Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

The Endless Sleepover / Daddy Daughter Dinner

Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
Come along with me To
my corner of the sea ♪
Atlantica has
so much In store ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Music never ends ♪
We're surrounded
By our friends ♪
There's always
something new to explore ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
We'll use our
voices swimming free ♪
Imagine what we'll find ♪
Come with me! ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
It's so much adventure ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
We'll dive in together ♪
In this sea full of wonder ♪
Who knows What
we'll discover ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
With Ariel ♪
Yeah! ♪
With Ariel ♪
Let's go! ♪
With Ariel ♪
The Endless Sleepover.
This is so exciting, Ariel.
I can't believe we get
to have a sleepover
at your Tauntie Ursula's.
I'm excited, too.
But what do you
do at a sleepover?
Do we eat?
Play, dance, eat?
We do that and whatever
else we want to do.
We have the whole
night to have fun.
I want to squeal.
Everybody, squeal with me.
Tauntie Ursula.
Okay, sister, I
know you're here.
Go ahead. Do whatever big,
magical entrance
you have planned.
All right.
Oh, you make it too
easy, big brother.
Are you merlings ready for
a big night of Ursula fun?
Oh, yeah.
I have the whole
night planned for us.
We'll have snacks,
games, play pretend.
Ooh! Show them how we
used to play pretend
when we were kids, brother.
Okay. Okay.
Yes, yes. Y'all are gonna
have lots of fun tonight,
but I want everyone in
bed when it's bedtime.
Little fish and little
mermaids need their sleep.
Now when the big tentacle is
pointing at this seashell,
that means it's
time to go to bed.
I can promise you, Triton,
when it is bedtime,
these little ones will be snug
in their kelp sleeping bags.
Okay. All right, then.
Good night, everyone.
Good night, brother.
Well, children,
the clock says it
isn't bedtime yet,
so I'll go poof up some snacks
and your job is
to have some fun.
Yeah, I love shadow puppets.
And then Goldifish said,
"This cupcake is too hard,"
"and this cupcake is too cold."
Guess the drawing.
- It's a starfish.
- No.
- A seahorse.
- No.
King Triton wearing a funny hat.
Kelp curry.
Some kind of delicious snack.
Play pretend.
I'm a shark.
Chomp, chomp.
Pinch, pinch.
I'm a crab.
Pinch, pinch.
She's never gonna
catch all of us!
Snack time!
Freeze dance.
When the music stops,
so do we.
How long until we start dancing?
Best sleepover ever.
- Yeah.
- Okay, merlings,
I'm glad you had fun,
but it's time to start
getting ready for bed.
Here are your tooth sponges.
Tauntie Ursula,
we were having so much fun.
Yeah, I just learned
how to dance the Wiggle Giggle.
We don't want it to
end, Miss Ursula,
Ma'am, your magicalness.
Oh, please, Tauntie,
not yet.
I'm sorry, children.
But as you can see,
the big tentacle
is getting close
to the seashell,
which means it's almost bedtime.
I wish bedtime would
never ever come.
Well, the only way to
stop bedtime from coming
would be to stop time.
Jumping jellyfish.
That's it.
Tauntie Ursula,
you know so much magic.
Couldn't you stop time?
Well, of course I
could stop time,
I'm Ursula.
But I have to say,
a never-ending sleepover
might not be as fun
as you think, Ariel.
How could a never-ending
sleepover not be fun?
We were having a blast.
Right, everyone?
- So much fun.
- We sure were.
Please, please, please, Tauntie.
Very well.
If you think it's a good idea.
Freeze them up,
it's what a thrill.
Now all the clocks
will all stand still.
Ah, ah
Did she do it?
Did she stop time?
Of course she did it.
Senorita Ursula stopped time.
That's right.
And if the clocks
aren't ticking
It'll never be bedtime!
And if there's no bedtime,
that means
Pinch, pinch.
See, everyone,
no bedtime was a great idea.
- Uh-huh.
- Whoo-hoo!
We party.
And then Goldifish said,
this kelp cake is
- Too hot.
- Too hot.
And this kelp cake is
- Too cold.
- Too cold.
And a few more things happen,
Goldifish falls asleep,
the three sharks
come home, the end.
That story just
isn't as interesting
after I've told it seven times.
You know, this was really fun,
but I think I might
be ready to go to bed.
Oh! But, Flounder,
it's not bedtime yet.
Look at the clock.
Yeah, I know,
but I think I'm ready.
Okay, Flounder
might've gone to bed,
but that doesn't mean the
sleepover has to stop.
Right, everybody?
Sure. Okay.
Yeah, let's keep playing.
- Starfish.
- All right.
King Triton wearing a funny hat.
Wow. You two are getting
really good at this game.
Oh, no. Not you too, Fernie.
Don't say it!
I think I'm ready for bed.
He said it.
Good night, everybody.
Well, just the two of us now.
But that doesn't mean
we can't have fun.
Right, Lucia?
You're never gonna
pinch me, Lucia.
- Lucia.
- Ahhh! What?
What happened?
I said "You're never
gonna pinch me."
Why would I pinch you?
'Cause you're a crab.
Oh, right.
Oh, no.
Not you too, Lucia.
This was fun.
Well, it's still not bedtime.
I'm gonna keep this
sleepover going,
even if I have to
do it by myself.
All right.
Dance party.
Nope. No sleepies.
Keep the sleepover going.
Hi, Tauntie,
it's not bedtime yet.
Sleepover's still going.
So, I see.
Quite a party in here.
I'm a shark.
Oh, Tauntie,
I don't know how to
say this but I
A never-ending sleepover
might not be as fun
as you thought.
Okay, that's a really
good way of saying it.
The sleepover was so
much fun at first,
but it got less and less fun,
and then everybody
went to sleep.
Did I do something wrong?
Of course you didn't do
anything wrong, sweet child.
You just learned an
important lesson.
What's that?
That it's okay for fun
things to come to an end
because everyone
needs their sleep.
Especially little mermaids.
So I guess my dad was right.
But we don't have to make
too big a deal about that.
Well, Tauntie Ursula
I think I'm ready for bedtime.
Me too.
Nighty night is zip zap zo.
Start the clocks up,
go, go, go!
Let's see.
Time is moving.
The clock is ticking,
Now it is bedtime.
Thanks so much for such
a fun night, Tauntie.
It's what we Taunties do best.
Can I get you anything before
you go to sleep, Ariel?
Daddy-daughter Dinner.
Hurry, Flounder,
Lucia and Fernie
are waiting for us.
I'm hurrying.
Mmm. That smells incredible.
And a hint of seagrass.
Could it be?
Your favorite noodles
in the entire sea.
- Oodles of kelp noodles.
- Oodles of kelp noodles.
Oh, it's daddy-daughter
dinner night.
Yep. And tonight is my turn.
Which means Ariel gets to have
her favorite meal for dinner.
Made by yours truly
Chef Triton.
We also get to spend
daddy-daughter time together,
which I love.
That's right.
Just me and my Ariel.
And Flounder, of course.
And I have to say,
this land treasure you gave me
is really coming in handy
stirring the noodles.
Now, what did you call this one?
A wiffle waff.
A wiffle waff!
Okay, Dad,
we're gonna go play
with Lucia and Fernie
until dinner's ready.
All right, but don't go too far.
You wouldn't want to miss
- daddy-daughter dinner night.
- Daddy-daughter dinner night.
Dad, I wouldn't miss
it for the entire sea.
Oodles of kelp noodles.
Uh, Flounder.
Oh, sorry.
See you Mr. King Triton, sir.
Those kelp noodles
your dad is making
sure looks tasty.
- And they'll taste tasty, too.
- Mmm!
He spends all day
working on them.
Ooh, I can't wait for my
Mr. King Triton-
Flounder dinner night.
Your dad is making my
favorite, sand crumb cakes.
- Ariel.
- Ariel.
- Ariel.
- Ariel.
There's like a Near the
Whoa, whoa. Lucia, Fernie,
hold your sea horses.
- What's up?
- A shipwreck is what's up.
Well, actually, it's down.
Way down.
An old shipwreck
filled with land treasures.
Really? Where?
Not too far. It's over
at the Soca Sands.
Past the sea cliffs,
and then among the shark reef,
- and down the
- Okay.
It's actually kinda far.
We should go, right?
We have to go.
There's a shipwreck,
and human stuff.
Wait, Ariel.
We may not have time to
explore the shipwreck
and get back in time for dinner.
I don't want to miss dinner.
Well, we could just go look
at the shipwreck real quick.
We can see the shipwreck
and then swim back for dinner.
We'll just take a teensy
weeny little quick peek.
What do you say, Flounder?
Captain Flounder,
steer us clear of the waves.
Aye, aye, matey.
I'm the king of the sea.
Speaking of king of the sea,
your dad's probably almost
finished making dinner.
You're right, Flounder.
I can't miss
daddy-daughter dinner.
Lucia, Fernie, we
have to head back.
Okay, we can head home.
This was so clamazing.
A fintastic day of play.
Wait a minute.
Is that?
There's a hole in the ship.
We can get inside.
Wait, I know.
We're leaving.
But the human stuff.
It can totally wait
because my dad made
my favorite meal
for daddy-daughter dinner.
Oodles of kelp noodles.
I'm swimming along.
But you're not moving.
Oh, right.
Um, let's go.
Jumping jellyfish.
That's it.
What if Lucia and Fernie
take a peek for me?
I'm not gonna look.
They are.
Just a little peek.
Sure. We'll do it.
Ooh. What's inside?
What's inside?
- Human stuff.
- Everywhere.
Flounder, please.
Let's go.
Look at this, uh, loopy floopy.
Let me see.
Now my bag has a bag.
Oh, I know what that is.
It's something humans wear.
This is great.
It keeps my neck warm. Ooh.
And another wiffle waff.
You know who else
likes wiffle waffs?
Your dad.
King of the sea and
maker of dinners.
Oh, the dinner.
I got carried away again.
And now we should
really get going.
Now that we've got
our peek of the ship,
we can head back to the palace.
Lucia, Fernie.
- Oh, yes.
- Ready to go.
Goodbye, shipwreck
of land treasures.
What's that?
A treasure chest.
I bet that thing is
full of human stuff.
I've got to find out what
cool things are inside.
Got it.
Ariel, are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm just stuck inside now.
We'll figure out a way
to get you unstuck.
I know you will.
Thanks, friends.
Now I won't get home
in time for dinner.
My dad's gonna be so disappointed
that I missed it, and
And it's all my fault.
Looks like I really messed up.
Chasing what shimmers.
I went too far.
Now I'm stuck.
When I knew better ♪
Surrounded by my
favorite human things ♪
But there's something else
That means much more to me ♪
All the hugs and story times ♪
Swimming side by
side In all the sea ♪
Nothing even comes close ♪
All the laughter
That we share ♪
The way You're
always there ♪
That's the treasure
I treasure the most ♪
That's the treasure
I treasure the most ♪
- Knocks on window.
- Ariel.
Come on, Ariel.
Let's get you home.
He looks sad.
I don't like seeing people sad.
Hi, Daddy.
I brought you
another whiffle waff.
Your favorite.
Thanks, Ariel.
I'm so, so sorry I
missed dinner, Daddy.
There was the shipwreck,
and then something
happened and, well
That doesn't matter.
I know you worked really hard
to make me my favorite
meal for dinner.
I should have been here.
I'm really sorry
for making you sad.
Oh, Ariel,
although I am disappointed,
I accept your apology.
Thanks, Daddy.
You know, I love that you
collect treasures in the sea.
I know how important
that is to you,
but I hope you understand
that time with your family
is also important.
I do understand.
Do you, really?
Yes, I do.
I already have the
greatest treasure
in the whole ocean.
And what is that?
You, Daddy.
You're the best
treasure I'll ever have.
Oh. Thanks, Ariel.
I almost forgot.
We can't end
daddy-daughter dinner night
until everyone's had
oodles of kelp noodles.
You saved me a plate?
Of course I saved you a plate.
And I saved you a
plate too, Flounder.
And I'd like to say you're
both the best treasures
- I've ever had.
- Mmm-hmm.
tell me about this shipwreck.
Well, it was not too far.
It was over at the Soca Sands.
Past the sea cliffs,
but then around the shark
reef and down there.
Okay. Well, it was
actually kind of far.
But, anyway,
it was filled with
land treasures,
and I found this
I'm making waves! ♪
I'm swimming to the
rhythm Of my own beat ♪
Playing my song and
I keep on singing ♪
Aye, aye, aye ♪
I show the world
what makes me me ♪
Turn up the melody
like Aye, aye, aye ♪
I'm making waves! ♪
I'm singing, aye ♪
I'm making waves! ♪
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