Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e25 Episode Script

Princess Karaoke

Two months had passed since Taichi's return from the real world to the Digimon world.
Relying on their Digivices, the children separated into two search parties.
Yamato and Takeru met up again with Koushiro.
During that time, Taichi and Jyou were The Sleeping Tyrant! TonasamaGeckomon The Sleeping Tyrant! TonasamaGeckomon What beautiful weather! The water's sparkling, and it feels great! Keep it up, you two! We'd like more than anything to trade places with you But we're just too short to reach the pedals! You have absolutely no intention of switching with us to begin with! Is it that obvious? Totally obvious.
Oh? That's A castle The signal is coming from inside! So busy, tama! So busy, ribbit! Frogs and tadpoles? What are they doing? So busy, ribbit! So busy, ribbit! Geckomon Child Virus Amphibian Digimon Special Attack Crash Symphony Geckomon.
Despite his silly appearance, he loves music.
With the three holes on the tip of his tongue, he uses the horn wrapped around his neck to perform his special attack, Crash Symphony.
So busy, tama! Otamamon.
Otamamon Child Virus Amphibian Digimon Special Attack Lullaby Bubble An Amphibian Digimon.
Its special attack, Lullaby Bubble, lulls one to sleep.
So busy, ribbit! Hey, hey! Why are you in such a rush? Why? The princess said she wants fried rice with roast pork, shrimp, and assorted vegetables right this minute, ribbit! Fried rice? No, ribbit! The princess said she wants cold yaki-udon, ribbit! Note: Yaki-udon = Thick stir-fried Japanese noodles.
Cold yaki-udon? What are you saying, ribbit? The princess wants simmering okara miso soup made Mediterranean Sea-style, ribbit! Okara miso soup made Mediterranean Sea-style? No, ribbit! It's fried rice, ribbit! Cold yaki-udon, ribbit! Okara miso soup, Mediterranean Sea-style, ribbit! Now, now.
What if you made all of that and gave it They're all wrong, tama! What now? The princess wants a gaudy-looking polka-dotted dress, tama! No, tama! She wants a retro ring, tama! Polka-dotted dress, tama! Retro ring, tama! If this princess jerks around her servants like this She must be extremely selfish! Hey, didn't you guys say you were in a hurry? That's right! The princess has arrived! Ribbit, ribbit! Oh, it's you.
It's been a long time! What are you doing here? What am I doing here? I'm being a princess.
Can't you tell? Then that means the selfish princess around here Was you?! Who are you calling selfish?! How rude! Thank you for your time.
This is PicoDevimon.
How are the defenses? Everything is going well.
What about things at the castle? It's all right.
All of the Geckomon are treating her like a princess.
If they keep this up, the Crest of Purity will never activate.
You know what will happen if you repeat your mistakes, do you? Y-Yes, of course.
I'm expecting results.
Anyway, it's good to see you're safe.
Come on, go and change! Let's get out of here! Huh? Something wrong, Mimi-kun? Why do I have to change? What do you mean why? It'll be hard to walk in that dress! Why do I have to walk? We can't travel while carrying you on our backs! I'm not going.
There's no guarantee that we'll be able to return to our own world, so why should I bother to go traveling out there where it's dangerous? Hey, Mimi-kun.
Besides, I have everything in here! A bath, a soft bed, and good food! What's more, I'm the princess of this castle! Mimi, is something wrong? That strange voice It's Palmon! It helps having you here, Palmon! Talk some sense into her! About what? Palmon! You too?! Hey.
Mimi-chan and Palmon, we can't waste time playing along with your jokes! Hurry up and get ready! I am not joking around! I'm serious about staying here! If you don't have anything else to say, then hurry up and get out! Hey, Mimi.
Why are you mad? Palmon, you be quiet! Give me a break! You think we'll just agree with you quietly and leave? He's right! Besides, don't you know what we went through to get here? I don't even want to know! Oh, that's it! Now you can never make me leave this place! I won't move from this spot until you say you're coming! Me neither! Oh really? Well, I have an idea.
Princess! Is there a problem, ribbit ribbit? These people want to leave, so show them the exit! Understood, ribbit ribbit! Wait, stop it! Mimi-chan, what happened to you?! Mimi Oww! That hurt! Treat your guests more courteously! In any case, I wonder what happened to Mimi-kun.
She's assuming too much because these frogs are spoiling her! You're exactly right, ribbit.
This is our lord, ribbit.
That's a pretty big statue.
It's not a statue, ribbit.
It's our lord himself, ribbit! That thing is still alive? Yes, tama! He's been like this for the past 300 years, ribbit! It's said that the shock from losing a karaoke match put him into this state, ribbit! To bring back our lord, a voice that is lovelier than the one he lost to must sing to him, ribbit! So, we've tried holding a karaoke competition every year, ribbit, but our lord doesn't even twitch, ribbit.
Of course, this made us think that the legend is really a lie, ribbit, but Just at that moment, we heard there was a human girl who was good at singing, and we welcomed her here like a princess, tama! When I wish on a star, with my pride riding the wind I can see a tomorrow that can't be erased by today I'm sure of it Sorry, I forgot the words! Wow, it's a feast! Please try to remember the lyrics, ribbit! When I wish on a star, with my pride riding the wind I can see a tomorrow Since this is karaoke, we should have a mirror ball here to get more of an atmosphere going! Also, the interior decorating in this room is yucky! No more, I'm sleepy.
And after so long, this is how things ended up, tama! At first, the princess sang for us once every three days, ribbit, but Now she uses that to her advantage to get everything she wants! When we try to refuse her demands Do you really want to do that? I won't sing for you anymore.
We can't talk back to her at all when she says that, tama! So that's how Mimi-kun became selfish That's why we have a request for you, ribbit! Can you get the princess to sing for us, tama? But I doubt she'll even listen to us Okay.
Leave it to me! You'll ask her for us, ribbit?! Hey, Taichi! So what you're saying is, getting this big guy to wake up is all you need, right? Just leave the singing to me! When I wish on a star, while scooping pudding into a bowl Note: These lyrics are homonyms of the original song.
I can take tomorrow if I don't grab today I'm sure of it Here, let me try.
When I wish on eels in China, with fried potatoes in the wind I can see no other option but to cool my sweat off When I see stars shaking in the wind, things will go well I can take away tomorrow so today won't come I'm sure of it No good It's impossible to wake him up unless it's Mimi-kun singing.
You guys! I was worried about you.
What happened? What do you mean what happened? Haven't you realized that Mimi's been acting strangely? Strangely? You think so too? I've been thinking that maybe she has! Hey At least figure that out for yourself.
A recording, huh? Good idea! I can be pretty smart when I want to be.
Here she comes! What's this? A karaoke set.
I can see that.
What's it doing here? I just suddenly felt like listening to your beautiful singing.
Well, here we go.
I can easily figure out what you guys are thinking.
Mimi-chan! Mimi! Do you realize right now what you're doing? Did I do something wrong? You can't even figure that out anymore? Don't you feel anything by doing this to your friends? It's not just us! You're causing a lot of trouble for the Geckomon too! Mimi-chan! Mimi-kun! Doing this is too dreadful of you, Mimi! When you act like this When you act like this I hate you! I see.
Well, I hate you too! Otamamon! Save me! No, ribbit! No, tama! Fine! I won't sing for you anymore! That's okay, ribbit.
You wouldn't sing for us even if we did help you, ribbit.
We're going home to sleep, ribbit.
Wait! I'll sing! So please, help me! You guys! Help me! You're no friend of ours! It serves you right.
Have you forgotten what you've done to us? Palmon! I hate you, Mimi.
No! Taichi-san Agumon You guys wait Palmon Mimi-chan.
Mimi-chan! Mimi-chan! Sora san? You know what you've done wrong, do you? I I'm sorry! Then you know what you should do to fix things, right? Yeah.
Thank goodness.
You're really a good girl, Mimi-chan.
This is! Sora-san? What is it? Come out, ribbit.
What does she want from us so late at night, ribbit? She's probably going to give us more difficult orders, ribbit.
Mimi-chan! Mimi-kun! Geckomon and Otamamon Taichi-san, Jyou-senpai, Agumon, Gomamon And Palmon Everyone I'm sorry! What's wrong, ribbit? I know that just apologizing might not be enough, but I've come to my senses! I've realized how horribly I've been treating all of you! So! Mimi, sing for us! We want to hear you sing, princess, ribbit! You guys Start the music! When I wish on a star, with my pride riding the wind I can see a tomorrow that can't be erased by today I wish Why are we here? Please tell me soon The things we see aren't everything I'm shivering with the cold, so I wrap my arms with a jacket Before I realize it, it becomes transparent And turns into hope! TonosamaGeckomon Ultimate Virus Amphibian Digimon Special Attack Kobushi Tone TonosamaGeckomon.
Just as his name says, he is the lord of the Geckomon.
Note: Tonosama = Esteemed feudal lord.
The low frequency waves from his horn releases his special attack, Kobushi Tone! I was having a wonderful nap.
Who woke me up, ribbit?! What the heck is up with that?! He's a villain! No one told us he was a tyrant! We shouldn't have woken him up if we knew about this, ribbit! Kobushi Tone! (Samurai Tone) I want you to leave me stranded in the rain~ Mimi! Palmon, evolve! Togemon! Are you okay, Mimi? Togemon, I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Togemon I love you, Togemon.
I love you too, Mimi.
Togemon Anyone can run and give up Nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo Hey! You ungrateful swine! Don't you even know who woke you up? When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead Isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou Who cares about that?! There's something only you can do Kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni Now you've done it, bastards! Mega Flame! Harpoon Vulcan! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light Hikari ga nakusenu you ni Kobushi Tone! That is a woman's disposition~ There's no map on how to live, but that's why we're free Ikikata ni chizu nanka nai kedo dakara jiyuu Unbelievable! He looks retarded, but he's actually pretty strong! You can go anywhere you please Doko e datte yukeru, kimi mo Tonosama Jump! Run faster than the wind! Hashire! kaze yori hayaku Aim higher than the skies! Mezase! sora yori tooku Then you can meet a new you Atarashii jibun ni aeru sa Greymon, super-evolve! Unknown courage sleeps in your heart Shiranai yuuki ga nemuru MetalGreymon! When you realize that haato ni ki ga tsuitara Even the downpour within your heart Mune no naka no doshaburi mo Will surely stop, so Kitto yamu kara Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart Rib-bit?! Go, MetalGreymon! Giga Destroyer! Sleep for the rest of your life! After being honest to herself and realizing her mistakes, Mimi's Crest of Purity attained its light.
However Why doesn't Sora show herself in front of the others? The only thing we know for sure is Hot! Hot! Hot! Help me! That PicoDevimon was getting his just desserts.
Voices Yagami Taichi Takenouchi Sora Tachikawa Mimi Kido Jyou Fujita Toshiko Mizutani Yuko Maeda Ai Kikuchi Masami Voices Agumon Palmon Gomamon Sakamoto Chika Mizowaki Shihomi Takeuchi Junko Voices Vamdemon PicoDevimon TonosamaGeckomon Narration Ohtomo Ryuzaburo Miyata Kouki Matsuo Ginzo Hirata Hiroaki The children meet up one after the other.
But only Sora is missing.
Why is Sora staying away from them? What is her reason? Illuminated by a blood-red moon, Vamdemon finally appears! Seeing her friends fall before his menacing power, Sora's love pushes Birdramon towards Super Evolution! Next time on Digimon Adventure: Radiant Wings! Garudamon! Now the adventure evolves.
Radiant Wings! Garudamon!