Dirty Lines (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [guitar plays.]
[car engine revs.]
It was in Amsterdam, 1989.
And this is Frank Stigter.
He's about to drive his brand-new Ferrari Testarossa into the water.
Frank used to say, "Turnover is profit and VAT is holiday pay.
" And when he had made his first million, he allowed himself to pick out a new car.
But he couldn't make up his mind between a Ferrari and a Porsche.
So, why not buy both? On even days, he drove the Ferrari, on odd days, the Porsche.
Don't wait any more.
Frank was my boss and founder of Teledutch, together with his younger brother, Ramon.
- Keep it going.
- [woman.]
Also a millionaire.
Teledutch was the first company in the Netherlands to start telephone sex lines.
Come for me! Here, this is me.
Marly Salomon.
I'm actually quite the prude, myself.
Yeah, back then I was.
[disco music plays.]
This was New Year's Eve, 1989, in the RoXY.
And the DJ over there is Mischa Brandt.
He was the boyfriend of Janna, my best friend.
By the way, this isn't Janna.
The blonde, that's Janna.
She gave me my first molly ever.
Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! [moaning.]
Hey, DJ! Music! Oh, yeah.
[disco music plays.]
I swear, it was the best time of my life.
The crisis of the '80s was behind us and everyone at Teledutch was making loads of money.
So how come that Frank, the boss of this empire, was about to throw it all away? [screams.]
[car engine revs.]
[brakes screech.]
Things could only get better.
- [shouts.]
- [Marly.]
Right? [car splashes in water.]
[disco music plays.]
Who could've thought that a story about telephone sex lines would start with a prudish student from the drowsy Amsterdam suburbs? I mean, look at this.
This is what we called dancing back then.
The most important thing was not to show you were having fun.
- I've got to go.
- Already? We're having fun.
Hey, you know you can crash at my place.
There's going to be plenty of room in my bed tonight, I think.
No, my parents will worry.
I've got to go.
A room is going to be available at ours and you have to move in with us! That would be so cool.
I can hear my mother already.
"You have no business in that dirty city.
" "You're staying right here.
I'm feeding you, aren't I?" They'll never pay for that.
Well, you can just find a job, right? - Recording sex tapes.
- [Janna.]
That's 50 guilders.
15 minutes work.
Dirty talk isn't really my thing.
Marly, then you'll never have to catch the last bus again.
Fuck, my bus.
- This is what I'm talking about.
- I've got to run.
- Bye.
- Okay, see ya.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[sirens sound in the distance.]
- Hashish? - No thanks.
- Coke? - No thanks.
Yeah, Amsterdam as you know it didn't exist yet.
[rock music plays.]
There were street hookers soliciting behind Centraal Station, entire neighborhoods were crumbling, coke was openly sold on Dam Square, and if you couldn't find a home, you'd squat at a place.
Well, until the owner would send his thugs with baseball bats to kick you out.
[glass smashing.]
[men shouting.]
But I lived in a suburb five kilometers away.
In a different universe.
Light years away from where the action was.
[music plays through headphones.]
Did you have fun? Dad, you don't have to wait up for me anymore.
I had a great time.
- Good night.
- Sleep tight.
Dad? Do you think it's okay if I want to move out.
It's way more convenient if I move close to the university.
Then I can go home to study between lectures.
- How much is the rent? - Three hundred guilders.
- But I could get a job.
- Yeah? What kind of job? Maybe waitressing.
Nothing special.
No waitressing.
Out of the question.
I What is this filth doing in my house? - My syllabus for the next trimester.
- Yeah, so? It's for my sexology class.
The purpose being? As a therapist, you need to help people with sexual problems too.
She would have been better off studying law.
Marly wants to move out.
[Marly's mom.]
You have no business in that dirty city.
You're staying right here.
I'm feeding you, aren't I? II have to get my own place at some point.
Why? We never had our own place.
I could just move in with Janna and Eva, you know? It's exactly what students do.
I'll get a job to pay for it.
A job is good.
If you want to be happy, you have to make a lot of money.
- But you're not moving out.
- Bye, sweetheart.
Bye, darling.
- But Mom, I - No.
[music plays through headphones.]
For many years, it was assumed that sexuality stems from an innate instinct or drive.
- The main reason being - [door slams.]
You're late, miss.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
My research into the male sexual organ just took a little longer.
I see.
My area of expertise requires a serious approach, young lady.
Please be seated.
Within the reproductive theory, lust is assumed to have Do you think he's ever had sex himself? I've heard good things about men with beards.
You've heard good things? [professor.]
the opinion is Ladies, is my lecture interrupting your conversation? Not at all.
We were just having a debate about the pros and cons of facial hair - while performing cunnilingus.
- [laughter.]
I see.
I would like to ask you and your neighbor to leave the auditorium.
- Me? - [professor.]
Perhaps you should apply to drama school.
By the way, I spoke to the landlord.
The room is yours.
- You can move in next week.
- Jan.
My mom won't let me, just like I told you.
And your mom decides? How old are you anyway? - She doesn't want to chip in.
- [Janna.]
You have a grant, don't you? - Yes.
- It's easy to make the extra money.
I don't know if I can.
That hard cock of yours slides inside me.
And my My lips are getting so wet! - I'm so wet! Take me! - Jan.
- Fuck me! - Jan! [woman.]
Knock it off.
Think of it as an investment in your sex life.
What sex life? Exactly, that's what I mean.
How are you ever going to take a guy back to your room if you don't have a room? You should at least give it a try.
[funky music plays.]
It's just an average everyday office in the city center, nothing seedy.
Half an hour and you're out again with 50 guilders in your pocket.
Once or twice a week, and you're done.
So, there I was.
On the day that would change my life forever.
And not just mine.
- How does it look? - Fine.
It's all set up.
Is my hair okay? - [Ramon.]
His hair is okay, right? - [reporter.]
- Well, then I'll go - Yup.
Good luck.
Hit me.
- What I - [Frank.]
In the end, it all comes down to libido.
Men are always up for sex.
It's a simple biological effect.
It's one ovum a month versus billions of sperm every single day raring to go and adventure.
Well, women simply can't keep up.
So we, at Teledutch, we provide a service that helps men channel their sex drive.
[guitar music plays.]
What Frank is saying is complete bullshit.
Actually, there's no such thing as libido.
Janna, this is your cue.
"Libido" was invented by Freud.
But there's no research to show that there's such a thing as pent-up lust which forces all men to hunt.
But hey, what can I say? This is 1987.
It's a time when scientists still think that the clitoris is the size of a little pea, instead of the tip of a gigantic pyramid.
It will be another seven years before Janna's groundbreaking doctorate research will prove that physiologically, women are aroused just as easily as men.
However, men, from an early age, see that willy dangling that at appropriate and inappropriate times hardens up.
So, what do you do? You give it a tug.
- [phone rings.]
- [funky music plays.]
Anita? You can go to the studio.
Sorry, I have an appointment.
Marly Salomon.
Janna signed me up.
Take a seat on the bench.
We'll call you.
Oh, um This is my first time here, so How exactly does this work? Shouldn't I audition first or something? You know how to talk? - Yes.
- Then you've got the job.
Okay, just take a seat and then wait until you hear your name.
Which one have you got? Ah, the racing bike.
I had that one last week.
Picture me on a racing bike.
- Do you have to read this word for word? - [woman.]
Don't worry.
You're allowed to improvise.
Drama school.
She graduated on it.
But you have to moan, darling.
That's important.
Can you? [moans.]
- Just like that, yeah? - Yes.
How do you explain the success of the sex lines? Yeah, that's a very good question.
I would say it's anonymity.
A lot of men are still embarrassed to rent a video, buy a magazine, but with us, there's no need to.
You can simply call.
From your own home, your workplace, the toilet, whatever.
Anonymity fully guaranteed.
But the possibilities of commercial telecommunication are endless.
[camera shutter clicks.]
Six months ago, Ramon Stigter was simply just another cable installer.
[funky music plays.]
Some coffee? [Marly.]
A job which does have its perks.
I don't like coffee.
For many men, the step to talking to a woman one on one live is simply far too big.
And it's more expensive and you receive a separate invoice.
While we just add the extra cost to your regular phone bill.
So nobody will notice.
But the possibilities of commercial telecommunication are endless.
- Clever.
- [Frank.]
Right, Ramon? Yeah, let's start the tour.
Yes, well, just one more question.
Where did you get the idea? [angelic music plays.]
[woman moaning.]
Shall we start with the tour? [Marly.]
Could I Could I perhaps have a different story? I'm not so much into cycling.
- You can go to the studio.
- Now? Can't I maybe first - [bubblegum pops.]
- Okay.
This is the epicenter.
The beating heart of Teledutch.
Do you see all these red lights here? They're all calling men.
But as you can see, we have room to grow.
So the rate is 50 cents per minute and you have 20 lines available 24 hours a day.
You must be getting rich.
Not really because 90 percent of the revenue goes to the phone company.
And therefore, to every taxpayer.
So the Dutch wank for wealth.
- Okay, shall we move on? - [Frank.]
Did you get that? I could just - The Dutch wank for wealth.
- Frank, we move on.
- Yeah.
- That's good, right? Well, Renee? Move on? Okay.
Good shit, right? Frank, we were going to present ourselves as a professional telecom company.
- Ramon.
- Yeah.
We want people to talk about us.
Okay, Marly.
Whenever you're ready.
- [Marly.]
Can I just start? - Sure.
Go ahead.
It's so quiet in the sauna.
Sweat drips down my neck and between my breasts.
I drop my towel and lie down.
I slide my hands down my body.
Yeah, Marly.
Let's do it again.
Make it a bit more sultry.
- Sultry? - A bit less dry.
A bit less dry.
- A bit less dry, yes.
- [Marly.]
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[clears throat.]
It's so quiet in the sauna.
Sweat Sorry.
Can I do that again? Sorry.
It's so quiet in the sauna.
Sweat drips down my neck and between my breasts.
RECORDING IN PROGRESS We're currently recording for the Horny Students Line.
That's quite a popular one.
Oh, yes.
That feels so nice.
[funky music plays.]
I bend over so you can come inside me with that hard rod [Ramon.]
Okay, well, that's pretty much it.
I want to show them upstairs.
- Yep.
- Okay.
Upstairs? [Marly.]
Yes, I'm coming.
Are you coming too? Squirt it all over my back.
Come on.
Oh, yeah.
Come on.
Okay, Marly.
You can stop now.
I think we've got it.
Thank you.
UNUSABLE So, downstairs is for recording stories, but up here, it's the real deal.
Come on.
Oh, yeah! Keep going! Yes! Oh, yes! Yes! What the fuck? So, here we record our Orgy Line.
- The Orgy Line? - Johnny came up with it.
[camera shutter clicks.]
Johnny Santini was one of Frank's clubbing buddies who had invested 10,000 guilders in the company and owned 25 percent of the shares.
[folk music plays.]
Johnny was the adopted son of Mario Santini, of the famous Amsterdam Santini ice cream parlor.
In life, he followed his father's three golden rules.
Uno, la gelateria di inverno chiude [Marly.]
One: you close in winter.
Due, in gelateria non si vendono [Marly.]
Two: you don't sell sandwiches.
And three: Il gelato allo yogurt non esiste.
- Hey.
- Hey.
That face of yours.
Back then, there was really only one bar to be seen.
- Hey.
- How you doing? - Yeah, good to see you.
- Yeah, super.
 Behave yourself, hey? [Marly.]
The Rijk café.
[pop music plays.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
The guys from Teledutch went there every day.
Bring us an ice cold chablis, dude.
We're celebrating.
- Yeah, you guys are always celebrating.
- I know, yeah.
And let's have a dozen oysters with that.
You won't believe what we just did.
[camera shutter clicks.]
Tsjibbe Veenstra, the owner, was the first one to be offered the opportunity to invest in Teledutch six months earlier.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
So I call one of those 06 lines.
Then what? You get to hear a tape recording of a woman's voice.
- And moaning - And later I can order that chick? No, it's only a tape.
Get it? It's an audio recording of people fucking.
Why would I want to listen to people fucking? I'd rather do it myself.
You're a bartender, Tsjibbe, you know what that means.
You can bone whenever you want.
Think about the regular guy.
Why do people watch porn? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah, but at least there's something to see there.
Look, I'm not going to pay 50 cents a minute just to jerk myself off.
I can do that for free.
I think there's a shit load of men who would be turned on by listening to a woman while they do it.
- Right.
- Right? But you won't be able to talk to her? No.
'Cause all those men are listening to the same recording at the same time.
Get it, Tsjibbe.
It's a goldmine.
Hey, you buy it now for 10,000 guilders and you get 25 percent of all the shares.
Within a month, you'll double it.
I swear, dude.
Do it for me.
Fucking dumb.
But this is nice too.
- Right.
- You have a beautiful place.
- It'll still be here a year from now.
- Hey, look at this.
New watch? So what? No.
Look closer.
See the second hand? Look.
- Ka-ching.
- Yeah.
- Another guilder.
- [laughs.]
- Another guilder.
- Nice.
Actually not a bad idea, the Orgy Line.
- I think it's fucking dumb.
- You have to admit, it was a great stunt.
The cameraman's trousers were about to explode.
We were supposed to present ourselves as a professional telecom company.
Not some second-rate whorehouse.
- It's called free publicity, Ramon.
- Do you think the PTT would agree? As long as they get 90 percent of our revenue, they won't complain.
It's owned by the state, the PTT.
Meaning you can get away with a lot as long as they don't notice.
They might just pass our license on to a company owned by normal people.
I'll ask them to cut around it a bit.
Okay, thanks.
[pop music plays.]
Not a chance, Frank.
That's Robine van Eeghen.
She's not into bums like you.
Look who's talking.
I'm happily married.
ROXY DUMP STORE Jan? How much for this one? - Just take it home.
No one will notice.
- Okay.
By the way, I'm still quite curious about Santa Claus' lectures.
Did you know that women can get an orgasm purely through visual stimulation? No comment.
You're such a prude.
I'm not a prude.
[guitar music plays.]
Okay, I told you, I'm a prude.
In summertime, everyone goes topless on the beach, but I don't.
[crashing sounds.]
Hello? There's someone here.
Hello? Hello.
Who is it? I need some light.
Could you please open the door? It's not a door.
It's a closet.
- This is a vintage store.
- [man.]
Of course.
I Do you have a flashlight? I want to check it out back here.
There are some flashlights on the shelf.
- How did you get there? - Through the window.
That's called breaking and entering.
The place is empty.
Are you going to squat it? [man.]
I'll bring it back right away.
[guitar music plays.]
Holy crap.
Holy shit.
Look at this.
Well, the universe is definitely trying to tell you something.
Like what? "One hour of Tyrolian sex fun"? [flapping wings.]
Found it.
Welcome in club RoXY.
You're the first visitors.
What is club RoXY? The hottest nightclub in Amsterdam.
Mischa was a DJ when that was a meaningless job that paid next to nothing.
He'd been dreaming of his own club for years to spice up Amsterdam's nightlife.
And this abandoned sex movie theater was exactly what he was looking for.
O, Franz.
Nein, fass mich nicht an.
Heidi, deine Brüste sind so groß.
O ja, Franz.
Mar, it's your turn.
No, not my thing.
What is "dick" in German? - Schwanz.
- Schwanz.
Franz Schwanz.
Wo ist dein Schwanz? Ich kann ihm nicht sehen.
I'm going.
Ich brauche deinen Schwanz.
Wo ist Shouldn't you leave too? - They might loot the shop.
- So what? It's filled with old junk.
[Janna moans.]
Er ist versteckt.
Okay, tschüß.
- Tschüß.
- Tschüß.
- O, Franz.
- Steh auf, bitte.
Franzi Schwanzi.
It wasn't just that bizarre porn movie that made me clamp up.
It happened all the time, whenever I met a nice guy.
O, Franzi.
Why couldn't I be as easy going as Janna? HALL Where's Janna? Sleeping.
She was up all night with some DJ.
You really don't want to know how loud they were.
And I'm not just talking about the music.
- Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning.
Who is that? [laughter.]
What do we see here? [student clears throat.]
A cunt.
A cunt.
One thing is extremely important in sexology, and that's calling things by their name.
My name is Leon DeWolff.
I'm replacing Professor Van Beuren, who, for personal reasons, won't be teaching this trimester.
I surely wouldn't mind teaching him a sexology lesson.
Why is a subject that's such a natural part of our lives surrounded with so much shame? [upbeat music plays.]
Nobody had ever told me about sex.
Why we do it, why we long for it, and why it's so difficult to talk about it.
SEXUALITY The subject had been kept away from me as if it was harmful.
SEX And according to my mother, it served only one purpose: procreation.
So Ramon is giving her this CD player.
That's so unromantic.
He's basically giving himself a present.
- Yeah.
- Just give Natasja something she likes.
Earrings or a weekend in Paris, whatever.
Now Ramon is asking us to give her CDs but I wonder if he expects us to buy new CDs for her or that we replace what they already have on record? I mean, will they keep using their record player? No, don't come yet, darling.
- This isn't the right position.
- Yeah.
You bought that Prince CD, didn't you? What if we add tickets to his Antwerp concert? And then we could make a fun weekend of it with the four of us.
I mean, it's not like the money is an issue anymore, right? [grunts.]
- Oh, that was good.
- That's great, honey.
Oh, fuck.
- What's with the gymnastics? - I don't want it to leak out.
Did they say anything about your speed? - Who? - [woman.]
At the clinic.
[calm music plays.]
On Anouk's orders, Frank had gone to the fertility clinic to be tested.
Not that he was gagging to be a father.
That was more her obsession.
Caan? Room three.
[distant moaning sounds.]
Frank was obsessed with something completely different.
His whole life had been one long quest for success.
[electro music plays.]
SNEAKERS 40% SNEAKERS 50% He started out in the sneaker business.
Then followed the Lolo ball.
BUY ONE GET FIVE But the Video2000 recorder from Philips was going to be the next big thing.
simply the best video recorder there is.
But this boy has a special feature: this symbol here.
See? DTF.
Stands for Dynamic Track Following.
That means that if you pause or you fast forward, you won't get those annoying stripes that you get with VHS and Betamax.
I can see you're not convinced.
I'll give you ten percent discount and I'll add two Video2000 tapes for free.
Do they release porn in that format? Porn? [news reporter.]
As of today, Phillips has stopped production of its Video2000 recorder, which means that VHS has won the battle of the video formats.
Stigter? Mr.
Stigter? Yeah, that's me.
Room one.
- [door slams shut.]
- [tense music plays.]
[moaning on TV.]
The idea that would finally make him a fortune was born.
No luck? Well, why don't you get some decent equipment first? [Anouk.]
What did they say about your sperm? Best sperm in the world.
They never saw anything like it.
I even got a request from the sperm bank to become a donor.
It was okay.
Yeah, just It's all fine.
[upbeat music plays.]
Get over here.
- Hey.
- Hello.
How are you doing? - Okay? - Yeah, great.
- Everything okay? - Very nice.
- How are those sneakers, man? - So great.
- What a great night.
- I want to find sugar.
Just go play soccer outside, yeah? - It's very sweet of you.
- Yeah? Ramon, look.
- Another CD.
- Yeah.
- Very sweet, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Grab a drink.
- I will.
Speak to you later.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Darling.
- Thank you.
- Hey, why don't you come to your auntie? - Go and see Auntie Anouk.
- Oh, you've grown.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
What could this be? Ramon.
Look at this.
Right? Hey.
You guys are out of your minds.
How lovely is that? Is that from you? You're so sweet.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Congrats, man.
- Yeah, thanks.
Hey, great.
Chardonnay? No, I'll take some juice.
I'm ovulating today.
So that's why you were here so late.
Enjoy while you can.
Once you have kids yourself, it's impossible to get into the mood.
I hope so.
Jesus man, I'm nervous.
- Oh, yeah, right.
- Shall we switch it on in a minute? Don't want to miss it.
- Everything alright with you and Ramon? - Sure.
Everything's hunky dory.
- Why? Aren't you? - No, we're fine, sure.
I just get funny ideas and all with the business and I know it's all fake, but they're always around those girls.
That's the least of my concerns.
Ramon only gets excited by things with a plug attached.
I I'm gonna be on TV.
Not on Natasja's birthday, Frank.
I'll record it.
- What are you talking about? - I'll record it.
No, of course we'll watch it.
[TV music plays.]
[TV presenter.]
In the Netherlands, telephone sex is up and coming - [laughter.]
- That's a good one.
[TV presenter.]
Newspapers are running daily ads [Frank.]
I'm on next.
phone numbers for special sex lines.
And their number is ever increasing.
These 06 lines, as they are known, have been red hot from the go.
Ah, I'm coming! In the end, it all comes down to libido.
Men are always up for sex.
It's a simple biological fact.
It's one ovum a month versus billions of sperm.
Women simply can't keep up.
'Cause 90 percent of the revenue goes to the phone company.
- Here it comes.
- And therefore to every taxpayer.
So, the Dutch wank for wealth.
Right? Yeah, that's a good one.
So, downstairs is for recording stories, but up here, it's the real deal.
[TV presenter.]
The Netherlands is the first country where paid sex lines are gathering fuel.
Which is a great way for the diligent student to earn some extra cash.
Great, Frank.
The whole town must have seen this.
[door slams.]
Are you sure about that? You said there wasn't any real sex there! Cut it out.
The recording was a prank by Johnny.
- There is no Orgy Line.
It's all fake.
- So where did those women come from? Honey, I don't even know those chicks.
No one has sex at the office.
And even if they did, we're doing it so much I wouldn't even be able to darling.
Come on, that's really expensive.
Surely not as expensive as Natasja's bracelet! And now it's enough, Goddamn it! Now it's enough.
You've really got to stop this.
Natas and I is ages ago.
- No, you still want her back.
- Baby, Poekie, no.
- You do.
- I want you.
I only want you.
[calm music plays.]
Look at you.
I only want you.
Make a baby? What shall we do With the drunken sailor? What shall we do With the drunken sailor? What shall we do With the drunken sailor? Early in the morning - Hooray and up she rises - Good evening, ladies.
DANCING AT JANSEN [pop music plays.]
Sorry, but I don't think you can stay over tonight.
[house music plays.]
Yeah, this is "house.
" This is totally going to be the bang, says Mischa.
No way.
Hey, DJ.
What kind of crap is this? Okay, let's get out of here.
Well, I kind of like it.
- I'm sorry, what? - Yeah, I like it.
No Alright.
- Great party, right? - Yeah, super great.
[romantic music plays.]
Can you hear that? Crystal clear.
Not a single scratch.
I'll buy you a real present tomorrow, okay? - Sure.
- Yeah.
What did you have in mind? Such a nice CD player needs a nice set of speakers.
You're going to buy me something tomorrow that doesn't have a plug attached to it.
And no batteries either.
Not even penlight batteries? No.
I want a weekend away.
With you, in a luxury hotel and no kids.
Sounds more like a good present for me.
I'm going to be working you really hard.
Ah, Natasja.
[music plays through headphones.]
[Marly's mom.]
I hope you're proud of yourself.
You scared me to death.
What's up? I told you I was going dancing, didn't I? I really thought I'd raised a decent girl.
Shame on you.
You're a disgrace.
- What's wrong? - Grandma called.
"Is that our Marly?" - Everyone has seen it.
- What? [Marly's mom.]
And my work, have you thought about that? - What have they seen? - I need to show my face again - at City Hall on Monday.
- I'm going crazy.
What did I do, Ma? - You were on TV.
- On TV? - Why would I be on TV? - [Marly's mom.]
There's no denying it.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Everyone has seen it.
Recording smutty tapes.
Is that the example I set you? How was that on TV? Ma, I was there only once.
I hated it.
If that's the way you want to provide for yourself, you can better pack your things.
- What? - You said you were eager to move out.
Well, go.
I don't want to see you here anymore.
Pa? [clock ticks.]
[phone rings.]
[clock ticks louder.]
- Stigter.
- [Ronnie.]
Frank, it's Ronnie.
All the lines are down.
The lines are down? Well, all the lights are out and I can't phone in to any of the lines.
The PTT has cut us off.
Cut off? What do you mean? [new wave music plays.]
[TV presenter.]
In the Netherlands, telephone sex is up and coming.
Newspapers are running ads on a daily basis with phone numbers for special sex lines and their number is ever increasing.
On the night of the broadcast, the sex line success was so overwhelming that the telephone network was overloaded.
Even the fire brigade emergency number couldn't be reached.
[moaning gets louder.]
And so it happened that in the Port of Rotterdam, a small fire in a brand-new submarine turned into an inferno with a total damage of 225 million guilders.
And all because that night, countless men were wanking on the phone to sex lines.
As a result, Teledutch lines were taken down with immediate effect.
What do I care about that stupid submarine, man? Have you ever heard of glasnost and perestroika? The Cold War is over.
Capitalism is winning.
But only if we make a lot of money.
Lots of money! [music plays through headphones.]
[guitar music plays.]
It wasn't quite how I had imagined it, but, finally, my new life in the big city was about to begin.
[doorbell rings.]
- Hey.
- I'm looking for a room.
Teledutch was down the drain and as far as I was concerned, that was the end of my involvement with them.
Good afternoon.
This is Anouk Stigter.
A few months ago, my husband had his sperm tested at your clinic and I have a question about the results.
- [clinician.]
What was the name, please? - Stigter.
Frank Stigter.
- [clinician.]
One moment, please.
- That's okay, take your time.
But as Frank was soon to find out, a person's life can be turned around with one simple phone call.
Madam, we have no data on Mr.
Stigter's semen.
What do you mean, no data? [clinician.]
He did come in, but he didn't leave anything behind.
[techno music plays.]
[guitar music plays.]
That's so good.
That's so hard.
I'm coming.
Yeah! Yes! That's so good.
I'm coming.
Oh, that's so good.

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