Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Ursula's Magic Camp/Fernie's Notebook

Come along with me
To my corner of the sea
Atlantica has so much in store
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Music never ends
We're surrounded by our friends
There's always
something new to explore
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We'll use our
voices swimming free
Imagine what we'll find
Come with me!
Ariel Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
So much adventure
Ariel Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
We'll dive in together
In this sea full of wonder
Who knows what we'll discover
Ariel Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
With Ariel
With Ariel
Let's go!
With Ariel
"Ursula's Magic Camp."
I can't believe the first day
of Magic Camp is finally here.
Me, too, Flounder.
We get to spend the whole day here
at Tauntie Ursula's apothecary.
She's gonna teach us all kinds
of fantastic magic tricks.
I know someone who's even
more excited than we are.
Abracadabra and hocus pocus.
I'm Lucia the magician
and I'm ready to focus.
Well, of course, Lucia would
be excited about magic camp.
You're so right, Ariel.
I'm going to show Senorita Ursula
everything I know about magic.
Because when I grow up,
I want to be a great
magician, just like her.
Well, come on, everyone.
Let's go make some magic!
Hey, everyone, look at that.
We have our very
own magic stations.
With our very own cauldrons.
Magic coral wand,
magic potions,
fizzy glow in the
dark, witches' brew.
Now all that's missing
is my favorite magician
in the whole wide ocean.
Where is she?
Good question.
Tauntie Ursula, where are you?
Right here, my little merlings.
- Ooh!
- Whoa!
Welcome to Ursula's Magic Camp.
Magic is so awesome.
Oh, you have no idea how
wonderful magic can be.
Welcome, children take a seat
If you thought that was good
Just wait and see
The charms, the tricks
that you won't believe
What this magician's
got up her sleeve
Seeing a seahorse
but you've never seen
The goat wearing neon green
With a zim-jamba-zoo
and a ziggidy-zee
You've got a lot to learn
and you'll learn it from me
Anything is possible with
a little bit of magic
That will go phenomenal
with a zim, zam, bazoo
Nothing is impossible
Use your imagination
On the count of
three repeat after me
Zim, zam, bazoo One, two, three
Zim, zam, bazoo
One, two, three
Zim, zam, bazoo
One, two, three
Zim, zam, bazoo
One, two, three
Zim, zam, bazoo
Are you gonna teach us how to do all
of those great big magic tricks today?
Are we going to do zim,
zam, bazoo, Senorita Ursula?
Not today, Lucia.
You need to be a
Shark level magician
in order to zim, zam, bazoo.
This is your very first
day of Ursula's Magic Camp.
So I'll be teaching you small
and simple magic tricks.
Small and simple? But
But still amazing,
my little merlings.
We keep the magic small and
simple when you're learning,
so it won't get out of control.
Let me show you.
Ooh, a chart. I love charts.
This is a Guppy badge.
The first badge you
earn as a mergician.
Then, as you learn more magic,
you move up to the
Goldfish level,
then Octopus, Dolphin and
- Shark!
- Ahhh!
It's not a real shark, Flounder.
It's just the
shark on the chart.
Oh! I knew that.
You must be Shark level,
Senorita Ursula, am I right?
Am I? Huh?
That you are, Lucia.
I'm a Shark.
The highest level.
Maybe one day you will be, too.
That's my dream!
But today you'll start with three
small and simple magic tricks.
And if you practice really well,
then you'll earn
your Guppy badge.
I gotta make sure
Senorita Ursula
really loves my magic tricks,
so I can get that Guppy badge.
For the first trick, we'll catch
a fish inside a magic bubble.
A pinch of fizzy,
a drop of witches' brew,
a dash of hot sauce.
And bubble-ka-bubble!
Now, you try, little merlings.
Did you see that?
We all did it!
Wait. Where's your
If I'm gonna get your Tauntie
Ursula to love my magic
and give me a Guppy badge,
I've got to make a really
big bubble-ka-bubble.
You sure about this, Lucia?
That's way more magic ingredients
than Tauntie Ursula used.
Oh, I'm sure.
Huh? Where's the ka-bubble?
Uh, hello?
Yeah, That might have been a
little too much ka-bubble, Lucia.
Next time, remember,
we practice small and simple.
For the second trick, we'll make
these clam shells disappear.
Are you ready?
It's my clam shell
disappearo spell,
and it works like this.
Chip-chip, clam
shell disappearo!
Whoa! Wow!
That was fantastic.
Now it's your turn.
Chip-chip, clam
shell disappearo!
Wow! We did it! So cool!
I better use two wands to make
sure the spell really works.
Two wands, Lucia, are
you sure about that?
Then your Tauntie Ursula is
sure to give me a Guppy badge.
clam shell disappearo!
Hello? What just happened?
I think I just made Fernie
disappear instead of the clams.
Can anybody see me?
Excuse me.
Sorry about that.
This is so weird.
There he is!
Whew, I'm back!
All in a day's work.
Tauntie, you missed a spot.
Ahhh! I'm not all back!
I'm all here now.
I'll never get a
Guppy badge now.
Well, you still have
one more trick to show
Tauntie Ursula how
good you are at magic.
That's it!
I've got one last chance
to get a Guppy badge
and show your tauntie that I
can do big, amazing tricks.
Uh, not what I meant.
For our third and final trick,
I'm gonna teach you how
to make small whirlpools
using only our finger.
And a little bit of
magic, of course.
Spin, spin, coscadura-fin!
This is awesome!
Hey, Fernie! Heads up!
I'm doing it!
Now keep it spinning,
and one for you,
you, and you and you and you.
This is fantastic! Woo-hoo!
Sure is, Ariel.
But I've got to do something
even more spin-tastical.
That's getting
really big, Lucia.
Well, yeah, but this
is my last chance
to make Senorita Ursula
give me a Guppy badge.
But Tauntie Ursula
said small and
- Look out!
- Whoa!
This is actually kind of fun!
Well, that certainly
doesn't look small.
Or simple.
Oh, this is all my fault.
I'm so sorry I
didn't listen to you.
I just wanted to show you
how good I was at magic.
Lucia, the reason I told you
to keep it small and simple
is because learning magic
takes a lot of practice.
You know, when I was
learning, I was just like you.
You were just like me?
Yep. I wanted to show everyone
how good I was at magic.
So I tried big magic
tricks before I was ready.
Thank you, Senorita Ursula.
Next time, I'll keep
things small and simple.
Hey, Tauntie!
We'd like to stop spinning now!
Not me!
So do you have an idea on
how to stop that whirlpool?
I'll try the
bubble-ka-bubble spell.
But this time, I'll do
it the way you taught us.
Small and simple.
Let's see what
you can do, Lucia.
A pinch of fizzy,
a drop of witches' brew,
a dash of hot sauce
and bubble-ka-bubble.
Ka-bubble. Ka-bubble. Ka-bubble.
Good job, Lucia!
Nice job, Lucia.
You finished your first
day at Ursula's Magic Camp.
Congratulations to all for
earning your Guppy badge!
I'm sorry you didn't get
your Guppy badge, Lucia.
That's okay.
I made a big grandisimo
mess of things today,
when I didn't keep
things small and simple.
I'm getting a Guppy badge, too?
But why?
You sure did make a
big grandisimo mess.
But you also
learned your lesson.
And helped save the day.
Thank you, Senorita Ursula.
You're welcome, Lucia.
Just remember, if you practice and
keep the magic small and simple,
you'll grow up to become
a great mergician.
Congratulations, Lucia!
Go, Lucia!
You were amazing!
Miss Senorita
Ursula, lady, madam,
um, you don't think
you couldn't maybe
Have fun, Flounder.
I love magic camp!
"Fernie's Notebook."
Look, Sebastian is here.
Welcome, everyone, to the
Atlantica Show-and-Tell.
Each person will come
on stage and show
and tell the audience
about their favorite thing.
You can show us a
drawing, do a cool trick,
share your favorite book,
whatever you'd like.
I can't wait to go on stage
and do my show-and-tell.
Ariel, which fish should
I talk about first?
Fire fish or a clownfish?
No, no. Blue tang fish.
How about you start with
your favorite fish, Fernie.
Great idea. I'll do
the blue tang fish.
Or the clownfish.
No, the fire fish.
Well, whatever fish
you choose, Fernie,
you're gonna do
fin-tastic up there.
You always share the coolest
facts for show-and-tell.
Thanks, Ariel.
You sure know a lot
about fish, Fernie.
Well, Flounder, I wouldn't
know anything without this!
It's my favorite book
in the entire sea.
I put every fish fact that
I've ever learned in here.
I call them "Fernie's
Fish Facts."
For example, Flounder's
an angelfish.
They're like algae
and hiding in reefs.
- Yoo-hoo!
- Huh?
He's right. I do like to hide.
One day, I'm going to
be a marine biologist.
A scientist who learns all about
the different fish in the sea.
That's so cool.
Yeah, I want to
learn more about me.
It's time for our
first show-and-teller.
It's Lucia's turn.
Let's get ready to cheer.
Merkids and seafolks,
for my show-and-tell, I'm
going to do a magic trick.
Go, Lucia! Yeah!
Behold, as I pull a
fish out of this hat.
And now the magic words.
Swish, swish, swish,
bring me the fish.
No, wait!
You've got my notebook.
Okay. That was fun.
On to the next show-and-teller.
Fernie, I don't
know what happened.
I mean, I do know what happened.
I pulled a squid out of my hat.
But I didn't mean to or for the
squid to take your notebook.
What am I going to do?
With my notebook gone,
I don't have any fish
facts to show or tell.
I've never done a
show-and-tell without it.
Fernie, if that notebook
is important to you,
then it's important
to all of us.
We'll help you get it back.
- We sure will.
- Yeah!
Oh, thank you.
Come on, everyone.
After that cephalopod.
Cephalopod is a really
big word for squid.
Great. Let's go after
that cephalopod.
Look, there it is!
And it still has my notebook.
Let's get it before
it swims away again.
Seaweed for sale!
Buy a patch from me and
I'll get you a wig free.
You look phenomenal.
- Coming through!
- Huh?
Come on! We can't
let him get away!
Whoa, whoa!
Over there. He swam
behind that rock.
Huh? There's no squid.
Where'd it go?
It was just here.
Well, it's not here now.
All I see are a bunch of rocks.
Come on, let's keep
checking the area.
Squids can change colors to look
like rocks when they want to hide.
It's called camouflaging.
You mean, the squid
could be hiding here?
Thank you.
Great! Everyone split up and
check every rock you see.
We can't let that
squid get away again.
Rock. Rock. Rock.
Squid. Wait!
There it is!
And there's my notebook.
We're catching up!
Wait! I just want
my notebook back.
Almost there!
Fernie, look! The squid
dropped your notebook.
No, no, no!
Please don't be a trench.
Please don't be a trench.
Looks like it's a trench.
A deep, dark
trench, to be exact.
Well, at least the squid
doesn't have it anymore.
That's something,
right? Right, Fernie?
What are we going to do?
We'll never find Fernie's
notebook down there.
But we can still try and get it.
No way!
There's nothing down
there but total darkness.
Actually, there's more down
there than just darkness.
There's also a whole bunch of
moon jellyfish that live there,
and they light up whenever
new visitors show up.
Fernie, that's it!
What's it, exactly?
Let's visit those jellies.
Jumping crawfish.
Ariel, are you okay?
I'm fin-tastic!
Fernie, you were right again.
Come on, everyone.
It's so cool down here.
You ready to go?
Uh, now?
Yeah. I got you.
Wait for me!
So pretty!
Whoa! Cool!
Fernie, your notebook.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's grab that notebook.
Give me back my notebook!
It's really important!
Ahhh! Hey!
This is actually kind of fun!
I've got it!
Yay, Flounder!
I think this belongs to you.
Thanks, Flounder.
My notebook!
Oh, Fernie.
We're really sorry about what
happened to your notebook, Fernie.
I really did want to
do that show-and-tell.
Teach everybody some fish facts.
But now, that's not
going to happen.
You can still tell
everyone your fish facts.
How? I don't know
any of my fish facts
without that notebook.
Well, you knew that squids
could change their color
to look like rocks.
You knew about the camouflage.
That's right.
And, Fernie,
you knew all of those glowing
jellyfish lived in the trench.
I guess that's true.
You know angelfish like to hide.
Over here!
Fernie, can't you see?
You've been teaching
us fish facts all day!
And you never had to
use your notebook.
Not even once.
So you really think I could do the
show-and-tell without my notebook?
Jumping jellyfish! That's it!
You can trust in what you know
You just gotta try
It comes with you
wherever you go
It's always inside you
Yeah, yeah
You know all the facts
front to the back
Everything in that
book -You know it
No need to get scared
you know you're prepared
You don't even have to look
You know about the squid
And the jellyfish.
- And the angelfish.
- Like me!
You got everything that you need
To be everything you can be
You can trust in what you know
When it's time to let it show
Just let it flow oh-oh-oh
Give it a go oh-oh-oh
Trust in what you know
Fire fish move fast
Clownfish move slow
No more looking back
I can trust in what I know
You can trust in what you know
I'll trust in what I know -Oh!
When it's time to let it show
It's time for me to show
I'll give it a go oh-oh-oh
I'll trust in what I know
Trust in what you know
I'll trust in what I know
Give it a go oh-oh-oh
So what do you say, Fernie?
Squids are some of the
fastest creatures in the sea,
especially when they are trying
to escape something chasing it.
Now that's a fact.
And that's my Fernie's
Fish Facts show-and-tell.
Go, Fernie!
Yes! Excellent
show-and-tell, Fernie!
Well done. Well done.
Thanks, Sebastian.
Actually, there's one more
show-and-tell fact I'd like to share.
That's my friend Ariel, Lucia
and Flounder.
They're my best friends,
and I wanna thank them
for all their help today.
That's the best
fish fact I have.
Was that a Fernie
Friendship Fact?
It sure was.
I'm making waves
I'm swimming to the
rhythm of my own beat
Playing my song and
I keep on singing
I show the world
what makes me, me
Turn up the melody like, hey!
I'm making waves
I'm singing, hey!
I'm making waves
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