Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e24 Episode Script

No Questions, Please

After returning to the Digital World, Taichi found Yamato and Jyou held captive within a restaurant.
With their friendship repaired, Yamato's Crest glowed and Garurumon evolved to his Perfect Level, WereGarurumon.
Meanwhile, during that time, Koushiro was Crush! AtlurKabuterimon Crush! AtlurKabuterimon Koushiro-han! Let's take a little break! I'm exhausted! I want to meet Gennai-san as soon as possible! But even so, it's already been two months! It doesn't matter how long it takes! I'm going ahead.
Koushiro-han! Wait for me! Vamdemon-sama He'll punish me! Vamdemon-sama will punish me! PicoDevimon! Y-Yes, sir! When will you be stealing the Crests from the Chosen Children? V-Very soon, sir! Can I trust you? Do these look like the eyes of a liar? Vamdemon-sama! Very well.
But if you don't manage to steal the Crests, you had better prepare for the consequences.
If I don't steal it This time, I'm dead! I'm dead! I'm! It's a Chosen Child! If I meet Gennai-san I'm sure he'll tell me the secret behind this Crest.
You always want to know everything about everything, Koushiro-han.
That's what I like about you.
Oh stop, you're embarrassing me.
I don't mean anything weird from it.
I know.
Even so, I wonder where Gennai-san is Here's a signpost! Sign: Beware of large pieces of falling crap ahead! "Beware of large pieces of falling crap ahead.
" What's that mean? Koushiro-han, let's go this way! Wh-What? There's one over here too! "Beware of a bottomless pit of crap ahead.
" Again? Koushiro-han, let's go that way! Sure.
Sign: Beware of savage crap!! "Beware of savage crap!" This area is full of crap.
It's a nasty place! I did it, I did it! Big success! Tentomon, can you fly? I can't! Look! It's making me fall even faster! I wonder how far we'll be falling? How should I know?! Until you reach Hell.
Hell? Y-You must be kidding me! Really! I don't want to go to Hell! Grab onto these.
All who possess a desire will fall into Hell.
I don't think either of us possesses any sort of desire whatsoever.
No, you do! You have the desire of wanting to know everything.
Is it wrong to want to know everything? Look.
It's because you get offended like that and ask questions that the weight of your curiosity grows, dragging you down to Hell.
No way! See, you wondered "Why?" again.
Because Your inquisitive heart keeps swelling and swelling! Koushiro-han! Do you want to go to Hell? No, I don't! Me neither! Then throw away your inquisitive heart! I like you with your inquisitive heart, Koushiro-han.
But at this rate, the two of us will fall into Hell! How do I throw it away?! Pray for it! I don't want to know! I don't want to know Where are we? In the Sacred Mysterious Universe.
Who are you? I am Vadermon, the ruler of the Sacred Mysterious Universe.
Vadermon Perfect Alien Digimon Type Virus Special Attack Akuma no Nage Kiss Abduction Kousen Vadermon.
A creepy Digimon through and through, his real nature is unknown.
His special attack, Akuma no Nage Kiss, mortifies his enemies.
This is the inquisitive heart that you threw away.
It mustn't dirty the sanctity of the Sacred Mysterious Universe.
I will dispose of it.
Learning about Cosmic Power will be more valuable to you.
A textbook on how to obtain Cosmic Power That's the way to go.
The basics of Cosmic Power lie in your breathing.
Koushiro-han! Don't believe in that crazy stuff! The correct way to breathe is to release alpha rays from your right chest Stop reading that! What are you doing? As a result, your blood flow will increase and energy will flow throughout your body.
Therefore, your breathing is Koushiro! Ta-Taichi-san! Where are you right now? At home! I'm back in the real world! Koromon is with me! I see.
Then that must mean You're not coming back here.
But please contact me once in awhile.
It looks like Taichi-han is having his share of troubles too.
With Cosmic Power, you will seek to gain tranquility in everything The inquisitive heart will be placed right next to the ignorant heart! If there are people who will throw away their hearts, then there are people who will buy it from them! I am the shopkeeper of the Universe of Hearts, Vadermon! A customer has come to buy a heart! Coming! Yes, yes! Welcome! U-Um My store will do everything to suit your tastes amongst our wide variety of commodities Did this kid and his Digimon fall in this area? Oh yes, they did! And?! I understand! Please wait here a moment! Thank you for waiting! Here is that boy's inquisitive heart! Not that! Sir, did you come here just to play around? I want this thing that that boy was holding.
We only sell hearts here.
You won't find that for sale here.
I have a great pile of crap waiting to be spent though.
Crap! Crap! Crap! I don't mind bartering for it, you know.
All right, I'll take it! I'll get a hold of it and trade it for your fine pile of crap! A B C D E F G Koushiro-han! I'm training right now to get Cosmic Power, so quit bothering me! I J K L M N I forgot to tell you something.
To obtain Cosmic Power, you must first throw everything away.
Everything? Throw away everything you have.
Yes, sir.
I don't need this.
You can't do that! I'll be taking this.
Give back the Crest! Be quiet! Continue with your training! Yes, sir.
O P Q R S T U V W X Y Thank you for waiting! This is it! Now hand it over! No! This is a trade! Where's your big pile of fine crap? Wa-Wait just a minute! I'll have it out right now! Ready, set, go! It's not coming out.
Give me a break! Out! E F G Koushiro-han H I J K L Motimon Motimon Babumon Babu! Babu! Babu! Be quiet! Why must I keep telling you to stop getting in the way of my training?! Babu! Babu! Babu! If I meet Gennai-san, I'm sure he'll tell me the secret behind this Crest.
You always want to know everything about everything, Koushiro-han.
That's what I like about you.
Babu! Babumon! Babumon! Babu! I'm sorry for making you degenerate.
Babu! Stop fooling around! Vadermon-san, calm down! You're being too persistent! Wa-Wait a minute! No, I won't! Leave! Right now! Why not?! If I don't take that Crest back with me Who knows what Vamdemon-sama will do to me?! That's got nothing to do with me! Please! Go away! He has the Crest I threw away! Since I don't have my inquisitive heart I don't really understand, but Babu? I think I've been tricked.
Babu! Babu! Let's take back my Crest and my inquisitive heart.
Leave! I can't! I can't! I said, I can't! I'm telling you to leave! Babumon! The Crest! Wait! Give me back the Crest! Wait! Wait! Babumon, hurry! I have my Crest back! It's all thanks to you, Babumon! Babu! Babumon! Open up! Open this door! Open up! It's my inquisitive heart! Staying ignorant isn't what makes me, me! Wanting to know everything is a part of who I am! Babu! My inquisitive heart I'm sorry for throwing you away.
I want to know.
I want to know! He selfishly took back the inquisitive heart! Wait! Babumon, hurry! Motimon! Motimon! Tentomon! Tentomon! Koushiro-han! Tentomon, evolve! Kabuterimon! Akuma no Nage Ki-chuu! ♥ (Demon's Kis-smooch) Note: "Ki-chuu" is a combination of "kiss" and the Japanese sfx for kissing, "chuu.
" Kabuterimon! You'll only hurt yourself if you underestimate me! Kabuterimon! Stand up! Kabuterimon, super-evolve! AtlurKabuterimon! Anyone can run and give up Nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead Isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou AtlurKabuterimon Perfect Vaccine Insect Digimon Special Attack Horn Buster AtlurKabuterimon.
A giant Insect Digimon that evolves from Kabuterimon.
There's something only you can do Kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni Using his large horn, he stabs through the enemy with his Horn Buster! Akuma no Nage Ki-chuu! ♥ So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light Hikari ga nakusenu you ni Seize the dreams you painted! Tsukame! egaita yume wo AtlurKabuterimon! Protect your beloved friends! Mamore! daiji na tomo wo Take that! Now have you learned your lesson? Then you can become stronger Takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Unknown power dwells in your heart Shiranai pawaa ga yadoru When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara Even your wishes, it's true, Donna negai mo uso ja nai Will surely be granted, so Kitto kanau kara It's an earthquake! Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart Koushiro-han! Koushiro-han! Are you okay? Motimon I used up too much of my energy Motimon, thank you.
Koushiro-han Th-That hurts Koushiro! Motimon! Koushiro-san! Yamato-san! Takeru-kun! Tsunomon! Patamon! Have you been doing okay? I'm glad we've found you! Motimon! You look like a baby when you're held like that! Koushiro-han! Let me down! It's okay! You're tired.
Chosen Children.
Gennai-san! The distortions in this world haven't been corrected yet.
Use the information on this world, available in the Digimon Analyzer I've sent, as a reference from now on! This is the Digimon Analyzer.
Here it is! AtlurKabuterimon.
An Insect Digimon.
That's me! Vamdemon-sama! Where is the Crest? P-Please forgive me! No! Accept your punishment! Save me! Vamdemon-sama! Please forgive me! Voices Yagami Taichi Ishida Yamato Izumi Koushiro Takaishi Takeru Fujita Toshiko Kazama Yuuto Tenjin Umi Konishi Hiroko Voices Gabumon Tentomon Patamon Yamaguchi Mayumi Sakurai Takahiro Matsumoto Miwa Voices Vamdemon PicoDevimon Vadermon Gennai Narration Ohtomo Ryuzaburo Miyata Kouki Suzuki Takuma Yanami Jouji Hirata Hiroaki With Geckomon and Otamamon serving her every whim, Mimi has turned selfish.
Throwing Taichi and the others into prison, she also gets into a big fight with Palmon.
Yet she wants to make up with them.
When her Crest of Purity glows, Mimi puts her heart into her singing.
But it is an evil trap meant to awaken a cruel Digimon! Next time on Digimon Adventure: The Sleeping Tyrant! TonasamaGeckomon Now the adventure evolves.
The Sleeping Tyrant! TonasamaGeckomon