Dirty Lines (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Van Tiggelen.
Stepping in well.
Towards Van Basten.
Marco van Basten! Goal! Marco van Basten! 2-0! Yes, Michels can't believe his eyes.
It was 1988.
A year after the opening of Teledutch's new style.
It was the summer when the Netherlands won the Euros.
We even beat West Germany in the semifinals, and that was important, not just because of the war.
It also had something to do with the 1974 World Cup.
I'm not into soccer at all, but in the summer of '88, I was.
It was also the start of the Second Summer of Love.
Not that anyone called it that, by the way.
With the help of ecstasy and illegal raves, house music caught on all over Europe except in the Netherlands.
The RoXY had finally opened, but the big crowds stayed away.
They preferred pop music.
And after six months, the place was as good as bankrupt.
The only reason no one is coming here is because you keep playing that shit music.
The nights we play disco are just as slow.
Besides, there was a soccer game on.
Yeah, and they should've been celebrating here.
Who thinks it's because of the music? Show of hands.
You can all go and work somewhere else.
Because I'm in charge of the music! No, my money's in this too! If this isn't a success within two months, you're going to play Terence Trent D'Arby.
Fuck off with Terence Trent D'Arby.
Yes, go.
- I hate the mainstream shit.
- Goddamn it.
Fuck off.
Janna, leave me alone.
It'll be fine.
It's a success in England, right? Can you stop? Jantje.
Hey you Give up the ghost That's haunting you now Shout it out Don't let it stay inside And eat you alive The first Summer of Love was in 1967, so I can't say I remember much of that one.
But I remembered the second one.
Living on my own finally started to pay off.
His name was Peter.
Or Patrick.
And he really did his best.
I'm almost there.
Are you coming too? Three quarters of all women are unable to reach an orgasm during penetration.
Not surprising, since there's hardly any contact between the penis and the clitoris.
And here I was thinking it was just me.
So as not to disappoint anyone, I decided to fake it.
Not that anyone noticed.
- How was it for you? - So good.
Holland! Marco van Basten! Frank was back together with Anouk.
They lived in his dream house in the middle of Amsterdam.
And with Frank about to be a father, he decided, as usual, to give it the full 200 percent.
Where were you? I called the office like 100 times.
- Ah.
There you are.
A little late.
- What Congratulations.
You have a son.
Hey, little guy.
Hey, little dude.
Oh, he's perfect.
Shall we call him Marco? Okay, the day after.
Yes, thank you.
It's always awkward to tell someone you'd rather call it a day.
- Till next time? - Yes yes.
- Ah.
It was fun.
- Yes.
Would you like to go to the movies sometime? Um Yes, great.
- Great.
I'll call you.
- Yes, sure.
How many nights have I spent in bars and cinemas with guys I wasn't interested in The very first personal computer was the Osborne 1.
64KB of internal memory and a five-inch, two-part color display.
I taught my dog to get down.
Then it lies on its back with its legs open.
- So, bye.
- Yes, bye.
In my time, you couldn't break up via WhatsApp.
It would've saved me so much trouble.
Good morning.
- How's it going? - Good.
Can I come in? I actually need to get to work.
Are you still recording those tapes? No, I don't do tapes anymore, Dad.
I'll pencil you in for 11:45, okay? Okay, bye.
- It was true I had quit recording tapes.
- Here you go.
I had others to do that for me.
Because somehow, word had gotten out at the college that you could make good money through me.
Marly, wait.
I want to ask you something.
Is it true that? I would like to The sex tapes.
Do they pay well? Yes, of course.
Are you sure it's your thing? Yes.
Oh, God.
I'm so wet.
Oh, my God.
Yes, there.
Oh, my God.
Yes, fuck me! Yes! There! Harder! Yes! There! Harder! Yes! Rachel.
Could you please move further away from the microphone? Sorry, I'm pretty loud when I come.
Rachel had also started to experiment.
The most prim and proper, well-spoken field hockey girls transformed into trashy sex goddesses in front of our microphones.
- Hi, ladies.
- Hi.
Nien, here's the schedule for studios one and two.
Let me know if there are any no-shows, because I have a waiting list.
One of them went on to become Secretary of State.
I'm not naming names.
50 I was good at my job.
And at the end of the week, I'd receive my reward from our bookkeeper, Uncle Jaap.
Two hundred and fifty.
And 25 extra - for being such a sweetie.
- Thank you.
This is how I made enough money to treat myself to a new bike.
Which, of course Goddamn it.
was stolen within a week.
It was Amsterdam, after all, and junkies needed to make a living.
But it was easily solved.
I earned around 2,000 guilders, and with a 630-guilder grant on top, I was earning quite a bit more than my dad.
Here, take this.
And from now on, I'll transfer a regular sum each month.
I don't need money, Dad.
You need to be able to focus on your studies.
It's summer break.
I'll see what I can spare each month.
Don't tell your mother.
- Do we have everything? - Yes.
- Cloths? - Check.
- Pacifiers? - Check.
- Gift? - Double check.
Let's go.
stick it in your tight asshole.
- What is this? - Uh.
It's those tapes from work.
tense I need to check them for sound quality and "Hot homo"? - In the car.
Isn't that distracting? - No.
- Not with that kind of material.
- Story? Yes.
Fairy tales.
Fairy tales.
Once upon a time, long ago in a faraway land Hey, little Django.
It's such a lovely name.
How did you come across it? You'll have to ask Anouk.
I think we owe it to the Dutch national team to call him Marco.
If you'd been there when he was born, you would have had a say in it.
Oh, how sweet.
Look at that.
- You see? He's a soccer player.
- Frank.
- We brought you a present too.
- For you both.
You'll have a lot of use for it too.
You can tell who did your interior design.
Alexander says it will gain a lot in value.
Panasonic C! That's awesome.
What's that? Telephone.
Car phone.
It only weighs three kilos, so you can carry it around with you - in a shoulder bag, if you want.
- Jesus.
So you never have to miss the birth of a child again.
Yes, very funny, Natas.
Yes, hello.
Is there anyone there? Did you buy that station wagon after all? Are you a traveling salesman? Will you drive cross-country? I let Natas choose, so You shouldn't give women a say, okay? Says the guy who got grounded for two months.
It's parental leave, the latest thing.
So you're not coming into the office at all? - I have to make it up to her.
- Exactly.
You're grounded.
I'm this close to making a million.
I surpassed that ages ago.
You should spend less.
Turnover is profit.
VAT is holiday pay.
Frank had been spending money like water over the past few months.
And to top it off, he'd bought a villa in Amsterdam's most expensive quarter.
So it was hardly surprising that he hadn't made his first million yet.
Ramon was somewhat more modest in his purchases.
A games console.
I guess we'll need a new TV then.
- Yes.
- Yes.
And now that Frank was grounded, Ramon had the chance to prove he was capable of more than connecting plugs and wires.
You won't last a week, man.
I'm a dad now.
- Everything's changed.
- Yes.
You're a dad.
Give it your best.
With Teledutch getting some serious competition for the first time, it would have to pull out all the stops.
That's good, Johnny.
Guys, must you do that on the pool table? Let's have it.
What's the damage? There's not a speck on it.
I'm talking about the turnover.
The competition is catching up with us.
Look how many ads there are.
Well? Well, our takings have fallen by 30 percent over the past month.
And they're expected to fall even further.
- Let's start a few extra lines.
- All 300 lines are taken, John.
All we can do is replace the lines that aren't performing well with new ones.
Right, let's start by dumping that comedy line.
Is Frank okay with that? Frank's not here.
I was thinking about a snore line.
Hey No, I'm serious, guys.
I met a woman who does meditation for people suffering from insomnia.
She has a very soothing voice for recording tapes to lull people to sleep.
I don't know, John.
Why don't we do something soccer related? - Sex with the Dutch team.
- I'd call in for that.
No, I'm not talking about sex.
I mean scores, analysis, things that men like.
Why aren't we doing stuff for women anyway? They make up half the population and we're not making any money off them.
A sex line for women? No way.
Women wouldn't be interested in that.
Yes, they would.
You all love those steamy love stories.
Yes, the Bouquet Series.
My ex used to read those.
But that's romance.
Well, they gave her the weirdest ideas.
She made me wear a doctor's coat.
I still have a stethoscope at home.
- Well, there you go.
- I think it's a good idea.
No one else has it.
And no one else has a snore line.
We'll do both.
John, you do the snore line.
And Marly, you do the women's line.
- But I - Great meeting.
Thank you.
"In one fluid movement, I tear off his shirt and kiss his neck and his chest, which tastes salty from our day at the beach.
" "He picks me up with his strong arms and lays me on the table.
" - I thought you just ate.
- Maybe they did the dishes first.
Hello, I'm reading here.
- Yes, but it's been five minutes.
- Times 50 cents a minute.
By the time my pants come off, I'll be broke.
For men, it's so much quicker.
Yes, hello.
Women need more of a backstory to get in the mood.
Nobody's going to phone in to a sex line for women.
Look at the Dutch Playgirl.
It was discontinued after four months.
Those are photos.
If I'm honest, a hard dick doesn't turn me on at all.
Unless I made it hard myself.
- Frank.
- What? Can you take him? I'm exhausted.
Why don't you put him down? - He'll start crying.
- Then let him cry.
I don't want to.
Why don't I take him out? You can get some sleep.
I'm not just here to butter your toast.
If you want me at home for two months for you and the little one, you'll have to trust me.
Hey, come on.
- Hand behind his head.
- Yes.
- Will you stay nearby? - Yes, I'll take the mobile.
Mobile? Telephone.
If anything happens, I'll call you.
Frank knew there were doubts about him as a family man, and that's why failing wasn't an option.
Take a deep breath in through your nose.
Let your tummy rise up.
Hold for a moment.
And slowly exhale while counting down from ten.
by Jean-Pierre and then we should Take one more breath in through your nose.
Very good.
- Now we're going to repeat that - John speaking.
- Johnny, my man.
- Hey, Frankie boy.
- Hey.
- Breathe in - How's it going with the little one? - Just fine.
I'm at a café.
- Come join me for a beer? - No.
We're in the studio.
- We're recording the snore line.
- The what? - What are you on about? - The snore line.
- The snore line? - Dude.
I've got to go.
Bharatie, we'll pick it up from where you start to count.
The chain's been broken.
I'll restart.
No, that's really not necessary.
I - I'll paste it together.
- Thank you, Ronnie.
I'd rather start from the beginning.
I've tried everything, but I don't think women would be interested in listening to stories like that, let alone pay for them.
- Well, maybe it's you.
- Why would it be me? Well, you're a little bit Look, I know plenty of women who love it when I talk dirty to them on the phone.
Hey, why doesn't Johnny write the stories? Hang on.
It's got nothing to do with the stories.
Johnny's talking live on the phone to them.
That makes it a game.
It's entirely different.
Of course that's exciting.
Can't we have them call in? Like those phone games on the radio? No, those are one-on-one calls.
There's no money in that.
There is if you record them.
You mean, Johnny calling up random women from the studio, which we then record and broadcast? Yeah, might work.
I still thought it was a shit idea, but at least it didn't come from me.
Marly, can you put an ad in the paper? We can go live next week.
Here's Johnny.
He's asleep.
Did you know, you're a very good mother? That's sweet.
There you go.
- I can't drink yet.
- Just a drop, for the flavor.
Huh? - Cheers.
- Thank you.
and prevent it.
I can't quite picture it, Frank being a dad.
- Hmm.
- Huh? also information about the measures doctors and politicians find necessary I'm so glad I've got you.
the news at 10:30, we will first be answering practical questions, such as, "What is AIDS? How is it contracted?" Do you think he'll cope? "How can you avoid contracting it?" Frank? Yes.
"Safe sex, stop AIDS" is the government's campaign slogan.
You'll hear more about this just after 9:00.
I'm glad I've got you too.
a closer look at AIDS treatments.
At about a quarter to ten Anouk, leave him.
He'll doze off again.
- I'll be right back.
- Poekie.
Did you buy diapers? We're almost out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Couldn't you have thought about it for one second, John? - You were there too.
- It's your responsibility.
- You were going to set those lines up.
- Yes, but it was about the content.
- How did you think it'd work? - I don't know.
You're the technician.
Couldn't you come up with something? As soon as one of our managers is available, I'll make sure they call you back.
Marly, you have to help.
I'm going crazy here.
- What happened? - The snore line.
- What about it? - It works really well.
- It sends everyone straight to sleep.
- That's good, isn't it? No, because they can't hang up.
And then they get bills for thousands of guilders.
What? Call a journalist and fix this.
Just think of something.
Like a technical glitch.
- Yes - Get moving.
I need Johnny for the women's line this afternoon.
Line's open from four o'clock.
Don't worry.
He'll be just fine and dandy by then.
- That's a really good dance.
- Right? Hey, Robine.
How's it going? - You - Yes.
You said you'd call.
I lost your number.
Seriously, I lost your number.
How are you? We're leaving for Ibiza tomorrow.
Wow, Ibiza.
That's great.
- You could stop by.
- Okay.
I'd have to see if I can arrange it at work.
You do that.
I'm sure you'll find us.
Come on.
Frank may have become a father, but he remained a successful businessman.
With a million in the bank.
- Be careful, okay? - Yes.
One more step.
Stay there.
- Keep your eyes closed.
- Okay.
- No peeking.
- What is it? It's not my birthday.
Take a look.
Ta-da! One for you, one for me.
And we'll swap every day.
A sports car.
Two sports cars.
There isn't even space for a car seat.
- There's plenty of space in the trunk.
- The trunk? Django is in the car seat.
Why buy a car that you can't transport a child in? - Two.
- One for you, one for me.
You're not doing this for me.
- When did I ask you for a sports car? - Babe, it's a Ferrari.
- I don't want a Ferrari.
- Well, I do.
I want a Ferrari.
- And a Porsche.
- Congratulations.
Have fun.
Jesus, woman! Can't you just be happy for me for once? All right.
- I'm ready.
- Okay, Johnny.
It's about their fantasies, okay? What they as women would like to experience with you.
Marly, I'm an Italian.
Johnny Santini always puts women first.
We have a caller.
I'll put it through.
This is the Ladies Only line.
I'm Johnny.
What can I do for you? It's working.
Carry on.
Hello? Honey, talk to me.
Hello, Klaas here.
Hey, Klaas.
This is the Ladies Only line and I don't think you're a lady.
- What? Are there no women here? - No, Klaas.
Ladies Only line.
It's just for women.
- Klaas.
- Second attempt, John.
And it wasn't just Klaas.
Ladies Only.
What can I do for you? Are there any hot chicks here? Ladies Only.
Do you have big breasts? Goddamn it.
Ladies Only.
Hey, guys, I can't work like this.
But then Ladies Only.
Talk to me.
Hi, this is Carolien.
Is this the Ladies Only line? Hey, Carolien.
Hey, Carolien.
This is the Ladies Only line.
I'm so glad you called.
What can I do for you? Hello? Oi.
I want to pick it up, but I see your amazing legs emerging from your skirt and I can't help myself.
I have to touch your legs.
I put my hand on your leg and I slide my fingers ever so slowly up the inside of your thigh - What's going on? - Hey.
- Can you feel it? - Oh, yes.
- Yes, I can feel it.
- Yes? It's a very classy restaurant.
I hope there isn't anyone else at your table.
There is.
My husband.
My husband's sitting opposite us and he's watching.
- He's looking at you? - Yes.
Keep looking at him while I slide my fingers up your panties and inside you.
- Who's the woman? - Just some random person.
Women can call in live.
Nina's idea.
- slide inside you.
- Yes.
- I go up and down, watching your husband.
- Yes.
- I go up and down.
- Oh, yes! Up and down.
He's done it again.
Johnny Santini, in the 94th minute.
It was as if the Netherlands had won the championship all over again.
But with the ladies' team this time.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Go! Come on! There always seemed to be a cause for celebration.
The crazier, the better.
Come on.
Our parties were notorious.
And Frank couldn't resist breaking away from being grounded.
Hey! What we really need is an entire web of connections.
They're trying that with computers.
That's not what I mean.
I mean you call in Just like when we were kids.
With those cans and wires.
- So you get this whole tangle of wires.
- A telephone.
Cut it out, man.
I mean you can talk to each other but don't know who's on the other side.
The other person doesn't know either.
Better still, you could have a group call with lots of people.
- And we call it the Chatter Box.
- That's a good one.
- Yes.
- Women would like that.
To sit around yapping, like in a bar.
You can exchange numbers if you really like each other.
Couldn't you build some kind of box for that? - Maybe it already exists.
- Hey, guys.
Is this night going anywhere or what? - Um I'm going to the RoXY.
- I'm having dinner with Joseph.
- Who's Joseph? - He's my boyfriend.
You have a boyfriend? Yes.
We've been together for five years.
Well, if you're not coming, then I have an idea.
But it's men only.
Sex has many faces.
And one of them is paid sex.
You could find every form of it within a two-kilometer radius in Amsterdam.
From desperate heroin hookers behind Centraal Station to live sex theaters where sloshed tourists paid money to see women shoot ping-pong balls, to the Netherlands' most exclusive brothel, the Yab Yum.
Hey, Johnny.
The living room of international pop stars, seasoned criminals, and successful businessmen.
Johnny boy.
- How's it going? - It's good.
- You're not alone.
- These are my business partners.
- Ramon and Frank.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Ronnie.
But it wasn't the girls who made an impression on Frank.
It was the men.
The criminal defense lawyer, the banker, the real estate tycoon.
All men with a lot more money in the bank than he had.
Can you keep a secret? The Dutch soccer team has just gone upstairs.
- What? - No.
With an entire squad, if you catch my drift.
- The Dutch national team? - Yes.
Hey, Max.
Am I right or not? They were here just now.
I'd have gotten down on my knees to thank them.
You better leave that to the girls.
These are the TPs from Teledutch that I told you about.
TPs? They started in a garage with just a few thousand guilders.
- You were the first, right? - Of course.
What are TPs? I was approached by one of your competitors from Rotterdam.
Asking if I want to start a Yab Yum line.
What are TPs? Telepimps.
That's what everyone calls us.
But think of it as a badge of honor.
Cut it out, guys.
This is not Club Mazzo.
I think I'll head off soon.
- I'll come with you.
- Shouldn't you wait until Mischa's done? A night like this, it'll probably end in a fight.
Come on.
Let's go.
I was nearly jealous of her, you know? The way she lost herself in that fantasy with Johnny.
The way she just let go of herself completely.
What do you mean, jealous? You have that too.
Not like that.
Do you? Yes.
That's not a problem.
It's the one thing Mischa and I are good at.
Other than that, he's just a lousy boyfriend.
He only cares about himself.
So do you come every time? Well, not every time.
He needs some prompts, but on the whole What, you don't? Eh - No.
- Never? No.
- What? Like never? - No.
- Never ever? - Yes, well, if I do it If I do it myself I can't find any info on it.
All those books, all those studies, they only deal with dicks.
Because they were all written by dicks.
- Couldn't we do our thesis on that? - What, on dicks? I'd love to.
No, on female arousal.
We can have a maximum of ten lines coming in per unit.
- Yes, and then we have - Julian - Could we have another bottle of champers? - Of course.
And do you have one of those rent boys around here for our Ronnie over there? Julian, please explain to him once and for all.
- Johnny.
- What? If Ronnie was into men, I would have noticed by now.
Now you've heard it from someone else.
I have a radar for that kind of thing.
So, as I was saying.
If we connect one unit That evening, Frank could no longer ignore it.
No matter how much money he and Ramon would make, no matter how many more successes they would achieve, they'd always be those telepimps.
IN THE SAUNA Thanks to Ramon's approach, Teledutch stayed ahead of the competition.
The only line that did badly was the Ladies Only line, just as I predicted.
But with a slight tweak, calling in live was a success after all.
We have a caller.
Welcome to the Men Only line.
And who's our lucky boy? Hi, this is Emiel.
Hi, Emiel.
Frank managed to stay home the entire two months.
Which gave Anouk enough time to realize that they weren't well suited to play parents together.
Good morning.
And suddenly summer was over and classes resumed.
My favorite professor returned from his vacation.
Yes, but there's been very little research on female arousal.
Well, have you read Bolhuis & Kremers? Yes.
But that's a study of the female orgasm.
I want to know what precedes it.
Do you think there's a difference between male and female arousal? Well, men are aroused much more easily, aren't they? That is the question.
To be honest, we know very little about it.
So it would make an excellent subject.
I have a class now.
Er If I help you get started with the research for your thesis, will you buy me an ice cream tomorrow? Okay.
Oh yes, something else happened that first week of September.
Did Mischa say why it's so crowded? Nobody knew why.
Wait a bit longer.
It's busy inside and there's no space.
- Ladies, come on in.
- Hi.
- Hi, Koos.
- Welcome.
- Okay, wait a minute.
- Hang on.
We've been waiting for ages.
People had returned from their vacations.
Maybe they'd been to the clubs in London, or Ibiza.
But suddenly, it was like everyone finally got it.
men get aroused more easily As for me, the penny finally dropped about how female arousal worked.
So, what you're saying is women may be physiologically aroused without being aware of it.
Let's go back to the start.
With this kind of research, it's best to start with yourself.
So, what turns you on? Your ice cream's dripping.
So? Do you know? Actually, the Second Summer of Love in Amsterdam didn't start in June.
It began in September.
No, it's delicious.
It's so big and fat.
And so beautiful.
Oh, yes.
Come on.
It's getting harder.
Oh, harder.
Oh, how lovely.
Yes, come on, lie on top of me.
Grab my breasts, squeeze my nipple.
You're so delicious.
Subtitle translation by: Dot Roberts
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