Diggstown (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Renee Joy

1 [SOBBING] I didn't do anything.
OFFICER MCMANUS: Renee, I need you to remove the bra.
I didn't do it.
OFFICER MCMANUS: If you didn't steal the $50 from your teacher's purse.
She saw you near her desk.
- No.
- I know you did it.
OFFICER LEWIS: Either you remove it or I'll have to.
Do you understand, Renee? Let's go, girl.
[CRYING] OFFICER MCMANUS: What's this? Renee, I have to place you under arrest.
Renee Joy, I'm arresting you for drug possession.
You have the right to retain and instruct a lawyer without delay.
You also have the right to free and immediate legal advice VELMA: Marcie! Mom.
I wanted you to be the first to see this.
AUSTIN: How's it lookin'? You both look really good.
[CHUCKLING] AUSTIN: Your mother and I haven't been on the same bill since we were teenagers.
Special guest? Someone else playin' with you next week? Well I said renowned.
Mom, you're, uh you're crushin' it in this photo.
VELMA: You really got your ass on your back about this? Austin.
Nah, it's, uh, it's good, sweetheart.
Well, that's $300 pissed away.
MARCIE: Two female cops strip searching a 15-year-old.
It's not a good look, Carol.
Resisting arrest for narcotics possession.
Yeah, pills that Renee used to treat her anxiety.
There are numerous studies of MDMA and its benefits.
Show me the prescription.
[SCOFFS] Okay.
We'll agree to move this to youth justice conference if she pleads to the drug charge and the resisting with six months probation.
MARCIE: The search was bad.
You drop the drug charge and we're good.
Renee will admit to the resisting, and once the terms of the outcome plan are complete, she walks away clean, no criminal record.
Without admission to the drug charge, my boss isn't gonna go for that.
PERCY: [SCOFFS] Neither will I.
Lincoln? - Are you lost? - No, Carol.
I'm exactly where I need to be.
and Mrs.
Joy? MR.
JOY: Renee pleading guilty to something she didn't do doesn't sound right to us.
We also agreed that jeopardizing Renee's future with a criminal trial is not the best idea either.
JOY: We've changed our minds.
We can change our minds.
Obviously Mr.
and Mrs.
Joy have some concerns about their daughter being talked into a plea.
MARCIE: With respect, you know Mr.
and Mrs.
Joy have no real legal say in my defence of Renee.
Mm, you are too polite, do you know that? My motion to replace you as Renee's counsel.
Give me a call when you know who's on first.
I need a minute with Mr.
Don't do this.
We can't all get along, Marcie.
Three girls across the entire country received the Hanson Scholarship for Dance.
You know how close to the bone the Joys are living.
I mean, this scholarship for Renee, it-it gives her a chance to level up.
It gives her a chance to pick from the best private schools in the entire country.
Curtis and Juilliard become real options for her.
You know how fast that disappears if she ends up with a drug charge or any kind of criminal record? [SNORTS] Girl, you just don't get it, do ya? Uh, we're not done here.
Oh, we're done.
Stay outta my way.
Back at ya.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [BACKGROUND CHATTER] My friends in the media, good morning.
Remember back in the day when you acted up in class, the teacher might of tapped you upside the head.
Nowadays, you act up you get sent to the office.
Police don't get called.
Look, school business, teachers' business has no call being police business.
This is why I am filing a complaint against the Halifax Police Department and the Halifax School Board with the Human Rights Commission.
No student should ever have to suffer the disgusting and degrading treatment that my client, Renee Joy received at the hands of our city's finest.
[DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL] WOMAN: When my husband was sick, he gave this man $30,000, $10,00 for a proper funeral for Anastasios, $20,000 more for me, a nest egg.
I trusted that man.
You should be objecting to this theatre.
Objecting would make her more sympathetic to the judge.
You don't need that.
WOMAN: I never thought Olympia's little Markos would steal from us.
- Thief! - [CROWD CHATTERING] - Is he here is he here? - JUDGE: Order order! Ma.
- Mrs.
Laird? - Lairtes.
Ma'am, allow the judge They are wrong about my son.
Lairtes, I appreciate how hard this is- So why aren't you listening to me? Hm? When I tell you to object, I want you to object.
- Mark, let me try my case.
- MARK: No, no, no, don't talk to me like I'm some know nothing off the street.
I graduated from Princeton, okay? Lexpert called me one of the top 10 lawyers in the country, top 10.
- Mark, I wasn't.
- I'm QC, Doug.
Are you QC? And you've been disbarred, and you're broke.
I'm just trying to keep you out of prison for the rest of your life.
Tomorrow I need you to be less polished, a little more humble.
[SCOFFS] Humble? That's what you're here for, Doug.
You're a prop.
Because nothing says humble more than a Legal Aid lawyer.
COLLEEN: Marcie? - What's up? - I'd rather not have this office a part of a side show.
Well, I'll try my best.
REGGIE: Percy Lincoln, forget the side show, it's a damn Cirque du Soleil.
You know, that's-that's how he wins, right.
Everyone is so worried about being labelled a racist, sexist, fill in the blank that they're just going to roll over and give him whatever he wants.
I'm not saying roll over.
Just remember Percy Lincoln is a street fighter.
Let him bring it.
- Don't lead with that.
- Why? Your presentation of the facts is accurate but be more persuasive.
Make a case You know I've done over a hundred of these.
- I think it's um.
- And delete that.
Try Executive Intake Officer.
That's not my title though, I'm Intake Coordinator.
Sure but don't you want to get with a guy who can handle an executive? I'm not sure we're fishing in the same pond.
REGGIE: Iris Alfrieda Beals? Alfrieda? Kill that, no man wants to date his grandmother.
- Eff off Reggie! - REGGIE: Uhuhuhuhuh! - [LAUGHTER] - [BUZZING] Pam didn't hook you up with Tinder? I'll take a pass on that, thanks.
REGGIE: What's wrong with a bar? PAM: Drunk guys, loud music, can't talk, having your ass grabbed every two seconds.
Shall I continue? DOUG: I met both my wives at a pow-wow.
- Same pow-wow.
- Different pond.
How about Senior Director of Intake? That's good.
My brother met his wife at work.
Yeah, I don't see that happening.
REGGIE: Iris is looking for a boy.
MARCIE: Oh, good luck.
Why are your socks off? Feet sore.
No churches, married men, and no boys from Preston, unless you know for sure they're not related to you.
- 10K.
- PAM: Is she serious? IRIS: Oh yeah, it's a thing.
Oh, we're closed.
Hi, sorry, I'm a little early.
Oh, you forgot one.
No cops.
See you in the morning.
MARCIE: Goodnight.
CARSON: So uh, why'd you want to become a lawyer? I wanted to save lives but, uh, I hated the sight of blood.
You were saving lives at M&M.
You'd be surprised.
What about you? Why'd you become RCMP? CARSON: It was the only way I could think about hurting my old man.
Why, was he a criminal or something? CARSON: No, he's in your business.
Defence, uh, criminal law, big stuff.
Drug trafficking, major crimes.
MARCIE: Well, that must have made for an interesting Thanksgiving.
I don't know.
He left when I was four so Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas they're actually awesome.
You like rice pudding? Yeah, I-I, I like the baked kind.
- Oh, the oldie kind.
- Right? - My mom she used to.
- Brother! We're all back there, man.
- CARSON: What's happening? - JACK NICOLAS: Ah, you didn't hear? That dickhead Percy Lincoln filed a Human Rights complaint against HPD.
Constitutional bullshit asshole lawyers.
My manners, sorry, Jack Nicolas.
Like the golfer but spelled different.
Asshole lawyer, nice to meet you.
- Ah, I'm gonna head out.
- No.
Jack, the cooler Nicolas was just about to head back over to our buddies and you, you're going to let me finish telling you about my mother's rice pudding.
Disappear Jack.
[SOULFUL MUSIC] ["YOU" BY LIZA] On a brighter side that you know your sun You can take a path [RHYTHMIC INSTRUMENTAL] [GASPS] Hey.
RENEE: I'm not supposed to be talking to you.
Mom and dad said that you're not our lawyer anymore.
Your parents don't get to make that decision.
I'm your lawyer, and I want to continue doing that.
Lincoln said that those two police officers didn't follow the rules.
They weren't allowed to touch me like that.
He said he'd get the charges dropped.
Here's the thing, Renee.
The courts don't move fast.
And with Mr.
Lincoln, it could be this time next year and this mess is still hanging over your head.
Your scholarship, it might not still be an option.
And what makes your way different? I want to move your case to something that we call a Youth Justice Conference, YJC.
If I'm able to do that, you'd have to admit to a drug charge, but only after completing the outcome plan.
This could be as simple as meeting a therapist for your anxiety.
And then you'd be done.
No criminal record.
A lady from the scholarship committee wants to meet with mom and dad.
They're refusing to see her.
Mom and Dad are saying I'm being all about myself, not thinking about the family.
But I really don't want to lose that scholarship.
What do you want me to do? Your Honour, Council is trying to exploit this family's financial need for his own political agenda.
Wow, defame me to my face, girl.
Joy is the recipient of the Hanson Scholarship.
Ooh, prestigious.
MARCIE: She intends to continue her high school education at the National Conservatory of Dance in the fall and I'm concerned that if this case is dragged through the courts and the news media this well deserved award Ms.
Joy's earned will be lost.
PERCY: The best interest of the child, your Honour.
There's no evidence that my clients don't have their daughter's best interest in mind.
All of this other nonsense is irrelevant.
Not to me, Mr.
Now I find your filing on behalf of the parents taints their impartiality in this matter.
Request for a change of council is denied.
I'll see you in court tomorrow, Miss Diggs.
It's all good.
I only need the parents to file my human rights complaint.
Are you still going to push this? Percy Lincoln don't drop that easy, sister.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] MARK: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Okay, hey, Mama.
Who are your friends? Oh, Mama talked to a few people last night.
They know if Markos is innocent, he is able to get some of his money back.
He'd make sure they were repaid, first in line.
Got your mother bribing people.
I say something wrong? No, no Mama.
Come on, you did excellent.
Isn't that right, Doug? - Mark's lucky to have you.
- Thank you.
COURT OFFICER: All rise, court is now in session.
MAN: Our money was in his trust account but he told us he could invest it someplace safe, like a GIC account or something until we found a home that we liked.
He told us to put extra money in our pocket after closing.
We found a house but when we were ready for closing, our money was gone.
My wife left.
I got depressed.
Like I couldn't get out of bed, you know.
I had nothing.
You left me with nothing.
- MARCIE: Hey.
Okay, so this is what happens when we're not here.
IRIS: A girl has to amuse herself somehow.
Well, I hope that you've added playful to your profile.
Oh god, I was so disturbed by Doug's feet I didn't send it.
[LAUGHTER] Oh well, maybe you want to give live humans a chance.
Hey, your parents are gigging tonight, cool! - MARCIE: Yeah.
- MR.
JOY: Wait, Wanda.
Keep away from our daughter! What makes you think you know what's best for Renee? - We're her parents! - Mrs.
Joy, - do you want to take this into my office? - You've got Renee thinking that we are the enemy.
She wants the scholarship that she earned.
JOY: We found the money for the ballet shoes, and tap shoes and tights.
We paid for the lessons, and forced her to go even when she didn't want to because we know what's best for her, - for our daughter.
- Should I dial 911 here? MRS.
JOY: Mr.
Lincoln is going to represent us, all of us.
And that is final.
- Renee is no longer your concern.
- Hey! What?! [OMINOUS MUSIC] [DOOR SLAM] MARCIE: This case belongs in Youth Justice Conference.
Instead it's all over Twitter.
Hashtag hands off.
The police are on my ass on this.
Make the human rights complaint go away.
Otherwise no pleas, no YJC, no breaks.
Give her a chance, Carol.
You know this isn't right.
JUDGE BALLARD: Are we ready to proceed ladies? Uh, your Honour, I'd like to request an adjournment.
I feel Ms.
Chan and I are getting closer The Crown is prepared to proceed, your Honour.
Might I remind Ms.
Chan that given the summary nature of the charges, it might be in the best interest of justice to send Miss Joy's case to YJC.
We are prepared to proceed with the trial.
JUDGE BALLARD: Let's bring everyone in.
I didn't think I'd be able to make it.
It's all right, I already ordered for you.
Fish and salad.
Trying to make a point? Why, are you self-conscious? [LAUGHTER] Well I talked to Marcie.
The fix is in.
My god, that's awesome Dad! When am I gonna find out? Someone should call you from M&M about the articling position by the end of next week.
[CHUCKLES] DOUG: What's this? LEAH: Mom is throwing me a graduation party in Eskasoni.
A little pot luck kind of thing.
You know that I'm kind of persona non grata at the reserve.
I thought Mom could talk to Grandpa.
It's crazy, you should be there.
Just because you made some errors in judgement No.
I was a shit human being.
LEAH: Mhm.
But all that drama with Mom and all of the stuff with your old firm, that's in the past.
And Grandpa shouldn't be using his position as Chief to work out some grudge he has against you.
[BOAT HORN BLOWS] I mean, Mom is a way happier person without you.
[LAUGHTER] I'm going to get her to talk to Grandpa.
Just leave it, Leah.
I'll deal with it.
Just leave it okay? Okay, these are the hard copies of the investment agreements signed by my clients.
Default language is on paragraph 26.
Fraud wasn't included as grounds for default? No.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] DOUG: I'm not submitting forged documents.
You're gonna act like you're above this? Excuse me? You defended child killers, right? I mean, a white guy killed kids in your community and you helped set him free, so let's drop the high and mighty act, okay Prop? MS.
LAIRTES: Marko! [OMINOUS MUSIC] We're done.
Please, I'm sorry for my son but he's a good person.
Ma'am, I wish that were true.
MARK: It's okay.
Where you going? We're in court in 30 minutes.
Good afternoon Officer McManus.
You're familiar with Section 8 of the Charter: the right to be secure against unnecessary search and seizure? Officer Lewis and I followed protocol.
MARCIE: Protocol? Protocol is to drag a 15-year-old out of her classroom in front of her peers and subject her to a strip search? That's not exactly how that happened.
Mm, is it also protocol to restrain a minor with such force as to cause the bruising in Defence Exhibit 12? I held her with force I considered reasonable.
My client is crying, asking you and your partner to stop, saying that you're hurting her.
- That's reasonable? - Objection your Honour, argumentative.
The Supreme Court would disagree.
In R.
Golden, The Court ruled: a strip search will always be unreasonable if it is carried out abusively, or for the purpose of humiliating and punishing the arrestee.
JUDGE BALLARD: We're aware of the Supreme Court's ruling, Ms.
Can we move this along? MARCIE: One last question.
Did you actually find the $50 which formed the basis of your search? We found narcotics concealed MARCIE: That wasn't the question.
Did you find the $50 on my client? The money was found in another student's desk.
MARCIE: Another student, a student you didn't subject to a humiliating and abusive strip search? Thank you, Officer McManus.
No further questions.
JUDGE BALLARD: And we are adjourned.
MARCIE: Carson? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Renee? I thought I told you that you didn't have to be here today? Yeah Marcie, I don't I don't want to be at home anymore.
I can't stay.
We were so worried.
JOY: Thank you for calling us.
What were you thinking? I'm sorry we ever allowed you to apply for that scholarship.
MARCIE: You know, I think Renee is feeling a little overwhelmed.
JOY: Come on, we're going home.
No, not until you agree to drop the Human Rights thing.
- MARCIE: Renee - MRS.
JOY: You are a minor.
We make decisions for our family, for you.
Joy, perhaps if you just MR.
JOY: We're done entertaining this selfishness.
Oh, self, you see! You know, five kids in one room, everything being a hand-me-down, and the smell of fried food that you can't get out of your skin.
I don't want that for me.
We're done here, let's go Wanda.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'm sorry Renee.
Yeah, I told you it was a stupid idea.
MARCIE: My 15-year-old client is refusing to go home with her parents.
The girl that was strip searched? The case Percy Lincoln wants to take on? My advice, take her to Phoenix House and let Percy Lincoln have it.
Col, I grew up with a couple girls like Renee.
Super talented, gifted, but poor.
And life, the wrong boy, drugs, violence, envy, they can just ruin that potential so fast.
I just want her to have her shot.
COLLEEN: Do you hear yourself? You're her lawyer period.
Made the paper.
Oh, you got Ballard as your judge.
You're screwed.
Ballard's a police judge.
His wife is an RCMP Sergeant.
His father was a Lieutenant with HPD and his daughter is a Detective.
REGGIE: He tore into a female prosecutor 3 months ago because he felt her defence of the police was not up to par.
She filed a complaint with the judicial council but withdrew before the hearing.
He hates women.
Alright, let him.
Thank god it's Friday.
[KNOCKING] I've got to learn from the clerk that one of my lawyers didn't show up for court.
You have to get someone else to step in for me.
You're in the middle of a trial.
The client wants me to submit evidence that I believe to be fraudulent.
Then ignore it.
Ignore it and have your ass back in that courtroom Monday morning.
No excuses.
[SOULFUL MUSIC] You won't treat me right baby All you want to do is fuss and fight Yeah Your parents are so amazing.
Thanks for telling me about this.
MARCIE: Oh yeah, of course.
How's your week going? PAM: Good, good.
I'm a little behind in my paperwork.
Looking backward isn't my strong suit, which is probably why I'm friends with my exes.
Is that Iris? I think someone could use a lifeline.
Excuse me.
[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Yeah, give it up.
Give it up.
- Give it up.
- Thank you.
AUSTIN: Hey, look what the cat dragged out.
[CHUCKLING] Mom, you killed it! You killed it! How ya doing baby girl? MARCIE: Hi Daddy! - That was so good Daddy.
- AUSTIN: Oh, thank you darling.
Your father's solo got real.
What can I get you Velma? A Harvey Wallbanger? No, hot tea and lemon, thanks sweetheart.
IRIS: He just seemed really nice in his profile so I thought I would try it Nice? Nice is nothing.
My mailman is nice, I'm not dating my mailman.
Well what you got against mailmen, hm? Good money and benefits.
Mom, this is Pam MacLean.
Hi, it's so nice to meet you.
And for the record, I have nothing against mailmen.
In fact my first boyfriend from high school, he's actually now the COO of Canada Post.
IRIS: Don't mind her.
Hi! Oh, your mom gives the best hugs! - VELMA: Doing good Iris? - Mhm.
- How's your mom? - Good, got a better social life than I have.
VELMA: Oh, uh.
[CHUCKLES] I better borrow my daughter before I get all Janet Jackson up in here.
Go easy now.
I don't want that fabric to pucker.
Wasn't cheap.
You should be ashamed, your little girl had to go to school to learn how to sew.
Grandma Diggs would be rolling in her grave.
Hm Let her roll, I knew my Marcie.
You wasn't nothing like your sisters.
Don't get me wrong, I love all my girls, but your sisters are workers.
You're a boss.
I knew my girl was going to blow things up.
The best thing for me to do was get out of your way.
Now, when you're ready to sew [CLICK] Hm my girl's got game.
AUSTIN: Let's do it.
Honey, we're back on.
Let's do this.
Care to do the intro? Are you serious? Come on.
[JAZZ MUSIC] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the stage the sensational Velma Diggs with special guest, Austin Diggs, my parents.
- [CHEERS] - [JAZZ MUSIC] Alright, let's go.
Hey now I'll be right back.
Can I get three Rum & Waters please? I'm in.
Renee ran away from home.
We're tearing this family apart and I don't know about you but I'm not comfortable with this.
So step back then.
You promise not to jeopardize Renee's scholarship and I will step back.
[CHUCKLES] Promises? Girl, ain't no promises when you're at war.
You understand that's what's happening here? Yeah, but what about this family? This shit would have never went down if Renee was a student at Sacred Heart.
This case, it is just a beautiful fact patterned to show how shitty policing works for us at the bottom.
Even if it means ruining this girl's shot? Big picture Marcie, big picture.
Thanks for the drinks.
[CRESCENDOING OMINOUS MUSIC] Alright, we're gonna keep our legs together, and we're going to look forward so we know where we're going, we have the water in front of us, we're going to push up into a pop up.
One, two, three.
That's it.
Let's try one more time.
Find your balance, let's do it again.
Legs together and push up.
We're gonna pop up.
Girls, we're gonna- Hey, you okay? I'm pretty good at reading if a woman is interested or not.
Said every man who's not.
Okay, so I walked right into that one.
What are we doing here? I like you Marcie and I'm pretty sure you like me too.
But being a cop, it's a big part about who I am, who I'm friends with at work and outside of work.
It's who I confide in and I don't I hate the way those girls just looked at me.
Carson those girls didn't grow up thinking the police are your friends.
I mean, that's the way I grew up too.
I was raised to fear the police 'cause they can shoot you if you don't do what they say.
That doesn't make sense to me, there are black cops.
MARCIE: It's not only about race, it's about the uniform.
Seeing you, the way you went after McManus.
Look, I like you.
I do, I I really like you.
But my POV of the world doesn't change 'cause I like you.
And I'm not going to go easy on the cops because I like you.
That's just not me.
You've got to be good with that.
GIRL: Marcie! MARCIE: Yes! I gotta get back to them, so I'll see you around.
You shouldn't let me tell you You should let me show you Everything that I could - No one else can do - [KNOCKING] You behind in your filing, too? No, just researching exigent circumstances for strip searches.
Friday night was a blast.
Your parents are the shit.
No offer from the Crown? Not-not unless I can get Percy to back down off of his human rights suit.
I don't know, for some reason he believes this case of police misconduct is too special to let go.
PAM: [SCOFFS] Special? Bring him in here.
I'll open up my files and he can see how unspecial this girl's case is.
[SCOFFS] Show me.
You just don't give up.
You said you were focused on the big picture.
Fifteen cases, Legal Aid cases, all with allegations of police misconduct.
Give me the names.
You know I can't do that.
But you can find the names using the provincial court filing numbers on this slip of paper.
- Not interested.
- That's a lie.
[SNICKERS] MARCIE: You want to go after the police, well I'm Willy Wonka offering you a golden ticket.
All you gotta do is just drop this Human Rights complaint.
A bird in the hand.
MARCIE: Young mother tased for allegedly stealing formula.
Construction worker beaten by two off-duty cops.
College kid shot by the police for fitting the description.
You want to go after two rogue cops or the system? MARK: Okay, I, I don't know where she is.
PROSECUTOR: Your Honour, we'd like to call Olympia Lairtes to the stand.
DOUG: Objection your Honour, unfair surprise.
Your Honour, this witness only approached our office last night.
DOUG: The witness is the Defendant's mother.
She's been a critical part of the defence strategy.
Her testimony may violate lawyer/client privilege.
PROSECUTOR: The Defence is trying to create privilege where none exists at law.
DOUG: Your Honour, Mrs.
Lairtes has Hey.
What's up? - I'm going to take a plea.
- What? No, no, I'm not putting her through this.
Make a plea.
Your Honour, if I may request a recess to speak to the prosecution.
You sure? Yeah.
DOUG: Come on.
MARCIE: Your Honour, we have determined that the best place to resolve the allegations against my client is Youth Justice Conference.
The restorative justice nature of that process will enable Miss Joy to take responsibility for her crime without her bright future being marred by a criminal record.
Crown is in, uh, agreement with this plan, Ms.
Chan? Yes, your Honour.
JUDGE BALLARD: Well, I respect the spirit of cooperation between the defence and the prosecution.
However, it is my belief that handing this trial at this time and moving this case to Youth Justice Conference would not best serve the course of justice.
The recommendation is denied.
We are adjourned until 2:00 ladies.
[WHISPERING] I'm stalking you.
MARCIE: I didn't realize you lived on the Dartmouth side of the bridge.
All my life.
Diggs, if you'll excuse me, it's probably not a good idea for us to be speaking outside of court, given that you currently have a case before me.
MARCIE: I don't think that we'd be the first lawyer and judge to run into each other waiting for the ferry.
I mean, there's only one.
Do you know Percy Lincoln? I'm aware of Mr.
He's making a lot of noise about our case.
JUDGE BALLARD: Yes, he has the cops in his sights, yet again.
MARCIE: You know I thought so too, but then, well, you know, it's common knowledge the judicial council investigated a complaint of police bias against you just a few months ago.
And, you know, you start to wonder, it's one thing going after dirty cops but, trying to take down a police judge, hmmm.
I've been fair.
In my case? Uhhh, no, I-I would have to disagree at best.
Oh, I see, this is a shake down.
I could report you to the bar.
Do you like being a lawyer, Ms.
Diggs? Depends on the day, your Honour.
What about you? Do you like being a judge? [UPBEAT MUSIC] MARK: I was raised in a community where loyalty and trust run deep.
Where a handshake, a person's word still means something.
I have abused and exploited these tenets for my own gain.
I brought shame to my mother and I brought shame to the, the memory of my father.
I am truly sorry for what I have done to you.
I've broken your trust.
And I hope that one day, you can give me your forgiveness.
Council, I've had a moment to, um, reconsider the facts in this case and the law as it pertains to those facts.
Given the circumstances surrounding the strip search of Miss Joy, it is clear that the search was not appropriate.
As a result, the joint motion to move these proceedings to Youth Justice Conference is granted.
Miss Joy, good luck to you.
And we are adjourned.
- LEAH: Hey you So, I'm I'm guessing Grandpa said no.
What gave it away? The only time you ever brought us to the beach was to give us bad news.
[DOUG CHUCKLING] Congratulations.
Thank you.
It's okay, I'm not going to go.
You have just as much right to be in Eskasoni as anybody else.
I agreed to the ban.
- Why, I thought you.
- I have my reason.
I was an associate of Don Sterling, the best criminal lawyer in all the province.
I wanted to impress him more than anything.
And this case came in, Wayne Davies, white guy accused of killing this Indian kid.
Don asked me to be on the team and I knew I was just a face but to be chosen, I didn't care.
And I knew, not provably but in my gut that the the alibi witness that we were using was lying.
I said nothing, and I did nothing.
And Davies got off and killed two more kids from Eskasoni.
You knew the witness was lying? Just wanted acceptance from them more than my own community.
There was a lot of anger towards me and your mom and you guys.
It was just easier for me to go.
You agreed to be banned from your own community.
- It was that easy to leave us.
- Easy? Your sisters won't even talk to me anymore.
But I needed to preserve our family's place.
For you kids and for your mom.
It was the best thing.
So you let them celebrate you, and I'll fight my own battles.
- Hey.
MARCIE: Coffee and donuts.
CARSON: It's a peace offering.
Marcie, I want you to be you.
It's a dozen donuts.
Wonder what I'm going to do with all of these.
CARSON: Well I might know someone.
[SIRENS FLICKER] And with everything, I wanted you to see Can I have a piece of that? Show me everything you want What I mean moving way to fast for me Close to me It always seems we're so far away No matter how you push I'm here to stay