Dietland (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Dietland" I want my life back.
WOMAN: Let's go, princess.
Your training starts tomorrow.
These are the old reports on Stanley.
It's not good.
I'm not sure we're in our right minds, and now she's out there alone! JULIA: People talked about the manifesto, but they didn't do anything.
You'll fix that, right? MAN: I motion we remove Stanley Austen as CEO and appoint Kitty Montgomery.
Thank you, gentlemen.
You want to be part of this family? You have to be willing to go all the way.
You want to be part of this family? [PLUM] So many of us live for the idea that a thing, a person, a place, will fix us.
But it never happens.
Not really.
We all have to live with the parts of us that are broken, and find a way to be happy.
I understood that now maybe too late.
Get up here! Get up! Please, you don't have Let me go! I'm not your enemy.
Please, you don't have to do this! You're in.
- What?! - You're in.
- (ALL SNAPPING FINGERS) - I need to sit down.
(ALL LAUGHING) - But I failed the test.
- Yeah.
I don't understand.
The test was your loyalty to the group.
You proved that, coming here in the first place.
[SOLEDAD] And you really thought about pulling the trigger, which, you're not here to kill people, so impressive.
It was our first unanimous vote in a while.
- (LAUGHTER) - Oh, my God.
Girlfriend thought she was dead for sure.
- You gonna be OK? - Yeah.
Good, 'cause you look like shit.
Just voted in a chick that look like shit, y'all.
I'm relieved.
I'll be grateful, I just need a minute.
We still have work to discuss.
[NEWSCAST] Well, as you know, Stormy, Jennifer has remained quiet since the list they dubbed The Penis 100 was published.
Now lots of people are asking do we dare hope their reign of terror has come to an end? We will tackle that That new Daisy Chain editor may have been young, but taste? No.
She's gone now.
I figured you'd have taken Stanley's office.
I'm letting it air out.
Still has the stench of cigars and his untimely demise.
- (DRUMMING FINGERNAIL) - So I think we were at the part where you were groveling.
Look, um I'm havin' My wife and kids, they moved out, and I I know that you don't give a shit about That's correct.
There's an opportunity here that I'm not gonna find anywhere else.
I made a mistake, quitting.
And I think I've proved my worth by gettin' those files for you.
(DRUMS FINGERNAILS) Well, I do need an ally.
A coup must be followed by a purge, naturally.
And there are so few people left I can trust.
OK, I've got nothin' to lose, I'm gonna give it to you straight.
Playing by the rules has gotten me nowhere.
Every time I do the right thing, I get kicked in the teeth.
- The last good cop.
- Yeah.
It's a real riot, I know.
My point is, I'm ready for a change.
No more finishin' last.
And if I know Stanley, I know he's not gonna take this move of yours lightly.
- He's gonna come for you.
- Oh, ya think? I'm working out a few strategies.
Well, you'd be a lot safer if somebody else was in on those plans.
Kiss it.
Excuse me? My foot.
Kiss it.
Come on, Kitty.
You're the one with scruples.
Is it considered harassment if you're not an employee? I shouldn't have said it, all right? I didn't mean it.
Kiss my foot.
Or take a 50% cut in pay.
- I get my job back? - Mm-hmm.
But everything has a price.
Are your scruples worth half your salary? I don't give a shit if you want to screw me.
What I need is your loyalty.
- Is that a yes? - Yes, ma'am.
[SOLEDAD] So, next target.
All in favor of Congressman Wells? Wait.
We're not ready for a vote.
How do you expect us to pull this off without money? We're almost tapped out.
We have friends who want to support us other than Julia and her sisters.
Other people.
- You keep saying that.
- It takes time! I can't just get on the phone and call them.
Missy's working on it.
She's out in the field, she's working on it.
[SOFIA] In the meantime, we should be working on our next target.
But why Wells? There's gotta be somebody easier to take out than a congressman.
Someone who means more.
Actually, his head of security's about 100 years old, and not so up on the latest.
And he is meaningful.
He is destroying women's reproductive rights.
But think about how it looks.
The Dirty Dozen.
Stella Cross.
And then some ancient, backwater congress dude? It looks like we're hurt or something, like we're bitching out.
If you say "optics" one more time, Moana, - I swear to God - My problem is that you and Sofia think you're the leaders, even though having leaders is patriarchal crap.
I used to feel the same way, until I realized how hard it is to get 12 people to agree on anything.
I'm beginning to understand why dudes love dictatorships.
- I said it.
- (ALL TALKING AT ONCE) [JASMINE] What I want to know, what I want to know what's our endgame here? We just keep killing people? - Until when? - Until women feel safer.
Until they have some measure of real equality.
- But how does that happen? - That's why Plum is here.
She's gonna help us do that.
I I don't Please.
We need fresh eyes on this.
You should go after Congressman Wells.
He's a menace to women.
And you need to keep the heat on.
Keep up the feeling that you're everywhere, and scary.
(ALL SNAPPING FINGERS) But your messaging needs work, and Thank you for making that so clear.
All right.
- We ready to take a vote? - Can we table that vote just for a minute and go back to the Clark sisters' financial offer? Can we just have one conversation? If we're going to open up the agenda, can we put our language back on it? You're all steeped in the parlance of the oppressor, and it brings me down.
This is how we're going to die.
Nobody's going to catch us, we're going to talk ourselves to death.
(ALL LAUGH) No, but seriously, can we put it on? [ALL] No! Does that feel better? OK.
You want to try to eat something? That's blood.
No, it's jelly, baby.
I'm not a baby, I am I'm a witch.
That's blood.
It's blood.
You're You're tricking me.
- No.
- You're tricking me.
It's Snow's.
Are you No, you're trying to trick me! - Wait.
- No, no, no, no, no! - Shh, shh, shh, shh! - No, no, no, no, no, no! We're your friends, sweetie, we're your friends.
- Nobody's tricking you.
- (LEETA SOBBING) Shhh! It's OK.
It's OK, baby.
It's OK.
I killed her.
I I killed her.
Who? Who? Stella? No, Snow White! Snow White! I kill I killed Snow White! And And now I'm never I was I was I was gonna live forever, I was gonna live forever.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
I told you.
There's no disguise good enough to get her past security in the lobby.
- We're dead.
We're so - Eladio.
OK, look at me.
Look at me.
Honey pie? I'm gonna take you somewhere nice.
Somewhere you'll feel better.
Would you like that? Shh shh shh shh.
All right, the lobby is out.
We'll find another way.
But you you have to keep it together.
Do you understand? - (LEETA CRYING) - Shh What is that? I have a reputation around here for cutting to the point.
I see the usefulness of someone like you on our team, but I had to be convinced, and I still have serious doubts.
Physically, you are not up to the task.
That's not true.
I'm very healthy.
It's a misconception that fat people Can you run for 30 minutes without stopping? What? That's not even half of what I demand from the others.
Can you? It depends.
Well, if we get into trouble and you can't keep up, I've already told Soledad I will shoot you.
Nobody withstands torture.
You will crack like an egg if they catch you.
(WHISPERS) Sofia is a full-on cuntch.
A what? "Bitch" and "C-U-Next-Tuesday.
" If I get caught saying any of the forbidden words, we'll have to have another meeting.
Thank you.
I appreciate you saying that.
At first we were bonded in sisterhood and agreed on everything.
But we're burnt out.
Everyone wants to kill each other.
We can't start this feast without you.
It's in your honor.
To Plum.
Our newest member.
[ALL] To Plum! Jennifer lives! (ALL CHEERING) (LAUGHTER, CHATTER) What is this place, anyway? Well, a friend of Sofia's started a business here, but it went bust.
So When I first got the call to join, I imagined, like, something fancy.
[PLUM] Yeah.
When you "got the call.
" How did that start? Who called you? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
Although I am here to get the real story you know, so "herstory" doesn't become "hisstory.
" Right.
So, um, Soledad met some of us in a support group.
And she had deep connections from the army.
She's that kind of person, you know? A hub.
And then Soledad got her hands on some serious cash, and she reached out to people she thought would be - Down to clown.
- Yes! Down to clown.
I was in school.
I'd already paid my tuition.
It was hard to walk away.
But you did.
Why? You're good at this stuff, huh? Writing? You know, I don't suck.
[SOLEDAD] OK, Plum, in addition to this sumptuous meal, we have another little ritual for you.
(ALL EXCLAIM) And Truth or Dare? (ALL CHEERING) (LAUGHTER, CHATTER) The itsy-bitsy spider Went up the water spout Down came the rain, and washed the bad dude out Down came the rain You got the words wrong! (ALL LAUGH) Sorry we're a little wasted.
Don't apologize.
I like it.
You've had a teaspoon of whiskey.
We can't all be British alcoholics like some people.
- Whoa! - Ooh Are we done now? Yeah? You're done.
[SOLEDAD] Who do you pick? Hmm I pick Sofia.
[ALL] Whoo! - Truth or Dare? - Truth.
Dare's are too loud.
- (LAUGHTER) - OK, um, truth.
What is your favorite Jennifer memory? Well, after I was discharged, my PTSD got worse.
Not from anything I'd done in the service.
From what was done to me.
Being raped.
That was bad enough, but what was almost worse was to be told it didn't happen.
I actually thought I was going crazy.
Maybe I was in a relationship and I hadn't realized it.
Maybe I'd implied consent for this man to come into my room whilst I was asleep and have sex with me every night by my occasional smile and that I deserved exactly what I got.
I am an alcoholic.
I've always needed a drink or ten to keep my voices at bay.
But no matter how much I drank, this one voice would not stop.
"You do not have to live with this.
" So one night I decided, and put the barrel of the gun in my mouth and the phone rang.
And it was Soledad calling me with a reason to live.
[TIANA] That was not funny.
At all.
Can we have another dare? - Whoo! - Yeah, please.
You need that You need that like you need a hole in her head.
A hole A hole in the head.
The who The whole The whole head had The whole had has a hole in the head.
The whole (DOORBELL RINGS) The whole head is a hole (DOOR OPENS) Want some concealer? You look a little beat.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) How much does this stuff go for? It's expensive, right? I have no idea.
We don't sell them.
The products are for in-house use.
Yeah, but if I was to throw a case of this on eBay, what do you think I'd get for it? What do you want? - People tell me you're close to Julia.
- So what? I'm close with a million people.
A million, huh? It's New York.
I'm popular.
You close to any of Julia's friends? OK, to be rude, I spoke to the police, the FBI, and God herself.
I could not be cleaner if I were Arctic snow.
Yeah, I don't believe that.
No one around here's clean.
But you know what? Not my duck, not my bottle.
- I don't know what that means.
- See, my problem is, I get all tangled up in stuff.
Ya know? Like right, wrong But you're a cop.
I was a cop.
A married cop.
Not anymore.
Are you hitting on me? What's happening? I'm explaining to you that I don't care.
I don't care if you're all the way up Jennifer's ass.
I need to get in touch with Plum.
The thing is, Plum (CLEARS THROAT) I barely know her.
Well, Julia does, huh? Leeta? Somebody? Plum.
She's your duck.
She's somethin'.
Look, you just get me a way to get in touch with her.
She's not pickin' up her phone.
Honestly, I have no idea how to reach Plum.
Leeta was the one who was closest to Plum, and, you know, Julia and Leeta, they're not around.
Well I'm sure you're gonna figure it out.
[ALL] Whooooah! [ALL CHANTING] Plum! Plum! Plum! Plum! Plum! Plum! Plum! Dare! Dare! Dare! OK.
Recite the first poem you ever wrote, from memory.
That is evil.
Go on, sell it.
Stand up.
(LAUGHS) All right! "Compassion.
" By Plum.
Why? (LAUGHTER) - That's the whole thing.
- (ALL LAUGH) (ALL SNAPPING FINGERS) [SOLEDAD] OK, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Our guest of honor still has to answer one more question.
Oh, God.
Why are you here? Really.
No wrong answer.
Well uh, my father left my mom when I was a baby, so that made me weird.
And, as you may have noticed, I'm fat.
(ALL SNAPPING FINGERS) I'm tired of being the kid who gets kicked.
I'm doing the kicking now.
OK? Soledad? What about you? Why are you here? Really.
[TIANA] Oh, boy.
Also not funny.
So, yeah.
Most of us here are survivors of sexual violence.
It happened to me, in the military.
My father's a lieutenant colonel, my grandfather was a major, my brother's a marine.
But they couldn't protect me.
I tried to get past it.
Get my faith back, in people, the system.
It failed me, but I thought it was just the army, you know? And then I wasn't supposed to get called back up again, but I did.
And while I was away, my daughter Luz, she was raped by a few guys who drank in the neighborhood.
I came back home.
I tried to help her, but all she could feel was my anger.
She was only 13.
But people still called her trash, slut.
So she ended it.
Threw herself in front of a train.
(TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS, WHEELS SCREECH) We never found one of the guys, but the other two You threw 'em off a bridge.
After torturing them, yeah.
And then it just snowballed, and we figured, those two assholes can't be the only ones who deserved to pay for what they did.
I got a lot of tough friends.
So What about Leeta? How did she get involved? She organized a survivors group at the Women's Center.
She also watched Luz for me whenever I had to go out.
[MOANA] That's a good girl.
A good heart.
I told her that I needed the money the Clark sisters gave us, and it didn't take much to convince her after what happened.
But we never should have let her help with Stella.
Truth or Dare, right? This ain't your grandma's army.
Poor Soledad.
I remember that stuff about the train wreck.
I was only half paying attention.
That's why they call it "woke," right? I didn't get it before, that we're half-asleep to the truth of stuff, and then one day we wake up.
Do you ever - What? - Nothin'.
Dude, I'm not a narc.
I promise.
You can tell me stuff.
I won't run to Mommy.
Do you ever wish you could go back to being less awake? Sure.
I mean, this woke stuff is the worst.
But once you see the Matrix, you can't unsee it, right? Where is everyone, anyway? New sleeping arrangements.
We'll be warmer over here.
Come on.
Get comfortable.
- (WHISPERING) Good night.
- [Soledad] Shush.
Down to the wire and faltering.
It was just twelve of us, but it felt like more.
It felt like we were the still-beating heart of a body mistakenly left for dead.
I think I'm ready to kiss.
I need to tell you something first.
I'm not a tiger.
And since I'm not I'm supposed to be able to control myself, but you make it really hard.
Yeah, I do.
(LAUGHS) - Can you focus, please? - Sorry.
I want you.
I need you.
Do you understand what I'm saying? (SIGHS) Yeah.
Why don't we do this all the time? Because (GROWLS) (EXHALES) (DRY-FIRES PISTOL) Hmm.
Instant coffee.
Any coffee's better than no coffee.
No word from Missy? Ohh.
You don't miss a trick, do you? I am very attuned to tricks.
Yep, me too.
You wanna talk about it? Your dream? I don't know.
Kinda mad at my dream self for bringing it up.
There was a guy.
That's all.
He treat you bad? No worse than the others.
That makes him a prince, right? Here's the thing.
You meet a lot of men in the army.
- Like, tons, - I bet.
They're all just as screwed up as we are.
Ya know? All those young dudes are so jacked up on testosterone I'm surprised they didn't screw and kill each other.
Well, sometimes they did, but not a lot.
So they get a pass because of hormones? Women never get a pass.
Our hormones Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you seriously asking me if I give guys a pass? Yeah, I mean, you know, between throwing men out of airplanes and ripping their arms off, you're just handing out passes.
- I never ripped a guy's arm off.
- Yet.
- That's true.
- (PLUM LAUGHS) The point is, some of those guys became my brothers.
They did right by me, and all the other women on that base.
They would have killed those dudes if they knew they hurt me.
So why aren't they here? Helping us? I never asked.
This is our fight.
I'm here to see Agent Grace.
My name is Verena Baptist.
[VERENA] Some of them have been involved from the beginning.
- Since the freeway murders? - Yes.
This is What I have to say I can remain anonymous, yes? You're protected.
Thank you.
I'm a feminist and a pacifist.
It's taken me years to establish my community, you understand.
If I'm linked to Jennifer's downfall, it wouldn't be good for anyone.
- Got it.
- OK.
We'll take care of you.
Some people are just so reckless and selfish.
Can't just go unpunished for that.
Who can't? [VOICEMAIL] Hello, you've reached Kitty Montgomery.
Or, well, you haven't.
Leave a message.
Are you enjoying this? Letting me leave another message, not calling me back? OK, here's my message.
A while ago you said I used to be a lion.
You remember that? "You used to be a lion, Stanley.
" Well, forget it, forget what I said, forget "used to be," because you bitches, you brought the lion back, you have brought him back from the dead.
And your Jennifer, they can kill every single they can drop guys off planes and building I am going to drop the building on you, Kitty! You are going to slowly expire with a thousand tons of bricks on your head.
That will be your tomb.
Believe it.
What are you doing? Working.
Trying to.
I hate writing on paper, it's so slow.
Can I hear what you wrote? Oh, it's a work in progress.
So is everything good.
So I'm trying to make the ideas from the manifesto more actionable.
"Here's the thing.
The part of the revolution that Jennifer has taken on is creating the urgency.
They kill people.
'Change or die.
' But the rest, that's up to us.
It's fine to say 'Topple the patriarchy, ' but seriously, what does that look like on your to-do list? 'Milk.
Topple the patriarchy?'" (LAUGHS) That's good.
"Every nation has an OS, just like your computer, and sometimes it needs a serious update.
How do you change it? March.
Make yourself a thorn in the side of the status quo.
But you also have to become the status quo.
Run for office.
Lobby your representative.
Not as sexy as murder, but trust me: Laws.
That's what makes the primal beast behave.
" - Um - No? I don't know about the part about the status quo.
- That's not really our jam.
- [MOANA] You guys.
Somebody narc'd on you.
[SOFIA] Julia.
Told you we should have given her an answer.
Doesn't matter now.
Code black now! - [PLUM] What's code black? - [SOLEDAD] Skip it.
Come on! - But But - That's an order! Wait! Our fingerprints are on everything! Come on, forget it.
[CHERYL] Ratings are still through the roof, Madam CEO.
I'm hoping now that Stanley is out, I can get back to reporting the actual news.
Right? So here's the thing.
We've been friends a long time, so this is hard to say.
I feel you've lost your way at UNN.
How so? You've started to behave as if the news were about you.
(LAUGHS) That is ridiculous.
Come on.
When you sit at that anchor desk, you don't work for one person or one network you work for an idea.
The idea of Austen Media.
What we stand for.
And what does Austen Media stand for? Integrity, of course.
(CHUCKLES) Of course.
Oh, shoot.
I have something now.
I am the most recognizable, respected anchor at UNN.
But if you feel my job is, I don't know, mindlessly following orders, then maybe this isn't the right home for me.
Oh, Cheryl.
I'm so glad you feel the same way.
Well! Good! Thank you for all your good work.
Ex Excuse me.
What? Well, you just quit.
No, I-I said maybe Well, that's not what I heard.
- Is that what you heard, Dominic? - No, ma'am.
We'll get into it with your team, send out a press release "good terms," all that.
I hope wherever you land, it's great for you, and that you find the freedom you crave.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
She says "mindlessly following orders" as if that's a bad thing.
- Like? - (GRUNTS) Hmm.
This way.
[PLUM, WHISPERING] You think they'll find us this fast? The FBI? [SOFIA] Of course they'll find us fast.
We can't pay everyone off.
Oh, my God.
Just follow my lead, you'll be OK.
I told you.
Dead weight.
Not now.
Not the time.
I'm fine.
I'm good.
Tiana's got the van? Yeah.
We're just waiting for the signal.
Meeting place has been set.
Tiana and Moana are good.
The best.
- I read an article about - Not now, ladies.
(MUTTERING QUIETLY) My heart can't take much more of this.
- Her Ambien's kicking in.
- Oh, thank God.
I'm gonna get the car.
When I'm there, I'll call you.
Look at me.
We're good.
Just do what I told you.
The feds.
Don't leave her.
Jugu Jug Jugular.
Such a weird word.
It's so so What is the word? I can't do this.
I can't I can't do this.
I'm so sorry.
What if the storm ends And I don't see you As you are now Ever again The perfect halo Of gold hair and lightning Sets you up against The planet's last dance Just for a minute The silver-forked sky Lit you up like a star That I will follow Now it's found us Like I have found you I don't want to run Just overwhelm me - (SIRENS WAIL) - Can you run? - I think so.
- Know so.
I don't want to die.
I can't die.
I'm sorry.
(SIRENS WAIL) - I'm gonna go check it out.
- No.
You're too valuable.
I'm gonna go.
That's an order.
(SIRENS CONTINUE WAILING) Somebody do something.
- (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) - (CAR DOORS SLAM) Put your hands up! Freeze! - She's got a gun! - Drop the weapon! Drop it! (GUNSHOTS RING OUT) (PLUM GASPING FOR BREATH) Move your fat ass! [STANLEY ON VOICEMAIL] You are going to slowly expire with a thousand tons of bricks on your head.
That will be your tomb.
Believe it.
I genuinely thought this would be more fun.
Which part? Stanley or the job? I don't even know.
Have to do something about him.
What you been thinkin'? It's radical.
I'd expect nothin' less.
You've seen the news? They started arresting people.
No names yet.
- But Jennifer's going down.
- Yeah? Which means that that list of theirs with Stanley and all those CEOs, those guys are safe now.
But if they weren't safe, then that would be very helpful to me.
Professionally speaking.
- OK, but you - I want you to find somebody inside Jennifer.
Someone still standing.
Arrange a meeting.
They could use a strong ally, and so could I.
Don't think.
Just do it.
Hear the news? About the arrests, yeah.
Right under our nose this whole time.
Pretty crazy.
Wait, who who got arrested? The lady from the beauty closet.
The weird one.
Julia? - What about Eladio? - I don't know.
Hey Who's Eladio? Hi.
Is it time? [VOICEMAIL] This is Plum Kettle.
Leave a message.
Nothin' fancy.
I'll call you back.
Uh I don't know where you are, and I was worried about you, so I, uh I got into your place.
Um (LAUGHS) I broke in.
But I mean, I In a I had to.
You'll understand.
Um (LEETA MUTTERING) I have something here that I think you want.
I don't know.
Uh I don't know what I'm doing.
It's just, um all I have is my gut, ya know, and my gut tells me that you're good.
A good person.
I used to think I was one, too, but I mean, I-I want to be one.
So call me back.
(MUTTERING SOFTLY) I don't know if I can do this! You were a hostage.
Got it? When they find you, you know nothing.
Tell our story.
[PLUM] I watched Soledad and the others drive off, and I was lost.
Where else was left for me? Then I realized.
It wasn't just that I had burned every bridge it was hope.
[PETER GABRIEL] My body is cage [PLUM] What had I learned about myself, really? I was a fighter.
A crazy, adventure-lovin', bad-ass mama.
And I really did believe the world could be a better place.
Even just a little.
Wait! Is a [TIANA] I think we in the clear now.
My body is a cage And My mind holds the key