Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e23 Episode Script

WereGarurumon's Diner

While Taichi was in the real world, the other six children were misled by PicoDevimon's lies and separated from one another.
However, Tokomon discovered PicoDevimon's true identity and evolved to Patamon to save Takeru.
Regaining the hope he had lost, Takeru set off once again with Taichi to search for Yamato and the others.
You're My Friend! WereGarurumon You're My Friend! WereGarurumon Where are we? Did the wind blow us off-course? Look over there! Digimon? But why? What's that? The usual! Italian ice! Me too! One bowl of pudding, please.
Sure, your orders are all set.
Thank you for your continued patronage! Veggiemon Adult Plant Digimon Type Virus Special Attack Poop Veggiemon.
A small Digimon who can skillfully maneuver his vines.
Although he is lacking in offense, his personality is exceedingly atrocious.
In brief, he's a mean fellow.
Hey, you! Look for more customers! Gomamon! Yamato! Then, does that mean Jyou is in here? Yamato! Jyou! So this is where you were! Um, yeah.
Everyone else disappeared after what happened.
Takeru and I are the only ones left.
Well, about that Remember how we all divided up the work and I went looking for food? Back then You're a human, aren't you? I saw a lot of beings that looked like you not far from here.
So there are other humans besides us! If you don't hurry, they'll disappear from our sights.
Let's go.
I'll take you there.
Th-Thank you But Hurry, hurry! Let's go! O-Okay! But along the way, we lost sight of him Even when we tried to go back, we got so lost that we couldn't find any familiar landmarks.
Just when our stomachs were grumbling, we found this restaurant.
I'm stuffed! Me too.
Thanks for your patronage.
Will this be enough? Sir, don't joke around.
Here's the bill.
Dollar bills? Of course! You don't accept Japanese yen? Huh? What's that? D Don't tell me Are you trying to leave without paying?! So now they're making you work to pay off your bills.
I didn't think it would turn out like this You're late! The customers are waiting! Hurry up and serve the food! Who are you? I'm his friend.
What are you doing back here then? You've got some business to take care of? This is nasty! How can I feed this to the customers?! Make a new one! No way! I'm adding more to your expenses while I'm at it! How long do you have to work to pay it off? Well At first, it was supposed to be for three days, but every time I screw up on something, it gets extended Now it's about two weeks! It's not my fault! I'm just taking back the losses I've made on this guy! What's this, what's this? What's all the fuss about? Digitamamon-sama! Digitamamon Perfect Perfect Digimon Type Data Special Attack Nightmare Syndrome Enigma Digitamamon.
A Perfect Level Digimon shaped like a Digiegg.
His special attack, Nightmare Syndrome, securely crushes his opponents.
Are you the owner of this place? This guy is my friend.
Can't you let him go? What are you saying? Quit your jokes! It'll be a different story if you worked with him to pay off his debts, though.
Well If you can't do that, hurry up and leave.
You're slowing down my business.
Hey, I didn't even say I probably won't leave this place for the rest of my life.
Don't get depressed! But still! Takeru is waiting for me.
I'll bring him with me here, so wait for us until then.
Then When I come back, I'll help you with your work.
Yamato! I'm in your debt! Oh? You're PicoDevimon! What is it? Th-This is I see.
Well, what do you want me to do? Oh, it's a very simple matter.
Wait! Where do you think you're going? Where? I want you to stay here and work with them! Why bring this up all of a sudden? Anyway, that's how things worked out! I don't mind working here, but I need to leave for a bit right now.
I'll be sure to come back later.
Should I take that to mean you don't care about what happens to your friend in the meantime? What do you mean? Figure it out.
While you're gone, I'll be free to do whatever I want to him.
Yamato What should we do? Didn't you say you were going back for Takeru? Go.
Don't worry about me.
Okay? Go on! You can stop by again when I'm almost finished.
Figure it out.
While you're gone, I'll be free to do whatever I want to him.
No, that's okay.
Yamato What happened to you? It's okay.
You're worried about Takeru, aren't you? Go back to him! I said, it's okay! Did I say something wrong? Jyou said all of that in consideration of me But I I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for yelling at you.
Don't worry about it.
Yamato Leave the cooking to me.
If we work together, we'll get out of here quicker.
So let's do our best together.
You think so? I'm sorry.
I'll never forget this favor.
Everything will straighten out! Let's work hard, Jyou! We're with you! Yeah Yeah, you're right! What are you doing?! Three more days! Hey! One more week! Eh, it's wrong?! You're hopeless! Ten more days! Yamato I'm sorry! I won't make any more mistakes from now on! I promise! Yamato I can't make any more mistakes If I do, I'll cause even more trouble for Yamato I must never make any more mistakes! Yamato I'm sorry It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
How long do I have to stay here? I promised Takeru I'd come for him! Things are looking good.
Now all it needs is the finishing touch.
Hey, have you finished peeling the potatoes yet? I'll get them, after I wash these.
Hurry up! O-Okay.
Now to watch.
It's the perfect setup.
Sora? It's okay.
Now then Wh-Why?! Damn it! Never mind, just watch! You're not getting off that easy! That's a beautiful melody.
Who are you? Oh, I'm just a bat Digimon passing by.
But it appears you're burdened with troubles heavier than mine.
How? The melody from your instrument doesn't lie.
You're an honest and faithful person.
You're sacrificing yourself for your friend.
So you know.
But your friend, on the other hand, doesn't feel the same.
Jyou? What about him? I've heard he's making mistakes on purpose.
What?! It's because he's afraid of being left behind on his own.
Jyou would He would never do that! You're a good guy.
Jyou is doing it On purpose? Have you finished my order yet? Please! I'll make sure to come back! Just let me go pick up my brother! Come on! No.
Absolutely not.
I promise to come back and work again! Both of you are working one more week! One more week?! I don't have that sort of time! What do I care? You'll be working with him to reimburse everything! Damn it! Why? No, that's not it! Someone bumped into my legs and knocked me over! It wasn't me! I'm telling the truth, believe me! Don't make excuses! Yamato! It's the truth Something's beeping.
Our friends must be nearby! That's right! When we met you, Takeru, it started beeping too.
Will we be able to meet my brother? Maybe.
Gomamon! It's Taichi! And Takeru! Gabumon! Where's my brother? Is Jyou here too? Yeah, he's here! But But? Taichi! You're alive! I was worried about you! Sorry, a lot of stuff happened.
Hey, where's my brother? He's here, isn't he? He's outside, right? Jyou? What's wrong? Takeru! I finally get to see you again! How did you? I came with Taichi-san! Taichi? Yo.
You're alive! I'm not kicking the bucket before you! Oh yeah? Sorry.
Thanks for taking care of Takeru.
Don't worry about it! I'm sorry, Takeru.
I couldn't keep my promise to come get you.
That's okay.
We were able to see each other again.
Anyway, I'm glad you're safe.
Putting that aside It doesn't look like anyone's around, so let's get out of here! You want us to run? Yeah! Let's hurry up and look for the others together! I don't want to.
Onii-chan? I don't mind running away from here, but I won't go with Jyou.
He'll only drag us down if he stays with us.
How can you say that? We're all friends! What do you mean, friends?! You keep dragging everyone around at your own convenience! Thanks to that, I'm all worn out! Just do whatever you want on your own! Wh-What?! I'm going with Takeru and that's it! Leave us alone! Onii-chan, what's wrong? We're all friends here.
Shut up! You just have to stay quiet and follow me! Everyone~ You wouldn't be thinking of fleeing from here, are you? It'll give us trouble if you did that.
Huh? Th-That's! PicoDevimon! He's an evil Digimon who tried to trick Takeru! What?! Then, when you mentioned there were humans around It was all a lie! Damn it! I won't forgive you! Baby Flame! Air Shot! Hey, watch it! Wait! You've got guts, trying to shirk your payments and escape from me.
Our debts should have already been more than paid for! That's true.
You were very good workers.
Let me give you back your change.
What? The next one won't miss.
Gabumon, evolve! Garurumon! Fox Fire! Attacks won't work against Digitamamon once he's sealed himself within his shell! That's how things work.
Garurumon! Help me! Takeru! If you keep putting up a struggle, I can't guarantee that boy will live.
That includes your Digimon too! Garurumon! Onii-chan! Help me! Damn it, that's unfair! I won't forgive you! Gomamon, evolve! Ikkakumon! Whoa! If you do that, I'm not responsible for what happens to this little guy! Takeru! You won't get away with this! J-Jyou-san? Why?! Up until now I've put up with everything because you said we should do our best together, Yamato So this time, I'll Ikkakumon! Save everyone! I'll squeeze even harder if you do that! Don't mind me, hurry up and defeat Digitamamon! Forget about me! I! I said those horrible things, but Jyou JYOU! I could wipe the floor with you two if I seriously wanted to.
You might not believe me, but it's true.
Nightmare Syndrome! He's too strong! It's no use! We can't win! No, that's not true! It will work out somehow! I won't forget it anymore! I can't forget it! My friends The feeling of believing in my friends! Friendship! Garurumon, super-evolve! WereGarurumon! Anyone can run and give up Nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo WereGarurumon Perfect Vaccine Beast Man Digimon Special Attack Kaiser Nail WereGarurumon.
Evolved from Garurumon, this Beast Man type Digimon can walk on two legs.
When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead Isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou With his sharp claws, his special attack, Kaiser Nail, can rip through his enemies.
That's WereGarurumon! There's something only you can do Kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni WereGarurumon? Nightmare Syndrome! Kaiser Nail! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light Hikari ga nakusenu you ni Don't dare take a single step back! WereGarurumon! Seize the dreams you painted! Tsukame! egaita yume wo Protect your beloved friends! Mamore! daiji na tomo wo H-Huh? Di-Digitamamon-sama? Then you can become stronger Takumashii jibun ni nareru sa N-No way! He beat Digitamamon! He's getting away! Veggiemon! Unknown power dwells in your heart Shiranai pawaa ga yadoru Release Jyou right now! Or do you want to fight me too? N-No, thank you! When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara Onii-chan! Even your wishes, it's true, Donna negai mo uso ja nai Jyou-san saved me! Will surely be granted, so Kitto kanau kara That was unusually heroic of you, Jyou.
Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart You didn't have to add "unusually" to that.
But you really were cool, Jyou! Jyou Thank you For saving Takeru That's okay.
After all, you're always saving me.
Also! I'm sorry Yamato A-And then The light from the Crest of Friendship caused WereGarurumon to evolve! What? U-Um Learn your place.
D-Damn it! It's entirely their fault! Just you wait, children! So what you're saying is If we don't do something about this world, the effects will move over to our world.
What's that? Apparently if one of our friends is nearby, this starts beeping.
Then someone must be close by.
Which way is it? Mine's this way.
Mine's over here.
Then why don't we split into two groups and look for them? Okay.
I'll go with Takeru.
Then you come with me, Jyou.
But what'll happen if we don't see each other afterwards? Let's meet at the bottom of that mountain, then.
Let's do that.
Hey, will we really see each other again? We will! Because we're friends! Yeah! We'll definitely meet again! You're right.
After all, we're friends! Voices Yagami Taichi Takenouchi Sora Ishida Yamato Takaishi Takeru Kido Jyou Fujita Toshiko Mizutani Yuko Kazama Yuuto Konishi Hiroko Kikuchi Masami Voices Agumon Piyomon Gabumon Patamon Gomamon Sakamoto Chika Shigematsu Katori Yamaguchi Mayumi Matsumoto Miwa Takeuchi Junko Voices Vamdemon PicoDevimon Digitamamon Veggiemon Narration Ohtomo Ryuzaburo Miyata Kouki Horikawa Jin Kawamoto Hiroyuki Hirata Hiroaki Koushiro continues to look for Gennai.
Once he finds him, there are many things he'd like to ask.
But when Vadermon plots to steal his inquisitive heart, Koushiro is captured within Vadermon's eerie universe.
Losing his heart, his bond with Tentomon is about to be severed when, seeking for a super evolution, his Crest glows! Next time on Digimon Adventure: Crush! AtlurKabuterimon Now the adventure evolves.
Crush! AtlurKabuterimon