Dig (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Trust No One

- Previously on Dig - I think we found the killer.
That's not the guy.
We're following the wrong lead.
You ever hear of the Order of Moriah? It's a secret society.
The symbol was in Emma's journal.
Also showed up in a missing person's file from Jerusalem.
American kid, 21 years old.
Gregory Donaldson.
He carved the symbol on his chest.
I don't know what it is, or where it opens, but I know Greg wouldn't have wanted them to have it.
- What's that? - It's your case.
Your suspected killer in there is going to be found dead in his cell.
Why did you take me from the compound? To protect you.
I want Josh back.
I'm gonna report everything.
We'll kill Charlie.
This is bigger than you and me.
Is that Arabic? We're directly under the Dome of the Rock.
I'm relieving you of your position.
Your flight leaves in three hours.
Your drivers will escort you back to the hotel to pack and then you're going to the airport.
Agent Connelly! It's Debbie.
All right.
Who did you just call? Pastor Billingham.
He's agreed to release Charlie.
One condition, though He wants me back.
You should do what they want, Debbie.
They won't hurt me.
It's not about that, Josh.
Look, these are bad people.
You don't belong with them.
And I promised you a new start.
I can't just hand you back.
So what are we going to do? I arranged a meeting in the desert.
It's 10 miles from here.
Billingham's going to bring Charlie there.
Okay, then let's go there.
Yeah, we will.
But first we're going shopping.
Oh Weren't you supposed to be halfway to America by now? My plans changed.
Golan Cohen meet Emma Wilson.
Holy shit.
It was all a lie.
A charade.
A few weeks ago, I met a man in a restaurant who asked me if I wanted to make some extra money.
He made it all sound so innocent, like some sort of prank or practical joke.
And he wanted me to get your attention.
- Me? - He told me what to say, how to behave, gave me specific phrases to use.
Even had me dye my hair red.
That night, after I said good-bye to you, I met with the man who hired me.
I thought he was going to give me my money.
Instead, he grabbed me and he threw me into a car.
They drove me to a building somewhere.
It was cold.
There were rats.
Drink this.
Every day, I thought I was going to die.
So I'd say good-bye to people in my head.
My parents, my friends, people I love And then this morning, I heard them talking about killing me for real.
So I pretended to be sick.
And then when one of the guards came close, I ripped his face.
When they asked you to dye your hair red they say why? All I know is, somebody who knows you is giving them specific information.
Uh, yeah! Liat.
Hey, what's up? - Did you hear? - What? Peter Connelly never made it on the plane.
What? How? He escaped from the guards when they got to his hotel.
Jesus Christ.
- Did you put out an APB? - I wanted ask you first.
I didn't just in case you didn't want anyone No, that's good.
That's right.
Before he left the Consulate, he asked me to trace this.
He wanted me to take a look at this key that he found.
He thought it may have something to do with the Emma Wilson case.
Yeah, and? Turns out it fits a safety deposit box in the Tel Aviv Credit Union on Hillel Street.
Might help us figure out where he is.
Oh, I have a pretty good place to start.
A little more Hold on, one more.
That's it.
I'll get this to the lab, have them run it for DNA.
The night we met, you slipped a stone into my pocket.
Why? Because they told me to.
They didn't say why.
And Yussef Khalid was in your apartment.
- How did he know - Because you didn't follow him there.
He led you there.
Whatever's going on has a lot to do with you.
This man who hired you would you recognize him again? - Lynn Monahan.
- Shit.
This way.
Peter Connelly was supposed to get on a flight tonight.
He never boarded.
Not surprised.
He has seemed a little obsessed with this case.
A little, huh? Mm-hmm.
And not just the case.
The victim, too.
He's still in Jerusalem.
Well, doesn't matter where he is, the case is closed.
- Hmm.
- You've seen for yourself.
The suspect confessed.
Whatever Peter Connelly is thinking, only Peter Connelly knows.
So he hasn't contacted you? No, we weren't exactly having a lovefest ourselves yesterday.
Well, if he does, you'll let me know.
And if I don't? Fine.
Give this to him.
- What is it? - It's information he wanted about a safety deposit box.
Located at the Tel Aviv Credit Union on Yafo.
She's not gonna stop until she finds you.
We gotta get to that basement before we lose track of who did this.
You think you can find your way back? I can try.
So anybody can just come in here and take this stuff home? Anybody who's got the money to pay for it.
Do we have money? Well that's actually where you come in.
Come on.
Yeah, here.
You see this clock right here? In exactly one minute from now, I need you to start screaming.
Like at the top of your lungs.
Louder than you've ever screamed before in your life.
Can you do that? I can try.
Josh we're a team, you and me.
- What's wrong? - Aaah! Are you hurt? - Are you here with someone? - Aah! Does anyone here belong to this kid? - Aah! - Take him to the office.
Never mind.
Anything? That place looks familiar.
Which way? I think I came from around that corner.
What, right here? You're sure? - Clear.
- Clear.
I was chained to that wall.
It was long enough to lie on that mat and eat out of that bucket.
Look at this.
Left us a good-bye present.
Gonna get this to the lab, along with the fingernail swab.
Got shards of glass here.
Covered in blood.
It's mine.
That's how I got out.
Look at that.
To make it look like I was dead.
I was stupid.
- I was so stupid.
- Hey, hey, Emma.
We're going to find these people.
Do you understand? That's what I do.
I will find these people, I promise you.
I need to get out of here, now.
So there was never a body.
How deep does this go? We can't do this ourselves.
He's still here in Jerusalem.
Where he will, no doubt, make trouble for both of us.
- I'm working on it.
- It's not good enough.
Believe me, I'm on task.
I'm doing what I You will find this Peter Connelly.
You will find him and you will kill him.
Are we clear? What's going on? Stay put.
I'll check.
No, no, no, no! Well? What was it? You were right about all of it.
I found Eli hanging in his cell - just like you said he would.
- Shit.
So it's three miles to the National Forest.
That's where Billingham's meeting us.
Probably be in Los Angeles by midnight if we drove west.
What's in Los Angeles? Well sunshine.
After we get Charlie, that's what we'll do.
We'll go to Los Angeles.
Deal? Deal.
No, it's Lynn.
I'm really sorry to bother you like this, but I need your help.
I was wondering if you'd heard from Peter.
You're the one who works with him.
Well not anymore, actually.
I don't understand.
He was on his way back to the States yesterday, and he never got on the plane.
We have people searching for him now, and honestly, I'm worried about him.
I can't track his cell phone and he's not answering my calls.
Okay, so what do you want from me? Well, if you hear from him, if he happens to show up, somehow, please have him get in touch with me.
You're the one sleeping with my husband.
You should know where he is.
It was such a simple detail.
Escort a man to the airport, make sure he gets on his plane and flies out of the country.
- I'm working on it.
- Well, I'm involved now.
Can't you and your team do anything right? Why don't I make it simple let me do my job or fire me.
If you don't find Peter Connelly, I will declare him a fugitive, revoke his passport, and turn this over to the Jerusalem Police.
You have three hours.
I don't think I slept more than 10 minutes at a time in that basement.
Well, you're safe now.
You sleep.
Thank you, Peter.
My daughter had red hair.
You look like her.
That's why they chose you.
She she passed away.
I'm so sorry.
That's him.
Stop the car.
Josh! It's okay now, son.
We're here.
Gonna take you home.
Don't take another step.
We did what you asked.
We're here, now give us the boy.
I need to see Charlie first.
Get him.
- Are you sure, we - Get him! You've seen him.
Now let the boy go.
You let Charlie go I'll let Josh go.
Do it! Go! Go ahead, Josh.
Keep coming to me, son.
What the hell is this? Show him, Josh.
You tell them to put down those guns or I'm gonna blow up your high priest! You couldn't hurt that boy, Debbie, we both know it.
You drove me to this! Do as she says, lower your guns.
Come on, Josh.
Get in the car.
Debbie, this isn't what we agreed to! Follow me, and I'll kill Josh.
Debbie! Come back here! Debbie! Debbie! Rabbi Lev.
I expect this is good news.
We're about to find the pillars.
Come and do the honors yourself.
How is she? Tired.
So Udi, huh? Seems like a nice guy.
He is.
So what the hell does he see in you? What about Ari? Who? The undercover Shin Bet guy at the Heritage Center.
Maybe he knows something.
That's a good idea.
I have a contact at Shin Bet.
He hates my guts, but let me try him.
Hey, you got a land line I can use? Hello? Hey, it's me.
Calling from a friend's phone.
My cell's She called me.
Uh huh.
Look we have a lot to talk about.
Where are you, Peter? Not now.
Not on the phone, all right? Whatever trouble you're in, I think she wants to help you.
Call her, and be careful.
Hey, what's this? Geological surveys.
Udi's a geologist.
He surveys the waterways for the government.
"It's all about the water.
" What? Something Emma said the night we met.
Well, you can ask Udi about it when he comes back from work.
In the meantime, Shin Bet doesn't have anyone working undercover in the Heritage Center.
What are you talking about? Looks like our friend Ari was playing us.
He's not Shin Bet.
Rabbi Lev will be here with the Breastplate tonight.
While they're all looking in the opposite direction, we can pinpoint the exact location.
Staggering to think the number of people that have died trying to do just what we're about to do.
We good, gas-wise? Yeah.
Yeah, we got a little over a half a tank.
Should be enough to get us to the border.
You hear that, Josh? California.
Where there's always sunshine.
And traffic.
You're just gonna be Glass Half Empty Guy, huh? I need to go to the bathroom.
I'll take him.
Uh It's a big desert.
Come on, buddy.
Ugh! Charlie! Oh, my God! Get down, get down! Aah, no! Find her.
Just came over the scanner.
Police are on their way.
That's it, guys, let's go.
Let's move.
I had to get that red out, to show you how sorry I am about everything.
About your daughter.
Come here, sit down a sec.
When I thought you were dead, I tried to find out everything I could about you.
I met your friends, I looked into your life.
I found out about Margrove.
I'm not judging you, I'm just saying, if I'm going to protect you, we're going to find out what's going on you gotta tell me everything you know.
You can't hold anything back.
All right? I fell for the oldest game in the world.
The unpaid intern, the powerful man.
But you suspected him of something? You must have you stole that clay pot, with the ashes.
There was talk.
Strange talk about DNA samples being sent to a lab in New Mexico.
And it was like I was being asked to cover up something I didn't know anything about.
It was a cow.
The red heifer.
Those ashes would be really important to some people out there, crazy people who've been talking about reclaiming the Temple.
I mean, if they had the original ashes, they could mix it with new ashes from a pure red heifer, and I thought Margrove had something to do with all of it.
You know, I tried to end it with him.
He got crazy, like obsessive crazy, calling me, following me.
And that's when you took the assignment, to target me.
You were my ticket out.
That's all it was.
Udi got me some clothes, so - All right.
- I'm gonna go change.
There you are.
Just arranged a meeting with Lynn.
What? Why? She'll arrest you! No, I know her.
She'll listen to me.
I'll go with you.
No, I need you to go to the bank, see what's in that box.
I'm sure your girlfriend is staking it out for us.
I'm sure you're right they'll follow you on the way in.
Just make sure they don't follow you on the way out.
How do you know we can trust her? Because right now she's all we have.
Shit! - Get in! - Who the hell are you? I'm the guy saving your ass! Get in! Get in! When it's time to meet again, I'll find you.
For what? He's not picking up the phone.
Well, what happened? Did you meet with her? No, you were right.
It was a setup.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I, uh I think I made a new friend.
- I don't understand.
- I don't understand either.
Some guy rescued me.
Disappeared as fast as he came.
What did you find in the safe deposit box? We were just about to watch it.
February 15, 1989.
My name is John Donaldson, and this is an official documentation of what I believe to be the most significant archeological discovery of the 20th century, if not ever.
Thousands of years of prophecy has come down to you and me.
A rabbi and a digger.
I've been called worse.
You realize all of what you seek will be worthless once our mission is complete.
I'll take my chances.
See those holes in the ground? They'll support those four pillars.
Help me.
According to Flavius Josephus, once assembled, the weight of the Breastplate will activate the device.
April 10, 1989.
The Order of Moriah have been planning their ascension since the time of the Crusades.
A secret society, hiding in the shadows.
Their slimy tentacles have infiltrated everything and everyone, from politicians to captains of industry.
No one can be trusted.
June 6, 1989.
Nobody knows where I am.
I won't let them get to my work.
I know they want to hurt me and my family, but I've found a place to work.
A place of God.
I know what they're up to.
You hear me? I know what you want.
If you see this I'm dead.
" Why do I know that name? Once the fire lights, the location of the treasures will be illuminated.
Remember our deal.
I'll give you the vessels the Order needs for the Temple, and I get to keep the rest of the treasure.
"June 27, 1988 "three renowned professors of archeology "John Donaldson, "Ian Margrove, and Isaac Zohar "have been awarded the prestigious Emmet Fellowship, "granting them the funding "and access to dig in Jerusalem for the first time.
" They obviously found something the Order of Moriah wanted to keep hidden.
We gotta find this guy Zohar.
" Seeing Ariana sitting there is literally, like, the worst nightmare I have ever had.
I've never even seen Ariana in our apartment.
I mean, I don't know I'd have to return the equipment, you'd have to get your own.
It's the only way to, like, break the ties.
I know, I just had stuff on the DVR that I really wanted to keep.
But then we're just gonna be tied.
I need to buy a gun.
My boyfriend violated a restraining order, took my boy.
I went to the police, but Sounds just like my daughter's boyfriend.
One day, that little shit is going to be fast asleep, and I'm going to cut his balls off.
Honey, you're gonna need something you can stick in your pocket, and then right in his gut.
This is our best seller.
God bless the United States of New Mexico.
I'm going to need more protection than that.