Dirty Lines (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX SERIES It happened two months after we started the Chatter Box.
Somewhere, 600 kilometers away from Amsterdam, a guard at the Berlin Wall received orders to open the border between East and West Berlin.
Open the gate! It was the end of the Cold War, and people flowed into West Berlin.
An impromptu party broke out to celebrate the dawn of a new era.
THE WALL IS GONE! An era of freedom and unlimited possibilities.
A time where you could be who you wanted and become who you truly are.
The wall is gone! And me? I was nowhere near being who I wanted to be.
Nor where I wanted to be, for that matter.
Six weeks after Leon left his wife, I found myself sitting with him in an average pizza place with stuffy company.
Marly, tell me about the research for your thesis.
Leon tells me you've found an interesting subject.
We're researching sexual and emotional responses to visual erotica in women.
That's interesting.
I've introduced her to Heiman to focus the research on the dominance of the identifiable figure.
But wasn't that based on erotic sound recordings? Yes, that's where I got the idea.
At the 06 phone line company I work for, we started a sex line for women.
So you work for a 06 line company? Yes.
For Teledutch.
It started as a job alongside my studies And it's still a side job.
It's funny because it actually all started with your book, Sexuality in All Its Dimensions.
It's always been a great turn on for our students.
They're a bit work-obsessed when you get them together like that.
Lydia could never really cope with them rambling on about vasocongestion or vaginal penetration over dinner.
You seem to have survived.
Norbert thinks I could do a PhD on my thesis subject.
Actually, I can recommend an excellent PhD supervisor.
One who, very soon, will have his own house where you can fire all your questions at him, night and day.
I still have to graduate first.
And quit that little side job of yours.
Why? Don't you want to be taken seriously as an academic? Well, thanks.
I started to wonder if Leon was taking me seriously.
- Did someone call the all-night drugstore? - Yes, I did.
Hi, man.
What's wrong? - Leave it.
- No.
- Leave it.
- No.
It'll wake up the kids.
- Ramon, leave it.
- No.
Stigter speaking.
Hello, who is this? Hello? Well, wrong number.
- Hey.
- Is there someone else? What? No, why? - You come home later every night.
- Hey.
I can't work regular hours.
Frank doesn't start till noon.
We don't have to have sex, you know? I know plenty of people here, who - I understand.
- What? A baker doesn't feel like cookies at night when he's been baking all day.
But I'm not a baker.
- No, but you deal with sex all day.
- I don't deal with sex all day.
- At work.
- Do you have someone on the side? - No.
- Well, then.
Goddamn it, Natas.
Ramon We can get some beers on the road, can't we? - Yes.
Have you got tampons? - Hey.
Where are you going? - Hey.
- Er Hi.
We're off to Berlin.
There's going to be a big party, so Yeah, we didn't know how to reach you.
But you're welcome to come.
Rachel's borrowed her mom's car and Yes, there's five of us already, but we can make room.
Are you coming? I mean, it's a historic moment.
A once-in-a-lifetime event, you know? No, I I have to work, but you go ahead.
Yoohoo! Hi! - Have fun.
- Thank you.
No, I'm serious.
I'll bring you back a piece of the wall.
Janna, are you coming? - Janna, come on.
- Bye.
Yes, everyone in! Frank.
- Frank.
- Hm.
Hey, Poekie.
Why aren't you responding? Um I was asleep.
Can we talk? Hmm.
Really talk.
Yes, Johnny, he swung by with some people.
- Where's Django? - You look terrible.
Thank you.
Why don't you call back? You won't talk to the lawyer.
- Why are you being so difficult? - I'm not.
Hey, it It's a really big step.
I want to think it over first.
There's nothing left to think about.
We're divorcing and I get half of everything.
- Of everything.
- Yes.
Of the house too? I want to stay in our old house with Django.
Of the business too? Marriage law says it's community property.
And you want half of everything.
Of the painting too? - I don't want the painting.
- You want half of everything.
Right? - Frank.
- Which half do you want? - There.
- Frank.
You're crazy.
Here you go! I earned all of this! Not you! I did! Oh, yes.
Talk dirty.
Oh, yes.
Touch me.
- Jesus.
- Sorry.
- What are you doing here? - I still had these.
And Janna has one of my record cases.
Is she here? Sorry, this is female porn for my thesis research.
Is it different? Um Yes.
It's geared more towards women.
The women take the initiative more often and the men are more handsome.
Hmm Fun course.
Er Janna's gone to Berlin.
With Eva.
So, you're alone.
You came for your records.
Janna dumped me.
But she's still my best friend, Misch.
Who left for Berlin without me, but whatever.
So, we'd better not.
Hey, if you do want to go to Berlin, a small group of us are setting off from the RoXY after closing.
Whose car is that outside? How many times have I told you I don't want tin cans parked out front? It belongs to these gentlemen.
- Sorry, did we have an appointment? - No.
They're from the IRS.
This is Jaap Das.
He's our accountant.
Jaap, these gentlemen from the IRS have gone over our corporate tax returns - And VAT.
- And VAT.
And they've detected some irregularities.
Could you clear things up for them? Uncle Jaap had always known this day would come.
Frank should have known too.
Turnover is profit, VAT is holiday pay.
Turnover is profit and VAT is holiday pay.
As a result, Teledutch owed millions which they'd never be able to pay back.
Jaap? We could pay part of the outstanding taxes from our reserve account.
- For the first term.
- What reserve account? Here are some transfers into a reserve account.
It has around three hundred grand.
- Three hundred grand.
- Right? Yes, the reserve account is not an actual account.
That's the name we gave to a credit card.
For the tab we're running.
At Yab Yum.
Did you spend three hundred grand - The champagne is 650 guilders a bottle.
- Paid by the company? We've taken business folks there to schmooze them.
That's tax deductible.
And that Brit.
- Have we heard from him? - He's recovering well.
Yeah, let's bring that up again! Are you out of your minds? God.
- Yes? - Is this a good time? - No, not really.
What's up? - I really need to talk to you.
Things are pretty bad with Frank.
What's up? There you are.
I was thinking, what if we put six extra consoles on the Chatter Box? We'll add a gay option too.
The gays will love chatting among themselves.
By the time we get that tax bill, we'll have doubled our turnover.
- Did you throw a painting at Anouk? - Um - It wasn't worth anything.
- Frank.
She threw a vase at me once, okay? - How are you going to pay her? - Pay her? - Yes.
- It's my painting.
She's getting half of everything.
Your shares too.
They're not worth that much right now.
You promised not to screw up.
It's not like your marriage is running so smoothly.
I'm talking about you and me! - What do you mean? - Should pay your wife more attention.
Says who? The women tell each other everything.
Do you think I didn't know about all the times you couldn't get it up? Isn't it time you called a doctor? - Come on! - Three hundred grand at Yab Yum? At least mine still works.
It's the only thing you're good at.
Come on, then.
Hey, cut it out! John! Johnny, I need your help.
Those two are killing each other.
- You'd be nothing without me! - Cut it out! Cut it out, guys! John! What? Goddamn it.
What happened? Cut it out! Frank! Goddamn it.
Guys! I'm done! Either you're out or I'm out.
Go then, mate.
- Leave! - Shut it, Frank! Ramon! - Jesus.
Are you okay? - Leave me.
Maybe Leon was right.
It's okay.
Nobody would ever take me seriously if I kept working in this madhouse.
- We have a problem.
- Yes, you can say that again.
No, something else.
Simon from the Help line is sick.
But what would they do without their only sexpert? But what's important to remember is that 39 percent of all men think their penis is too small.
Oh, really? - Yes.
- That many? Exactly.
That percentage indicates that all those men are actually probably quite average in size.
- Okay.
- It's also important to realize that you mainly see your penis from above, which makes it seem significantly smaller.
Okay, thank you.
- Hey.
- Are you okay? Frank.
I'm thinking about leaving.
The rats are leaving the ship.
It's not that.
I'm graduating soon.
Yeah, what does a psychologist make these days? 1,500? 2,000? Jesus, Frank.
- It's not all about money.
- Of course it is.
Why do you think we won the Cold War? Everything's about money.
Will you and Ramon be okay? Of course.
We're brothers.
We'll find someone else.
Natasja Stigter speaking.
Hello? Frank.
I know it's you, Frank.
I can hear you.
You've got to stop.
I'm not leaving Ramon, especially not for you.
Thank you.
Don't you have someone else to do this for you? I didn't want to scare the kids.
That's why you're here.
I'd expected you sooner.
- He got you pretty good.
- We used to do judo together.
It helped Frank let his energy out.
- I bet you didn't mind it.
- What do you mean? With all those boys.
- That wasn't even on my mind yet.
- Sure.
Marly speaking.
Were you asleep? Er No, I've just come out of the shower.
Are you coming over tonight? No, I've had quite a day.
Are you dressed? No, not yet.
Are you naked? No, I'm still wearing my bathrobe.
Okay, take it off.
Is it off? Yes.
Say something to me.
The way you talk on those tapes.
- Leon, I told you that I - Come on.
Just for fun.
Um I - I have an exquisite figure.
- Yes.
- With beautiful, round - Go on.
Go on.
I I let myself - I climb onto your lap.
- Yes.
- Can you feel me? - Yes.
I slowly lower myself down and Yes.
I'm calling it quits.
- It's over.
- No.
- No.
Come on.
Keep going.
- No, I mean, I don't feel it anymore.
I haven't for a long time.
So, I - I'm calling it quits.
- No.
It's getting dark.
We sneak off, away from the garden party.
Nobody can know.
I wait for you at the back of the house.
You startle me when you suddenly appear.
Across the country road, among the reeds, is a small jetty.
When it's done here, I'll move there.
Has everyone got everything? I'm not going back.
I'm never going back.
You lie down on the jetty on your back, and I unzip your trousers.
I stand over you and pull up my dress, move my knickers to the side and feel your hot dick slide inside me, and I feel it getting even harder.
Harder and harder.
I love you.
I want to scream, but I'm scared they'll hear us.
And you fuck me even deeper and harder.
And harder and I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck me! Yes! I'm coming! - Frank.
- Leave your message after the tone.
I'm going to tell her.
Was I that good? I mean it.
Daddy! - What happened? - Frank and I are going our separate ways.
What? Why? Why? Natas, you really don't want to know.
Frank's made the most God-awful mess of things.
We have to pay back millions in taxes.
That much? But - That can't all be his fault, surely? - It is.
It was Frank's job to oversee the accounts and he's spent way too much.
Why would Frank be overseeing the accounts? He doesn't know how.
Frank is a manchild.
He can't do this without you.
You said so yourself.
So should I check the accounts, Natas? All those numbers, it's like gibberish to me.
But you have me.
That's what I do.
You two will get through this.
Okay? And so will we.
I I'm pregnant.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What do I smell? - It's pom.
Want to try? Hmm.
Finally something tasty.
How was it? Well.
Ew, it stinks in here.
Was it fun? Yes, I'm worn out.
I need to lie down.
Me too.
That's another wall that came down in Berlin.
What? - I broke up with Leon.
- Really? Holy cow, that took a long time.
Are you okay? As promised.
- Wow.
- A piece of the wall.
God, those two are so insufferable together.
It would have been so much more fun if you'd come along.
- Would you like some? - Yes, please.
Rachel comes Rather loudly.
It was the end of the 1980s.
The start of the final decade of the 20th century.
And what I remember most of all is the sense of optimism.
The fall of the wall had people dreaming of world peace.
It gave them hope that you could be happy as long as you were successful.
But you can't take anything in life for granted.
Since his argument with Ramon, Frank had stayed away from the office.
And it seemed like the company's best years were behind it.
FOR SALE - Has your Ferrari been stolen? - Yeah, man.
Bunch of criminals.
Luckily, the insurance will pay me back every penny.
So I can pass it straight on to Anouk.
Sorry about the mess.
I have to get on with it.
The movers will be here after New Year's Eve.
- You're not moving back into the office? - No, of course not.
- That's no place for a child.
- No.
I now get Django every other weekend.
Tsjibbe still has an apartment above 't Rijk.
How is it at the office? I fired Uncle Jaap.
It turns out it wasn't just your fault there was no money.
Oh! Yes.
Jaap Das was goodness personified.
Two hundred and fifty.
And 25 extra for being such a sweetie.
How sweet of you.
Bharati from the Snore line instantly recognized that she was dealing with a good and caring person.
So it wasn't long before Uncle Jaap joined the Bhagwan movement.
The Sannyasins, as Bhagwan's followers were known, had their own club in Amsterdam, Zorba de Buddha.
And they were the first large-scale importers of ecstasy.
But after the government banned MDMA in November 1988, they had a serious budget deficit.
A deficit that could partly be covered by their latest Sannyasin.
- Thanks.
- Uncle Jaap Das.
Or Shankar Putri, as he preferred to be known henceforth.
What happened to your clothes? Did you leave a red sock in the wash? Here.
Who, because no one was checking the books, managed to transfer over a million into the movement's accounts.
Which they put to excellent use.
- Japie? - Hey, Ramon.
Hey, Natas went over the books yesterday.
Do you have a minute? Yes, of course.
Sit down.
- Would you like a coffee first? - Yes, please.
And that was the last we ever saw of Uncle Jaap.
Uncle Jaap? I reported it to the police, but he's in India.
- Found anyone else yet? - I was thinking Natas.
She's the one who negotiated our payment scheme with the IRS.
If we keep close tabs on our expenses, we'll be right as rain in a year.
Do I still get a say in any of this or not? - Do you have any objections? - No.
Of course not.
Well, it's just a temporary solution until the baby arrives.
Baby? - Yes.
- What do you mean, baby? Didn't you know? I thought our wives always told you everything.
We're expecting a third.
Man! Now you tell me.
- Thank you.
- How wonderful.
Yeah, isn't it great? - We should celebrate, right? - Yes.
Hey, I was thinking, isn't it about time we took our expertise abroad? Sweden and Switzerland are opening their markets to commercial telephony.
Spain and Italy have already done so.
- So you want to get back to work then? - Yes, of course I do.
All my affairs are back in order.
So I'm ready to go.
What do you say? I think we should appoint a business director.
Business director? But that's me.
Someone to focus on the Netherlands.
So you can venture abroad.
I've already discussed it with John.
So Did you have someone in mind? I was unaware of their plans, and frankly I had no intention of becoming director of Teledutch.
I was more focused on my final-year thesis, which had been given new life due to a recent invention, the vaginal photoplethysmograph.
Shouldn't we try it out on ourselves before we insert it into other people? There.
Could you perhaps - You're such a prude.
- Just go.
I'll go for a piss.
The purpose of the vaginal photoplethysmograph was to measure moisture levels inside the vagina while the subject was looking at explicit sexual images.
The machine registers, before you do, whether you're getting turned on.
I don't see the meter moving yet, but maybe it takes a while.
Jesus, Leon.
Your hypothesis is, the genital response is generated sooner by female-oriented porn.
Can you explain that? No.
Go away.
I'm still your supervisor.
We think that men are more easily turned on by porn because the sex focuses mainly on stimulation of the penis.
It turned out to be different.
Women also get an automatic genital response when watching porn, except the signal is not transmitted to the brain.
Yes, because we don't experience the sex as realistic.
- Exactly.
- Yes.
Long story, but believe me, it was a major breakthrough in research into female sexuality.
Could you please Can't we just The setup looks promising.
Er Just make sure you have a representative control group.
Hey? What did he want? I think we need to look for another supervisor.
Excellent idea.
And then it was 31 December, 1989.
For everyone, it felt like a new beginning.
The end of an era.
We'd all become one if only we partied hard enough.
And this was my first little pill.
I was so happy the depressing 1980s were over.
Just like everyone at the RoXY, I finally felt free to be who I wanted to be.
I was going to graduate, get my PhD, and become a world-renowned sexologist.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one - Hey, DJ! Music! - Oh, yes.
Happy New Year! I love you guys, man! - Mar, this is going to be our decade! - Yes! Woo hoo! Look, in retrospect, I shouldn't have taken that pill.
And looking back, there were other things I should've done differently.
And that we all should have done differently.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
- Did Ramon call you? - No.
We want to offer you a job.
But in the moment, it all just seemed so great.
So great.
I can feel it throbbing, and I rub it against my wet pussy.
You grab my butt cheeks and pull them apart.
I lower myself onto you and feel your hot dick slide inside me, and I feel it getting even harder.
I ride you like a pony, harder and harder.
I want to scream, but I'm scared they'll hear us.
You put your hand over my mouth and fuck me even deeper and harder.
And harder and harder.
I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck me! I'm coming! Subtitle translation by: Dot Roberts
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