Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Crystal Cavern Caper/A Banner Moment

Ariel, oh, oh, oh
Come along with me To
my corner of the sea
Atlantica has so much In store
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Music never ends
We're surrounded By our friends
There's always
something New to explore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
We'll use our
voices Swimming free
Imagine what we'll find
Come with me!
Ariel, oh, oh, oh
There's so much adventure
Ariel, oh, oh, oh
We'll dive in together
In this sea Full of wonder
Who knows What we'll discover
Ariel, oh, oh, oh
With Ariel
With Ariel
Let's go!
With Ariel
"Crystal Cavern Caper."
I can't believe how much
human stuff we found today.
So much human stuff.
Flounder. You don't
have to carry all that.
Let us help you.
No, no. I've got this, Ariel.
Okay, let's see what we've got.
And now comes the fun part.
We get to name all
the things we found!
I wonder what this is used for.
Flounder, that is
a flap-a-diddle.
What's a flap-a-diddle?
It's kind of like of a
flap-a-doodle, but smaller. See?
So you wear it on your head.
Hmm. I think I'll call
this one a scoopy-whippy.
Yes! Scoopy-whippy.
I love scoopy-whippy!
And we got another bootle-scootle
to add to our collection.
We sure have found a
lot of bootle-scootles.
I'm not sure what
to call this one.
What do you think, Naima?
She'll get back to us.
So, what should we
play with first?
Wait, where's my scoopy-whippy?
- Uh
- Huh?
It was just here.
Our bootle-scootle's gone!
My flap-a-doodle's gone, too!
Someone or something must
be taking our treasures.
But who could be taking them?
And why?
There has to be a
good reason for it.
Maybe they just walked
away on their own.
Like that!
It's a hermit crab!
You must be the one taking
all our human stuff.
Let's get our stuff!
I can't believe that crab
took our land treasures.
That wasn't nice,
Mr. Hermit Crab!
But I don't get it.
Why would the crab
want our human stuff?
There must be a reason.
Whatever the reason, the crab should
have asked us and not just taken it.
That's true.
You should always ask before taking
stuff that doesn't belong to you.
But what if he
comes back for more?
Then we'll be ready to stop him.
I think we have every part
of the cavern covered.
If that crab comes
back, we'll see him.
Lucia, how's everything
look from up there?
So far, so good, Ariel.
Fin-tastic! Flounder?
I'm moving my eyes really fast,
so I can see everything.
Excellent. And, Naima, you've
got the front door covered?
Oh, Fernie, what have you got?
I call this plan
"Trappy the Crabby."
A crab trap? Tell me more.
We know the crab
likes flap-a-diddles,
so let's use one to trick
him, and then catch him.
I've connected this
basket to this string.
When the hermit crab tries
to take the flap-a-diddle,
I'll pull the string.
When I pull the string,
the basket falls down.
And trappys the crabby!
I hear the crab!
Everyone, get ready!
He's coming.
Wait for it.
- Huh?
- No! The crab cut the string!
The trap won't work
without the string.
He's getting away!
I'll get him!
Now he took the flap-a-diddle?
This is so strange.
Well, what are we
going to do now?
We need a new plan.
And we need to figure out why he's
taking our things without asking.
I know what we can do.
I call this plan
"Lucia uses magic to catch
the crab in a bubble."
I'm gonna use magic to
catch the crab in a bubble.
It's the perfect plan.
Let's hide!
There he is!
Now's your chance, Lucia.
You got him in the bubble!
- Huh?
- Oh, no. I missed!
And he's getting
away with our
What do we call that one?
Okay, we've had a lot
of really good plans,
but the crab keeps getting
away with our human stuff,
so it's time we
turn to the expert.
Naima, what have you got?
Hold that thought, Naima.
He's back!
Let's grab him!
Got you!
Huh? Wait.
It's coral.
The crab turned into
coral? That's so sneaky.
No, it's a fake crab.
The real crab put it here
to trick us while he
Takes our treasure!
He's got Naima!
C-c-c-c-catch me if you can
We're gonna get you
We just need a plan
L-l-l-l-leave you In the sand
We're gonna get you
Yeah, I know we can
Catch me if you can
Gonna get Gonna get ya
- No!
- Gonna get, gonna get ya
- No way!
- Gonna get, gonna get ya
Not today!
So fun to see them try
Yeah, they're
always A step behind
They can't catch me
Na-na, they can't catch me
I really love this game 'Cause
I'm so good At getting away
They can't catch me
Na-na, not at this speed
Now I'm running And I'm swimming
Now I'm jumping
Yeah, I'm winning
I'd love to stick
around But au revoir
C-c-c-c-catch me if you can
You almost got him!
We're gonna get you
We just need a plan
We can do this!
L-l-l-l-leave you In the sand
Oh, come on!
We're gonna get you
Yeah, I know we can
- We can!
- Catch me if you can
I'm gonna get Gonna get ya
- Wait!
- Gonna get, gonna get ya
- Almost!
- Gonna get, gonna get ya
- Got ya!
- Ooh-hoo!
I didn't catch him.
I can't believe that crab got away
with all our land treasures from today.
Me too, Flounder.
I mean, he took everything.
Except whatever this thingy is.
Huh. When I look through it,
everything looks bigger.
It sure does.
Wait! Look!
Those look like footprints.
Crab footprints.
There's a whole trail of them.
And they start at the cavern.
The crab must have left these
footprints when he ran from the cavern.
If we follow this trail
Jumping jellyfish! That's it!
It could lead us to the crab!
Great idea, Ariel!
Let's do it!
We're coming for you, crab!
I mean, yeah, let's do it!
There he is!
Quick, before he gets away!
How How did you, eh
What are you, eh
And if I, um
I can explain.
We're listening.
My name is Hermes.
I am a hermit crab.
And I have outgrown my shell.
Outgrown your shell?
Oh! I see what's
going on here.
Hermit crabs are always growing,
and when they get too big,
they don't fit in
their shells anymore,
so they have to find
a new, bigger shell.
Yes, yes, that's right.
And instead of a shell,
I thought I could
use one of these
pretty treasures as a new home.
Wait, I get how all of these
things could be a shell,
but why did you
take Ariel's doll?
Yeah. Why'd you take Naima?
Well, I took Naima because
she looked friendly,
and I could use a friend.
I understand you were
looking for a new home,
but if you wanted one of our land
treasures, you should've asked.
We love to share.
Right, friends?
- Yeah!
- Sure do.
Ariel, I am truly sorry.
I just got excited after
seeing all your cool things
at the Crystal Cavern.
We'd be happy to give you one of
our land treasures as a new home.
Just, next time,
please ask before you take
things that aren't yours.
Does that sound
like a good idea?
That sounds like a
great idea, Ariel!
Oh, thank you all so much!
And here is your doll.
You won't be needing her company
because we are gonna
be your friends.
I am so happy.
Now, which land
treasure would you like?
This one.
How does it look?
- You look great.
- So cool!
Hey, Hermes, what will you wear when
you grow out of the flap-a-diddle?
Hmm, I am not sure.
But when I figure it out, I
am going to ask you all first.
"A Banner Moment."
Sebastian, drop everything.
Got it!
Tasty. Oh!
The Duke of Clownfish
is coming for a visit.
Oh, no, not the
Duke of Clownfish.
Why? Clownfish
are so much fun.
They always smile
and laugh and
Don't count on it.
This clownfish is quite grumpy.
Yes, indeed. It'll take
something really special
to put a smile on his face.
How about we put on a glorious
Atlantica welcome parade?
Ooh, I love parades.
This is turning
into a special day.
Ooh, I like that idea.
Let's roll out our finest kelp carpet
and make the Duke feel welcome.
Don't you worry, King Triton.
I'll make that grumpy Clownfish
smile if it's the last thing I do.
And now it's time to assign
you all a job for the parade.
I'm so excited to see
what job I get, Flounder.
Me, too! I love parades!
Ayanna, you will design and
decorate the parade float.
That's an awesome
job for the parade.
It sure is.
Thanks, Sebastian.
Alanna, you will create everyone's
hairdos, wigs, and fancy headdresses.
Ooh! That's a really
big, important job, too!
And, Flounder, you
will help Ariel.
Ooh! If you're
helping me, Flounder,
then I must be getting
a big, important job.
Will I sing? Drive
the parade float?
Play my guitar in the band?
Ooh, tell me, tell me, tell me!
And you, Ariel, will
carry this special banner!
Uh Huh?
How can this be a very
big, important job?
It's so tiny.
But it's more than
just a tiny banner.
Let me explain.
I have questions about
the parade schedule.
Coming, Your Majesty!
I'll explain later.
What's wrong, Ariel? Aren't
you excited about the parade?
My sisters got very
big and important jobs,
like designing the parade float,
creating fancy wigs and hairdos.
All I got was this teeny,
tiny little banner.
Aww! Such a cute dogfish.
Do you wanna play?
Yes, I know you do. Do you
wanna play? Yeah, you do!
I think he likes the banner.
Here, go fetch!
Careful, Ariel. Dogfish
are easily distracted.
Like that!
Oh, that's okay!
No one will miss that
tiny little banner.
I'll just get another
one from Sebastian.
Another one?
But that's the special banner we've
used for Atlantica parades since
Since Well, since forever!
Forever is a long time!
And your job to carry that
banner was very important.
But the banner is so small.
How could my job
be very important?
All jobs are important,
even if they seem small.
And your job was
very, very important,
because whoever holds
the banner is the leader!
Me? I'm the line
leader of the parade?
Yes. The entire parade will
follow whoever holds that banner,
no matter where it goes.
You mean like that?
Oh, no! The Duke of
Clownfish is almost here,
and his welcome parade
is going the wrong way!
Not to worry, Sebastian.
I'll get that banner
from the dogfish
and get the parade
back on track.
- Ariel!
- Yes?
You must use the banner to
lead the parade to the palace
before the clock
rings three times.
Three times?
When the clock rings once, the
Duke arrives at the palace,
two rings means the
parade will start,
three rings and the
parade will be over.
One, two, three, you
can count on me
and Flounder.
We'll get everyone back to the palace
before the clock rings three times.
Great. Fernie, Lucia, come
help me distract the Duke.
Now, where did that dogfish go?
There's the parade!
And there's the banner!
Oh, no!
One ring means the Duke
has arrived at the palace.
We better hurry. We've got
to get everyone to the palace
before the clock
rings three times.
The Duke of Clownfish
has arrived!
So nice to have you
visiting Atlantica, Duke.
My pleasure, King Triton.
Is this my welcome?
Oh, no, no! You're going to love
our Atlantica welcome parade.
I do love parades.
Where is the parade, Sebastian?
It should be on its way, sir.
Why don't you share some of your
fabulous fish facts with the Duke?
I'm sure you know a thing or
two about clownfish, right?
I sure do.
Like, did you know that clownfish
are not very good swimmers?
Clownfish are
excellent swimmers!
Next fact, Fernie.
Right. The thing is, clownfish
swim in silly zigzag patterns.
That's why you'll
often find clownfish
hidden in anemones.
Oh, Ariel, where are you?
It's pretty dark in there.
It sure is, Flounder.
But we've got to get
that banner back.
Oh, no! Two rings means
What does two rings mean?
The parade is supposed to start!
We have to get everyone
back to the palace.
Let's hurry.
Lucia, our magician-
Will you please share
some magic with the Duke?
Yes, yes, yes!
Turn this frowny upside downy,
zip-zap-zowny, flunny-clowny.
Not the Atlantica
welcome I was expecting.
Where is the parade, Sebastian?
It's lost, King.
How can you lose a parade?
Well, I I I
Does Ariel have anything
to do with this?
Perhaps just a
teensy, eensy bit.
Don't worry, everyone.
Ariel will get the parade
back in time. I'm sure of it.
Mmm. Come on, Ariel.
We are counting on you.
Oh, Flounder. How will we ever
catch up with that parade?
I I thought carrying the
little banner was a small job,
but it was a really
important job.
And now I've lost the parade
and we're out of time.
I shouldn't have played
fetch with that dogfish.
Yeah, too bad you didn't use
this pearl instead of the banner.
Jumping jellyfish! That it!
Come with me! You and
I are gonna play fetch.
We are?
Oh, look! We are
playing fetch!
Uh, shouldn't we be
chasing the dogfish?
Nope. Because he's gonna chase
the pearl and drop the banner.
Oh! Here, boy!
Come play fetch!
I got it! I got the banner!
Oh, no, Ariel!
The clocktower rang three times.
The parade is supposed
to be over now!
Come on, everybody! I'm the
line leader now! Follow me!
We've got to get this
parade back to the palace.
Well, King Triton,
you promised me a grand parade
and you gave me this.
I'll be leaving now.
Wait! What is that sound?
That's my Ariel.
So glad you got the parade
back on track, Ariel.
Now I know that every job is important,
no matter how small it seems.
I'm really sorry, Sebastian.
Oh, my dear Ariel,
we all make mistakes,
but you did your best to fix it.
That's what makes you
a very special mermaid.
And just look at the Duke.
I've never seen him
smile like that before.
Huh. Who knew the Duke
was a dogfish lover?
Of course, I am! Who
wants to join me?
I'm making waves!
I'm swimming to the
rhythm Of my own beat
Playing my song and
I keep on singing
Aye, aye, aye
I show the world
what makes me me
Turn up the melody
like Aye, aye, aye
I'm making waves!
I'm singing, aye
I'm making waves!
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