Dirty Lines (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 A NETFLIX SERIES What is arousal? According to Masters and Johnson, arousal is the first stage of a natural response of the sexual system.
There's arousal, followed by a plateau phase, the orgasm, and the recovery phase.
The sexual system is activated by way of a stimulus.
In animals, this is mostly by scent.
Humans, however, can be aroused via different kinds of senses.
A caress, an image, a memory.
Or a fantasy.
And this differs from one person to the next.
But it also differs from situation to situation.
The caress of a loved one can be arousing, whereas that same caress from a stranger can feel like a threat.
It all depends on the meaning our brain attributes to this stimulus.
For the next time, please read the chapter on differences between male and female arousal.
Oh! And one more thing.
I'm looking for test subjects for some research here in the sex lab at the faculty.
You'll be compensated with a fee and credit points.
- Janna, no.
- Yes, you need the money.
Now that I'd been kicked out by my parents, I needed every penny.
And that morning, that was made painfully clear to me.
Don't be scared.
I mean well.
- Are you Marly? - Yeah, I am.
Ah, great.
 Hijman Blumfeld.
The landlord.
- Haven't we met before? - No.
Yeah, I was getting that a lot.
Ever since I'd been on TV.
Of course, there were no catch-up services or YouTube back in those days.
So nothing could go viral.
But it didn't need to because there were only two Dutch TV channels back then.
So everybody, and I mean everybody, had seen me.
Not that I'm aware of.
I could swear I know you from somewhere.
Anyway, I came by to drop off the rental agreement so you can sign it.
- Right now? - Don't be silly, no.
- You can just drop it round later.
- Yep.
Together with the deposit.
Deposit? Three months' rent, yes.
- Nine hundred guilders? - Yeah, but no hurry.
I mean, if you have it by the end of the month, then all will be fine.
You better get dressed before you catch a cold.
I had no idea where I was going to get 900 guilders from.
But a guinea pig in a sex lab would have been the last thing I'd come up with.
And by the way, what the hell is a sex lab? Ladies.
Thank you for volunteering.
- Yeah, first I would like to know - What the deal is.
My research is about visual stimuli in relation to male and female sexual I'm not going to have sex.
Did I just say that out loud? Yup.
It's good that you're setting your boundaries, Ms Salomon.
- Salomon.
- Marly.
I wouldn't dare asking that of my students.
Now if he was part of the experiment We're only going to show you some porn footage at the test and ask you to answer a number of questions.
And the fee is a ten-guilder book voucher.
Just 890 guilders to go.
Why don't you ask your parents for a loan? They're no longer talking to me.
Perhaps I should go back to recording those tapes.
- Yeah, but that's only 50 guilders a tape.
- Yeah, true.
Plus, the PT has shut down all those lines.
- It's all your fault.
- My fault? Yeah, you didn't hear that? About the submarine that went up in flames? Mar, that's just the effect you have on men.
When they saw you on TV, everyone got so horny, they all started calling in.
- The entire exchange broke down.
- Don't be daft.
You got talent.
Try your luck in the Red Light District.
That's one big sex lab too.
Teledutch's lines were still shut down and in the meantime, the bills were piling up.
And as if that wasn't enough Hey, man.
You're in early.
- I'm - What are you doing? Just a little morning exercise.
Jeez, man.
Seriously? Did Anouk kick you out? I don't know if you've noticed but we're in a crisis with the PTT.
What, she kicked me out? Don't be a dick, man.
- I'd never try to humiliate you.
- No, you liar! You're a liar! That's not true, Poekie.
Really, I swear.
You said you had your sperm tested.
Yeah, well, I went there, didn't I? I just couldn't perform right on the spot.
Hey, you don't come every time either.
- Get out! - Poekie.
Liar! You're such a liar, Frank! I've never felt so humiliated in my life.
Okay, yeah.
Okay, fine.
She kicked me out.
So what? It's just that time of the month.
Hey, as soon as I get those lines back, I'll make it up.
You know, Natasja's warned me about this.
"Don't team up with Frank.
" "'Because he fucks up everything he starts.
" Did she say that? Nobody's come up with the idea A YEAR AND A HALF EARLIER to have multiple people listen to the same recording.
If we get that license from the PTT, we have a free hand.
Like with the VHS.
And the Lolo ball.
But quite important.
This time we do it together.
Ramon and me.
I haven't agreed to it yet.
I haven't agreed to it yet.
He never finishes anything.
Whatever he builds with his hands, he bumps over with his ass.
If I carry on what I'm doing, I'll go crazy.
I'd rather hang myself than climb on one more roof.
I'm serious.
We're happy, aren't we? - I want to give you more than this.
- But I don't need more than this.
I do.
I want more.
I can be more.
So, I've connected it to a car radio, with a never-ending tape so it kind of runs in a loop.
And that's hooked up with those 30 incoming telephone lines.
And all of them hear the same tape at the same time.
It's fucking brilliant.
I knew you could do it.
Well done, dude.
- Okay.
- What do we put on it? Johnny has a couple of "fiancées" to help out.
Ladies, I'm stopping you for a moment.
- Yeah, I can barely hear a thing.
- It's like someone eating a pear.
Could you perhaps make some more noise? Hey.
Come on, ladies.
I need some more moans and smutty talk.
Such as? Such as You're the Right? "Ah, yeah.
I'm your horny whore, yeah.
" "Take me.
Take me by my horny ass.
Ah, feel how wet my snatch is! Yeah!" "Snatch"? Did you feel aroused? No.
What did you feel? Well Annoyance.
- Could you explain? - Yeah, I couldn't bear watching it.
An ugly, fat little man is lying by the pool.
Then a tarted up lady walks by and, without him making any effort whatsoever to seduce her, she gets undressed and they start doing it.
How is that arousing? Was there anything about the scene that you did find arousing? Yeah.
But that had nothing to do with the video and everything to do with my professor.
Without me realizing it, my body had entered the arousal stage.
This is exactly the same for both men and women.
The arteries responsible for the blood supply dilate, while the veins that drain the blood away constrict.
This is called vasocongestion.
Here you go.
Your voucher.
It says here that the PTT are in breach of contract if they cut us off without notice.
- Bravo.
- Right, there it is.
They have to honor the contract, no matter what.
Oh, hang on.
There are also conditions that we need to meet.
As the PT wanted to protect its reputation as an upstanding government institution, Teledutch wasn't allowed to advertise on national television.
Strictly speaking, the news report wasn't an ad, but with overloaded emergency lines and a burned out submarine, the PTT decided to take an entirely different perspective.
- Fuck.
- We've done nothing wrong.
It's their responsibility that the network was overloaded.
We should just get the most expensive lawyer.
That's a last resort.
We have to find a way to show them what we've achieved in 18 months.
ROXY DUMP STORE Isn't it bizarre how guys get turned on by such stupid porn? Even jerk off to it? This one? No, shorter.
Much shorter.
Yeah, better.
What do you fantasize about when you masturbate? Oh, and these? Why are they behind glass? Collector's item.
The owner says they belonged to Bowie.
You're evading my question.
These boots belonged to David Bowie? Yeah, he won them in a bet.
Some sort of drinking game when Bowie was in town.
Hey, you're not telling me you never pet the bunny? - "Pet the bunny.
" - Jack in the box.
Flicking the bean.
Do you think they're real? Mar, if you want to be a good therapist, you need to learn to talk about sex.
And, very important, to call things by their name.
So, have you or haven't you ever tickle smacked the pony? Is it okay if I try them on? What the hell? Okay, I may have exaggerated this a little bit.
But memories are like sex.
In your mind, everything's better.
Well, almost everything.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're early.
We're won't open for another two weeks.
- Good look, Marly.
- Oh, thanks.
You too.
So you've got it.
You can rent the place.
Welcome to the revolution, baby.
What The Warehouse is for Chicago, we'll be for Amsterdam.
The Warehouse? The Warehouse.
Okay, for your information, when Mischa started club RoXY, disco music was as good as dead.
But the real revolution only started with DJ Frankie Knuckles in Chicago.
When he fed old disco records into a computer and added electronic beats, people called it "house.
" And when I heard that, I knew instantly this'll be the biggest sensation since rock 'n' roll.
Yeah? All good? And my DJ booth will be up here.
Well, we'll see about that.
This is Alexander de Nooy.
He's my business partner and our designer.
Yeah, some people create, some people play records.
Alexander doesn't really understand house yet.
But he's a bit older, so we need to give him time.
Hey, don't you guys have a job for Marly? She could use the money.
Do you have any experience? Yeah.
She worked the bar for a couple of years, at the Seahorse.
What's that? Yeah, that's a bar in Diemen.
- Very rough joint.
- Yeah, man.
Okay, cool.
Alex, could we use an extra pair of hands at the Silo tonight? Oh, I should think so.
Why don't you ask Freddie? What is the Silo? It's an abandoned warehouse at the docks.
We're leaving at the end of the day.
- We can give you a ride.
- I'll join you.
Double the money.
I'll see you tomorrow then.
Tomorrow morning at half past eight, the PTT commercial management will pay us a visit.
Any ideas? - Knock 'em down.
- They'll come here? A million-guilder claim every day our lines are down.
Maybe we should get that lawyer after all.
Someone from TV.
- Whose idea was it to ask them here? - This? I mean, that's great.
Saves us a trip to the Hague.
There was no such thing as a commercial management last year.
So? They must have had an eye on their bank accounts the past months.
It means they want to continue with these lines.
They just don't know if they want to continue with us or someone else.
Management is coming to check if we're a serious business partner.
We have to make a professional impression.
Okay, so no tits on the wall.
Do you have a license for this? Not at all.
Come on, guys.
No pain, no gain.
I don't care who does it as long as it gets done.
Move it.
Holy shit.
What a fucking mess.
I love it.
- Freddie.
- Yo.
Hey, I have Marly and Janna for you and they'll be working for us.
Doing what? - Like, dancing? - Bar.
Take them upstairs.
So I take it you know how to connect a keg? I've tapped a beer once or twice.
Nien, could you wear something different tomorrow? What do you take me for? I wear something different every day.
He means they want a more professional look.
So what's not professional about this? Well, you always look lovely to me.
- Frank.
- Yes? I need to go home.
Make sure you're ready tomorrow, eight o'clock sharp.
Okay? - Suit up.
Fresh as a fucking daisy.
- Yes, chief.
And give Anouk a call.
No worries.
You just take care of your own girl.
This is Anouk's answering machine.
And Frank's.
And Frank's too.
- Please leave your message after the - Beep.
Frankie, just a quick one at The Rijk.
- A small one.
- You coming? No.
Picture one of those nights out where things terribly got out of hand.
To an extent where you desperately ask yourself the next morning, "How did it come to this? Where did it go wrong?" All you need to do is search for these words: Okay, one.
- Here you go, guys.
- And a glass of water on the side.
- What the fuck? - Yeah, I need to be fresh in the morning.
Sure do.
Either I'm back in business or I'm stone-cold broke.
Ah, poor boy.
But there's always a job for you here.
Yeah, you just wait.
- Soon I'll be buying you and this joint.
- Sure.
Hey, that boyfriend of yours, what does he do for a living? He's a kickboxer.
He's the reigning regional champion.
- Kick Regional? Okay.
- Cheers, guys.
Really my last one.
Hello, there.
Oh, my Hey, technically speaking, you have carte blanche.
As temporary bachelor.
Oh? Where are Tsjibbe and Robine going? Hey, if you don't, I will.
Night on the town.
Where are we going? - That's a secret.
- Oh, a secret? Let me guess.
- De Schakel? - No, the docks.
No, seriously.
Come on, man.
He doesn't stand a chance of course.
Oh, where's the? Oh! Flyer? Okay.
"Shock of Daylight.
DJ: Mischa Brandt.
Acid house"? Oh, that's that boom-boom-boom music.
Ladies, you don't want to go there.
You should come with us.
We're going to The Richter.
Great for dancing, right? I can see you can feel it.
- A little bit.
- Yeah.
- Good moves.
- Oh, yeah? Thanks.
House party it is, then? Okay.
The Shock of Daylight.
She's probably really mean.
- Otherwise it wouldn't be fair, right? - No.
What were you doing with that chick? A little pick-me-up.
Completely legal.
- Is that ecstasy? - Mhm.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
Tsjibbe's selling them now and he claims it's a miracle cure.
One of these little fellas and tomorrow you'll win over those PTT guys easy-peasy.
After all the jibes, this was the moment Tsjibbe could take revenge on Frank and Johnny.
After all, he knew their weak spot.
They couldn't say no.
Including to their first-ever ecstasy trip.
The only reason Frank didn't take the test is because he's insecure.
That's what men are like.
He just doesn't care about becoming a dad.
No, that's not true.
Gorbachev, tear down this wall.
Ramon? What do you think? - What? - Say something.
Hey, Anouk.
Look at it on the bright side.
Imagine if he had taken that fertility test and it turned out bad in the end.
What would you have done? Genius.
A rapprochement between Russia and the United States seems more likely than ever.
The most important question is whether the parties will manage to give each other the sense that there's no winner or loser, but that both stand to gain.
The biggest mistake they can make is not taking the opponent's interests into consideration when Guys, has there ever been a more powerful statement against the hunt for baby seals? Okay, guys.
Well, this is as far as I go.
"Dear boy, it's okay to love your friend.
" - That's what she sings in "Listen, Anita.
" - Thank you.
Has there ever been st Hey, guys! Has there ever been a more powerful statement of love? There it is.
Come on.
It's Ramon.
Could you pick up? Something I want to discuss about the meeting tomorrow.
Surely he's taking the test, believe me.
I just don't understand.
I just can't cope with it anymore.
I don't understand where I stand with him.
I know.
Ramon also has to talk to Frank and make sure that Grand Café The Rijk, Tsjibbe speaking.
Hey, Tsjibbe.
It's Ramon.
- Listen, is Frank with you? I don't think - He just left.
No, of course he isn't.
Yeah, he's gone to a house party.
A house party? - I'm going to look for Robine.
- Yeah.
We'll look for the bar! Everything's beautiful.
Really beautiful.
Has she never made a statement against racism? I'm sure she has.
That one's shaken up.
Disconnect it and drag away.
New ones are over there.
Close the tap, squeeze it, take out the old keg, grab a new one And then the same thing but in reverse.
Come on, babe.
Get a move on.
Shit, Frank.
Frank, you moron.
Come on, babe.
Get a move on.
One more "babe" and I'll punch him in the face.
Hey, you made it.
I came especially for you.
- Little brother.
Good to see you.
- Come on.
No, we're dancing.
Tomorrow, half past eight.
The PTT, Frank.
Where's Robine? - Who? - Robine.
She's so pretty.
Prettier than Natasja.
The fuck you mean, Natasja? You mean Anouk.
Sure, Anouk's pretty.
But not as pretty as Natasja.
Oh yeah, what I should have told you is that Natasja, long before she started dating Ramon, had a relationship for years with Frank.
And as so often with first loves, you never completely forget them.
This really turns you on? Hey, Tasja.
We're working here.
- Could you please - What? Go and cook? Okay, Natasja has a point.
- It's rubbish.
- But Why did you get a whore to do this? It's only a tape.
Here, you're going to need it.
- Ready? - Yeah, I'm all set.
It's getting dark.
We decide to sneak off, away from the garden party.
Me first, you soon afterwards.
Nobody must notice.
I wait for you at the back of the house, and suddenly you appear and startle me.
Across the old country road, among the reeds, is a boathouse.
You lie back on the dock.
And I unzip your trousers.
I squat over you and pull up my dress, move my panties to the side, and take your juicy, rock-hard cock.
I can feel it throbbing, and rub it against my wet pussy.
You grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart.
I sit down on you and your hard dick pushes its way inside me, and I can feel it getting even harder.
I ride you like a pony, and ride harder.
I want to scream, but I'm worried they'll hear us.
You put your hand over my mouth and fuck me even deeper and harder.
And harder and harder.
I'm coming! Fuck me! Fuck! I'm coming! Custard, anyone? That wasn't that bad.
- Hey, gorgeous.
- Whoa.
- Can I get a beer? - Dude, you're bleeding.
Freddie, do we have a first aid kit? Not at the bar.
Get that guy out of here.
Follow me, okay? Ow.
Damn it.
Do it yourself.
Ah, Johnny! I know you.
- No.
- Yeah, I know you.
Where did you guys come from? Hey.
I know you.
Me too.
You're Marly.
You recorded a tape for us.
I knew it.
The girl from the Horny Students line.
Thanks for nothing.
What have I done this time? Well, you filmed me without asking.
And now everyone sees me as a horny student.
- Well, I think you're pretty hot.
- Oh, you're pretty hot.
My parents kicked me out of the house.
And if I don't come up with 900 guilders by the end of the month, I'll lose my room too.
That really sucks.
That sucks.
I'm sorry.
That's so sad.
You know what? Screw this.
Hey, gorgeous.
My name is Marly.
I'm Frank.
My mother used to say, "If you want to be happy, you need to earn a lot of money.
" That's all for you.
Which is nonsense, of course.
Is there anything else I can do for you? But by now, I'd figured out not having money at all won't make you happy either.
How about a job? No problem.
Johnny? We'll find you something.
As long as I didn't need to record any more tapes.
I read somewhere that dogs can only see black and white.
But yeah, your sense of smell is a lot better than mine so you see the world totally different from - Ronnie! - Hey! - Hey, Ramon.
- Ronnie, I need your help.
Who would you say is the best protest singer in the Netherlands? Well? What have you been smoking? The Singer With No Name.
Mary Servaes.
- Let me tell you why.
- Goddamn it dude, Ronnie.
Ten years before U2, she was singing "When Irish Children Cry.
" Fuck.
Have you come to pick another fight? No.
- I'm leaving.
- Oh.
Important meeting tomorrow.
Four beers.
I've got them.
- You were right.
- What? About the revolution.
- You were right.
- Wait.
If you really want to feel what I mean I'll show you.
This one down.
Up is that one.
- Okay.
- Ready? Have you come to say hello? If you walk away now, everything will remain the way it is.
And if I don't? I'll change your world.
Hey, babe.
What kept you so long? Like I said, in your mind, everything's better.
- You need to get a new keg.
- Actually, I think I'm done with it.
- What? - I've found myself another job.
That night, we all witnessed the birth of a new era.
While my colleagues were getting acquainted with the new aspirin of the 1980s, I also reached ecstasy.
Together, we were sliding along along a delicious rollercoaster, flinging us through the night.
Desires some of us would have liked to keep deeply hidden floated to the surface and were fulfilled.
Want to come with me to the roof? This collective buzz lifted us to giddy heights, free from shame or fear.
Until the first rays of sunlight brought the fairytale to an end and we saw each other for who we really were.
Don't do it! Frank! Frank! Frank! Is that Frank? You lie back on the dock and I unzip your trousers.
I squat over you and - So, is it working? - No.
When someone phones in, the light should flash.
This is not right.
juicy, rock-hard cock.
- Is it the right number? - Yes.
SEX-O-PHONE Yeah, that's it.
against my wet pussy.
Maybe we should reboot? you grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart.
Come on.
I sit down on you and your hard dick pushes Okay.
Unplug it again.
Goddamn it.
even harder.
I ride you like a pony, and ride harder.
Hello? Hello, is this the sex-o-phone? You know why they're not flashing? Hello? They're busy all the time.
Thirty callers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? We're rich! There.
Here you go.
Coffee, sugar, milk, biscuits.
Let's get down to business.
About the shutdown of your 06 lines, I've been in touch with the Ministry of Transport and Water Management, that the PTT reports under, and on behalf of the Minister and the PTT's own management board, I'd like to extend our sincere apologies.
The fact that the fire brigade was unreachable because of the sudden popularity of your telephone service is solely our responsibility.
That's why I've come here in person to make you an offer.
Good luck.
How many lines did he say we are getting? What we suggest is that we connect you directly to our Rotterdam hub and leasing the line would avoid the need to reroute.
That way, you wouldn't pocket five cents, but 25 cents per minute per line.
Furthermore, we think it's only fair, given the success of your lines, that we implement a capacity increase from the current 30 to 300 lines.
Oh, yeah, harder.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, honey.
Oh, yeah.
Harder! So good.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.

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