Dig (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

The Well of Souls

1 Previously on Dig Don't touch her! This Yussef Khalid, he took some kind of stone? - Any idea what that's about? - No.
I want Josh back.
The other two? Any liabilities are to be eliminated.
This affair never should have gone past the hotel lobby.
Did I have an affair with Emma Wilson? Yes.
Did I kill her? No.
This is tunnel seven.
We got too close to the Temple Mount.
No one's allowed to dig near there.
There is no greater assurance of life than sacrificial death.
Found a passport in his jacket.
His name is That's okay.
I know who he is.
Gunshot residue.
What is that? Number.
What is that? Digital time card.
A what? Used to log hours at work.
Can it be traced? Yes.
Gola What the hell.
I'm still on parole.
This is so messed up.
What the hell are they gonna do to him in that place? It's a long story.
Well, now's as good a goddamn time as any to let me know.
It's all about the end of days.
The what? Armageddon.
The Rapture.
In order to bring about the Second Coming, the Temple in Jerusalem needs to be rebuilt.
They need a high priest to do that.
So that's why they need Josh.
What? That kid? A high priest? What's that, like, some kind of superhero or something? I believed them.
I just didn't think they'd go this far.
I mean, they killed the other one.
Are you clean? Yes! Okay, look.
We'll sleep here for a few hours, then we'll drive to Albuquerque.
They have to have an FBI office there.
We'll go there tomorrow morning and tell them everything.
Okay? Maybe it's some kind of an architectural blueprint.
Yeah, this could be a room with a tunnel leading to it over there.
Or the whole thing's a symbol, or a mark or something.
Run it through the FBI and Interpol databases.
Something I should know about? No, not really.
It's a symbol I saw in Emma Wilson's journal, and I saw it again last night at the dig site.
Wait, are you in possession of the victim's journal? No.
I was.
I handed it over.
Followed protocol.
The whole case just took a turn.
What? Two kids found Yussef Khalid's body in the woods this morning.
Apparently, he did us all a favor and killed himself.
It still doesn't tell us who killed Emma Wilson.
Well, we're gonna let the local police deal with that.
I need everyone focused on security for the Secretary of State's visit.
I need you to stop what you're doing, shift gears, and regain some perspective, or risk compromising your position here.
Is this about me not coming to the hospital last night? Because I apologized for that.
This has nothing to do with that 'cause I'm a legal attaché.
You're my deputy.
I'm telling you what to do.
Peter, I think I got something.
These are for you.
What? The symbol showed up with a match to a missing person case here in Jerusalem six months ago.
Gregory Donaldson.
Found after three days, delirious, nearly unconscious.
- Is he still alive? - Yep.
It looks like they admitted him to Shalvata Psychiatric Institute.
We usually keep him heavily sedated to prevent him from harming himself.
Or anyone else, for that matter.
Gregory, you have a visitor.
My name's Peter Connelly.
I'm with the American Consulate here.
I'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's okay.
We believe his psychotic state is a form of Jerusalem Syndrome.
What? Oh, we see hundreds of cases a year.
Pilgrims, tourists who come to Jerusalem become overwhelmed by the history, the religious fervor.
They hallucinate, lose track of time, hear voices.
Can I see his, um Jesus.
Can I take a look at this, please, Gregory? What is this? Gregory, this symbol here.
What is that? Jehoshaphat? What does that mean, Gregory? Jehoshaphat Why did you write that? The fixation.
Common to a psychotic episode.
They single out one word, one concept, and obsess on repeating and Hey.
I'm very sorry.
Usually, he's quite docile on his medication.
It's fine.
Does he have any visitors? Someone I can talk to about him? - Friends or family? - Um Hila, can you give me a list of visitors for Gregory Donaldson? Gregory Donaldson There is a young woman who has been visiting consistently.
They seem very close.
Can I get Gregory's last known address in Jerusalem, please? How you doing? I found this outside.
Does it belong to someone here? Looks like ours.
Can you check? Sure.
It's Eli's, he's our barman.
Is that his address? His shift starts at 5.
I'll give it to him.
I wouldn't wait up for him if I were you.
Hi, do you speak English? Um, my name is Peter Connelly.
I'm with the consulate here.
I can't help you.
Go away.
Hold on.
I'm just trying to find out if anybody knows anything about this.
So, what'd they say? They put me on hold for a while, so I hung up.
I mean, I couldn't think what to say that wouldn't sound crazy.
Listen, first thing tomorrow morning, we're gonna tell them in person.
This whole thing is gonna be over.
They haven't seen me in, like, three years.
I was just looking in the mirror, and I look older.
You are still so beautiful.
I've got a 20 on their location.
Sahara Springs Motel on Route 17.
Don't do anything yet.
I'm sending someone.
I fell asleep.
Who's Elena? How how do you know about her? You were mumbling her name.
I had a dream about her.
Do you think If you think the sin, then you have committed it.
There are ways to be cleansed.
We need to stop here for Shabbat.
This should do.
What if they come back? They won't.
This will do.
For your redemption.
We met at a café called Sergei.
He was a very sweet American.
We moved in together after a couple of weeks.
Then one day, he got a package in the mail.
His father died when he was three.
On Gregory's 21st birthday, his adoption file was unsealed, and he received the letter from his father.
What did the letter say? I don't know.
I just know he wasn't the same man after that.
He got really depressed and paranoid.
He kept talking about people who were after him.
What people? He called them the Order of Moriah.
He was convinced they were some secret society that had to do with his father's death.
And then, one day, he just disappeared.
And they found him a week later in the tunnels below the old city.
He had carved that thing into his chest.
I should have believed what he was telling me.
Do you still have the package? Someone from the police or the Shin Bet came to the house a few days later.
They took everything.
Thank you.
I lost someone close to me.
I know how painful it is.
They took everything but this.
I don't know what it is, or where it opens, but I know Greg wouldn't have wanted them to have it.
Hey, Liat, I need a favor.
Just between us.
I'm gonna send you a picture of a key.
It has a serial number on it.
I need you to try and track it for me.
All right.
What's up? I think we found the killer.
Are you sure this will work? I don't know that prayer.
You warm enough? Yes, thank you.
Listen, I know you must be scared.
And you must have a lot of questions right now.
But I want you to know, you're safe.
I would never hurt you.
I'd never let anyone hurt you.
We don't need that anymore, right? I don't know.
Something doesn't look right.
Well, looks can be deceiving.
You sometimes pass for a cop.
Think about it.
What's this guy's connection to Yussef Khalid? The clay pot with the ashes, Jerusalem Heritage Center.
He worked at Cafe Sergei.
He had access.
So we don't have a connection yet.
Doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Did you ever hear of the Order of Moriah? I saw them in concert a few years back.
Pretty good.
Why? It's a secret society.
The symbol was in Emma's journal.
Also showed up in a missing person's file from Jerusalem.
American kid, 21 years old.
Gregory Donaldson.
He carved the symbol on his chest.
I went to see him in a psychiatric institution.
- What did he say? - Nothing He can't.
His brain is fried.
So I talked to the girlfriend.
- You okay? - Oh, shit.
Come on.
I got you.
Hey, hey, hey! That's for my nose.
Now let's get started.
Tell me about Emma Wilson.
Where'd you two meet? Come on.
Oh you didn't meet.
That face, that body.
Every morning she came to the cafe.
You were invisible to her.
She wasn't like that.
What? She wasn't like that.
She was nice.
Then why did you kill her? I'll be right back.
What the hell do you think you're doing? You're supposed to show him the symbol.
You said you'd show him the symbol.
- Let me do my job.
- Look, he didn't do it.
- That's not the guy.
- And you know that how? Because it's ridiculous.
It's too convenient.
Well, that's called police work.
I've tracked the evidence, tied him to Emma Wilson - You tracked How did you tie - That's my job.
They're trying to drag us off the trail.
You're following the wrong lead.
And what lead should we Gregory Donaldson.
We need to find out who carved the symbol into his chest.
The symbol from the victim's diary.
The symbol you were supposed to be showing him.
They're the people who killed her.
He's a patsy.
You have a serious problem, you know that? You drive everyone nuts.
You talk too much.
You think too much.
I'm done following your crazy theories.
This is my suspect.
Stay out of my business.
Just ask him about the Order of Moriah! I've never heard of such a ritual.
You never needed cleansing before.
But it's not in the Torah.
Centuries of translations have compromised the Torah.
Tainted it.
The prayer was not from the Torah.
It is from the scrolls.
The scrolls? Lynn, listen to me.
Detective Cohen has been in there for hours, and the guy is not talking.
I'm sure he's being very persuasive.
Just give it some time.
He's got the wrong guy and he's asking the wrong questions.
I need you to get him transferred to my custody.
I don't have that kind of jurisdiction.
Then get authorization for me to question him.
Pull some rank.
Peter, I don't have rank over the local police, you know that.
Then call in a favor.
I need five minutes with this guy.
Hold on.
What's going on in there? He's getting ready to make a statement.
He wants to confess.
What? Congratulations.
I gotta call you back.
Damn it.
Can you get me a car downstairs, please? I got to go to the police station.
Oh Josh, what are you doing out here? I found these in there.
Oh, I guess it's your lucky day.
You can open the top.
It's a toy.
Satan isn't a toy.
Different people believe in different things.
Why did you take me from the compound? To protect you.
From what? My teachers? You think that everything they've taught me is a lie, don't you? Come here.
You see that? You see how beautiful that is? God did that.
Created it all.
The good, the bad.
It's all I know.
Pastor Billingham says that every star represents a soul.
And that there's a place where all these souls reside, called the Well of Souls, beneath the ancient temple in Jerusalem.
Is that a lie, too? Go after her! Let her go.
I have a better idea.
Ignore it.
There's construction next door.
Yes, could I speak to, uh, Detective Golan Cohen, please? No, it can't wait.
I'm calling from his son Giddy's third grade class.
There's been an emergency, and, uh, I need to speak to him right away.
I can hold.
There's a call for you.
Your son's school.
Now? They said it's an emergency.
I know you didn't kill her.
Hello? Hello? They hung up.
Call the school again.
All right, I know about the Order of Moriah.
I don't know what they told you, what they have over you, what you're scared of, but I can protect you.
Giddy's teacher is American? He's not.
He's Whatever the plan is, it's not gonna happen.
We're on to it.
Son of a bitch.
You got about five seconds before that door opens, then I won't be able to help you.
He's lying to you.
Can't you see that he's lying? Who are you working for, huh? Who are you Son of a bitch.
Peter! Ah! Wow.
What the hell is wrong with you? Telephone? I'll explain later.
What? What did he do exactly? He made me get into a bath of ice.
He wore a white robe.
And he mumbled a weird prayer.
I don't know what it was.
Not from the Mishnah or even the Talmud.
I asked him about it This man is not one of us.
He's very dangerous.
He's an Essene.
An Essene? Essene, yes He's trying to stop you and the calf.
Which will stop the Messiah from coming.
Where is he right now? Sleeping, I think.
You need to go back to the house.
Go to the kitchen.
Grab the biggest, sharpest knife.
Are you listening? Yes.
Take the knife and plunge it through his heart.
You understand how important this is Avram.
Call me when it's done.
Just put your weight into it.
Gravity will do the rest.
Perhaps your tears will repent for all the spilled blood.
Innocent blood.
But I'm innocent, too Are you? Stop.
This will do.
This was used for cattle.
Please forgive me.
God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to teach him obedience.
But then he withheld Abraham's hand to teach him about love.
Look I know that was Out of control.
I get it.
I'm relieving you of your position.
- You're going home.
- Lynn.
Your flight leaves in three hours.
Your drivers will escort you back to the hotel to pack, and then you're going to the airport.
This is bigger than you and me.
It's bigger than Emma Wilson's murder.
The people who killed her are planning something that could throw the whole region into chaos.
Maybe the world.
I need your badge and gun.
Give me a second.
Look, I'm sorry about the phone call.
School stuff.
I'm more pissed about you leaving, after you promised to teach Giddy math.
If he fails his test, it's on you.
What's that? It's your case.
In a couple of days Maybe a week, maybe a month, your suspected killer in there is gonna be found dead in his cell.
They'll tell you he killed himself like Yussef Khalid, and the case will be closed.
The real answer lies in whatever this key fits.
Just take it.
See you later, partner.
Listen, if I'm not out of that building in 20 minutes, I want you to leave the car and run as fast as you can away from here.
Go find someone you think you can trust, and ask them to take you to the police.
Why don't you scoot down a little bit, okay? Can I help you? I'm here to report a crime.
Have a seat over there.
I'll call an agent.
Is there someone named Debbie here? You Debbie? For you.
Hello? Where's the boy? He's safe.
He's with me.
I don't see him with you.
/i Listen, you don't scare me.
I'm gonna report everything.
Everything! No, actually, you're not.
You're not gonna say a word.
In fact, you're going to walk out of the building right now.
- And if I don't? - We'll kill Charlie.
In 30 seconds, the elevator door across the lobby will open, and the agent you called will come looking for you.
If you're still there when that happens, Charlie is dead.
Now, you have 15 seconds.
Make up your mind.
No- No- No This isn't happening.
I can't believe it.
Red! Red! Just you.
The rest can stay out here.
Margrove, you know I hate dust.
Come on.
Come on.
You won't believe what you're about to see.
Give me your hand.
Nobody's been in here for 2,500 years.
Is that Arabic? We're directly under the Dome of the Rock.
Right below the Foundation Stone.
Welcome to the Well of Souls.
You boys planning on packing my underwear for me? Fine.
But don't take too long.
Flight leaves at 9:00.
I need your help.