Dirty Lines (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [moaning, heavy breathing.]
Anyone who's taken a driving test knows that there's a huge difference between the theory test and putting it into practice.
It's the same with sexology.
[funky music playing.]
[moans and heavy breathing continue.]
In theory, the phase of sexual desire extends into the arousal phase.
Followed by the plateau phase.
The plateau phase is also known as the solo phase.
It's the moment when you have to let go of your partner.
You turn completely inward, working towards the point of no return.
It's a phase in which all kinds of images can impose themselves on you.
Luckily, I know from reading the theory that it's nothing to feel guilty about and you shouldn't make too much of it.
I mean, it might as well have been Patrick Swayze or Don Johnson.
At this point, it's all about you.
And the promise of a deep, intense Oh Marly, I love you.
[moaning stops.]
But that's just theory.
What would you say about going to Antwerp together for the weekend? Antwerp? Yes.
I've taken the liberty of booking a hotel room.
It's bigger than this one.
Oh er Do you like mussels? [chuckles.]
I'm sorry, but I can't.
I have to work.
Then you may have to reschedule.
I'm working all weekend.
It's the Chatter Box launch.
- The Chatter Box.
- Yes.
We've been working on it for a year.
Ten people can call in at the same time and chat with each other.
[Leon scoffs.]
And you think that would be more fun than a real conversation with a real man in a real award-winning Flemish restaurant? Look, Frank and Ramon have put me in charge of all the operators, so I have to make sure everything runs smoothly.
- You should have told me sooner.
- I wanted to surprise you.
Sorry Sorry.
[pleading playfully.]
Quick word of advice to those saying sorry a lot: it's not your fault.
But it can take a lot of bad boyfriends before you realize this.
Leon wasn't really even a boyfriend.
He was my professor.
We'd been seeing each other once a week for a year now.
At the start, everything revolved around him in my mind.
[car horn beeps.]
But lately, I'd come to realize that in between our rendezvous, I never really thought about him anymore.
You turn around and I pull off your pants.
But they fit so tightly around your rock-hard ass.
- Yes, that's good.
- [Julian.]
But I can hardly get them down.
I really have to peel them off.
They're stuck.
How is this possible? They're stuck at the front.
- [Julian.]
You turn around and I see - [laughs.]
- [panting.]
Oh, my God.
- [Ramon laughing.]
What an enormous, fat cock! - [Julian.]
No, what a shaft! Oh, my God! - [chuckling.]
Huge, steaming fuckpole! - It's way too big! Let me out! - [Ramon laughing.]
I'm sorry.
Help! Ramon, Ronnie, help! [Ramon.]
You can really tell you're an actor.
Well, it's all based on true stories.
- Yes, but not at Yab Yum, I imagine? - No, slightly different crowd.
Same time tomorrow? Um.
Yes, but not too early, okay? Because it's Thursday.
- Thursday? - Yes, Thursday.
You can't not go to the RoXY on a Thursday.
- Ah, Thursday.
I get it.
- Oh, do you? - Sorry, Julian.
Are those the chat boxes? - [man.]
Sorry, Julian.
I really have to Tonight, will you be there? - I'm sure it'll be right up your alley.
- No.
- I have to go home.
- Oh, right.
Family man.
We need those too.
You mean a hardworking man.
Dancing man? Tonight? Just make sure you're there.
Around twelve? - [Ramon.]
I'll see what I can do.
- Good.
[Julian chuckles.]
Bye, Julian.
Hot steaming fuckpole coming through.
[soft chuckle.]
Nien, can you call Ronnie? This is an epic moment.
[both chuckle softly.]
Is the engineer here? - Do you mean the English guy? - Yes, Kennedy.
Frank was supposed to pick him up from Schipol.
What? Where's Frank? [snorting.]
[deep groan.]
Frank couldn't even tell you where he was.
A year after Anouk had left him, he frequented the Yab Yum more than was good for him.
- Order another one? - No.
I have to I have to go.
Yes, but [sexy voice.]
You could stay here with me.
Yes, I could.
[Frank moans.]
- [moaning.]
- [phone rings.]
[phone ringing.]
Hello, Eva here.
Hello? [disconnected tone.]
They hung up.
For the umpteenth time.
Must have been a dirty call.
It's Leon.
He's insisting that I come to Antwerp.
His wife is away with the kids and "we won't get another chance anytime soon.
" But the Chatter Box was my idea too.
I simply have to be there.
- [water running.]
- [metallic squeak.]
- [Marly.]
- Hey.
Back again? Yes.
No need for Janna to panic.
I was asked to play at a rave in Bristol.
- It was so cool.
- Why didn't you take us along? Would you have liked it? - Yeah, man.
It's Bristol.
- Yeah? It would've been great.
- [Mischa.]
- [Marly giggles.]
Maybe next time.
Mar Do you know what time we have to be at Teledutch? Yes.
They're expecting us at seven for the introduction.
You'd better get a move on then.
- Babe.
- No, I want an apology first, dude.
It was just a week.
You could have called.
It's your fault, Marly.
You're leading those men on.
- He did it without asking.
- He didn't need to ask.
The way you looked at him I didn't ask you either.
- Yes, that's good.
- Yeah.
- Easy.
- Yeah.
What a beauty, hey Aiden? [in English.]
Yeah, she is.
And I spent ages making her.
Aiden Kennedy.
Inventor of the Chatter Box.
And this is Aiden Kennedy 24 hours later.
Not uncommon for Brits visiting Amsterdam.
[in English.]
So, be careful.
[in English.]
So, every call coming in gets directed to this circuit.
Random people can talk to each other and have separate conversations.
[in English.]
Yeah, or achieve world peace.
Now stop disturbing me, mate.
I'm behind schedule.
You kept me waiting at the airport.
[in English.]
Don't worry, Aiden.
If we fix one today, we'll do the rest tomorrow.
[in English.]
Fuck, no.
I've got to get this done today.
I've got to set up another six of these in Rotterdam tomorrow.
In Rotterdam? [Marly.]
Over the past year, the sex line market had exploded.
And our competitor in Rotterdam was hot on our heels.
- [rock music playing.]
- She'll bite your lip off - [phone rings.]
- All my friends say [phone continues ringing.]
Hey, Nien.
Yes, sorry.
I was doing a rough job.
Yes, I'll be right there.
[engine accelerates.]
[music amplifies.]
[music fades.]
"Call Box"? What? That's our idea.
Our friends in Rotterdam.
Rotterdam has ordered six of those chat boxes.
We're only one day ahead, Frank.
Our English friend is here for two days.
Tomorrow he'll be in Rotterdam.
After that, he's gone for at least a month.
He's flying back home tomorrow night.
Two hundred grand for those machines.
Plus a hundred grand in ads.
All to launch the Chatter Box, dude.
- Our number - Jesus, man.
You're hammered already? Not yet.
And not hammered.
A slight buzz.
There's a big difference.
Listen, it's essential that we go live first.
[in English.]
The winner takes all.
So if we make sure he doesn't make it to Rotterdam tomorrow, we'll be ahead by a month.
- The market will be ours.
- There's one thing for it.
Pull an all-nighter.
Make sure he oversleeps.
How will we drink an Englishman under the table? Johnny.
Would you like a drink? Ramon won't be back before seven anyway.
[Django gurgling.]
Some wine? [Ramon on answering machine.]
Hey, Natas.
Um Yeah, I'm stuck at work tonight.
The English guy is over for the Chatter Box [Natasja.]
There goes our romantic evening.
we'll have to show him the city after, so it'll be a late one.
- Sorry.
- [sighs.]
Jesus, come on.
What did I send the kids away for? Well, you heard it.
You can stay for dinner.
Girls night.
Janna and Eva were the first two operators I managed to recruit for the Chatter Box.
Three hundred bucks for one night listening to mindless chatter.
And we wouldn't even have to moan.
But at that point, Janna was the last person I wanted to spend a whole night with in a confined space.
[Aiden, in English.]
In conclusion, we have an incoming flow of three times ten calls straight to this circuit so the operator can direct and redirect.
- Do you get it? - Each machine handles ten incoming calls.
When two callers want to chat one-on-one, we can isolate them.
[Ramon, in English.]
Okay, peoples.
Yes? It's almost eight.
I'll explain later, okay? Chatter Box goes live in five [everyone.]
four, three, two [clicking.]
[line rings.]
Welcome to the Chatter Box.
I'm Anna, your operator.
[line rings.]
It's great that you're calling the Chatter Box.
I'm Anna, your operator.
[line rings.]
Hello, everyone.
How great that you're calling in.
This is Anna, your operator.
- [cheering.]
- [in English.]
Yes, we got it.
- [Janna.]
- [Eva.]
Yes, you can.
- [Marly.]
I'm Anna.
- [Eva.]
This is - Well done, Mr.
- [Ramon.]
- So, now we celebrate.
- [Ramon.]
[in English.]
Well, I've got to go.
I've got an early start in the morning.
[in English.]
First, we toast.
The Chatter Box is live.
We have to celebrate.
- [in English.]
I can't.
- [Ramon.]
Come on, Aiden.
[in English.]
You come with us to the men's room.
[in English.]
Sorry? [in English.]
What my brother means, is to the gentlemen's room.
You asked him to come to the toilet, you pancake.
[in English.]
You have to come with us to the Rijk.
[in English.]
Really, no, you have to try our bitter balls.
Yes, vlammetjes are good too.
- Really nice.
- What? [Ronnie, in English.]
The bitter balls are very nice.
- [cork pops.]
- [cheering.]
[in English.]
So, to the success of the Chatter Box.
- To the success of the Chatter Box.
- [Ronnie.]
Chatter Box.
[in English.]
I don't drink.
Um Nine months clean and sober.
Oh! Having a party? Eh? [laughing.]
Here he is, John.
[in English.]
Ah, Mr.
Kennedy himself.
I heard a lot about you, man.
Is the Chatter Box up and running? Yeah? Everything good? Okay.
So, what are these guys giving you to drink? Oh, no.
No Champagne is for wimps, man.
Do you have my bottle and a couple of glasses? [chuckles.]
This is for special occasions only.
- This is a 64-year-old single malt.
- Hmmm.
- Our friend doesn't drink.
- Hey.
We'll see about that.
Tsjib, a glass of water, please.
[in English.]
Let's go.
Two things the Dutch know nothing about.
Good food and hospitality.
Well, fortunately, I'm Italian.
Okay, you don't drink, I heard.
- So, very good, huh? - [Frank, in English.]
Very good.
All right.
[in Italian.]
Here's to Chatter Box, eh? [chuckles.]
[in English.]
Cheers, man.
- Who else is there? Cynthia? - I think, first of all Yeah, if you all talk at once, it won't work.
One at a time, please.
I'm not one for big words, but this was history in the making.
Let me explain.
Picture the Chatter Box as a dark room.
Someone dials our number.
- [buttons beeping.]
- [line rings.]
First, there's nothing.
[ring tone.]
Hi, I'm Anna, your operator.
It's great you're calling in.
Who are you? Hey, I'm Maud.
Hi, Maud.
Where do you come from? Eindhoven.
Is there anyone else here? - Eindhoven.
- PSV.
Hey, don't I know you from somewhere? - Is anyone planning anything fun? - Yeah, with you.
Can you dance? - And what else? - Whatever you want.
If you're my type.
Honey, I'm everyone's type.
Yo, how does this work? Anyone else here? Hi, I'm Anna, the operator.
It's helpful for the others if you introduce yourself.
So who are you? Eric.
Is it fun here? This kind of thing.
And multiply it by three.
[indistinct chatter.]
Guys, I'll just let Hanna in.
It might be nice if you introduced yourselves.
- Hey, Anna, want to fuck? - Hey.
None of that, okay? - Or I'll kick you out.
- [man.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [groaning.]
Hello, I'm Anna.
[indistinct chatter.]
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, at 50 cents a minute.
Someone was cashing in big-time here.
- Exactly.
- Yes.
Oh, yes.
Look at him.
That's his third.
- He's still fairly bright-eyed.
- At least we got him drinking.
[in English.]
This is what we call a buzzer or a beeper.
- And we all have beeper duty.
- What's that? Oh no, sorry.
No, I have to get going.
What's this? You're on a mission.
Of course you are.
No, I have to go home.
The kids are away for the weekend and I promised Natas Come on.
It's almost midnight.
Natasja's fast asleep by now.
[in English.]
Gentlemen, that's my cue.
Thank you very, very much.
No No, we're just getting started, man.
Right, Ramon? - Yes.
Yes, Aiden.
You're in Amsterdam now.
- Yes.
We have to go out.
[in English.]
Damn right we have to go out.
We go to the RoXY.
- No.
- Yes.
- [Ronnie.]
Let's go, man.
- [Johnny.]
The RoXY is legendary, mate.
You've never seen anything like it.
- [Ronnie.]
- [Frank.]
Yeah, let's go.
[Django gurgling.]
You're no longer wearing your ring.
No, it scares men off.
Unlike your little man here.
Yeah, well, this is the only man in my life.
Isn't that right, poppet? [Natasja.]
Being married isn't everything either.
Ramon barely touches me.
He's burning up.
Surely that's not normal? Feel him.
- I'll get a thermometer.
- Yeah.
Hey, sweetie.
Am I single? Yes, of course.
Free as a bird.
After all, this is the happy bachelor box, isn't it? Wow, what a madhouse.
It's constantly packed.
For you too? - Yes.
- [Eva.]
Yes, same.
I think they can keep each other entertained just fine.
Are we doing anything once we're done here? To the RoXY? Is Mischa playing? - It's Thursday.
- [Eva.]
Oh yes, Thursday.
- Have you made up yet? - No.
He can sweat it out for a bit, that jerk.
He just went to England for a week without telling me.
- Who knows what he got up to over there.
- [Janna.]
Yes, thanks a lot, Eva.
I could have told her then, but how do you tell your best friend that her boyfriend kissed you? And that you actually didn't mind it at all.
- [Aiden.]
Just take a quick peek.
- Yeah.
[in English.]
So let's go in for, let's say, half an hour? - [Aiden.]
Yeah, thirty minutes.
- [Ronnie.]
You'll be fine.
- And I tell you, man.
The women inside - Yeah? - [security.]
Come in.
Hi, good evening.
- Good evening.
[house music playing.]
That's why you wanted to go to the RoXY.
I didn't know.
Now I know why five guys managed to get in so easily.
- Drink? I'm getting drinks.
- Okay.
[beeper rings.]
- John, sorry.
I have to go.
- What? It's an emergency code I agreed on with Anouk.
I have to find a phone booth.
If I don't come back, you're in charge.
Do what you need to.
No expense spared.
[house music pumping.]
Frank, Django is sick.
We're at the hospital.
Eh [Ramon.]
Can I get five whiskies? There you go.
[clears throat.]
- [Ramon.]
Got it? - [Johnny.]
Where's Frank? - His buzzer went off.
- What? [in English.]
I thought you said you had a drinking problem.
[in English.]
No, not me.
It's others that have a problem with me drinking.
Right, guys.
- You enjoy yourselves now, hey? - Yeah Okay, I'm at a loss here.
I have an idea.
[soft, sexy jazz music playing.]
- [in English.]
Hi, gorgeous.
I'm Lana.
- Hi, Lana.
What's your name? - [slap.]
- [mumbles.]
Aiden, would you join me for a drink? - [in English.]
It's on me.
Company expense.
- Yes.
- Partly because of your good work, man.
- Yes, man.
Living the dream, Mr.
He's guaranteed to lose all track of time.
Have fun, man.
Okay, I really need to get going.
He stays here, okay? Do whatever it takes.
Tie him down if you must, but he can't be in Rotterdam tomorrow.
No worries, Ramon.
We'll keep ourselves entertained, okay? [chuckles.]
- [engine accelerates.]
- [tires screech.]
MAIN ENTRANCE [engine stops.]
This is an anti-inflammatory.
It will help calm the infection in his windpipe.
- [nurse.]
We're putting him on oxygen too.
- [Frank.]
Hey, hello.
- Hey.
- Are you the father? - Yes.
- Your son has a bad case of pseudo croup.
Is that serious? The respiratory tract is inflamed, which is hindering his breathing.
Okay, yes.
We'll keep him here overnight for observation.
Hey, boy.
Could Constance and I go private? Yes.
If you want, I can let you go private so the two of you can talk one-on-one.
- Do you want that too, Marion? - [woman.]
Yes, great.
Okay, I'll let you go private now.
The deal was that we wouldn't listen in on private conversations, but we could if we wanted to.
Open relationship.
Living Apart Together.
Okay, so if I ran into your girlfriend, I could just tell her we were doing it? Theoretically speaking.
- No, I wouldn't want to take it that far.
- Okay, I get it.
You just want to have it both ways.
No, it's more that I don't want to rub it in.
I mean, that would be kind of humiliating for her.
But yes, in theory [Leon snoring.]
Hey, I would really like to meet you.
And I You sound really fun, but I'm not looking for someone to share.
I need a break.
Oh, Jesus.
What's up with these guys? - "Anyone here want to get laid?" - [scoffs.]
Because no one can see them, they think they can say what they want.
I blocked a few of them just now.
What? Oh, great.
The chicks don't get off scot-free either.
Running after those men like tame sheep just to get a little attention.
Well, I know one of those.
Huh? Yeah, I get so sick of myself sometimes, how I am with Mischa.
Honestly, he comes and goes as he pleases and I always let him get away with it.
- This is where you tell me we're a great - He kissed me.
What? When? [hesitates.]
This afternoon.
In the kitchen.
Just before we left.
- You see? I thought there was - But it was very short.
What happened? Well, he came out the shower So you thought, "I'll kiss him on the mouth"? No, of course not, Jan.
I didn't want it, okay? [Marly.]
But, yes, I did let it happen.
And I'm sorry.
- Do you want a relationship with him? - No, of course not.
That's not even an option.
There's something else I should tell you.
[dance music playing.]
[heavy breathing.]
Step it up a notch, Ramon.
Come on.
You can do it.
[heavy breathing.]
Professor DeWolff? Leon.
Since when? It's been a while.
Quite a while.
- Why have you never said anything? - Well, I don't know.
He's our professor.
What if Eva found out? He is married after all.
Do you like him? Well, I - It's mostly - Sex? [both chuckle.]
- Oh, my God.
- He loves me.
Oh, shit.
- Does he have kids? - Twins.
- [scoffs.]
And he loves you.
Shit, man.
- [exasperated chuckle.]
Just one thing.
You know when Mischa kissed you? Why didn't you tell me straight away? [Marly.]
I don't know.
We've hardly spoken these past months, Jan.
- I thought you'd blame me.
- Okay, I'm really going to end this.
- Really? - Yes.
Me too.
It's gone on for way too long.
- Really? - Yes.
I end it with Mischa, you end it with Leon.
[dance music playing.]
Shall we leave? Okay.
I need to piss first.
Be careful.
Why? Julian is part of the furniture here.
He's eager and always horny.
- Good.
- Yes, and totally irresponsible.
Let's put it this way.
If you walk out of here with just a cold sore, then count yourself lucky.
Because of him, half the town has had swabs up their urethras at the Community Health Service.
- Are you speaking from experience? - [scoffs.]
Come on.
[soft rock music playing.]
Are you expecting visitors? No.
That's Floris.
My partner.
He contracted pneumonia.
It wouldn't go away.
It just kept getting worse, and then they figured it was cancer.
Well, and later on when they suspected it might be AIDS, we hoped it was just cancer.
Less than two months after that photo, he died.
But I'm clean.
[in English.]
It's a miracle.
[glasses clink.]
[monitor beeps.]
[Frank sighs deeply.]
You guys don't need to stay.
- Sorry I called you here for nothing.
- No, not at all.
I'm glad you called.
You got here fast.
Eh [sighs.]
- I was still awake.
- Were you at 't Rijk? Yes, we had to entertain a business associate.
Poor you.
Well done.
- Sorry, is the Ferrari yours? - Yes, all 380bhp of it.
Want to buy it? Please, can you move it? It's blocking the entrance.
Can you take Natas home? There's no need for you to stay.
Are you sure? It's no trouble at all.
We'll be alright.
Hey, Django.
Are you sure? Okay.
Call me.
Want to drive? - Really? - Yes.
Okay, hit it.
- [engine accelerates.]
- [tires screech.]
Do you know what? It feels like losing if I give in.
What have you got to lose? Everything.
My marriage.
My family.
Everything I know.
- The way people see me.
- But there's also something to gain.
What? Well, something you keep ignoring.
Your greatest good.
- My greatest good? - Yes.
What's that? Me.
Well, not me.
But you.
Your me.
You only see yourself through other people's eyes.
And you keep conforming to that.
You can keep that up for a long time.
Some people for their entire lives.
You're trying to do everything right.
But it's never good enough.
You seem to know me very well.
You're not the only one.
Always playing a different role to everyone, except it's not you.
I have to go.
Says who? [Natasja chuckles.]
- Ready? - Huh? - Floor it.
- What? Floor it.
- [engine accelerates.]
- [Natasja screams, laughing.]
[both scream.]
- [Frank sighs.]
- [Natasja chuckles.]
What's he doing here? [Marly.]
Eh Ah Thesis tutorial.
- I - Leon.
I've been thinking.
- It's fine.
- No, it's not.
It's not fair, how things have been going.
I've only been thinking of myself and Leon.
I did it.
I left her.
You did what? I just told her, "It's over.
" "I love someone else and I want to start fresh with her.
" [chuckles nervously.]
Marly, I love you.
[phone rings.]
- Hello.
- [man.]
Hey, Frank.
Hey, John.
Mission accomplished? - You really need to - Hey, calm down, John.
John, what happened? - I killed him.
- You did what? My God, man.
What [nervously.]
Ronnie? Ronnie, hey.
[Ronnie groans.]
- [Frank.]
Man, what happened? - I don't know, man.
We took one of Tsjibbe's pills just to be sure, and then he just freaked out.
He started throwing punches, he hit Ronnie square in the jaw, so I just gave him a bonk on the head.
[Frank exhales.]
But did you? Is he still alive? I was afraid to check.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Um Is he [hesitates.]
Is he? - [retches.]
- [all scream.]
- [Frank panting.]
- [Aiden laughing.]
[shouting, in English.]
What a fucking great night! [Aiden shouts.]
Woo! [Aiden, in English.]
Wow, yeah! [in English.]
Right on time.
[Aiden, in English.]
Off to Rotterdam.
- [inhales.]
- [door bangs.]
Mission failed.
Hey, I did all I could, okay? That guy knows how to drink, for an alcoholic.
This is a shame.
It'll cost us a lot of money.
- [car horn beeps.]
- [harsh thud.]
[Johnny gasps.]
Holy shit.
Is that? [Ronnie.]
Holy shit.
Oh, yeah.
That's so good.
Ah, you make me so horny.
[moaning continues.]
Oh, yeah, I'm coming.
Oh, you're so lovely.
Oh yeah, harder.
[in English.]
Oh, deeper.
Subtitle translation by: Dot Roberts
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