or both.
God, this is stupid.
Then, go to Night League.
You think I should sneak out? You know that's breaking a rule, right? The rules are unfair.
If the system isn't just, we must fight against the system.
At least that's what AtlanticSubscriber13 said in a comment on one of my videos.
I mean, this punishment sucks.
And we're not alone.
There are like thousands of people who watch my videos and feel the same way.
Okay, I average like 50 per video, but not everyone watches live.
Plus, they could be co-viewing because they, unlike us, are not stuck in isolation.
Go to him.
I really thought you were gonna talk me out of it.
I'm a whole new woman.
A woman caged is a woman changed.
Oh, look at you.
Convincing me to sneak out and dragging Mom on the Internet.
What? That's what you're doing.
No, Bobby.
You don't understand.
I'm connecting with my fellow students.
Yeah, and I'm gonna get out of here before you change your mind.
"Section C.
Subsection 15.
Never, under any circumstance, raise your voice at Mami.
" Do know that Elena helped me write this binder when she was ten? Wow.
When I was ten I licked a salamander on a dare.
Who is that girl? And what has she done with my mini-me? Gab, I'm sorry you trusted me with the kids and they took advantage.
I didn't want that to happen again, so I did the two more weeks thing, which was wrong.
Not necessarily.
It's just, we came up with a punishment together, and then you went rogue.
I was trying to help.
I know, and I love you for that, but I wish you would have told me.
Otherwise I look like I don't know what I'm doing, which I don't, but they don't need to know that.
- Wait.
You don't know what you're doing? - [LAUGHS.]
Occasionally I do, but it changes quickly.
So we have to be on the same page before making sudden moves.
Sometimes I forget I have a 15-year head start on all of this.
You know, I really thought the longer punishment was a good idea.
That's two more weeks of them making our lives miserable.
- Wow.
You're good at this.
You're getting there.
- [BOY 1.]
All right, cool.
- [BOY 2.]
All right.
Look who escaped Alcatraz.
Ready to play some doubles? I thought you, uh, already had a partner.
Oh, so you've been checking up on me.
What? No, I Liam told me that he and Shay played against Yeah.
That was my cousin.
I knew it was family.
I mean, chill.
Hmm, why? You jealous? [CHUCKLES.]
What if I am? [CHUCKLES.]
Hey, Liam.
You're back.
Uh, yeah.
I snuck out.
Oh, great.
Shay, uh wanted me to come get you because we're gonna do kickball instead.
Um, chill.
Uh, let's play.
Let's do it.
- Sasha? - [SASHA GASPS.]
I can hear you.
I've been trying to get service this whole cruise.
It's a floating dead zone.
Are you having fun? Yeah.
They put on Mamma Mia! every night, and I'm, like, the coolest kid in teen camp.
Ugh, but I saw bits and pieces of the poetry slam.
How'd you come back from that? That was rough.
That's what I thought, but it went viral.
Well, Orange Bay viral.
But it got more views than that video of Kevin's grandma rapping.
Really? [GASPS.]
She's iconic.
So now I'm hanging on to the momentum by making other videos where I speak truth to power.
I wish I could watch them.
So like open forums to talk about issues? Exactly.
One of them that got a lot of likes was about how my mom makes these super annoying binders full of, like, all of this information.
Um didn't you help her write those? Well, yes.
But, Sash, don't you get it? Saying these things about my mom is relatable.
I'm connecting with my constituents.
Let me tell you about this one that did well.
I put on that Lavender Orchard suit that my mom was so obsessed with, the one from the Meet the Candidates that we fixed, and I talked all about her questionable fashion sense.
I hear how that sounds, but you're not getting any of this without watching.
Context is everything.
And Joey Feldstein thought my mom's top ten tech fails was hilarious.
Stop looking at me like that.
You haven't seen them.
Let me tell you about this other one that did really well about how my mom makes me text her four times whenever I go somewhere.
Once when I leave, once halfway to make sure I'm still alive, once when I get there, and once for the chisme.
But that's just thorough I guess.
I'm thorough too.
Saying this stuff out loud really takes the fun out of it.
The videos are doing super well, I swear.
I did cowrite a lot of those binders though.
And one of the rules was not to throw unsupervised parties, which I did.
In her house.
And I lied and yelled a lot.
Oh, no.
Sasha, what have I done? Sasha? Sasha? Can you even hear me? Wait, wait.
What about Lavender Orchard? Hey.
Wait up.
Oh, I I gotta get home.
I snuck out and You avoided me all night after I saw you talking with CJ.
Yeah, that's because I was super focused on the game.
I mean, kickball takes a lot of concentration, and, you know me.
I'm more of more of an arm sports guy, not a [SIGHS.]
not a leg sp Yep.
CJ and I are friends, okay? He he's cool.
Well, you know, if you were more than friends, that'd be cool too.
We're not.
But it'd be kinda chill if we were.
That's great, Bobby.
Yeah? Yeah.
Look, I hope it works out.
Thanks, man.
Of course.
I've been sweating this conversation for a long time.
Yeah, but look.
I just want you to be happy, dude.
All right? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
If there's ever a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, my mom will run into my room to make sure I'm quote "okay.
" No.
I'm not.
You woke me up.
We live in a tropical climate.
This happens all the time.
Hey, number one in the polls.
You got a ton of virtual requests.
A Q&A and an AMA.
Both want you putting your mom on blast.
You've been invited to do a panel for kids who wanna divorce their parents.
I mean, we know you're not there yet, but I can't do it.
Oh, no.
Is your mom taking away your computer now? Called it.
I mean, what about my relationship with my mom has anything to do with how good of a Student Rep I'll be? This isn't about your mom.
It's about getting votes.
But I don't want to get my votes this way.
I thought I was being here for everyone, but I was really just being there for myself.
I'm gonna make one more video about all the things I respect about my mom instead of the little stuff that annoys me.
Then, I'm going to delete everything else.
This is a flip-flop.
I don't know if we can spin it.
I don't see that video getting many likes.
I'll like it.
That's what matters.
Well, you can't like your own video.
That's insane.
But I get what you're saying.
I broke the rules.
I got grounded.
And now I'm gonna use the rest of my break to work on my final speech.
No pressure.
But you gotta knock it out of the park if you're gonna come back from this.
I think I can do that.
I spy something pastel.
Ooh, pastel.
That's a toughie.
I'm sorry, Mami, for throwing the party, for yelling at you, for agreeing with MiniGolfJason.
What? Nothing.
Thank you for apologizing.
But you're still grounded.
I know.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, Elena? Didn't I ask you to empty the dishwasher this morning? Could you do it now, please? You better do what Sam says.
No problem.
I'm happy to help.
Four likes.
Me, Melissa, Jessica and Sasha.
You know, sometimes what is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.
My mom and I put that quote in a binder one time.
Ooh, Diary, did you miss me? I was busy using the Internet as my diary.
Let's just say, I do not recommend.

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