Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Atlantica Day/A Winner's Spirit

Ariel, oh, oh, oh
Come along with me To
my corner of the sea
Atlantica has so much in store
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Music never ends
We're surrounded by our friends
It's always something
new to explore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
We'll use our
voices swimming free
Imagine what we'll find
Come with me!
Ariel, oh, oh, oh
It's so much adventure
Ariel, oh, oh, oh
We're diving together
In this sea full of wonder
Who knows what we'll discover
Ariel, oh, oh, oh
With Ariel
With Ariel
Let's go
With Ariel
"Atlantica Day!"
What is it, Ariel?
It's human stuff.
So shiny.
What should we call it?
Lucia, Fernie,
I think we should call this
a dinglehopper. Mmm-hmm.
I wonder what
humans use that for.
I think I know.
I bet, up on land, people use
dinglehoppers to write and draw.
You sure that's what it's for?
Sure I'm sure. See.
Flounder. What's the matter?
Did you forget?
Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!
We're gonna be late
for music class.
Sebastian's gonna be so crabby.
Oh, no!
Ah, so glad you can
finally join us, sister.
- Hey, Alanna. Hey, Ayanna.
- What was it this time?
Did you find another thingamabob?
Another wizzlewozzle?
Sebastian, we are so, so sorry for
being late for music class. We
Um Sebastian
Ariel, me don't know
what I'm gonna do.
Tomorrow is Atlantica Day
and a song and your father.
- And I don't know what it is.
- Aw, Sebastian. It'll be okay.
What happened?
As you know, tomorrow is the
big Atlantica Day celebration.
Oh, I love Atlantica Day.
It's one of the
best holidays ever.
Yes, yes, man, we all
love Atlantica Day.
But King Triton has asked me
to sing a special song at
tomorrow's celebration.
That sounds like a great idea.
Well, he wants it to be a song
about the one most special
thing about living in Atlantica.
And there is just
one small problem.
I can't figure out what the one most
special thing about Atlantica is!
What am I going to do?
How's a crab supposed to
pick the one most special?
How? How? How?
Well, maybe I can come
up with a song for you.
Really? You'd do that for me?
Oh, thank you, Ariel.
And we can help Ariel.
- Yeah, we will.
- Of course.
Great. It'll be a
piece of kelp cake.
Okay, a song for Sebastian.
We just have to figure out the one most
special thing about living in Atlantica.
What do you think it is, Fernie?
Oh, that's easy. It's all
the amazing sea creatures.
The blue tangs, the sea turtles,
the angel fish.
Hmm. Sea creatures
are great, Fernie.
But I think the one most
special thing about Atlantica
is that there's
magic in the water.
Oops. Sorry, Flounder.
That's okay, Lucia.
Wouldn't be the first time. Ooh!
And I think the one most
special thing in Atlantica
is the yummy food.
Wow. Those are all really
special things about Atlantica.
I'm starting to understand why
Sebastian didn't know what to choose.
Why don't we go see
my Tauntie Ursula?
Maybe she can help us decide.
Yes, I love it when
we visit your tauntie.
I can show her this new magic
trick I've been working on.
Tauntie Ursula?
Tauntie's here!
You have the best magical
entrances, Señorita Ursula.
Tauntie Ursula doesn't
do regular entrances.
You got that right.
Now, what brings you
to the apothecary?
We're trying to come up with a song
for the big celebration tomorrow.
But we can't decide what
the one most special thing
about living in Atlantica is.
I know just what you need.
Ebb, Flow
You know what to do.
Yes! I've done it.
Ooh, what is it, Tauntie?
Some kind of music potion that
helps you write amazing songs?
No, it's my amazing
fried plantains!
You can't sing on
an empty stomach.
But Tauntie, what should
the song be about?
Ooh, yeah. That's a tough one.
I wonder if Ravi at the
juice stand could help you.
That octopus knows a
lot about Atlantica.
And here are your juices, kids.
Thanks, Ravi.
So let me see if
I've got this right.
You're trying to sing a song about
what makes Atlantica so special.
But there are so many things
that are special about Atlantica,
and you can't figure out
which one's the most special.
Yep -Listen, kids.
Whenever I have a problem,
I just asked my fellow
Atlanticans in the market.
Hey, everyone!
Ariel's writing a song
about the one most special
thing about Atlantica.
Well, what do you think it is?
- The music on the street!
- Everything!
The sweet smell of the market!
Those are all great ideas.
Let me write those down.
People are friendly.
The dancing.
- Bubbles.
- Mi gente.
Hey, everyone, I I need
to go get more shells.
Oh, Ariel! Me found you!
Oh, please, please, please tell me you
were able to write the song. Please.
I'm, uh, still working
on it, Sebastian.
But I am not going to give up.
I know that you won't, Ariel.
The whole kingdom is so
excited to hear that song.
Whatever that might be.
The most special thing about
Atlantica has to be in here somewhere.
Morning, Ariel!
Ariel, did you figure out the
I don't know what the
song should be about.
This mermaid thinks it's the coral
reefs that make Atlantica special.
This one thinks the
parades and this one
Well, it's It's just a fun
picture of a seahorse I drew.
But do you see what I mean?
Every idea about what makes
Atlantica special is different.
And I have no idea
which one to choose.
Happy Atlantica Day, everyone.
- Ariel
- Ooh.
Sebastian told me the
news that my own daughter
had taken over writing
the Atlantica Day song.
I couldn't be prouder or more excited
to hear your song with everyone
at today's big celebration.
It's gonna be something.
Oh, they're all gonna be
so sad and disappointed
when they find out I don't
have an Atlantica Day song.
Happy Atlantica Day, everyone!
It's time to hear
the new special song
that I'm proud to say was written
by my youngest daughter, Ariel.
Ariel, you're on!
Oh. You couldn't figure out
what the song should be about.
I'm so sorry, Sebastian.
I really tried.
But I couldn't do it,
and now everybody's
going to be sad.
Oh, it's okay, Ariel.
Me couldn't figure out
what to sing about, either.
There were just so many
different Atlanticans,
so many different voices.
How could anyone ever pick whose
song idea is the one most important?
Oh, me no know, child.
I'll go let everyone know that
there won't be a song today.
Attention, everyone.
Attention, please!
We have an announcement.
Different Atlanticans,
different voices.
Jumping jellyfish! That's it!
Sebastian, wait. I know what
the song should be about.
I figured out the one most
special thing about Atlantica.
Everybody is different
in Atlantica.
We all have different
things we like.
Different ideas,
different voices,
all living together
in one colorful ocean.
That is the most special
thing about Atlantica.
Here in Atlantica
Everyday new surprises
All kinds of creatures here
In all kinds of shapes and sizes
Different music,
different scales
Different voices,
different tales
Make up the work of art
And that's the best part!
So, let's all celebrate
We shine in different ways
That altogether make
One colorful ocean
Oh, eh, oh
One colorful ocean
There's sprinkles in the reefs
So let the wonder pull you in
These waters are magical.
This is the best place to be.
Everyone you'll meet Will greet
you with those friendly fins
Sea horses,
jellyfish, stingrays.
Kelp cake for me!
So, let's all celebrate
We shine in different ways
That altogether make
One colorful ocean
Let's go grab your friends
Do your own kind of dance
We'll sing together
as One colorful ocean
Oh, eh, oh
One colorful ocean
Oh, eh, oh
One colorful ocean
Oh, you did it, Ariel.
You did it, child.
"A Winner's Spirit."
Today is the All
Atlantica Swim Race.
I'm so excited to see all
the speedy racers, Lucia.
Me too, Ariel.
They all look racer-ready.
Um, where's Fernie and Flounder?
Over at the racers'
check-in line.
Let's go see what they're up to.
Hey, Flounder. Hey, Fernie.
What are you guys up to?
I'm joining the race!
Uh-oh. Flounder! Are you okay?
I'm awesome.
Are you sure it's a good idea
for you to join this race?
These fish are pretty fast.
Of course I'm sure.
It's been my dream since
I was a little guppy.
And one day, I'm going
to be a champion racer.
But right now, I just
want to have fun.
See you later.
I don't know about this, Lucia.
Why not?
Flounder has never raced before.
Those other fish are
much faster than Flounder
because they've
practiced a whole bunch.
But he said he just
wants to have fun.
Do you think he's gonna have fun
if he's left behind
in a trail of bubbles?
It might crush his dream of
being a champion racer one day.
Mmm you're right.
So what do we do?
I'm thinking.
Hi, Alanna. Hi, Ayanna.
I'm here to sign
up for the race.
Hi, Flounder. Hey, Ayanna, we
need a racer bib for Flounder.
One racer bib coming right up.
Too big.
Still too big.
Perfect size.
Welcome to the All Atlantica
Swim Race, Flounder.
Thanks, Ayanna.
I think we should check
out the other racers
to see how racer-ready they are.
These fishes look strong,
fast and ready to race.
Flounder totally isn't.
All he needs is a
little practice.
Hey, everybody. I'm Flounder.
Okay. He needs a
whole lot of practice.
Jumping jellyfish! That's it!
We'll be his trainers to
help him get racer-ready.
Let's go.
Uh that's not what I meant.
Okay, Flounder, for
swim test number one,
we'll test how fast you swim.
But you'll need a pacing
partner to swim at their speed.
- I'll do it.
- Great.
Fernie, Flounder,
here are the rules.
Swim around that
plooferdoodle and back.
First one to
high-fin Lucia wins.
- Got it.
- Okay.
Hey, what's going on over there?
- Come on, Flounder!
- Coming.
We have a lot of work to do.
Okay, race fans. The
racers are warming up.
They're, strong, fast and
look ready for the race.
You put the coral barbell on
your tail and curl it like this.
It will help your
tail get stronger.
But why can't I just
go swim in the race?
Because a strong
tail swims faster.
Oh, all right.
Oh, no!
This next one is called
the battle rope exercise,
and what you do is slam
them up and down like this.
But I really just want to swim.
This exercise is really going
to help you use your fin
to turn those corners better.
- You'll see.
- If you say so.
I think I'm getting
the hang of it.
- Go, Flounder.
- Yes!
For your next exercise, I'm
going to show you how to draft.
What does that mean?
Fernie and I will demonstrate.
You'll get close to the
fastest swimmer ahead of you.
And once you do, you
stay close to their tail
and then you will catch their
draft and push yourself ahead.
- Now you try it.
- Okay!
I'll go slow until you
jump on my draft, okay?
Come on.
Okay. I'm going to speed up now.
Stay with me.
I'm doing it!
You sure are.
Keep going.
I'm going too fast now.
Now can I swim, Ariel?
Almost. We need to do another swim test
to see if you've gotten any faster.
I really got close this time.
What are we going to do, Ariel?
It's almost time for the big race.
And Flounder doesn't
look racer-ready to me.
No, Lucia, he doesn't
look racer-ready.
But maybe my sisters
can help with that.
Well, Ariel?
Nice work, Ayanna.
Now he looks ready to race.
I don't know, Ariel.
How exactly is this supposed
to make Flounder go faster?
Oh, it won't.
I just think looking like a racer
will help Flounder feel like a racer.
Right, Flounder?
If you say so.
Good luck, Flounder.
You can do it, Flounder.
Come on! We should go find
a place to watch the races.
I thought racing was
supposed to be fun.
Welcome to the All
Atlantica Swim Race!
All racers, please
get on your marks.
Where's Flounder?
On your marks.
Get set! Go!
We've got to find him.
Flounder? Flounder?
Flounder? Flounder? Flounder?
Where are you?
Maybe he quit the race.
But that doesn't make any sense.
He really wanted to race.
Come on. Let's split up.
What are you doing
inside my bicklescoodle?
But why?
Don't you wanna be at the races
after all that practicing
you did to be racer-ready?
I changed my mind.
But you said this was your dream
ever since you were
a little guppy.
Don't you want to be a
champion racer anymore?
I do
One day, but not today.
This was my first race, Ariel.
I wasn't worried about
being fast or winning.
I just wanted to have fun.
And you weren't listening to me.
Oh, my.
Oh, Flounder, I thought helping you
win would make this race fun for you.
Now I can see I wasn't
being a good friend.
I was wrong for not
listening to you
and for not listening to
Fernie or Lucia either.
I'm sorry.
You're a great friend, Ariel,
and when I'm ready to
race for a championship,
I hope you'll be my trainer.
That's a deal.
So what do you want to do now?
I'm joining the race.
But this time I'll do things
a little bit different.
- What do you mean?
- Yeah, like how?
I think I'll
Swim at my own pace
Doesn't even matter
if I win first place
Just have fun at the race
At the right pace,
at the right pace
When you cross that finish line
The crowd will cheer so loud
Do you really think so?
You'll be a star
in a record time
Your friends will be so proud
I want to make you proud
Okay, I'll
Swim at the right pace
Show 'em all that
Flounder's got what it takes
Yeah, have fun in the race
At the right pace,
at the right pace
Swim at the right pace
Show 'em all that
Flounder's got what it takes
Yeah, have fun in the race
At the right pace,
at the right pace
Just look at those speedy
racers dodging and weaving.
Wait a minute, fish folks.
Looks like we have a
new racer on the move.
Flounder has joined the race.
Go, Flounder!
- You got this!
- Yes!
This is so much fun.
The wahoo fish wins!
Looks like the race is over.
Not yet, Alanna. Look.
Wait a minute, fish folks.
The race isn't over until the last
racer gets to the finish line.
Flounder! Flounder! Flounder!
Flounder! Flounder!
Flounder! Flounder! Flounder!
They're cheering for me?
They're cheering for me!
Did you see me?
We sure did.
Hey, where are you going?
To sign up for next year's race.
We are signing up, too.
Race you to the signup sheet!
I'm making waves!
I'm swimming to the
rhythm Of my own beat
Playing my song and
I keep on singing
Aye, aye, aye
I show the world
what makes me me
Turn up the melody
like, aye, aye, aye
I'm making waves!
I'm singing, aye
I'm making waves!
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