Dietland (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Woman Down

1 Previously on "Dietland" JULIA: Stop the violence and your families will receive a half a million dollars.
Jennifer is not for sale.
STANLEY: There are a few reports I'd rather they not surface given the current climate.
I don't want loose ends.
Dig those reports up for me, will you? What's Calliope House? They have all of the same basic tenets of Jennifer, but they're non-violent.
Why would you draw attention to us? - Shh.
- Hey.
[PLUM] How do you find the light when you're plunged into the darkest part of yourself? The place where nothing grows.
Well, I don't know about you, but I flail.
You're gonna walk straight ahead.
Act normal.
We're just going for a drive.
I'm gonna put something in your eyes.
- Excuse me? - Makes everything blurry.
You won't really be able to see.
We can't blindfold you, princess, we're in a mini-van.
How would that look? Pull the bottom of your lids, keep your eyes open.
Hold still.
I think something really bad happened.
[CONNIE] I'll be right there.
I have miles on Delta.
I could be there tomorrow night.
Mom, don't.
I'm gonna give that Verena a piece of my mind.
I can't believe she asked you to leave over something - so - Listen to me.
I called you because I I I'm feeling sad.
But you don't have to show up every time I have a feeling.
But after everything she put you through? It was my fault.
I screwed up.
You didn't! You gave out their address Who is this Verena Voldemort? Mom, Verena doesn't owe me anything.
Her check cleared.
I canceled the surgery.
You did? Ohh.
I'm sorry.
I was gonna tell you.
I Yeah.
Thank God! - Hey.
- No, I I just had such a bad feeling about it.
If it went wrong.
I never told you, but Anthony from the restaurant, his brother died after bypass.
He couldn't stay on the diet, and then he Anthony's brother? Now you can live.
Just live.
Have the life you deserve.
Yeah, I'll do that.
I should go.
I I'm really tired.
Nothing else happened there at Calliope, or They didn't hurt you or something? No, they were really upset about the interview.
That's it.
I left.
I gotta go.
I should go to bed.
Promise me you'll be all right.
Because I'll be there, you know I will.
I know.
I know, Mama, I know.
I'm fine.
I'm calling you tomorrow.
- OK.
- I love you so much.
I love you too.
Bye, baby.
(SIGHS) [VOICEMAIL] Hey, it's Sana.
Please call me back.
We need to talk about what happened at the house [TV] press conference, the FBI mentioned that the suspect known as Leeta Albridge is still at large.
Of course, she is wanted for questioning in connection with the brutal murder of Stella Cross, the adult film star You OK? That would be a no.
Wish I could tell you I was surprised.
I mean, don't mean to sound like a zealot, or, I don't know, but, you know, I'm down with men, right? They're cool.
But the vast majority of them cannot be trusted.
They will screw you tryin' to screw you.
I don't know about the vast majority.
- Well - I knew that guy was a creep.
- Jack.
- Oh, my God, if you say "it was my fault," I will grrrrr! Oh, God! Sorry! Sorry! Killer girl on the run pretends to kill.
(LAUGHING) Not funny! Sorry.
How come you haven't found me? - What? - I told you when you were done with Calliope House find me.
OK, well, first, you're a terrorist, second, you lied to me.
You said I was so special.
I got one taste of specialness, and I betrayed Calliope.
And I kind of got raped.
Well, first, noted.
Sort of.
I mean, there is more to the terrorist thing, which I will tell you if you find me like I asked.
Well, how do you suggest I do that? I left a few bread crumbs.
And second that guy Jack we should put him on a list.
Maybe not to kill, but we definitely maim for sort-of rape.
I hear the small toe is essential for balance.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Yeah, I like it.
Put him on the "to deform" list.
Oh, and screw Calliope House.
What you said in that interview was righteous.
And the thing about Verena she's the star of that show.
Know what I mean, jellybean? It's time for you to move on.
You need to spread your wings and fly.
Like how? Think big, Plum.
Think big.
Can't you just tell me what I should do? I'd really rather you decide.
[TV] who was apparently murdered, still at large.
It's unknown at this time if the murder was retaliation for Jennifer actions or not.
Everything is just so The latest Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans don't approve of Jennifer.
However, younger women and minorities generally support the ideas of the terrorist group, if not their methods.
After the break, Harvard psychiatrist Norma [PLUM] I'd been reading it.
Leeta's journal.
She'd started to feel like my only true friend which was a pretty sure sign I was losing my mind.
I think I do need to talk.
[PLUM] I'm telling you.
Talking to somebody.
What else is there? [SANA] You call the police.
He can't just get away with that.
(JACK GRUNTING) There's no point.
He forced you.
That's assault.
It's not.
I encouraged him.
By the time I said no, he he'd finished.
But you said no.
- Did he stop? - Sort of.
I called him.
We drank.
I went to his house.
It's still a crime.
I don't want to fight that battle.
It was on the line.
Even the way he pushed me, the way he put his hand over my mouth, I think he thought it was I don't know, rough play.
Plum I coulda I feel like I coulda stopped him.
I I could have fought harder, I could have left when it got weird.
I mean, I outweigh the guy.
He just He switched, you know? He was a nice guy, and then he was this pushy bully.
(CRYING) And And I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
It seemed easier just to let him do it.
Oh, my God.
But hey, at least I'm still a virgin.
(LAUGHS) Is that why you went with him? You thought you wanted to have sex? Kind of.
Jack was like a red flag factory, but he wanted me, you know? In an unambiguous, unmarried way.
Unambiguously objectifying.
Maybe that's the best we can do.
We're a type.
Some people like black guys, some people like Asian women, he wanted to play with my fat, I bet somebody wants to lick your scars.
I hate to break it to you, but we're a very specific type.
Being assaulted is not the best you can do.
Please, just just come back to the house with me.
I don't think that's the answer.
But nobody wanted you to leave, Plum.
I'm not comfortable, OK? I just can't.
Everybody judging me, Verena with that neutral tone of voice of hers, I just I can't.
And it's good to be back home.
I had to come back at some point.
Yeah, but being alone right now, it's not what you should I'm not alone.
I have Steven.
Well, good.
So you're in touch.
It's fine.
It just feels wrong, you leaving Calliope like that.
And I know you're mad at Verena, but the New Baptist program is intense.
Intense? (LAUGHS) It's like a cult.
Verena as your charismatic leader you don't see this? You live underground.
You violated a simple rule.
- That I didn't even know.
- Well, you might have.
You didn't even tell Verena you were doing the interview.
- I'm sorry - Listen, I get it.
I get it.
I'm not enlightened enough for you people.
And screw it! Screw them.
Hide out there as long as you want to, but I want my life back.
[PLUM] It looked so nice inside.
But now I knew Steven judged me.
I couldn't deal with that.
Or his gloating "I told you so," or, worst of all, his pity.
But I was so lost.
So lonely.
(LINE OUT RINGING) [VOICEMAIL] This is Dominic O'Shea.
Leave a message.
(BEEP) [PLUM] I almost forgot who hurt me in the first place.
Tell it to your wife, asshole.
(LAUGHING) I just wanted to go back to what had seemed so awful before.
I missed the sameness of it.
Knowing what to expect.
But I knew now that losing weight wouldn't fix everything.
It wouldn't fix this hole inside me.
I would still be me.
Me who ruins everything I touch.
[LEETA'S VOICE] "Julia's wrong on a lot of things, but she is right about Plum.
Anarchists prepare for social revolution and use every means speech, writing, or deed, whichever is more to the point to accelerate revolutionary development.
" Wow.
You wrote that? No.
But I read it really, really intensely.
- (PLUM LAUGHS) - Johann Most.
"Propaganda of the Deed.
" That is what Jennifer is about.
Revolution needs violent public outburst as a catalyst, but well, we are not very great at the communicating part.
I thought the manifesto was Ohh, wordy.
Oh, my God, so wordy.
You are a super-smart person.
But you write like a regular person.
(LAUGHS) We need you.
Well, thank you, but I don't know.
What you're doing is so dangerous.
You were literally going to cut your body open to have a meaningful life.
Have you ever thought about how many women die because of men? Well, to start, three women a day from domestic violence in the U.
I Googled it.
So you have been thinking about it.
[PLUM] I had been thinking about it.
A lot.
[PLUM] Who is this? Lucky for the revolution, I was a vessel waiting to be filled.
What's going on? Tiana? Sofia? [SOFIA] Let's go, princess.
We're here.
[SOFIA] Chop chop! Ahh.
You're a goddess.
(QUIET CHATTER) (SIGH OF RELIEF) I did not like her attitude in the car.
(CHATTER) Belle.
We've been corresponding? Saw your interview for Daisy Chain.
My daughter used to love that stupid magazine.
Get some sleep.
We'll talk in the morning.
This is where you bunk.
Take any sleeping bag that doesn't have a name on it.
Don't go through people's personal items.
If you need something, ask me.
How long have you been living here? Toilet's in there, there's no shower, but we do have hot water for now.
Your training starts tomorrow.
Be up, dressed, and fed before noon.
What am I supposed to do all morning? Wait.
Try to remember you are not the priority here, princess.
Right, then.
Good night.
Sorry, I I had to wait until Stanley left.
He's been spending a lot of time with the staff at UNN.
Cheryl must love that.
These are the old reports on Stanley.
We got police reports, court records, everything he's trying to make disappear.
He's not a groper, but it's not good.
Stanley was always fastidious about making women who don't fall in love with him disappear.
You must have really fallen in love with him at some point, huh? (LAUGHS) Sorry.
That It's not my duck.
I know.
Three separate claims of hostile work environment in 2004.
This one that's the most disturbing by far.
$2 million payout to the former head of HR for slapping her across the face during a dinner meeting.
Well, that's just foreplay for Stanley.
If they'd made it to the bedroom, it would have been ten.
This is good, Dominic.
This is really good.
Yeah, I figure that's worth the bonus you gave me, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- Good.
Because I'm out.
- Well, can I ask why? - Well, you know, it has to do with something called scruples, so it would just bore you.
Well, you can't leave now! You need to see this Stanley thing out.
Here's the thing, Kitty.
It would make things so much more complicated if I was to go over to HR and tell them about all those unwanted advances you made towards me.
Yes, it would.
So I'm gonna go tell Stanley I'm gonna finish out the week.
You know, it's a real shame it didn't work out for you two.
'Cause you're made for each other.
(SHORT LAUGH) That's clever.
(WRITING WITH SHARPIE) (VERENA SIGHS) I don't know why Jake buys me flowers.
He practically cries when they die.
(LAUGHS) Sana you've been leaving practically every room I'm in.
Do you want to talk about it? - I saw Plum.
- How is she? Not well.
She ran from here to one of those men that you set her up with.
- The deviant.
- Ohh.
I know she broke a rule, but to confront her with all of us, to shame her You know that's our process.
It's your process.
This whole place is your process, and if we don't please you, it's into the public square for verbal stoning.
As I recall, you didn't hold back.
I know.
I know.
And I regret that now.
After everything you put her through, after everything you put us all through, I'm not sure we're in our right minds.
And now she's out there alone.
That was her choice.
Nobody made her go through the program, and nobody forced her to leave.
You have no idea how much $20,000 even is to most people, or a room underground where they won't be abused.
I know exactly how much it means.
You can relate.
It's different.
How many women have left like Plum? Julia said that was not the first Oh, of course.
Ha! I should have known.
- She campaigned you.
- We spoke when she stayed here.
Is that not allowed? Julia left.
People leave.
Every single one of you can when you want to.
If we don't want to be little Verenas, we should just go.
That's ridiculous.
You do good.
But if you cannot see that it is reckless Anyone who doesn't like the help that's offered should go.
Am I perfect? No.
But every one of you has free will, and what happens when you leave here is up to you.
- (PLUM GRUNTS) - [Woman] Yo! (WHISPERS) I'm sorry.
I'll be quiet.
You got a mummy bag.
Mine's rectangular.
You can have it.
That's OK, I'm fine.
Take it.
I gotta go patrol anyway.
- Can I come with you? - Shh! [PLUM] Oh.
Why here? I just go where they tell me.
I've never even touched a gun.
It's heavy.
Feels good, though.
Are we on a mission now? Yeah.
I call it "Don't get caught or killed.
" Soledad calls it strategic inaction or something.
- Soledad? - Shit! I mean Belle.
You better be the real deal, or they gonna make me put a bullet in you.
- [PLUM] What's wrong with Belle's face? - Shingles.
So is she your our leader? - Is she Jennifer? - No.
We're all Jennifer.
Can I ask why you joined? You can hit me up for my story after the boat.
What boat? (WHISPERS LOUDLY) What boat? Stanley isn't just our founder and CEO he's a close friend.
But it's come to my attention that Mr.
Austen has engaged in a pattern of discriminatory and, at times, violent behavior against women.
How did you get hold of this? Isn't the correct question: How come you didn't get ahold of it? I find it hard to believe you weren't aware of his behavior.
Why didn't you bring this to our attention years ago? Good question, Ron.
I realized, like so many women and other marginalized people, I normalized his abhorrent behavior as a means of survival.
Let's talk turkey, boys.
If these stories somehow get leaked to our competitors, you are all going down and I will remain unscathed.
What do you want, Kitty? Do you know what my view is right now? An air-conditioning unit.
I want fresh air.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) I want the breeze at the very top, boys.
We can't make you CEO.
The shareholders will panic.
Because I'm a woman? I didn't say that.
Anyone who questions if I deserve this position, all you have to do is outthink me.
Right now, while I wait, you might consider the files you gentlemen would hate to see surface.
As you see I can find them.
The first major media company with a woman at the helm I like the optics.
I motion we remove Stanley Austen as CEO, effective immediately, and appoint Kitty Montgomery CEO.
[BOARD MEMBER 3] I second.
I oppose.
Due diligence requires we interview other candidates.
I'm clean.
Try me.
(ALL MURMURING) Exception proves the rule.
[BOARD MEMBER 1] All in favor? ALL: Aye.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you.
[ELENA] I'm only saying that's a lot of money.
[SOFIA] We can't accept the offer.
Are you insane? The Clark sisters aren't part of this, Julia isn't part of this.
- It's all in cash, right? - I'm with Sofia.
We need to tell that rich white bitch we can't be bought.
She's not trying to buy anyone.
I don't why Julia's doing this, but she is a true believer.
And she's not white.
[MOANA] I don't care who she is.
We're not taking the money.
Who died and made you Jennifer? - Said the rich white bitch.
- Excuse me? [JASMINE] OK, look, how about if the ones who really need it take the money, and the rest keep fighting.
Hold on.
We keep going around and around on this.
We need to come up with a decision so that we can move forward.
Pardon me, ma'am, but we have a non-member present.
I'm ready to sign up.
It's OK, give us a minute.
I recruited her.
If there's a problem, it's mine.
All right? Understood.
The offer requires us all to take it or all to leave it.
I came here to change the world not get paid.
But my vote only counts for one.
Come up front.
You're friends with Julia? Did she send you? No.
I swear.
But she and Leeta were the first to help me.
Leeta talked about you.
She talks a lot.
Is she OK? You'll help get our message out, right? I'll try.
You lost a lot of support when you started killing women.
And college kids? That college girl wasn't ours.
Anybody who says different is lying.
OK, but Jennifer's still partly responsible.
You gotta know that.
You unleashed a fury.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't want in, but I'm not like most people.
When you sent that message, all your thoughts on the manifesto, it pissed me off.
Because you were right.
People talked about the manifesto, but they didn't do anything.
You'll fix that, right? Explain why things have to change.
I'd do for you what I did for Kitty's Girls.
Build activists.
Is that a yes? Hell, yes.
I can help you.
[SERVER] Got your curly fries.
Jacintha and I discussed it, and we're out.
Excuse me? It's not that we don't love you.
Look, we got no answer back on our offer.
Missy was supposed to meet you yesterday.
- But it hasn't even been a week.
- We need to hide.
We're going to the FBI.
Say you got mixed up with those women, and we had no idea until it was too late.
They're not gonna believe you.
And I'm gonna hide.
Your call.
But we have to give them names.
So don't go try and hide with those bitches, 'cause they're dead.
You just gonna let her bully you into this? (SIGHS) This is your mess, sister, and me and my kids cannot pay the price.
[FEMALE NEWSCASTER] The women's march was interrupted today by a bombing.
Sources close to the investigation say it was an anti-Jennifer Pop? Everything OK? So Bobby talks to his wife his wife talks to Marissa.
You know my baby, she tells me everything, yeah? Tells you what? You got Bobby doing you favors? Pulling reports? Goddamn sealed court records? Come on, they hire ex-cops because we got connections.
- You know that.
- No.
They hire you because of me.
OK? If this got out, this would come back on me.
I won't do it again, all right? And this was all on me.
Bobby didn't have anything to do with it.
Bobby's OK.
Well, I quit that gig anyway, so Yeah.
Marissa said.
We good? Sure.
We'll see ya Sunday, huh? Marissa and the kids aren't home.
You're gonna come live with me for a little while.
(HUMORLESS CHUCKLE) What? You know, she kept on saying you were gonna get better.
That things were gonna change once you got off the force.
I mean, she really believed that bullshit.
But I knew.
I knew.
You're a loser.
She's done.
- [JACK] It's all good.
- [PLUM] Stop.
(TYPING) You get five minutes to talk.
Don't say where you are, who you're with, or what you're doing.
I don't Most people don't know phone numbers anymore.
Tiana still has your personal phone, you can look it up.
What's wrong now, princess? I'm tired of talking.
I think you're ready.
So why Detroit? No one will look twice at us here.
Really? Isn't any large group of women gonna draw attention these days? We don't travel in groups, and if anyone did stop us do we look important? Guess I'm safe, too.
Here we are.
(GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOTS) - (CLICK) - I think it's out of ammo.
It's a rite of passage.
- (GUNSHOTS) - Look at him.
Look how he's holding it.
Got it.
Let's get out of here.
- I don't think this is a good idea.
- I don't have a choice.
- What if we get caught? - Stop it.
It's over.
Tell me part of you isn't glad.
(UNLOCKS DOOR) No thank you.
No No thanks.
No thank you.
No thank you.
No thank you.
Baby? - It's Julia.
- No thank you.
No thank you.
No no.
It's getting worse.
Good luck getting anywhere with her.
No no.
No no no no no.
No thank you.
No So who is he? Marco Vespucci.
Former marine.
Got a Purple Heart in Afghanistan.
He raped four women over there.
When one of them finally reported him, he sent her on a suicide mission, then came back to his wife and daughters.
He smokes every day after he pays to have sex with an 11-year-old girl in that building.
Aim for his chest, keep firing until the magazine is empty.
- What? - Then drop the gun and run.
It's untraceable.
You want to join us? This is what we do.
(SOBS) I'm I can't.
I know he's a monster.
- I can't.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
- He's not a monster.
He's a stranger.
I made it up.
Aw, shit, Plum.
You want to be part of this family, you have to be willing to go all the way.
I failed the test.
I'm sorry.
I Stop apologizing.
It's weak.
(PANTING) What, are you are you gonna send me home? You know too much.
What happens to me?! Not my call.
The group has to vote.