Diggstown (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Willy MacIsaac

You're over Mr.
No way, do it again.
OFFICER #2: Hey, man.
OFFICER #1: His truck has to go to impound.
Can you get his kids out of the cab, take 'em to the station 'til the next of kin sorted out? Man, there's somethin' wrong with your machine.
We'll give you another test at the station.
I'm tellin' you there's somethin' wrong with your machine.
I haven't been drinkin'.
What's your buddy doin'? Hey! You leave my kids alone! - Don't touch my kids! - OFFICER: Sir.
Dad! [DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL] [GRUNTING] You crazy, eh? You ready to settle down? You piece of shit.
If you hurt my kids I'll kill ya, I swear to God.
[GRUNTING] [SIRENS WAILING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [UPBEAT HIP HOP MUSIC] I got the juice now I'm cool now They watchin' me when I come through now They know it now These bitches, they askin' me who, what, when, how They prayin' I don't catch a wave now That I stay down Yeah, yeah cocaina Body slam John Cena Burnin' up like a fever Brr, it's cold like a freezer You live in the past like the day before You're still talkin' fast but you movin' slow I been on my ground but you wouldn't know You sleep on the kid but it's time to go Oh oh oh.
Oh yeah It's been me all along And now my team heavy And my play is strong And there ain't nothin' to it We just about to do it All my flows are fluid Money talkin' fluent Took an intermission but I'm back Best believe I'm comin' harder in the second act Ain't no matter of opinion Trust me, it's a matter of fact Ain't no loser long as we got power on the track Woo, woo, woo, woo - Come with the scheme - Scheme - Think I believe it - Scheme Lookin' so mean Countin' these stacks and puttin' to work Co-co-come with a scheme [BIRDS SINGING] [DOG BARKING] - Fingers still got it.
- Mhm.
Marcie, you sure you don't want me to put the straightening comb on it? MARCIE: No, Mom.
I like this, this is great.
VELMA: You know ya coulda done that yourself.
Yeah, well why would I do that when I got you? - [PHONE CHIMES] - Oh, actually I gotta go for [MUMBLES].
Well, at least you can just say goodbye to your father.
Austin! Jesus, woman, you tryin' to wake the dead? Mornin', Dad.
[KNOCKING] Look at you.
Why you all dolled up? Me and your mom may have a potential gig.
VELMA: Hey, Patsy.
Marcie, Patsy's here.
Oh, hey cuz.
Oh, you're out here pretty early.
What's, uh, what's goin' on? Go on, tell her.
Best just to rip the bandage right off.
What happened? Wes call of the wedding? [CHUCKLING] Marcie, Reverend Walters had a heart attack last night.
He's gonna be fine but not in time for the wedding on Friday.
Wes spoke to Reverend Slaughter and [SIGHS] I gotta go.
- Come on.
- MARCIE: I gotta-I gotta go.
- I'm gonna be late.
- We're family.
I don't have Mom.
I need you in her spot.
It's important.
Anyone but him.
I'm sorry.
[ENGINE ENGAGING] [REGGAE BLUES BEATS] Is there love In this world Is there any love In this world [WOMEN LAUGHING ECHOING] [ECHOING] MARCIE: How did you know I needed this? [ECHOING] ROLANDA: Because I know.
Come on, you're not going soft on your auntie.
Jesus left his home on high [LAUGHTER ECHOING] And came down Came down to judge [ECHOING] ROLANDA: See, baby.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
[ECHOING] MARCIE: Thank you so much for this Aunt Rolanda.
[ECHOING] ROLANDA: Always baby.
[REGGAE BLUES MUSIC] [SIRENS WAILING] A little heavy on the pedal.
Constable Myers.
CONSTABLE MYERS: How was Martinique this morning? Big and brisk.
I don't know how you do it.
That shit is cold.
It's not so bad.
CONSTABLE MYERS: I got you doing 90 in a 50, but, uh, I think I'm gonna let this one slide.
No, no, no, no, come on.
I'll take my medicine.
CONSTABLE MYERS: You have yourself a good morning, Marcie.
[GULLS CALLING] [WAVES CRASHING] PAM: Where is this girl? DOUG: Pam, do you know how to mute this damn thing? Judge Foster lost his shit last week when it went off in court.
I did that already, it didn't work.
You guys miss that ferry, you're gonna be late for court.
We're waiting for the newbie.
Why would you hire a corporate lawyer to work for Legal Aid? I don't get it.
Does she even know what time court starts? Those corporate types, they work on bankers' hours.
MARCIE: You even know what bankers' hours are? - Sorry, I'm late.
- REGGIE: You better get goin'.
If you're late Colleen will have your asses.
He's not wrong about that.
PAM: We thought we'd show Marcie the ropes since it's her first plea day.
Well that's nice but I want you on time.
I hear enough trash talk about Legal Aid.
Besides, Marcie your client's here.
[SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] COLLEEN: I thought you quit smoking? REGGIE: You're sure about hiring your protégé, eh? COLLEEN: Oh, yeah.
Marcie's great.
People only call me mister if they're about to give me shit.
- Impaired driving.
- WILLY: Lie.
MARCIE: Resisting arrest.
WILLY: Bullshit.
- Assault.
- Assault? [SCOFFS] It was a-a touch football tat.
Wasn't nothin'.
MARCIE: This is your fourth DUI.
I can talk to the Crown about a suspension A suspension? Do you know what I do for a livin'? I drive.
Big trucks.
I got a special licence.
It's insured.
I can't lose my licence.
- Well, you should have thought - Bitch, look at me.
I can't lose my licence.
You get three seconds to apologize or this bitch will no longer be your lawyer.
I'm sorry.
Help me.
You tell me everything.
WILLY: Me and my son were at the baseball game.
My little girl Becky, she, uh Get it girl, come on! She plays for one of the South End teams.
All I'm doin' is cheering her on.
Are you friggen blind, uh? And one of those stuck up arseholes MARCIE: Is this Dr.
Webster? WILLY: Yeah.
He tells me I can't cheer on my own kid.
Screw that.
Come on.
Hey, back up.
Good eye.
You wanna sit down and shut up now? You wanna leave it alone Webster? [COUGHING] WILLY: Next thing, I'm going back to the truck with the kids.
We're just gonna grab some supper when Good evening, Sir.
WILLY: Outta nowhere I got this cop on me.
Let me see your licence and registration.
WILLY: Asking if I'd been drinkin'.
MARCIE: Were you? WILLY: No.
[SCOFFS] But I see that arsehole lookin' and I know I know he's the one that set this up.
Okay, Mr.
I got this.
When did you get back? Uh, you look good, rested.
You're working for Legal Aid.
Yeah, you're working for the Crown.
Well, that's What a difference a year makes, right? Yeah well, Defence or Crown, criminal law is criminal law.
That's not what you used to say.
Uh, the Macisaac case? Yeah, um The guy's a drunk, it's his fourth DUI.
He's done.
MARCIE: The two convictions is a minor.
Shouldn't be part of this conversation.
- It's on his record.
- 'Cause a lousy lawyer gave a teenager lousy advice.
My client's a recovering alcoholic.
He says he was dry.
AVERY: What else is he gonna say? MARCIE: You're sure the test is good? Discovery.
You know, you wouldn't appear on a DUI for one of your fat cat M&M clients, yet here you are.
Marcie Diggs at Legal Aid.
[SCOFFS] Such a waste.
MARCIE: Not your business.
Let's do this, can we file a joint petition to the register of motor vehicles, that way Macisaac can hold onto his licence beyond the next five days? Come on, Marcie, look, if your client wants to talk, plead Your favourite word.
Let's just say, um three year suspension, six months in custody and we can talk.
Otherwise I'll see you in court.
Hopefully, before that, now that you're back.
No, I'll see you in court.
[SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] AINSLIE: So help me God if you don't get away from me.
TEDDY: I'm gonna get that money.
[LAUGHING] PAM: Ainslie MacKay? Lee, what are you doing here? Pam.
Wow, this is the last place I expected to see you.
- How are you? - Seriously? Come on, roomie, we were on the same cycle in the senior year.
We're past the bullshit, aren't we? I'm awful.
[WOMEN CHUCKLING] They're so beautiful.
AINSLIE: Probably why I kept making them.
PAM: Wow.
She looks so much like Estelle.
'Course your sister doesn't have that hair but I'm sorry.
- No.
- I didn't You didn't shove the oxy up my nose.
My family are incredibly unforgiving assholes.
Who knew? Why are you awful? What's going on? James Brown back there.
It's my former lawyer, Teddy Jones.
Jones agreed to help me find my kids' deadbeat dad.
It's a couple thousand dollars, he said.
And the dumpster fire of a human sends me a bill for $50,000.
PAM: Are you serious? Tells me to have daddy pay it.
Anyway, Teddy has a a garnishee order on my bank account.
Just my luck, my twins' father suddenly calls me out of the blue.
Bitch has got my money.
If I can't get the garnishee order lifted by Friday then most of my kids' money ends up in Teddy's bank account.
Who's representing you? No, you're fired.
I'll be your lawyer.
Are you sure? Definitely.
It's not happening, Pam.
She's a MacKay.
Last count there was a hospital, a street, the poly-sci building at St.
Mary's PAM: She's raising four kids on social assistance.
All I'm asking for is three days.
Colleen, please tell me this isn't just because of her last name.
'Cause if we were talking about a Downey or a Brooks Or a Beales or a Smith, you're damn right it would be different because it is different.
Do you know any black families with the same access to the Premier's Office that the MacKay's or your family has, for that matter? So, no.
MacKay will have to seek help elsewhere.
Bye Pam.
Aunt Rolanda, this is the friend I told you about.
Hi, Marcie says you're the best.
Help make this foolishness go away.
AVERY: I'll try.
Now, the prosecutor's decision to charge you is an overreach.
Unfortunately, with cases involving sexual misconduct allegations, the Crown tends to cast a wide net.
Look, I just supervised Jameson House.
You know, other than a hi or a bye, I've never had contact with the kids.
AVERY: The Crown contends and believes that they can prove you knew the kids were being raped.
- Henry.
- And turned a blind eye.
ROLANDA: No! My God, I am gonna be sick.
Aunt Rolanda, listen to me.
Anyone that knows you, knows that you're good, right? Everyone will.
Avery's gonna take care of this.
Hey, we've got you.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] IRIS: If you're renting you can ignore the mortgage and property stuff but you do need to list your employment insurance income.
See? Here.
PAM: I just won't suck up to Colleen.
It's not like exceptions haven't been made before for other people.
Yeah, but not anyone from the MacKay family though.
I noticed your parents still have that slip over at the squadron.
I don't suppose there's any chance Are you talking about that little Penga? Is it vacant? I don't know, I guess I'd have to check.
MARCIE: Hey, Reg.
So, I picked up a DUI yesterday and I'm wondering how do I get a licence suspension reversed without Crown consent? DOUG: Are you taking the ferry over to court? MARCIE: No, I'm playing hide and seek with Crown witnesses.
REG: They take his licence away from him already? - Nah uh.
- REG: Then you need to get the charges kicked before they do.
PAM: Must be nice to be the chosen child.
MARCIE: Meaning? Well, it's just Wednesday there was no position.
By Friday, Colleen's hiring you.
I know at least five other people who'd kill at this gig.
But she chose you without competition, so you're the chosen child.
MARCIE: Hm, and still I'd have to live three lifetimes to even come close to your privilege.
Well my family MARCIE: No, listen.
No, I'm not mad.
I'm just sayin' if I were you, I'd rich girl magic my situation every day.
Gotta go.
[TECHNO MUSIC] [SIRENS WAILING] [TECHNO MUSIC] This is the place to meet I say you're in my way MARCIE: Dr.
I talked to Mr.
He said I don't have to speak to you.
Okay, sure.
So you prefer that I subpoena you then? [SIGH] Look, your client's a loudmouth.
I asked him to be quiet, that's when I smelled alcohol on his breath.
And so you called the police on him? What? No, I didn't call anyone.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I really have to get back to work.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] MARCIE: Why isn't Jacob Palmer on your witness list, Avery? [PHONE RINGING] IRIS: William Macisaac is here.
I'll be right out.
Macisaac, do we have an appointment? My boss called.
He wants me to drive tomorrow.
- Thought you should know.
- No way.
No, tell him no.
Right, right.
If I get fired you gonna pay my bills? Look, the Crown is offering you a deal.
It's six months, three years licence suspension.
No, no way.
MARCIE: That's what they're offering.
Look, I know I can be an arsehole.
I get that.
But my kids? The only time I've ever gotten into trouble, is when I'm lookin' out for them.
That's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it? I-I don't know, I-I never had that.
But when they think of me, I want them to think of the guy that got their back, not some drunk who'd put 'em in danger.
[COUGHING] I'll-[COUGHING] I'll see you when I get back from the [MUMBLING], okay? Hey, you got a cold, right? WILLY: Yeah.
Why don't you take a sick day? Nah.
Take two.
- WILLY: I guess I only got three left.
- MARCIE: Yeah.
And let me get back to work here, okay? Don't be just droppin' by.
- All right.
- MARCIE: All right? COLLEEN: Marcie? Let's walk.
The Crown offered you a deal on the Macisaac case.
- MARCIE: Not formally.
- COLLEEN: Let's be done with this Marcie.
Look, you want to stick it to Avery Mueller, do it on your own dime.
- MARCIE: That's not what I'm doing - I don't want you using Legal Aid's resources, my limited taxpayer sponsored resources to nurse a grudge.
You're not at M&M anymore.
Well, my office is a storage room so I'm pretty clear on that.
As far as I can tell, the police had no reasonable suspicion for Willy's roadside test.
The assault charge? He was lookin' out for his kids, something any good father would do.
It's messy, but it's a good case.
Yeah, okay.
Wrap it up by Friday or I'm sending you to the Clayton Park office though, all right? Understood? - GREGOR: Nice, eh? - PAM: Mhm.
GREGOR: I grew up on Dhalia, one of the flower streets.
This view never gets old.
PAM: Gregor, never would have taken you for a darkness boy.
You were very coy on the phone.
How can I help you? PAM: You remember Ainslie MacKay, Leslie MacKay's girl? GREGOR: Oh, the addict.
That was a waste.
PAM: She needs help, legal help and I wanted to bring her into Legal Aid - but Colleen - GREGOR: Oh, Pam.
No, no.
- As Chair of the Executive you could - GREGOR: I'd love to help you.
Look, if Colleen says the case isn't right, then there's nothing I can do.
It's just because of her last name.
GREGOR: Postal codes and last names are important.
You know this, Pam.
It's Colleen's call.
It's her show so, I'm sorry.
Of course.
Palmer, your name's not on the Crown's witness list.
Why is that? MR.
PALMER: I refused to testify.
I hate informing.
I'm a socialist.
MARCIE: And you made the 911 call? Yeah, I thought it was anonymous.
What makes you believe Mr.
Macisaac was intoxicated? MR.
PALMER: Some dads hit Barely's before the game, and I saw Willy there drinkin'.
I'm done.
We have an agreement.
I want my cheque and I want the money for Becca's cleats.
WILLY: You ain't keepin' my kids from me.
GLORIA: Becky! Miles, come on, let's go.
Come on.
WILLY: Later.
Love you.
You are my good in the world.
See you in a week.
BECKY: Love you, Dad.
The cleats, it's-it's-it's fine.
I got it.
MARCIE: Hi, I'm, uh, Marcie Diggs.
I'm Mr.
Macisaac's lawyer.
[WILLY SCOFFS] Please tell me you weren't drinking before your daughter's game.
See what I'm dealing with here? - Yeah, I had a beer.
- MARCIE: You're an alcoholic.
You don't get to have one.
WILLY: [SIGHS] Marcie, I am under it here, look.
She's taking my kids from me.
So yeah, so I didn't call my sponsor and I had a drink.
Marcie, I had one beer.
You got $50? I thought you were supposed to be free? MARCIE: Just hand it over and stop talkin'.
This is for the cleats.
He owes me this 20 times over.
You tell your client that my lawyer's gonna make sure the judge knows about the missing payments.
MARCIE: Your bag, it's, uh huh, that's a Louis Vuitton.
It's a $1700 bag, hm.
If you take Willy to court, a judge might not see things your way.
Hey, Willy turned down a deal from the prosecutor because he would rather go to jail then have his kids believe that he'd put them in any kind of danger.
You, you're walking around with a $1700 purse on your arm and your daughter needs cleats.
From where I sit, if this is a contest for best parent, he wins.
Loser's going to jail anyway.
Not if I can help it.
Your Honour, my client was detained without being made aware of his right to Duty Counsel.
Any evidence Mr.
Macisaac submitted to a roadside test voluntarily, Your Honour.
Roadside test, not formal breathalyzer.
It is our submission that consent provided at the scene remains in force until it's been withdrawn.
Your Honour, a person can terminate questioning by the police at any time.
- This is no different than - That's correct.
Your Honour, the defendant had the right to refuse the breathalyzer at the detachment and he didn't do that.
So the fact a defendant with Grade 10 education doesn't know their legal rights means they don't get the benefit of those rights.
JUDGE SPINKS: It's okay, Mr.
Diggs, now this is your client's, what is it here, his third? No, it's his fourth DUI.
Two of those offences were when he was a minor and should be removed from his record.
This is his first DUI in nearly a decade.
JUDGE SPINKS: Excuse me, I'm sorry.
It's just you're saying that like it's some kind of great achievement here.
Now, you're not suggesting your client's worthy of a prize for not driving drunk? Of course not, Your Honour.
JUDGE SPINKS: Yeah, I didn't think so.
Look, Ms.
There's no bridges violation here, all right? I have no doubt your client, due to his previous interactions with the police, would have been aware of his right to counsel.
Your motion to dismiss the criminal code charges is denied.
Thank you, counsels.
You should get out while you still can.
Oh, I'm just getting started.
Going to Gregor - was a dick move and I - Don't even try your forgiveness permission nonsense with me, Pam.
I figured you'd try and back channel.
I just thought you'd be better at it.
I finished reviewing your friend's file.
MacKay passed the financial means test so Legal Aid can take on her case.
Ah, that is such a relief, thank you.
COLLEEN: It does have to go to the Clayton Park office though.
PAM: What? No, that's gonna take months.
The optics of you representing Ms.
MacKay, they don't look good.
PAM: Oh okay, well, what if it's not me? What if I can find someone else in our office to take the case? How 'bout it? [FUNKY MUSIC] Is a little love In this world of ours Just a little love [KNOCKING] In this world People fight on every side Marcie.
This whole thing with you and Rolanda, you gotta let it go.
Rolanda was sad.
And that sadness had led her take her own life.
She did that.
It's your right to see it that way.
No, there's-there's no other way to see it.
My baby sister killed herself.
That's the end of it.
Rolanda would not want you breaking your word to Patsy in her name.
I'm not settin' foot in that church, Daddy.
I'm not gonna sit there and listen to Reverend Slaughter talk about love and peace and forgiveness when Rolanda wouldn't give none of that.
AUSTIN: Now, I don't care about all that.
You and Rolanda was tight.
I know this.
And, and she meant But even though she was 15 years younger she she was my best friend.
But I mourn my baby sister, Marcie.
You ran.
I didn't.
AUSTIN: You ran.
And now here we are.
I need you to be the bigger person here.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] I can't, Dad.
I won't.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] AVERY: Home arrest for two years for you to take the plea deal MARCIE: Why are you talking to her about a guilty plea? You said that you would take care of this.
And I can if she pleads, Marcie.
No, you're not getting it.
If she pleads guilty, that's all anyone up home is gonna remember.
They're not gonna see the nuance of all of this.
AVERY: Just listen to me.
Just listen for a second, okay? The Crown is pushing for 10 years on this.
ROLANDA: Ten years? If you take the plea deal, this ends today.
I'm sorry, Marcie, but that's my best advice here.
Ten years.
My God, Patsy will be grown.
The people of Preston, they know me.
They know that I would never do something ugly like this.
We can trust them, right Marcie? We can trust them.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] We gonna be fine.
Marcie, King Kunta, Kiss It Better, and Nothing Compares 2 U, - the Prince version.
- [MARCIE HESITATING] Patsy and West asked the guests for three songs for the reception playlist.
- Those are mine.
- King Kunta? Well, the church aunties will love that.
PAM: It's one file.
It would be such a huge help.
Come on, Doug.
DOUG: I'm in conference until Monday.
Can't help you Pam, sorry.
- PAM: Hey, do you have a minute? - Uh, what's up? Could you take over Ainslie MacKay's file? PAM: Oh, no, no, no, no.
I am up to my eyeballs here, I'm sorry.
PAM: Really, please? It'll-it'll just be one day of work.
MARCIE: Listen, if I don't figure out this DUI, Colleen's gonna send it to - the Clayton Park Office.
- PAM: Park Office.
Maybe I was wrong about you.
No maybes about it.
COLLEEN: Reggie, - how come I haven't heard about my deal? - PAM: Hey Reg, I was just wondering if Judge Killcoyne is a stickler for details.
The Crown screwed up.
[WHISPERING] I need help with this.
Two weeks, they'll come crawling for a deal.
Trust me.
COLLEEN: Well, they better.
[WHISPERING] Um, okay.
I think you left these on my desk by accident.
MARCIE: Oh, I'm done with them.
It's just filing.
Marcie, girl.
I know you're used to being catered to hand and foot at that big old firm but I don't get people on line for you, I don't bring you coffee, and I don't file.
See, I'm intake.
[PHONE BUZZING] Folks come in here all scruffy and messed up, like a stray dog.
I settle 'em down, I clean them off, and I make 'em all nice for you lawyers.
It's a lot of garbage.
I don't need anymore.
You understand? - I guess I do now.
- IRIS: Good stuff.
I like what you're doing with the place.
You got a visitor.
Child, don't you be ignoring my phone calls.
You are working in a storage closet.
It's a conference room, Mom.
What's up? You serious about not walkin' that girl down the aisle? Dad can do it.
It'll be beautiful.
I don't know why she didn't ask him in the first place.
[COUGHING] MARCIE: Are you okay? I'm gonna be all right.
Gimme this.
You don't even know what you're taking.
Mom? VELMA: Are you really that hardhearted? - I'm not gonna be a hypocrite.
- VELMA: Why? Because you're better than 99% of the population? MARCIE: 20% alcohol.
I gotta-I gotta go.
VELMA: Marcie, you hearin' me? You gotta come through for Patsy.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Ease up on the gas, would ya? Hi Constable Myers, hey.
It's weird seeing you here.
I'm just here to see a prosecutor, you? MARCIE: Uh, same.
This was nice.
I'll catch ya on Monday.
If the waves are good.
Willy took cough syrup an hour before the cops arrested him, and I checked, the medicine he was taking was 20% alcohol in it.
So this is your play, the cough syrup defence? Doesn't matter if it was beer or cough syrup, Marcie, drunk is drunk.
So you're just gonna screw with this guy's life - because he had a cold? - You wanna know what I think? I think your client is a drunk who chose to get behind the wheel and put his kids in harm's way.
If your client is ready to cut his driver's licence - in two and plead guilty - That's not gonna happen.
Okay, then just a heads up.
We're adding more charges to the information.
Paperwork's probably being filed as we speak.
What charge? It's criminal negligence.
Marcie, if you talk to your client and get him to change his plea, I will work with you on sentencing.
You're out of options.
[DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL] AINSLIE: You made me believe I could count on you.
PAM: She told me the Clayton Park office will make this a priority.
Priority? What? Why didn't you tell me you couldn't do this? I've got one day.
- One day.
- PAM: What if I found you someone else? I'll pay for it.
Oh, oh, you'll pay for it.
Well, that will be a fun story for you to tell the good folks at the Halifax Club.
[SNIFFLING] [DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL] I don't know what else to do.
PAM: I know.
AINSLIE: I don't how to explain this to my kids [SIGHS].
- Pam.
- Reggie, I'm with a client.
REGGIE: Ask Teddy for his timesheets, his calendar.
Forget about the Bar Society.
Build a criminal case.
MARCIE: Let's go over this again.
In Officer Hussey's notes, he says that he walks up to you, - you exit the vehicle - WILLY: [SIGHS] No.
But I need you to break this down for me.
WILLY: It's not right.
Detail it out.
Uh, all right, um I was walking back to my truck, me and the kids.
And we get in the cab.
I pulled the keys down from my visor.
There's a flyer underneath my windshield blade and now I'm pissed off.
I get out, grab the flyer, and next thing I know the cops are all up my ass.
When did you see the cops? WILLY: Uh, I just told you.
MARCIE: Just tell me again.
WILLY: When I got the friggen' flyer.
When you were outside of your truck? WILLY: Yeah.
What? Wha-what's the joke? MARCIE: He wasn't driving.
He wasn't behind the wheel.
When Willy Macisaac was asked to submit to a breathalyzer, he wasn't in care and control of his vehicle.
Where's you proof, Marcie? Take it up with your arresting officer.
Bottom line, you can't establish the elements of the crime.
You can't have a DUI without the D.
- That's clever.
- Mhm.
But we already established from the timeline that Mr.
McIsaac was in care and control of his vehicle at least an hour before the roadside test.
That's enough to support charges.
No, the cops are overzealous, Avery, and you know this.
A parent who was drinking calls in a complaint over my client and then the police run a roadside test when he wasn't even behind the wheel? How do they know that he wasn't parking his truck - and cabbing it? - Come on, Marcie.
MARCIE: No, you come on.
You withdraw the charges or, you know what, we'll both go in front of Judge Spinks on Monday morning and we both know that's not gonna be good for you.
What's it gonna be? [LIVELY INSTRUMENTAL] Mr.
Jones? Pam Maclean, Ainslie MacKay's lawyer.
I took a look at your billings.
You had billed Ainslie $1000 for a 10 minute phone call on March 13th.
But according to Facebook, you were in Cuba at an all-inclusive with no cell service.
I'm sure that's just a clerical error.
I'll speak to my assistant.
There are 50 or so entries here and for half of those you were either travelling, in court on other cases or at lunch.
Clerical error or fraud? I mean, I've only been at this for four years, so maybe I need a judge to decide.
Or the RCMP.
What do you want? Let's start with you signing this consent saying the garnishee has been satisfied in full.
- Hi.
- AINSLIE: Say thank you.
PAM: Oh.
Oh, this is so nice.
It's done.
Crown's withdrawing the charges.
Yeah? Ah, we did it.
You did it.
You said, "I got this.
" And I thought that was just words.
I'm nobody to you.
And you still had my back so thank you, thank you.
Honestly Willy, I hope we never meet again.
That's fair.
I knew you'd fit right in.
- Good work.
- MARCIE: Thanks.
COLLEEN: Big plans this weekend? Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to my cousin's wedding.
[BLUES MUSIC] [BACKGROUND CHATTER] VELMA: Everything turned out perfectly.
That's actually Patsy of course she [ECHOING WAVES CRASHING] REVEREND SLAUGHTER: You are a disgrace to this community.
- ROLANDA: Reverend.
- REVEREND SLAUGHTER: What? I will tell you the same thing I tell the thieves, and the pimps and the dealers.
We don't want you.
Ain't no shelter here for you.
You're gonna act like you don't know me.
Brooks, Mr.
Glasgow! REVEREND SLAUGHTER: Not in this church, in people's homes, in this community.
We are done with filth like you.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Take me home.
The water is amazing today.
I tried to wait for you, baby but I had to go without you.
Keep an eye on Patsy.
She's gonna need you.
[FOREBODING BEAT] ROLANDA: Uh, tell your Daddy, I am good now.
MARCIE: [SHRIEKING] Rolanda! ROLANDA: If you could see what I see.
It's the most amazing place in the world.
And I love you baby.
[DISTURBING INSTRUMENTAL] MARCIE: [SHRIEKING] Rolanda! Rolanda! [DISTURBING INSTRUMENTAL] Rolanda! [DISTURBING INSTRUMENTAL] [WOMAN LAUGHING] When I mentioned Cuba, that was the beginning of the end for him.
Key to the slip.
You can keep your boat there for the year.
- Hey.
How, uh, how you gettin' home? Just, uh, I got two feet and a heartbeat.
Hey, easy, easy.
Go home Avery.
AVERY: Marcie, Rolanda I The system let her down, it I should have been there for you.
MARCIE: Not the system.
Good night.