Dirty John (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Remember It Was Me

1 Previously on "Dirty John" I'm John.
Ronnie thinks that John is creepy and might be a gold digger.
I'm trying to find somebody who's smart and funny and someone I'm attracted to.
There's something wrong with him.
Do you not see that? I found out some things about you.
You weren't in Iraq.
You lived in a trailer park.
You don't even have a medical license.
You worry about your own sad life.
I'll worry about Debbie.
We're married now.
We hired someone.
A private detective.
We need to figure out why he's lying to you.
John's not a perfect person.
But I love him because he's a good man.
Did you open my mail? How dare you? It's a felony to open someone's mail.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SOFT ACOUSTIC MUSIC] [MAN SINGING] [DOOR HANDLE SHUFFLES] Oh, my God, this place makes me want to curl up in the fetal position.
- You said one drink.
- I say a lot of things.
Well, I actually listened to this one.
- Greyhound or sea breeze? - I should have just gone home - and had a bowl of cereal - Greyhound or sea breeze? - Greyhound or sea breeze? - Okay.
If this place has grapefruit juice, I'll pay your next month's rent.
- Hey, Ton.
- Hi.
So anyway, one of my patients today was getting a quadruple bypass, and his entire family [CHATTERING] And it was getting so annoying because Nice scrubs.
It's a song you sing When the radio does Thanks.
No, I mean, seriously, like, it's a great color.
Nice pants.
- You like 'em? - Mm.
I was kind of on the fence today.
I wasn't sure whether to go with pants.
And I thought, "Eh, probably.
Probably pants.
" What were your other choices? Oh, barrel and suspenders.
Catsuit, uh some kind of decorative, you know, paint situation.
Shorts? Shorts.
That's definitely a choice people make, right? So let me get this straight.
So then do you get different anesthesia training? No.
No, it's the same.
But when a nurse anesthetist.
You can't even say it.
You can't even say it.
I can say it.
I can say it.
- But when a nurse anesthetist - [SLURRING] Anesthetist.
- Anes anesthetist.
- Mm-hmm.
Administers anesthesia, it's nursing, so it has to be overseen by a doctor.
But when an anesthesiologist does it, it's medicine, so it doesn't have to be overseen, so.
- Okay, wait.
- That's the difference.
So you do the same job as anesthesiologist Mm-hmm.
But with a chaperone for half the money.
Well, I mean half the money is still great money.
And no one really chaperones me anymore But doesn't that make you mad? - Um - I mean, that would that would make me mad, I'm sorry.
But I mean, I'm mad for you.
I I mean you should be paid more.
Maybe I should go to law school then.
There's still time.
Okay, you're making fun of me now.
I see.
You know, I am on the pathway to the, uh materially rich, spiritually empty existence of my dreams.
[LAUGHING] That's not funny at all.
That's just sad.
Most of you don't know him real well.
I've known him, uh, three or four years now.
And if you talk to any of his friends, as far as the reaction to him getting married, you are gonna find out they are just completely shocked and baffled.
[LAUGHTER] We are going for pancakes, and you are not invited because you are busy.
- No, I'm not.
- You've got your hands full.
- I mean, why don't you? - Stop it.
You don't want a handful of that guy, you must be crazy.
I will see you tomorrow.
And the reason why, I think the reason why is that we're skeptical people.
[LAUGHTER] So seeing him in love is an inspiring thing for me.
And I'm sure for anyone who knows him too.
- You're leaving with them? - Nope.
But you're leaving.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I I have a shift tomorrow.
I should really go.
Take me with you.
No, I I didn't mean it like that.
I just meant, like, you know, let's go get a coffee or go for a drive, you know, whatever you're comfortable with.
It's just I mean, we're having a good time.
Right? I just I don't want it to end.
Not yet.
Yeah, okay.
And so, in closing, I wish you the best of everything, John.
Let's everybody say, "Cheers!" ALL: Cheers! May you live happily ever after.
Big smile for the camera.
[EERIE MUSIC] [SNAPSHOTS CLICKING] [SNAPSHOTS CLICKING] I had a dream about this, by the way.
- You did? - Mm-hmm.
About eggs? Well, eggs served by a beautiful, sexy woman.
I mean, what could be a better dream than that? Maybe a dream where I could fly.
[CHUCKLES] Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
What's your day? Um, I am going to meet with a client in Mission Viejo.
What's your day? I have a clinic in Garden Grove.
I have to help with a root canal.
You ever heard of an endodontist? An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in diseases of the pulp.
Pulp, as in, like, your tooth [CHUCKLING] I know what an endodontist is.
I don't need to hear any more about that.
[SIGHS] You know, if you taught me how to cook eggs that awesome French chef way, I could make them for both of us.
Oh, you don't have to do that, hon.
You do so much for me already.
[GULL CAWS IN DISTANCE] We could also get the court to enter a restraining order for depletion of capital.
You know, to stop someone from destroying assets.
Uh oh, okay.
But that's not those, right? No I mean, well, some of them do mention money, stolen money, but Mm, they seem to mostly be threats, harassment, intimidation, yeah.
Wait, that's why I was wondering, you know, is it possible that maybe that's not him, you know? I mean, maybe those aren't about him.
You mean, like, that John Meehan is a common name? Yeah, but let's not ask him about it just yet, because you did say that this one is his ex-wife, right? Tonia? Oh, oh, yeah.
But that, you know, that was a very, very ugly divorce.
I mean, she cheated on him and then wanted him to come back, and and, you know, she fought him for custody and made all kinds of accusations.
He eventually lost his job.
Yeah, I'm emailing these to myself, okay, so that I can, uh, print them out.
Oh, okay.
And, you know, I-I thought, too, you know, maybe the, um, those printouts from some of those online forums or whatever, maybe that could have been Tonia too.
'Cause I mean, anybody can make a profile and post pictures, and, you know, all kinds of nasty stuff online.
Things can get very out of control online.
[CHUCKLING] That's the understatement of the century, huh? Yeah, and I wish I could tell you that I've never seen this kind of behavior in family court, but, uh, well, people do just keep on surprising me.
[CHUCKLES] Are you thinking you want to file for an annulment? Would that help? Oh.
Um Oh, I don't know, uh Okay.
That's fine.
Look, I know that all of this here is very intimidating.
I do.
I understand that.
But I'm gonna figure out what we're dealing with.
Okay? We're gonna figure it out, together.
All right? Okay.
Thank you.
Okay, well, till then, just keep your head down.
[SOFT MUSIC] [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] You all right? [SIGHS] Please don't make fun of me, okay? I'm not.
Remember, I told you, you don't even have to do this.
No, I do.
Your dad's old-school.
He asked your grandpa for your mom's hand in marriage, and I'll do the same.
What if you throw up on him? I'm kidding.
He loves you.
They all do.
Why are you so worried? Just getting married, you know? Families coming together, I don't know if I can do that.
You don't know if you can do what? My family, I can't do that to yours, like, dishonor them with mine.
Oh, you know, I know you say that, and I know you had a hard time growing up, but No, you don't.
You couldn't, because, you know, your family's loving and supportive.
Mine were drug addicts and alcoholics.
Even before the divorce, they hated each other.
When I was little, they hated me, and I knew that before I even knew what it meant.
- John - But you can't understand that because you were raised by people to be a person.
I was raised by monsters.
Well, I'm here.
To listen.
If I told you what they did to me, you'll think about me the same way that they did.
You won't be able to help it.
John, baby, that's not true.
I told you that I, you know, don't talk to them much anymore, but that's not true.
I don't talk to them at all.
For how long? Years.
For years now.
It's just, it was either that or I mean, it had to be that.
Listen, I want this life with you more than anything.
I do, it's just if we're gonna do this, my family cannot be a part of it.
- Okay.
- No, you have to promise me.
Because next thing, we'll have a baby, and you'll be so in love.
And you'll think, "They can share in this.
This'll fix everything," but it won't.
They'll poison us, and you can't let that happen, so please promise me.
I Yeah, no, I promise.
I promise.
You married him? I-I-I did.
I-I you know, honey, I was gonna tell you, but I-I wanted to wait for the right moment because you you you know, you hate him so much.
Toby told me.
John told Toby.
Oh, I didn't know that.
No, John wouldn't have told you.
Toby went to the house the day before yesterday.
He wanted to apologize to you.
John told him he was trespassing.
And that he no longer has an aunt.
And that it was a good thing his father shot his mother before she could see what a loser Toby is.
- Veronica - John said that.
The man that you married and didn't tell us that you married him, said that, about our family.
I don't I, you know I don't know about any of that.
You don't know this man at all.
Or what he is potentially capable of.
Do you really, really believe that he doesn't want your money? You don't see that that's what he's wanted from the beginning? I am working through some I'm figuring it out.
How? I am dealing with it, Veronica.
I hope you got a prenup.
[SOFT MUSIC] [DOOR SHUTS] Not a science major.
I did do a lot of extra science classes outside of my major, though.
Growing up, I worked at Stanford Med as an orderly.
So interested in medicine, peripherally.
And then I met Tonia, and I've been taking him through all my old textbooks.
He's picking things up way faster than I did.
Yeah, law school taught me the pros and cons of every make of luxury car, but at this point, I can't even remember why I went there.
I mean, if you decide I can't do this, I-I can't go back to that.
I-I really need some purpose.
I really do.
I will say we do see a proportionally high rate of success with our older students.
And you have this one on your side, which helps.
But it's gonna be a lot of work.
More than you even know.
When I want something, I know how to buckle down.
[GATE OPENING, FOOTSTEPS RESOUND] [THOUGHTFUL MUSIC] All right, just let me know when you're finished.
[DOOR HANDLE SHUFFLES] Well, I have a little cash here in the house that I just keep here in case, you know, there's an earthquake, God forbid, or How much is it? I don't know, maybe 80,000 or 90,000? I rented a safe deposit box today.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah, you know.
For like, important papers, passports, that kind of thing.
I was thinking the cash should go in there too.
In case there's, like, a fire or something.
- Hi.
How's it going? - Good.
- Just making myself some tea.
I've got an upset stomach.
You want some? Oh, no.
Yeah, sure.
So I talked to a buddy.
A guy I met back when I was trying to stop Tonia from draining me dry after the split.
He used to not mind investing cash for me through his firm when I needed him to.
So I asked him to, uh, hook me up with someone out here.
To invest our cash.
So that's why it's not in the safe deposit box anymore.
I have the text alert option.
So I got a text today saying that you were there.
It didn't tell me why, but it made me realize I hadn't told you that I had taken the cash out.
All right.
That's fine.
So? Why were you there? Well Veronica came by the office today.
And, um, somehow, she knows we're married.
So cat's out of the bag.
[CHUCKLING] We can wear these now.
Really? Aww.
- [CHUCKLES] - We're married.
Here we go.
Look at the camera.
We should treat every child not just as a case patient, but as if they were part of our own family.
Thank you so much for coming.
[APPLAUSE] Great talk.
Thank you.
Really appreciate it.
You have a good afternoon.
- Okay? Take care.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, no, please, sorry.
Drink it.
I know everyone wants to talk to you.
- I'm Maggie.
- Tonia.
I'm a CRNA at St.
Hilda's in Dayton.
Dayton, yeah, I've heard that's a great hospital.
Yeah, yeah, I mean no, it is.
[LAUGHS] I-I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your talk.
I always well, I just prefer the more anecdotal speeches to the really technical ones.
Well, and I know a lot of our colleagues would like a little more [POMPOUSLY] "Intracranial cysts in children.
"Peritoneal derivation or endoscopic fenestration? Discuss.
" But I'm like you, I like to hear about people.
I well, I've only worked one pediatric case.
Two months old, hydrocephalus, VP shunt placement failed.
You would not believe how cute this baby was.
Eyelashes like "swock.
" Oh, I would definitely believe it.
Do you have a family yourself? Yep.
Married, two kids.
Both under five.
- Wow.
- I know.
You are an American hero.
Well, what about you? Uh, not yet.
I used to think I was more effective without kids.
Less emotional, in a good way.
But then a few years ago, I realized that wasn't true anymore.
Now you think maybe you might? Yeah.
Um I didn't want to do it alone.
And, you know, it took me a while to find the person, you know, but we're about ten months in now, and yeah, we're having those conversations.
Well, congratulations.
- That's gonna be one smart kid.
- Thank you.
No, thank you, again, for the talk, really.
Oh, well, it's my pleasure.
And it was really nice to meet you Tonia.
Tonia Meehan.
Dayton, you said you're a CRNA in Dayton? Yeah.
What does your husband do? John? Well, he's actually one too.
He travels a lot more than me.
I stick near home for the kids.
Actually, he's been coming to Indiana a lot.
You might have crossed paths at work.
It wouldn't be surprising at all.
How's it going? You look wiped.
It's a good thing the kids are asleep.
Those conferences are tough, huh? Not that looking after two kids is easy.
The latest thing is they've taken to pinching each other.
So what's the latest in anesthesia care? Hmm? No? All right.
Let's start smaller.
What what'd you learn, hmm? I talked to a pediatric neurosurgeon.
Oh, yeah? They're smart.
Her name is Maggie Baratta.
Are are you smiling? Okay.
All right.
So you want to get into this now? You want to get into this right now.
Hmm? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Get into what, John? What are we getting into? She said you've been together almost ten months.
[SIGHS] She operates two days a week.
Sees patients two mornings.
She probably makes, I don't know, like, 500K? And you saw her.
I mean, she even looks expensive, right? What are you even What what are you even saying? Are you trying to upgrade? You're showing off.
You're putting on some kind of show.
I don't know for who.
What is this, John? What are you doing? I don't know.
It's something.
I'll go over everything with you, and then I've also printed up a copy.
- Oh, my God.
- It's it's a lot.
Arrest record's on top.
"Felony, burglary, first degree.
Felony, burglary, second degree.
" What is the difference between those two? Second is entering a commercial building with intent to commit.
First is entering a residence.
- So both of those.
- Mm-hmm.
I knew it.
"Felony threat with intent to extort.
"Felony Possession of a gun by a felon.
" John's a gun guy? He has guns? At least once that we know of, he has been a guy with a gun, yeah.
What are all these numbers here? Social Security numbers he's used.
If he has been arrested for all of these things, and he's been charged with all of them, then why is he not in prison? He was, and now he's not.
Okay, but, like, he pled guilty for stalking and a gun in California.
It says that he was "given two concurrent two-year sentences," so Right, so concurrent means you serve them at the same time.
So two concurrent sentences, and the court gave him credit for time served and good behavior.
So two years minus 541 days credit is 6 1/3 months.
Now, he should have gone to state prison, but overcrowding, so he serves 6 1/3 months at Theo Lacy Jail in Orange, and he was released.
The third week of last September.
That's when he met my mom.
So where where did he go when he got out? Where was he living? I haven't found any fixed address for him in that time frame yet.
So when I told my mom I thought he looked homeless, maybe he actually was homeless.
[MACHINES BEEPING] There she is.
You did great, Celia.
You're a Spartan.
They get it all? Yeah, surgeon's on his way down to talk to you.
You got a tube going there, so be careful.
Got a pump for your meds.
How's your pain right now? From a one to ten? One, "I feel okay," to Ten? Your pain is a ten? Okay.
All right.
I'm gonna take that away.
I think what he gave her was saline.
I know he didn't give her meds.
And I saw him drop the vials in his pocket.
He didn't put them in the receptacle.
You seriously think John would steal drugs? From a patient? I'm telling you what I saw.
And I reported it to Aikiko.
She's calling the Nursing Board.
Oh, my God.
Lynn, why would you? He'll lose his license.
It was smooth, Tonia, what he did.
This was not a "day one" thing.
It was just the first time anyone saw him.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER ON TV] [BABY BABBLES] [OBJECTS CLATTER] John is not the only CRNA in your family, Tonia.
If this is a bigger thing than what I and it ends up with the cops searching your house for drugs, they could think that you were stealing them too.
Or at least that you knew he was.
[EERIE AMBIENT MUSIC] They could take your kids.
And I know you.
I know you would never.
[GRUNTING ANGRILY] [POUNDING, GRUNTING] But I'm not the one you'd have to prove it to.
[MUSICAL RINGTONE CHIMING] Hello? Hi, Debra, it's Paula Harding, - the attorney.
- Hi, Paula, how are you? Uh, I I'm just gonna start.
Well, that doesn't sound very good.
They're him.
The restraining orders in Ohio and California, and more in Indiana and Kentucky, all it's all the same guy, it's all your husband.
Well Are you sure? In California and Ohio, he's been in prison.
California more than once.
Prison for what? Stalking a woman.
Violating a restraining order against a different woman.
Doing drugs.
The online purchases were component parts of a handgun, a SIG Sauer, like he was trying to buy each piece from a different place and use them all to build the one gun.
And was he able to do that? Was he able to get all the pieces? I-I don't know.
And what, uh, what so then what should I do? [SIGHS] Look.
This man has sued every lawyer who's ever filed against him.
Tied them up with complaints.
He's sued his own lawyers after they've won judgements for him so they couldn't collect their fees, I-I I-I just can't deal with somebody like that.
I'm sorry.
Debra? I'm okay, so that's it, then? The annulment.
You should file on that right away.
And if you have a will and he's in it, take him out.
If you don't have one, you need to make one right away that does not mention him.
And you need to make sure he knows it doesn't.
Because if he thinks he would be getting your money, I don't know what he might do.
The palpitations? Shortness of breath? Dizziness? You were totally right to come here, okay? But it's not your heart.
I'm gonna give you some lorazepam.
Anybody waiting? Do you need me to go out front, bring anyone back here for you? Husband? Partner? No.
Well, then, you just rest here for a bit, and when I come back with your script, we'll get you out of here.
Okay? Thank you.
- Hmm? Can you explain to us a little bit about John? Shush.
Someday, I'll be president, and I will exile this man.
Okay, uh, let me start by saying that John Meehan John Meehan's nickname is Filthy John Meehan.
And can you remember when you first created that nickname and why? Yes, yes, I can.
But it cannot be divulged on camera.
[BOTH LAUGHING] I just want to say, I take showers now.
And baths, okay? I'm a fan of being clean.
All right? I mean, coke, yeah.
We were in grad school.
There was studying that some of us even took seriously.
But so a few of the guys did coke.
John did it, yeah.
Keep-you-awake kind of stuff.
We were young.
Also, all of us in the house thought you were great.
Honestly, we kind of wondered why you would be with him.
Why? Why why wouldn't I? Uh, about you being nice and smart, uh, a nurse.
And just like [LAUGHING NERVOUSLY] Just being, like, a dog with women.
Is that why the name? - He never told me.
- Dirty? Filthy? - Yeah, I guess.
- Dirty John.
Hello, hi.
Second time asking for coffee.
Whenever you get a chance.
Um, but it was also about the other kinds of stuff he was up to.
You know, the credit cards, the yard work thing.
Um, what are you talking about? He had, uh [CHUCKLES] God.
He had business cards made up.
Like for roofing, yard work.
Uh, and he'd give them out to older people and say he'd throw them a break on thank you shingling or a chimney rebuild.
Just, uh that's enough, thanks.
Give them an advance for materials.
And then he'd take the money and not go back.
And what about the credit cards? Uh, they'd come in the mail to the house.
All different names.
At first we thought it was a delivery mistake, but It wasn't.
Also, some of the guys saw him run into the street at stop signs and throw himself onto the hood of a car slowing down.
And tell the driver, "Give me 300 bucks and your premium won't go up.
" And they did.
Um uh, how was he keeping all these scams straight and going to classes too? Last semester, second year, he was definitely gone.
But he might have bailed before that.
We weren't in the same classes.
- For what? - I lived with him that year.
And we had good times or whatever.
But he never talked about things and I never asked.
I don't know why.
So I don't know why.
There's just a blank space where the story should be.
- Are you okay? - Mm.
Yeah? Come on.
[GARAGE DOOR BUZZES IN DISTANCE] [INTENSE MUSIC BUILDS] [DOOR HANDLE SHUFFLES] What are you doing here? If I ask you a question, will you answer me honestly? John, I am the most honest person you know.
Who called the state Nursing Board? I'm not telling you.
Why would I? If you won't tell me who it was, it means it was you.
Oh, my God.
This is what you care about.
Not the patients whose meds you stole? People relying on you who you could have killed? Either because you're so out of it, you miss something, or because their hearts could have stopped from the shock.
Do you know we could have lost the girls over this? I have it on excellent authority that you're the one who called.
Well, I didn't.
You really sound like you're going off the deep end, you know that? How would you know what I sound like? You don't even know who I am.
[SIGHS] Well, if you were me, what would you do? Would you leave? I'm not you.
Well [GIGGLES] Supposing that you were.
I can't make this decision for you.
Only you can.
Because only you will know if you're really ready for what might happen when you do.
Wait, what, what do you mean, "what might happen?" His plan is ruined.
Whatever it was, you got the jump on him.
Took him by surprise.
He's not gonna like that.
Probably not.
And I don't know if your daughter told you, but two of the restraining orders against him were taken out by cops.
Irvine PD.
A detective and a uni, I think? But still.
Active duty cops.
So it's not dumb to be scared.
Or to want to leave.
And if you do leave, it's good to have a plan.
What kind of a plan? Stay in hotels or places you've never stayed before but not the same place for too long.
Oh, we should get a new car.
Right? And different clothes.
Ones that blend in more.
Uh, her clothes do blend in in Orange County.
It's yours that stand out.
Dye your hair, probably.
Or wigs.
There are great wigs today.
When you come into a crowded place, really study the room.
Try to notice if someone's following you.
Make yourself a difficult target.
I have to go.
Because he's picking me up from work, and I don't know what he would do if I wasn't there.
So I need to, um I'm gonna go.
Thank you.
Bye, hon.
Look, Debra.
Just get yourself out.
That's what I'd do.
Thank you.
I'll talk to you later, Ronnie.
- Hey.
I can hear you.
You changed the locks on me? I changed them all so you know your keys don't work anymore.
You think I can't get in there if I want to? Why would you want to, John? There's nothing for you in here.
- You know what! - Just the kids and me.
What, your drugs? I got rid of them.
To protect my children.
I'm sorry to call so late.
Maybe you're having dinner.
California's three hours behind, so I thought it would be okay.
Who is this? - I-I, um I - Tonia? Is this Tonia? Is this Delores? Meehan? Oh, my God.
I knew you would call.
I knew it.
And I wanted you to, and I didn't.
Because that means it's all gone wrong, hasn't it? John warned me so many times, don't ever call you or the kids, don't even try.
Don't even think about it.
Is he still doing drugs? [LOUD THUD] [GROANING] John? [COUGHING] John? [GROANING] - Can you call someone? - Oh, my God! - Deb - What's going on? - I don't know.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
With the non-mechanical obstruction in your intestines, I worry about infection.
Which, we're okay, but we need to move quickly.
What about the pain? You'll be going into surgery hopefully tonight, Mr.
I don't understand.
He was fine and then he just collapsed.
Is the surgery now? Like right goddamn now, because if it isn't We're giving you 2 milligrams of Dilaudid.
I need Dilaudid-HP.
Four milligrams.
How long have you been on opioids, Mr.
Meehan? Deb, this is insane.
Come on.
Can you tell me, Mrs.
Meehan? - Tell you - How long has your husband been taking opioids, or which ones? Because that's something to do with his intestines, or He has a paralytic ileus.
His blood work could you help me understand his history with narcotics? I don't I don't know it.
I don't know.
I'm on a pain management program.
I injured fractured my right ankle.
I also have a spinal compression.
So ever since, I've been dealing with a cervical radiculopathy.
How did you injure yourself? Iraq.
Well, I'm not sure, uh, who was helping you here, but they shouldn't have let this blockage develop.
Pretty bad, huh? But right now my tolerance is so high.
I'm giving you 4 milligrams of Dilaudid-HP every two hours.
I, um I don't think I'm gonna stay here for the consult.
Oh, it's not a problem.
I don't want them to have to dumb it down for John, and I'm not very good at thinking about blood, and I'm gonna go to the chapel.
And pray.
I love you.
You'll be just fine.
["ANGEL BABY" BY ROSIE AND THE ORIGINALS] It's just like heaven Being here with you You're like an angel Too good to be true But after all I love you, I do Angel baby [PHONE RINGING] When you Yes? You know why I have this big smile on my face? My heart skips a beat - I can hardly - Why, John? 'Cause trust me.
Just trust me.
That's why.
Because Trust you what? You're not making any sense.
You'll understand when it happens.
You'll understand it all.
I won't be anywhere near it.
I'll be in Bermuda or wherever, having a drink with a 22-year-old, smiling like I am right now.
You should enjoy your time left, Tonia.
Your time left on this earth.
That's what it's gonna come down to.
Just, when it happens? When you see it in your eyes and you know, promise you'll remember it was me.
Please never leave me Blue and alone Come here.
Come here, okay? If you ever go I'm sure you'll come back home Because I love you I love you, I do Do you have any words to say to the wedding couple? Just keep your eyes on him, Tonia.
Don't let him out of your sight.
My angel baby Run! - [LAUGHTER] - It's just like heaven Being with you, dear I could never stay Away without you near Because I love you I love you, I do Angel baby My angel baby